Circle Back 

Hear the Tune (Key of E)
Working Mix (very wet):

Circle Back
(c) 2016 by Ed Seykota

We're [C] driving hard to [Am] be on time – we're [Dm] 20 minutes [G7] late.
She [C] says she left the [Am] iron on – our [Dm] plan will have to [G7] wait.
It's [C] family first - pro - [Am] - tect our home - don't [Dm] leave our love to [G7] fate.
Let's circle [F] back, [Ab] baby, let's circle [C] back.

Circle [F] back. Circle [C] back.
I still [C] hear her rea - [Am] - sure me that she [Dm] always circles [G7] back.
Circle [F] back. Circle [C] back.
I [F] can see it in her [Ab] eyes, she circles [C] back.

Through the years and joys and tears - when things would run off track
she would never stay away – she always would come back

she'd cut the loss and start again, she always had the knack, to
circle back, baby, circle back.




My daughter comes to visit me, now that I'm alone
She sounds more like her mom each day, I see how she has grown.
In her eyes I see that spirit - in her voice I hear that tone, she
circled back, oh yes, she circled back.


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