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October 12, 2011

Radial Momentum


I sent you an e-mail some years ago regarding your Radial Momentum idea, where I told you that I thought you had a good idea but that you weren't going to get anywhere with your style of writing. Well now that you haven't gotten anywhere, I thought maybe you might listen if I tried again.

You are *not* going to get anywhere with any University professor if you write like a ninth-grader. You might not like that fact, but that's the way it is.

Here's an example, your "Summary" from your web page:

In this paper I cited the Bernoulli Principle as the popular explanation for lift, despite its requirements for incompressible flow (constant density), and no flow motivation. I reviewed popular textbook applications of the Bernoulli Principle to lift.

I also proposed an alternative explanation, based on Radial Momentum. I developed a mathematics for this theory to give quantitative answers to questions about lift.

I presented the results from experiments with three different types of apparatus to show how Radial Momentum provides a workable and consistent explanation for lift in these cases.

You need to change it to something like this:


The Bernoulli Principle is generally cited as the explanation for lift, despite its two unrealistic requirements for 1) incompressible flow and 2) no flow motivation. These popular textbook explanations are examined in the present paper, and it is shown that the Bernoulli Principle is insufficient to properly explain the phenomenon of lift.

The present paper proposes an alternative explanation, based on "Radial Momentum" (a new principle which is developed herein). This new principle represents a mathematical theory whose quantitative predictions are consistent with experimentation.

Experimental results are also presented that support the Radial Momentum principle. The conclusion reached is that Radial Momentum provides a workable and consistent explanation for the phenomenon of lift.

And that's one example. Read some Physics journal papers for more ideas about how things should be presented.

Good luck, like I said above, I think you have a good idea but a "good idea" alone is not enough, you have to present it properly.

Thank you for your support.



October 13, 2011

Hi Ed,

I just created a meet up group to meet more people, so find more people who will be interested in joining tribe meetings.

Attached is the description I posted on the web site. Please let me know if there's any issue.

The web site is:

Good luck on your weight loss project.

I support you finding members for your Tribe.

October 14, 2011

Role of Emotions in Health

Dear Ed,

As you wish, I send you a short written report.

1. In January I lecture at Pfizer about the role of emotions in communication and health.

They are very impressed (some people in the auditorium even start crying during my talk) and want more of the stuff. I offer to carry a workshop about the issue, they accept and propose to repeat it to several sections of the company.
If it works well, I could make a living out of it.
Intentions = results.

2. I am sick. It is not invented. The symptoms are many, and complex. Since all tests are normal, doctors point at a mental disorder from the family of depression/ generalized anxiety.

Intentions = results, and I don't understand my intention in this case.

I feel devastated about getting insane after so much work on myself. I am scared, really scared and anxious about being a mental cripple, not being able to work, to love and support my children, forced to take antidepressants which shut down my feelings. I feel very sad about not fulfilling my dreams, about being sick and having a miserable life.

Maybe you think that I am whining. That is not my intention. I want to share my fear, my sorrow, my sadness and my despair with someone who can handle it. I appreciate a feedback if you agree with this.

I thank you very much for your support.

A hug!

Thank you for sharing your process.


October 15, 2011

Working Through Forms

Hi Ed

This Wednesday, I go on the hot seat again. I have been dealing with a couple of issues over the last couple of weeks and I tell the tribe about them. They encourage me to go on the hot seat.

I don't think about my issues when I sit on the hot seat. I close my eyes and feel a lot of patience from the PM. I feel I have a lot of space to explore.

Just like the last hot seat, I very quickly get a woozy feeling in my head. I also feel a constriction in my throat … like I'm about to gag. Soon after I start gagging and coughing and, vomiting a little, violently.

(I often get this cough, vomit like feeling when I am receiving someone else on the hot seat as well … usually at the very beginning of the hot seat and definitely if the sender himself is coughing. If I'm process managing I often have to constrain it to keep guiding the process).

The tribe encourages me to go further and let it all out. I try hard. When I do cough, sometimes I feel like the veins in my arms are going to explode. Its a painful feeling in my arms and other parts of my body but with the tribe's encouragement, I push as hard as I can.

I keep coughing violently for a while. I wonder about the time but I keep going. I am not going to go half way and stop. I push hard. The irritation in my throat subsides.

After much encouragement, the PM freezes my form and asks me if I recollect an incident from my past when I experience the same feeling. Strangely, the only memory that comes to mind is the same one that did during my hot seat in the Trading Tribe workshop last December. (As a child, I fall violently ill when I take two pain killers on an empty stomach and have to call my father home from work. He does come and on finding me, by then, relatively stable, promptly leaves for work again). I feel confused with this memory. Am I to role play this again? Does that mean that some part of this memory hasn't been resolved yet?

I project my confusion on to the Tribe. The PM encourages me to try and think of another incident where I experience the same feeling of vomiting violently. The only other memory that comes to mind is from a couple of years ago as an adult. In this one too, I feel confused as it doesn't "feel" right. Its not a memory from childhood and is perhaps not as relevant.

[In explaining the childhood memory to the Tribe I mention, that during the TT workshop, when I had explained this memory, one of the group members had commented - "Ah yes, abandonment".]

The PM encourages me to continue. I find myself sitting on the ground in a meditative posture. The PM encourages me to explore abandonment and being alone.

I think / imagine / feel (I'm not sure which - perhaps all) myself meditating in a cave where its dark. The Tribe switches off the lights in the room and encourages me to explore further. I feel that the "darkness" / "emptiness" / "nothingness" that I am exploring within is the same as the "darkness" outside - that there is no difference. I can feel parts of my body like the part of my body that is in contact with the ground but I can't feel most of my face. I spontaneously smile. The tribe encourages me to explore this feeling further and to smile more. In that moment, I feel calm.

The PM asks me to integrate my forms and I respond that my meditative posture would be the integrated form. After a while I begin to get conscious of the time and I also begin to "come back to reality". I feel my face again. I perceive thoughts. I contract my smile.

In the check out, some tribe members feel something is incomplete in the hot seat. Some feel that I was exactly where I wanted to be. Some feel that my mediative posture was escapism and I didn't really deal with the feelings.

I too wonder. I don't consciously try to avoid feelings. I am open to going wherever the process takes me. I wonder though, whether I use meditation as medication in the hot seat. It came to me naturally. Maybe its my time tested avoidance mechanism?

I still, even now, feel a little disturbed when I think that my entire spiritual pursuit may just be a glorified avoidance tactic. That feels like such a huge "waste" of time and energy if it were true.

That night and all of the following day I have red spots all over my face, particularly on my left and right cheeks. This occurred after the last hot seat as well. This time they seem to last longer and are largely gone on the morning of the second day. This time around I also feel a pain in both of my lower arms. This is similar in nature albeit lower in intensity to the pain I felt in my lower arms after the breath workshop in April.

Yesterday I go for a walk and think that I am trying so hard and doing so much and yet I am in the same position and not moving. I feel like I'm climbing a slippery slope and after each step forward, my foot slips back. Then I think I am on a treadmill and I'm running hard but getting nowhere and stagnating. I feel like most things aren't "working out". Perhaps I should use these as entries to another hot seat.

I continue on the path though.

Thanks for everything!

Thank you for sharing you process.

TTP can deal with vomiting and other issues that present as a somatic, physical form. We encourage the form, locate the critical incident and re-play the incident with new resources.

Applying names to the form, such as "abandonment," tend to short-circuit the process by fortifying the illusion that once you name it, you control it.

You might consider taking your feelings about <vomiting> to Tribe - and reminding Tribe members to acknowledge and encourage forms, not to analyze them.


naturally release toxic material.

October 17, 2011

More Information

Hello Mr. Seykota,

My name is [Name] and I am interested in more information about your Trading Tribe. I read an article about your methods of trend following, and would like to learn more.

Please instruct me on how to gain more information.

You might consider starting by reading through FAQ.

October 18, 2011

Wants to Attend a Tribe Meeting

Hi Ed,

The meet up group I created helped me to find more people to join the tribe. Only after 3 days, we already have 5 members now. We are ready to start the first meeting.

None of us have experience of a TTP meeting. I have your book and am planning the meeting according to the book. But I wonder maybe attending a tribe meeting before I start my own tribe will help.

I haven't seen the new update on your FAQ page, it ends in May.

Are you still hosting tribe meetings in Austin? if so, is it possible I can go there for one time attending the Austin meeting? So when I come back I can have better feel of the process.

Also, about the drumming before the meeting starts, do you have a video clip or tape with piece of music. So I know what rhythm or pattern to do the drumming?


Watch the FAQ Index page for information on upcoming events.