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Mar 10, 2014

Carrots and Jade

Hi Mr Seykota.

My wife and I are going to be visiting a few American friends in Texas at the end of March and was wondering what my chances of buying you lunch?

We are carrot farmers in Ontario. I've been reading tons of trading books, which has basically paralyzed my trading. Im a passionate sh--ty trader.

Maybe you could explain the story of the Jademaster?

Love reading your FAQs.


The Essential Tribe

Thank you for your invitation. Let me know when you plan to visit Austin.

The Jademaster shows his student how to tell real jade (and real markets) from imitations.

I wonder how you might go about teaching a child the difference between two plants with very similar appearance, say carrots and poison hemlock.

Mar 10, 2014

Govopoly Website Link

Ed, I just now ordered Govopoly from The Trading Tribe website.

It may be intentional, but I noticed the link to doesn't work on this page:

Thank you for the catch.

Mar 9, 2014

Workshop Follow-up: Finding an Easier Way

Ed and Support Team,

Thank you for your support with my workshop follow up. Thanks also to those who provide comments which I invariably find insightful and helpful.

"Work hard on my trading systems for three hours a day: See what feelings come up. Report monthly to my support team and FAQ." This starts from a comment at the workshop "Are you actually serious about trading?"

* I average just over 3 hours per day on my trading systems for the last month and 3.08 hours per day since the workshop.

* I finish the rewrite of the futures/FX trading system, and do much testing as well. I also complete the code for the handling of individual contracts (as opposed to spliced together contracts into one price series) and do lots of testing of this as well. I further simplify the code with more use of Object Oriented and structured techniques. I have fewer lines of code even with the individual contracts code than before I start the changes. This work proceeds easily and smoothly with no "oh no I didn't consider that case!" situations this month. My work now feels almost effortless and easy, compared to the 'grind' of the past. Yesterday I do over 9 hours work on trading, with no feelings of exhaustion or burnout, eventually I go to bed just because it would be silly to stay up any later.

* I continue progress on strength and fitness. Weight loss continues though at a slow pace (it is Autumn/Fall here, when I usually put on weight). My health indicators remain good. A minor stomach upset slows me down for a few days and I eat a little too much for those days (~300-400 calories extra/day). I feel happy that I continue to make progress.

* My wife remains fully healthy, contrary to the false alarm from the test. We both feel relieved about this. She also loses weight and gets fitter and looks really good.

As per my recent hot seat report to FAQ I take a long standing seemingly intractable issue to the hot seat and to my great surprise it resolves in a surprising way.

In the wash-up from this, I see that I implement all my life another 'rock' from my family: Everything worthwhile must be hard, a struggle, difficult. Somehow the hot seat issue exacerbates this rock. Anyway, after resolving the hot seat issue I feel fully empowered to do things the "easiest good enough" way from here on in. It feels very liberating. Also I feel, for some reason, less wound up about various political issues that have long bothered me.

I plan to report every two months from here - I find less to report and the reports are more consistent. A report every two months suffices to keep me on my toes I think. Let me know if you disagree

The combination of tracking my time and progress on my trading work, plus the reporting and accountability mechanisms, results in many good things: I have a lot of good work completed, several serious issues resolved, things feel a lot better.

Next report 10th *May* 2014.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Mar 9, 2014

How to Convince Investors

Dear Mr. Seykota,

Thanks for making this email available to contact you. I am finding it not easy to communicate with potential investors about how profitable trend-following can be. I find they do not believe this can be relatively safe and profitable. I am therefore directed towards people who know how profitable trend trading can be.

Every day I admire more how you were able to raise funds when you started trading and you were pioneering a trading approach. I was wondering if you had any comments on how to convince investors for these trading strategies.

Best regards,

Thank you for raising this issue.

In the Control-Centric Model we try to convince people; in the Intimacy-Centric Model, we establish rapport and, together, discover if our product fits our client.

You might consider taking your feelings about <wanting to convince investors> to Tribe.

Convincing and Resistance

go together.

March 9, 2014

Wondering About Breathwork / Asthma


I notice Breathwork Weekend on FAQ and this peaks my curiosity. I order Grof's book. When I start to read I feel fear and excitement. The fear outweighs the excitement and I put book down. A friend shares his desire to do Breathwork and this renews my excitement.

I wonder what I hope to accomplish from Breathwork. As I read the book more I realize I want to give up control, feel and express more love, as well as explore a past traumatic experience.

I read more and wonder if my asthma is psychosomatic. The very next day after realizing that I want to give up control my asthma symptoms flare up and persist even now after being well controlled for at least a year or so.

I read about the link between sinusitis, Raynaud's phenomenon and energetic blockages. When I realize my asthma, sinusitis, and Raynaud's phenomenon could all be linked I feel a sense of relief.

I also feel fear looking forward to the unknown and work that I feel must be done to further my personal growth.

I wonder if these same symptoms that have afflicted my father are psychosomatic in nature. I recall asthma becoming problematic for both of us at the same age and probably at the same point in life. A point where we start breaking away from "home" to start our own "life", "home".

I notice all these things as my father prepares to travel back "home" overseas after being away for 18 years to visit Mommy who is well into her 80s. I wonder what emotions he feels in relation to this trip.

Thank You

Thank you for sharing your process.

Before you engage Breathwork, you might consider checking with your physician.

If you both feel safe, you might consider taking your feelings of <difficulty with breathing> into the Breathwork as an enrty point.

You can find a fairly comprehensive pharmacological summary at

Albuterol Handles the Symptoms

To get at the root of the matter
you might look deeper.

March 9, 2014

Love Song - Denver & Domingo


The nature of love is unfolding in the Moments of Now.


Thank you for sending me the link.

Mar 9, 2014

Breathwork Application

Dear Ed,

Please find my essays, below.

I use the Subject-Verb-Object-present tense form of verbal communication to stay in the NOW. SVO-P communication eliminates the use of past and future tense by keeping everything in the now. Past and future only exist as concepts in the now. There is no past or future; there is only the ever evolving moment of now. Politicians are well adept at placing blame in the non-existent past and making promises in the non-existent future; and they are also well adept at using SVO-p communication for keeping things in the now, especially when raising campaign money.

Control-Centric and Intimacy-Centric Relating
Control-Centric relating involves one person attempting to control the other person(s) based on what they deem is appropriate and best. Control-centric relating involves telling other people what to do either directly in the form of declarative statements or commands, or indirectly in the form of questions. People engaging in control-centric relationships often alternate who is doing the controlling. Intimacy-Centric relating involves people feeling their feelings and having willingness to share feelings. In Intimacy-Centric relating, people send and receive feelings and do not attempt to control one another. Intimacy-Centric relating involves acceptance and feelings; Control Centric relating involves judgment and commands.

TTP and Questions
In The Trading Tribe Process the Hotseat indicates willingness to feel feelings. The tribe supports the Hotseat in feeling feelings. Questions invoke thought and engage cognitive, cerebral thinking and detract from feeling feelings. Questions have the net effect of derailing the Trading Tribe Process.

The Rocks Process
We use real rocks or tokens in the Rocks Process to represent response pattern: a linkage of an emotion to an action. The Rocks Process involves finding the critical incident; identifying the stressor, rock donor, and client. The process manager solicits role players to act out the critical incident. Once the critical incident feels real to the client, the tribe supports the client in fore-giving the medicinal rock to the rock donor. Next, the tribe presents the client a Heart-rock. The client accepts the new Heart rock that has additional resources, usually the resources of establishing rapport, sending feelings and receiving feelings. Sometimes the tribe adds other resources; for example, defense of property rights. The role players act out the critical incident and the client uses the new resources in the Heart rock, and the client gets much different results. All medicinal rock linkages to the critical incident reprogram and now link with the resources and results of the Heart Rock. The client gets a Heart Rock Reboot.

How Breathwork Works
Breathwork uses hyperventilation, music, and bodywork so people may get into a non-ordinary state of consciousness and activate the psyche for healing purposes. Each breathwork participant has a sitter who is supportive, protecting and caring, and does not otherwise interfere with the process. The client surrenders to the process. From my reading of Grof’s book, it appears to me that in breathwork, as in TTP, intellectualizing (or asking questions and invoking the conscious mind) is detrimental to the process and that the emphasis of the process is on the healing power of the psyche. In short, for breathwork to work, it is paramount that the client trust in and surrender to the process—the healing power of the psyche takes care of the rest.

What I intend to accomplish
I want to accomplish my goal of trading other people’s money profitably and breakthrough whatever is standing between me and success at achieving this goal. I want to work with you and promote your book in the process, and follow the trend with fellow tribe members by sharing with them, receiving them, and by working on myself. I want to rid myself of a victim mentality and take off the chains holding me back.

Commitment Declaration
I am willing to trust in and surrender to the process. And I feel fear. I feel more fear in not doing breathwork. I commit to participate fully in the Breathwork and report my experiences to FAQ one week later, one month later and 6 months later.

I agree to reading, understanding and signing the hold-harmless disclaimer.

Thank you for your sending me your application.

Mar 8, 2014

Tribe Report


4 members present. Last time I promise myself and commit to others a hot seat and rocks on a long standing issue.

I have an earlier hot seat on this topic. See previous hot seat report on "Tiger". I resolve aspects of the problem - harbouring feelings of revenge - but over time it emerges there are more layers remaining on the onion

I feel very nervous and uncertain. I feel "don't go there". I feel monsters are there, and tell the Tribe this.

I explain the issue. I experience various traumas aged 7-8 in my family: my beloved grandmother dies suddenly (she lives at our house), my mother gets depressed and starts to neglect us, our parents' marriage is on the rocks. An abusive teacher "Tiger" arrives in place of our lovely Miss W.

She canes us with great drama and with heavy sexual overtones for anything or nothing, even for failure to control our 8 year old bodily functions. Several canings of students each day - in front of the class for maximum humiliation and drama.

Highly ritualized, we must walk up and write our names on the board and wait for the next break for punishment. Caning of the whole class based on a certain number of people caught talking, with countdown from 10 to 1 over 10 days. I ask my parents to help, but they do nothing useful, though my parents say they do everything they can.

Others have suffered much more I know, from this teacher and from other things. But this affects me for many years. Memories of this flash back to me many (10-15) times every day since then. It feels very disturbing and often incites certain medicinal and avoidance behaviour and thinking. I find my medicinal and avoidance behaviour shameful and embarrassing. I feel myself fatally flawed and unworthy. Perhaps the world is better without me I feel sometimes.

I start the hot seat with a lot of energy. The tribe supplies lots of encouragement. I try to amp up the feelings from that time, but I find it difficult. I keep shying away. It is very hard. (I think - just like my trading work???). Normally I find hot seats flow well but not this one. I make 4 attempts at the hot seat. After the second attempt, we appoint a process manager which helps (!). I feel successful in fully experiencing the feeling but only for brief moments I continually shy away from it ("bounce off it" as I put it).

PM asks do I want to re-enact it and when did I feel this way first? Did my parents donate strategies? PM feels my parents are crucial. I don't think so. I sit and try to just experience the swirling feelings a bit longer and let it happen without effort. I realize the first time I feel like this is in this class. I never feel anything like this before.

I suddenly identify the rock donor and what she donated. I realize someone abuses the teacher herself in some way at some time. And she finds a strategy to use when abused: become the powerful strong frightening abuser herself. Somehow I pick this up without a word being said. This way, she - and I - can avoid the feelings of fear, powerlessness and vulnerability. When these feelings come up, imagine yourself as a powerful abuser.

I adopt this strategy. I don't act on the strategy, except in my head in a kind of Walter Mitty mode. Whenever I feel those feelings, I switch to Walter Mitty mode as the powerful abuser and it makes them go away. I feel very deeply ashamed of even having those thoughts. The only saving grace is I don't act on my thoughts and they are not about children.

All this surprises me a lot. Going into the hot seat I think I have a mild vanilla PTSD and that rocks style "suboptimal strategies" are not relevant to this situation. I think perhaps if I allow myself to fully feel the fear, my PTSD may possibly go away. I think TTP and rocks will probably not help much but it's worth a shot. I notice that I *always* have a fancy - and wrong - theory going into a Hot Seat.

We re-enact the scene after the punishment where she donates these strategies. I initially accept the strategy above and feel how it goes - as per usual. Then we re-enact and I ask her to hold off for a moment as I feel there may be a better way. A family friend then donates a better strategy. I look clearly at the teacher and see how pathetic she is.

I feel sorry for her. I do not want to be like her. I do not want her to determine my feelings and strategies - someone who hurt me so much. I decide to do the best I can to deal with the situation but to allow myself to feel and process what happened. You can hit me but you cannot turn me into someone like you. I give you your strategy back - I don't want it. I vehemently do not want this strategy. I also feel a little sad for her, and feel what it is like to be her. This strategy seems to work a lot better.

We check out and one member expresses his view that "the proof of the pudding will be in the eating".

I re-read my previous report to FAQ about "Tiger". I think that hot seat finds something real, but not the whole story. In that hot seat I identify the strategy of getting through the punishment by holding on to feelings of revenge. I remember that hot seat makes a big difference. I let go of revenge as a strategy. Perhaps I find two strategies during that year. Perhaps it takes time to peel back the onion and the layers of strategies.

I hold off on sending this in to see if it sticks OK as per tribe member's comment. Two weeks later....

The daily flashbacks are gone. For a while I spend some time reprocessing lots of things from my past. In the last few days, I find myself suddenly thinking "Wasn't there something I was supposed to worry about and remain vigilant about?". I find the medicinal thinking doesn't appeal to me now. For all those years I feel myself horribly flawed and evil and that this would never go away - even though I never do anything bad; only in my imagination in Walter Mitty mode. It feels like a great relief not to think of myself as some kind of evil monster, who suppresses his evil with great effort.

In the last couple of weeks my trading work accelerates enormously. Somehow this feeling "it has to be hard work" relates to this hot seat and rocks.

Thank you for sharing your process - and for documenting your meeting - and for breaking through.

Caning Scars

The physical scars
take a while to heal.

The emotional scars
may take longer.
Mar 7, 2014

Dealing With Govopoly at the Airport


I pass this information along to help your traveling readers.

The lady in the photo below provokes a TSA pat-down, likely by not remembering a simple rule.

As You Can See

her suitcase has no name tag.

Thank you for passing along this valuable information.

Mar 7, 2014

Mama Don't Allow


I remembered seeing this years ago, and sure enough it's on You Tube: Bing Crosby and Jose Feliciano play Mama Don't Allow.

Thank you for the link.

Mar 7, 2014

Voice in Head

Hi Ed,

Sorry if I email you to much or give you too much information.

I swear that I heard your voice in my head when I woke up this morning.

Something along the lines of changing if I want to change. Or something like that. Its really weird because it sounded so clear.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Mar 6, 2014


Hi Ed,

Thanks for writing Govopoly and sharing your assimilation theory.

I enjoy reading the book. I usually read a few pages and then think about it for a few days.

Your book helps me accept possible and inevitable scenarios. I like the "no blame" approach. As I read the book, I find more evidence of government controls and regulations around me.

Regarding the book, I still need to clarify how tool making contributes to a higher standard of living. People who can buy better and less expensive goods might enjoy a higher standard of living. However, a foreign country might manufacture those goods.

Some sections in the book reminds me the hyperinflation in my country of origin during the eighties.

At some point, we have 5% inflation ... per day. During this time, I remember visiting a bakery every Sunday to buy my favorite chocolate cake. I recall the price increasing every week. Now that I live in the US, I usually pay close attention to the price of pastries at my favorite coffee shop. Somehow, I have a personal chocolate cake index to track inflation. When I see that prices increase, I worry about inflation.

I feel a sensation through all my body and I wonder if we might enter an hyperinflation cycle.

I feel sad when I think about the outlook in America. I live half of my life here. I consider America a great country with great people. I also think about all the great things that start here, from technology to music.

Finally, after reading the book, I try to adapt myself to situations. I also plan to develop systems to help me go through difficult times.


Thank you for sharing your process.

Mar 6, 2014

Stock Price Targets

Dear Ed,

I have recently started to trade. After long years of studying about trend following and making my mind about the strategies that best suit my personality.

I have a real dilemma and i was wondering if you could enlighten me with an answer or a guidance.

I set my profit target at a 20% stock increase and cut my losses at 4%. My problem with this is that sometimes 20% is reached within a few days and I feel like it could keep on rising, which it in fact does once I close my position.

What should I do, increase my target or treat different stock performances differently?

I know I should not ask question but it really is not, I merely would like to know what you suggest ?


Thank you for raising this issue.

I discuss trading methods in general and price targets in particular in my book, Govopoly in the 39th Day.

Mar 6, 2014


Hi Ed,

I had a dream last night. The text below details the dream. I originally wrote it to [my girlfriend].

We were in a workshop with Seykota and two other guys. At least one of them was young in his 20's.

We were doing calculations for our system i guess. I wrote some stuff down on a paper excel style like in rows and columns and it was my calculations and he took a look at it and he said i can see you're not stupid.

And i took that as a compliment and i was surprised because I didn't think the calculations were good enough. Then two other people left in the afternoon. We stayed longer.

I had my copy of Govopoly face down on the ground and Ed picked it up to reveal the front cover was wet and a bit dirty from being on the ground. There was gold letting on the front. I guess he had signed it and wrote a message for me that was now dirty.

He gives me a new copy but with a different binding. I figure it was a pre publication copy and i had to complete the book. Anyways we were sitting on a stool and table like in art class next to the wall.

Then Ed noticed you had a native American pouch that you took off the wall. There were others on the wall that was still wrapped, i guess it was for sale. And you took one and hadn't paid for it yet. Then Ed noticed that and asked for payment. And i said something along the lines of why haven't you paid it yet? Since i assumed that one pays for it before.

I felt pretty good after waking up. Like I accomplished something. Last night I worked out so maybe thats why.

I wonder if you saw me in your dreams. As you are aware this is not the first time I have seen you in my dreams. One of my worries is that I am heading towards where I am heading and I cannot divert from the path and that I have no choice.

You haven't updated your site in a while (two weeks). I like reading your site and I appreciate you and the other contributors.

I'm not sure if you've seen this or not. Its a video from Google talks. About the movie inception and philosophy. I think it is very interesting. It is 42 mins long. I'm sure the concepts are something you've given extensive thought on. I find myself wondering about the nature of reality and dreams and all. Maybe some of the Internet tribe might also enjoy the video.

Thanks for your time,

Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking your dream to Tribe and developing your feelings as each of the elements in your dream.

You might consider that in the video clip, the presenter tries to analyze the film logically and tends to avoid the associating feelings.

Mar 5, 2013

Hold the Syrup, Please
(see subsequent)


Good morning.

Yesterday evening I shout at my 12 year old son and tell him his behaviour and the way he treats his friends and family makes me feel very uncomfortable and sad at times.

I tell my son that until I feel different I won’t be paying him his pocket money. Furthermore, I tell him that when I feel uncomfortable around people I withdraw and don’t spend time with these people. As I say this I realise the magnitude of what I am saying to another person. My wife intervenes and asks me to explain to my son what I mean by all this. I explain how I feel and my son says he doesn’t understand “why” - he says he needs examples of how to improve his behaviour.

My wife agrees and suggests I give my son examples of unacceptable behaviour. I give my son a few examples of behaviour I find difficult unacceptable and difficult to be around. I immediately feel regret for digging into the details as the conversation turns into an examination of cause and effect and blame. I stop and try to revert sharing how I feel rather than assigning blame - my son departs with tears streaming down his face.

I wake this morning and feel sad and guilty. I tell my son how I feel and that I love him very much. I ask him if I can give him a cuddle and he says “no” – this hurts but I respect his boundary.

My son appears withdrawn, hurt and sad and I feel even stronger feelings of guilt, sadness and compassion. After I drop my daughter at school I go with my feelings and send my son the text message below. I immediately feel lighter after sending the text. The text and my sharing of feelings took a minute or two to complete and feels like the right thing to do.

===== TEXT MSG =====

My dearest [],

I wake up this morning and I feel really sad and guilty. I want to say sorry if I hurt you with what I say. Yesterday evening I feel really uncomfortable when I see your friend [] on his own and you on the computer.

I also feel angry when you ignore my request to stop putting the pancakes on your head.

I want to tell you that I really do love you. I also notice and think of the many wonderful and kind things you do for me and others around you. I feel happy and blessed when I think about these things. As I promise I re-instate your pocket money when I feel different. I feel different now and your pocket money is back. Thank you for helping me feel these feelings and reminding me to share my feelings. I find sharing how I feel very difficult. I hope you have a good day. I wish you lots of love and luck today. Love Your Dad.


Ed I wonder if you notice any entry points for my next tribe meeting? I feel like I may have issues around <guilt> <sadness>.

Many thanks for the TTP process – here in Newbury it continues to improve the lives of three people you have never met.

Best regards

Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking your feelings of <sadness, guilt and pancakes on heads> to Tribe as entry points.

Perhaps you can identify a Rock that links [having fun with food] with [getting angry].

One possible result you might consider involves you and your son taking turns putting pancakes on each others' heads and laughing about it and even taking some pictures of the fun.

The Old Pancake-On-Head Routine

Some people find it cute.

Others get furious.

Mar 4, 2014

Wants to Join Austin Tribe

Dear Ed,

I hope you are well.

Since I left my stock broker business and started to manage money in late 2010. It was a struggle from the beginning mainly due to cultural transition reasons from my part and few of my loyal supportive clients.

However we manged to learn about each other in a more closer level and learn to adopt and focus on successly return. I have managed to do OK till May of 2013. The return are not spectacular and mediocre at best. However my clients keep up with me and realized that they truly care for our successes. I realized that I am responsible. I realized I am fully responsible for the return and cannot blame anybody. It became evident problem is with me and not client once again.

In May of 2013 my father passed away. He was 84 years old and I knew it was coming. I don't want to blame my draw-down due to my father's death however since he passed away not a one thing went right on my system.

The more I follow my system I hit new low. I stick with it till Nov. of last year and basically dried out. I notice I come up with some monkey ass reason and make up some bull s__t system. Hitting all time low in the account till the last day of Dec. 31st.

I start the year fresh. I feel good and somehow found strength to keep going. I started to keep trading journal for the last few months but suddenly quit and come up with some monkey system once again and start losing money. Hitting all time low once again today. I see I am creating nothing but drama . Terrible, I am responsible for the result. I want to do well for the client. I need help but don't know anyone.

I care for my clients and their money. I want to do well for them. I don't know why I end up like this. I have always been fortunate to have beyond belief supporters yet I cannot deliver.

Those are my issues Ed. I never thought I have to do TTP once again, however my responsibility overwhelms my ignorance. I seek for your acceptance to the upcoming tribe session.

Please considered me in your tribe for the next ten sessions.

Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking your feelings about <overwhelm> to Tribe.

Death in the Family

as well as divorce
and other stress

can show up in trading.

Mar 4, 2014

What to Do

Hi Ed,

I'm 20 years girl from Italy, i was searching something about trading in stock and i find you name so i start to search who you are and what you do, i live in Italy and i can't follow your meetings, I'm really interested about this word financial, i would ask you what i should to do?

Where i can learn what you do for understand what mean trading really?

I will really appreciate your answer (Sorry for my English :D) thank you

Thank you for your inquiry.

In your search for information about trading, you might consider (1) learning about the principles of trading and (2) learning about your own emotional response patterns.

My book, Govopoly in the 39th Day has a few sections on the principles of trading. You might also consider joining (or starting) a Tribe in your area to learn about yourself.

You might also consider that, with trading as with any profession, mastery takes commitment and hard work - beware of people who promise fast and easy riches.

Get Rich Quick

generally works better in theory
than in practice.

Mar 4, 2014

Feelings of Winning

Dear Ed,

It's great to see you launch your book. I feel happy to see the success of your project.

My own Big Wave continues to move forward. I feel blessed and lucky as important milestones continue to rack up. The dream is now reality. I am funded by a group of investors and the portfolio is live. I only occasionally feel a sense of accomplishment though - for the most part I feel an ever present stress about something or other: Is my algorithm good enough? Are my operational plans in order? Are there any mistakes in my spreadsheets? The list of stressors is endless...

Recently though, a new feeling emerges: A sense of fear and anxiety over how well the portfolio is doing. The first month of operations yields a very nice 3.3% return as the portfolio captures huge, surging trends in some of the commodity markets. However, instead of feeling happy or satisfied I'm feeling nervous anxiety. Occasionally there is a sharp tightness in my chest and it feels like someone is squeezing my windpipe inside my chest. My shoulder blades also feel tight. Sores break out in my mouth and on my tongue.

I stick to the system 100%, but I keep getting a scary feeling like being on top of a roller coaster about to plunge into a steep dive. Since my program is purely mechanical I have nothing to do but keep worrying and feeling helpless. I'm strapped to this machine and it's soaring higher and higher....what's next? A fall? Of course, I know that draw-downs are a part of the game. But it's a complete surprise that a rally in my account equity can cause feelings of such dread. I don't know what to do. Is this normal?

You ever grateful student.

Thank you for sharing your process and your feelings of winning.

In our Tribe Work, we see that people have uncomfortable feelings about winning as well as about losing.

When You Learn to Enjoy

your feelings of winning ...

You Can Win

much more easily.


Mar 4, 2014

Gift of Life

Hi Ed Seykota,

Read this I remembered you:

Life is only traveled once; today’s moment becomes tomorrow’s memory. Enjoy every moment, good or bad, because the GIFT of LIFE is LIFE itself…

As usual, thanks for all the guidance you have given all this time.

With regards,

Thank you for checking in.

Mar 3, 2014

Decreasing Population

Hi Ed,

I came across this documentary about Japanese men and their love for "digital" girls:

The video reminds me of your book and how duckweed is taking over, in this case in form of computers and digital gadgets.

In your tools section, you talked about "% of new created tools needed" to just sustain future levels. This matches the issue In Japan, where the levels of newborns are constantly declining. From the documentary, I noted:

- Japanese women only have 1.4 children on average
- But 2 are needed to just keep the population at a constant level
- If 1.4 is the new norm, the population will decrease by "30%" over the next 50 years
- The less new born, once they also grew up, the fewer of them will have babies in the future, thus a tremendous "exponential decline" in the future

I was thinking of the term "Duckweed" that could be referred to as "Digital gadgets" in Japan's case, thus duckweed covering the space left for real relationships.

Seems that some Japanese men aspire to have a good life with an "unreal" women, as there is no hard work to be done, that usually comes along in a relationship.

I never heard of this before. I find it frightening.


Thank you for sharing the link - and your feelings about it.

Mar 2, 2014

Flash Waltz

Forty students from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance took a classical approach to the flash mob as they flash-waltzed Tchaikovsky's "Waltz of the Flowers" at the new Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower in Jerusalem.

The surprise concert was part of Good Deeds Day, an annual event that originated in Israel in 2007 and now takes place in over 50 countries worldwide. On this day volunteers reach out to the less fortunate and the vulnerable.

The Academy students enjoyed the day so much that they have decided to schedule regular concerts at the hospital. Hadassah Medical Organization treats over one million patients annually, without regard to race, religion, or national origin.

Thank you for the link.

Mar 2, 2014

Workshop Report

Dear Support Team,

I appreciate the counsel I receive from a number of you about how long back-testing can take, and realize that I underestimate this task at the onset of the project.

Yesterday, it is late at night, I feel frustrated, tired, and at the end of my wits as I hit some snags in getting Tradestation to work with the 3rd Party Continuous Contract Data that I use - and notice some wildly unexpected back-testing outcomes :-(

I actually feel about as low as I've felt in my trading career and have a thought, for the first time in my life, about dropping the whole project, even trading ...

... but I don't. Something I feel inside tells me that I've been at such crossroads before and taken the easy path - and that this is the very time to keep moving forward. I decide to go to sleep and send my update to you one day late, as I am exhausted by the time I finish, and stuck.

Luckily, or rather intentionally, I wake up with some fresh insights that enable me to continue moving forward!

In fact at this stage, after further back-testing, I feel like I am quite satisfied with the entry and exit parameters of the system and the only elements remaining for me to complete the project are:

1. deciding on the 'lag' for my money management stop, and
2. the exact 'percentage' of initial fixed fractional risk I am willing to bet on each trade

I expect to complete the remaining testing on a fixed portfolio of 20 futures instruments by my revised target date of April 1st, but then again I might be overestimating this :-)

Thank you, especially to those of you who consistently respond to my updates and share your encouragement, support, and insights. I find it invaluable

I can safely say that without having you to keep my commitments to, this project would have long been over, incomplete, or drifting along without a target.

Best regards,

Thank you for checking in.
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