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 Monday, January 10, 2011


Hello Ed,

OK, I misspelled struggling (struggeling), I hope that you can forgive me for that since I'm from Europe and english is not my mother tongue ... I have heard and read about you and your success, and how you served as a mentor to some traders and I would be honored to learn from you too.

Thank you,
You might consider starting by reading all the material on this site and by defining something you would like to accomplish.

Also, you might consider:

1. using a spelling and grammar checker - as your email still has some problems.

2. going a whole day without making any excuses - and sending your experience of this to FAQ.
Sunday, January 9, 2011

Toxic Parents / Politically Correct Parents

Hi Ed,

Two of my friends post this WSJ article "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior"

on Facebook, and as I read it, I feel very angry and stunned!

The author is a Chinese-heritage Yale Law School professor, and I feel very angry how she not only justifies her way of treating (abusing?) her children, but even proud of it and champions it as an example for others to follow. If we need a "how to tie k-nots in your children" demonstration, I think the article describe it in a detail and vivid manner; if we need an example in how to execute the Control Model at its best, I think we have a winner.

I am just abhorred by the way she feels her approach is "superior" for her children to be more "successful", much like a jihadist firmly believe killing innocent commoners is an honorable way to serve the benevolent Allah. Usually, I love attacking others and ridicule them when I see their flaw in logic, but this time I am just so appalled at the author's arrogance and ignorance that I am even at a loss of words.

The sad thing is, coming from a Chinese family, I know a lot of what she describes is true - from the way Chinese parents think to the way they "train" their children. I am fortunate my parents haven't done that to me, but undoubtedly there is an extremely high expectation.

I also feel worried that I might be turn out to be like those Chinese parents myself!! While I am sure I won't starve my child or threaten him if he can't play an instrument, the fact that I was a straight-A student in high school myself and that I was never satisfied with anything less than an A, I can already foresee how "unimpressed" I am when my son (who is just 2 now) gives me a report card with even A-minus!

I keep pondering how I can be a better father. Lately I notice how my son would avoid the conversation or change topic when he knows it is something we don't encourage him doing, and he's only 2!

For example, when he throws his clothes on the floor, and my wife asks him to pick it up (in a gentle voice), and he would run to his grandmother's lap and cry as if she just yells at him.

Afterwards when he is back to normal, I gently ask him to tell me what makes him cry (sort of my way of saying "tell me more about it" to a 2-year-old who only speaks certain phrases), and he would say phrases that are totally unrelated and switch topic. (It isn't like he doesn't understand what I am asking.

If he doesn't understand a phrase he would usually simply repeat it, instead of saying something else) This happens several times again when he slams the door and my wife calmly asks him not to, and at this point I am not sure how to best receive him. I just know I definitely don't want to become the "Chinese mother" that the article describes.
Thank you for raising this issue.

If you use the control-centric model to get your kids to play the piano, they learn to play the piano and they also learn the control-centric model.

If you use the intimacy-centric model, you can help your kids to find something they like to do, perhaps to love playing the piano.

The current politically-correct model, in which you have to be careful of "hurting someone's feelings" or "damaging their self-esteem" is an extension of the medicinal model in which you learn to medicate your feelings rather than pro-actively address your underlying issues.

I hold that the medicinal model also supports the widespread use of mood-fixer drugs such as Ritalin for kids, Effexor for adults and debt for the society at large.

The politically-correct model can also be a handy tool for people implementing the control-centric model.

I might guess that the author of the article prefers the control-centric model to the politically-correct model and does not know much about the intimacy-centric model.

If you wish to receive your child slamming the door, you might consider finding ways to have fun together slamming doors.

You might also consider taking your list of things you "don't encourage" to Tribe.

Political Correctness

can help justify control, drugs and debt
and induce colorful side-effects.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New York City Trading Tribe - New Format

Hi Ed,

I am enclosing the TTID for the new New York City Trading Tribe. I'd also like to share the news and radiate our intention to all FAQ readers in the NYC area that we are having a new tribe and we welcome anyone who is serious and committed to work on his or her right livelihood.

We are closing our "continuous" Tribe and adopt a "fixed-session" format similar to the Austin Tribe. We feel that a continuous tribe without any break may be medicinal, enabling members to a lack of urgency (there's always "next time", "next meeting"), and ultimately lose interest.

So instead of running never-ending marathons, we are changing the format to go full-out each time and run sprints, with scheduled breaks and recovery period, much like how elite athletes train. Lastly, the eventual "death" of the new Tribe in June helps us to focus in the now. Do the work NOW for there may not be a "next time." The future is merely an illusory concept.

We are accepting ten members (max), for ten sessions running twice a month between February and June, every 2nd and 4th Wednesday. Each session starts at 7pm and runs about 3 hours.

I feel excited about the prospect of meeting new and committed individuals and support one another to an adventurous journey.

OK.  Your information is now in the Tribe Directory.

Let me know how your new Tribe format works for you.
Sunday, January 9, 2011

34 Inch Waist Commitment


After some reflection and consideration about what system I will follow I’m bringing my 34 Inch Waist Commitment to my support team.

My System is as follows:

- Three reasonably portioned meals a day.

- Mid morning and late afternoon snack if I wish, particularly if I work out that day.

- Absolutely no eating at night. A zero calorie intake rule after dinner.

- Shoot for the gym 4-5 times a week, cardio and light weights. Sometimes schedule will not permit this.

My challenge is sticking to the system. For the most part it’s not a lack of knowledge about food, diet, or exercise. I eat well, lots of fruits and vegetables, diary, proteins, very, very little processed food, stay away from corn syrup type stuff and drink lots of water. It’s been years since I’ve had fast food. I love cooking food and am a bit of a foodie. So even though I eat lots of healthy food, I can eat too much of it. Granted, I’m not overweight from eating too much broccoli. The weight comes from poor portion control on things like cheese and olives, steak, sushi, ice cream, dark chocolate, etc.

I wish to learn some of the methods that members of my support team use for dealing with food cravings. I feel that changing my mental and emotional association with the quantity of food I enjoy is going to be key for my success.

I’ve been following my above plan for about two weeks now and I stick to the system.

I will report how well I stick to my system once a month.

I’m tracking my weight regularly as a reference point but have no weight goal. The measure of my success will be comfortably fitting into 34 inch waist pants.

Thank you for the support.

Thank you for committing to healthy living.

The Diet Game

is a national pastime.
Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wants to Apprentice

Dear Ed,

I met you years ago (2005) ...

It was a split second meet. Anyways, I am interested in setting up a Tribe in [Area of World]. If I have done my homework correctly there is none of them here. I examine myself daily, but need a coach to help me. Can I be your apprentice? :-P

How may I set up a Tribe? Would it be possible for you to have a visit?
You might consider starting by reading all the material on this site and by defining something you would like to accomplish.
January 8, 2011

Breathwork Application

Dear Ed,

I submit my application to the Breathwork at the circle TT ranch. I have workshop experience and I have Breathwork experience. I commit to working hard with little or no rest and I commit to full participation. I commit to report to FAQ. I purchase and am studying Adventure of Self Discovery, pp. 167-219: Principles of Holotropic Therapy by Grof.

How Breathwork Works:

Breathwork is a technique that “shuts down” the conscience mind and accesses or crosses over to the subconscious mind. This is also called entering a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This is accomplished through accelerated breathing which lowers the c02 level and raises the PH level of the blood and listening to evocative music. The music plays a key role as it sets the pace, rhythm and the mood.

Drumming is used to enhance and supplement the music. The music starts at a fast pace while accelerated breathing is taking place and then slows down while in the non-ordinary state. The work starts with each breather identifying an “issue” or something they would like to take to the subconscious realm and bring back an “answer” or response or solution for the benefit of all of the breathers.

This is an important step and requires much work leading up to the breathing sessions which includes showing a form or forms associated with the issue. The form goes with the breather to the subconscious. The other element that I find essential is the sitter. The role of the sitters cannot be over emphasized.

I relate this to the healing field of acknowledgment of the tribe for the hot seat. The sitter is there for the breather to keep a safe loving environment, focus compassionate attention, remind to breath through drumming, and then the conscience mind can be at ease and turn off. The breather and the sitter work out a way to communicate without talking as talking seems to pull the breather back to the conscience realm. It is a true honor to be with a fellow breather on their journey. Additionally, the breather must be willing to go with whatever comes up, resist nothing and be willing to experience anything and everything.

What I intend to accomplish:

I think about this for several days and come up with a list of things that I “do not like”. The list follows:

I blame others or something outside of me for the really “unpleasant” stuff in my life.

I use trading medicinally and maybe meetings and FAQ.

I am using the Control model in relationships; my relationship with family is based on control and suffers. Note: I read the section on intimacy-centric and control-centric models for relationships on the TT web site.

I am embarrassed and ashamed about me and my results in life.

I seem to not finish projects.

I seem to self sabotage, I seem to have repeating patterns and drama.

I have debt.

I think I am experiencing forms and willing, but I am not completely sure.

I do not like it if my kids or a family member (or anyone) is mean to me or angry with me.

I really do not like getting up in public and speaking – what will others think about me – I am embarrassed about me, the way I look, sound and act.

I am impatient.

I have much negative self talk.

Note: I want to experience this, know the positive intention and have this available to me as I experience right livelihood and live the responsibility model.

I am not following my systems correctly when I am doing some drama thing.

Note: At the end of the month or ¼ I want zero variance to system do to trader error or drama

I cruse and yell obscenities at my computer screen when open positions move against me.

At some level I am not fully accepting the responsibility model, intentions equal results model, I am not being responsible for what I get and thus I feel I am not experiencing right livelihood.

Note: I get “what I want” so, can I change “what I want” at the subconscious level to change what I get?

I read over the above and I get the sense that I am like a computer with a program. The program that is installed and running is related to and produces what I write above. I feel that the program is operational however it has bugs in the code.

I want to install an upgrade to the operating system so to speak. First, I want to experience that which is between me and taking full personal responsibility for everything in my life and what I get. I want to experience that which is constantly generating negative self talk and blaming others. I want to feel unconditional love for me.

I want to install the Intimacy centric model. I want a well tested, boring and profitable trading system. I want to follow the system and at the end of the month or ¼ I want zero variance to the system do to trader error or drama. I want to experience Right livelihood and live the responsibility model.

Thank you Ed for your consideration and your devotion!
Thank you for your application. 

Much of what you want to accomplish has to do with what you don't like. 

Your subconscious tends to keep you on target toward whatever images you hold - whether you like them or not.

So if you like Zort and Zorf and think about them a lot, they are likely to show up - and if you don't like Zort and Zorf and you think about them a lot they are also likely to show up.

You might consider loading your subconscious wish list with things you like.
January 8, 2011

FAQ Typo

Hi Ed,

I notice the below typo on the Index page.

Thank you for the catch.
January 8, 2011

Rocks Process with Real Rocks


A while back I take some stones and label them with magic markers to represent roles which I find sometimes myself occupying in relationships, namely: the teaser and the victim,

I find that teasing someone makes them mad at me and then they turn around come after me and I wind up being the victim. Through my Tribe work, I see how I set whole pattern up - and how I basically wind up using others to victimize myself.

Lately, I see this pattern coming up again. I decide to redouble my efforts to change it.

I recall I still have these rocks around so I dig them out and then decide to "discharge" them - by taking off their labels. 

To my amazement, I find I cannot easily get the labels off the rocks.  I try soap and water.  I try bleach.  I try heating them up on the stove to burn off the ink.  Nothing works.

I decide to "do whatever it takes." I resort to using a heavy metal rasp and a power sander to take the surface of the rocks down to the point where the ink disappears.

I like seeing the rocks without the labels.  Then, I decide to take it a step further by re-naming the rocks as roles I might rather occupy, lover and winner.

I am now keeping these rocks near my desk as reminders to leave the teaser-victim cycle behind me and to re-direct my energies toward loving and winning.

I am enclosing photos of the rocks before, during and after their transformations.

Thank you for sharing your process.
Saturday, January 8, 2011 2:17 AM

Advice from Amos

Dear Mr. Seykota,

I would like you to explain me which advice Mr. Amos Hostetter gave to you at the beginning of your career as a trader to became very good in this business.

I whish his advice may be help me too.

Many thanks. Kind regards,
I wonder if you can tell me the source of your information that leads you to believe I have some information from Amos.
Friday, January 7, 2011

Wants a Mentor

Hello Ed,

I am a struggeling trader and I would like you to be my mentor. Please contact me at this email address,

OK.  Here's your first assignment: Check your spelling.
Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting a Round Tuit and The Essentials

Hi Ed,

Happy New Year to you.

I would like to get a round tuit.

I am having some difficulty buying postage for the return envelope as I live in New Zealand and US stamps are not readily available.

I wonder if you are open to receiving the international postage equivalent via PayPal and buying the US stamps on my behalf?

This is a process which would assist us foreigners to get a round tuit.

If you are open to this, would I be able to pay you the same way for an essentials card at the same time?

Many thanks,

Warm regards
Thank you for the suggestion.

See the Round Tuit page for instructions for ordering from outside the US.
Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hook in the Box


In an uptrend, is a hook at the bottom right of the box more significant then a hook in the middle (OR LEFT) of the box ?

How does this analysis vary from the Weekly to the Monthly charts?

What is the significance of a counter trend hook in the box? Is it an add?

When trending lower, how does a hook at the top right of the box relate to a hook at the middle of the box?

How does this vary between Weekly and Monthly charts?

What is price?

All this market analysis gives me a lump in my pants, I can't tell if the feeling is a rock or a mirage.

After some deep breathing I decided it was a bullish signal to buy Wheat.

Thank you for all your help, your great, your a genius, a winner etc., ad-nauseam!

P.S. Does that make me angry? So what. Lighten up.
FAQ does not recommend specific trading parameters.  See Ground Rules, above.

You can answer your own questions by back-testing. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Whipsaw Song


I have been following [Advisory Service] and Point and Figure Charting now for about 9 years. I am fascinated by the market and have read the book Market Wizards several times.

I have been in the business for 13 years and am always looking to do a better job for my clients and myself. I appreciate you sharing your information with people and I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed the Whipsaw Song.

I am a bluegrass fiddler and my brother and I have a bluegrass band ... We play traditional bluegrass and have been since I was about 13 years old. My two favorite things in the world are bluegrass and the market.

If you ever get down in [State] let me know and we can get together and do some jamming. Would love to pick your brain on the market and play some good music. Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you for your encouragement.
Tuesday, January 4, 2011 8:35 PM

Slow Motion Shuttle Launch Video

Hi Ed,

 You may like this slow motion video of the shuttle launch seen through several engineering cameras with commentary. It is 45 minutes long so allow for the time. I feel awe, curiosity and wonder while watching the video.

Awesome footage!
Thank you for the link.
Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Austin Tribe Application - Pushing Through Exclusion


I decided now to commit to the Austin tribe. I went on the website to get the details of the pre requisites and I read its closed. I feel disappointment and failure. I acknowledge that I intended to be 'left out' by the group and I don't want to accept that I caused the situation or the pain that it causes. I decide to go ahead with my decision to commit to the Austin tribe with the outside chance that something changes and I get in. I accept that this is likely another drama and that I'm just setting myself up to be turned down and feel more pain.

I have workshop experience and I commit to attend all meetings. I commit to send a report to FAQ after each meeting.

My one page essay "Something I commit to complete". I commit to create a long term trading system, test it and stick to the system. I have some basic ideas for a longer term trading system, but not much experience and I hope to get some guidance on this area of trading that is new to me. I feel excited about the process of learning something new. Also, I commit to personal growth and deeper self knowledge. In this regard I would like to achieve 100% self awareness and acceptance of my feelings. I would also like to commit to decreasing my hyper circumspection and find comfort with decision making. I want to commit to acknowledging all my forms and working on them in the hot seat even if I have feelings of taking up to much time. I commit to staying late if necessary to receive for other tribe members. In summary the goal of personal growth and creating a long term trading system would come together to create a situation where I have a winning trading system that I follow, but I don't really worry about the results and I just accept and enjoy the trades win or lose. Ideally I would carry this attitude of surrender and acceptance into the rest of my life relinquishing any identification with the past or future and all the feelings this creates. I commit to bring all my awareness into the moment of now.
Thank you for your application and for sharing your process.

Welcome to the Austin Tribe !
Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Link Error


On the December 21-31 FAQ page there is a glitch where I click on the links on the right side of the page with your responses and I get the city slicker dog no matter which link I click on. The left side of the page works as intended. The previous page and the next page work properly.

I like the pictures of the Bastrop property with the cows, river and old building. I get a peaceful feeling when I look at them and imagine sitting on the bank of the river just watching the water flow by.

I hope things are well with you.
Thank you for the catch.
Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Reliable Trend


If you want to know what a reliable trend is, have a look at the national debt trend.

That Debt Mega Trend has spawned many others…gold, oil, inflation, materials, Tea Party, US Credit Downgrade (hey, there’s a story that went by VERY quietly…did you catch that?! Mainstream media blathering instead about latest murder story, poll, Michelle’s diet, 50-60% tabloid content)

National Debt

has a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Thank you for sharing the image.
Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Austin Tribe Application

Hi Ed,

I submit the following application for membership in the upcoming Trading Lab Series.

I confirm that I have workshop experience.

I commit to attend all meetings except that of May 5. The due date for my third child is May 7, which might possibly interfere with my attendance at the May 5 tribe meeting.

I commit to sending a report to FAQ after each meeting.

I attach my essay to this email.

Thank you for considering my application.


January 4, 2010

Something I Intend to Complete

I intend to trade with greater portfolio heat so that I can earn higher rates of return on both my professional and personal trading accounts. Currently, I am trading a trend following system which I design to generate yearly returns of around 18% with a maximum drawdown of around 8%. I want to significantly increase those trading returns to protect myself and my clients against the potential effects of coming inflation. I also want to increase my returns so that I can generate a significantly larger income for my family.

Several months ago I decide to increase my portfolio heat in an effort to achieve those ends. Though I make the decision to do this in October 2010, I repeatedly fail to implement the decision. Starting in October, I set several start dates for implementing the new, more aggressive bet sizing rules, but each time I postpone the start. On one occasion in November, I delay the implementation on the notion that the markets are about to pull back and I should wait to enter on a drawdown. Of course, the markets do not pull back. In early December I again delay implementation on the grounds that it makes more sense to implement the new rules at the beginning of a new year. When the new years arrives I again postpone implementation, this time on the justification that I need to refine my program’s trading logic.

After I set a date to implement my new bet sizing rules, I experience significant nervousness as the date approaches. I experience a jittery feeling on the tops of my arms. I also experience a nauseous feeling in my stomach as I imagine the markets sharply reversing a day or two after I implement the new rules. Those feelings peak immediately before the implementation date, and subside upon the postponement. It is not an unusual feeling. Over the course of my life, I recall experiencing these feeling when I face other important, risky decisions, such as changing careers or selling my business.

By working with the Austin Tribe, I intend to complete three measurable goals. First, I intend to trade my professional account with portfolio heat sufficient to generate back tested results of no less than 25% CAGR. For my personal trading account, I intend to trade with a portfolio heat sufficient to generate back tested results of no less than 36% CAGR. Finally, I intend to earn $800,000 in personal income from my trading activities in 2011.
Welcome to the Austin Tribe
Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Smiling in The Snow

Hi Ed !

just thought of you and smile to my face follows,

I'm sitting here among trees
watching the snow falling down
and enjoying the peaceful Now.

All the best !
Thank you for the thought.


in the snow.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TTP Workshop Feedback - Fear of Trading

Hello Ed,

I just want to thank you and Charles for an outstanding workshop. I would also like to thank all of those who participated, shared their processes, and helped with my process.

My process involved my fear of trading futures. This brought up a memory of my mother forcing me to participate in a church Christmas play when I was about 4 or 5 years old. I was ill at the time and didn't really want to join in. I did what I usually do, I also didn't like the feeling of being "pushed" so I shut down and went along with my mother's wishes.

I became sick on stage and felt very embarrassed. During the role play, I was able to stand up to my mother and tell her how I felt and she related her feelings. The relationship became more intimate centered and less control oriented.

Now I like the feeling of "pushing" myself or striving toward a goal because it has the positive intention of letting me know that I am making progress toward results I will enjoy. I like the feeling of embarrassment because it has the positive intention of letting me know when I am out of alignment with social norms. If I do not agree with what is perceived to be normal I can enjoy my feelings of embarrassment and continue to be "out of line".

Ed, I know you are going into farming/ranching here in Texas so here is a story fer ya:

Texas rancher got in his pickup and drove to a neighboring ranch and knocked at the door. A young boy, about 9, opened the door.

"Is yer Dad home?" the rancher asked.
"No sir, he ain't," the boy replied. "He went into town."
"Well," asked the rancher, "is yer Mom here?"
"No, sir, she ain't here neither. She went into town with Dad."
"How about your brother, Howard? Is he here?"
"He went with Mom and Dad."

The rancher stood there for a few minutes, shifting from one foot to the other and mumbling to himself.

"Is there any thing I can do fer ya?" the boy asked politely. "I knows where all the tools are, if you want to borry one. Or maybe I could take a message fer Dad."

"Well," said the rancher uncomfortably, "I really wanted to talk to yer Dad. It's about your brother Howard getting my daughter, Pearly Mae, pregnant."

The boy considered for a moment. "You would have to talk to Pa about that" he finally conceded. "If it helps you any, I know that Pa charges $500 for the bull and $50 for the hog, but, I really don't know how much he gets fer Howard."

Yours truly,
Thank you for sharing your process.

Stud fees for a bull might run around $25/cow - maybe $200/month if you rent and feed the bull.

Stud fees for Pit Bulls and Bulldogs tend to run higher, sometimes upwards of $500 per event, maybe more with good papers. 

I wonder what kind of bull Pa is selling.

Bull Sperm

is usually free

when you pay the delivery charge.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tribe Update

Chief Ed,

Happy New Year! We are going strong here in [City]. Our tribe reaches full capacity of 8 members and we meet every 3rd week or so and also do a social dinner afterwards and a social event/dinner once a year. We cover TTP at most sessions and every quarter or so update snapshots.

Here is an article from the Wall Street Journal that describes controlling fear. This reminds me of TTP of making an ally of the feeling you don't want to experience and untie the k-not.

Thank you for your posts on FAQ.
Thank you for sharing your process.

The article speaks of observing feelings without judgment.  In TTP we also notice feelings that excite medicinal responses and re-link these to pro-active responses.
Monday, January 3, 2011

Application to Austin Tribe

Hi, Ed,

This is my application to the Austin Tribe.

I have workshop experience, April 2009, and Austin Tribe experience, and I commit to attend all meetings and send a report after each meeting to FAQ. I commit to being fully present, to feel feelings, receive feelings, and send feelings in the context of willingness with the Tribe. In short, to engage fully in the Trading Tribe Process.

Essay: Something I Commit to Complete

I commit to complete a trading system in Trading Blox, to complete back testing of the system using CSI data, to sticking to the system, to complete a Disclosure Document, to complete marketing material, and to complete all required legal documentation.

I work on building a trading system and make some progress but experience frustration at not completing the trading system. I want completion. I pass the Series 3 exam and am a registered CTA. I have an agreement with someone to help me raise capital. I want to find out what is standing between me and completing a trading system.

I want completion. I notice I have a problem completing things in the time that I commit to completing them. I notice that I get close to completion and then have difficulty finishing or completing things in the time I that I commit to having completion. I give [Name] an envelope to mail to you for the round tuit. She gives me back the envelope after noticing that I leave off the last digit in the zip code. I’m caught in an endless round tuit loop and I want change. BTW, I just mailed the envelope for the round tuit. Perhaps that’s a first step in breaking the loop. Ugh! I just realize as I write this that I send a return envelope without the necessary $1.22 postage. I really am in an endless round tuit loop.

Final commitment: To complete the process of getting a round tuit by sending a return envelope with the required $1.22 postage.

I want to honor all my agreements.

Welcome to the Austin Tribe.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Take Me To Your Leader

Hello Ed,

I'm a great fan of yours and was hoping someday to attend your workshops. Is it true that you are or have relocated to Austin TX? It would have been nice to attend your classes here in Nevada.

Recently, I took a [Name] Trader Test and found my characteristics are that of a "Planning Trader". You were given as an ideal "Model" of a planning trader, so of course I became very interested in your market psychology.

Now that I have completed my Trading Plan and Trading Strategies that I believe fit my personality, my focus has turned to self monitoring of my behavior while in the markets. I was hoping to observe any upcoming Trading Tribe meeting here in [City] to assess my whether your program right is for me. Please feel free to forward my message to your Tribe Leader.
Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking your feelings about <whether it's right> to Tribe.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Austin Tribe Application


I Commit to attend all meetings.
I Commit to send a report after each meeting to FAQ.

Something I Commit to Complete

I commit to complete a robust trading system(s) with assistance that is suitable and compatible for a managed futures fund by May 19, 2011.

I have contacted several investors who are interested in possibly investing in the fund but who want to know more details. I have a long list that I will begin contacting when I have concrete data that I am able to provide regarding historical performance.

As I approach potential investors even if they are friends or acquaintances I feel the desire to know everything I am discussing backwards and forwards and to be able to put something in their hand for them to examine. I also have a desire to be fully within the law so I plan to complete my CTA. I plan to ask each of my contacts for assistance in developing the fund by providing introduction to others who would meet the criteria as an investor (...) so, for me, it is imperative that I provide at a minimum a simple snapshot of the funds potential performance in graphical form and be able to condense the entire “pitch” into 2-5 minutes.

Many on my list of potential investors are extremely prominent business persons who have considerable resources. A great first impression of this fund is critical. My feeling is if several of these initial investors are positive then the opportunity could potentially unfold to present the fund to others immediately with considerable resources. I feel this is actually probable. If there are commitments that develop I want to be able to put the structure together quickly for the fund to become operational.

I feel since I have an unproven track record for raising funds it would be better to raise the minimum required for the fund to be operational before proceeding with the attorney. I contact several larger funds and have them email me their performance summaries which come in a legal size pdf file. I feel 1 legal size sheet front/back can include everything I desire to convey. After I have my basic marketing sheet my most immediate short term goal is to have a managed futures fund fully operational with a minimum of $2 million AUM.

My broader goal is to increase the AUM to $10 million by December 31, 2011. I discuss the configuration of the fund with an attorney that I trust and I have a general idea of the time to complete all items to have the fund up and running legally. I have several commitments that are part of my major commitment. I commit to complete the process of becoming a CTA and all licensing details. I schedule to take the series 3 and series 63 in January. I commit to complete the process of developing a robust system incorporating the help of my advisor and programmer and follow all signals.

After I have commitments equaling the minimum amount needed for begin the fund, I commit to have a competent attorney setup all corporate structure necessary including all paperwork and disclosure documents. I commit to complete all basic marketing materials that I deem necessary to properly market the fund. Basic Marketing includes a website, visual presentation such as power point that functions fully for web based marketing and possibly a small amount of brochures/business cards. I commit to retain a competent accounting firm to perform yearly audits and produce other financial reporting functions. In summary, if all goes well with the series 3 in January I want to complete a robust trading system so I have some historical performance data and other numbers to present to potential investors…basically just a brief summary. I want to practice my short pitch in tribe and then take a road trip to meet face to face with somewhere between 30-50 potential investors and see where things go.
Welcome to the Austin Tribe.

You might consider staging a digital photograph of yourself realizing your goal.
Sunday, January 2, 2011

Austin Tribe Application


I would like to apply for the Austin Tribe that is happening in the first 5 months of 2011.

I commit to complete

I commit to understanding and developing a long-term trading system. After the development, I commit to follow the system.

I commit to understanding and living through the intimacy-centric model. It is important to me that I live a more intimate life. I also commit to begin feeling the market in a more intimate way by learning much of what is written in the EcoNowMics website and learning from as much as possible during our short tribe.

I commit to improving my physical, emotional, spiritual life by planning and setting goals that I will accomplish in these three parts of my life.

I commit to attend all meetings and send a report after each meeting to FAQ.

I commit to support my fellow tribe members while they work on their systems and goals.
Welcome to the Austin Tribe.
Sunday, January 2, 2011

Austin Tribe Application

Dear Ed,

I express to you my gratitude for hosting the Austin Workshop. The intimacy model role plays and drills improve my capacity for intimacy centric relating. I feel more aware of when I’m in a control model and more aware of when there’s opportunity for intimacy. My sending and receiving improve. Previously, I’m in a stage where intimacy based relating between, for example, my wife and I is me stating a feeling and her stating a feeling but no real transaction of feelings taking place. Since the workshop we’re now in a space where there is a deeper level of sending and receiving and a lot more is getting done.

TTP is a boon in my life. I am a student of TTP since August 2009. The results of my work are a deeper relationship with my wife, a new intimacy centric approach to my parenting, and a deep satisfaction from my work. This year, 2010, is my best P&L year in my career and a tie for my best % return. I am more in the now, more relaxed, more present, and more embracing of uncertainty. Thank you sincerely for your love and support.

Austin Tribe Application

It is my intention to attend the Austin Tribe.

I have workshop experience. I attend the Oct 09, Apr 10 and Dec 10 workshops.

I commit to attend all meetings.

I commit to send a report after each meeting to FAQ.

Something I Commit to Complete:

I commit to complete my Trade Review from 6-15-07 through 12-31-10.

I am a discretionary trader. In my process I maintain two Excel sheets. One is a sheet of trades I take. On it I log several pieces of information about the trade including the stock, the position size, the stock’s earnings, relative strength, volume, the pattern I identify, general market conditions and I note my reasons for taking the trade, any red flags I see, and feelings I notice. My second sheet is called Considerations. It’s the same information but these are trades that I don’t take. And here too I note the reasons I like the trade and the reasons I pass and feelings I notice.

The Trade Review process of going through these trades, mentally taking myself back to that time, consulting my Trading Diary, analyzing the trade from entry day by day to exit which may be weeks or months later is a deeply involved, time intensive process. Currently I’m roughly ¼ of the way through my Trade Review, maybe a bit less. This is after about 16 months of work and the file grows as new trades are taken.

Trade Review is a wealth of learning for me. From it I see patterns of things I want to do more of and things I want to do less of. It builds my confidence, it excites me, and it deeply increases my intimacy with my strategy, with the market, and with myself as a trader.

Trade Review is also an important step of how my strategy grows. For example, I have a rather heightened sensitivity to the feeling of <giving back profits.> It stems from experience in my childhood, fear of getting in trouble or of forsaking something. I can see how elements of my system are built to minimize this feeling and it effects how I define the trend. There’s an important Positive Intention to this feeling, risk control, and at the same time I see how this feeling is limiting my returns. I turn the volume lower on this feeling but keep it on my instrument panel. I feel the emotional capacity now to change my definition of the trend and gear my system differently…more in tune with where my stomach is now. Trade Review is an important step in building my confidence in changing something about my strategy.

What I intend to gain from my Trade Review:
- Strengthening my actionable pattern identification.
- Building my depth of feeling with my strategy.
- Possibly redefine how I define the trend.
- If I choose to alter my definition of the trend:
- Clarity on how to take profits.
- Clarity on how to stop out.

Measurable result of my commitment:

- Trade Review Excel sheet filled in.

- Written down observations and conclusions from the process.

- Clarity on if I wish to alter how I define the trend.

So what is stopping me from doing my Trade Review? I don’t really know. When I have a period of no signals and I’m inactive in the market I can get deep into it. But when I’m active in the market it just seems I can’t get to it. I feel I have less important but more urgent things to do and I invite these things as distractions. There’s something I get out of doing less important things and saving the good stuff for later. Something blocking me from doing first things first and letting the rest fall where it may. I wish to remove these blockages. This is an issue I would like the support of tribe in facing.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Welcome to the Austin Tribe.

You might consider taking the feeling of <not wanting to complete your Trade Reviews> to Tribe.
Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years - Hip Hip Hurray

Hi Ed,

I hope you got together with your family during the holidays and had a enjoyable experience. I know the holidays can be stressful.

We had many family members with us for the holidays and it was a bumpy ride at times.

I was thinking about my hot seat experience at the workshop this evening. So much was going on at one time after the hot seat that I was not able to share it all the following day. Tonight my green round tu it chip helped motivate me to share another situation that followed in the wake of my hot seat. The morning after my hot seat I woke up with a fairly strong pain/cramp in my hip. This was enough to cause me to limp slightly for the rest of the workshop.

I tried my best to ignore it because I was dealing with so much other stuff that I just didn't have time to deal with it. This pain has declined in intensity since the workshop but has not gone away, but has lingered on with more or less intensity day after day. I am curious if others have had this experience after a very intense hot seat experience?

Lastly, I notice your response to my last FAQ directs me towards the Austin tribe. After I read this I start to seriously consider applying/committing to the process
until May.

I feel anxiety about how I will feel before all the flights. I think this fear creates a space for my mind to make more excuses such as, I don't really have anything that I want to commit to completing. The irony of it all is your statement "Special focus on building a system, testing it, and then sticking to it.", of course this is exactly what I am attempting to do right now.

Another excuse is my fear that I am not very analytic in my trading or in general and I view trading more like an art. I have been successful at trading with my personal approach, but I feel like I have taken a completely different path
then you. I'm not very good at math or back testing and rely heavily on my intuition and feelings (that along with many expensive lessons learned).

I feel like my approach might be incompatible/rejected at the Austin tribe. My goal in writing this is to bring my unwanted/unacceptable feelings up and out into the light of day and admit/own them rather then pretend they don't exist and pretend I'm not the person I actually am but don't want to be. Because I know if those feelings end up forcing me into the hide away and protect myself from rejection and humiliation. After the workshop I have absolutely declared war on this cycle of fear and shut 'er down.

all the best,
Hip forms sometimes associate with fear of moving forward with major decisions.

Your drama with your excuses and second-guessing is consistent with this pattern.

You might consider re-reading the Austin Tribe page - at Announcements, above.  Much of the "Lab Work" has to do with your internal process.

Hip Forms

may indicate difficulty moving forward.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Breathwork Issues

Hi Ed,

I have already finished the part in Grof's book that you specify. I have a couple of questions:

1) Grof supports physical contact during the Breathwork session ("Although the use of physical support might seem objectionable and unacceptable to a traditional therapist with psychoanalytic training, it is a powerful and effective tool", pg. 196), what is your view on it?

2) Grof states that "we specifically discourage people from coming into the session with concrete ideas as to what issues they would like to work on" (pg. 206), but you seem to suggest otherwise when you ask us to write an essay about what we intend to accomplish. So am I misinterpreting Grof or you have a different view than his?

Thanks, and happy new year. I feel excited about the prospect of doing Breathwork and by your phrase, "Commit to working hard with little or no rest. " The harder it is, the better it is.

Thank you for your perceptive questions.

I support use of physical interaction to the extent it helps to develop the form - and to the extent the client invites it.

An important part of TTP Breathwork is the process of defining issues - and creating emotional analogues of these issues - that we take into the Breathwork.

After the Breathing, we survey each breather to determine progress with his particular issue.  In general, the breather develops deep insights about many issues that surround his main issue.