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May 10, 2013

Binding to Positive Feelings

Hi Chief,

I just get a realization that Rocks Process might also applies to unbinding and rebinding the patterns associate to some "positive" or willing feelings, like confidence, courage, certainty, victory, supremacy etc. For one, current rocks might be putting up a big trade, trading more frequently, or picking tops or bottoms.


Thank you for sharing your realization.

In TTP, a "Rock" contains the association between a feeling and a response to the feeling. Thus "putting up a trade" does not define a rock.

May 10, 2013

On The Problem of Having a Problem

Dear Ed,

during a phone call, I recall you mentioning that I can report my evolution to FAQ.

I observe how I resort to manipulation, using my current condition as a tool in order to get attention and approval.

The lack of sleep and the symptoms weaken me and I frequently return to my default, controlling mode. I feel appalled about myself. It disgusts me, more even when I read my notes from two years ago and I see how rich and joyful my interactions with other people were. I have a sense that my children do not enjoy the time with me.

It seems to me that intimacy is not a destination, but a path, and I loss my edge if I stop practicing it.

A friend of mine, a beautiful 40 years old woman, mother of two, has terminal cancer. Her dignity, her courage and her acceptance in these last weeks of her life are an example and a source of inspiration to me. I also observe other patients who fully accept their disease and move forward. I cannot accept the fact of being sick, fight it, and get entangled.

Control, indeed, sucks. Not accepting what is, not accepting me, not accepting others, sucks. I try to find the balance between informing people about my current limitations and seeking attention.

I think frequently about attending the workshop and Breathwork and applying for a visit to the Austin Tribe. However, I donĀ“t know if I can contribute and be supportive to others, and the idea of trying to be the center of attention with my issues generates nausea.

Best regards,

Thank you for checking in.

I notice you do not report on the method of: simply hiring someone to hold you, validate you and give you lots of attention.

Perhaps you value your "problem" more than you value a solution.

People Who Value Their Problems

don't ask for solutions

and if they happen to get one anyway
they don't seem to hear it.

May 8, 2013

Exploring the Rocks Process

Hi Chief,

Finally we are setting up our TT meeting next Monday, to explore the Rocks Process for the first time!


Thank you for moving forward.

May 8, 2013

Simplicity and Clarity


Hope all is well with you.

I see an interview with Jeremy Grantham I think you may enjoy. I love the simplicity and clarity with witch he describes the complex world we live in. I love when Charlie realizes after about ten minutes of listening to Jeremy (10:57) that much of his thinking is completely math driven.


Thank you for the link.

May 8, 2013

TTP Report - Reconnecting with the Inner Trader


Thank you so much for helping me rediscover who I am as a person and trader.

I was a bit apprehensive when we first met about sharing feelings and expressing myself in what body sensations I experience to someone I had known less than 24 hours. But what followed was life changing for me.

I have never met a psychologist or had any desire to sit down with one, so I was blown away to learn that emotions and feelings deep down have been affecting my life for over a decade. You and [your team] were extremely open and accepting of everything that I shared and made me feel secure and expressive like never before in my life.

You accepted my feelings and helped me discover what the cause of the feelings was in a patient and safe way that allowed me to realize that my feelings were neither bad nor good and did not need to be controlled. I simply accepted the feeling and acknowledged what its cause was.

Subsequently the pressure in my chest during confrontation as well as my need to set up Calculus exams to fail have totally dissipated. I feel like a cancer was extracted from my body.

Since our meeting I have a natural inclination towards confrontation again, just like when I was 15 and enjoyed a good debate.

I enjoy being a discretionary trader who dislikes systems and Calculus homework but relishes pulling the trigger while cutting losses quickly and going for the jugular on winners.

Thanks again for everything Ed, I'm grateful we met.

PS. I attached a video of the pyramid of sixteen fireworks we made detonating. I think you'll enjoy it.

Thank you for your willingness to confront and work through your issues.

Intentions = Results

or, in other words,

structure determines behavior.

May 7, 2013

Portfolio Rebalancing Research:
Trend Following vs. Buying on Dips

Hello Ed,

My remedial work on the GRAB project web pages is complete.

I am attaching them in the zip file.

If you have any questions, I am happy to assist.

As for further research, I am happy to press on with the periodic re-balancing of an equities portfolio project (see below) and send you my results; or I am happy to undertake another project - if you have something more urgent?


Thank you for sharing your research.

Yes, please let me know what else you come up with.

Mark Sleeman


May 7, 2013

Tribe Report: Magical Night / Snapping Out

Hi Ed,

We are two sessions into our 10-week series, and things are going really well and everyone is bringing in their energy and support.

We just had a magical night with the hot seat role-playing a drama between him and his wife, and he tries the Control Model (stonewall to get her to "calm down") and the Intimacy Model (validate and acknowledge her feelings while sharing his own).

It is an eye-opening experience for many of us, and everyone learns a great deal. It is intense and the energy is high.

With one particular member who is dealing with some drama in his personal life, he claims that he wants to connect with others on a deeper level, but he doesn't know how.

So when we go through the Intimacy Model, he makes good progress, but when he gets close to really connect with others on a feelings level, he snaps right out of it.

From what he described prior to the meeting, he also seems to display a pattern that as soon as he gets close to really get in touch with his feelings, or really connects, he just quits.

It's actually quite fascinating but it's like clock work. I wonder how we can best support him then, and I appreciate if you might share your insight, thanks.

Thank you for sharing your process and your successes with your Tribe.

In the case of the Tribe member you cite, you might consider:

- testing him for willingness;
- modeling intimacy for him through role playing;
- acknowledging him for his mastery of snapping out;
- suggesting he write to FAQ.

In general, we do not try to "fix" people or push them to do it "our way." We celebrate them behaving exactly the way they behave.

In TTP, We Support

snapper-outers to snap out

and snapper-inners to snap in.

May 7, 2013

Feeling Stupid About Asking Questions

Hello Ed,

I always get feelings of stupidity and embarrassment about asking questions or seeking help.

I need to take this issue to Tribe. I would like to apply to the Austin Tribe series you are having if it isn't already at capacity. I don't want to miss out. However, when I click on the "Austin Tribe-Accepting Applications" then click on "Ground Rules" it doesn't seem to work. It doesn't give me the information I need to apply.

Maybe I am looking in the wrong place. Could you help me out? You may be aware of this situation. If this is the case then I will patiently wait until it is fixed.


Thank you for sharing your process - and your frustration at finding a link that doesn't.

I originally place the words, "Ground Rules" with an underline, as a section header (not as a link), with the ground rules directly below.

I now have "Ground Rules" without the ambiguous underline in its own box, that also includes the ground rules.

Thank you for the catch, and for confronting your feelings to report it.

May 7, 2013 3:00 AM

More on Loss Planet (below)

Thank you Chief!

Now I feel clear that using feelings as entry point to find formative event and as triggers for automatic pro-active responses is the focus of the Rocks Process.



May 6, 2013


Dear Ed,

Regarding the 5/4/13 "Taking Responsibility For Losing Millions" posting (below), I want to thank the author for having the willingness, honesty and courage to share the experience.

I set up a similar drama years back and the language in the posting resonates with me deeply, especially the part about "not feeling worthy" and "not deserving". I feel a roller-coaster-type sinking feeling in my stomach and nausea as I think about it.

Best wishes to you and your family, and thank you for continuing to improve the quality of life on this planet with your guidance and strong commitment to TTP.

Thank you for sharing your process - and for your encouragement of TTP.

I wonder what policy determines what you deserve.

You might consider taking your feelings about <deserving> to Tribe.

You Can Go Broke

by deserving too much.


May 6, 2013

Half Ass-King

Hi Ed,

I want to express appreciation to the contributor who's willing to share his revelation that he has arranged his own financial disaster after years of thinking that's not an issue for him (below).

I feel such a resonance with him, as I am recognizing my own self-arranged suffering.

Mine relates to arranging relationships so that I can suffer over "not getting what I want" without ever having to risk actually getting what (I think) I want, because I am too busy paying attention to what I am not getting instead of allowing myself to actually get something.

Like your other contributor, my first awareness of this little game leaves me upset, shocked, embarrassed, stunned with disbelief, grieving and bewildered.

Shortly afterwards, however, I feel a lightness, almost exhilaration, a relief of relentless pressure that I have kept stoking for a long time. I can be in the moment with what is actually here with me and not always longing for "something" else that isn't here with me.

If I don't like how something is I can risk sharing how I feel instead of enacting my suffering drama all on my own. I can ask instead of "half-assking".

Of course I have to accept that I am not in control of what happens next, but my attempts to control it have not really gotten me very far, so what is actually lost by giving that up?

Another irony is that your illustration in response to this writer (the "shoot-yourself'" gun) has been completely lost on me until I just now re-read the post and actually look at the gun. I didn't get it before but hadn't really looked at it! Duh.

Thanks for FAQ,

Thank you for sharing your process.

As you report, awareness of a pattern may bring up shock, embarrassment and grieving that eventually disappear.

You might consider taking your feelings of <frustration> to Tribe as an entry point to the Rocks Process - in which you might link your feelings to pro-active responses that launch automatically and without effort and propel you toward satisfaction.

Medicinal Responses
such as venting and whining
may provide short-term relief.

Pro-Active Responses
such as communicating clearly
may improve the underlying situation.

May 6, 2013

Day Trading and Volatility

Dear Ed Seykota,

I hope you are fine and keeping good health.

I have one problem and I am looking for a solution.

First a little background about my trading:
Five years ago, I tested many profitable trading methods and it seems to me that I have found ultimate trading success in trading but then some thing happened in the market and I lost money.

The problem, I have found is known as Volatility!

I do day trading.
I trade Spot Forex EUR/USD currency pair only.
I have manually back tested many day trading systems in last 8 years.
I have tested, 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 1 hour trading methods.
65% to 72% winning with 1 to 1 and 1 to 1.5 risk to reward per trade.

When the Average True range in daily time frame of EUR/USD drops below 1% or 100 pips then same trading methods start losing money.
There is no volume reported in the Spot Forex EUR/USD currency pair market.

How do you trade when market becomes less volatile and Average True range drops? Any guidance, any book, any course, any trading method in this regard is highly appreciable.

Kind regards,

Thank you for sharing your process.

I wonder how your back-testing performs in low-volatility markets.

I have yet to see an example of an automatic day-trading system matching up with actual account statements for even one month.

Day trading provides plenty of excitement, tension and anxiety, all useful to cover up deeper issues of right livelihood.

You might consider taking your feelings about <postponing gratification> to Tribe as an entry point.

Day Trading, like Tightrope Walking

gets your attention
off deeper issues.

May 5, 2013


Hi Chief,

I find one good thing of writing to FAQ is that it often reveals what the real issue inside me is different from what I diagnose myself.

In my post of " April 10, 2013 Confrontation / Embarrassment", I am thinking of the embarrassment K-not is the key. But your comment about the confrontation Rock inspires me of my biggest issue of avoiding confrontation.

The FAQ conversation of "April 17, 2013 The Case of the Disappearing Member" also helps me to locate a deep K-not in me of "fixing people" or "fixing myself".

I am thinking to share my own experience of interacting with FAQ to find my Rocks as example with my tribe members, as one of the ways to register each member's entry point for a more intentional TT meeting session.


Thank you for sharing your observations.

TTP works best when the the entire Tribe participates in helping you find your deep issues.

The DIM (Do It Myself) rarely finds the core issues since we tend to cover up the things we cover up.

Hiding Might Not Work So Well

when you try it
in the middle of a Tribe circle.

May 5, 2013

The Loss Planet

Hi Chief,

I am not very clear about one issue of the traditional TTP session related to the signature forms.

My observation of signature form is that it is each member's unique forms for him to get to his zero point. Next time when he comes back onto hot seat, this is something shows up first, i.e., it becomes intentionally aware to himself. I try to find additional spontaneous new forms, sometimes members are willing to go with the new forms, sometimes they don't. Sometimes getting to zero point makes myself feel losing the feeling, an emptiness but not the kind of joy point of feeling the feeling itself.

One thing I need clarification is that, if getting to zero point is medicinal, whether getting to the joy point is also medicinal. In my own experience early this year after a powerful hot seat, I get deeply into the pure sadness, after melting down all the judges, I feel the sadness feeling itself is so pure, beautiful and cool. Even to this day I still miss to and am willing to go back to that sadness feeling. I have a plan to work myself on all the other feelings (fear, anger etc) to the same level of willingness as feeling sadness.

But I come to this confusion, is going deep into the feeling itself (the joy point) a medicine, or using the signature forms to make feeling disappear is the medicine, or both of them are.

Or letting blocked feelings finish its course still part of purpose of tribe work, or they become less significant as long as we start to apply new pro-active Rocks.


Thank you for raising the issue of signature forms.

In the TTP Rocks Process, we typically encourage the guy on the hot seat to amplify his entry point feelings and then to "freeze" them - and then to recall an early incident of feeling similar feelings.

If we support him in going all the way past the freeze point to the zero point, we lose the opportunity to discover the origin of his medicinal rocks.

We sometimes purposefully take people to the zero point as a demonstration of "disappearance" and as training for receiving.

Sadness typically associates with loss.

If you ignore, suppress or otherwise stuff your sadness, you may wind up with little motivation to deal with the underlying situation associating with the loss. Thus, what you resist, persists.

If, alternatively, you medicate sadness with drugs, drama or even TTP, you may wind up temporarily feeling good about your sadness and dissipate your motivation to deal with the underlying issue, such as risk control. Thus, the addict turns increasingly to substance (and/or to signature forms) while the underlying situation deteriorates.

If, instead, you learn to celebrate your sadness and link it to pro-active responses, you come to minimize your sadness by addressing the underlying situation. Thus, you keep sadness in a prominent and useful place on your emotional control panel.

A Functional Indicator for Sadness

helps keep you
away from the loss planet.

May 5, 2013

K-Not Gravity


Thank you for your note (asking for verification). A spammer is impersonating me. The spammer evidently has access to a list of my associates, making them (you) more vulnerable to his forgery.

The construction of Internet email makes it as easy to forge a return address as with paper mail. As with paper mail, forgeries are likely to differ in subtle ways from authentic documents--in style, in grammar, in salutation and in intention. One noticeable bit of sloppiness on the this forger's part is setting the date in the (nonexistent) past. Backdating is common in spam as in other types of forgeries.

While I'm unaware of any techniques to prevent spammers from impersonating me, the fact that this one gains access to my contact list brings up some anger in me.

I wonder about hardening the boundaries of my computer systems. I also reflect on how some of my associates process their anger and fear--in particular, the ones at my Internet Service Provider.

I notice that in IT, people with anger k-nots gravitate towards system administration roles; people with fear k-nots gravitate towards cyber security roles.

I'm reviewing my ISP's security practices in addition to my own systems' integrity.

Thank you for sharing your theory of cyber position specific k-not gravitation.

May 5, 2013

Freedom as a Basis for Ethics

Dear Ed,

Thank you for your response and for accepting my application for the workshop.

I also want to thank you for teaching me how to encourage open communication and sharing: without this knowledge I couldn't have built the relationship I am so proud of.

This openness has also allowed me to discover how wonderful my girlfriend really is, how many incredible resources and qualities she has. I want to be with her!

Intimacy allows for wonderfully precise soul matching!

I particularly appreciate the fact that she is very supportive in a positive way, calling out whining and self-victimization for what they really are.

I feel she is the one, the person with whom I am happy to build a family.

I enjoy knowing that my feeling is reciprocated.

I reflect on who I am and what I want to do with my life and I realize that the thing I love the most is freedom. My girlfriend couldn't really love me if she weren't free to leave me at any time or if she weren't free to express herself fully with me. She says to me that she loves the fact that I have allowed her to be free and I enjoy the moment immensely. I feel very proud and I get the Aha of realizing what is really important to me.

Freedom is the basis on which everything else is built, the foundation of all that is good and just, in the most profound sense of the word (which conveys a very different meaning form the politicized word "fair"). Progress in every field stems from and is directly proportional to the freedom enjoyed by those who operate in that field. People can confer real meaning to their actions only if they are free to choose whether to do them. True self-realization and happiness and satisfaction are all offspring of freedom. I realize that being free includes freedom to choose whether to be free.

I want to serve others and contribute to society by working on behalf of freedom, by helping people to become free (emotionally or financially) if they want to, by helping them to get to know freedom and how it could change our lives and the world we live in for the better.

I am deeply concerned by the current state of affairs and by the very clear trends currently in place towards less and less freedom, whether economic or social.

I want to do my best and see whether my effort, along with that of many other dedicated individuals, including yourself, can change the trend. If not, then my intention is to provide for my family and the people I love, come hell or high water. In any case, I feel it is the right thing to do.

I am committed to freedom like nothing else in the world!

I see investing as a way to acquire and maintain financial freedom for myself, my family and a selected group of supportive clients with whom I can relate emotionally and not only financially.

I also realize that maybe my real ability, what I am really good at, is to somehow find out what works, whether it's people, theories, investments or whatever. I seem to have a sixth sense that alerts me when something just feels right. I enjoy investigating various fields and I particularly like challenging the consensus view and speculating whether there might be a different, more effective approach to doing things. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge.

As a result, I end up discovering TTP, Austrian Economics (which by the way may interest you and help you in your EcoNowMics project), the theory on the infectious origin of prostatitis/BPH/prostate cancer, Julian Barbour's theory on the illusory nature of time (I can barely solve a first-degree equation and yet his idea strikes a chord and I share it with a friend who studies physics) etc.

In the same way, I can feel when someone is truly aligned with his stated goals and as such whether he can truly achieve them. I sense when someone can make it in his field of choice.

I also realize I have tremendous will power and resolution, but that I use them negatively, to suppress my emotions and to hold back from really going for it. I need to break many agreements I've made with my younger self and I need the help of the Tribe to do this and to reorient my strength in a different direction.

Finally and most importantly, I am dedicated to help other Tribe members and workshop participants in working through their issues.

This is something I enjoy immensely, notwithstanding my huge knot on feelings: I really love it when I see someone going knee-deep into his feelings, I feel I am participating in and contributing to something extraordinary! I feel warmth and I feel rejuvenated when I really open my heart to feelings and I want to do it more and more often and more naturally!

Many many thanks,

Thank you for sharing your process - and for working to preserve freedom in your relationships and in the society as a whole.

Freedom, Like a Lot of Things

shows up

for those who intend it.

May 5, 2013

More on Ambiguity

Hi Ed,

I appreciate the time you take in our correspondence.

The scenario feels different reading on FAQ.

Thank you,


May 4, 2013

Zero Variance

Chief Ed,

Thank you for the quick posting and the response.

I plan on alerting my fellow members to read the response.

I for one want to work on a trading discipline issue - Getting to zero variance vs. the system (that I post in my previous FAQ) and a family issue (which I plan on emailing in the next posting).

I'm and the tribe members are looking forward to your visit. Thank you for your support.

Thank you for sharing your process.

I wonder if you know what kinds of things interfere with your sticking to your system 100%.

Jumping Your System
just a little bit

makes about as much sense as

getting just a little bit pregnant.

May 4, 2013

Taking Responsibility For Losing Millions

Dear Ed,

This morning I am driving ... I am thinking about a reply I make yesterday on a forum thread to a post asking how we can help ourselves & others to trade well.

As I drive, I think how most - but not me - never really believe it is possible to be wealthy and will always self-sabotage. I think how I always know material success is part of my life, growing up in a successful professional (architectural) family.

Then suddenly I have an epiphany : I see that my financial drama of the last few years, in which I lose around 75% of my financial net worth, is created entirely by me.

I even choose a corrupt bank to play their fraudulent role perfectly & an unsympathetic judge to render me helpless in court. Holy Moly ! I see this is as a self-esteem / self-worth issue, something I never previously attribute to myself.

Somehow I do not feel worthy / deserving of the small fortune I acquire through my working career, so I invest with a hedge fund group that goes bust, other funds that have strongly negative performance, and structure my 2007 house purchase with a Swiss franc + investment portfolio deal that costs me a million bucks.

I get what I want : I am no longer an undeserving debt-free millionaire !

I strongly resist saying to myself "I create all my financial problems", but then I do - out loud - I feel an immediate, visceral sense of total revulsion, so I say it again, loud, aaaaarrrrggggggghhhh, I feel it all throughout my body, but I also feel great because I am admitting the truth to myself... and this is freeing and the opposite of being a victim. I feel very alive.

I do not feel I have any control over outcomes - only what I do in the ever present moment of NOW - but notice I get what I want, and I celebrate the feeling of this apparent paradox.

More to follow...

PS. Good to see you back, Ed. I am still available to proof read your new book.

Thank you for sharing your process - and for taking responsibility for your situation - and for your willingness to serve as an example to assist others.

Also, thank you for your offer to proofread.

In the TTP Rocks Process, the guy on the hot seat typically starts with an upsetting feeling and goes on to discover the deep emotional basis for his patterns. In the process he typically gets various AHAs.

He then continues with the process and receives support in implementing his insights on a deep emotional level by forgiving his medicinal response patterns and practicing new, pro-active ones.

Post process, he may find himself naturally reconstituting his tool kit to reflect his new intentions.

You might consider taking your feelings about <financial drama> to Tribe as an entry point to the Rocks Process.

Our Intentions Comprise
our emotional responses

and show up
in our tool kits.

May 4, 2013

Ambiguity (see also: Loan, directly below)

Hi Ed,

I sell data at work and during our conversation [you] provided indirect information. I wonder if you ... have k-not's about being direct with people, sales, and asking for money.

I am unable to fully experience my feelings about money and debt and this is a k-not I am willing to work on. I moved to my parents house to avoid bankruptcy and pay student loan money in full.

I feel tension and mental acuity with committing to price x and being told the price is x+y: In submitting my application with price x, and being accepted to attend, I think I bought attendance at price x, not x+y. If the TT website has pay by dates I would understand your point of view about this being a loan and this would not be a Fredian situation about my k-nots. But it doesn't and it is.

I have tightness in my neck about being told [on] May 3rd price x is to be paid by April 30th. I interpret being told to pay x by a date in the past or the price increases to x+y as being dishonest. Please be direct about costs and pay by dates on the TT Workshop application page. I appreciate directness.

Thank you for this experience.

Thank you for the catch.

Per your suggestions, we now have a more direct application process, including a revision of the the Workshop page and a policy of using SVO-p in all communications.

You might consider taking your feelings about your agreements concerning <debt> and <living with your parents> to Tribe.


You can see Albert up close
and Marilyn from 10-ft away.

May 3, 2013

Wants a Loan for the Workshop


I want to know if you will accept a check for $2,999 on September 15th 2013. I do not have $2,999; I have to save every month to accumulate $2,999.

Thank you,

Thank you for your request.

The price of the Workshop, like the price of most things, depends upon when you buy it. The Workshop price, currently $3,499, typically works its way up to around $5,000, in cash, day of event.

Your request, to receive a discount price now, for possible payment later, contains an implicit request for a loan. I recommend against borrowing to pay for the Workshop. For more on loans, see the contribution, below.

Alternatively, you might consider dealing with your issues for free, in a local Tribe and/or on FAQ.

For starters, you might consider taking your feelings about <delaying gratification> to Tribe - and reporting the balance of your debt and savings accounts to FAQ every month.

The Price of Gold
and of the Workshop, too

depends on when you buy it.

May 3, 2013

Laying Down the Law

Chief Ed,

Our recent meeting is very unusual as we do not conduct TTP/Snap shot/Rocks/Hard ball etc.

At our most recent TT meeting, in preparing for your visit to our tribe I ask my fellow members to post to the FAQ on a regular basis (minimum once every 3 weeks after each meeting) till your visit as a requirement for tribe's membership. Majority of the members already have done it and commit to it but some of the members resist for various reasons.

One saying he cannot because of either lack of time (too many commitments for now) or afraid of getting no help from the response to the FAQ posting and the other worried about the recent content on the site, being either ridiculed or offended or not wanting to subject oneself to a public scrutiny, etc.

I'm myself remembering the response to my recent posting and feeling embarrassed at first but then accepting it as a part of my own development and not trying to judge either the responder or myself.

Members discuss vigorously and freely expressing their opinions and feelings. During the discussion, I feel sorry for one who says that he doesn't want to post and as a consequence is ready to be removed from the tribe. I also feel sad that one whose efforts catalyzed your visit in the end may not be able to benefit from it. After a lengthy but open and honest debate the tribe reaches harmony and every members commits to posting to the FAQ.

We look forward to you visit. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your process - and your issues around complying with the reporting "requirements."

To clarify the deal:

I do not wish to interfere with your Tribe or in the way you conduct it. Nor do I wish to exclude members.

I realize people necessarily have strong attachments to their attachments and may naturally feel defensive about sensitive issues and may display embarrassment, sadness, anger during confrontations. I do not recommend TTP for everyone and I apply it only with frequent willingness testing.

You might view the "reporting requirement" as part of the willingness testing for my working directly with specific Tribe members.

During my visit, if you wish, I can work personally with Tribe members who (1) have live issues, (2) report on them to FAQ prior to my visit, (3) report on them again directly after the Tribe meeting and (4) report on then again one month later.

I might like to arrange these reports on FAQ as three-point "longitudinal studies" of how the process works.

Meanwhile, you might consider taking your feelings about <laying down the law> to Tribe.

People Expect Their Leaders

to lay down the law.||bellasabbagh*files*wordpress*com|2009|02|laying-down-the-law*jpg/

May 3, 2013

Tribe Report: Lending and Judgment

Dear Ed,

I almost made it out of last night's meeting without fessing up that I had once again lent money to someone, after my tribe had devoted a previous meeting addressing this weakness.

But at the very, very end of our checkout, almost as an afterthought, our leader inquired about this. Ooh! He got me!

I wanted to disappear into the floor but I admitted it. I was afraid they would be disgusted with me after devoting so much of their time, but they really surprised me with their forbearance.

Oh no, they did not let me off easily, but they were kind. If I am not able to collect the repay, I will be buying them dinner.

Then last night I had a dream about giving money I had set aside for my needs to people that wanted it for trivial things or as a result of unwise planning.

When I awoke this morning I had a new way of looking at the situation and how to prevent it in the future.

We also talked about the concept of non-judgment and how we can express what is necessary and yet avoid slipping into judging.

All of us are moving forward with our snapshots and goals and I believe some of the forward movement was not only in action steps but at the being level.

What I learned was that I can let them see my weaknesses and they can make allowance for that and make provision to move forward yet again.

Thank you Tribe, you're the Best!

Thank you for sharing your process.

Congratulations to you, your Tribe and your Process Manager for sticking to the system and getting results.

If You Lend Them A Hand

make sure they don't wind up
giving you the finger.

May 3, 2013

Getting Around To It


From Ken's front page "02 May 2013, Thursday Zeiss finally gets a round touit!"

A Zeiss Round Touit

Around $1,200.

Thank you for the link.

To get your own TT Round Tuit, see resources, above.



May 3, 2013

Dealing With the Absent Father

Hi Ed,

We have a new Tribe. As I encourage members to get familiar with the process, I make the suggestion to them that they might consider reading some of the essays you wrote back in 2004 about running Tribe meetings.

As their leader, I feel an urge to lead by example, and so I go ahead and re-read them myself. It turns out to be a wonderful experience. With much deeper understanding about the Process now, the dots connect and a lot of things make sense now. Getting to know your thought process, and able to see from your perspective really helps.

Here's one thing that I pick up from your essay

It pushes me over the edge to reflect back to you. In the essay, you wrote,

"...Various Tribe Members point out that my check-in is almost entirely absent any of my own personal feelings..."

Sir, this is actually something I have observed for a while. It begins with my own FAQ submission to you (Reframing, 3/22/13), in which I wrote, "I wonder, if you would like to share, how you are feeling. I also wonder, how we (as FAQ readers in general), might contribute to your Snapshot, whatever that might be."

You gave a generic "Thank you for sharing your process" reply. So I thought, "OK, if Ed doesn't want to share how he's feeling, I need to respect that. After all, he has repeatedly suggested that I am too demanding (for information), and it doesn't seem like he likes that."

Then as I read the FAQ in the coming weeks, and as I look only at the right hand side column, I notice that there is curiously very little feelings. Well, there are the typical "Thank you for sharing your process", or "I wonder ...", which if I can actually hear your tone of voice it might convey a genuine feeling of appreciation or curiosity, but absent any forms, it doesn't register with me.

I thought about reporting that to the FAQ, but I was afraid. I was afraid that you might interpret it as a criticism, that it is just another kind of drama I'm pulling, and then you can use it for another round of ridicule. So I keep quiet.

What prompts me to write is reading your 2004 essay, and the Tribe that you visited reflected back to you about the lack of your own personal feelings in your check-in. And you wrote, "Soon I am on the Hot Seat myself, digging deep into my own feelings and tensions, and back on the path to freedom." That resonates with me, and it gives me the courage to write to you one more time.

I also find myself asking myself, "How come I am so interested in listening to hearing Ed's sharing his feelings?"

Then I realize that is how I learn in pretty much everything TTP-related: I observe how you do things. It makes perfect sense as I can see from my own 4-year-old son: he learns by observing how I do things!

So as you keep criticizing me for not sharing enough feelings, I realize I keep trying to look for how you share your feelings - not as a way to "get back" at you, but really as a model for me to follow, and I find surprisingly few example.

Sir, I hope this helps. I believe that since we can't see our own selves it helps to have other people's feedback (although that feedback inevitably contain that person's own bias). You have taught us so much and it feels like an honor if there's something I can help in return.

We just had our first meeting and it went great. I feel excited to work with the group for the next 9 sessions and see what we can accomplish together supporting each other, yet I also feel somewhat nervous too.

The nervous feeling seems to come from the self-doubt "Am I good enough to be the leader and deliver the result to the group?" Then I stumble upon your essay and it seems to answer itself, "I cannot afford to care about the outcome - just like with the markets I have to ignore the short-term results and just stick to the system. Regardless of what the markets do, I can't afford to worry about the outcome."

Lastly, as an aside, I have written to you twice about the New York Tribe on your directory page is using an old TTID. I don't get any response and I see that it is still pointing to an old TTID. It is quite frustrating. I am not sure if it is because I was using a different email address and attach a new TTID as a document, and your email program just throws it into a spam filter. I am using my personal email to inform you and am not including any attachment this time.

Thank you for sharing your process.

This forum provides an opportunity for Tribe members and prospective Tribe members to share feelings, contribute experiences, raise issues, stimulate others and become role models.

The formula includes anonymity, that allows contributors to reveal themselves with honesty, sincerity and intensity.

In this forum I act as Process Manager, facilitating others and acting as a role model for Process Managers.

As such, I employ TTP principles, experience, intuition and reading between the lines to make guesses about some feelings contributors might consider taking to Tribe as entry points.

In your case, I sense frustration associating with getting an emotional response from an authority figure.

Thus, you might consider taking your feelings about <connecting emotionally with your parents> to Tribe.

We Tend To Project
the patterns we learn
from our parents

onto other authority figures

and eventually
onto our children.

May 1, 2013

Draw Down

Hi Ed,

Where have you been I wonder?

I am well but my portfolio is still in drawdown.


Thank you for your sharing your wonder about my whereabouts.

I wonder about that, too. Mostly I find myself here, now - sometimes envisioning myself there, then.

Perhaps you mean to ask your trading equity the same question. If so, you might consider taking your feelings about <drawdowns> to Tribe.

In The Markets as in Life
things go up and down.

While we can't do much about that
we can do something
about our feelings about that.

May 1, 2013

Wants to Avoid Whipsaws

Dear Ed

My research indicates that stops hurt systems. As I move my stop away, my results seem to improve. However, this goes against the trading essentials and I am nervous about disregarding stops. What do you think?

Many thanks

Thank you for your comments on stops.

I wonder if you can send me your research that shows how stops hurt systems - and also what alternative method you use to preserve capital during declining markets.

You might also consider viewing The Whipsaw Song on YouTube - also at Resources on this site.

Some Markets Drop So Fast

they pass falling knives
on the way down.

May 1, 2013

Amsterdam Tribe: Checking In

Dear Ed,

I bought your book 3 years ago and "the essentials" card. I don't remember if I ever thanked you for the US bill you joined so let me do it now.

I tried to reach a Tribe in France and Belgium, but there is no one. I recently decided to reach the TT in Amsterdam, and had my first experience there recently.

It's was really good to let my body talk, encouraged by the members of the tribe and the chief. To share and participate to the field of acknowledgment. I'm waiting for the next session to explore my feelings and become a better man and a better trader. I'm so happy and full of hope to fully experience the present moment. Thank you for everything.

Thank you for checking in.

Whatever You Do

you do in the now.

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