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May 31, 2013

Day Trading

Hi Ed,

I have been trading stocks, holding periods on average 1-2 days. I recently had a hunch through my sixth sense to day trade.

I read that you said on day trading that "traders use it medicinally as a distraction from larger issues."

What is your opinion on daytrading stocks?


Thank you for raising the issue of day trading with your 6-th sense.

Day Trading
like methamphetamine

can provide short-term distraction
and then lead to ruin.

May 31, 2013

Sitting Tight


There seem to be two kinds of the essential skill of sitting tight. Sitting tight in a well trending position, and for the less patient / skillful of us - only sitting tight out of the market, waiting for the short term occasion. Of course the big money comes from sitting tight in a big swing. For those who can't sit tight either way there is doom, I noticed in my experience. Perhaps there is more to it?

I tried the method of fully receiving the physical manifestations of feelings and results were from insightful to spectacular. The spectacular came a few years ago at a very awkward social situation - instead of escaping, or rather meditating / observing (my usual method) the painful feeling, I dived into it amplifying it to the maximum, and after a couple of minutes of this process I came out free and more than happy.

And you were right doubting my calculation of return in one year. Indeed, at the current low interest rates, and more to the point - neglecting the risk inherent in employing for a while the reserve money from a bank account - I kidded myself a bit. But that's all right.

All the best,

Thank you for sharing your process.

May 31, 2013

Amsterdam Tribe Report: Wanting Others to Feel Good

Dear Ed,

I take my feelings about <wanting the guy on the hotseat to feel good> as an entry point to our most recent Tribe meeting. As I get into my forms and raise the intensity, our Process Manager asks me to freeze one of my signature forms at a high point - I am sitting sideways, turned away from the tribe, crunched down, shoulders squeezed, pushing my arms out, palms facing outwards, screaming "noooooooooooo nooooo noo no" - and we role play a formative life event that I recollect.

We add the step of Identifying and giving Medicinal Rocks back to our donors (to our methodology) and I feel the results, which manifest in the days following the tribe meeting, are remarkable.

I practice TTP for over three years, with many Rocks Processes (in which we go through the set of four role plays, but) without formally identifying and giving back Medicinal Rocks.

I also learn from a fellow Tribe Member that we might also add a step in which the donors formally hand over the medicinal rocks as a gift of love. I intend to incorporate this to the Rocks Process at our next tribe meeting, and am curious to see what we learn.

Still, I feel like my most recent experience takes my awareness to another level - far beyond what I experience with the Forms / Re-integration processes.

I begin to understand: "If comfort is your goal, then stop trading".

I find myself, not necessarily comfortable, but accepting of all my feelings and having an awareness of the point at which I "want" to medicate these. It's like I step out of the automatic response process, and can see the broken link.

I welcome my feelings and let them be. They may be uncomfortable, they may be whatever, I just let them be, and observe. I feel like my "thinking mind" is very light and about to disappear - and all that might be left is me, in the present moment, with my feelings.

I like it - its a new feeling, to be face to face with a lot of feelings, right here in front of me, as they are.

I think for days about how to write my tribe report as there is so much analysis I do following the tribe meeting. I feel like so much opens up, and there is a lot to write about, but I don't know where to begin and where to end. I DIM and write down a myriad of "medicinal rocks" that I become aware of, linking them back to my k-nots, finding that they are all interrelated. This all dissolves into nothingness. I can find no end and no beginning.

As I wonder how I might best share how I feel, I recall a poem by Rumi - which I paraphrase into my own words:

I am a guest house.
Every morning I have a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
As an unexpected visitor.

I welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they're a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep my house
empty of its furniture,
still I treat each guest honorably.
For he may be clearing me out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
I meet them all at the door with open arms,
and invite them in.

I am grateful for all who come,
and wonder what guidance they bring.

Chop wood, carry water.
Back-test, ride winners, cut losers,
manage risk, stick to the system
: )

Thank you for sharing your process and your insights.

May 30, 2013

Adjusting to Canada

Dear Mr. Seykota,

I stumbled your websites and TTP when searching further about you. I read some of the FAQs. Some of the experiences touched my feeling. Somehow I can relate to the writers. I feel sad, I feel happy for their AHA moments and I feel "thankful" for the sharing and I feel "dumb". Also, I read "the inner voice of trading" by Michael Martin. To sum up how I feel about your FAQs and Martin's book: I feel dumb and I get confused. Probably I only "understand" less than half of it.

I was asking myself: why Mr. Seykota felt this group is important and why this process is important. So I kept reading.

In my experience, I found my own "emotional experiences" in the book of Proverbs, the book of Ecclesiastes and the book of Judas.

I though that this must be important for me and for my trading career. So I decided I will continue reading the FAQs, Martin's book and other books mentioned in the websites.

As a side note, I just start trading 6 months ago. I came from a third world country to the first world country (Toronto, Canada). So, I am in the process of adjusting.

The first step of the journey, I would like to ask you the following:

1. What is the right approach to read your FAQs? What are the contexts?

2. Could you suggest me any "background" readings to understand FAQs better?

3. Do you have any suggestion if you want to do it by yourself?

Looking forward to receiving your reply.


Thank you for sharing your process.

1. I do not know the "right" approach for you.

2. I do not particularly recommend understanding TTP or the FAQ contributions or my responses. You might consider feeling them or trying them out to see how they work for you.

3. I do not wish to do it by myself.

You might consider taking your feelings about <wanting some answers> and <doing it by yourself> to Tribe as entry points.

Some Puzzles

come together easier
when you work with others.

May 29, 2013

Fear of Crowds

Dear Ed,

I want to share my feelings as I anticipate my first Tribe meeting tomorrow. I am aware of a combination of excitement and fear, with excitement by far the stronger of the two!

I am reviewing all my past FAQ submissions to notice the different issues that you suggested I "take to the Tribe"! I feel a thrill even now, my heart is beating faster and my senses feel sharper, as I open myself to a completely new and unknown experience.

Ironically, despite having advanced "training" in conducting group psychotherapy (obtained many years ago), I know that I have a fear of being in a group where feelings are expressed and where others will be reacting to me. I can see snapshots of painful experiences in groups in the past; the images crowd into my mind to reinforce the fears.

Happily, I also know that a Trading Tribe group practices "relentless validation" and creates a "field of acknowledgment", so that nothing "bad" can happen. This is the source of my excitement!

Thank you for making all this possible. I am also excited to be sharing my process with the FAQ community.


Thank you for sharing your process - and for your willingness to confront your issues about presenting in groups.

You might consider taking your <fear of presenting in a Tribe> to Tribe.

In TTP as in Life

you can benefit from a group

to the extent you submit
to its customs.

May 28, 2013

Father, Son and Computer Games

Dear Ed,

Improving has become a work in progress.

Reading FAQ regularly.

Learning a lot about conditioning and how mind gets programmed.

Just had this feeling:

World would be a better place if TTP is widely shared.

Why is Ed not marketing these concepts on a bigger and different platforms which can include marketing in some ways to bring TTP to the attention and benefit of many.

Ed is famous due to MW. He can do lots.

What Ed is doing is right from his point of view but very few know about TTP. Ed is of course getting what he wants.

But is there a better and efficient way to spread TTP?

Yesterday son is sharing his experience of games. I listen patiently. In between I feel like interrupting him to make the long story short. I remember Ed. I stop and I listen carefully. Soon I realize that his passion is for computer games. His passion seems to be from childhood when we play computer games together and enjoy the feelings of winning.

Son is 17. He asks me about Ed! Shows interest in meeting you!

He tells me that he is now comfortable telling me openly if he feels I am wrong.

I feel he is likely to accept his mistakes too openly in the non existent future. May be this approach is fundamental.

I suspend judgments and control and let him pursue what he wants. His life journey is his not mine. I am just there to guide and support him. AHA! He likes my allowing him to do what he likes.

I do not like going in my father or grandfather's business in 1982. My son also might not like doing what his father does.

I am feeling better and relieved.

TTP rocks!

Thank you for sharing your process - and for your willingness to model intimacy-centric relating for your son.

TTP spreads primarily by word of mouth - mostly between people who care about each other and who have willingness to work on their own issues.

As such, an "ad" for TTP, consistent with TTP principles, might have to include willingness challenges and exclude any promises - hardly the formula for selling diapers, exercise machines or auto insurance on TV.

Fathers Learn to Balance

giving support
with giving freedom.

May 28, 2013

TTP as a Couple

Hi Ed,

My husband is a trader and I heard about you from him. Few months ago I also started visiting TTP site and there after read your book on TTP as well (we had it for yrs but I read it only now).

I have been wanting to write to FAQ's for some time but have not written due to various reasons – too many things I want to write about hence it confuses me what to write about, at times simply procrastinating, questions in my head – I am not part of a tribe right now, how will I resolve it etc etc.

Finally, after reading some FAQ's, I started writing exactly what all has been on my mind. Odd but I am feeling emotional while writing this ... it feels good, though I am still not clear what to write. It seems I have too many things that I want resolved and not clear which one do I choose first.

My biggest issue right now is that I am not all clear as to what I want to do in my career. I have worked for over 15 yrs in HR. I had issues in my last job and I had to quit my job.

This was almost 3 yrs ago. There after I kept trying to figure out whether to do something on my own or go back to a full time job. At the same time I am not at all happy being at home and doing nothing. Most of the times I am not clear what to do and end up feeling "I am stuck".

I am not clear at all what I want. As soon as I think of trying something I get doubts about it. Hence I am now not even sure where to start.

Right now we do not have a tribe in our city. Based on TTP instructions from your book, me and my husband have tried it between us twice or so and I feel it helped me. But I also want to know your thoughts on doing the process with just the two of us.

Thanks a lot.

Thank you for sharing your process - and your feelings of <stuckness>.

In the TTP Rocks Process, you might begin by amplifying your feelings about <stuckness>.

From there, you might re-enact, through role-playing, an earlier critical incident representing <stuckness>.

Then, you might notice your own response pattern to your feelings, typically shutting down.

Then you might identify your "Rock Donor," typically a parent from whom you learn the response pattern.

Thereafter, you might come to forgive the rock back to your donor, accept a new Rock with pro-active resources and practice the new resources through more role-playing.

You might consider visiting an active Tribe or signing up for a Workshop to see someone model these steps.


may indicate a pattern
of shutting down.

May 28, 2013

Learning to Say No

Dear Ed,

I read FAQs and TTT book regularly.

I am learning when to say no when I want to say no. I give back my mother's rock of always helping others even at the cost to myself. I like the feeling of caring for my own self.

I am learning how to say no without hurting other person's feelings by expressing my point of view clearly. Other people appreciate that.

I am learning the value of learning.

Feeling my feelings sincerely and fully helps me become a better person.

Relationships are improving.

I send the request to Mumbai Tribe to attend their meetings as a guest.

Thanks Ed.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Other notorious no sayers include Gandhi and Mandela and a guy who stops the tank in Bejing's Tiananmen Square.

When Enough People Learn
to Say No

the foolishness stops.

May 25, 2013

Amsterdam Tribe Report

Dear Ed,

This is my report for my second Tribe meeting in Amsterdam.

Firstly, I notice reduced anxiety about flying. The process feels more natural and I am more comfortable in the plane and this happens without the need for rationalizations like "airplanes are very safe etc.".

I have a clear intention for this meeting and it is to enjoy a form, to bring it to completion.

I arrive and meet my fellow members for dinner. I share with the Chief my intention to seriously consider attending the Breathwork weekend and he shares that he's seriously considering it too. I am happy as I see serious commitment on his part: he wants his Tribe to do serious work.

The Tribe meeting begins. We share our snapshots, I receive two no-pass and I enjoy the members' feedback, as it resonates with me: I have the tendency to overload myself, do too many things at once, set too many goals and embark on way too many projects. This results in a lack of clarity and focus and in underachievement (supposing I can figure out what to achieve in the first place, in the midst of so much confusion).

I share my feedback on the other members' snapshots. I am particularly impressed by one member: he produces a wonderful picture, emotionally rich and very clear, yet his essay seems to be written by another person and does not feel connected to the picture. It seems as two different persons have taken care of the two parts. I share my feelings and observations with him. I appreciate the openness of Tribe meetings, where judgment is suspended.

We then begin our Tribe work. We have two rocks processes and two forms processes (the meeting lasts a lot and in the end I am exhausted).

In both of the rocks processes I am selected by the hot seats to be the scolding/punishing father.

This elicits a lot of feelings. I feel anxiety about having to play the role. "In role" I fell anger, delusion, failure and a feeling of responsibility for "my" children's actions. I also feel that anger / violence / punishment are a dramatic and dysfunctional way of dealing with overwhelming feelings that are not easy to express. It is not easy to be a parent.

I notice a particularly strong feeling of "wanting to change the past" / "wanting to make things whole again".

This accompanies me in my personal and professional lives as well: difficulty in accepting the end of a relationship, wanting to make back losses, difficulty in accepting that a very nice trend may have ended etc. It's as if I am constantly chasing and trying to bring back an ideal situation, a golden age when everything was perfect. Of course, it never existed in the first place, and yet it is the object of my vain attempts.

In the beginning I also feel satisfaction in being "powerful" and in control, in exercising authority and arbitrary abuse coupled with fear of losing control / going berserk and shame for my actions. This is something I want to explore more deeply, as I feel it has important ramifications, as I unconsciously associate success / power with being a prick and I am generally less amiable, more self-righteous, arrogant, pompous and more concerned with "looking good" when successful and so my Fred sets up drama to avoid success or to undermine it once achieved.

This is also related to wanting to feel superior / wanting to get revenge via success. By the way, this is not how I want to be: I want to enjoy success in a healthy way, celebrating it spontaneously and without it changing my nature, which is to be a regular and cheerful guy who likes to relate with others in a respectful way, without having to feel superior.

I also notice trying to elicit feelings of guilt in hot seats. I want them to feel sorry and miserable for their actions.

As the role plays progress and we switch to intimacy, I notice that the feelings I feel most intensely are the desire to change the past and a feeling of failure associated with feeling responsible for "my" children's actions. I also notice having difficulty in receiving hot seats' feelings and feeling the urge to have them feel guilty and sorry.

When hot seats have to forgive their rocks, I enjoy providing resistance and arguing for them to keep them. I enjoy going through the process of "wanting to be right" (hugely recurring drama for me).

One moment that really resonates deeply with me is when during the second rocks process hot seat has to forgive his "fixing people" rock: as he tries to give back the rock I ask him a question that I am really asking myself "How can you possibly not feel responsible for other people, how can you possibly not want to try and fix them, when there's so much pain and suffering?"

He answers that he is happy to contribute to society, but that he has no control over how other people feel and hence he is not responsible for their feelings and does not feel the desire to change them. As he says this, I feel how true what he says is (I have often felt miserable in my life, notwithstanding privileged circumstances and the lack of any serious concern or problem) and I feel that he is ready to give back his rock.

When we reenact the role play with hot seat using new resources and I share my disappointment / annoyance for having to inflate a tire that he has deflated, he offers to help me and I laugh and suggest that since he has already learned on his own how to deflate a car tire, it's about time that I teach him how to inflate it as it may prove to be a more useful skill. It feels natural and free of tension.

The desire to change the past disappears and is substituted by the desire to make the most out of the situation and use it as a chance to enjoy happy family moments.

The rock I receive back during the other process also resonates with me: perfectionism. Always strive for perfection, be the best, do what you have to do without complaining, do not let other people down, do not create problems, do not cause trouble! Keep everything for yourself and always pretend that it's all fine, do not burden other people with your problems, with your imperfection!

Then I am on the hot seat. I have my strong intention.

I start with intensifying my tension and my resistance, by crawling up an strongly contracting my abdominals, clenching my fists, closing and squinting my eyes and clenching my teeth. I put in a lot of effort and I start sweating. I keep on intensifying the form as much as I can and with the encouragement of the Tribe I start to enjoy it in a few instances, but my pattern of controlling and suppressing my feelings prevails.

I try to use my controlling self and my resolve and I keep intensifying it and I say to myself that I am going to stay there until tomorrow if need be: I want to enjoy it. As I insist on forcing myself to enjoy it, I start to say "I want" over and over again, punching my thighs: this is my controlling self that wants to maintain control (it also represents the spoiled brat asking and wanting, assuming everything is owed to him, who deserves to have everything without effort).

The more and more I repeat "I want", the less clear I am on what I want, so much so that I again start to enjoy the form by saying half-jokingly "I want, I want, but what the f--k do I want?". Again, the suppressing takes over and now I find myself saying "Please" over and over again: this is my subconscious that begs for a chance to express itself. Again, the control is just too strong. And I start to say to myself: you're really the best at suppressing feelings, aren't you?

Here we are, and we can't enjoy the form, we keep on suppressing everything, there really is no way to trick you into expressing your feelings. And as I say this, I start to enjoy my suppressing and my being the best suppressor of feelings in the world. I start to celebrate my suppressing in a way reminiscent of the great Alberto Sordi (an actor who I like for his ability to play ambivalent characters). And the more I celebrate my suppressing, the less powerful it becomes and I suddenly burst out in a "F--k yourself" (referred both to my controlling self and to judgment of feelings in general) accompanied by laughter and an accompanying gesture with my hands and arms: I enjoy the process and bring it to completion!

In light of my recent experience with your video on cancer, I feel that this hot seat has been instrumental in allowing me to open a crack in my armour, through which my feelings could escape.

I want to thank you for your help and guidance and I want to thank my fellow Tribe members for their support and for their willingness to through their own issues: I am happy to support them!

I enjoy the process, I feel I am on the right path and that huge breakthroughs are possible: they only require willingness and support. I am also happy I've found a way to positively use my resolve and my stubbornness, to build the willingness necessary to complete the hot seat.

I feel my life can change more in a few sessions than it has changed in many years. I feel I want to change and that I am ready for that!

I strongly encourage all the people reading FAQ who do not attend a Tribe to go ahead and take the plunge! It can be incredibly beneficial. Moreover, what's the point of living like prisoners?


Thank you for sharing your process - and for documenting your breakthroughs with the Rocks Process.

Sometimes You Can End Suppression

by resolving to enjoy it.

May 24, 2013

Follow-Up on Decision Making

Dear Ed,

I hope this email finds you well.

On 25 November 2007, you visit my local tribe. I take the hot seat and you manage:

My question entering the Decision Process is whether I am a writer or a trader, and my answer at the end is, "I'm both."

Since then, I pursue endeavors in both fields. While doing so, I attend a Workshop and a Breathwork. My essential tribe grows larger and my connections with its members grow stronger. I listen more to Fred.

I now know I am not a trader. I am a writer.

As this understanding of myself grows over recent years, I write more (hours per week). I write more efficiently (words of final draft per hour spent on all drafts). I believe I write better. I continue my education by reading how-to guides and taking online courses.

In addition, I publish my stories and novels. I learn basics of ebook and trade paperback formatting, cover design, and ad copy. I continue my education by taking online courses and studying these elements in books published by others. The quality of my covers and blurbs improves.

Several things support my conclusion that writing, not trading, is my right livelihood:

I enjoy writing ad copy about my books and stories more than verbally pitching a trading strategy to a prospective client.

I accept that building a fan base, sales, and income may take many years. In contrast, when trading, I always sought out a holy grail to deliver immediate riches.

I view my poor early covers and blurbs as examples of what not to do and move to the next project. Also, I can redo an earlier cover or blurb if I choose. When trading, I often felt angry at myself for riding a loser too long or cutting a winner too soon. My anger at myself often transformed into anger at members of my essential tribe.

I enjoy my time spent writing and publishing. Trading felt like a chore I wanted to complete as soon as possible to get on with what I really wanted to do.

As a milestone, I attach the cover of my fifth novel, recently published under a pen name.

Finally, to thank you for sharing your wisdom with me and the rest of the worldwide tribe, I offer you my assistance in publishing an ebook and/or a trade paperback edition of The Trading Tribe or any other book you write.

Thank you for sharing your process - and your success - and for exemplifying following your dreams.

The Path

unfolds from within.

May 24, 2013


Hi Ed,

I'm wondering if you have run across this instrument in your travels. :0) You seem to do well without one naturally. I'm just thinking about you today.


Thank you for the information.

I wonder if, perhaps, the instrument itself has a high BS content.

If You Want the Skinny

establish rapport first.

May 23, 2013

Nocturnal System Design


I test my trading system on data from many decades ago. Performance is breakeven in that interval vs. strong in the modern era. Something looks wrong about the calculation as viewed in a chart indicator.

I sleep on it. I dream that the relevant library code block contains a design error from the trading platform vendor. On any given test date it fails to consider the true number of markets trading in the now, rather it uses the total number of instruments in the portfolio regardless of data availability.

This biases the calculation to accept weak instruments into the allowed trading domain on any given day. In the morning I correct the code and plot the graph below to compare.

I retest and find better performance. I learn the lessons that (1) a trader must dig deep to understand his or her assumptions (i.e. the reliability of vendor code), (2) that relentless testing and analysis helps uncover previously unquestioned premises by improving one's intuitive capabilities to spot problems, and (3) that TTP training in listening to feelings helps Fred communicate those "something's funny" perceptions to the conscious mind so that CM can take corrective action.

I feel very happy about discovering the code error and feel a new sense of self-confidence as a trader based on improved ability to experience intuition. A big "thank you" to my Tribe and to you Ed for this gift.


May 23, 2013

Still More On: Interesting Cancer Research

Dear Ed,

Thank you for your response.

As I am breathing and feeling all the feelings I clearly feel the need for support and encouragement to go through it even more deeply.

I intend to do so! I also intend to help others do the same!

As I read your response and think back at my experience, I see that a powerful rock that really informs my behaviour is "do not cause trouble": keep quiet, shut down, do not express your feelings, suck it up, do not complain, minimize it etc etc. It comes mainly from my mother, even though my father adds his own flavour to it.

I see it in play in that situation as well: as I start feeling sick, it takes me great fear to build up the resolve to go seeing a doctor, all on my own in a foreign country, without knowing exactly what I have: I may bother him. I also fear "causing trouble" in a more meaningful way: my parents are not there, I am with friends on a holiday, under the responsibility of their parents etc.

It also takes me even more fear to really start expressing my feelings and convince the doctor to call an ambulance and send me to a hospital.

I see that the rock is already with me at that moment. I cannot clearly trace its origin: I recall many formative events from my childhood, but not one in which I am clearly given this rock from my parents. I am willing to explore more.

I also really want to relive that hospital experience: in fact, I am dying for it ;). I see that in that circumstance, my fear of doing (interestingly this comes up instead of dying) gets pumped up and really tied up in a strong knot. Fear of death becomes fear of life. I figure if I do not run the risk of living, I may very well lower my chances of dying as well.

Now it's time to change, I want to tear down that wall behind which I've hidden my emotions. I am amazed at how much progress I've already done with just a couple of Tribe meetings and some serious resolve. As I progress, I feel there really is a lot to do and I also feel work comes easier (and I am starting to develop a taste for the rewards!).

This is the image that comes up: Click Here


Thank you for sharing your process - and your progress in Tribe.

The Perpetrator
sets up the tension

while your rock donor
models how to cope.

May 23, 2013

More On: Interesting Cancer Research

Dear Ed,

Thank you for your response and for the video.

Somehow, I do not notice it immediately, but I see it only now (I am not even sure it was there the first time I read your response).

I appreciate it immensely. It elicits strong feelings (I am crying now): my girlfriend's father dies of cancer and my father has cancer too (albeit not life-threatening, at least not now).

I realize I put up enormous resistance to everything, whether it's feelings, trends, reality, other people's opinions, whatever. I resist the process of living.

I realize surrendering to the process of living does not entail losing or renouncing to make a positive contribution. In fact, it seems to allow for it, to make space for it. I feel this huge knot in my bowel that tightens up every time I feel like letting go: resistance.

I realize that being busy losing money allows me to avoid the process of living. It allows me to avoid experiencing the overwhelming beauty of being alive. It provides emotional safety and an unfulfilling existence. Existence, not life. I intend to untie my knot. I intend to attend the breath work weekend after the workshop (today's experience reinforces an already existing commitment).

I intend to surrender to the process of living and in so doing learn how to contribute positively to other people lives and how to enjoy life fully! I experience an overwhelming feeling of tiredness: how tired I am of resisting! I can barely lift my arms now, my head spins! I interrupt my writing and I go through my process. I am overwhelmed by my feelings, I feel warmth and an explosion of feelings, I do not even know which. It's as if I have a nervous breakdown.

I shake and sob and weep and laugh hysterically all at the same time. Then I start writing again describing my feelings and I stop again to go into my process another time (after noticing an electrical current going through my brain, as if my neurons are communicating through a different path).

Back into my process: this time I breathe quickly as if I am doing breath work (although I have no idea how beathwork works as I have not yet read the book), I feel my head spinning again, I feel cold ,and I feel ants through my body and as if my body is into a pressure suit, I relieve (it comes naturally instead of relive) and experience when I am 15 and on a stretcher not knowing what I have or if I really have something to begin with and if I am going to come out alive.

I have an oxygen mask on my face and I do not know whether my feelings of coldness and of being paralyzed are a result of my breathing pure oxygen or of death approaching. To make matters worse (or better depending on the point of view) I am in a third world country, it takes me 45 minutes to get to the "hospital" (if we can generously define it in this way) and my parents are in their home country, ours of flight away. I've thought about that experience many time, but now I feel the same feelings, it's incredible and I like it in a weird sort of way. I am overwhelmed by feelings I am feelings everything at the same time, my head spins, I am happy and sad, I am no longer sure that was a bad experience after all.

My mind is really going in every direction, it amazing, I am drunk without drinking and it just keep on going, I am experiencing right now. Mind blowing. I can't even type correctly, plenty of mistakes and I feel like I am typing the right words, like when I am drink! Amazing, I want more of this stuff!

My brain is plugged to a socket, brilliant! My body is totally exhausted, it's fully into the process, I am trembling an shaking holy s--t!!! If the Fed knew of this stuff they'd make it illegal on the spot!!! I can go on endlessly… it just doesn't stop! I figure I need at least a few days to go through it! Thank you very much! Thank you for your help and your support! I want more of this and I want to help people to experience this.

I am willing to attend your Austin Tribe series if you're willing to accept me without workshop experience. I commit to attend all the odd meetings and to inform you at each odd meeting whether I intend to attend the successive even meeting. I am willing to continue attending the Amsterdam Tribe throughout the series.


Thank you,

Thank you for sharing your process and for reporting your explorations of your feelings.

In general, people who use the Do It Myself (DIM) process can get deep insights - up to the point at which the subconscious shuts down to protect itself.

A Tribe can help you get through to the next level by keeping the process moving forward, giving you encouragement, acknowledgment and courage to proceed - as long as you provide the willingness.

A Tribe can then help you sequence the process of identifying your rocks, forgiving them back to their donors and in accepting and practicing new automatic resources.

We Form Our Survival Patterns

during crises
by emulating role models.

We can re-form our patterns
by re-enacting the crises
and implementing additional resources.

May 22, 2013

More On: May 18, 2013 - Son Moves In After Divorce.

Dear Ed,

I have still not got my divorce. I am going through it. It is in Family court. But my son has decided to shift to the city where I am residing where I have shifted for health reasons. You might want to correct the mistake.

Instead of asking him How are you? I now ask him " How are you feeling?"

He likes that I care for his feelings.

Ed states: Father and Son have an opportunity to suspend judgment and control and have some fun together.

This reminds both of us how we play computer games a lot in his childhood and thoroughly enjoy them.

FAQ is bringing in the necessary change in my life.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom to so many of us.

Thanks again,

Thank you for sharing your process.

I now have, on your May 18 contribution, "I am going through my divorce" as "I am in the process of going through my divorce" although, in English these mean roughly the same - and feel about the same.

You might consider taking your feelings about <divorce> to Tribe.

The Best Gift to Your Child

is to refrain
from making him
have to choose.

May 22, 2013

Feeling Resistance to Submitting Posts to FAQ

Hi Ed,

I've been a San Francisco TT member and practicing for 8 years now.

Our tribe made a commitment two meeting ago that everyone needs to start posting their feelings and experiences to FAQ. I feel resistance to this commitment.

I feel that you may make a comment to what I post that hurts my feelings. I feel angry that I need to post after every trading tribe meeting. I feel that I have nothing interesting to say that the readers out there would want to read.

I feel I have no burning issues that I wish to discuss or post. I think about sharing my positive experiences and what TT has done for me, but you and other may say I'm bragging. This is my post.... ; )

Thank you for creating the Trading Tribe. It has done wonders for me.

Thank you for sharing your process - and for providing an example of how to notice resistance and go ahead anyway.

You might also consider taking your feelings about <asking for what you want> to Tribe.

People, Like Markets, Can Soar

once they break through

their resistance.

May 22, 2013

Sacramento Tribe Inspires Others

Dear Ed,

Sacramento Tribe Report is throwing much more light after my reading of 12 months of FAQ.

OMG this rock concept really rocks for me.

I have sent my request for a guest attendance at Mumbai Tribe. Eagerly waiting for the response.

Thank you so much.

Thank you for acknowledging the contributions from the Sacramento Tribe.

May 22, 2013

Gender Blender


I wonder why you picked a picture of a little girl to represent childhood issues for the man who wrote in about shyness (though it was an adorable picture)

Thank you for your observation.

In TTP role-playing exercises, people generally settle into their roles with uncanny accuracy, even if they portray someone of the opposite gender.

Gender Doesn't Matter

in TTP role playing.

May 22, 2013

Searching for Optimism


I struggle to find much to be optimistic about at the moment.

I wonder if this is my general demeanor or if I am reading too much into what is going on around me.


Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider that a rancher and a buzzard can look at a dead cow differently.

You might also consider taking your feelings about <going with the flow> to Tribe.

John Heywood
English Writer and Musician
(c. 1497 - c. 1580)

"An yll wynde
that blowth no man to good,
men say."

May 21, 2013

Sacramento Tribe Report: Rocks Process with Ed

Hi Ed,

I travel to Sacramento to meet local tribe and Ed.

I feel anxious and curious at the same time. I do not know what to expect.

Ed takes over the manager role. The questions are clear. The feelings around a hot issue are on the surface. Ed explains the hot seat and rocking processes. The substitute role players are doing a great job.

I see parts of my life's past in the play. The story is acted differently. A new choice is available and taken. Emotional relief by the whole group. Great insights and aha moments for me and the whole group.

Ed, it is amazing to observe you manage the process. I've learned a lot watching you. Lots of nuances that I have not thought of before. Tremendous thank you and see you in San Francisco.

Thank you for checking in and helping to document the Rocks Process.


May 21, 2013

New Tribe: Newton New Jersey

Dear Ed,

Hope you are well. With your permission would like to start a tribe in Newton NJ. I thank you for your consideration.


Welcome Newton New Jersey !

See Tribe Directory at Resources, above.


May 21, 2013

Father and Son Musical Team


You might enjoy this short documentary on one way to deal with adversity:

Thank you for the link.

May 21, 2013

Sacramento Tribe Report : Rocks Process

Chief Ed,

Thank you to the Sacramento tribe for hosting Chief Ed and giving the SF tribe an opportunity to cross pollinate among the tribes. Thank you for taking the time to visit [Sacramento Tribe] and as always, it is highly educational to watch you conduct the process.

Thank you to the Sac tribe member to be in the hot seat and be open to share the hot issue of abandonment. It is very eye-opening to see how you ask the hot seat to freeze the forms during the initial TTP and then ask her to explore the feelings - their shape, color, location etc.

Your asking her to take it into the Rocks Process and the subsequent role playing [thank you to the role players] is a clear demonstration of how to conduct the Rocks Process in three stages -

1. Initial role playing to discover medicinal rocks,

2. Intermediate Role Playing to find the Resources (Proactive) Rocks and then

3. Final Role playing to "forgive" (Or I like "foregive") the medicinal rocks and replace them with resources rocks.

During Q&A, your explanation of how to stay away from giving advice to the hot seat - directly, subtly and perhaps subliminally - is a very powerful tool.

Your play on words - "formalize" the emotions, "for(e)give the medicinal rocks" is brilliant and quite insightful for me.

While perusing the FAQs. I come across the following postings- I want to thank you to the senders as may of the postings resonate with me n personal level and with related issues - and to you for the very appropriate pictures that you attach to the responses. I don't know where you find the pictures but those are very appropriate to the subject of the post.

May 11, 2013
Short Quiz to Determine Trading Potential- the content

May 4, 2013
Taking Responsibility For Losing Millions- content
Zero Variance- the picture.

Thank you and look forward to your visit [to San Francisco].

Thank you for checking in and for further documenting the Rocks Process.
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