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Dec 20, 2014



I believe i found the worlds most sofisticated trade system for the dow

i opened an account fo trade for fundseeder but they only accept real money accounts, Mr. Seykota, i would not like to spend one second of your time if i was not 100 % sure of what i am saying.

i can generate 300 % per year WITHOUT any drawdown, i can show you and proove you Sir.

I need help and backup, i lost everything in my life a man can loose, but never gave up my passion for trading, now has come the moment that God needs to send me help to go ahead in life.

Thanks in advance Sir,

Warm greetings,

Thank you for sharing your process.
Dec 19, 2014

Gearing Up

Hi Ed,

FAQ update:

All quiet on the Tribe front ... I am preparing a new 10 week "season" of meetings that will follow the practices and formats from the Workshop more closely.

I am open to new Tribe members joining us when we resume Trading Tribe meetings in January, 2015.

There have been more inquiries about joining lately.

I envision our Tribe continuing to grow and make progress toward our goals.

I hope that you are well and enjoying progress towards your snapshot goals too.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support your effort.

Side note: I've had unsolicited requests to manage money from a couple of colleagues and a fund manager that is part of my family.

Lots of feelings come up and sneak into my thought process. I consider your comments on alignment of intensions between manager and client. I consider that I am also my client.

I realize I do not like the results of my trading and market interaction after 11.30 am. It feels strange to say it but it is true. (P&L, volatility and emotional state are all in places I don't like, flashing a huge red flag "don't do this!" )

I find that my desire is to work on creative/art projects, design, code, research, connect with others and play in the afternoon.

My intension is to give myself a reason why I should not be in front of an order entry platform all day, trading.

Removing drama from my trading day and retiring from the "day trading" grind is my new pro-active intension.

I commit to entering trades only between 8.30 -11.30 am EST, as defined by my methodologies.

"Stops are in, there's nothing to do"
Sounded good when you sang it and sounds good to me too.

Any trading strategies requiring trade placement outside of the 8.40 -11.30 EST timeframe are implemented via automated systems and monitored by colleagues or third party service providers.

Thank you for your support.

Thank you for sharing your process.
Dec 17, 2014

Reading Uncertainty

Hi Chief,

I am reading archive FAQ and see your reply to Wed, 28 Nov 2007, Turule System Test - Using ATR.

I see you ask the contributor to exam his feeling of "Uncertainty". When I read his post, I can't find where he shows sign of rock/knot against feeling of uncertainty. I wonder how you "read" it out of him?


Thank you for expressing your uncertainty about an item from some seven years ago.

The contributor presents a tone of uncertainty as do some of his words, such as: 'I am unsure as to why I would want to trade this on only the strategies that appear to give the best results."

Dec 16, 2014

Ready to Sell - Feeling Nervous


I feel ready to seek out and secure investors.

I have experience in sales but the prospect of selling myself feels nervous and uncomfortable. I feel it may go smoother if I approach it the way I would approach dating.

I want to find a partner and use intimacy to find compatability. In my past sales life I use more control than intimacy so this endevour has a lot of unknowns for me. I also have a feeling of not knowing where to start, but then I think I start with proclaiming "I seek out and secure investors".

I think about what I want in this relationship and what I bring to the table. I make plans to chat with a friend who has experience and success using intimacy and selling for role modeling. I still feel not knowing where to start looking.

Thank you for sharing your process.
Dec 15, 2014

MACD Signal


MACD on monthly chart of S&P has started to roll over.

For the uninitiated, MACD line over signal line is a buy signal and vice-versa. Monthly charts are a good choice in my opinion to see long term trend and to avoid the vicissitude of day to day trading.

In the past 15 years they have rolled over only four times before: Feb 2000, Jan 2005, Jan 2008, June 2011. All of the above were precursor to gut wrenching sell offs with the sole exception of Jan 2005 where the market went sideways for about a year before moving higher.
Thank you for sharing your observations.

I wonder if you use this sign as part of an actual trading system - or if you use it as an indicator to supplement your discretionary trading.

Many Systems Work Quite Well

without the conscious mind.

Dec 15, 2014

Sadness, Guilt and Anger


I attend the final ... Tribe meeting for 2014 this past Friday. Leading up to the meeting I experience a number of different issues revolving around sadness, guilt and anger.

I feel tense not knowing what issue will surface. I find it difficult to refrain from analyzing feelings between meetings. While drumming I make it a point to relax and focus on staying in the now. As we check in everyone presents issues surrounding our moms/parents. Tribe member 1's wife recently comes in contact with his parents whom he has not had contact with in 3 years, this exchange provides an entry point to strong feelings. Tribe member 2 receives a phone call from her mother right before the Tribe meeting that brings up feelings. I check in and acknowledge the strong feelings of guilt, sadness, anger.

I take the hotseat first. As my forms develop and reach a high point my process manager asks me if any images come to mind. I see myself at age 2 or 3 hiding under a wooden table looking into the darkness where I see a set of red scary eyes.

With me sitting underneath a table we borrow from the kitchen my hotseat continues. I start to cough violently and feel a cramping pain in my left lower side/abdomen. I ignore the self talk of wondering how crazy I look and really get into the feelings and release. This time I can see myself at age 1 or 2, my grandmother shoos me away with a nasty and mean look on her face. I can feel my anger rising and boiling over as the Tribe cheers I experience my anger to the point of laughing and enjoying it. My process continues and an image comes to mind of my mother placing me in the crib and feeling angry about it. I can see my mother standing by the crib smiling. I feel extremely upset that she smiles and makes loving faces all the while disregarding my feelings of anger because she put me in the crib. We decide to role play the crib scene. I express my feelings even though I cannot talk by making angry faces and when my mother asks whats wrong I motion that I want out of the crib. Looking back at the role play I forgive rocks of sadness, guilt, anger and accept the heart rock. I now wish the forgiving of rocks did not include feelings but medicinal rocks instead. I wonder how missing this step affects my process.

Tribe member 1 takes the hotseat and goes through his forms eventually he recalls a scene that involves him "seeing stars" after his father hits him. To role play the scene we turn off the lights, since I play his father I borrow a pair of black rimmed reading glasses while Tribe member 2 shines a flash light onto my face and I slam my cupped right hand into my left hand near his face to simulate the abuse. Tribe member 1 forgives the shut down rock and accepts the heart rock. He implements the heart rock of sharing feelings and learns to use it to stop his father when he may sense impending abuse.

In check out I share that during the role play even though the room remains dark I can make out tribe member 2's face however when he asks me "am I willing to protect him and not [hit] him" and "can I recall a time when I was young and someone hit me" his face disappears. I liken it to a movie where a ghost wears clothes you can make out the figure because of the clothes but no physical body exists in my case his head would vanish when he would ask those questions and reappear once I answered the question.

When playing his father I feel numb and devoid of feeling but when Tribe member 1 asks the two questions I list above the numbness melts and I can feel something but when I start to feel it I cut it off immediately. Even though our exchange from my point of view seems cold I sense intimacy, the father receives the son's feelings and they make an agreement that the father will not hit him anymore.

I thank all the members that participated in both processes. Remaining committed and in the now inspite of tiredness helped push the process along.
Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting your meeting.

Dec 12, 2014

Bike Ride


How about a nice bike ride...?

Thank you for sending me the link.
Dec 12, 2014



Per your item,

Defiance (resisting authority)
and Arrogance (false entitlement)
typically hang together.

you could be clearer here.

Defiance in this context implies aggressive & pointless as opposed to a mere resistance to control.
Thank you for reading carefully.

I wonder what method you use to impute a context.
Dec 11, 2014.

Origin of Life


As TTP and Govopoly encourage me to think more and more in terms of systems I find more examples of systems appearing everywhere.

I read a new idea on 'why life exists'. I want to share the article with you

My best,

Thank you for sending me the link.
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