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July 1-14, 2004








 the Essential Tribe




(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Wed, 14 Jul 2004


IV Tribe Meeting & Poof !

Hi Ed,

Thank you for allowing me to attend the tribe meeting last Thursday.

It was a great experience. The problem I came in with was absolutely dissolved when I got back to the hotel. Gone, poof, no tension or drama. The process must have happened in the blink of an eye.





CM + Fred = 0


Clip: http://www.chezmaya.com/


Tue, 13 Jul 2004


Dealing with getting stopped out


I started trading commodities recently and had the experience of the market (orange juice) taking my stop out and moving higher.


Just could not get over it for some days. If the system says that the, market is a buy and you have lost about 300 ticks or so because your stop was taken out and market moved higher, are we not taking a greater risk if we do not reduce the bet size for re-entry ?

You might take your feeling of "just could not get over it." to a Tribe meeting, as an entry point.





Some people use trading

as drama to feel depression.


TTP can help

find the positive intention

of depression


Clip: http://www-personal.umich.edu/



Tue, 13 Jul 2004


Application to join IV TT

I am interested in becoming a member of the IV TT. Enclosed is a copy of my resume & an essay describing my understanding of the TTP.  [I am willing to commute from Idaho to Nevada, by car every two weeks for four months.]

Thank you for your consideration.

Please send a 1-page description of your trading rationale.  See Directory page, above.

Tue, 13 Jul 2004


FAQ and Polarity Process


I read the "Discovery" report in the pollinators page.




"The emotions a sender feels are one part of a dipole" - Is the first part of the dipole the typical feeling a sender gets/takes to the hot seat?

Do you find that all feelings have a dipole or just the strong/strongest ones?

What is the process to find the dipole of a feeling on the hot seat? How do you locate it? Is it more difficult to find?

Can you describe in detail the process you use for reunion of the dipole feelings?

Is the result of successful reuniting a feeling of disorientation? Does disorientation mean I complete the reunion process? Are their any other feelings that help me understand that I take reunion to term?

Lastly, Easan brings up an excellent point regarding the potential uncomfortable-ness of freed intention and the potential to revert to more comfortable but restrictive past ways of being.


What suggestions do you have to avoid this reversion in the emotionally/psychologically delicate and fertile post-reunion stage?

Thank you for your help.

Locating, polarizing and combining forms as in the Polarity Process and in Half-a-Yoga are a bit of an art form.


I am preparing a paper on it, ultimately a book.


Meanwhile, you might experiment with it yourself, apply to IV-TT as a pollinator, or attend the next workshop, likely in October.




One Pole


seeks another



Clip: http://bhs.broo.k12.wv.us/


Date: 13 Jul 2004



Dear Ed,

I obviously missed the castle solution and felt a bit embarrassed finding that


However, how can you tell from the chessboard snapshot that the white king
wasn't previously moved during the game so it would be impossible to castle

The solutions of the "now" depend on the assumptions of the "past" and the
rules of the game, don't you think?

I take my feelings into conventional therapy.
I see my feelings that want to bubble out, I also see the other feelings which prevent me from feeling the other ones. I think its going to be a breakthrough. I am about to do something I hated doing for so many years.

I want to be free within myself and it's my responsibility to become free.


PS. I also intend to convince my therapist to do some primal and rebirthing later on.

Sometimes you can draw information from the context of the problem. For example, chess problems have solutions.  So, absent any other solutions,  0-0-0 must be the move.


Sometimes the dog tells you a lot by not barking.


You might take your embarrassment to a Tribe meeting - also you might inform your therapist of your interest in TTP.



Chest Anyone


Clip: http://www.amishwoodshop.com/


Mon, 12 Jul 2004


Trust Question in Light of Grof

Chief Ed,

My question concerns "trust" (may not be the exact word to describe what I mean) in the initial stages of the TT process.

I have asked a variant of this question before, your response is at Sat, 20 Mar 2004, at TTP and Secrets and Strangers

I have re-examined the FAQ item above. I noticed your reply covered receiving in some detail. I get this piece of it, ie how irony and paradox can develop in one's life:

Ed Says: In Fred's unceasing effort to communicate feelings, even set up dramas to get our attention, we may engage situations we would prefer keeping to ourselves.

I have examined the material at: http://primal-page.com/sgrof.htm

This material says that issues involving trust of others can develop from specific circumstances surrounding an individual's birth. Specifically, it describes how, if certain stages of the birth experience are especially traumatic, in that case issues of "trust" can develop in the individual.

At issue with me is not TT receiving but rather, specifically TT sending.

Rationally I get the true value of proactively expressing the feelings via TT, especially when compared to the messy alternative of Fred-generated drama.

That's the question background; these are the questions:

0. If I understand it correctly, TT is a technique to "burp a baby" in some sense. The burp wants to come out. It's going to express itself one way or the other. The burp is the message from Fred wrapped in a kind of emotion-envelope which needs to be "sent" and ultimately "opened" to get the message. Does this understanding sound right to you?

1. Assuming individual "trust issues" consistent with an especially traumatic birth, and the high level of mutual trust required for effective TT, (especially sending,) how do I get past the 'baked in' trust issues to jumpstart the TT **sending** process?

2. Is the answer to start with the "trust" issue as the very first issue to probe with the TT process as sender in the hot seat?

If you have trouble burping, experience the trouble; when that disappears, the burp follows.


If you have trust issues, experience the feeling of not trusting.


Sometimes when we do not feel totally in alignment with someone we can guess that they support us (and trust) or we can guess they do not support us (and not trust). 


When you come into alignment trust becomes less important, taste more important.



Aaaahhh Ha


Right Livelihood

is less about trust,

more about taste.


Clip: http://freda.auyeung.net/



Mon, 12 Jul 2004


Strong Emotions

Chief Tahoe,


Until I stumbled upon you website through
www.TurtleTrader.com, I used to think that the matter under my skull is 100% subconscious neurons, and 0% conscious mind.

For so long I have wondered, where along the path of life, have I fired logic and promoted feelings to my CEO position.

I have had an amazing ability to create drama where-ever I went. Not only am I able to act it out, but also able to drag into it everyone involved, no matter how calm, logical, and calculating they naturally are.


Suffice to say, my last two employers ended up hiring personal consultants to help me with my 'emotional' state. In each case, when they recommended that I leave my emotions behind at home, it meant the end of my relationship with that employer, for I have identified myself as 'nothing but a bundle of emotions,' and I was proud of it!

I know now that I have a very strong conscious mind. It's strong, but it's also an idiot – conceited, stubborn, and ignorant. It has never allowed my Fred to express itself, it has never allowed my pent up emotions to be released, so they went nuts every now and then and they revolted and made a scene.

I am glad my Fred has been so strong willed and so tenacious. I am also glad I ran into you, albeit digitally. I now have hope for a more fulfilling living experience.

To put it in SVO-p terms: I NEED / WANT TTP, NOW.

I am applying to the San Jose sub-tribe. I hope to meet you in person one day.

You might consider taking your feelings about feelings to a Tribe meeting - as an entry point.






can be Right Livelihood too.


Clip: http://www.arts.buffalo.edu/



Sun, 11 Jul 2004


Polarity Process



In reading about the polarity process, Mr. Katir reaches a point in his essay where he says :"Ed encourages me to go through a process of reunion".


He then declines to describe it in writing. since this is something which we have not explored much in [our Tribe], could you attempt to describe the process of reunion?. thanks.

I am preparing information about the new Polarity Process and about Half-a-Yoga - as part of a major update to the TTP Process Page.



So Far so Good


Clip: http://www.squeep.com/~fek/misc/


Sun, 11 Jul 2004





Earlier in the week, I clicked on the link to the primal page and saw what appeared to be a a rather lengthy article. I decided to leave it for the weekend however, on today Sunday it is denying access. is there a registration involved - or is it a money issue? please let me know.

PS. The next seminar sounds interesting. however, is it absolutely necessary to have attended the May workshop?

FAQ is free.  Occasionally parts of The Internet may be down.


The next seminar is open to all.

Sun, 11 Jul 2004



Hi Ed,

Hope all is well with you. I am having fun system testing with [Software]. I am learning so much and thoroughly enjoy the process. I intend to have a system developed when I return to IV-TT. I have evaluated my commitments for this summer, and will be able to return on September 2nd.

It is hard to describe how much my life and outlook have changed over the past year. Thank you so much for your help.


Sat, 10 Jul 2004








Arguing about who "owns" Yoga postures seems a little like fighting about who practices "real" religion.






Sometimes the only way to find out

who has the real path to peace

is to fight about it.


Clip: http://utah.indymedia.org/


Sat, 10 Jul 2004


Names for New TTP Process

Hi Ed !

The author of the oldest treatise on the subject, Patanjali, defines yoga as: cessation of the modification of the mind."


[Here are some names for the new TTP process of combining multiple forms]

Tribal Yoga

Dipole Yoga

Polarity Yoga


Polar Yoga

(brrrr, cold)

Functional Yoga

(forms follow function)

Aha Yoga

Seykota Yoga

Yogi Berra, Berryoga

Yoga Zero Point

Since it appears in the west,

and since yoga means 'union',

you could call it:

Western Union.

Half-a-Yoga seems better than Know-Yoga et all.








Clip: http://hepweb.ucsd.edu/





Fri, 9 Jul 2004


Yet Another TT Question Set



subconscious appears 2 times and unconscious appears 3 times.

My questions are:

1. Would you please consider more explicitly defning these two terms within the TT context?

(These terms appear ambigious to me relative to each other inside TT writings, especially on the referenced page, and also inside the dictionary itself to some extent.)

2. Can the dictionary definitions listed below be applied to occurrences of these words inside the TT context?


Main Entry: unconscious
Function: noun : the greater part of the psychic apparatus accumulated through life experience that is not ordinarily integrated or available to consciousness yet is manifested as a powerful motive force in overt behavior especially in neurosis and is often revealed (as through dreams, slips of the tongue, or dissociated acts)

Main Entry: subconscious
Function: noun : the mental activities just below the threshold of consciousness; also :
the aspect of the mind concerned with such activities

The words unconscious and subconscious are relatively interchangeable, except in rigorous psychological discussion.


For the purpose of implementing the Fred-ian model, I prefer the purposefully ambiguous and indefensible term, Fred.


You might consider taking your feelings about ambiguity and precision into the process.




Acceptance of Essential Ambiguity


can precipitate AHA's

Fri, 9 Jul 2004


3-Day Dog and Pony ...


re: the 3 day workshop in Reno ... when might the next one be scheduled?

I have a young novice trader in mind who could use some interaction and mentoring.

Your comments on pyramiding ... the saw buck, pyramid with the eye above.

I had to go out and buy one for $1.35 CDN peso dollar exchange to see what you were talkin' about.

classic Seykota ...

regards [from Canada]

A workshop is likely in October.


People tend to come to TTP when they are ready; sending someone else does not work.


You might take your feelings of wanting to fix someone else to a Tribe meeting.




You Can Fix a Bicycle


or anything else

that doesn't have a Fred


Clip: http://www.suprotech.com/


Fri, 9 Jul 2004


Yet Another Question on Fred

This TT statement relates to my questions below:



"When Freds recognize each other as useful to each other in this way, we feel "chemistry." People from abusive childhoods typically find an irresistibly strong visceral attraction for an abuser, and may even select one for a mate."

My questions are:

Once Fred and CM are in sync, and you are intentionally maintaining that ongoing state:

a. Is it correct to expect you will likely be drawn towards human relationships that have as a property the relative absence of drama and/or dramatic potential?

b. Is it correct to expect you will likely be repelled by current human relationships that have as a property the presence of drama and/or dramatic potential?

People who practice TTP tend to replace drama with right livelihood.


People who do not experience their feelings tend to entrain dramas that excite these same feelings.






to get that old feeling back again



Clip: http://www.beavis-butthead.ru/


Thu, 8 Jul 2004


More Under-Fred Questions

Chief Ed,

I have two things:

1. On this page http://www.seykota.com/

tribe/TT_Process/index.htm  ... There
is a headline that says:

"Under Fred - The Primary and Unconscious Way People Communicate"

Up to this point I thought people communicated using verbal (speech,
language) and non-verbal (ie body language, facial expressions) methods.

Can you elaborate in a little more detail how Under Fred is the primary way people communicate?

2. I think I picked up a typo or something similiar.

On this page


It states:
"The Collective Unconscious is Under Fred."

This differs from the separate descriptions of UnderFred and Collective Unconscious on this page:

Fri, 28 May 2004
Under-Fred Question


Could you explain these apparent diffences in the UnderFred definition?

1. To test if speech is under conscious control, read this, aloud, and write down exactly how you make all the right sounds.


2. This website has about 60 MB of information and reflects a practice that keeps changing, so it likely has numerous inconsistencies.  Thank you for pointing some of them out.


I am preparing a major revision and update to some of the essential pages.




A Fraction of Speech


is under conscious control.


Clip: http://www.phon.ox.ac.uk/


Thu, 08 Jul 2004



Dear Ed,

If you agree, I wish to share this free link (its a non commercial tutorial for C++ ) with you and all tribes who are interested in C++. http://www.cplusplus.com/


I learn C++ now to be able to program and back test my trend following system.
Thank you for sharing the faq with us, its a mine of knowledge and wisdom.

Kindest regards to you and yours.

C++ programmers can encapsulate objects to allow them to be responsible for themselves.




Finding a Way

to support without enabling


applies to parenting, programming

and just about everything else



Clip: http://www.dollarshort.org/


Thu, 8 Jul 2004


Wood and Water

Have you ever traded labor for a temporary room? I do know how to split wood. I would guess that its one of your favorite jobs so I won"t be expecting you to give it up. Later

We are all here on this planet, temporarily, sharing some room with each other.  Some chop wood and some carry water.


How about we help each other a bit more, fight a bit less.






Playing Chopsticks Together



Clip: http://www.stanford.edu/~mrubens/



Wed, 7 Jul 2004


My understanding of TTP

Dear Ed,

I am honored to be a founding member of the Los Angeles Tribe and have never missed a tribe meeting. I have used the tools of TTP both as a direct participant and as support to others, including Sending, Receiving, Hardball, Snapshot and Polarity.

TTP is about getting Fred and CM to communicate freely. TTP is about staying in the now. This communication comes from locating, experiencing and validating feelings that you like to feel and that you do not like to feel.

The social environment has created an atmosphere to discourage me to feel my feelings. This has led to a blockage of communication between my Fred and my CM. If I do not validate "feel" these feelings then Fred creates an environment for me to feel these feelings that I have refused to feel. Fred continues to create dramas that really intensify until the feeling Fred was trying to communicate to me has been felt or "validated".

All feelings are good and serve the purpose of trying to help me. As long as I recognize the feeling and let it give me its advice, Protective Warning, all is well. If I disregard what Fred is trying to tell me then dramas begin. The under Fred network brings people and circumstances to me like a magnet all in an effort to have me feel the feelings I have been trying to avoid. All people are in the under Fred network and never recognize it. It allows them to run their system. I know that my system is controlled by the feelings that I am unwilling to feel. To the extent that I validate the feelings that I have been unwilling to feel, labeled good and bad, is the extent of my freedom. Without validating my feelings I am bound to continue the same system (life, trading etc.) that I am now.

Using TTP allows for the release of drama. Knots, issues and tension are validated through the use of TTP. When you validate your feelings they are released and a trance like state is normally achieved. An understanding of the feeling(s) may take place immediately or in the weeks that follow. These are known as AHA's.

You really must do TTP to understand it. It is like the difference between reading about sex and actually having sex. You can read about sex all day long but only when you experience sex for yourself do you understand it.

I have made great progress through the use of this material and thank you for sharing it with us. I would like to attend the meeting on July 8, 2004, in Incline Village.


Wed, 7 Jul 2004


Psychology Problem -

Short Term Trailing Stops?

Ed -

Hello again. We have had email contact in the past and I would your input. I have enjoyed profits trading an "N-day breakout" over the last 12 months but I am getting frustrated with whipsaws and my own psychology of "getting scared" when the stock hiccups. I recently bought AIRT as an N-day breakout but sold at a LOSS when the stock drifted down for the second day in a row. AIRT later climbed 50%+ the next day. Imagine the frustration.

CALM, CLCT, IPIX, MAGS are all previous trades, with obvious breakout chart patterns. I sold them when my trailing stop, placed at the 10-day EMA was touched.

Issues I am dealing with:

1 - Trailing stop at 10-day EMA often gives up profits.
2 - 15/30 EMA stop (roughly same as 50-day line) works well but I get "scared" that the stock may tank early
3- 3/6 dual EMA appears to be good short-term stop, comments?

also, I personally feel a short term dual EMA is better than an ATR stop, since the short term dual EMA is "naturally" continually accounts for noise and volatility.

My system is:

• For the last market close:
• NASDAQ Stocks with...
• Daily Close for today is greater than Maximum High over 126 days starting yesterday
• Daily Close for today is greater than Daily Open for today
• Daily Close for today is less than or equal to 25
• Daily Close for today is greater than or equal to 2
• Daily Close for today is greater than Daily Close for yesterday
• Daily Volume for today is greater than or equal to 250000
• Daily Volume for today is greater than or equal to 63-day Exponential Moving Average of Volume for today times 3
• 63-day Exponential Moving Average of Volume for today is greater than or equal to 25000

I suppose a simple summary of my question (s) is how do I psychologically deal with whipsaws and from a trading standpoint, improve my system to reduce them?

It is difficult to be whipsawed out of 4 of 4 trades and trade again when Trade #5 may be the big profit maker. I know this however the frustration still impedes with my ability to pull the trigger.


You can't steer a car by placing your hands on the rear view mirror and twisting it around.


You can't deal with your fear of whipsaws by tinkering with your computer system.


You might try taking your feelings of fear and frustration to a Tribe meeting where you can experience them.




A Rear View Mirror


can show you a lot of things

but not your own rear.




Clip: http://www.kustoms.com.au/



Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2004


Upcoming Workshops


Just checking to see if you had any new workshops planned? If not, do you offer any additional services/manuals, etc.?


Likely in October.

Wed, 7 Jul 2004


Societies, Individuals, and the TT Model

Chief Ed,

The TT model of the individual and the experiential TT techniques that
assume that model appear to be robust and effective for both explaining and
adjusting towards wholeness a very wide range of human behaviors.

Referring to the TT process as described at


and referring specifically to the Under-Fred Network (UFN), I have the following questions:

1. You answered a question about the important differences between the UFN
and the Collective Unconscious. The question and the answer appear on this

Fri, 28 May 2004
Under-Fred Question



Question: Does is make sense to include the "catalog" as a component of the overall TT model ?

2. Do you think it likely that the TT model for the individual could also also apply to an entire society, viewed in the aggregate as a **single** unit of psyche?

Specifically, do you think that an entire society or civilization can have a "societal-level-of-scope" Fred that attempts frequent communication with the "societal-level-of-scope" CM .... with resulting "societal-level-of-scope" drama when Fred->CM communications are blocked?

Examples of suspicious, outward "society-level-of-scope" dramas: wars,
turbulent markets, revolutions.

3. All of these societal dramatic forms (wars, revolutions, huge bull/bear moves) seem to follow cycles. Do you think these cycles are indicative of and in a sense confirming societal-level stages of life, and painful
death-rebirth transitions, as described for individuals at http://primal-page.


These are my three questions for the moment.

Thank you for sharing your insightful observations.


The Fred-ian model intends to provide support for TTP, not to explain psychology; the model is essentially indefensible.


At some point, if the model proves successful in application, it might be worth developing some scientific depth, such as determining if Under Fred resides in the mysterious region of the brain opposite Wernike's bundle.




Crowds tend to reinforce emotions and cancel logic - see the classic, The Crowd by Gustav Le Bon.


The Fred-ian model does seem to apply to organizations.


A corporation, early in its life cycle tends to focus on right livelihood; later on, absent the lift of a driving dream, it tends to evolve into sub groups that invalidate each others' feelings.


AA is arguably the most successful therapeutic technology ever. At AA meetings the members typically segregate into four mutually and subtly invalidating quadrants, according to preference for coffee (Y/N) and cigarettes (Y/N).




In the political season, that is visiting itself upon us again, you might observe that the party that is  unwilling to experience intimacy and lust tends to favor laws that restrict other people's sexuality.


The party that is unwilling to experience avarice and greed tends to favor laws that redistribute wealth.


Thus, the basis for a multi-party system is unwillingness to experience feelings.


Periodic elections determine which feelings to officially invalidate and which dramas the citizens have to subsidize.




People Wear Various Masks


to announce which feelings

they are unwilling to experience


People who are willing to experience most all of their feelings tend to lose interest in the political system.


Note: The officially apolitical Libertarians are typically unwilling to experience feelings about authority. A political party that could  lead the nation in sharing, receiving and experiencing these forms, might substantially further the cause of freedom. Typically political parties tend to invalidate each other and tie each other up in k-nots.


Clip: http://fantasyguilde.com/masks/


Wed, 7 Jul 2004


Socratic Method

Hello Ed,

The Socratic method of asking questions that is FAQ’s mode of operation stimulates the asking person quite nicely. I keep thinking about my questions, very stimulating.

TTP is a helpful process for me. I go into my feelings of loss from years ago, not analyzing, not recalling, but feeling them in the body and that makes them well … my feelings, not my masters or my problems or something.

I would also like to share these words of a leading Stoic, Epictetus, with trend followers:


Do not seek to have events happen as you want them to, but instead want them to happen as they happen, and your life will go well.


Sounds good to me, sounds like a flow. Now, I know from your remark in FAQ that stoicism is not quite in line with TTP because it treats feelings as a sort of a lesser element of being human, but still this is a good remark by Epictetus. I like Zen, stoicism, trend following, celebrating my feelings and a couple more good things in life.


Tue, 6 Jul 2004


Application to IV-TT


I am writing to apply to the Incline Village Trading Tribe. I can commute from San Francisco twice monthly to the Thursday tribe meetings. Although I know there
is a tribe in the bay area, I feel learning from you and your tribe is a greater commitment worth making.

I have immersed myself in the markets and trading for several years and have taken pieces from those who have come before me in formulating my process. However, it has been through your site and my exposure to TTP that has taken me to another level.

I understand that TTP promotes the flow of experience from Fred to CM. Society often encourages us to distance ourselves from our feelings and even repress them. When these feelings from Fred become repressed, they typically manifest themselves in even greater intensity through dramas, thoughts, or imagery. These feelings are also often associated with destructive behaviors. TTP allows for the communication of these feelings between Fred and CM in a comfortable and non-judging environment (i.e. Tribe). In experiencing these repressed feelings accumulated over a lifetime, we release the tension of the “knots” we have tied, reinvigorate ourselves, and join the trend toward simplicity in our lives.


Tue, 6 Jul 2004



Mr. Seykota,

In your Market Wizards interview, you mentioned your use of hypnosis. However, in the context of your response to Mr. Schwager's question, it is not clear whether you were serious or if your comment was more tongue-in-cheek.


Have you, in fact, used hypnosis in connection with your trading and, if so, have you found it useful? Have your views changed over time on the usefulness of hypnosis as it relates to trading? And finally, if you are indeed continuing with the use of hypnosis, how does it fit in with the Trading Tribe Process?

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Hypnosis aims to access the subconscious through a dreamy, sleep-like form.  TTP aims to access the subconscious through whatever form presents.




Have You Been to

Another Tribe Meeting


or are you just glad to see me?


Clip: http://www.gewusstwie.mut.de/


Tue, 6 Jul 2004


Where is Darvas ?


Hi Ed,

Have you heard of Nicolas Darvas. "How I Made $2 Million in the Stock Market"? What a mind.

Do you know if this guy is still alive? I've run many searches and scans but cannot find him.

Well, I haven't seen him around the Lake lately.

Mon, 5 Jul 2004


Risk Management


Dear Mr. Seykota:

In Market Wizards, you stated that you were short the bond market during the 1987 stock market crash. Bonds went limit up for 2 days, yet you still had a profitable month. Michael Marcus said in his chapter that you recommended a coffee trade to him, and he got stopped out, while you were long and the market went limit down.

How do you measure, limit, and/or determine the appropriate amount of exposure when taking a position?

By exposure I mean-how many contracts to buy or sell. You have stated in the FAQ that "many seasoned professionals consider risking 1/2% to be lively, 1% to be aggressive and 5% to be maniacal." (January 8-15, 2004)

Hypothetically one can buy and sell a large amount of contracts (a lot of exposure) while only risking 1/2% or 1% of total equity.


How do you prevent situations like the 1987 Bond Market and Coffee Market from severely affecting your equity?

PS You have a fantastic website, thank you VERY much for discussing the markets with us.

There is no way to prevent situations like 1987 bonds - there is, however a way to allow for them, both mathematically, with system testing and emotionally, with TTP.


For more on risk, see Risk Management, above.






is often more practical than preventing


Clip: http://www.xkot.net/images/


Sun, 4 Jul 2004


Beyond Psychoanalysis

Chief Ed,

I am writing to let know you that I carefully examined the recent TT link to information at http://primal-page.com/sgrof.htm .

As a result of this, I have several important and pivotal new insights into my own behavior, and the behavior of other key people in my life.

Thanks for posting that link. It is extremely thought-provoking.


Sat, 3 Jul 2004


Desolation Wilderness

Hi Ed

My wife and I just returned from a 3-day backpacking trip through the Desolation Wilderness, south-west of Lake Tahoe. I composed a poem along the way:

Trending Through

the Desolation Wilderness

Step by step
The path leads where it may
One foot in front of the other
My only job to-day

I lift my eyes
And down I go
Whilst looking around the bend
The rock seized upon my toe

First I swear
And then I laugh
‘cause the rock told me
“Keep your eyes upon the path!”

“What lies ahead?”
I ask the rock
And his reply?
“You crazy schlock!”

“Don’t you know
that around the bend
is like a koan
You can’t comprehend?”

“Those who claim
the future can be seen
sometimes get lost
with regression to the mean!”

Thank you o’great rock
for setting me straight
On the middle path
the only true fate



SW Tahoe

Toe + Aha --> Tahoe.

Sat, 3 Jul 2004


Progress Report


I quote my proclamation to you on 31st December 2003 ...

+ Using my computing skills and interest in trading to secure myself a position in an investment bank or other similar financial institution. Through this I will satisfy my curiosity for understanding the business and organization of such a place, and also my demand for being in an energetic environment.

Well, I'm very happy to report that I have been offered a position as a software developer/support person in the department of "automated market making for equity derivatives" at [Firm] in London. :-) I'm working on the other proclamations.

Thank you for your time and effort on your web site -- it has been and continues to be (although it's gradually becoming a passing AHA) quite a resource for inspiration and reason.


The rabble really do play a very dirty game.
-- Fyodor Dostoyevsky, "The Gambler"

Good Work !

Fri, 02 Jul 2004


Congo Tribe Update

Dear Ed,

Thank you for answering my last email.
I am proud to announce you that a first member has joined our tribe (Congo).

He is new in trading (few months) and has been a teacher for young children during few years. I have a good feeling that his knowledge about psychology and his love of kids can contribute to the growth of our tribe.

I avoid giving him advises and answers to his numerous why’s about trading.

Instead I show him your site:
· Cover few faqs (he enjoys that.)
· Read the risk management (he sees the importance of fractional bets for trading maximizing the gain on growing account but also automatically minimizing the losses (during drawdown).

Read the TTP process text. He got a bit nervous then we decided together how important it is if not the most important point for successful trading.

I mean to reach harmony with “Thyself” and others (right livelihood) and being able to apply successfully a trend following system.

Today we set up an appointment for a small workshop on Monday to experience my feeling of “fear of trend following system”. I will sit in the hot seat as the sender and he will be the receiver.

We have no experience but he read carefully the role of the receiver. I am a bit nervous and wish you were here to guide us.
My last trade has given me a huge gain and I was able to follow my system for that trade (stood still during the trend because of good initial risk calibration based on your risk management file) and also because of all the psychological support I got from the faq (obviously from right column but also sometimes from the left column!).

I am now back working on my trend following system to “finally” define unambiguous entry signals (I sometimes was still filtering and not following the system because I had a “wrong” feeling that my “discretionary” decisions based on (news, intraday pattern, hours of trading and so on.. ) could improve the entry level of my system of few pips (forex) or avoid (filter) a bad trade.

Having some knowledge in aerodynamic I am studying and enjoying your radial momentum approach for mechanical of fluid.

Again thank you for sharing your great wisdom and your tremendous experience in trading with us all.


Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2004


Chocolate Pig

London Cocoa baby! check out that chart. got short 2 days ago on the huge outside day. its over for this pig.

Your language conveys feelings above and beyond a simple buy or sell statement.


You might consider taking these feelings into the process.  In this case they look like pretty good somatic signals, albeit contrary to the content of your send.


The market looks pretty much straight up since the moment your  email.




London Cocoa


Bulls and Bears Can Both Win.

Pigs and chickens rarely do.


Clip: www.mytrack.com

Thu, 1 Jul 2004


Polarity Questions

Hi Ed !


... Thanks for Easan's Pollinator article. I read it, and I was like, WOW! This is a whole new way, and I wonder how it's really like!!!

In fact, [I decided to] try resolving two of my issues (uncomfortable confronting others and also fail to honor commitments so as to feel guilt and the attention/sympathy from others) by using the polarity method.

So in my tribe meeting last night we discussed the polarity methods. (Actually someone brought it up before I did!!!) And we re-read your article several times, as well as one of the FAQ posts. We tried but there are lots of areas we are not sure, and since you've had first hand experience, may we get some insights from you?

1) [The article recommends identifying] one feeling in the usual TTP way. Do you go very deep into it until you get an Aha and its positive intention, or do you just notice it (e.g. a pain in the chest) and then move on to the second feeling?

2) How do you locate the second feeling then? Via the usual TTP method? Do
you have a second feeling (or "issue") already before you start? So let's say you are feeling tightness in the shoulder area. How do you know it is the dipole of the first one instead of just another feeling, or a deeper level of the first feeling?

3) And do you, as a sender, decide to get out of one feeling and jump to another, or the receivers "lead" you to getting out from one and to the other? [If] the role of the receivers is just to encourage and cheer the sender ... I'm hesitant in "leading" others. Is it not the case with Polarity?

4) We are still confused on how you "merge" those two feelings. I mean, feelings change. How do you experience simultaneously say the pain in the chest and tightness in the shoulder at the same time in the now when both of them change? How do you give your attention to two feelings at the same time?

I'm sorry to bomb you with all these questions, but our group got very excited and was eager to try. Yet I think we ended up more like the normal hardball and no polarity, as the sender went very deep and got his aha (which is still great). We are not sure how to do the "switch" to polarity, and would greatly appreciate your sharing of the experiences.

Learning Basic TTP, the Polarity Process, and recently, Half-a-Yoga seem to require some hands-on training by a practitioner.


Half-a-Yoga is an extension of TTP that integrates philosophy, a physical workout, stress relief and problem solving.  It works by developing individual forms and then combining them all in one moment of now.


I am preparing an update of the TTP Process Page to include these new technologies.


Thu, 1 Jul 2004


Positive Intention of FRUSTRATION????

Hi Ed

I am currently experiencing the feeling of frustration. Normally I would distract myself and consciously convince myself that it will pass. However, this time I am embracing my feeling of frustration and have not had an AHA in terms of it's positive intention yet.

What is the positive intention of frustration?

Frustration can intend various positive results.  You can find the ones particular to you with TTP.






A cousin of risk control.


Clip: http://studentorgs.utexas.edu/