Reader Says

Ed Says

My wife really likes me better now that I can't use my old "when I get around to it" excuse to take out the garbage. Sounds like you are really cleaning up.
I'm thinking about sending in for my Round Tuit - whenever I get a round to it. Aha!  The infamous Round Tuit loop.

You can bootstrap out of it by scrolling up and touching the picture of the round tuit to get some of the vibe off the screen. 

If you can't get around to doing that, you might as well forget it.
I wonder how many Round Tuits I can have. You can have as many as you please.  One per return envelope you send.
How come 70 cents postage? The US Post office classifies an envelope with a Round Tuit inside as a parcel, since it does not flow through the first class mail sorter.