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Jul 31, 2014

Weighty Matter - Closing In On 200 Pounds


I continue my food process of eating when and only when hungry.

As I go along, I notice myself developing an ability to distinguish more clearly between eating when hungry and eating to medicate other feelings. I see that eating medicinally includes eating to maintain connection with others over dinner, eating to suppress stress from recent volatility in the markets and eating to avoid fears about getting my weight under 200 pounds.

I recall previous attempts to force myself under 200 pounds with stringent diet and exercise programs winding up with me getting a painful "reward" of excruciating leg cramps at night.

I feel this system has a more go-with-the-flow feeling about so it might allow my body to acclimate more naturally to my new weight.

Yes, I plan to take these issues to Tribe.

Down about 30 Pounds

Thank you for sharing your process.

Jul 31, 2014

Men's Brains and Women's Brains


You may have published this in FAQ before, but if not I want to share it with all your readers. I recommend it all the time, especially to women who have trouble understanding why their partners don't listen to them very often or for very long.

I laugh every time I see it, it is so true!

Thank you for sending me this link.
Jul 31, 2014

Metaform (see previous)

Dear Sir,

Please help in defining metaform as used in FAQ.

Kind Regards

Thank you for raising this issue.

I coin the term metaform many years ago since I do not find another English word that quite does the job. I attribute this to the inherently control-centric nature of Western culture.

In English, we use the Greek prefix meta- to indicate the sense of "an X about X." For example, meta-data refers to data about the data (the author, the format, etc.). Meta-memory refers to your recollection about whether or not you can remember something. The same goes for meta-cognition (cognition about cognition), meta-emotion (emotion about emotion), meta-discussion (discussion about discussion), meta-joke (a joke about joking), and meta-programming (writing programs that manipulate programs).

In TTP we draw a distinction between an object and our experience of that object. We have a form (our experience) about a form (the actual object). When we change our experience of something by forming a new opinion about it, we metaform it.

For example, breasts may look very different to you as you change your position from hungry infant - to amorous teenager - to plastic surgeon - to oncologist - to mathematician.

Breasts Look Different

to mathematicians.

In the TTP rocks process, when we change our deep, subconscious response patterns, we metaform our relationships as we come to hold them differently. Furthermore, since relationships operate as dynamic feedback systems, metaforming them actually and simultaneously changes them.

For example, someone who tries for years to change his spouse, to no avail, may notice (Aha!), during the Rocks Process that he has a rock that links his feeling of <frustration> to his subsequent action of <trying to change his spouse>.

When he comes to fore-give that rock and implement the Heart Rock he metaforms his relationship - by seeing it less as something to change and more as an opportunity to engage intimacy.

Jul 31, 2014

Bugs and Wedges / Control and Intimacy


Bugs the daylights out of me: control / intimacy based relationships. We are only as intimate as the trust we have in the other person. It has nothing to do with "ownership" and everything with respect.

Think it through. Ownership is chattel and manipulation based (control).

Intimacy comes with mutual trust, respect and other focused vs what's in it for me. It usually requires a spiritual dimension where both partners acknowledge and honor, revere the sacred soul. (the three legged chair) ... Don't slough it off and trivialize.

The wedge picture was immature : ( and off-putting lol. Substance, class, and intellect are always provocative. Try it, maybe the whiners and idolaters get more creative and sophisticated.

Thank you for sharing your views.

In TTP, we hold intimacy as a function of willingness to establish rapport and to share feelings, both as sender and receiver.

In the TTP model, intimacy does not require trust; you can establish rapport and intimacy and also share that you do not trust someone. For example, you can say to a friend after he drinks too much, "I have your car keys and cannot allow you to drive until I can trust you to drive safely."

Similarly, intimacy does not require respect. Nor does intimacy require sacrifice of self-interest or belief in a particular form of spirituality.

People who require their partners to proclaim unconditional trust and respect and to surrender self interest and to follow the teachings of a particular religion typically operate out of the control-centric model.

You might consider taking your feelings about <sharing feelings> to Tribe.

Share Your Feelings
get rapport.

Impose your views
and get a war.

Jul 31, 2014


Hi Ed,

Thanks for the reply.

You point out the fact that I still use DIM, when I think that I do TTP in real world.

Thank you for sharing your process and insights.
Jul 31, 2014

Medicating Pleasure with Pain


Great Conversation Tuesday. I hope staying later than expected didn't cause you any trouble.

This thought occurs to me. Perhaps I also medicate pleasurable feelings.

Sometimes when things are going the way "I want" I obsess or act compulsively which inevitably coincides with things turning around and going the way" I don't want." (self sabotage)

For example:

My trading is going so well that I feel like Midas (pleasurable feeling). Next I start shopping for something expensive a used Ferrari for example (obsession/medicating feelings) resulting in loss of focus/concentration, and money. (self sabotage)

My relationship is going great, I feel love (pleasurable feeling) I obsess over porn (obsession/medicating feelings) Results in loss of intimacy (self sabotage)

Perhaps some feelings that are pleasurable get to a certain intensity that is difficult to handle, and at that point I medicate. (just as when unpleasurable feelings get to an intensity which is too uncomfortable to handle I medicate)

Do you have any insights on this thought?


Thank you for raising this issue.

We tend to medicate any feeling we judge as bad, including pleasurable ones.

Rocks that link pleasure to shame and guilt and then on to methods to turn off the pleasure can account for that type of behavior.

As a test, the next time you feel too much pleasure, you might try saying "I feel really guilty now - and I like it," and see what happens.

You might also consider taking your feelings about <deserving pleasure> to Tribe.

Pleasure Can Come and Go Quickly

when you feel
you don't deserve it.

Jul 31, 2014

More DIM Process

Hi Ed,

I mistake your workshope with breathwork. I think the early bird special last time was $2500. I wonder if couples can get a discount. Just still wondering.

Also Ed I would like to report that my weight climbs down. At my heaviest, i weight 74 kilos. Today I weigh 62.8 kg. I eat when I feel hungry. My body begins to look better.

Also I have some concern regarding how to act around women. I love [Name]. Yesterday I go to a club with a couple if my friends. I feel one of them is really needy. I can relate. Anyways currently my self confidence reaches all time highs. I feel I can go out and get any girl that I want.

My friend gets a pent house suite with a pool. I sit at a table. I remember my anticipation to dance and just fool around with a girl. My leg bounces up and down. I do nothing. I want to dance only with [Name]. And I want to have fun only with her. And a pretty model vies for my validation. I give her none. I want to give what I have to [Name].

I feel selfish in that I want to save every experience and every laugh and cry with [Name]. When I leave her last year I hit my all time low point. I think no one wants me. I sit in my room all day depressed while [Name] waits by my side. I cant believe she wants to be with someone like me. I think its only a matter of time before she leaves me, so instead I force her to leave.

Thanks for listening Ed.



I write to you my two previous e-mail while under a trance. I have all these feelings coming out of me that I would like to deal with better such as anger. I feel my dark side come up. As I writhe in my anger, I imagine scenarios in my head of how this plays out. I feel my eyes tire and I fall asleep in the airport. When I awake I come back into my conscious state.

Thank you for sharing your process.
Jul 31, 2014

Wedge Pattern


Speaking of wedges, I notice a chart of all commodity futures appears to form a wedge.

Futures Coiling Up

Thank you for sharing the chart.

In my book Govopoly in the 39th Day, I hold the expectation for an upward bias for assets relating to increases in the money supply - and also an increase in volatility relating to an increase in moral hazard.

If you subscribe to this theory, you might consider looking for a place to initiate longs, either on a breakout to the top, or on a reversal after a break down.

Above all, implement risk control.

Of course, if you have a system in place, you can get automatic signals to act at these points - and automatic risk control. For more on system design and for a comparison of fundamental and technical methods, see Govopoly, at Resources, above.

Jul 30, 2014

Govopoly All Wet

To: Ed

I receive the package this afternoon unfortunately the book is damaged by water.

I am including the pictures.

Is it possible to get replacements - I can ship the damaged book back to you ?


Try Govopoly

in the new, super-absorbent size.

Thank you for sending me the information and photos about your book.

I can ship you another copy tomorrow.

I wonder how and where along the delivery path the water happens to get into the package.

I ship them dry from here, unless the customer specifically orders a wet one.

Also, you don't have to ship the wet one back; you might consider keeping it; with what I read about the drought out there in California, you might want to hang onto every drop you can get.

Jul 30, 2014

Wants to Attend Workshop

Hi Ed!

I am a trader from [Country] and would like to learn TTP and The Rocks Process,
make some new friends and have some fun:)

I quit my job as a system engineer in a big global company about a week ago and now I am trader.

You and your work have helped me to become a better person and a trader. I am so grateful!

What is the cost to attend the workshop and do you have some suggestions for a hotel? I am going to travel with my wife and son (3 months old).

Kind regards

Thank you for expressing your interest in the Workshop.

Please watch FAQ for more details.

Jul 30, 2013

Transparency and Wedges

Ed, here is an example of what you always prescribe:

I hope your life is honestly present, and I hope we can get together and talk "wedge programming".


Thank you for the link to Radical Transparency.

In the Rocks Process, we locate and reprogram our subconscious patterns so as to make such communication natural.

Sure, let's get together and study wedges.

Wedge Research Team

performing a back test.

Jul 30, 2014

Programming Other People

Hi Ed,

I think about the control model and how I realise this thanks to [Name] and to you. I wonder how you deal with people who try to program you, for example pavlov. Usually I stay silent because I think if I acknowledge it the program would transfer over to me. I can program the other person also but that seems like a non option to me.

Basically I wonder how to live free in an unfree world and how to install a security feature in my mind. Or maybe live rightlihood means to go with the flow of whatever happens?

Thanks for listening Ed,

You might consider taking your feelings about <programming others> to Tribe.
Jul 29, 2013



Congratulations on announcing your first Workshop in your new home.
Thank you for your support.

For more on the Workshop, see above.
Jul 29, 2014

System Design

Dear Ed,

I write you after a long time just reading your blog.

Now I want to share my process and feelings again.

I work on my backtesting and trade-signal software for a few years now and on a more regular and eager basis after work more recently. I feel I can trade with my software after testing some systems and making some optimizations.

I also work on implementing a walk-forward-analysis (WFA) in my program. It makes me feel some frustration as I don't know how to implement it in a proper way. I try a few different versions but there are many possibilities how to handle the day after the WFA takes place.

I wonder how I have to handle existing positions (for example how to handle different risk-exposure in the old unoptimized vs. the new optimized positions). I feel a fear that I might not finish at all, always searching for "excuses" not to start. I also feel that a WFA might give a better / more realistic expectation of live trading results.

As I don't have enough money to trade futures I test stock systems. I read in your new book that a good trading system on futures might expect a MAR of 0.3 to 0.8. I wonder what you might expect of a good stock trading system.

Yours truly,

Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking your feelings about <fear of not finishing> to Tribe.

Assessment of a "good" system depends on your own personal preferences and the way you score your parameter trade-offs.

You might consider looking within yourself for answers.
Jul 29, 2014

A0 Redux

Hi Ed.

I read again 'A Random Walk Down Wall Street' and your interview in 'Market Wizards'. I read them in succession as before.

My mind 'leaps' to a finance class circa 1989. The site, sound and smell of the classroom are vivid and real to me now.

The space and time between then and now seem non-existent. A0, A1… comes to my mind.

At old A0, I recall feelings of confusion, annoyance, apprehension, anxiety and distraction.

At newA0 I feel feelings of acceptance, interest, surprise and joy.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for sharing your process.
July 28, 2014

Tribe Meeting Report


Four members attend the meeting.

We check feelings, I share my feelings of elation as I participate. Earlier the Tribe reschedules the meetings to a day of the week just to accommodate me. The Tribe decides to change the meeting day. A day of the week I am not able to attend. I feel ignored and feel despair. Knowing that there will be no Tribe for me to share feelings with. I feel sad. The tribe decides to change the day again to accommodate me. I feel happy and motivated able to attend the meetings again.

I am the first hot seat. I feel sadness and guilt. During a conversation, my mother shares her feelings of loneliness. She tells me she feels very helplessness at times. When I hear this I feel guilt and sadness. I feel abandoning my mother. After I move from my country, my mother tells me that she misses me. She tells me how all our relatives have their children living close. But she is the unfortunate one. Her kids are living far away from her.

The Tribe helps me to identify my issue instead of the "feeling guilt after talking to mother". One member comments that while I receive my mother's grievances it affects me. I feel guilty and sad. I develop forms and the PM tells me to freeze. I recall an incident from my teenage time, when my father embarrasses me in-front of a neighbor. It happens as I am walking back to the house. I pass by my father a neighbor standing close to the entrance. I hear my father referring to me as a wild kid (or animal in the native language). The neighbor laugh's loudly. He calls me by that name for a long time afterwards. I say nothing to them just keep on walking and smiling.

Tribe decides to role play the incident. A new member volunteer to play as my father. I walk into the room, my father talking to a neighbor mentions animal. I walk away smiling. The neighbor keeps repeating animal, animal and laughs, mocking me. We repeat this several times. I feel frustrated but still just walk away smiling. I notice that its hard for me to stop smiling. I am trying to mask my anger and humiliation.

After several repetitions, I feel very annoyed. I decide to talk to them, but my mother intervenes. She gives me advice, telling me to just keep it quite and walk away. Both members keep mocking on me. Keep calling me animal. I still keep on smiling, unable to stop myself from smiling. I start walking in a circle. I feel humiliation and anger. I walk back to my mother, push her. Tell her to take the rock back, she accepts after some resistance.

As I approach my father standing by the neighbor, they ignore me. I tell them "Please stop mocking me, stop calling me animal". The neighbor turns around, "don't talk to us.. you are animal". I notice my uncontrollable smile has disappeared. I keep on talking, "How dare you talk in front of you elders like this" my father says. I keep on saying "you are hurting me". "if you really want to get heart keep on talking" he says.

I keep talking. I tell him "am just young, not animal or stupid". "look at this animal he is talking back to his father" the neighbor says. Stop talking to us he reminds me with a stern face. I feel fear and frustration, I feel like I am hitting a concrete wall with my head and its bleeding. I keep on standing at the same spot looking at my father's face repeating "I am not stupid, stop calling me animal" almost whispering. We keep looking into each others eyes. "You are stupid and irresponsible" father says. Why would you say that? I ask. "well look at your older brother and look at yourself" he says.

I suddenly feel my throat is very dry and find it hard to speak. As he compares me once again to my older brother. We exchange arguments for sometime. At this point the PM suggests I try a different way.

I ask my father "how do you feel about me not as successful as my older brother?" "it makes me sad that my son will not stand up for himself". When I hear his answer, I suddenly feel love for my father, someone who loves and cares for me instead of someone who ridicule me. We exchange feelings after that few more times. We stop the role play.

I release tribe members from their roles. We all checkout.

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your process and for illustrating the difference between the control-centric and intimacy-centric models of relating.
July 28, 2014

The Hot / Crazy Matrix - A Man's Guide to Women


Thought you might appreciate the truth in this video.

Best regards,

Thank you for sending me the link.

Finally, we have a mathematical model of women.

My best wishes to those who dare use it.
July 28, 2014

Vertical Tail


Is the principle being properly applied to "prove" the Saqqara Bird flew assuming a missing tail? What does 4 times lift to travel mean? Does his principle apply?

Thank you,
Thank you for raising this issue.

I might guess it works better as a weather vane.

If you work at it, you can also get a rock to fly.

I wonder how you feel about the bird.
Jul 28, 2014

Obsession, Getting There and Disappointment


The last few months I have been playing with the idea that "there is no There, there". My whole life I have obsessed about things that I felt would change my experience.

· When I am driving to the ground breaking for [my] wing of Mount Sinia Hospital, in a new Ferrari with my super model billionaire heiress girlfriend seated next to me, then everyone (including me) will know I am (fill in the blank… ok, a success, worthwhile, etc etc)
· When I run a 3:15 marathon, qualifying me for Boston then I will be…. ( fit, accomplished, fast…etc)
· When I have X dollars in my account then (I can allow myself X, Y or Z, I will be secure, I will be happy etc etc.)
· When my girlfriend behaves XYZ way then (I can trust her, she loves me, I'm loveable..etc)
· This trade is profitable then (I will know I am a good trader, I can afford XYZ, I am smart)
· Examples etc etc

While there is some level of truth in those "if then" statements, to the extent I expect something to change the way I feel, I am bound to be disappointed. So when I get There (to the obsessive goal) I find that it doesn't change my experience, or my feelings about myself, and I am disappointed.

Now is where my thoughts get hard to separate from ideas ... I have learned about on your website etc.

The obsessing is itself the goal. It is obvious that the attainment of the obsessive goal does not produce the purported result. The obsession itself must be the intended goal. The form of obsession (sex, refrigerators, gambling, alcohol, yoga, dieting, running…) is not material. What is material is what the obsessing itself accomplishes. The obsessing serves to medicate ( block) the feelings/messages that Fred (or god, self, Higher Power, another person) is attempting to communicate to CM. When the medication/ obsession/ blockage is removed there is clearer communication with (FRED, Higher Power, Self, other people etc). When my experience of " The Present" is dominated by some obsession there is no room for other experiences. When I stay present I am free to experience.

More related thoughts:

· The zero point and the relief from medicating my feelings may feel similar. Is the way to tell them apart simply the journey that got me there?

· If there is no There, there

o I do not need to judge (because I do not have attachment to an obsessive outcome)

o There is no need to control (my experience, other people, my feelings , the market etc)

o I am not afraid of the present

o There is only Here, here

o I am not afraid of my feelings

o Life is easy (even when I am quarrying limestone under the blistering sun like Howard Roark)

o I go with the flow.

o I am open to learning

· Knowledge/belief in the above does not prevent me from choosing obsession.

Thank you for sharing your process and insights.

You might consider taking your feelings about <disappointment> to Tribe.


... helps us detect the difference
between expectations and results.

... helps us cover up other feelings.

Jul 28, 2014


Dear Ed:

I have an issue constructing pyramids. When do you add to a winning position?
I find that I am adding too early and the position goes from being profitable to a loss which is hard to handle emotionally. On the other hand if I don't add I feel like I am missing out on gains.

How do I determine the optimal add point for a pyramid?

Thank you for raising this issue.

You might consider taking your feelings about <missing out> to Tribe.

The Fear of Missing Out

TTP can help you metaform it into

the joy of missing out.

Jul 28, 2014

Risk Comparison


Leaving the land of wildfires, rattlesnakes and feral pigs, to live on a speed bump near the hurricane highway where you have to fight off poisonous mosquitoes?

Might consider adding Govopoly to the listing of your favorite books - it's on mine.

Thank you for raising the issue of deciding where to live on the basis of the comparative risks - and for your support of Govopoly.

In Life as in Trading

sometimes you consider
the upside.

Jul 27, 2014

Autumn Leaves - Eva Cassidy


You might like this, simple and to the point and emotionally expressive.
Thank you for sending me the clip.

For more on Eva, see her Nightline biography:
Jul 27, 2014

Making the Transition

Dear Chief,

On Friday, November 13, 2009, "Moving On, you write

"When You Let Go of the Feeling of having to struggle ... You Make Space ... to attract something else.

I send you a picture illustrating my current situation.

Best regards,

Thank you for sharing your process and for making the transition.

2009: On FAQ

When You Let Go of the Feeling
of having to struggle

you make space
to attract something else.

2014: Actual Result

From Here to Here

in the moment of now.

Photo from the FAQ contributor

July 27, 2014

Dealing with Gossip

Dear Ed,

I share an example (one of many I notice) of how TTP helps me connect proactively with the world.

A third party tells me that my close friend has misrepresented some information about me and about an agreement between the friend and myself.

As I listen to Third Party I feel strong anger towards my friend.

I recall an FAQ response in which you describe anger as a signal of boundary violation that indicates a need for boundary repair.

I look behind the signal to connect more deeply with my feelings of hurt and betrayal. I resolve to speak to my friend the next day after I sleep on the problem.

When we speak, I simply tell her what Third Party says. I feel curious and no longer angry. As she struggles to reconstruct her memory of the conversation, I feel calm and receptive.

The conversation with my friend leaves me with a clearer picture of the original interaction, including Third Party's intention in telling me about it.

I understand the system that operates between the three of us and accept that we all have a part in creating the results.

I believe that if I choose to express only my anger to my friend I would have additional drama on my hands, of my own creation.

For me, awareness of boundaries and our responsibility for their maintenance create the core value of TTP in my life.

Thanks again. I continue to grow so much as a result of TTP and FAQ!


Thank you for sharing your process.

In TTP we hold anger as an essential feeling that signals boundary violation.

We work to link our feelings to proactive responses, such as yours to anger about gossip - and to un-link them from medicinal responses such as jumping up and down in the style of Donald Duck.

You Can Express Anger

medicinally or proactively


Jul 27, 2013

Obsessing about Obsessing (see previous)

Hi Ed,

Thank you for your response. I see the pattern. I think I break free but maybe I just went on an emotional high. If this is what freedom feels like then I want to sign up. After I take a nap on the plane I come down from my high.

But this feeling I feel and I feel I can see people's programming. I dont know how else to say it. I think I entertain drama. Thank you for pointing out my obsession. I wonder too what I would do without this obsession.


Thank you for sharing your process.

works pretty well as medication

if you can't have sex

and also if you can.
Jul 27, 2014

Religion and SVOp

Hello Ed!

It's been a long time since I last wrote to FAQ. But indeed I have a lot of things from it. These days I have been reflecting on the relationship between narcissism, codependency and SVO-p in religion.

I have found on the net some discussions about Christian narcissism and Christian codependency. Typically preaching would be done like this:

Take up your cross and bear it with love!

So I guess that pharisaism is a kind of narcissistic leadership which tells others which cross they should take and bear while they themselves might not be taking any cross?

I mean, most preaching usually seem to be done to others, to a third person. No responsibility is taken. Codependents would rush in to take anybody else's crosses and narcissists would indulge in unburdening their crosses on somebody else, while pharisees would tell the difference and/or call the shots?

Then it would be better to do preaching in SVO-p as well? Sort of:

I love God above everything else, and my brother like myself.
Lord forgive my sins, as I forgive those who has trespassed against me.

How do you see it? Thanks.

Thank you for raising this issue.

Some cultural leaders avoid using SVOp as it compels them to take responsibility and to stay in the now.

This interferes with their working the classic flimflams such as the one that has you pay taxes and tithes in the now in hopes of receiving benefits in the non-existing future.

Typically, such recipients include "our children," "future generations," and you, after you die and go to heaven - while the costs always show up in the moment of now.

TTP on FAQ does not make promises; nor does it ask for payment. As such it does not employ the business model behind many successful religious and political campaigns - and it has a very low financial moment.

For other examples of SVOp look up the speeches and songs of John F. Kennedy and John Lennon - both subscribers to the principle of giving in the now and getting their own "pay back" later.
Jul 26, 2014

More DIM (see previous)

Hi Ed,

I just want to thank you for always being open to me and my emails. Hehehe. Sometimes I even write to you long f--king emails. And during the process I cry and feel angry a bit and some other stuff. Some of them I send and some I delete. And recently I think I write you at least 5 pages worth of story and words and stuff. And I cry a lot. And then after I write it I feel better. You serve as my diary. I hope you dont find that insulting or anything. Its actually a compliment. Since I can't write this kind of thing in a real diary when I address it to you I feel like you understand me and read it. I feel stupid writing to a book. I rather write to a real person who cares and then not send it.

Thanks Ed.

Also I wonder how you do in Puerto Rico. I imagine your community consisting of a bunch of rich guys just chilling by the beach and some beautiful spicy puerto rican women.

Many many thanks. Really Ed. I feel grateful that I can cry now.



I think [Name] has emotional trouble right now. I think we both have simultaneous Aha's yesterday. Today I talk to her to get closure. She cries on skypes. The connection gets cut. I feel my eyes getting heavy but I cannot sleep thinking about her condition. I don't know how she reacts to this. If I can ask a favor from you ... please give her a call and just check up on her.

I plan to stay up the night just in case.

Thanks Ed,


I think I break her...


Holy s--t Ed. [Name] and I set each other free from our programminh. And everythings seems so clear. People's conditioning and their program. I sit in a plane as I write this and I see the triggers. I would like you to check up on [Name] if you wish to. I title this email myself, two more break free.

I stay awake last night and even now at noontime I find myself wide awake. I feel a high only freedom brings. I can accomplish anything.

I wish to start a Tribe. If not in [Place], then I can create one in [Place]i or [Place]. I wish to call all Tribe members who think about joining a Trading Yribe more than a month and read at least 6 months of FAQ from any year. Please write Ed with preference of location. I would like help you break free and then we can help each other survive and prosper.


I feel my heart rise as I write to you. I cannot fall asleep on my flight. Even though I stay up all night. My eyelids feel heavy but I feel alert and vigilant. I write to [Name]. I ask her if she breaks free as I do. She replies "yes, i am free now. Good morning." I remain uncertain. When I think about her and her freedom the top and bottom rows of my teeth grind against each other enough to. I think many people name this feeling nervous. I hope in my heart that she breaks free also. I know that we did some work. She tells me her weak right knee feels strong since when I start my Tribe work. I take this as a optimistic sign for she breaks free from the burden that I bring. For she gives me the greatest gift I receive. Money cannot buy this gift. Ed I hope you will continue to encourage others including [Name]. I want her to be free. Her name means Free. And with that statement I realize she has the freedom to choose what she wants. I breath a quick deep breath and tears well up in my eyes.

Thank you for listening Ed.

With much love and respect,

Thank you for sharing your process.

I wonder what you think you might do with your life if you didn't spend so much of it obsessing.

You might consider taking your feelings about <the object of your obsession> to Tribe.

Obsession Melts Away

when you come to see it
as a medicinal pattern.

Jul 25, 2014



I notice what might be a typo, here:
"... SVOp-ba also eliminates adverbs.."

Thank you for raising this issue.

SVOp-ba stands for:
Subject, Verb, Object (in that order)
present tense only
avoid forms of the verb <to be>
avoid <adverbs>.

Jul 25, 2014

Akashic Record

Dear Ed,

I feel able access to The Akashic Record on certain levels, achieving fear in the process. It feels true.


After I sent my e-mail I looked at my bookcase. I took"When The Impossible Happens" by Stan Grof, from the shelf, opened to page 133, Part 4
Have We Lived Before - Reincarnation and the Akashic Record. I have never read this book before. I bought it with Holotropic Breathwork and put it on the bookshelf. It felt like a practice, similar to an astral projection, which I enjoy. Is the Zero Point a gateway to or detour from our grid.

Thank you for sharing your process and for raising the issue about Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records refer to the New Age concept of a holographic matrix of consciousness that resides in the mystical aether and creates our reality.

TTP contains tools and methods to access the personal subconscious in order to change basic automatic response patterns from medicinal to proactive.

In the Akashic Metaphor

TTP enables you
not only to read the records.

It allows you to edit them.

Jul 25, 2014

TTP and Pain Management (see previous)

Hi Ed,

In response to your curiosity; The pain remains after the process although it is not as acute as previously.

The "cause" of the pain is a mild curvature of the spine. About a year ago after a breakdown which results in the temporary loss of the ability to walk, I receive two treatment options; (medical) involving the insertion of metal rods along the spine; or (pro-active) a combination of exercises, diet change and as you term it right livelihood.

After choosing the latter option the therapist who guides me along this path suggests "your body is responding really well to the treatment if you can fix your head you'll be right". This comment draws me back to TTP.

I am enjoying applying the TTP principles especially SVOp-b, receiving feelings, honouring commitments and proactive responses. Sharing feelings needs work. People in my life are benefitting from the application of your philosophical framework.

Thank you for providing feedback on our implementation of the Rocks Process. After reading this feedback I feel a sense of sadness.

Thank you for sharing your process.

SVOp-b grammar has, in addition to Subject, Verb and Object in the present tense, the absence of forms of the verb <to be>.

In your e-mail you have: it is not as acute; cause is a mild curvature; body is responding; I am enjoying; people are benefiting.

You might consider alternatives, such as: I feel less pain; the curvature compounds the pressure; my body responds; I enjoy; people benefit.

In general, the verb <to be> implies identity: "two and three are five."

SVOp-b eliminates use of <to be> in enumerating properties: the book is green --> the book has a green cover.

SVOp-ba also eliminates adverbs and replaces them with forms: He was debating angrily about the immigration bill --> During the debate, at every mention of the immigration bill, his eyes narrow, his lips narrow and his forehead starts to glistens with beads of sweat.

Clear Simple Language
supports and follows
clear simple thinking.

Serpentine thinking
may show up as body forms,
including posture.

Jul 24, 2014

Word Crimes

Dear Ed,

I feel happy that I am not the only person who notices, and occasionally cringes at, grammar and usage errors (thanks to my ninth-grade English teacher, who was a grammar nazi).

Apparently Weird Al belongs to our group as well.


Thank you for sending me the link.
Jul 24, 2014

DIM Process in Action (Do It Myself) (see previous)

Hi Ed,

I read about the snapshot process and I feel heat rise up to my chest, head and neck, then dissipate like steam. I don't know what to call this feeling. This feeling leads me to wonder if one can cancel a snapshot process. I don't know if I can undo a snapshot process or simply have to replace it, with the underlying snapshot always a layer away. Maybe I can distance the unwanted snapshot with layers upon layers of snapshots. I think the toughest part might be creating emotional vividness.

As I write this to you coming off my high yesterday, I see how happy I feel yesterday and how happy [Name] feels yesterday, and then my heart drops as I realise I may just be full of sh--. Tears fall from my eyes my chest contracts. I want to make her happy and I did.

With a heavy heart,


P.S. It seems I awake from more than my slumber. I awake from my fantasy. And life's a bitch.

P.P.S. I read the pollinators report on your website. I read Ed's check in report on April 1, 2004. I lay on my stomach with my laptop in front of me. My feet in the air, tapping against each other.

Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking your feelings to Tribe.
Jul 23, 2014

Texting and Driving


Volkswagen created a PSA for movie theaters ~ very sobering


Thank you for sending me the link.

Jul 23, 2014

Tribe Meeting Report - More on Rocks or Bust


... continuing from meeting report below ...

Member 4 is next and appoints me as process manager. His homework to avoid medicating loneliness goes well. He finds productive activities to fill the time vacated by hanging around with old girlfriends etc and enjoys it, to his surprise. It's not that hard after a while.

He presents with the issue that he has a painful bad back but fails to do his exercises. The exercises stop his back from hurting when he does them, but he fails to do them very much. We observe that "doing the least he can get away with" is a common theme with Member 4. We run the hot seat with me as Process Manager. He fails to get very worked up about it. With his permission, we try to goad him into feeling regret for various failures to take action and to reflect on the consequences. This works, sort of but he seems somewhat impervious. We ask for a pivotal event. Member 4 is uncertain for a while and then says "**** it, I will go with the best one I can think of".

He recalls his mother being told by his teacher that he is very clever and can do really anything he wants to do. [I remember being told the exact same thing. My mother frequently reminds me of this and it annoys me.] We conclude that he got from the teacher the ideas/rocks that a) he does not need to work b) Not needing to work is proof he is talented. We identify a new rock that you need to work hard to make the most of yourself. He likes the new rock. The hot seat seems to work, though the process felt wobbly. And the entry point of physical pain confuses us a bit.

On checkout, Member 1 says "I just don't get the rocks process, but this one seems to make sense".

Member 4 states his desire attend the next workshop in Puerto Rico which Ed mentions on FAQ.

Writing this out I see that Member 4 and I have similar issues this week but they look quite different on the outside.

In meeting checkout and afterwards we feel that the "rocks or bust" approach works well. And the new exercises seem to help, though they are a bit painful. I think next time I will structure them as a praise sandwich something you like about the person, some opportunity for improvement, something you like. Always followed by a receiving response "Thank you".

Thank you for sharing your process.

Your meetings seem to feature analysis of a situation and then implementation of advice from Tribe members.

A Rock symbolizes a response pattern or transfer function; that is, it converts a feeling to a response. As such, it does not contain advice.

Advice such as "you need to work hard" does not link a feeling to a response so it does not qualify as a rock.

During the TTP Rocks Process, we locate Medicinal Rocks that link deep feelings to medicinal responses. Through role playing we practice subjecting the client to the same feelings that traditionally trigger the medicinal response to confirm the engagement of the Medicinal Rock. Then we go through a process of Fore-Giving the Medicinal Rock back to the Rock Donor. Then the client accepts a Proactive Heart Rock. Then he practices responding to the original situation to confirm the successful implementation of the Heart Rock.

During the Rocks process, we do not dispense advice - nor do we invalidate the client. Thus we also do not medicate feelings by offering "praise sandwiches."

Your process seems to work for your Tribe so I hesitate to recommend you change anything.

You might consider taking your feelings about <wanting to fix people> and <give advice> to Tribe.


Jul 23, 2014

Tribe Meeting Report


Quick meal prior to commencing the meeting. Five members in attendance, then commencement of drumming. After 5 minutes of drumming we each check in, then we share feelings for a turn, then we take turns saying something that we like about a Tribe member in turn, then something that we dislike about a Tribe member. We then decide on hot seats and have a quick break.


States that his health is suffering lately and he develops a skin rash that no doctor can cure. He says that he feels restless throughout the day when he has nothing to do. He also feels guilty. He states that his wife is back at work to provide additional income. They are both of retirement age. He is a normally cheery / funny guy but tonight looks really unhealthy.

He takes the HS and ramps up the feelings which involve him rocking forward and back, rubbing his face and making a moaning sound. After reaching a peak PM asks HS1 to freeze and recall a critical incident. He recalls a business deal involving a loyalty program that goes wrong about 20 years ago where he loses a significant amount of his wealth. After this he takes a job as a mid-level accountant where in the past he is a partner. He hates this job. He enters trading with a ten year plan ten years ago. His wife also never has to work until now as he provides a good income for his family. We explore the issues and feelings that come up and try to identify what medicinal strategy he adopts. We also try and find an earlier incident although as a Tribe we cannot find a way to work the rocks process and end the hot seat.


HS2 takes the HS and states that when he is studying a new subject and he reaches a point where he cannot work through a problem he then stalls and procrastinates and the task takes much longer than he anticipates. He takes the HS, ramps up feelings and goes into a fit like state getting horizontal with much hand shaking and fist clenching. After reaching a peak he recalls being born. The Tribe is silent for about 5 minutes trying to process this. He then states that he recalls getting a report card home and his father saying that it is "not good as it says that he works hard to get the result". The father says "that academics are nonsense and if you have to work hard and are not natural at something it is not worth pursuing." We re-enact the critical scene as per the rocks process and replace the medicinal rocks as per the drama that HS2 brings to tribe with new resources including: 1. Work is necessary in any endeavour 2. Seek additional resources when facing challenges 3. Academics are important.


I take the HS. I describe that I have acute back pain and my whole lower body is locking up. Walking / stretching is not easy for me atm. My issue is that I have the resources – knowledge from a leading physio on how to solve this problem but I fail to do the one hour work per day necessary to eliminate this problem. I lean into the pain and it is at the point that I can barely straighten my legs - I try to ramp it up. A scene comes to mind in kindergarten where I am in the company of My teacher - [Name] and my mum. The conversation proceeds in my presence, along the lines of [Name] saying to my mum that I am very clever. The medicinal response that tribe identifies is that I'm clever so I don't have to do any work. We re-enact this scene with me rejecting this rock and my mum offering a new proactive response by simply stating that work in necessary for results in any field of endeavour. Notes on my HS:

1. Clunky process although we work through it to completion.

2. Interesting to use a "body pain" as a point of entry for a hot seat.

3. Interesting the correlation of themes amongst hot seaters for the evening.

4. I view hot seats as play nowadays – give it a go, mess around with it and see what feelings and insights come up.

Also out tribe leader informs me that you plan to hold a workshop in October in Puerto Rico. I want to attend.
Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting your meeting.

I wonder what happens to your pain after the process.
Jul 22, 2014

Tribe Meeting Report - Rocks or Bust


5 members present. Our new member (6) does not, it seems, have the intention to attend and cancels at the last moment. Our plan this week: "rocks or bust". We intend to make every effort to go through the full hot seat and rocks process each time.

I (member 3) chair the meeting. Drumming goes well after I start with a very simple beat. Members check in and most are going well.

Member 4's mother tells him how much she enjoys his company since he has been going to Tribe.

Member 5 is now ready to start trading in size.

I am feeling well after recovering from influenza; I had an unexpected positive financial windfall last week. Member 1 has not done his homework though and his health problems persist and he has not been to the gym for a few weeks. For warm-up we do "tell us how you feel" and "show us how you feel" and in the middle do two rounds of sharing something admirable about the person and one round of some criticism of the person. This seems to provoke some feelings. In my case I feel a bit demoralized after hearing I run the meetings with too pedantic an adherence to the process.

Three people have good hot seat topics.

First member 1. He has periods of 'flatness'. Also he feels guilt over his large losses on a business start-up from ~15 years ago and major trading losses up to 12 months ago though now profitable since we revamped the Tribe here; his wife has had to go back to work as a result of the losses. Member 5 is process manager. We work to amp up the feeling of guilt and it seems to be working. We add in some verbal reminders of why he might feel guilty. But the attempt to freeze the feeling and find a pivotal moment fails. The earliest incident that comes to mind is the earlier business failure. Nothing before age 18. His life goes smoothly and successfully before the failure of the start-up business, which costs him his first house. After the failure of the business he has to go back to work in a lesser job, after earlier achieving status of full partner.

We conclude eventually that perhaps the feelings are not due to a rock. Rather the feelings of guilt may be a natural response to these events. If he wants to work on the feeling more he can intensify the feeling by keeping a log of when he feels it and what impact it has. Otherwise, if he can honor the intent of the feeling and fully experience the feeling, which he thinks is there to prevent further big mistakes, maybe there is no problem.

On checkout we feel disappointed we do not get to a rocks process but we feel we try hard and the outcome makes sense. A couple of members feel concern Member 1 lets his health problems slide. This does not form part of the hot seat but people feel this. Member 1 feels that things are going well in the big picture. His trading is the main thing and it is going well. He feels anxiety he will mess things up again but apart from a glitch a few months ago he has not done this of late. A couple of members mention they feel impressed at his recovery from the glitch - the pressure in context must have been enormous.

Member 4 is next. I omit his hot seat report for now as I am having trouble remembering the details of the resolution, though it was a successful full rocks process.

I am next. My issue from last time is that when I find something difficult - especially if it makes me feel stupid - I become demoralized very quickly and give up. This happens a few times with my physics studies. I get stuck and put the book down for a long time eg 18 months. Meanwhile I go off on all sorts of tangents and learn all around the topic and then come back when it has become easy due to all the ancillary learning. This all makes for very slow progress. On other areas I have given up too easily to my great cost. Member 5 is process manager. I ramp it up and as usually happens the feelings intensify rapidly within a few minutes. I am lying down and it gets dark as I roll and twist.

I have the strong sensation of being born and coming out into a confusing noisy world. The PM is asking for a pivotal incident. I hesitate to say because it seems stupid. After birth I feel helpless, weak, ignorant. My mother reinforces these feelings by the very directive way she handles me. My father donates some rocks: If you are sufficiently talented at something, it will be effortless. You should just know things.

I remember him ridiculing me for asking some obvious questions about something he asks me to do for him on the farm. Check the cattle! What should I be looking for? You are such an idiot, everyone knows that! Also, if something does not come easy, you are not cut out for it and should give up.

And his favorite rock: all academic pursuits are worthless (I did well at school).

It takes me quite a while to get this out because it feels so stupid - "rebirthing" and so forth. Maybe I have read Stan Grof's book too many times. I read it 3 times. I am thinking about doing a Breathwork weekend as I am starting to run short of hot seat material.

A few raised eyebrows but we decide to press on to the rocks process. The scene is bringing home a school report in third grade where I came top of the class. I feel very proud. My mother says I am clever and does not mention my hard work, but my father says that it is not so good because the teacher said I tried hard.

I should be smart enough to do well without being a swat. And anyway, academic work is worthless, nothing to do with the real world. He tells again one of his favorite stories about how stupid academics are, and tells us about his sporting triumphs yet again. We look for more proactive strategies.

I get my teacher, our beloved Miss [Name] to give the new strategies to me: Hard work is quite normal. No matter how talented you are, you need to work hard to get the most out of yourself. You will always have obstacles and sticking points. The key thing is to find ways past them and to seek out resources to help you do that.

And she reminds me of the quote from Michael Faraday in 1854, responding to William Gladstone, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who wondered what good would come from research in electricity ( "Sir, I do not know, but someday you will tax it" as an example of the immense good that academic research has done in the world. I suddenly feel sad for my father who dropped out of school supposedly after a sporting injury and I think perhaps this is why he dismisses academics.

Also: You can be confused or uncertain. There is no need to pretend to be what you are not. It is usually better to be authentic than to pretend to be always on top of things.

After the reenactment I review other situations where I have given up or stalled after hitting obstacles. The new resources seem to work well.

This morning I pick up my physics textbook. I had stopped at a passage where the author says "we can easily show the degree of reflection for dielectrics based on what we have found so far <launches into confusing derivation>".

I had been stuck for a few days at this point. I have the idea to work through the derivations with a note pad at my side and fill in the gaps on my note pad. This blindingly obvious idea works really well. Somehow I had the idea I should be able to fill in all the gaps in the derivations in my head. I recall that often after a hot seat, a really simple solution to a problem comes to me that has been staring me in the face, as in this case.

Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting your meeting.
Jul 22, 2014

Skipping Around (see previous)

Hi Ed,

I apologize for the depressing email I send you earlier. I write to tell that [Name] and I speak today and I feel great!! I feel full of love and light warm things. Yesterday I tell you that when I spoke with [Name] I drift into a dark and and scary place full of anger and fear. Today I speak with her and I find that I drift into such a light and wonderful place full of love and sharing and support and warmth! I feel full of hope. I like this light place where I find myself. In contrast to the dark place where I spend two years of my life.

I have a goal in mind that I want to share with you. I want to move to [City] with [Name] and I want to have a place of our own in a beautiful and safe environment. I want to have money saved in the bank. I want to create a Tribe with [Name].

Goal I don't want to work for an hourly wage. Rather I think I will enjoy working more for goals or a specific project. I can see myself working with a group of funny, caring, and supportive people, with each of us supporting each other's goals and survival. I see long, but fun working / hanging out nights where we get to know each other and also accomplish some goals at the same time. I want to hang out with a group of winners and I want to become a winner. I see myself working part-time at Wholef Foods in the city. So we can get discounts on food supply as well as contribute to the goal of the group. I want to start a fund. First I will make a system. I want to create an environment where individuals can work together or on their own projects. I will gather a bunch of individuals together and we each make a system that fits our emotional system. With the group of traders together we can create a fund, which we can offer to clients. They can invest with one or a combination of our traders. [Name] will handle the paperwork. I think she likes that role and excels in that role. It is late at night. I feel invigorated for this project. I cannot wait to create this Tribe and this home feeling. I would like to talk to you to help clarify my vision and some input about your past experience. Not as advice but maybe just as a reminder.

I walk into the kitchen and I feel this feeling while washing the dishes. I describe this feeling as happiness. I feel blood flowing into my veins. [Name]i sees me on skype she says I have a nice rosy color now. I feel my body temperature rising. I start to feel heat. I feel like I awake from my slumber.

I want to provide a home away from home for my tribe. My Tribe will feel welcomed whenever they want to come back home. This will be their home. They might live somewhere else but this is where they come after a tiring day at work or if something in their life doesn't go well or goes great. Where we can comfort you on your worst day.

I remember having this sort of feeling when I went to college. We have a Tribe. [Names] make up the core members of my college Tribe. I remember this feeling of family. To each other we are who we are with all of our faults and cracks, we accept each other. From the outside I hear this group looks untouchable, although from the inside I feel oblivious to the fact. Each person's power multiplied the groups power exponentially. Instead of 2+2+2+2+2, We sum up to 2^5. I remember this feeling. I think it is my right livelihood. To provide a home for people with no home. Group members may have much nicer houses, but they will feel at home in my house or apt (I want to have an apt for this group). I always say that everybody needs a house bum. A person who stays in a lot and feels comfortable at home, esp with [Name] by my side. At the time we had the goal of finishing college, and also finding the best quality buds around. Without those goals, the group fell apart. This time I learn from past experience to keep the group moving. This time my goal is not to merely earn a living. I want to create a power group. [Nmae] and I will be the backbone of this group. I want to make my stamp on this world. Where this group takes us I wont know for sure.

I hope that you will serve me as a mentor during this life process. I don't think I will be making a Trading Tribe group, although I consider that an option. I want this group to grow organically. I learn a lot from the FAQ's you have Ed. I have the money right now to speak to you personally. I will call you one of these days, but not now. Thank you Ed, for being there for me as I go through my tough times. The knowledge that you accept all who come to you. I cannot tell you how many times I have felt so alone even though I am with my family, and I talk to you in my head and imagine what you might say to me.

"I wonder how you feel about <insert emotion>."
"I wonder where in your body you feel <insert emotion>."
"Thank you for <insert function>"

I cannot imagine how pitiful I must sound to you in my previous emails. Thank you for <putting up with me> and <accepting my thought and feelings>.

I would like to put together another Tribe, with a mission and a purpose.

I feel reinvigorated. I wonder if I may talk to you for free about defining my goals, and a snapshot process. I dont know when my head flows with ideas now. I dont take the time to read this email back. I feel excited and ready to go. I skip around in this email.


With a mission and purpose,

P.S. I will get back to you once I clarify exactly what I want, and then I will talk to you to figure out how I can achieve this. Thanks Ed!

Thank you for sharing your process.

You may talk to me for free through FAQ.
Jul 22, 2014

I = R and ACA


The result of the ACA was that subsidies would only be paid to those who bought insurance on STATE exchanges. The government is arguing that this was not their intention. Either they are not aware of TTP or they are ignoring the equation results = intentions.

I am happy the court recognized the meaning of words but I am fearful that our government rules by intention.

Unfortunately the trend is that the commonly held definitions of words are being usurped to achieve political goals. I wonder if I now need to have two dictionaries, a liberal one and a conservative one. I wonder what dictionary the FAQ website uses.

Thank you for sharing your insights.

FAQ does not use any dictionaries; I use several.
Jul 22, 2014



Hi Ed - I like to hear your thoughts on this situation in Puerto Rico.

I consider a while ago to move there, but I have an issue with mosquito-borne illnesses.

Thank you for the heads up on Chicken-Gun-Ya.

I hear about cases of it on the mainland as well.

I also hear the only effective risk control involves staying inside and having lots of sex under a mosquito net. Now while I don't know for sure if this actually works, I figure you might try it to stay on the safe side.

Jul 21, 2014

Fog Lifts


Thanks for the reply. The fog clears up, even before I read the FAQ. I wonder what changes in the matrix to produce this result. I think you have an AHA that causes my AHA and suddenly I notice my neediness.

Thank you Ed for helping me realize this.

Thank you for sharing your process.
Jul 21, 2014

Finds More Peace


It has been awhile since I have shared an e-mail with you. I hope all has been going well in Puerto Rico.

I am writing for a couple reasons.

1. I was thinking the other day sitting out on my back porch. I realized I have much more peace in my life than I used to a few years ago when I graduated from college, not knowing what do with my life and how to accomplish my goals.

After a few failed attempts of trying to find my path and make something of myself, I found an interesting area that I would never have pictured myself tackling. Systematic trading in markets that I knew nothing about. The idea of systematic trading took away all the complicated and unnecessary knowledge of market economics and fundamentals which I never had a good understanding. And sharing a few conversations with you on the phone fueled my inner drive to figure out how to accomplish a deep understanding of systematic trading/trend following. 3 years later, programming on a nightly basis, speaking with many professional trend followers/systematic traders, I know have a path and a solution to accomplish my goals. I know have robust systems in place. I also found that my personality works well with my systems and have been able to follow through 30% drawdowns and taking the next trade without a second thought. I am filled with peace about my personal future and trading systems. I can now focus on other goals that were hidden behind a cloud caused by uncertainty and confusion of which path I was going to accept and follow. Thanks for the attention 3 years ago.

2. Round Tuit and Essentials Carry Card. For those who wish to mail you for these items, do we mail you at your Texas address?

Best regards and happy trading,

Thank you for sharing your process - and for the heads-up on changing my address on those pages from Texas to Puerto Rico.
Jul 21, 2014



AHA! I finally get it!

"Survival" and "supporting others" form another one of those Venn diagrams in which "Both" is the juiciest territory.

I may need to get a Venn diagram tattooed somewhere prominent on my body, as often as I forget to visualize this freeing image.

I feel relief and happiness, mostly in my chest and shoulders, as if a weight has evaporated off me.


Thank you for sharing your process.

Either Or


and More


With both, you get growth.

Jul 21, 2014


Hello Ed.

I have been following your posts on hosting a workshop in October on the FAQ's.

Are there prerequisites that a person needs to do in order to qualify to attend such a workshop?

I am also wondering if the workshop is designed for more advanced professionals or for a more general audience.

Thank you for raising the issue of another Workshop.

Watch FAQ for details.
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