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July 15-20, 2004




(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Tue, 20 Jul 2004


Applying to IV-TT

My Trading Rationale


Attached is a copy of my trading rationale. It sounds cheesy, maybe even spacey. It's the only way I know how to describe it.

*BTW, I read that you don't care for "why" questions. Isn't requesting a trading rationale about the same as asking "why" a person trades or "why" an individual chooses trading as a profession?


Do you enjoy listening to rock? I love rock. I’ve listened to it all my life. Give me a Zepp tribute concert over a musical any day. I enjoy listening to other types of music but I can’t seem to get enough of rock music. I learn as much as I can about the different types of rock genres, musicians, & their styles. It drives me crazy when I hear a song I like but I don’t know the name of the artist. I’ll spend many days searching for the title and the artist. There are times when I can tell what song came from which era just by listening to the song or which musician is playing by the sound of his/her voice. Sometimes I get it wrong. ’ll listen to the Black Crowes and think it’s a classic rock band.

That is how I feel about trading. That’s my trading rationale. I do it because I feel alive. I can’t rationalize it. It’s just there. I’m learning as much as I possibly can but my knowledge is limited. Ask me what a Bollinger Band is and I think it’s a glorified slinky. If you had asked me long time ago what an ATR is I would have thought it was a type of all-terrain vehicle.

I see a 3-mo., 6-mo., or a 1-10 year chart and think it belongs to a certain company but it does not. It’s just another familiar pattern with variations. It’s the same with rock artists. Many of them are influenced by past musicians but they come out with a technique of their own.

I’ll think that a particular industry group is headed in a downward trend and spend many days/weeks researching and watching this group. The signal is familiar. When I first heard a song by the Black Crowes the music style sounded familiar so I researched the group and listened to their songs. Yes, there’s some heavy Stones influence.

I read very little about trend following but it reminds me of the teachings of Jesse Livermore. Life is a series of cycles. I suppose successful music and/or successful trading are the products of trend following. They are whatever is “popular” at the time.



Your pre-admission assignments are:


1. Define Bollinger band and prepare a study showing the theoretical results of using Bollinger Band as a trading method.


2. Prepare a 1-page score of a song, with lyrics, for a group with the name, The Bollinger Band.



John Tells Me


audiences can sit for hours

and listen to him describe

his famous, and simple, equation.


They cannot, however, stand to listen

to advice about risk management

or sticking with a system.



Clip: http://user.tninet.se/~cpz942y/



20 Jul 2004



At one time in my life, I played the horse tracks professionally, North and South. It required enormous concentration and hours and hours of study of race track past performances. I also developed my own system on how to bet football and basketball games during the season.

I came to the conclusion that only a human mind can react successfully and continuously to the changing patterns of stock market trading. The trader has to possess specific psychological characteristics, such as quick judgment, ability to make detached, non-emotional decisions and have the endurance of waiting for hours and hours for the right situation without getting bored ...

My psychology background also allowed me to watch for human mass psychological motivation that often governs intraday trading. I also use advanced psychological concentration techniques that help me to stay focused for long periods of time.

As for indicators, I use odds, probabilities, trace speed, volume and chart patterns, but not the ones that are in all the text books, but my own pattern recognition, that I don't bother to define since they are rather complex and I am not in the teaching business.

FAQ does not endorse traders. See ground rules.


You might consider using some of your psychological concentration techniques to define and code some of the patterns you do not "bother to define since they are rather complex."



Some Pony Players


do not bother

to post an audited track record.


Clip: http://www.actden.com/



Tue, 20 Jul 2004


Getting a Round Tuit

I will write another [email] soon, same substance, different words etc. Friday night now, better go party, or else Fred will be upset.

People tend to put things off until they get a round tuit. Here's yours.


Fred does not get upset.  Fred's mission is to get you to experience your forms, including upset.




When you get a round tuit


you might really get in tuit



Clip: http://www.myrtlewoodgallery.com/


Tue, 20 Jul 2004


More Names for Tribal Yoga


The Yoke's on You


the English word 'yoke' derives from the Sanskrit 'yoga'. The allusion here is to awareness (chariot) and the modifications of mind and emotion (five horses).


The horses seem mad, driven by others, in opposite directions, while awareness is dragged along, trampled, left alone, injured, bruised, despondent that his horses are lost, and feeling powerless since others are controlling the horses.


One or two may be locked in a corral and he doesn't know how to open the gate. Can't even find some of them. He discovers a neighbor using one horse without permission to plough his own field. Unaccountably, another is performing in a rodeo. Awareness longs to go home, but the journey is too far to walk, when he tries, he gets trampled by horses again. Various methods to free up one's horses, break them to harness, team up, and directly yoke them with awareness, so that awareness now has a powerful team able and willing to take him on the long journey home.

Groupa Yoga

anahatha yoga 'anahatha' means 'unstuck, fresh, clean, unhurt' and denotes opening to the state of non-judgment, an acceptance of what is. Notice this word contains the words 'aha' and 'hatha'. So, come to think of it, we could just call it:

Ahatha Yoga


Seykota yoga

Form Process

Meta Form Tantra the intrinsic meaning of 'tantra' is simply 'method'

Inner Yoga

there is the yoga of being, the yoga of doing. TTP is the yoga of 'undoing'.

Muscle Memory Release Yoga

Spontaneous Yoga

Serendip Yoga

Form Resolutions

Half-a-Yoga is an extension of the polarity process. In this extension we repatriate disenfranchised forms (Half-a-Yoga's) and then synthesize them into one resultant form. 


Upon achieving the balance point, the subject reports deep peacefulness, resolution of his concerns and disinterest / inability in conjuring the original forms.


The associating Fred-ian theory is that when we combine the forms, we also re-connect historically judgment-isolated parts of our nervous systems.


When we repatirate sequestered parts of our body to our central network they can once again operate as a team.


Forms that can communicate in the now, do not have to send each other messages through time and drama.




Society Teaches Us

to Judge Our Feelings

and to store them in separate regions


Half-a-Yoga helps us

repatriate these regions

and re-connect these essential nodes

of our neural networks.


After a Half-a-Yoga session

the subject reports deep peacefulness,

resolution of concerns

and inability to experience

the forms separately.


Clip: http://www.girlgoth.com/


Tue, 20 Jul 2004


My Own Childbirth

Dear Ed,

Can you please elaborate on your response to my 6/10 FAQ? It seems so shocking and something that could be very important to me.

Ed Says:

"You might check with your family about your own childbirth.

Complications can assume the form of oppressive restraint, even drowning.

Complications During Formative Struggles may leave a complex of feelings to
experience later."

It really stuns me because I don't recall mentioning about childbirth in that email, and definitely never about the fact that my birth was not natural but through Caesarean operation because my head won't turn the "right" way. Is that what you mean by "complication?" Do you mean that the experience of the "struggle" at my birth (that I have absolutely no conscious recollection of) may be leading to feelings I have today, such as rebellion against authority, or to stick to a commitment / order? And to truly "resolve" that is by going through TTP, even though I cannot recreate the feelings I have back at my birth?

Thank you so much for your insights. You can tell that I am obviously in astonishment and would really like to know more about it, such as what leads you to that conclusion and what are some further implications, because it seems a very intimate issue for me personally. THANKS!!!

Occasionally, I make a lucky guess.


You can take your feelings about your own childbirth to your Tribe and follow them wherever they lead





can be an early opportunity


to confront pressure,

create a breakthrough

 and win freedom.


The pressure on the cranium

during its appearance

may release formative internal chemistry.


Doctors may prefer Caesarian delivery

for its speed, cost effectiveness

and lower risk of litigation.


Natural childbirth children

may have higher proclivity

to stick to things, and win

than Caesarian children.


Clip: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/



Tue, 20 Jul 2004


Pollinator Article


Wow. I appreciate the  6/21 Discovery article, a great contribution to the pollinator section.


It supports and moves my own work and experiences forward. Two week ago, I too did polarity process at our TT. Wow. Since then, I've identified 10 other polarity issues in my life. And I used the process on new issues in DIM until I get opportunity to work on them in TT. Even using DIM polarity brought shifts that encourage me to do with others as come up.


Tue, 20 Jul 2004


All Men Are Created Equal

Dear Sir,

... I am reviewing my own "Declaration of
Commitment" that I wrote for myself. Then suddenly I hear an inner voice saying the Declaration of Independence, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal ..."

It is at this point that I wonder - would Ed Seykota accept that statement to be self-evident? In fact, I'd think the opposite - life is inherently unfair or men are not created equal - resonates more. May I ask for your opinion? Thanks.

People chose to create themselves uniquely and differently.  If life were fair or equal you would look exactly like me.


The "Equal / Fairness" doctrine is useful in justifying receiving a fee for forcing the transfer of assets from the rich to the poor.  The "Greed" doctrine provides additional support.




Even The Bruss Triplets Know

life is not fair


only one can be in the middle.


Clip: http://www.twinsworld.com/quads/


Tue, 20 Jul 2004


Harmony and Mirrors


Life is becoming more harmonious for me, I am realizing much of my pains in the past were self-produced, caused by lack of self-confidence / love / respect / worth / esteem … and so forth. I heard about the “mirror business” (projection) 20 years ago and I am just now starting to comprehend how much there is to it. For example I am already in most cases able to welcome challenges, which in the past caused me agitation and pain, as a learning chance. I do not take it personally when there are different viewpoints about the same matter. I welcome it, I realize if I can not stand certain behavior from somebody it has to do with my lack. It could be that it is a habit I have myself or I wish to have it and I am unable to do so for one reason or the other. I welcome those situation as a growing process.


I am pleased to see how active you are. I saw you give another workshop in Reno in May. I wish your good students and a merry time with them. I enjoy to visit your homepage sometimes.


I think of you in my prayers and wish you wellbeing.

Warm greetings







What You See


is what you see



Clip: http://www.whimsyload.com/



Tue, 20 Jul 2004


Trading Tribe and Mentoring

Mr. Seykota,


My name is [Name], which I'm sure you have already noticed. I live in [City], and I'm 24 years old. If this is beginning to sound like a personal ad I apologize.


I first came across your name in the "Market Wizards" like most of the people who contact you I'm sure. I became interested in trading by a stroke of luck, and have developed a deep passion for it.


I have been reading everything I can find about trading for about 1 and 1/2 years now and watching the stock market. I am writing you because I was reading "Trend Following" by Michael Covel, and came across your quote, "Until you master the basic literature and spend some time with successful traders, you might consider confining your trading to the supermarket".


I would like to spend time with you and learn from you. I want you to be my Jademaster. If this is not possible I understand, and would still love to talk to you (either in person or on the phone) even if you have no interest in accepting new students. If you are not interested but know of someone who is also a great trader and is accepting students I appreciate you giving them my contact information, or giving me the information to contact them. I am also interested in having a tribe here in [City] and would like any information about people who may have contacted you about starting one here. If you are interested in speaking with me my phone number is [digits] and my mailing address is ... If you are not able to call I appreciate your email reply.


Thank you very much for your time.

To join a tribe, or to start one, see the Directory, above.  For private consulting see the FAQ home page, at the bottom.


I don't think time exists, so I am reluctant to accept acknowledgment for giving you some of mine.


I assume your phrase is your way of  acknowledging me for publishing FAQ, or of proffering gratitude in anticipation of furthering your chances of a response.


You might have a look at your feelings about identifying your real feelings and communicating them.



No Matter When You Look

at a Clock


It's Still Now


Clip: http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/


Mon, 19 Jul 2004



Hi Ed,

I have been reading the complete FAQ. I have come to the conclusion that I want to write a trading system. My intention is to use Donchian's 5/20 trading system as basis and start working from that.

Now I need to find the rules. I have Googled but have not been able to find the exact rules. The only thing that came up is that it is basically a moving average cross-over system. Buy when short term ma crosses the long term ma to the upside and sell when the short ma crosses the long ma to the downside. However some sources mention also an elaborate set of filters. I have not been able to find more info on these filters, even with the sources that mention these.

Since you studied Donchian's teachings according to Market Wizards I wondered if you could tell me if Donchian in fact used these filters in his 5/20 system and if so what these filters are.

Or are the filters in effect the Technical Guides as stated on the Donchian page of your site?

By the way: great site! I have already learned a lot and really appreciate your sense of humour and wisdom. Since the Dutch Tribe does not seem to get beyond start-up, I have started a tribe with my wife and have been trying to apply the principles in my daily life.

Kind regards,

In the early 1980's I collaborate with Donchian and code his 5-20 day moving average system. I conclude it seems to make money for the client and also trades often enough to make a good living for the broker.


I then attempt to code his trading guides.  I find (1) insufficient guides to define a full system and (2) internal conflicts between some of the guides, so there is really no system to test.


Donchian calls them guides, not rules and seems content to trade with ambiguity.  An ambiguous set of guides can justify whatever you feel like doing.


See the Resources Link above, for more on Donchian.



The Ultimate Guide

to Reducing Debt

and Achieving Financial Freedom


It has only one chapter, entitled,

"Stop Buying So Much Crap,"

and the chapter only contains five words.


 Clip: http://www.toothpastefordinner.com/


Sun, 18 Jul 2004


Who's Whose

Hi Ed,

On this page:



When you click the "how to join link", I get a 404 error.

Hmmm, I cannot tell if you get the error when I click the link.




A Klein Bottle may appear

to have an inside and an outside


actually, it has only one surface,

and no boundaries.



Clip: http://www.kleinbottle.com/


Sun, 18 Jul 2004


Family Tribe

Ed Says: Family - the Essential Tribe

I have a mixed experience with my family tribe meetings. I have been doing weekly meetings with a member over the past 6 months, and we're not doing it well. It's been with someone who is highly analytical, and seemingly emotional distant, who is quite happy to judge, control and invalidate. Lately, I have come to realize that, perhaps, I am trying to force the TTP over her and trying to do the same to her. This contrast became obvious when I could do a meeting with someone else from the family and everything went fine: no arguments, no advice and just the reporting of feelings.


Then I realize: what the heck do I need permission or approval of someone who is so happy to judge and control to avoid her own feelings? I know this seems quite humorous but as I realize that our meetings have been quite a failure, I invite and encourage her to fail on purpose together with me. I say things like: "OK. Let's reason, talk and argument a bit more. But this time let's do it on purpose, consciously. Let's avoid the feelings part, on purpose." :-) In our last "meeting" I just invited her to watch the "A Beautiful Mind" movie with me, as one of her sisters has a history of schizophrenia and, perhaps, we might bring up some of the feelings of having spent almost a whole life taking care of her.

When you are willing to experience your mate just the way she is, she loses her power to control you and she becomes your ally.


Your judgment of her judgment empowers it.




Judges Know Better


than to go around

judging each other.



Clip: http://www.co.alameda.ca.us/


Sun, 18 Jul 2004


Uncle Point

Ed Says: The Uncle Point is the psychological point at which confidence dissipates.

It may or not the same point as the theoretical maximum drawdown. It might not be the same point at which the investor and manger agree to abandon the enterprise.

Yes. I have been doing some tests and the uncle is pointing at me, guiding me through the process of validating ideas and methods. He tells me that if, historically, a method cannot do well over a wide range of conditions, there is no reason it might do it in real time.

Just about everything works once in a while.




Betting Everything You Have

on the Six


works sometimes


Clip: http://budgetstockphoto.com/


Sat, 17 Jul 2004


What I like about Trading

Chief Tahoe,


I am sorry, I did not notice in my application last night that I need to turn in a description of my trading rationale. Please find it attached.

I hope that I understand it correctly. Rationale means the "why" or the "fundamental reason" of trading.
Right? If you intend to get something else, such as my trading system, please let me know. I will be happy to provide that.

BTW, isn't this request for "rationale" a shift from our principle of not asking for whys an for fundamental explanations?

Thank you,

Just writing these essays to you has been informative.

My Trading Rationale

I trade because I am fascinated with the markets and I want to be an active part of the great capitalist system. Trading is the crème of capitalism, the ultimate.

I trade because trading adds value. I like to be one of the millions who provide liquidity and risk transfer services to the huge commercial concerns. I think it’s a very-high-value-added service and if I learn to do it right, to trend-follow with limited risk, I should be very well compensated, in addition to being highly useful. It’s a big “IF,” but I believe it is well worth my while.

I trade because trading is the ultimate meritocracy. There are no alibis and no excuses in trading. No corporate politics and no hidden agendas. There is no favoritism. There is no waiting and no guessing as to what the schizophrenic or the insecure boss wants. There is no room for misinterpretation of for things to get lost in the translation. You put on the trade, and you immediately get to know whether you are right or wrong. Zero-point feedback. You don’t have to worry who’s going to get the credit for your toil and whether enough of it will be passed down to you. In trading, it is all reflected in your P&L, on a daily basis, the good and the bad of it. Trading is immediate.

I trade because trading is a highly intellectual pursuit. The quest for that ever elusive edge, that sound method, is so much fun, so engaging, so gratifying. Not a minute is dull when you are analyzing the markets, updating and reviewing your trading diary, sharpening your signals, studying the masters, collecting their metaphors, and guessing what their trading systems are and how they would act under this circumstance or that.

I trade because trading is a journey of self-discovery, a journey toward self-mastery. Trading teaches me the necessity of discipline, the virtue of patience, and the elegance of independence. Trading brings me closer to my primal emotions and to TTP.

I trade because the goddess of the markets has me wrapped around her finger. She has me seduced. I am in this perpetual dance with her and I can’t stop. She is the beauty and I am the beast. She is sexy, swift, sophisticated, elegant. She is loving and caring when things go her way, but also moody, spontaneous, unreliable, and mean when she is ticked – like all women who are certain of their attractiveness and influence.


I am slow, awkward, self-absorbed, and all I want is for her to kiss me and turn me into a prince. She makes the moves and I follow and try to figure her out, but that is no easy task. She smiles at me sporadically and the intermittent nature of her kindness gets me even more hooked. Her name is “Trend.” I can never guess how far she will go. I better march to her drummer or I am toast. The faster she moves, the higher my emotions and anticipation… and nothing moves her Like money. Just because something is absurdly expensive does not mean she isn’t going to buy it. She hates the flee market and she loves Madison Avenue. The only thing more suicidal than asking her “why,” is taking a public position against her. Her favorite slogan is “Never say Never.” As long as she’s down, I am pessimistic, and as long as she’s up, I am optimistic. The further I step away from her, the clearer her intentions become to me. No force can cool her until she has released her pent-up emotion. Her volatility is a good indication of her next move and she can turn on a dime. The only way I can avoid her taking a pound of meat out of me every now and then is to stop dancing.

That’s my love affair with the market. My goddess aside, trading sets me free.

You might like to take your feelings about oppressive bureaucracy into the process. 


You might like to re-view your market metaphor about the finger wrapping goddess.


You might consider:  intertwine fingers, support each other, communicate deeply and co-create right livelihood.



Right livelihood feels like

you are standing on top of the world,


no matter where you are.


Clip: http://www.carolprice.com/


Sat, 17 Jul 2004


Application to London Tribe


my main ambition in life is to be a top of the line commodities and currency trader. I am as of yet only a novice in this field, but am quite determined to reach great levels of success in this field.

At present I am trying to set up an online trading account, and I am also considering taking an online course in technical analysis, and in trading systems. I am also hunting for start up capital to add to my account. This is my main life ambition at present and it takes priority over lots of other things, I may consider doing, but I am resolved to its undertaking.

I am seeking an application into the London Trading Tribe. I see the Tribe Process as an elementary yet brilliant means to personal realization. What lies between us and our dreams, or our becoming another Aha!? I think it is some accumulated emotions which when expressed in a supportive and mutually reinforcing group process, leads them to pass on, and so we become at peace with our instincts. The group is essential as it provides a base for mutual support and commitment, and so nurtured human beings result.

Within our hearts lie the seeds of a fantastic life, in the form of instinct and dreams, this can become realized in the form of living intuition in the form of a mutual group process, with others committed to the same result. To avail of that connection with others on the same path is a great gift. The results as you have outlined are the privileges of emotional release, creativity, humour, connectivity and lightness.

I look forward very much to being a part of this. If you would prefer me to have my trading operation up and running, and recording gains, or if you would prefer me to solicit directly with London, let me know.

To apply to join an Intentional Community, see the Directory page and email the local Contacts for specific procedures.

Sat, 17 Jul 2004


Abandonment, Integrity, and Commitment Aha Part 2

Hi Ed!

Now, I see the polarity with abandonment: one end is experience being like left out,  and the other end is experience like love, joy, life with abandon. The choice is mine. I intend to make my abandonment feelings side a great friend. And I intend to trade with abandon passion within my self-imposed limits: risk.

Last night, I experience a wider range of my abandonment friend at art reception. Yes, first off I spotted this lady I wanted to get to know. Yet, she rejected me. I felt it. Over the remaining 2 hours of event, I experienced 3 fantasying Ladies wanting to talk with me in passionate conversations.

One I ran into this morning at my coffee hang out. She repeated, "Loved our conversation. I look forward to again soon, I'm off to hike with a girlfriend." Another I am set to have coffee with next week. She is a VP for Trust & Investments. And she didn't run when I answered her question, "What do you do?" I reply, "I'm learning to trade futures, the best business for me. ..."

I love this feeling system. The more I use it, the richer my experience.

Thank you again. Best to you in all your endeavors.

Abandonment can transform

to a band of girl friends

to a wedding band



A defining property of a band


is a center of nothing


Clip: http://www.jackmasters.net/





Sat, 17 Jul 2004


IV TT Application and Questions

Chief Tahoe,

Since I walked into the Trading Tribe site a week ago I can’t trade. Suddenly I realize that I’ve been pushing the envelope too far and that I need to resolve a lot of feelings and knots before I can trade in a safe and disciplined way. Yesterday I applied to the San Jose tribe and I am now waiting for their response. May I also apply to the IV Tribe? Is it agreeable that a person be part of two tribes. I commit to attend and be an effective participant in both. I am not employed and have plenty of bandwidth [I have already read the whole 18-month FAQ].  I understand that you have a waiting list. I’d appreciate it if you would add me to it [BTW, How many are on the list already?]. Attached please find my essay on my understanding of TTP and my resume, in a Word doc ...

In the meantime, I have a few questions:

1 - Are programming skills a necessity or a great advantage in trading? I understand that programming your signals makes them clearer and crispier in your head, but that’s if you are a programmer and you speak that language. How about an artist, can’t he get that clarity through other means, such as putting his signals in colors? Does the trading system itself have to be automated? Does the PC have to do the buying and the selling? Livermore did not have a PC, neither did Baruch, Loeb, or Gann. Yet, they were all formidable money managers and traders and they rode fantastic trends. Niederhoffer is a math nut, he has parameters on everything, even on changing a baby’s diaper, yet he busted twice in 4 years. Am I resorting to rationalization in order not to deal with my fear of computer languages?

2 - I don’t get the message of the Jademaster's story in Jack Schwager’s Market Wizards 2 book. How does the student finally figure out that the stone in his hand is not jade? I understand that the experience taught him patience and self-control, to deal with his feelings and emotions, and to go with the flow. But how does becoming a self-master help him know that the stone is not jade. If he and the master only talked about frogs, how did he learn the properties of jade? If he did not have a basic understanding of jade to begin with, how did he figure it out?

3- That book (MW-2) is 12 years old. Does this mean that you have been working on your book for over 12 years? If that is the case, then it’s going to be a major rock of jade indeed - over 2500 hours of master thought! Talk about a patient, long-term

4- Is it safe to believe that TTP is your real trading system? The holy-trinity rules [follow the trend, cut losers & ride winners, manage risk] are only possible with the self-mastery and knot dissolution that come from TTP, thus TTP got to be the thing. Choosing parameters for timeframes, heat, entries, and exits are of secondary nature to the above three. Right?

Thanks so much for the invaluable treasures that you are making available to us. We are truly, truly blessed.

My Understanding of TTP

“I sometimes think that speculation must be an unnatural sort of business, because I find that the average speculator has arrayed against him his own nature…” “The speculators’ chief enemies are always boring from within.” --- Jesse Livermore

These quotes from Edwin LeFevre's Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, also appear in Victor Niederhoffer’s Education of a Speculator, where Mr. Niederhoffer is somewhat critical of Mr. Livermore because he’s a plunger and he dies broke. Mr. Niederhoffer then promptly proceeds to have two blow-ups himself (in 1997, and in 2001).

Even super-traders have difficulty practicing what they know. This proclivity for drama, this predilection to self-destruct is part of our human nature, and is as old as Adam and Eve.

The basic tenet of TTP is that the feelings we judge and try to avoid run our lives. Feelings are the bridge, the common language, between Fred and CM. By experiencing feelings we can set ourselves free from their drama and its negative consequences. TTP is a bridge builder, a promoter of the free flow of feelings from Fred to CM, so that Fred does not have to resort to tricks and to drama in order to get our attention. This free flow is best achieved through the creation and engagement of a supportive intentional community that is competent in sending and receiving, openness, sharing feelings, mirroring, pacing, and encouraging each other to be exactly the way we are. The Three Musketeer (TTM) slogan is a good one for TTP: One for all, all for one!

All feelings are good. All feelings are friendly. All have positive intentions, no matter how painful they are: Hunger and thirst cause us to eat and drink so we won’t starve. Guilt causes us to do the rightful things and to give back to our community. Fear causes us to cut risk and to work harder. Confusion causes us to ask and to learn. Pain causes us to move out of harm’s way. Yet, we have tied up a lot of those feelings in knots over the course of our lives in the mistaken belief that they are bad for us. Our feelings do not sabotage our lives, our relationships, our trading. It is our unwillingness to feel our feelings that forces Fred to set up destructive dramas so it can get our attention. TTP is a process of exploring our feelings rather than suppressing them and hiding them, because all feelings have positive intentions.

TTP is a continuous improvement process. As such it requires real commitment and continuous involvement. It happens in the ever-present moment of now, it accepts no excuses, no rationalizations, no explanations, and no procrastinations.

TTP does not attempt to erase the past. Not even God can erase the past. TTP allows us to accept and acknowledge our feelings about the past, to fully experience them. In doing so they dissipate, they are no longer important in the ‘here and now,’ and they are no longer holding our actions hostages. TTP does not obsess over the future and does not attempt to control it. It recognizes that the future is a series of ‘nows’ on the way here and it deals with them when they arrive. It realizes full well that they might evolve into different dimensions during their journey to the present.

TTP is neutral. It does not take sides. It does not judge. It does not label feelings. It does not think positively or negatively about them. It allows us to follow our feelings wherever they take us, as a master trend-follower effortlessly follows the trend in a celebratory, happy-go-lucky style. As long as it goes, he rides it and when it reverses, he reverses with it. TTP yields like water and gently fills any form made available to receive it.

TTP is about liberating Fred from the tyranny of CM - the tyranny of the should's and the why's. TTP recognizes that, in life, we become what we resist. Man is possessed by what he fears and what he craves. TTP ensures we control our feelings, lest they control us. But ‘control’ in TTP does not mean suppressing our feelings. It means reaching for them, feeling them, exploring them, embracing them, celebrating them, allowing them a let-out. TTP means control through resolution, not through conflict. It entails free-flow, not bottling, of feelings.

TTP is creative decision making, trend-following style: Lots of upside with limited downside. By intensely observing our feelings with the intention to fully experience them, we accomplish two things: (1) Fred is acknowledged and he no longer has the need to set up dramas to bring those suppressed feelings to the attention of CM, thus the limited downside. (2) An ‘Aha’ experience (insight, solution) is eventually achieved as things suddenly make sense and the development of wisdom in the troubling area starts - we will automatically know what we want to do and how - thus the upside.

TTP is about the right livelihood, not just about making money. Too much emphasis on money and material possessions, at the expense of intellect, spirit, family, and community is not a good thing. Soon our possessions begin to own us and the dollar sign becomes our self-identity and our master.

TTP is a philosophy, a mindset, a way of life, to be practiced day in-day out, not just theory and concepts to be entertained sporadically.


Jan. 2003 – Present: Trader - for own account.

2001-2002: Director / Controller, [Name] Corporation.

1999-2000: Controller, [Name] Corporation.

1995-1998: Financial Analyst and Finance Manager, [Name] Corporation.

1990-1995: Financial Analyst, [Name] Company.

1985-1990: Lending Specialist, [Bank]


1985: MBA, [University]
1983: BS in Arts and Sciences, [University]

You may attend as many Tribe meetings as you can sit.


1. No


2. Experience not getting it.


3. On and off - mostly off - lately on.


4. My Real Trading System = set of feelings I am unwilling to experience.


Very nice description of TTP.




The way you know

if you know something

is just to know it.


When you know how to know

you know if the jade is real.

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 Fri, 16 Jul 2004


Names for New TTP Process

Dear Ed,

How about " Ed's Seyoga " ( as in " Sahaj Yoga " )

Tribe members could then legitimately call themselves- - Ed's Seyogis

p.s. I must admit though, that 'Half-A-Yoga' has me :)

FAK: Frequently Asked Koans


K: What is the sound of one hand clapping ?


A:  Face the questioner and thrust one hand forward.


K: Does a cow have Buddha nature ?


A: Face the questioner and in a low, melancholic tone, bellow Mooooo.

Fri, 16 Jul 2004


TTP Spreading

Hi Ed,

[My new Tribe] is going well, growing and getting more effective for people have less need to talk and more desire to do the work. Yesterday was my first hot-seat in ... and I'm still feeling it now. I'm closer to my "first event" or the "root cause" as Dr. S. Grof calls it but not quite there yet. My tribe got even more inspired by my trust in them, my willingness to do the hot seat and show them that I'm just the same as them, human being. I'm very happy to report to you that your goal of spreading TTP is realizing and my goal of having effective and functional tribe ... is reality. I miss IV-TT meetings, being with you ... and other members. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Love, Peace and Happiness



The Tribe really spreads when your Tribe members go off and start their own Tribes.



It's not just about

making waves.



It's also about

re-creating yourself








Fri, 16 Jul 2004



Hi Ed!

You have told me I apply a form of the DIM-process. I first thought it was another way to approach your feelings, but now discovered you consider it to be a part of the drama.

Why do you consider it impossible to keep yourself on track when you apply TTP on yourself? You have the intention to get rid of your stuck feelings and you know the refinement comes after the pain. It's not so different from exercising - you push yourself to get in shape. You might even like the process even though it hurts and makes you tired. Can you find any other reason why it mustn't work besides that you do everything to avoid what you are used to avoid.

As I write this I can't avoid thinking that actually I don't do the DIM-process because I'm writing you all the time. It seems I'm not embarrass to write down my feelings to you, but yet not ready to start a tribe.

I have another problem. My trading friend who has taught me a lot in trading says I mustn't tell anyone how our system works. I consider it ridiculous because I think I could publish in the paper, and still no one would use it. It's the same with an exercising program to become a successful athlete - a lot of people know how it can be done, but still very few have the guts and strength to do it.

When I bring up the idea of starting a tribe,
indirectly he "kind of" says I'm not allowed to discuss trading. (Rather, I feel it that way). I recognize this as isolating and this has happened before since my father used to tell me secrets that was to be kept. Why then tell me? This is of course another drama I should bring up to the TT.

At least I have started to take my signals and feel the feelings instead of continuing my chaotic trading and eating disorders. It feels good to do the right thing but it's not the first time I have started all over again. As usual I receive a lot of painful
feelings but this time I know what to do with them - to feel them instead of avoiding them.

The direction in which you start determines your destination!

Kind Regards,

You might notice how you attract people to play your father's role in your family drama.


When you fully experience your feelings around secrets, you may gain a lot of freedom. PS. Don't tell anyone.




Keeping Secrets


is likely just more drama


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Fri, 16 Jul 2004


Radial Momentum FAQ

Question. Could the collapse in the conical tube have anything to do with a creation of a vortex? Sort of like when your shower curtain pulls in on you, if that happens to you. It's caused by the water moving the air in a vortex, and the center of the vortex pulls in, and pulls the curtain with it. Also, isn't there some proportional difference in the strength of the conical structure vs. the strength of a small tube? It seems the strength of these devices would need to be considered. It's much easier to collapse a cone than a tube, that is balanced in structure with a reinforcing shape.


You can build the equipment out of some newspaper and tape.  Try it yourself.


See www.RadialMomentum.com

Thu, 15 Jul 2004


Abandonment, Integrity, and Commitment Aha

Dear Ed,

About 15 minutes into the two hour drive home after my local TT meeting, I noticed strong Feelings popping up. Then, I didn't know why. I just started experiencing them including screaming.

This morning I realize instead of standing around talking with the members outside afterwards, I said, "I had to run." Yep, I ran to my car to avoid the feelings that came up when our leader, laser me with, "Your Real System is the Feelings you are most unwilling to experience!" He had to repeat himself like four times before he felt I heard him. Then, I just barely. The words you use so often.

Yes, I experienced repeated abandonment by my mother, father, siblings, others, countless times since, including sometimes even by my supportive TT members. But the person whom abandoned me most often was me. I resisted my feelings often, until now. The process continues including checking in with some of my support network. I love freeing emotions.

My real system 3 is repeatedly experiencing Abandonment, including in Integrity and Commitment to trading, so I can avoid the feelings that success in trading would bring up, money and freedom to enjoy an awesome Gentleman's life.

Again, thank you for your work and support.


Sometimes the path includes jumping off the path you think you are on.


Your Tribe is a place in which you can share the experience of running away.




Sharing the Experience


 of running away


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Thu, 15 Jul 2004


Looking Forward

Dear Sir, [Website] has an interesting outlook on wisdom, you may enjoy his viewpoint (His lecture series has been an eye-opener). I have been monitoring your site for some time and see many interesting parallels. Helping others is truly the essence of why we are here. I look forward to joining your group. Thank you for your commitment to others.

You might like to notice the essential difference between "looking forward to joining" and "joining."



Looking Forward


Clip: http://www.alleganisd.org/