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October 21, 2011

Wants a Mentor

Hi Mr. Seykota,

I am 24 years old and I am looking to start my training in commodities trading. I am looking to achieve one thing in life and that is to become the best. I say this because I believe this trading is the truest form to understanding oneself and I want to master myself. I don't care about money, or wealth, I simply want to be the best in this field. The only thing I need is a mentor, true mentorship, a coach, someone to keep me in line, and show me the way.

I've read books by famous traders, and all have had someone that has helped them in their training. I desperately need a mentor, I am all for self-learning, and I don't want too bombard you with a request as you don't even know me, but I wanted to ask you whether would be
interested in providing me with any help or even ask me any straight shooter questions you might have about who I am. I believe in this field, I trust its my way to self-fulfilment and I am looking for nothing but guidance as I start my training.

I believe in myself, I know I will get to where I want to be in the future; some help along the way is all I'm looking for.

Have a great weekend Mr. Seykota, If there's anything you can do, or even a line of advice I would be forever greatly.

Thank you,

A Tribe can provide you with a way to give and receive mentoring from others on a deep level.


October 22, 2011


Now and Always

Saw this quote and thought of you.

“She walked on, comforted by the surf, by the one perpetual moment of beach-time, the now-and-always of it.”
― William Gibson

Thank you for the quote.

October 23, 2011


Dear Ed,

I would like to finish the missing bullet points in your Trading System Project to help others and myself to acquire more knowledge about the development, optimization and implementation of an trading system.

To manage this I want to launch a forum at to have a place where interested tribe members can share their ideas and have the opportunity to collaborate. The results of our work will be summarized and sent to you, so that you will be able to revise it and afterwards maybe upload it to your website.

I don't want to start it without your OK because it's your project and your work, but please let me assure you that I will maintain the forum to ensure that there is structure and no spam, advertising, postings, etc.

It would be great to get your approval and after the launch of the forum it would be a huge help to acquire interested members if you can set a tiny link to the TSP site.

Hope to hear of you soon.

With best regards,

Let me know when you have something up and running.

October 26, 2011

Wants a Tribe


I am a trader and would like to get involved in a tribe. I live in Santa Cruz, CA.

Are there any tribes around here?

You can check the tribe directory and / or start your own.