TT Workshop Graduate. - Pending, I am preparing for registering Sept 2013 workshop

Read Adventure of Self Discovery by Stan Grof. - Pending, I order the book and expect to receive it this week. I read couple other Dr. Grof's books "Holotropic Breathwork: A New Approach to Self-Exploration and Therapy ", "Healing Our Deepest Wounds: The Holotropic Paradigm Shift".

Study pages 167-219: Principles of Holotropic Therapy. I update you after I finish the book.

SVO-p: Start action and stay at now. Using SVO-p draws me close to action. I feel that using SVO-p exposes myself to responsibility of doing. I have no cover to hide myself from taking action and accountability. "I will" is the cover. Many people including myself use "I will do" to delay or actually avoid doing things. It covers the unwillingness to experience the feelings when I need to do necessary work now. It is also a cover when I am not willing to experience the feeling of not doing, or to say No. When I am not willing to experience feelings like guilty or letting people down, I say "I will do it later". After practice of TTP SVO-p, I learn to say "I do it", or "I don't do it". Using SVO-p helps me to stay at the now moment. It helps me focus on whatever I have now, whatever I can do now. When I speak, write and think in SVO-p, past and future become my feelings and thoughts of past and future. They become less significant than what I am feeling and doing at the moment of now. It helps me focus.

Control-Centric and Intimacy-Centric Relating; I find from my own experience, when I am in Control-Centric Relating, I avoid experiencing feelings, and avoid receiving feelings. After my first TT meeting with the Send and Receive practice, when my wife complains to me for some chores, I find myself reacting differently. I usually defend myself or even counter attack when I hear hurting words. Now I stay calm and say to myself in my mind, "Here is the woman, who is my wife, she is not happy, she is suffering pain. No matter how I am right about what I am doing, I am not making her happy." I start to have new realization of my commitment. I bring my feeling of not wanting to be blamed, to be wronged to the tribe. I start to learn to be able to experience feeling of taking blame without defending, and to focus on receiving other people's true feelings.

In Intimacy-Centric Relating, somehow what people say to me or what they do to me start to become less "real", I start to feel the real feelings behind their doing or being. When my son yells at me when I tell him his time is up for video game, I start to feel his frustration instead of simply judging his behavior. Receiving his feeling helps bring intimacy and he behaves much better actually. TTP and questions: 99% questions are dramas. Many times people may ask questions to avoid experiencing feelings, such as feelings to spend effort to find the answer by own effort, to take responsibility to own answer, etc. Children can't read, can't use Internet, don't know thinking strategy. They ask questions to serve their curiosity. Many grown-ups know how to read, how to google, how to think and layout plan, how to research, and acquire social resource to serve their goal. They have all the physical and intellectual resources, but they still carry the Question Rocks. A person may also ask questions to avoid commitment and responsibility. I see a lot such happenings in the work place. Asking questions can bring more people into his drama, to distract others, to disguise the real intention of no intention to work. Asking question is also a habit of demanding information from others, instead of sharing feeling of wanting to know. Asking question demands an answer from others, making other feel pressure to provide information. It's an extension of the controlling desire. When a TTP practitioner gets used to share his feeling and less demanding, he finds that he gets more help. TTP trains a person to experience unwilling feelings he encounters when he pursue his goal. When he is willing to experience feelings, he find questions are no longer necessary.

The Rocks Process; Rocks Process uses the feeling as fuel and injects it into new resource action engines. It associates the unwilling feelings with new subconscious response patterns. Rocks Process upgrades the low level firmware. Rocks Process is a natural extension to the traditional TTP. In traditional TTP, the process may over-cook and the feeling disappears behind the signature forms. In the Rocks Process, the tribe helps the sender to the full blown forms, and help sender travel back internally to find the very deep root in his COEX layers, and locate the formative event of his medicinal Rock. By keeping the feeling current instead of going away, the tribe use role play to identify the rock donor, and the tribe also help the sender to consciously and formally forgive his medicinal Rock. When the sender experiences disorientation, the tribe offer more resource Rocks of pro-active action choices. In this way, the Rocks Process grafts new branches onto the original feeling tree, at a gut level. It enables the sender with new abilities to work with the flow.

How Breathwork Works. Hyper-ventilation helps to create the effect of alkalosis. In this mode, the alkaline level in the blood rises. The higher alkaline level inhibits the activities of logic part of brain, which are neural networks grown in latter stage of child development. Instead, the limbic parts of the brain which grows in the earlier stage become more active, to bring up dormant feelings, memory and animal instincts. Breather enters this states to uncover the unfinished processes in his deep unconscious. It can be traumatic experiences in his early life, far deep into the root of COEX layers. It might also uncover even deeper issues in his collective unconscious according to Dr. Grof. TTP Breathwork is more intentional. The Breather brings into the process some hot issue, and use the power of the process to unlock whatever in his COEX stack which relate to his entry feelings or issues, or whatever stands in his way of productive actions. The process brings the demon out of shade and under the sun shine of conscious processing, so to end the karma and break the cycle.

What I intend to accomplish I want to continue my transformation into a successful trader and person, by working on myself with other fellow tribe members. I also want to be part of the flow to help others. And I really want to have the experience to workout with our Chief Ed.

I commit to: participate fully in the Breathwork and report my experiences to FAQ one week later, one month later and 6 months later.

Read, understand and sign the hold-harmless disclaimer. - Pending