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April 27-30, 2004


(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Fri, 30 Apr 2004


Passing AHA

"Ed's intention for TTP is for people to experience it, and for it to disappear and become just another passing AHA."

What a joyous experience!

No Way as Way; No Limitation as Limitation.

What isn't - defines what is.



Fractal Yin-Yang

Clip: http://newsfractal.free.fr/yin-yang.jpg

Fri, 30 Apr 2004


CM Tricks Receivers

I go on experiencing feelings to perhaps dissolve an issue regarding the feeling of me not wanting to experience a business and personal “Black Swan”.

I decide to pursue this issue for the week as I don’t need this drama to play in my life.

Set-Up: As my tribe begins to discover and untie the knots, my feelings regarding this Black Swan manifests in the form of my stomach churning, my fingers tapping, and toes & heels tapping as well.

Act 1:

After a good while experiencing, I feel an urge to get off the hot seat and CM tries to trick my receivers by telling them that I am “done” experiencing my feelings.


I pronounce “Hey guys, I am done! ... thank you … let’s get each one of your reflections.” At the same time, my legs stiffen up in the air and I hold my hand behind my head as if everything is ok perhaps to hide the tapping from my receivers.

After the others reflect on their experience of this issue, one of the receivers immediately says “No pass, I don’t think so!”, when his turn arrives. Everyone agrees and starts laughing and focus back on the feelings.

I burst out laughing and admit to the attempted foolery. We go deeper and unravel another layer of the onion discovering that my reluctance to experience a Black Swan involves a girl that I am dearly attached to that I don’t want to let go as we have known and passionately admired each other all our life since childhood: I only think about this woman.


For a year now, I refuse to accept the fact that I may have lost this girl forever having had no contact for a year after I sabotage the communication. I am unable to move in for other opportunities presenting itself in front of me as I don’t want to be with anyone else.

At first I bury my head between my legs then in a few moments I lay down face flat on the floor as I feel burdensome heaviness in my entire body. I experience this for about 30-40 minutes (maybe more, I don’t know) just on the floor.

I get up after the Process and this time around, my tribe gives me a pass.

As part of my commitment to myself and my tribe, I write a personal letter to her and open a line of communication to warm things up again and eventually find out and share my intentions to her and if it turns out a loss, I get to cut it fast, experience the feelings that come up and move on; on the other hand, if I get lucky and her intentions match mine … fabulous!

I feel much better about taking action instead of wondering for the rest of my life and not knowing.

The lesson I learn: DIM TTP (Do it myself) restrains progress as the trickery demonstrates.

I thank my Tribe’s sincere support for me.

Next issue: a knot about the dependency of having a relationship or money; only one or the other but not both.

Senders typically use wiggle-out methods, while working on commitment issues.


The implicit contract at a meeting is to do the work, so if the Sender tries to wiggle out, the Receivers respond with "Good - now locate the feeling of wanting to wiggle out."


The session is done, and the Sender  gets off the hot seat, when he gets a "pass" from the Receivers.


One hot seat session completes one "knot" or "issue."  This may include completing several intertwining threads, each with its own somatic location and properties.


There are always more feelings, a Sender is never  "done," once and for all.


Detecting when a Sender is complete with one knot - is an art form, a cooperation between Sender and Receivers.  Good Receiving balances motivating the Sender forward and also respecting the sender's sovereignty.






Implicit in Attending Meetings


Clip: http://www.satirewire.com/





Fri, 30 Apr 2004

FAQ ++

Hi Ed !

[The System 1 development on the Chart Pages is] raising the level of serious trading knowledge by a quantum. This is FAQ ++.

FAQ does not offer instrument - specific trading advice, or recommend specific trading system parameters.


Ed is not recommending any type of system - he is coaching another trader - helping him to clarify his system.





Tom Landry


A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.

~ Tom Landry



Fri, 30 Apr 2004


The Trader's Window

Dear Mr. Seykota:

As a follower of your writings (e.g., The Jademaster) over the years, I would like to send a book to you written by my partner and me. Have you published The Trader's Window, or is it still a work in progress? If so, we would be honored to read it.


P.S. I drive by MIT every day and think of your system trading experiments. We actually spent several years on a universal system to switch between trending and anti-trending price movement.

I wonder what the difference is between: "would like to send the book" and "sending the book."


The Trading Tribe address appears on the Workshop page.

Fri, 30 Apr 2004


Job is no Fun

Hi Ed

Congrats again on such a loving website.

A 'life' trading question about a situation please (and I know TTP does not tell others what they should do about specific situations):

I work about 90-100 hours a week in investment banking, but don't like it.


I want to leave, though only have about $20,000 (I paid off all my business school debt, that is why I have so little).


I do not have a green card, so it is difficult to find other work here, but more to the point, it is hard to have time to apply and interview as I work so much.


My heart ('Fred', say) has told me for about a year to leave. I have not, as my rational brain says I need another bonus (Jan 2005) as I would have little financial 'cushion' if I quit.

The question is: What does TTP suggest when a rational mental desire for more money and for not voluntarily becoming temporarily unemployed overrules the heart and the feelings?


Does that go against TTP, or is the conflict something to live with? (I think one year is a long time for a conflict however).


You might try changing "but" and "though" to "and" and notice how it feels that way.


The way you have it set up, one part of the sentence takes responsibility for the other, rather than you taking responsibility for both parts.


Fred's is not the feeling in your heart that wants you to leave. 


Fred is the imperative for you to experience all your feelings. 


To the extent you are unwilling to experience your feelings, Fred sets up situations for you, such as conflict between what you call your heart and your mind.


You might take your feelings about your conflict into the process.





Heart, Spirit, Mind


Clip: http://www.mearns.org.uk/


Fri, 30 Apr 2004



copy of Inter-Tribe Communication

Thanks for your write-up, the following is a narration of my experience.

As you know my wife that night went to the theater with some of her friends, and alas I have to stay home with our six month old daughter, she is just too young, and we are not setup for babysitters. However I have a strong desire and solid intention to be there with the group. So as planned I decide to do TTP on my own during the time we normally meet.

I start at 8:34 PM after our daughter went to sleep; I immediately felt myself in the conference room where our TTP meetings take place. I can sense myself being part of the circle. I felt your presence, [add other members'], however I for whatever reason just could not feel [Name1] and [Name2] being there with us. I very clearly recall saying to myself, you know [name1] missed the last meeting and he very rarely misses meetings so he must be there, he has to be there, but I just cannot feel his presence. Anyway I just made a mental note of it and set it aside.

Then I heard [name3]'s voice saying 'what stands between you and peak performance' and off I went ... immediately I felt cold silver steel beam in the back of my head, then it elongated and went down my spine all the way to my bottom of my feet.


Then this steel beam seemed to have sprouted rods that encircled my entire body holding me in place. I felt very stuck, so I intensified this feeling of being stuck. I felt these metal rods encircling my head, holding me in place. I am feeling stuck, locked in, in a straight jacket. The best way to describe the feeling would be if you recall a scene from this movie Silence of Lambs, towards the end of the movie when they are transporting Hannibal Lecter, they have him in that iron cast so he can't even lift a finger.

So I am here feeling very stuck, I feel metal plates starting to press against my chest, my breathing becomes shallow, I am not even able to move my diaphragm when I breath. So I kept on intensifying the feelings of being stuck. The pressure just builds on my chest more and more, pressure in my neck, in my throat, of being stuck, of being held in place.

Perhaps this is a point where good receivers keep you in place. In my case I launched into sensory imagery, I felt my self in the apartment I lived as a child, I felt every room, room after room, felt every detail; then I felt really being stuck in my body there as a child. Because of my stuttering not being able to freely express myself, I felt stuck in my body, I felt the pressure on my chest. I just wanted to be free and exercise my intelligence, speak my mind. I clearly remember as a six year old crying before going to school, complaining to my dad that kids make fun of the way I speak.

Anyway to make a long story short, I think I now know why it is so important for me to express my self, why I have difficulty from time to time with sticking with my 100% mechanical system. Why I find it rigid and confining.

I think I still have work to do in this area, my session ended at 9:03PM. However I think I did significant work remotely.

The next morning when we spoke on the phone and I relayed how I just felt only four tribe members in the room. Much to my amazement you said that there were indeed only four members there, and that [name1] and [Name2] who I just could not sense being in the room were indeed not there !

I think two important things that I take from this remote TTP experience, one is the power of Intention, I really strongly wanted to be there with the group and second this whole under Fred network thing which I find interesting; that how although I am a mile away from where all of you were in a circle, how I am able to pull up a chair and be part of the TTP circle, and how I correctly sensed only four members being present.

Well, thanks for leading this 'experiment', we continue the work.

All the best

The function of Receivers is to help Senders connect Fred and CM.


Proximity helps the Receivers harvest clues about the Sender's position (facial expressions, body postures, gestures, sounds, etc.) and cheer him on through the same channels.


If you excite Fred, and attempt to apply TTP without a receiver (The DIM - Do It Myself - Process) you  are likely to wander off, as you report, into thinking and imagery.


If you excite Fred and then do not fulfil the connection with CM, Fred may attempt to complete it by increasing the level of drama.


Dissolving drama seems to support intuition.



Should-ing Down a Child


Don't You ever paint pictures

on your bedroom wall again!


I guess I better not act

on the inner creative impulse - intuition. 

It just gets me in trouble.


Clip: http://client.apptomix.com/websites/




Fri, 30 Apr 2004




Last night our Tribe conducted, a not particularly scientific, but none the
less interesting experiment. We started with three key premises informed by our experience (something between empirical observation and intuition) over the past months:


(1) each personal unconscious communicates via unconscious means with other Freds;

(2) each personal unconscious has far greater band width on many levels than our conscious minds; and

(3) the real work happens as we experience and embrace feelings sent up from the unconscious.


From these assumptions we took the leap to have everyone in attendance at the Tribe meeting send simultaneously.

Four members attended, of our normal group of eight (two have gone on vacation, one had a death in the family). A fifth member could not attend, but nevertheless participated with simultaneous sending from his apartment, about a mile distant (I've asked him to relate his experience in a post to follow).

We began with a round of check in. We followed by setting the following guidelines:

* We agreed on a general question, which would trigger a specific snapshot of a goal in each us, for our purposes we used the following, "What stands in the way between you and peak performance?"

* We would take a moment to relax and shake off the immediate concerns of the day;

* At the beginning of the sending session each of us, in turn, would ask the question to the group;

* If at any point in the experiment someone emerged to a wakeful/conscious mind state they would receive for the others then as their intuition and receiving skills suggested they would prompt the group again with the question (What stands in the way...). When or if they felt ready they could return to active sending.

After setting these guidelines we each described our snap shot. I remember noting how personal, emotional, and authentic they sounded.

Following the guidelines we all began sending. For my part, I had the most intense and prolonged somatic experience I have yet had doing this work. In the course of the session I developed sharp pains in each of my shoulders. I stayed with them. After some time the pain in my left shoulder resolved itself and passed, the other did not. I remained acutely aware of the pain even as it seemed to change in character and shift around in my shoulder. Sometimes it doubled me over, other times it pressed me bending me backwards over my chair. Even as it stayed at the forefront of my awareness of feeling, even as I sought to experience its full measure a whole range of other feelings coursed through my body, each finding their own shift, resolution, or ahhh. Some of these felt like shocks of energy bursting out of parts of my body. At times I passed into a kind of hallucinogenic state in the intensity of the feelings, something akin to what I had experienced years ago during a course of holotropic breathing.

At one point I opened my eyes, popped into a receiving consciousness, observed everyone else profoundly in their own experiences, asked the question, and followed the resonance of the words back into a deep level of sending. The pain in my shoulder never left me. An unknown amount of time passed as the group continued. The character of my experience proceeded in a similar, but increasingly amplified way -- the shoulder more and more painful, my continuing to give the feeling all of its due, and wave after wave of other feelings arising, resolving, and releasing. Some of the others had come out of their experience and unobtrusively urged the rest of us on while occasionally repeating the question. A final surge of feeling passed, I opened my eyes, within a minute the last of us opened theirs.

Each of us related our experiences as best we could. I suspect some went farther than they might have during a typical TTP session, others perhaps not as far. We had a quiet almost reverential tone in our voices. I remember feeling surprised and humbled when one of us glanced at their watch and realized that we had spent a hour and a half sending!

I don't know if this makes sense for regular or even for occasional practice. We may need some time to process and better understand the work we did. I think it has some merit in that leaving the receiving process to the unconscious, any conscious agendas or dramas of receivers may get
processed more directly.

The pain in my shoulder stayed with me for hours after the session ended. Walking home, a memory came to me of reading how Paul of Tarsus felt thankful for the redemptive power of the thorn in his side that kept his mind on God.

Our remote sender has an interesting tale, which I leave it to him to tell ...

Best regards,

The role of the receivers is to facilitate connecting Fred and CM. 


When this connection occurs, the issue and its symptoms seems to disappear for sender and receivers alike.


Your experiment - having all senders and no receivers - seems consistent with not resolving your shoulder pains during the meeting.


If you activate an item during a meeting and then do not take it to term, you run the risk of taking an active item home with you.


Once you awaken Fred, he may emerge with immediacy and vigor - and with an agenda to get you to complete the experience.




I'm not clear on your definition of peak performance.




Innovate Attire for Senders


who wish to avoid

intimate connection

with a receiver


Gold lame boxers optional.


Clip: http://www.rockyhorror.ch/






Thu, 29 Apr 2004


Trading Tribes


I'm interesting in joining a Trading Tribe. I live in the Atlanta area, yet noticed that no tribes exist in Georgia.

Any suggestions on how to overcome this barrier would be appreciated. Thanks.

See Tribe Directory for instructions.

Thu, 29 Apr 2004


+ 5000% - 75%

Hi Ed,

I'd like to introduce myself ... I'm from the city of Mumbai in India. I've been a full-time trader for the last 8 years, trading equities (for myself and for clients) on the Indian stock exchanges.

I've had mixed results:

The first 3 years were stupendous - my accounts were up more than 50 times
(that's 5000%) during that period.

During the next year, I was down about 75%.

During the next 4 years, I've performed indifferently, and my trading equity
today is almost exactly where it was 4 years ago.

Ed, I've been reading your site for about 6 months now. I've been fascinated with your work ever since I first read the Market Wizards interview.


I've read most of the FAQ on the site, too. I'm eager to join a Tribe, and have been in touch with the leader of the Chennai Tribe in India. However, Chennai is about a thousand miles from Mumbai, and so geographical considerations make it difficult for me to join. I intend to start a Mumbai tribe (or join one, if someone else starts one before I do), but don't yet wish to commit to that.

For the first 3 years of my professional trading career, I used a predictive approach, based on the Elliott Wave Theory. While my results were spectacularly good when my predictions were right, they were also spectacularly bad when the predictions were wrong. I have now abandoned that approach. In retrospect, I realize that I was very lucky to have done as well as I did during that initial period.

I've spent most of the last few years developing a Trend Following System for myself, and now believe I have one that shows potential. However, I am struggling with an issue that I am finding it difficult to resolve satisfactorily.

I am aware that FAQ does not recommend system-specific parameters, so I shall generalize my question to the following:


"Do you believe that it is desirable that a good trading system allow for NO discretion on the part of the trader? Do you believe that a trader is making a compromise by settling for a system that continues to give him SOME discretion in the day-to-day decision-making process?"

I ask this question because I am finding it VERY difficult to completely eliminate my role in the entry/exit decision-making process.

In conclusion, Ed, I wish to say to you that in all my years, I have never come across another human being who is as generous and helpful as you are. I thank you for the work you are doing, and look forward to meeting you some day.


The principles of Trend Trading:


- trade with the trend

- ride winners

- cut losers

- manage your risk

You might also add: when strong feelings come up that prevent you from sticking to your system, experience them.


A mechanical system can help increase your consistency, the number of items you can track, and your adherence to the principles.


The System 1 study on the Chart page documents an attempt at defining a system. 


I do not know of any systems that are 0% discretionary. 


As you make the transition from discretionary and toward mechanical trading, you might like to take your feelings about about obedience into the process.




Sai Baba


Be Sure You Want To Follow the Master


before you sign up as a shishya


Clip: http://www.xs4all.nl/~goud/



Fri, 30 Apr 2004


Did You Teach [Name]


Did you teach [Famous Trader] the trading tribe process?



FAQ does not reveal personal information; if you want to know about [Trader], you might like to go to the source, himself.

Thu, 29 Apr 2004

An Observation

All the charts displayed in your Chart Lab are trending up.


The study shows ten stocks, short term and long term views.  On the short term charts they all seem strong. On the long term charts, half seem weak in comparison.


The study intends to illustrate the importance of defining what you mean by strong and weak.

Thu, 29 Apr 2004



Dear Mr. Seykota,

I had a cramp in my left leg for "seemingly" no good reason last night while I was sleeping. I never have a history of having such cramp. Is it a message from Fred? I don't see this experience as good/bad, but just curious.


Can TTP help in hearing what Fred wants to communicate with me in this case? But I don't know how to re-create the cramping experience.

Naturally when I have such sudden pain, my immediate reaction is to try whatever I can to alleviate the pain (especially when I am still half asleep and have no time to think). If there's another cramp in the middle of the night though, does TTP encourage the full experience of such pain until the feeling disappears (or our body can't stand and pass out)?


During the cramp, if you can experience your cramp quickly enough, you may be able to "stay ahead of it." 


If you experience it fully, rather than curse it, the pain does not "hurt" so much.


If you don't get any major AHA's, You might also check the net and or your doctor for factors consistent with cramps, like a cold room, recent exercise, low-carbohydrate diet, etc.



Be Sure to Experience the Cramp


especially if you have other ways

to make it go away.




Wed, 28 Apr 2004


Trading Question

I have limited funds to trade due to bad luck at the poker tables.


I would like to trade spreads as a long term trend follower. Would you support this idea or decision?


FAQ  does not offer instrument - specific trading advice. See Ground Rules.


You might consider joining an intentional community to examine your feelings about gambling.


In getting you to experience your feelings, Fred can just as easily use spreads as spades.




Fred Digs Playing Games


in casinos

and on Wall Street


Clip: http://www.nzmagic.com/spades.jpg

Wed, 28 Apr 2004

The Consequences

of Experiencing Feelings

Mr. Seykota,

I can understand the power of experiencing feelings in dissolving dramas.


I have a few dramas that result in self-isolation, lack of motivation and unhappiness.

However, I'm afraid of the consequences of following this path.

This path of experiencing might yield in dropping my girlfriend who loves me a lot and to change the city I'm living in and other major changes in my life.

What about the anti-thesis; the side-effects or drawbacks of this approach? What about the "experiencing of feelings" TAKING AWAY from you when bringing other things?


TTP aims to connect Fred with CM so that Fred does not have to set up dramas to get you to experience your feelings.


Such connection may lead to a decrease in drama in your life, and an increase in right livelihood.


Thus, you might view your girl friend and your location, from right livelihood, rather than from knotty feelings.


You might consider telling your girlfriend about your fear of consequences, and allow her to receive your feelings.


Perhaps she can assist you in converting some of your feelings about these issues into AHA's.

FAQ 27 April 2004


Typo in Book


Ed Says:
I am currently pouring over books to take advantage of the experience of many before me.

That would be "poring", unless you are speaking in Middle English, in which it is

In this case, it's "poor-En" as in poor-English.


Thanks for the catch !

Wed, 28 Apr 2004


Trading Tribe in Asia.


Hello ... I really do live in Tashkent,
Uzbekistan. I moved here because it's cheap so I could learn to trade.

I tried the Trading Tribe Process with my wife ... and it worked great to help me confront my fear to enter a trade.

I'm still interested in perhaps a web session with someone who can help me through the Trading Tribe Process.

You might like to consult the Pollinators Page for more information on conducting meetings.

Wed, 28 Apr 2004

Question re TTP,

trend following and system usage


I have a question regarding TTP, trend following and system usage.

You recently said that ambiguity is Fred's playground and have stressed the importance of defining an unambiguous system.

So, is what keeps Fred in control the fact that one has an unambiguous system, regardless of the type of system it is - trend following -vs- top and bottom picking -vs- some other type ?

It seems that the answer would be yes given that you also stated that all profitable systems are, by definition, trend following.


Fred wants you to experience your feelings.  If you are willing to do so, Fred has no desire to "control" you.  To the extent you are unwilling, Fred finds ways to deliver the feeling to you by setting up dramas.


An ambiguous trading system of any type provides room for Fred to set up drama for you in your trading.


Strict trend followers, with very precise systems, often have trouble sticking with their discipline.  Strong feelings come up that make them jump their systems.  If they learn to experience these feelings, the feelings dissolve into AHA's.  This makes it easier to stick to a system.






can be part of your system


or part of a way Fred has

to get you to experience your feelings


 Clip: http://phil.freehackers.org/



Wed, 28 Apr 2004


Mental Hygiene

The Trading Tribe cultivates the mind like nothing else. Its a special kind of skill, a fine art rather than just a psychological science. To the practitioner, TTP is the subtle art of matching the essence of the mind to the reality within which it must exist and function. It's principle is not a thing that can be learned, like a science, by fact-finding or instruction in facts. It has to grow spontaneously, like a flower, in a mind which maintains proper hygiene.

To remain in the now, the TT provides mental and spiritual loosening to make the mind not only agile but free. In order to accomplish this, an individual has to remain quiet and calm and master the principles of the TTP. The TTP is not about a blank mind that excludes all emotions; nor is it simply calmness and quietness of the mind. Although quietude and calmness are important, it is the non-graspiness of the mind that mainly constitutes the principles of the TTP.

A TT practitioner employs his mind as a mirror --- it grasps nothing and refuses nothing; it receives but does not keep. It is a state of wholeness in which Fred functions freely and easily, without the sensation of CM standing over it with a club. One practices to let Fred do what it likes without interference by the separate thinker within oneself. So long as Fred is free to do what it wants, there is absolutely no effort in letting feelings go; and the disappearance of the effort to let go is precisely the disappearance of the separate thinker. There is nothing to try to do, for whatever comes up moment by moment is accepted, including non-acceptance. I's not being without emotions or feelings, but being one in whom feelings are not sticky or blocked. Like a river, everything is flowing on ceaselessly without cessation or standing still.

The TTP provides right mental hygiene. It prepares one to employ the whole mind as we use eyes when we rest them upon various objects but make no special effort to take anything in. The baby looks at things all day without winking, which is because his eyes are not focused on any particular object. He goes without knowing where he is going, and stops without knowing what he is doing. He merges himself with the surroundings and moves along with it.

Therefore, the TTP does not have the usual sense of restricting the attention to a single sense object; it is simply a quiet awareness of whatever happens to be here and now.

These are the principles of proper mental hygiene.





I've been attending an intentional community consisting of my sister and myself for about a year now. In the beginning the going was very confusing and tough - about five months ago the damn burst and we managed to make some serious head way. We keep learning and evolving.

My sister decided to quit her job and went back to school to get her PHD, I decided to invest all my time and energy into trading & research and now trade full time. Thank you for this forum, your guidance and wisdom.

Yes !




Brother and Sister


When you know how to ride a bike

you don't need training wheels.


When you dissolve the distinction

between sending and receiving


TTP disappears.



Clip: http://www.juniorlinks.com/



Wed, 28 Apr 2004


Passing AHA

I notice the System 1 development journal no longer exists. Was it just another passing AHA?


Making a cup of tea is easy. First, one must create the universe -- Richard Feynman

System 1 Development Journal is back on line - down overnight for repairs.


You create (your experience of) the universe by experiencing it.



Tue, 27 Apr 2004


New Trend Following Book

Hi Ed





The Essence and Practice

of Trend Following



Tue, 27 Apr 2004


Confusion with Good and Bad

Dear Mr. Seykota,

Please correct me if I misinterpret TTP. My take is that “If we are willing to genuinely experience, celebrate and feel the so-called ‘negative’ feelings, those feelings tend to dissolve.” Now, does it mean if I genuinely celebrate the so-called “positive” feelings, then those “positive” feelings will also dissolve? If on the other hand I wish to retain these so-called “positive” feelings, do I intentionally avoid them so that Fred has to amplify those feelings?

On a similar but slightly different note, if by embracing bitterness and feeling bitterness I can dissolve bitterness, does it also mean at the same time I dissolve sweetness as well? If losing doesn’t mean anything, then neither does winning?

Wait, it just hits me. Is this what you talk about the pain of winning and the joy of losing? Or am I completely misunderstand it? Can you please kindly clarify? Thanks.


If you re-write "so-called" in SVO-p, you may find that you are the one doing the so-calling.


Sweet is just sweet and sour is just sour, neither being good or bad, unless you so-call them.


To the extent you are willing to experience your feelings, judgments like "good" and "bad" dissolve.


The meanings (of sweet, sour, winning, losing or even meaning) do not exist, outside yourself.



The Meaning of Sweet and Sour:


Yum, yum, yum !


Clip: www.cynicor.com/chinese/ quiz01.htm

Tue, 27 Apr 2004

Discretionary Fred


I don't have resources like a computerized platform and, as a matter of fact, I am not interested in mechanical trading. I notice also that many successful traders have a (mechanical) system that works and the ability to follow them. So, is there such a thing as a "discretionary system", which is not ruled by Fred?

Fred wants CM to experience knotty feelings.  To the extent CM is unwilling to do so, Fred may entrain naughty dramas, perhaps in your discretionary trading.

Tue, 27 Apr 2004



Dear Ed,

I am amused by your ordering books on how to write. Your humility is a nice aspect of your character which I admire and endeavor to emulate.


However, to make a comparison I quote your own words back to you " Actual sex is much different than reading a sex manual."


The book is already within you. Getting it on to paper is the trick. Rewriting and editing might be more time consuming. More importantly I would draw your attention to this:

Virtually every facet of a literary property can be exploited for commercial gain in all media throughout the world.

At the turn of the millennium, literary assets are among the most valuable assets in the world. [Name] assists writers in creating and earning major income from their stories and information. Foreign rights can be more valuable than domestic.

With kindest regards

I am currently poring over books to take advantage of the experience of many before me.


Why do so many fail ... because hardly anybody treats getting published as if it were a rational manageable activity ... in which knowledge coupled with skill and application can lead to success.  Instead, almost everybody approaches the phases of the publishing process ... by trusting exclusively to luck, to merit, to formulas, or to somebody else. -- From How to Get Happily Published, by Applebaum.




Tue, 27 Apr 2004

The Playground

Ed Says:

Ambiguity in a trading system is Fred's Playground.

I am not clear as to how you select your instruments.

I am not either. Fred is selecting them for me deliberately, and having a lot of fun.

You seem to be aware of your ambiguities and not particularly motivated to resolve them.  You seem to be in the same boat with a lot of people.






All aboard

and having a lot of fun.



Tue, 27 Apr 2004


Trend Following + 10, 30, 30, 50

Hello Ed,

I have been reading your FAQ pages and have gained lot of knowledge. My trading system does not involve lot of technical indicators. My system uses simple technical trading rules and I stick with them.

here are my simple rules:

- ride the trend
- always put stop loss order
- keep initial stop loss small
- don't buy if the risk is high - for me this
is about a $1-$2
- once the stock moves, move the stop loss up
{not too close that it gets hit - sometimes
it does get hit}

- don't get all exited/tensed when the stock moves for/against you - hard to do but I am getting better at not panicking when the stock goes against you - still needs some work.

- sit tight
- do my homework

To be worked on:

- Monitoring stocks too often during the day. Trying to get rid of this habit. Some of the stocks I own trade on OTCBB and I cannot put stop loss orders for these positions.

I use [name] for my trading. Free account.

My accounts for the last year have gained 10%, 30%, 50% and 30%. This is the first time in 10 years that I haven't had a losing year. Seems like I could continue on this path.

Thanks for your wisdom

Good Work !


You might try celebrating your monitor habit, and the feelings that go with it.




Consulting with your Monitor


can bring up intense feelings


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