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March 1 - 18, 2007


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(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Sun, 18 Mar 2007


Trading and Holding On

see: Plunge, below


In spite of myself, over the past 30 days I am outperforming the S&P 500 by 5%.

I take a huge hit on Feb 27 leaving me even for the year. Then, on Thursday morning I am up 4+% for the month (and the year). That day, a grain trade goes against me, then I compound the problem by "trying to make it all back". The ironic thing is that the original losing trade winds up profitable by the end of the day.

Now I am up 2+% for the month and the year. All of my gains are from being long individual stocks and being short at various times the stock indices. Trying to "play" the grain market has cost me. Clearly, I am better at trading stocks than grains at this point..

BTW, my best open position is currently [strongly up-trending stock]. Basis the funny-mentals, I think it probably goes a lot higher by the end of the year.

You might consider the theory that you make most of your money holding on to major trends and lose money by trying to outguess the wiggles.

From that, you can go on to compute the net cost of trying to be right.


Being Right


may mean

you soon have

nothing left.


Clip: http://ergo.human.cornell.edu/ErgoPROJECTS/


Sun, 18 Mar 2007


Rocks Process Resource List

Here are the resources in my rock that I recall:

It is ok to share my feelings.
It is ok to have things.
Stay present and stay connected.
It is ok to be me.
Tell my story ...
Tell my truth ...
Take a deep breath and ideas will come to me.
It is ok to shut down as a last resort.
It is ok to feel my feelings.
Ask what others are feeling.
It is ok to feel rejection.
It is ok to appeal to a higher authority.
Be open to other resources.

I am curious as to what all are on your list.


Your list seems to contain most of the standard resources. I don't know the whereabouts of your actual list.


One resource you are using right now, that you can add to your list is: Ask for help.

In our current version of the Rocks Process, the Messenger now gives Hot seat the actual list as part of the way the Rocks Process works.



Getting Proper Support


may require being very specific

about asking for what you need.


Clip: http://www.growinglife.com/Bras/


Sun, 18 Mar 2007


My Hot Seat Experience at an IV Tribe Meeting



Thank you and other IV Tribe members for your generous support. I have a great hot seat experience and I like my new rock.

The snapshot process is great, it helps me dig out one of my old rocks, "you should (not)" rock, and feelings that come with it. When my rock process starts, I tell my stories a little bit, then I close my eyes and try to focus on feelings and want to push myself into a trance.


I feel I have difficulties to do this. I open my eyes, I suddenly see three members role-play my wife and my two sons, acting a scenario I don't like to see. It surprises me so much and it helps me reach and intensify my feelings.


Finally, Ed makes a great effort to push me into a trance state, so I am able to recall a scenario when I am a child, I have exact same feelings. It is a difficult task. I really appreciate your work, Ed.

The following events of the process are quite smooth.

I really like role plays. They are very effective to help me to locate my feelings, to keep me in trace, and to see myself clearly like before a mirror. I also like feedback from members during process checkout.

They help me to gain insights. As I recall, the feedback from a lady member about changes of strength showing on my face strikes me. I squeeze it in my new rock. Thank you nice lady. All in all, I enjoy my hot seat experience. I love my new rock and it is already working. I like to list resources in my new rock below to share with other FAQ readers.

1. Share your feelings.
2. Ask how the other person knows what I should do.
3. Use could instead of should.
4. Say I would do this in this situation.
5. Be humble.
6. Ask how they are feeling.
7. Sometimes tell them what they should do.
8. Use humor.
9. Take a deep breath
10. Pattern interruption.
11. Be open to new resources.

Ed, I also like to thank you for your generous

Thank you for sharing your process.

Sat, 17 Mar 2007


Hypnosis, TTP and Rocks

Dear Ed,

I hope you are well dear friend & I hope you are achieving good progress in your quest for weight loss.

Since my Breath works experience at Incline Village, I have continuously worked at experiencing & acknowledging my feelings.

I thank my own Tribe for their support in my continuous Fred & CM reconciliation efforts, the work continues. Each Tribe meeting is like a mile stone for all participants, all very committed wonderful people.

I acknowledge drama in my daily life. Instead of accentuating drama I find myself focusing on the feelings that accompany dramas. This frequently results in multiple AHA's.

I look at veteran TTP receivers with awe but in the last meeting I was able to acutely feel the form felt by the hot seat occupant, I was able to guide and encourage the sender to feel that particular form.

Alas Dramas in my Trading & Life continue but they have subsided.

I have a member in my Tribe who is an experienced Hypnotist. He is able to get members into a Beta state fairly quickly – once “under” the receiver / process manager takes over & the process continues. What is your opinion of this process? When in this Beta state people seem to prefer to keep their eyes closed – is this ok?

Would you agree that too much dialog by receivers is unnecessary & may even hamper progress?

Our work continues but I do not think we have reached a level where a hot seat occupant has reached zero point.

This might be of interest to you and FAQ readers. Patients coming out of long term coma do not remember names faces even of loved ones but they all seem to remember feelings.


Leading neurologist in the UK talks of how he has a protocol of talking to patients in coma. The ones who return to consciousness all talk about their feeling towards him even though they have never met him and do not know who he is.


The same feeling was not elicited towards the nursing staff. The neurologist comments “we do know where they are when in a coma but we know that the language of feelings is known there”. Hmmm Fred & CM sharing the same vocabulary?

I wish you well with the rocks process. We are miles behind on that but hopefully we will catch-up. Perhaps you can visit us and push us to the new frontier.

Best Wishes from the Why, Why, Why ridden [University town]. I have stopped asking Why. Funny life is so much simpler when you don’t pursue the why’s!

Standard TTP is a set of processes to untie k-nots by assisting people to experience feeling and to detach judgments from these feelings.


This is particularly effective in transforming feelings from adversaries into allies and for populating your emotional instrument panel with these allies.


Some Alpha males (many traders fit this profile) learn to rejuvenate and employ feelings such as sadness, grief and loneliness - and they receive quick and substantial benefit.  Similarly, submissive females may learn to rejuvenate their feelings of being a victim.


After some quick gains, many people report getting stuck on a "signature forms."  They go to Tribe, meeting after meeting, and work on their signature forms, and they usually get the form to the zero point, sometimes to the joy point.


The process gives them some "relief" as they convert the form from painful to joyous.


In this way, some Tribe members use standard TTP as medication, as a way to make painful feelings go away, at least for a while.


The Rocks Process supports people to get past their signature forms. It assists them so see the signature form is often another form of medication to avoid deeper and more intense feelings, typically some form of sadness.


The Rocks Process assists people in discovering how they respond to sadness by "medicating" themselves and helps them implement effective gut "resources" instead.


The use of hypnosis may or may not be useful, depending with how it supports the process.  Hypnosis which puts you to sleep and/or makes you feel "better" may be counterproductive to the Rocks Process.





can spin you up to a state

of increasing awareness

and resourcefulness


and it can spiral you down

a "stress reduction" path

to quiet medicinal peacefulness.



Clip: http://www.showtickets.com/images/


Wed, 14 Mar 2007


Intentions = Results

Hello Ed.

I write to share some observations about intention = results.

I struggle with this principle as it applies to games of chance such as blackjack or the lottery.

I used to deal blackjack and I wonder if every single hand is correlated directly with our intentions. For example, I notice some who revel in their bad luck seem to lose almost every single hand. Also there are those who seem to win almost every hand while still doing everything "wrong" so to speak, according to the "rules" (counting cards exempted).

I find that most who choose to beat games of chance where the odds are skewed against them, intend to lose in the long run. Obviously the numbers catch up to everyone. Meanwhile, some intend to make a quick score, and do, never intending to gamble again. Also many who gamble do not intend to do so for money at all, regardless of their claims to the contrary.

Taking this a step further, since anyone who has ever won the lottery must have intended to win on some level, I struggle with knowing whether or not someone can "intend themselves" into winning an extremely improbable event such as this.

I find here that since most lottery winners claim they were better off without the money, they intended, in the long run, to lose. Also, most intending to "intend themselves" into winning the lottery likely don't intend to make large sums of money in the first place, as there are more probable ways of doing so.

I think this is an accurate take on intention = results in these examples. I of course would welcome more perspective.

Also I wish to thank you for continually inspiring me by sharing your thoughts on this site. Every time I come here I leave inspired. Best wishes.

Intentions = Results. They are one and the same and both occur in the ever-evolving moment of now. 


In the scenario you describe, some of the intentions = results are: (1) to wish for a result (and to call the wish an intention), (2) get a payoff from the game and (3) to wish for a way to use Intentions= Results as a way to get a better payoff.


The equation, Intentions = Results, conveys no entitlements to link a current wish to a result in the non-existing future.


You might consider taking your feelings about wanting to win at blackjack to your Tribe as entry points.




Ruby Slippers

(the originals, from The Smithsonian)


are a must for the savvy gambler.


Simply wish for a card,

click three times

and see what you get.


Clip: http://www.sonoma.edu/cja/info/


Wed, 14 Mar 2007


Plunge Successful


I plunge short side on Dow futures late yesterday, expecting a global sell-off overnight. I cover most pre-market at 12150 and the rest at 12158. Perhaps premature, though still a very nice trade. I cover because our futures are not down as much as I think they ought to be, so I smell a rally attempt coming.

Sentiment starting to become too negative, short-term. I doubt the world is ending tomorrow.

So far, you seem to be "in tune" with the markets.


Scalping and day-trading seems to work best when markets are indecisive and backing and filling in a trading range - and seem to work worst in trending markets.


You might consider taking a look at the relative importance to you of making money and being right.  You might consider asking how wrong you are "being right" now. (being "right now.")

Mon, 12 Mar 2007


Angry Letter or Love Letter


Here are my notes from my memory of the conversation we had this morning. Thank you for talking with me. I understand that working outside of a tribe is not your most preferable way of interacting and I appreciate you taking the time to work with me on this. I commit to learning how to do relationships.
Thank you again,

Three things:

1. Operating basis of the relationship -- getting in "right relationship" means being in a resourceful relationship, rather than a medicinal relationship. Instead of fighting or getting frustrated and disconnecting and going along (like I saw my Grandfather do), share my feelings. Let her know how I am feeling at that time. The push away is in response to something I am doing. I can say I feel hesitant or fearful to touch you. And ask how she is feeling.

2. The feel good part of the relationship. Ask what I have to do to have a great relationship with her. Do what ever it takes. Ask her to give me the rulebook or recipe -- flowers, affection?, etc. And let her know what I like, what I prefer.

3. The commitment. I commit to do whatever it takes to give her what she asks for.

A relationship is not with another person. That is a causal model view. A system model view is that it is the rules of interaction I have, or the operating rules that I have.

My first draft of my email letter responding to hers is filled with anger, with causal language and blames her. To send such a letter is likely to lead to a year of trouble and heartache.


My revision is: "Thank you for caring. I feel the same way. It doesn't feel it should be over to me either. I would like to continue this in person.

Thank you for sharing your process.






can be resourceful


or medicinal.



Clip: http://www.soils.wisc.edu/~norman/cupid/

Mon, 12 Mar 2007


Gold and Derivatives

Dear Mr. Seykota,

There is $6 trillion in OTC derivatives traded daily according to the Bank for International Settlements. There is $12 billion in physical gold traded MONTHLY at the London Bullion Market.

This means that every day of OTC derivatives trading is equal to 40 years of physical gold trading.

On a trading volume basis,


Derivatives @ 6T / day = 1000 B/d

Gold @ 12 B / mo. = .6 B/d

Derivative / Gold = 1000 / .6 = 1666 times


You might like to extend your research to learn how many hours of derivative trading equals the value of all the gold in the world.
























Sun, 11 Mar 2007


Where Are all the Bees Going?

This is a very serious problem, if you are in the habit of eating plants and / or animals.





Perhaps they have urgent bees-ness elsewhere.

Fri, 9 Mar 2007


Feeling Unlucky / Suffocation


I am just a curious onlooker to your site. I am still trying to understand what the healing process means and am always fascinated by experiences of others. I am learning a lot from them.

In latest FAQ, one of the user mentioned that
"I feel rather unlucky in most things I do, feeling as if I always have to do a lot of effort to achieve few or nothing, or just making the wrong decisions at the wrong time or having few or none opportunities to achieve what I want. "

I felt like someone is telling my story. I so much agree with him / her that I am compelled to get your opinion on this issue. Not just one or two incidents but my whole life story has been on the same lines.


Things that have been easier for others somehow end up being very difficult although not impossible. I always feel like being a day late for a party or always few pennies shorter, always late to catch a trend.


I am well to do professional with loving wife and family. I don't have any obvious issues per say. But somewhere deep inside, I always have this nagging feeling that I have a lot more potential but always trapped by situation.


I experience very strong feeling of helplessness and cornered by circumstances. Physically it feels like suffocation and I do actually wake up at night dreaming trapped in small physical places like a cave or hole.

Overall, things are OK but not Great. I have enough but not plenty. Sky is not dark, but never bright or sparkling on my inner horizon. I feel like a dam holding vast reservoir but just a trickle to pass.

How do I break myself free? I do feel that I have a lot more to contribute and a lot more to share.

I don't have a Tribe nearby but I would appreciate any insight from a wise one like you.

You might consider taking your feelings of suffocation and entrapment to a Tribe, or to a Workshop, as entry points.


You might be "medicating" your feelings of suffocation by being "unlucky."




Feelings of Suffocation


can be excellent entry points.



Clip: http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/


Fri, 9 Mar 2007


Enjoying the Drama

Hi Ed,

I have a tendency to ignore TTP when things are going well.

I have a short March Dow trade on that I let go 300 points against me, in itself not a problem if I was trading allowing for such losses. The market falls of last week let me off the hook and I make good money from it.

My fear and self hate that manifested itself in distancing myself from people, a clenching of the jaw and rolling of the eyes turns to a lighter happier feeling, having time to listen to people again, feeling good about work I do in the gym and where I am going with life.

I come to the conclusion I enjoy this drama and that is why I trade, in fact the love of drama is behind many of my decisions.


As you may imagine the impact on my trading of the longer term isn’t good. I fight against who I am and trying to fit in to a moderate life of routine and stability. This made me more unhappy than the unhappy times in my up/down high/low lifestyle pattern that I create instinctively.

I open a direct access account and can’t believe how much easier it is to make money without the large spread and skew I experienced trading using other parties instruments i.e. CFD's and spread-bets. I feel almost evangelical about getting people as close to the ‘real’ markets as they can as the learning from them seems more pure, more worthwhile and useful.

I love trading again; I trade quite frequently without a system and make money. I guess I have more knowledge tucked in my subconscious than I gave myself credit for.

All of a sudden I realize I am no longer trying to be something I am not, I am not forcing discipline on myself, resenting it and waiting for a chance to break it. I put in risk management and stick to it without even really thinking about it.

In short I have stopped trying to be Ed Seykota. I guess through the support you have offered people and trading success you have many people ‘trying to be like you’. I wonder how that makes you feel? Burdened perhaps or perhaps you like it or perhaps you’ve never noticed it.

Well I am a gambler and quite a good one. I have stakes in a great business and several rental properties so money to get by on is taken care of if I live modestly. I’ve lost the resentment towards things I can’t afford and the self-hate I had before, I’m not a bad person and not a bad trader. Not the best but not the worst and that’s working for me right now.

I’m sure the low is just around the corner and as long as I can curb some of the turbulence people close to me might get hit with (they are culpable, they choose to engage with my dramas too) I can live with that.

I enjoy experience all ends of my feelings spectrum and now I am only gambling what I can afford to lose I am going to day trade like a mad man because it is one of my favorite hobbies, the highs and the lows are great to experience. It’s like watching your team play every day.

Maybe now I don’t hate myself or my trading style I might make it work, if not it won’t matter to my bank account or my ego.

Thanks for the lessons Ed, your work has made me look at who I am and what I want to be. I won’t try to mange anyone else’s money. I won’t pretend to be a pure trend follower, I won’t try to copy your style, Buffet’s style, Soros’ style, I’ll develop my own.

I doubt you’ll ever read about me in market wizards but that’s fine, I’m getting what I want out of the markets now, as you knew I would.

Sincerely thank you. I hope you don’t mind me sending an end of month update on my monthly profit and loss through trading.

Thank you for sharing your process.





is another form of medication


typically, to mask sadness.


Clip: http://www.bris.ac.uk/drama/

Thu, 08 Mar 2007


Radial Momentum

Ed Seykota, as I live and breathe!

I just saw your web site for the first time, and found your theory of lift discussion from several years ago very interesting, but way over my head, evidently, since I kind of thought fluid density and fluid pressure were two ways of expressing the same phenomenon.


But it seems to me that a couple years ago I did read somewhere that the idea of Bernoulli's Principal as it applies to lift was being reevaluated, so I guess you were right, huh?

Well, it was a real kick finding your site, hope all is well with you.

Best Regards,

So far no one is contradicting, or even debating the physics I present, although I receive some personal attacks and some "It can't be true comments."

Fri, 9 Mar 2007



Ref FAQ dt 1st March 2007 titled Radial Momentum Page issues wherein it was mentioned by the person that he wants to purchase books on trading and mechanical trading.

I know only one book that has been authored by you titled The Trading Tribe which I own.

May I request you to give the details of the books that were mentioned in the FAQ?

Sir, I also want to know about the books, if any, that are being authored by you presently and approximate time of their release.

I have one book in print,

The Trading Tribe.


I am working on others and intend to announce them on this site when they go to print.

Tue, 6 Mar 2007


Trading Tribe Associate Program



I am not particularly fond of children and quite often I find them very annoying. Even though not so much so nowadays, but I still don't have the same attraction to children like most adults.


My best guess for this reason is, when I am nine years old my mom asked me to take care of my younger cousin for almost a whole day. And when I am with him alone he starts to cry and never stops until my mom comes back.


You might consider taking your feelings of sadness to your Tribe as entry points.



One of the Standard Rocks


medicates sadness

with shutting down.



Clip: http://www.monkkonen.net/gallery/full/sad.jpg

Tue, 06 Mar 2007


Squeezing Head Form

Hi Ed,

I would like share my experience that took place at a recent [City] tribe meeting.

At the start of the meeting, we began by drumming followed by check-in. On check-in, I report to the tribe that there were feelings coming up regarding my dad. The tribe members ask if I am willing to experience these feelings within the rocks process. I agree to explore my feelings with the support of my fellow tribe members.

I am on the hot seat as we start the process with some questioning about my feelings surrounding my dad. I begin to feel a surge in my body up to my head. I feel a sense of anger. I feel as if I am going to explode.


I then begin to hold my head between my hands. Tribe members continue to encourage me in the process. I begin to squeeze my head between my hands increasing the pressure until the pain is unbearable and my arms begin to tire from squeezing my head.


I then move my right hand to my throat. I begin to experience difficulty breathing and an increase in pressure in my head as I squeeze my throat. I struggle and then begin to cry. At this moment in the experience, the process manager states "Freeze that moment! Stay right there in that moment!".


I am asked specific details about what is taking place at that very moment. Who is present in the moment and their position respective to me. I report an incident which occurred 25 years ago when I experience a moment of intense anger and physical violence from my dad. As I begin to "cool" the members gather around and begin to assign roles for the rocks process. They check with me again to confirm my willingness to experience these feelings again.

I experience the rocks process with the relentless support of my tribe. During the process, I receive my new rock from the tribe. At the moment in the process whereby I receive my new rock, I feel a sudden shift in my body. I sense a sudden change in my facial expression from one of fear to calm. At the completion of the process, I sense a feeling of exhaustion.

For several days following the experience, I carry out a daily check-in with my tribe members. I experience feeling "spacey" as if my mind and body sense something has changed and is working to adjust to a new feeling.

On one occasion while sitting and holding my new rock with my eyes closed, I feel my face begin to smile followed by my eyes getting teary then a sudden calm. This is a new experience for me and seems to take place in what seems like milliseconds. A thought comes to mind ... wow!

Thank you to my fellow tribe members for their continuing support and providing wonderful opportunities to experience personal growth.

Thanks again Ed for continuing to share your processes and experiences with me and the world.


Thank you for sharing your process.


To your Tribe: Good job of executing the Rocks Process !



Following The Form


leads you to the Medicinal Rock



Clip: http://www.splinegod.com/dan_dare.htm


Wed, 7 Mar 2007


Unlucky Rock #2

See previous



As I get it, you see Medicinal Rock as a gut learned response to stressful situations. So as to let go of the Medicinal Rock one has to deal with the k-notty feelings he is unwilling to experience. That's where Tribe work comes in.

I notice you place great emphasis on personal communication of the TTP and / or Rock processes.


Yet I cannot attend a Workshop or a Tribe that practices the Rocks Process, which by the way are in the USA.

Don't you believe there might be a way to extend this knowledge to a wider audience using, for instance, on-line interactions, "role models" pattern catalogue, etc.? Sure you are free to do whatever you think is most appropriate. But let me give one example.

I notice that even though we've never had personal contact you are apt to perceive or 'feel' how I transfer (the responsibility for) my feelings of sadness / frustration in a given situation to a kind of magical / evil entity which I call "unlucky rock". (Incidentally, for magicians this entity does exist.)


On the other hand, I notice myself that sharing my experience seemingly enables me to become conscious of patterns I am still not aware of.

Whatever, thanks for your attention. Good luck and best wishes.

The Tribe is essential to the Trading Tribe Process. 


The DIM (Do It Myself) process and even one-on-one therapy with a skillful therapist have limitations.


You might consider what is standing between you and forming a Tribe in your area and / or attending a Workshop.



Some things work better

in community with others.


Clip: http://www.suathletics.com/News/basketball/



Wed, 7 Mar 2007


Oops - Not Free Anymore

(see directly below)


My mistake. I miss-keyed the symbol. I was looking at the 32.50 puts and thought I was looking at the 35's. I put on the trade again and in size before realizing what I was doing, filling [Stock] at 34.06 and getting the (wrong) puts at 0.55. I'm unwinding most of my mistake for a small profit. I'm keeping some on but at acceptable risk levels.

No longer walking on water, just dodging bullets.

Thank you for the update.




Walking on Water


may have its ups and downs.


Clip: www.latc.com/2005/07/06/schools/schools3.html

Wed, 7 Mar 2007


Free Puts


[Stock], one of my favorites, reports earnings tomorrow. I decide to look at the March 35 strike options and I notice [Stock] offered at 34.30 and the March 35 puts offered at 0.50 I buy some shares and some of the in-the-money puts trading below intrinsic value.

The market continues to offer puts below intrinsic as I write this. I wonder if this an arbitrage opportunity that someone is missing, or whether I am just confused about something very basic.

Thank you for sharing your process.


I see the stock and option,

recently at 34.40 and 1.50. 


Incredible !

Sun, 4 Mar 2007


Wants to Control Drama

Ed Says on 2/22/07: "Part of the TTP Rocks Process is to go out of control in order to identify the Medicinal Rock.”

Purposely getting out of control in order to find something is a drama.

Ed Says on 2/25/07:  "People who need to be in control sometimes put themselves at risk of losing it."


Seems to me, people who need to get out of control, put themselves at risk of never having it, or even an idea of what it is.

Like the past and the future, control is a cultural myth.

I wonder why you insist on its presence in the rocks process, but not in TTP.

You might consider taking your feelings about (1) going out of control and (2) wanting to know "why" to your Tribe as entry points.



Whys Guys Like Knowing Why


Having a reasonable "cause"  for things

may help medicate their feelings

of being out of control.


Clip: http://surprise.editthispage.com/2000/05/15

Fri, 2 Mar 2007


AHA = Atha ?


Just came across this tidbit last night in a reading: “atha” is the ancient Sanskrit word for “now.”

Hmmm ... I wonder if you can cite the reference along with a pronunciation guide.

Thu, 01 Mar 2007


Radial Momentum Page Issues


I checked your Radial Momentum page out of curiosity. I didn't read enough to understand it but by what I read it seems interesting. I wish you good luck in demonstrating your point. Engineers are practical people, physicists are another matter.

I noticed some missing images on the pages:


And a broken link in the page
http://www.seykota.com/rm/Overview.htm  : www.crankdot.net

Also, congratulations on your work with the trading tribe. I hope one day I'll be able to buy your book on trading and mechanical trading.

Best regards,

Thank you for the catches.  Please specify the locations of the links.

Thu, 1 Mar 2007

Hello Breath work Support Team!

As of February 1, 2007 my fund's AUM are $1.93 million. February was a turbulent month in the markets thanks to the last couple of days. Positive monthly performance turned into negative performance over that time span, and there are no new investors or additions or withdrawals for February.

I am pleased to see my system hold up nicely (though it still produces losses) through the volatility at month end. I plan to continue to implement it with discipline while I research methods to improve my results.

Thank you for your support as I report to you until I reach $5 million AUM.


You might consider taking what is standing between you and raising money to your Tribe as an entry point. 


See FAQ : Commitment - Feb 27, 2007

Thu, 1 Mar 2007


How Low Can You Go

Hi Ed!

I am a little bit confused by the following expression in the TSP test: "The best price is the highest of the open, the stop price or the low of the day."

It is written under the following link: http://www.seykota.com/tribe/TSP/SR/index.htm  below "Executions."

Why do you have to compare the best price as the price of the open, the stop price AND the low of the day. The low of the day can never be higher than the open.

Is it possible to reduce the expression to:

"The best price is the highest of the open and the stop price."

- or am I missing something?

Sometimes a thin futures market does not trade during the open.  The exchange may post a "virtual open" that turns out to be lower than the actual trading low.

Thu, 1 Mar 2007


Istanbul Tribe

Dear Mr. Seykota,

Upon encountering many internal and external obstacles within the last year, we finally launch our tribe by this month. Please include us in the directory.



Welcome !





Thu, 1 Mar 2007


Unlucky Rock

Ed, I have just come to realize I might have an unlucky rock.


I feel rather unlucky in most things I do, feeling as if I always have to do a lot of effort to achieve few or nothing, or just making the wrong decisions at the wrong time or having few or none opportunities to achieve what I want.

A rock is a metaphor for an ETF or emotional transfer function, that generates gut responses to situational feelings such as sadness. 


A Medicinal Rock provides "medication" for feelings you are unwilling to experience.  A Responsive Rock provides effective responses to underlying situations.  The Rocks Process is a group process for fortifying Medicinal Rocks with Responsive Rocks.


A Rock, in the TTP sense, does not have a personality or magical powers.






have rocks too.



Clip: Magic Circle,

by John William Waterhouse (1886)