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June 15 - 30, 2008


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Note: The intention of inclusion of charts in FAQ is to illustrate trading principles - The appearance of a chart does not imply any kind of indication or recommendation to buy, sell, hold or stay out of any positions.




(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Monday, June 30, 2008


Insight About Price Moves

Ed, I am sitting in the lobby of a hotel in [Country] and I have just tumbled into a real discovery.

Can you reply to this email so I know you received it?

I make a graph of Corn continuous contract.  I them make one of Wheat.  I am concerned to make the Y Axis the relative same for each.  I check, they both have the same big point value.  so I make the total range of the scale 2000 for each.  Ok. ---  WOW, wheat sure had a big move.  But this is only interesting it is not the revelation.

I then make a chart for Gold.  I see the Big Point Value is twice as much for gold as is for wheat / corn, so I make the Y Axis range 1/2 as much or 1,000 points total compared to 2,000 for wheat / corn. Ok, so far so good.  Gold looks comparable, and it has had a pretty good long-term run, but nothing like wheat since spring 07.

I then try Coffee.  I then try Copper.  When I scale the Y Axis according to big point value, and at a proportional scale to wheat / corn / gold, Copper and Coffee are FLAT LINES.  I think for a moment, what is going on?  Then two things hits me very profoundly.

I have always known within a single contract / market the role ATR plays in how far away the risk stop is set and hence how many contracts you buy.  When I look at the charts I just made and think of this in a multi-market mindset, now I really see the power of ATR.  I must figure out a new way of scaling the charts we are working on to account for both big point value and ATR so that individual charts are comparable along the Y axis.

and drum roll please ...

Any market that undergoes a tight consolidation that allows the ATR to contract for contract sizing purposes AND then the market is also capable of big price change ...   hmmm ... this type of market is different than a slow steady crawler. 


What type of markets are like that?  food products that can be affected by drought, or blight for sure.  Maybe some crude oil energy products in the event of a large political disturbance.  Mad Cow disease.  Anything that can have supply wiped out when the world is dependent upon supply and will pay large price increases while it adapts.

Yes, occasionally a major mover comes along.  The trick is to "ride that trend right to the end."

Monday, June 30, 2008


Looking for a Tribe


Hi, I have emailed [Name] in [City] to see about a visit to their tribe but have had no response. Are they still meeting?

I do not monitor or supervise any Tribes other than through FAQ correspondence.

Monday, June 30, 2008


Diet and Exercise Progress


Dear Mr. Seykota,

I am interested on the progress of your diet and exercise program. A fundamental analyst calculates: You loss 25 pound between December and March and in April you expect a further weight loss. Hence, you can lose further 25 pounds until July. But I doubt if fundamental analysis works ...

Two Tribe members have discussed their exercise and diet programs with me. I am glad about their approach (common sense, informed decision, evidence based). I can make very few suggestions, since their programs are working well. I am open to any question which appear during the process.

Kind regards,

Thank you for your interest and support.


My weight takes out the low at 200 pounds, down from 235.  I consult my physician, reduce carbohydrates and take on a physical trainer.  I do regular workouts plus cardio.  I stay in mild ketosis. I experience attention-grabbing gout in my right big toe and in my right knee.  I treat initially with colchicine, currently with H20.  I am currently proceeding, more slowly, and with a much higher daily intake of H20.

Sat, June 28, 2008


Troubles with This Site


Dear Chief Ed,

Hope you and the family are well.

It's been a while since I have written, but I can assure you that you and your teachings are almost always on my mind.

I regularly review the charts you post on the site - and often find certain groups not updating. (nearly all the chart sub groups are not updated - 27 June '08 )

Also in the currencies section - the chart being picked is the Eurodollar bond, not the Euro currency.

Just a few observations to help keep the site - the complete resource that it is...


Thank you for the catches.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Egg Shells




At our last Tribe meeting you mentioned something about when a child is afraid and their survival is threatened.


I was deep in my own issue and missed what the point was but it has crossed my mind several times since then. My father was very volatile and I was scared half to death many times.


We walked on eggshells most of the time to avoid setting him off.


I wish you would say more about the effects of that and ways to heal.


Thanks again for your contributions.

You might consider taking your feelings about <walking on egg shells> to Tribe.


Alternatively, you might consider getting a bunch of egg shells, putting them down on the floor and walking on them, just for fun.



Walking on Egg Shells


Clip: http://www.allposters.com/-sp/


Thursday, June 26, 2008


Terminal Confusion



I have a terminology question about trading.

Say I shoot for 25% return on a rolling 12-month basis.

A rule of thumb is that I can expect to experience a drawdown of that magnitude (25%) every 12 months or so.

What is the term for this? I was thinking is is "MAR" but I don't think that is actually it. Is this it? If so what do the letters stand for? MAR is managed account report right?

What is the name of this 'symmetrical expected drawdown' ? Is there a term for this?

Also, I think that if my [actual return]/[largest drawdown] for the measuring period is greater than 1, I am performing better than most, who have to expect a 1-or-lower. Do you agree?

Is there a name for this ratio?

One name for "shooting for a 25% return" and "expect to experience" is living in the non-existing future.


You might consider taking your feelings about <living in the now> to Tribe.


The phrase, "expected drawdown" is particularly charming in that it places the (future) expectation in the past.






Clip: http://www.galeriecharmante.com/


Thursday, June 26, 2008


Knows About Not Knowing


 Dear Ed,


hanks for our last great tribe meeting. The results are great. I am now able to ask for help in navigating various technological challenges and am able to successfully complete tasks.


When I get stuck, I ask for help from various support services and get the information I need. It seems that I had a k-not around not feeling okay with being able to admit I didn't know how to do certain tasks.


Sometimes I could figure the problem out. Other times I remember going into a shame attack about not knowing. With the help of the tribe, I now understand that really smart people often don't know.


They ask for help or research the problem, get new information and move on. Now, I really like not knowing everything. This is the way I keep learning. Thanks for the thought realignment. I feel great about knowing and not knowing!

Thank you for sharing your process.



Thu, June 26, 2008


I want to come to the July TT Workshop. Will both you and Charles Faulkner definitely be there? Approx how many attend?

I'm feeling a bit guilty of the monetary expenditure unless there is a good chance true change will come about. Any suggestions to get me over the fence?

Sorry to bother you with this ...


You might consider taking your feelings about <guilt> to your Tribe - and / or to the Workshop. 


Charles and I both plan to attend - others may also attend, including some musicians.


The value you derive from the Workshop is largely a function of your intention to accomplish something.

Thursday, June 26, 2008



Dear Mr. Ed.


Nice description of my personality and it's feelings equivalent, you know the deal really well.


Thank you and I'll keep in touch.


All the best.


Tue, 24 Jun 2008


Has Trouble Understanding



You say that a bliss of 1.0 is pretty good, can you give me the link to the calculation of the bliss or if you don't have it posted would you please define it so all (I) can fully understand your comments.

You responded:

Bliss is a generic class of performance computations that acknowledge rate of return and drawdown; for specific implementations, see Sharpe Ratio, Sterling Ratio and MAR.

New comment:

I understand the sharpe ratio, sterling ratio  and MAR. I still don't know exactly what 'bliss' is as you use it, except that it maybe has something to do with these popular (easy) ratios. Sometimes you use pretend/make believe words in the financial markets; and when asked to define them, you don't.

I wonder why you don't answer the question, especially when you use the term in your answers on FAQ. Maybe it's a drama about keeping your readers in the dark. When you're asked about the rocks process or Fred, you answer in detail. When asked about EMA studies, you answer in detail, but when I ask this question you're aloof.

Maybe on a go forward basis; you can use financial terms that are commonly used in the financial markets by speculators, instead of make believe words; readers might understand your comments if you do, instead of guessing at your answers.

Or even better, come clean, define your brilliance, and educate us all.

"Bliss is a generic class of performance computations that acknowledge rate of return and drawdown; for specific implementations, see Sharpe Ratio, Sterling Ratio and MAR."


You might consider telling me which word or set of words above seem unclear to you.

Tue, 24 Jun 2008


Catch 22

I intend to keep reading FAQ and learning/practicing the processes you have developed. I would like to visit the Tahoe Tribe to catch up on your recent advances in the Rocks Process. I just need to get a few good trades for some income first. I am having a few month dry spell. I missed a few great trades.


You might consider continuing to find ways to avoid taking your feelings about <missing out> to Tribe.

Mon, 23 Jun 2008


Bad to Good

Dear Sir,

Have you ever considered bringing up a proprietary trading company similar to those standard prop / arcade, high frequency trading shops?

BTW, this initiative can be profitable for the owners and also can spawn new ideas regarding short-term trading system research. Eventual successful traders could carry their profits into long-term strategies as well as market their performance based on the generated track record.

The way I see it, the TT could develop one, hire traders and join that with TTP, FAQ and the Associate Program so to generate new aha’s about switching to long term trend following after their experiences.

Just a thought.

I gather your method is to start off with bad habits in order to earn money with which to practice good ones.


I wonder how this turn-around strategy is working for you.



Using the Turn-Around Method


to stop smoking.



Clip: http://phdboys.com/images/matt/smoker.jpg

Sat, 21 Jun 2008


Making The Move

Dear Ed,

I want to thank you for developing the TTP processes that assist us with improving the quality of our lives. I was an active member of the [City] tribe for almost two years, and have achieved significant breakthroughs in my personal and professional life due to the hard work that was done at these sessions.


During a recent difficult period, I called up the Tribe leader ... to re-join him for some additional work. We conducted a TTP hardball session where we identified the issues and emotions that were preventing us from achieving our personal goals.


After that session and in response to the concerns I had at the time, I made the decision to move my family to a nicer home, in a nicer community with a better school district. Within two months of that session, we successfully made that move and resolved many of the issues that were of concern to me and my family. I greatly appreciate your having developed these processes and your willingness to share the TTP innovations and developments.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Sat, 21 Jun 2008


Wants Help


Thanks for replying, I know I have only scraped the surface of trend following. I would start by asking where do I start when developing trend following as a trader. I know I have a long road ahead of me, where do I start, what do I put my time and effort into?

I appreciate you help.

You might consider reading through the materials on this website.

Sat, 21 Jun 2008





I just want you to know I think of you often. I read FAQ, and I'm watching your progress. Thanks for being a shining example.

Thank you for your support.

Sat, 21 Jun 2008


Wants a Share



i got only one thing on mind ,the marketplace. I need to get my basics right and want to learn the discipline and skills required to be a pro in the markets.


Indian markets are still undergoing through transition phase. We have a developed markets for equities and its derivative products. And that's where my interest lies most.


I need to learn how to plan myself when i come to trading arena and how to do right things at right time. I want to work under a pro like you where I could see how things happen and learn how to do things in right manner. I still remember that your favorite quote "Everybody gets what they want from markets" I haven't got my share.


You are indeed getting what you want, namely: "I haven't got my share."




Some People Worry


 about betting a fair share


Other figure out how

to make more (and better) pies.


Clip: http://www.smh.com.au/news/business/



Sat, 21 Jun 2008


The #1 Account Killer: Emotion

(Spam - from an advisory firm)

Well, I have to say that emotions always lose out to a solid game plan when it comes to the markets. Here's a recent example; we received a buy signal for gold (XAUUSDO) at 905 basis spot on May 19th. The gold market ran up and reached an intra-day high of 935.30 before it subsequently collapsed. I'm sure many traders held on thinking that the sharp pullback was just a pullback and that gold would soon regain its footing and once again go higher.

Why subject yourself to that kind guessing and emotional type trading when there's a better way?

Using the [our] non-emotional ... technology we were able to exit the market with a small profit of $10.25 an ounce and rest on the sidelines as gold collapsed.

There's really no room for emotion in the market place. This is one of the greatest downfalls of most traders. You need to go into the market with a solid game plan, this could be in the form of [our signal]  ... or it could be another form of discipline, but having a solid game plan does give you a reference point to work from. When you are making trading decisions about the market while it is still trading is generally  not a good idea.

Here's a recent trading recap:

Crude Oil (CL.N08): We exited our long July position from $125.63 purchased on 5/15 at 126.90 on 5/28 (original signal $128.69) for a gain of $1.27. We are out of this market and on the sidelines based on our

Your "technology" seems to enter  and exit on fairly short-term indications.  You might consider taking you feelings about <riding major trends> to Tribe.

Sat, 21 Jun 2008


Dynamic Portfolio Selection

Dear Ed!

As I now implemented a metric into my back-testing program that ensures that I have enough equity to get into a position I am now interested in finding ways to select stocks that enhance the probability of a winning trade or improving the potential reward/risk relation. As random stock picking indicates the performance of trend trading systems is highly determined by the stocks/futures you pick.

Do you have any suggestions of techniques I could investigate in that might be useful for this matter?

Relating to my question about an attainable bliss-value: The declaration in Market Wizards indicates a acgr of at least 72% normalized for withdrawals ( ( ( 5,000 * 1,000 (1 million%) ) / 17 (years) ) ^1/17 ).

This also indicates that a bliss of about 1 is attainable :-)

I am committed to integrate a comparison to a “buy-and-hold”-strategy when testing trading systems.

Kindest Regards,

You might consider the technique of thinking in the now.


Your notion of "selecting stocks with a high probability of winning" implies trying to predict the non-existing future.


You might consider focusing on ways to deal with the present and taking your feelings about <predicting markets> to Tribe.



All our Ideas and Notions

about the non-existing future


occur in the moment of now.



Clip: http://3danimation.espaces.com/


Sat, 21 Jun 2008




Your question: I wonder how you might describe the positive intention of Lucy. Intentions = Results for all the participants.

My response:

Power / Isolation (they may be mutually inclusive)

You might consider taking your feelings about <power and isolation> to Tribe.

Sat, 21 Jun 2008


Trading Tribe in [City]

Dear Mr. Seykota:

A few months ago I decided to retire (at 44) from practicing medicine to trade. Part of the motivation for my career change was my experience working for a small securities information service before I went to med school. There I used Oracle software to crunch historical data about muni-bond and corporate debt. I was bitten by the trading bug during this time and have been trading since then. However, I was an active-duty Navy medical officer, which made it hard to trade, especially during deployments to the current war.

Since leaving the Navy, I have been researching different approaches to trading. I decided that trend following fit me the best. I just finished Trend Following and decided to take seriously Covel's recommendation to meet and learn from experienced trend following traders.


I was the most impressed by his description of you, so I investigated the Trading Tribe website. I found I like your approach very much because of your emphasis on emotion and the similarities between your approach and Buddhism, which I try to practice. I say try because I don't meditate as much as I want to. I think this has to do with a lot of unacknowledged feelings - hence my interest in the Trading Tribe approach.

Let me add that the specialty that I practiced was psychiatry, so for me it's a foregone conclusion that my trading results will have everything to do with psychological factors - "getting in my own way" - and I believe it's essential for me to join a Trading Tribe. There is one where I live so I have contacted the leader to see if it is still meeting.

Here's an illustration of my typical reaction to a "trading" situation. My wife and I want to move to [City], where she has some business opportunities (she is a CPA but is a natural entrepreneur). As you know, the trend in the housing market in Southern California is down. I have been complaining to my wife that we will have to take a loss on our house (by the way, there are no problems with mortgage payments, etc.) in order to move - either by selling at a loss or renting with a negative cash flow.


She created a great decision (move / don't move with different options - sell, rent, etc.) spreadsheet that definitely counters my fears. Nevertheless, I am caught between wanting to move and not wanting to take a loss. Sounds like a lot of "investors" who hold onto a losing trade instead of cutting losses. Trying to think like a trend follower, I realize that I should cut my losses here and move. I wish there were a way to short houses (other than shorting real estate ETFs that are trending down)!

I am certain that this kind of situation will appear in my trading, so the Trading Tribe approach is a must for me. I tend to agree intellectually with a system but doubt it at the same time yet ignore my emotions about it. I really admire Livermore as he portrays himself in Reminiscences of a Stock Operator and would like to approach trading (and life) like he did.

Anyway, this is all by way of introducing myself. Thank you for running your Trading Tribe program. I'm looking forward to it.

You might consider taking your feelings bout <cutting losses> to Tribe.


If you wish to emulate Livermore, you can ride around in a canary yellow Rolls Royce with show girls, get syphilis, have violent relationships with family members and ultimately commit suicide in a hotel.



Loss Management



Clip: http://www.toothpastefordinner.com/




Sat, 21 Jun 2008


Tribe Activity


I would like to know if the [City] Trading tribe is active? I sent an email to them but have not gotten a reply yet. I read about you in Trend Following and want to know more.

Thanks for your help,

I do not monitor the activity in individual Tribes, aside from reading reports to FAQ.

Sat, 21 Jun 2008


Feelings about Teachers

Hi Chief,

1. "My earlier system was very strict and did not allow for any deviations" - Ed in Market Wizards

Aren't these deviations dangerous as they violated the 'system' ? Are these deviations playground for Fred like you put it?

My metaphor for the system is a 'Strict teacher who slow poisons you if you do not listen to her or even argue'

Thank you very much for everything.

Any statement widely accepted has to be generic enough (read doesn't really say much to the point) so that people can have their own interpretations and adapt it and apply it as they like it. Also it helps if the 'statement-maker' is well known and has a fan following. That way people who like it or claim to do so have wider acceptability amongst other people, since "that guy" said it.

"Everybody gets what they want from the market" - fits (4) well.

I am doing well in the markets ever since I "met" you.

PS. I am also secretly falling in love with my teacher.

The market is the ultimate teacher.


Posting to FAQ is a curious way to keep secrets.

Tue, 17 Jun 2008


May Performance Update

Hi Ed,

Good to hear from you.

As you might guess, the variations in performance are due to:

· The markets included in my tradable universe

· The addition of an exit which gets me out of parabolic moves (most of the time)

· Various limits on sector positions and correlations

· Adjusting performance for 2% & 20%

Thanks to you and the tribe, I do not seem to have any drama about following the system. However, I have to say that (last summer aside) the trading environment has been conducive to following my system.

I wonder, am I under or over-performing the version you have on file?


Your performance is roughly 20% of the performance that my simulation copy of your system indicates.


I would guess the difference relates to your "extra rules."


You might consider taking your feelings about <following rules> to Tribe.





can appear as constriction


and / or


as empowerment.


Clip: http://www.piperreport.com/


Tue, 17 Jun 2008


TTP Workshop July 18-20, 2008

Hi Ed,

Ed says: “You might consider ways in which you use the bully drama to distract yourself from implementing right livelihood”.

Below I describe one way in which I use the drama as a distraction:

I am programming my trading system. I am stuck with the programming. Somehow, I move my attention from the program to something else (e.g. read an email).


As I read the email, I start to have thoughts about my bully drama. I start to feel certain feelings. I move my attention to the drama to avoid the programming issue. I use it as a distraction to avoid the now.


Thank you for sharing your process.

Tue, 17 Jun 2008


Trend Following

Mr. Ed Seykota,

I am a student at [University] where I study agricultural business. I have come across you name studying trend line trading. I am from a small rural community in Illinois and some how have found my way from the farm to Chicago, interning at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for a second summer. I will be going back to Western to finish my masters in the fall.

I plan to use this time to develop a trend style trading system for myself. I was wondering if I could discuss trend following with you at your convenience and would be open to any of your ideas and advice. I would like to trade using trend following and feel that any guidance from experienced trend followers could help me advance more than anything else.

I appreciate your time.

You might consider working through the TSP exercises on this site.

Mon, 16 Jun 2008


Wants to Invest Girlfriend's Funds

Dear Ed,

I've been searching around trying to find out if you still accept clients and from the tribe site I can only guess it is a maybe, rare, and if you like them.

My girlfriend is receiving roughly 250,000 in the next few weeks and has been interviewing various planners to determine who will best suit her needs. They are not very impressive, lots of fees and a basket of mutual funds.

I had come across your site a few years ago while house bound taking care of my grandmother with dementia and I was quite impressed by your humor and knowledge. I plan on trading once I figure out myself, a system, and decide if I should trade or find someone that does it better. At present I'm rather caught up recovering my own financials from the 3 year hiatus with grandmother so my time for research and development are limited.

My girlfriend needs someone that can guide her funds to ensure financial stability for future years. She won't need to live off those funds, rather to have them grow and compound for later years for her and her kids. I myself would love to place funds with you but I have less than 10% of what she has available for investing.

She would be hands off and leave the driving to you and just wants occasional updates. She is a great woman that has had a couple hard years with her former relationship, becoming a single mom, and health issues but she is strong and optimistic with a forward attitude. I can be reached at (phone number) if you have any questions.

Have a Great Day!

You might start by sending me your power of attorney on the account, and any other documentation reflecting what you are charging her for your service.


You might consider taking your feelings about <control> to your Tribe.



Peter, Peter,
pumpkin eater,
Had a wife and
couldn't keep her;

He put her in
a pumpkin shell,
and there he kept
her very well.

Clip: http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/


Sun, 15 Jun 2008


Quitting Time

Dear Sir,

I quit.

All the best,



My guess is that you are still doing something.



Hi Ed,

I was wondering if it would be possible to pay for the workshop using PayPal?

Also, I was curious if there was no tasks, researches, projects, dirty jobs related to trading you were planning to do. I would love to be your virtual intern, maybe as the same time that could help me have a scholarship / discount for your workshop in Reno.

Please let me know.

The non-negotiable price for the Workshop is on the Workshop link, above. 


I can bill you separately for an apprenticeship.

Sun, 15 Jun 2008


re: May 24, 2008 FAQ, "Warren Buffet"

Hi Ed,

This morning I read a passage from a book ... which echoes your suggestion about riding with the genie rather than merely lamenting its release, a la Buffet:

"[I]t will no longer be sufficient to project forward on the basis of economic and financial fundamentals alone. Instead, and more often, it will also be necessary to understand the extent to which the technical dimensions of markets that are driven by financial innovation can, and do, influence the fundamentals in what are increasingly two-way interactions."

Thanks again for all of your work. FAQ is an amazing seminar for which I am enormously grateful.


Sun, 15 Jun 2008


Wants Guidance

Dear Ed

I am a finance professional and would like to pursue trading as my career. I'd appreciate if you could guide me as to how to turn myself into a professional trader. I have no one to guide me and when I got my hands on Market Wizards by Schwager, I read ur interview and was quite fascinated with your passion for trading.

Kindly help me out.


You might consider finding a position in the industry in which you can receive lots of guidance from others. 


You might consider taking your feelings of <wanting guidance> to Tribe.

Thu, 12 Jun 2008



My name is [name], live in [City]. looking to speak to some via ph. about joining and such as I can not type very well for emaill communication.

Any one avaialable?


Thu, 12 Jun 2008


A fundamentalist/Advisor Comments

(Representative SPAM)

Dear Prospective Client,

I have not written anything for awhile. It seems that I am researching ten stocks at once which often pushes me into indecision paralysis. High conviction ideas are hard to come by, though we recently found a few which I’ll write about soon.


We are stress testing our portfolios for two additional risks which makes stock selection even more difficult:


1) extremely strong balance sheets – today’s recession, which is a consumer driven one, may last longer than the ones in the past. Thus as I mentioned before access to capital markets may turn into a privilege not a birthright. I want to own companies that don’t have a burden of debt and preferably suffer from a burden of cash.


2) normalizing profit margins, which in most cases today results in lower earnings and higher valuations.


An ounce of stop loss may be worth a pound of hopeful analysis plus the excess baggage of excuses.


A Fundamentalist


has to carry his models around.




Clip: http://www.vvjournal.com/images/


Thu, 12 Jun 2008


Student Wants a Discount

I know it worth every penny but do you offer any student discounts by any chance? :)

Thank you Ed,

You may discount yourself and / or the Workshop as you see fit.


You may find the non-negotiable price for the Workshop on the Workshop link, above.


If you  want something for a buck, order the Essentials Card (See the Whipsaw Song, above.)




Bargain Hunters and Fundamentalists


look for things


they can buy for less.



Thu, 12 Jun 2008


Second Hand Feelings

Hi Ed,

I don’t like being told what to feel, being awarded ‘employee of the month’ makes me excited for a short while but in reality I have flaws and they are overlooked when I am rewarded, it hurts me on the long run to forget that I can improve for the sake of cheering for a short while.

I agree with compounding profits but we must also mention the losses because only then we can know the net result.

The point is celebrating for something makes me forget about the reason and get the short term thrill of feeling success as ‘money’ or ‘free parking space’ or ‘printed certificate’; as opposed to feeling success as a group as a result of a systematic process which by celebrating reminds us of the whole picture and gives us the excitement of knowing our part is significant as part of a bigger success as a group.



Thu, 12 Jun 2008


Family Members in the Tribe

Dear Mr. Seykota,

the Community is helping me a lot our new Tribe. I consider inviting my wife to participate at it. I do not intend to suggest it to her nor think that she needs it, I just love the idea of sharing the experience with her. I appreciate your thoughts about family members participating at Tribe meetings.

Sincerely yours,

Family is the Essential Tribe.







Clip: http://www.visitmaui.com/mauikids.html