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May 1 - 10, 2007


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(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Thu, 10 May 2007


Wants a Mentor

Hello Ed,

I am 32 years of age. I am very interested in your trading techniques and knowledge. Are you still trading today? I have been studying trend trading for about 6 month now and I am very impressed. I was wondering who mentored you? I am seeking to find a trend follower mentor do you know how I would go about finding one?

Tribe Members mentor each other in various areas including how to stick to systems.

Thu, 10 May 2007


Wants to be a Member

I’m interested in being a contributing member in the “Tribe”.

I’ve made every trading mistake imaginable along the way and despite the continual roller-coaster results; I love to dedicate my time to helping others learn to master this art (and will continue to work towards mastering it myself someday).

Your methods (psychology) should be prescribed for all traders/investors. Being a great analyst with poor net results, I’m a direct reflection of unconscious reality: how am I contributing to achieving the results I don’t want?

It’s through helping others that we find ourselves and that’s behind my request to become a Tribe member.

You might consider the information on the Tribe Directory and Apprentice Program links, above.

Thu, 10 May 2007


Trend Following Advice

Mr. Seykota,

I am currently a University student. I have started trading what little equity I have adhering strictly to the principles of trend following. Right now my rules are very basic: buy / sell when the 5 day moving avg. crosses the 20 day moving avg. Also, I will take a look at the RSI to see if it is moving in favor of the trend. Are there any other indicators you could recommend that I use as well? I know my rules are basic, but so far they have worked well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

It's relatively easy to get wet in a rainstorm and to make money in a bull market like the recent one in stocks. 


You might consider back-testing various systems to see how they perform over a several-year period.



Making Money in a Bull Market


is like getting wet

in a rainstorm.


Clip: http://www.worth1000.com/


Thu, 10 May 2007


Read With Your Heart

Respected Chief,

In Bali, on beach at 02:45 hrs 10 May '07. Can't thank you enough ... for empowering me & giving me & my family a Life.. You may never know how much you have inspired me ...

I got my answers ... despite asking all the inaccurate questions ( May 2000 consultation ) ... I tell all my dear ones, the answers are on your site ... if you read with your heart ...

p.s. I recently lost a very loved family member, it reminds me of the limited amount of time we have... and I want to thank you,,, for shining the torch... when I was really lost...

Thank you for sharing your process.

Wed, 9 May 2007




(by Email Interchange)


Reader: Hi Ed, In reading your recent FAQ updates I feel negative energy in your responses, everything ok?

Ed: please specify a reference to a specific item ... and tell me how you get your feeling ...


Reader: I don't have a specific reference, the tone of your answers just made me feel sad


Ed: tell me one item that seems to have a sad effect

Reader: : the baby congrats (see Taking Delivery)


Ed: interesting ... tell me more ... what is the sad part

Reader: I wish I knew the answer. It is just a feeling I got. I may be way off base, but I thought I would just check in.

Ed: I wonder what is triggering sadness in you ... maybe you have an issue about having a baby ... or not having one.


Reader: you may be right, my wife had a rough labor a few years ago ... maybe your response about "wife doing most of the work" triggers something in me

Ed: You might consider actively listening to your wife's feelings about it (she still has feelings about it) and you tell her your feelings about it. Let me know what happens.


Reader: Thanks a bunch Ed

Bearing children is an essential activity.






Note for Men:

To get an idea of the feeling

grasp your bottom lip

and pull it up and over your head.


Clip: http://www.uaf.edu/water/faculty/nolan/


Wed, 9 May 2007

Trading in a Rush

see previous: Blow Outs



I hear what you say about setting targets being a road to blow outs.

I see a conflict between having a specific goal I set in order to help it happen (intentions = results) and setting myself up for bad trading.

I feel the aim simply needs to be to operate a back tested trend following system and let it go where it wants to, looking after the process should be enough for the results to materialize.

I know the deeper truth, something I think you have touched on before that is that most people (me) don’t have the funds to be able to trade in a sustainable way and create enough return to draw an income and grow their pot too.

The truth hurts! Ignoring the truth will probably hurt even more.

I feel building my pot through non trading means and not being reliant on profits for income is the direction I need to go.

This will allow me to trade in a way conducive to right livelihood.

Sometimes I’m in too much of a rush to get to the non existent future I don’t make the most of the now.

I knew this truth seven years ago when I started trading full time but in a rush to get where I want to be pushed myself further away.

Thank you for sharing your process.




Doing Nothing Can Bring Up Feelings


Rushing about and engaging frenetic activity

can medicate feelings

such as despair

about how your life is turning out.


When you replace your Medicine Rock

with an Action Rock

you respond to despair

by activating rather than medicating.



Clip: http://www.noelkingsley.com/blog/


Tue, 8 May 2007

my system

pain and irritation finally morphed into a trading system that's looking pretty good (so far). i spent a lot of sleepless nights in a bad trades with poor risk management. i would get excited about these trades, thinking they were "locks", only to lose money and be hit with a feeling of befuddlement as the market would go the other way. this happened months on end, and i lost a lot of money and faith in myself. even thinking about this experience as i write you brings a hot, uncomfortable pain to my neck and shoulders. these are feelings of anger and disbelief. well after bitter rants against hedge funds and the fed - who i mistakenly claimed were partly responsible for my bad decisions, i finally resolved to act responsibly and admit that if i'm doing something incorrectly, i need to fix it. discomfort and losing aren't going to stop on their own accord; winning and comfort begin with my making changes.

so i spend months working on a trading program and finally build something that matches my personality, goal for return, fear of losing too much, and the level of involvement i want with the market. the system takes eight different trades, it goes long and short, and more often then not is out of the market. when its in the market, most trades last about a week. i test the system against decades of data, with portfolios of different instruments. the returns are always positive, and strikingly good. i add slippage and commissions to make sure the results hold up after typical costs. they do, so i get even more excited. but the historical results are so good that i soon fear i will be disappointed. perhaps a bug in my code produced the good results and the system is untradeable. perhaps i won't be able to connect the program to with my broker's api. i fear being a foolish, like i was before. i finally decide that can't see the results if i don't try. i start with a very modest amount of capital and decide that i can add more capital if the system produces the results that back testing suggests.

the system takes no trades for a week, but every morning i continue to refresh the end of day data and generate my orders. the system takes its first trade in mid-april. it's a winner. it takes 7 more trades over the next three weeks, each trade profitable. there are moments when the trade starts making money as soon as the order is executed. but there also those times when the market goes against my trade the first day, and i start to get emotional, wanting to take the trade off or watch the gyrations of the market for the full trading day, like i used to do when i was losing and life was uncomfortable. instead, i just let the system make its decision, and, before i exit them, the trades astonishingly revert to a nice profit. three weeks later, the account is up over 20% since the day of the first trade - right in line with what back testing suggested. to my surprise, the slippage is less than what i expected. i feel excited. the sleepless nights are gone, and i can spend them enjoying them with my girlfriend. we get closer and i we are more loving toward each other. so far so good. i up the capital a bit, but not too much. perhaps a pitfall might appear, and i want to know how my system trades in a real environment as much as i know how it trades in a back tested environment. capital shouldn't be wasted. that's my system so far. your site and the contributions of other traders have been very helpful in my system-building process.

Seven trades over a three-week period during a vigorous bull market in stocks is not a convincing long-term test of your ability to cope with choppy markets.


Your feelings about hedge funds and your avoidance of Capital Letters is consistent with feelings about authority figures. 


You might consider checking this out with your Tribe.





may be a resource

in a Medicine Rock.



Clip: http://www.phirebrush.com/


Tue, 8 May 2007


Smell K-Not

Dear Chief Ed,

What is the positive intention of a smell K-Not.

I do two nasal surgeries, take anti-allergy medicines, use steroid nasal sprays. My nose opens and the smell returns for a few days but then Fred arranges drama and it get blocked again. And I am not able to smell for months.

I grow up in a family where there is a strong judgment about smell - bad breath, sweat, used clothes etc.

I appreciate your insight. Thanks very much.

Deep judgment about smell is consistent with your symptoms.


You might consider taking your feelings to your Tribe, developing them into forms and investigating how these forms serve to medicate your feelings.




Making a Big To Do About Doo Doo


may be a way

your Medicine Rock

deals with feelings of intimacy.



Clip: http://pbgvprincess.blogspot.com/


Tue, 8 May 2007


What to Do


I feel my trading is becoming more systematic and less drama driven.

It is still not ‘simple enough a computer could understand it’ so defining rules and goals to give myself less wiggle room is my aim for May.

I am pleased to be making a salary enough to pay my bills but fear there is no long term wealth to be created trading this way. At the moment I guess the market will ‘let’ me take this profit for creating liquidity but in larger size it would likely fall apart (I currently trade only 1 contract).

I reach back to my old spreadsheets and look at how I can improve a couple of elementary trend following ideas I have.

I feel my reluctance to commit to an end of day system is more to do with my feeling of ‘what would I do with my days’ than my ability or belief in them.


The drama that attends discretionary trading may serve to medicate deeper issues such as what you are doing with your life.



The Suspense in Guessing Games


may be a way your Medicine Rock

responds to sadness.



Clip: http://www.casino-gambling-dictionary.com/


Mon, 7 May 2007




I would like to join the Trading Tribe and start a community

See the Tribe Directory link, above.

Sat, 5 May 2007


Able to Follow the System



I hope you are well. I want to check in and let you know that I’ve been following my system for over a year now. I am happy taking the signals, I am happy executing my plan. I had a few variation reports about nine months ago. But I understand why they happened (I’d been using back-adjusted data) and corrected my system (it now uses forward-adjusted data).


Sat, 5 May 2007


Rocks Process Feedback

October 2006 & April 2007


From October 2006

Just an hour ago I was in the exact same situation, or even worse, that I had been shortly before I went into the rocks process. This gives a perfect chance for comparing reactions, feelings and behavior connected to that situation before and after the process.

The rock came into play in situations where I had to deal with conflicts, either between me and other people or between people who are close to me. The conflicts typically where not brought up by myself, but brought to me. That might be family members fighting with each other, or someone being frustrated with my actions. Coming out of a family that dealt with conflicts in cold war manor, never saying anything, leaving it alone, I came up with a very specific behavior of how to deal with that. In times of crises I would typically get a headache, be on the verge of crying. As the conflicts gets worse I am unable to think. My brain literally shuts down to a Stand by mode. It feels like a black mist is lowering. This goes as far as I really do not know what the conflict is all about. I want to run away and ease the pain.

I used this behavior in all kind of situations. Family, work, friends. Results were not satisfying, because by getting rid of the problem by shutting down and running away I missed out on several good things in life.

The first time I can remember using this rock is around a time my father tried to explain math to me at 4th grade. Math is one of my specialties and I normally do not have any problems understanding it. However the way my father explained it made no sense to me at all. After a while he would get very frustrated telling me that this is very easy and he just cannot understand how I can’t get it. After I while I could not take it anymore, my brain shut down, I would cry and beg him to stop or run away.

Replaying these scenes brought me back to this situation with an immense intensity. The table I sat on looked exactly the same as the one of my childhood. The person who played my father even smelled like him. The situation is very real and I can see clearly what I am doing. It feels comfortable. In the second run of the role play the comfort disappears when I realize where this behavior takes me and what the results are. The rock in my hand that holds all this, feels acid. I get detached from it and almost have to laugh. Not accepting the rock leaves me with a dazzled feeling, not knowing who I really am. It is a feeling of wonder I remember from a long time ago as a child when you wake up in the morning and are curious what the new day will bring. The warm, salvaged feeling I always had when someone took a conflict away from me is not there anymore. It is replaced by a feeling of responsibility for my actions and with curiosity where this situation will lead. Especially the feeling of responsibility for my actions is very high.

Today I am back in the same conflict situation as before and I almost have to say I like it. I try to find out what might come out of it and move on. Of the physical reactions a very slight headache still remained. The rest is totally gone. The headache was interestingly the only part of the pattern I did not consciously address in the process. I keep it for know as an indicator for specific situations. The connection I have to this symptom has changed. I feel the light headache and at the same moment I feel my childhood “wonder”-feeling and responsibility. It is still weird but I like it a lot.

As of April 17, 2007

I can see now that the rock serves the purpose of avoiding conflicts. It tries to make things right for everyone or lets me step back or lets other people take advantage of me.

I can immediately sense “old rock” situations now. The feeling is very well known to me and acts like a flash light. Depending on the situation it is like someone putting a hand on my chest and telling me “Turn around, walk away, avoid this”. But now I can use this like a guidance to walk the opposite direction. When I get the feeling I know that the only right action is the one that makes the feeling stronger. Only walking through the feeling gets things resolved. All situations proved positive for me until know. My wife enjoys having a “resistance”, how she calls it.


Right now my wife has a hard time because of possible delays in our moving plans. Normally I would have tried everything to make it better for her with the result that she shuts down and I shut down. Right now I just let her be. I feel sad for her but very awake; even so I am getting little sleep. I have a lot of energy to work (totally new in a situation like that) and even more interesting the headache I reported earlier is gone. This is the first time without it. But it was also the first time I accepted a hard situation and stayed alive. I even accept not being able to sleep and just feel tired, without the headache I always had when I slept too little.

I do not contribute all of this to the one rocks process I did. It is more of a combination of constant tribe meetings, working on my snapshot and constantly being awake for all feelings and using it as guidance. The rocks process was a real eye opener and start, but not a quick change. It gave me tools to see and handle hard things. Without constant work I can hardly imagine progress. It’s like brushing teeth, you have to do it every day to get the desired long term result.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Sat, 5 May 2007


Law of Attraction

Ed Says:

Sometimes We Can Feel Alone
in a big crowd.

True. I often do. What about you?

Ed, last week I watched the movie "The Secret". Watch the first 20 minutes here:




It's about the "Law of Attraction". I like it. What do you think about it? I looks like it has something to do with your Hardball Process. The difference, of course, is the feelings "trend following" of TTP, which I think is something unique and revolutionary. But then, how do you compare both approaches?

The Secret isn't what you think,

it's what you feel.


The movie and the book appear somewhat sparse on how to implement the secret.


In TTP we use the Rocks Process to reprogram our "radiators" so we radiate an intention that attracts what we want.


Sat, 5 May 2007



As I drove home from my Tribe Meeting, I thought more about my blank snapshot with the title:

My life purpose is to follow my Divine Guidance so I can create love, happiness, health, wealth and freedom for myself and others.

It is really about wanting clarity and being certain of my life’s purpose. I was trying on that declaration as a possible life purpose.

The snapshot is really me holding my life’s purpose with clarity and certainty.

I wonder if you see a difference between:

1. Wanting to have a clear purpose.

2. Specifying your purpose clearly.



Sat, 5 May 2007

Rocks Process Feedback

Process Date: 04/12/07



Here is my experience during the Rocks Process. I started with a snapshot “Financial Freedom”. It is a picture of me holding a paper that is titled “Financial Freedom” with the formula:


Passive Income – Expenses > zero.


During the feedback on this snapshot others suggested that it was really about meaningful work, and a meaningful primary relationship, and about how I was passive and shutdown.


What was holding me back was my significant other’s papers everywhere and feeling out of control and not cared for. I felt trapped and began to shut down. Rocks process entry point: Significant other’s papers everywhere and feeling out of control and not cared for.

When we moved on to the Rocks Process: One person in the group played my significant other and we started an argument about cleaning up the house and the messes everywhere. I began to feel the feelings of being out of control, trapped, not cared for, and began shutting down.


I was clicking the fingernails on my left hand. The tribe encouraged the form and it got more and more intense. At maximum intensity I was asked to freeze and remember a time when I felt this same feeling.


I remembered being a kid and my parents fighting and arguing very loudly. I felt afraid. I was so afraid that I went into the adjacent room and hid. I was feeling intense feelings of fear and being trapped.


A person playing my Dad came to me and gave me a rock, saying that I could use this rock to shut down and not feel the bad feelings I was feeling. It worked for him and it was his gift to me. I took the rock and as he talked about how it helped him, I felt better and better.


When I felt OK enough, I came back, got back into the form, and was asked to think of another time that I had those feelings. I remembered when I was traveling and I called my business to see how things are going and my girl friend got really mad at me for only asking about how the business was doing and not asking the person I was talking to how they were doing. Another person took on the part of being my old girlfriend. We got in an argument and I had the feelings. I squeezed the rock and I felt better.


I was then asked to remember another time when I had those feelings and I remembered an argument I had with my Ex-wife about having a vasectomy or having children. Another person played my Ex-wife and we argued about whether to have a vasectomy or have children. I felt trapped and withdrawn and squeezing the rock helped.

Then a person playing the messenger appeared. They said if I would be willing to put the Medicine Rock down for a while and would give me this new blank Action Rock. The tribe and I then began to list and write down other resources to bring to the situations.

Resources that showed up were:
1. Tell my feelings
2. Ask what they are feeling
3. Be empathetic
4. Validate and acknowledge feelings
5. Shutdown (5% old solution)
6. Call and authority figure
7. Humor
8. Be open to new options
9. Use reason
10. Hug and kiss
11. Show feelings
12. Take a deep break
13. Fully express the feelings
14. Listen for the feeling not the content
15. Thank you for the gift.
16. Acknowledge instead of analyzing
17. Feeling is a whole different protocol than thoughts
18. Watch for and stop analyzing and explaining and just feel the feelings
19. The gift is greater than the object. Feelings are a gift. The protocol is to acknowledge the gift before I open it.

We then re-did the roll play of the 4 events and my response was very different. Holding the Action Rock and using the new resources prevented the shutdown and allowed different responses and different results in the roll play.

During the roll play about the four events and a couple times during the cleaning up the house roll play with the new resources; my phone rang on stun in my pocket. I ignored it and continued the process.


When we took a break, I checked messages and it was my significant other getting angrier and angrier with each message left. She knew that after 2pm I was unavailable by phone, and I had called 5 miles away to say I arrived, but she was angry that I did not call before the tribe meeting started to say I had actually arrived. I thought I had made the call that I had arrived. I found myself in a very similar argument as the one I had just roll played about cleaning the house where the more she got angry, the more I shut down.


I very clumsily tried the new resources; specifically acknowledging her feelings instead of arguing or explaining that I though I had made the call. Her attitude immediately changed and we told each other that we loved each other.


She has never called during a tribe meeting before or since. And I continue using the new resources when I find myself shutting down.

Thank you for sharing your process.





This Woman Becomes ...




This Woman


when you change your

gut response patterns.




Clips: http://images.inmagine.com/168nwm/




Fri, 4 May 2007


Poor Me

Hi Ed,

Ed Says: that average traders don't transform themselves because that's something winning traders do.

NLP suggests modeling to get the results that you want. I figure to transform I need to model.

I know this fantastic trend following trader. I want to learn how to trade from this guy. Everything. His system, mental syntax, his beliefs and money management rules.

The problem: he's so successful that I can't see any reason why he'd want to mentor me. I can't offer him money because he's drowning in the stuff. He has no reason to help.

Solution: ?

Thanks taking time to read this.

You might consider  taking your feeling of "no one wants to mentor me" to your Tribe as an entry point.



The Poor-Me Pattern


may serve to medicate feelings

such as sadness and fear.


Clip: http://www.artofthemix.org/FindAMix/


Fri, 4 May 2007


see previous: Cost of Being Right


The hit in [Stock] is being made nullified by an upside surprise in [another stock]. Diversification is great when it works.

Thank you for reporting this series of trades in real-time. 




Circle Shows Final Exit


Thu, 3 May 2007


The Cost of Being Right

See previous: Pullback


They're taking [Stock] out and shooting it after hours. I sold half ... a few days ago in the 25's when instead of breaking out of the pennant, it broke support. Unfortunately, I'm still holding the other half. Ouch! At the close, I am having a very, very good day. I notice that I have nice gains in several stocks. I am pleased about some almost perfectly executed entries ... Now my elation turns to fear that tomorrow's inevitable gap down in [Stock] (these big disappointments are usually on the order of 15 to 20 per cent) wipes out today's excellent profits. Smack!


A lot of shorts in the name. So at least there will be *some* buyers. Maybe Cramer will bull the stock on his show and give it a little lift. I could use some squeeze-a-roonie about now. Regardless, tomorrow is selling day. I'm out before the close. A nice profit on the campaign is certain. A profit on this tranche is still very likely. I had hoped for more. Nevertheless, I take what the market and my trading method give me. It's truly the most disappointing 50+% gain I've ever made.

I've come to realize that I can explain a lot of my behavior as an attempt to avoid disappointment. I recall many, many painful disappointments from my childhood. And many times when I have intentionally set myself up for disappointment. I had previously thought you might be correct that I sell too early because I need to be right.


However, something troubled me about it since I had no trouble cutting losers. The strong feelings resulting from the recent copper trade and this [Stock] trade have shown me that I tend to take profits too early as a way to avoid being disappointed when meaningful profits disappear.


Thinking about my trading history I notice that once I have enough of a profit that I start hoping for a big winner and then the stock starts to retrace I override my system and sell out. I had come to expect a large gain in that position. I let my profits run long enough to make me profitable, but not long enough to make me rich. I can safely state that I am not rich because I have cut my gains short to avoid disappointment.

I no longer need to change my system to avoid disappointment. Instead, I now celebrate the disappointment. And I hope to have many more disappointments just like [Stock]. Compounding that disappointment could make me rich pretty quickly.

The sale a few days ago in the 25's looks like selling into a rally, two days after the support breaks.


Your system seems to get out on a one or two week formation.  I wonder if you have any back-tests that show profits for a system that trades this frequently.



Circle indicates selling in the 25's

a few days ago.


Tue, 1 May 2007

I wonder who “writes” or codes the global warming models. What inputs do they assume? What are their biases?

The world is filled with models that calculate wrong conclusions. Just imagine what type of government regulation is forthcoming and the differences in regulations from country to country to country.


What if the “scientists” on any side had to enter into a long-term futures contract where they, or their siblings, were rewarded for being right and had to pay for being wrong. How adamant would they (we) be about our science wrapped around our moral advocacy.

Perhaps just trusting your feelings is a good thing sometimes.

One property of government is that it holds the society responsible, not individuals who work for government.



The Earth Melts


as the hot air

from political speeches

reaches critical mass.


Clip: http://www.mizbliz.blogspot.com/

Tue, 1 May 2007

Support Team Update

As of May 1, 2007 my fund has assets of $2.059 million. In April assets increase via trading gains. There are no new investors in April.

I plan for this to be the final update I send, as I now choose a new path that is not consistent with setting monetary goals and reporting progress periodically.


Over the past two years sending these updates to you is an invaluable part of my process, and I thank each and every recipient of my monthly updates for your support. The following summarizes my progress since my commitment at the July 2005 Breathwork weekend:

* I begin a health and fitness routine, lose 50 pounds, and change my dietary habits to be consistent with long and healthy living.

* I start a commodity pool and raise capital to launch it.

* My firm's assets under management increase 20 fold since the Breathwork weekend.

* I become completely happy with my situation exactly as it is now, and I am happy for it to change.

* I spend much more time in a state of "flow" now than previous to the Breathwork weekend.

Once again, you are all integral to the benefits I see from my process, and I thank you for being wonderful teachers over these past 2 years.

Thank you for sharing your process.


Congratulations on your accomplishments.

Tue, 01 May 2007


Wants It Now

I get into the hot seat - I have issues around marketing, trading, running out of money, being someone's bitch, and fear of cold-calling.

I don't know what do in the hot seat because there are so many issues, so I go with anything that comes up. I rub my face, grab my hair, shake hands, wave my arms, all this stuff. And I still feel agitated that nothing comes up.

I am so frustrated, and I stick my face into hands because I am frustrated that I can't figure out what the problem is. I just keep my face there, and I start dropping my face more into hands, and eventually my head starts hitting my lap. Then I sink some more, and I keep sinking, and sinking, and sinking, until my head is in-between my knees. I feel so lazy.

Then I keep sinking, and sinking more until my head drops to the floor and my body gently rolls out of the chair and I roll onto the ground. I am lying twisted sideways on the ground, flat on my back and my legs twisted at a 90-degree angle. I reach for the sky and make a stretched-out claw motion and I clench my teeth and I hold my air, and I hold it as long as I can. When I exhale and relax, I feel like doing it again, and then I relax again. I feel like I am trying so hard and putting so much effort into doing this.

I then start to squirm around and make a swivel-like hip motion. That feels really cool and I start to laugh and smile. It feels really smooth and natural to do some hip swiveling / thrusting / pumping / squirming. I move my hips back-and-forth on the ground, and I then go back to clawing the sky, and it seems really hard and angry to do that. I go back to do more swiveling / thrusting / pumping / squirming. I like the hip motion - it feels really easy.

When it goes up, I want to swivel my hips and do it easy. When it goes down, I do nothing. I laugh when I do it and it's funny and fun, and I really enjoy it. I want to trade like this. When it goes up, I do it easy in those thrusting markets. When it goes down, I do nothing. I make it really easy for myself.

On checkout, the tribe commends me for doing an outstanding job trying to hook them in with my sob stories and involving them with my drama before I get into the hot seat.


I realize that I was trying to hook / trap them into my drama. Instead of complaining to everyone, feeling all this pressure and wondering what to do, how about simply taking a break? Congratulate myself on a job well done over the last 16 months, and take a vacation to Hawaii IF I WANT TO. Go easy on myself. And I want to, and I do. I do it easy.

Since that hot seat, I see everything differently. FX and energy charts seem very clear - so easy to see. I meet a really pretty woman, and she gets it when we talk about the importance of expressing feelings. We talk often, and my trading seems to be sharper. I feel less tired. Everyone at work says that I look like I lost weight, but I am not dieting. I think I am eating more. They also say I look really happy.

I then have some second thoughts - what if she turns out to be really bitchy once we get together? What if she cheats on me? What if we divorce? What if there is someone better? What if she starts becoming annoying? Do I like her only because she is pretty? What if she is lazy? What if she only thinks about money? What if, what if .....

All these paranoid feelings ... and then I pop! I don't know the future. How about just going with it, see what happens, and enjoy whatever comes up? When I enjoy the ride, it is so much easier than trying to figure what will happen in the future. But I didn't want to wait to find out what happens - I want to know now what will happen, but that's impossible. My other hot seat about impatience comes back.

And that is exactly what I did in one of the hottest / strongest stocks on the AMEX. I really wanted to lift that stock, and when it broke above 40, I took on a huge position. It ran up to almost 43, and then it reversed really fast, and I got stopped out. I didn't want to wait and slowly build my position over time. I wanted it all and I wanted it now without having to experience the ride and go along with whatever happens. I was impatient.

If I am patient, building my position is really easy. I do less work, and I make more. I was trying to figure out everything, and trying to get all the stock now, and I was unwilling to experience the ride. Figuring out everything is a lot of work, and I want to do it easy. Now I am waiting for that stock again, and I build my position in a good way for me.

If she likes me, then great. If she doesn't that's great. If we get married one day, then great. If we don't, that's great too.

If the stock goes up, then great. If it doesn't, then great - I find something else. Maybe FX goes up. Maybe energies go up. I don't know, but I try it anyway and I am willing to experience whatever happens.

That's an easy way for me to live and trade. I love the tribe members, and I thank them for supporting me.

Thank you for sharing your process.


If you take your forms to term, you can release the tension.  If you simultaneously  release the judgment, the k-not unties and the form disappears. If the form keeps returning, it may indicate a deeper Rock.


In that case, you can intensify the form and use it to locate a childhood critical incident.  You can then locate your Medicinal Rock and replace it with an Action Rock.






Some children learn to get what they want

by throwing a tantrum.


Later, the tantrum may serve

to medicate feelings

like sadness.



Clip: http://www.parenthood.com/articles.html?article_id=9733



Tue, 1 May 2007



Dear Mr. Ed Seykota,

Firstly, I must say that you are my fan.

My question is: What do you think of Moving 2 and Moving 5? From my research, these indicators look reliable.

Can you give your professional opinion based on your vast experience.

I think the two-day moving average and the 5-day moving average are fairly reliable as ways to churn accounts and generate commissions.





To get a sense

of how the 2-day MA

and the 5-day MA

work in practice,

call your broker

while you try to ride the device.


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