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Mar 31, 2014

Workshop Follow-Up:
From Control-Centric to Intimacy-Centric Relating

Hi Ed,

Following the workshop, for the first time I became able to sustain a new romantic relationship for three months without arguing once, which to me is a milestone. Also it is evidence that I am transitioning from control-centric to intimacy-centric relationships.

Childhood, control-centric relationships and destructive effects:

My home had been problematic, unpleasant and always polluted with tobacco smoke. Most adults (including both my parents) in my surroundings had the habit of smoking and little concern to protect me and my sister from passive smoking. As far as I remember myself, I have been feeling poisoned by smoke.

My father was for the most part neglectful of the needs of our family and oppressive. Afraid to reach for the kitchen to get a glass of water in case I disturb his nap, meant that every afternoon at home was a dreadful experience for me. Progressively he was becoming estranged, hostile and rejected us (currently he is in a legal dispute with my mother, my sister and myself). I would describe my mother's behavior as often being irrational and I was shutting down regularly in response to her bursts of anger, her arguments and her controlling behavior which became increasingly oppressive with the passage of time. Spending time with my grandfather was not much better because he was often verbally abusive towards me and I associated him with strong arguments and alcohol.

To deal with these issues I turned to alcohol since I was a teenager, which only made matters worse. Constant penetration of my personal boundaries (beginning from smoke inhalation) by my family and the fact that I was raised in the face of oppression (that I was nourished to perceive as normal) meant that I was incapable to mark a borderline between my own private space and my family. I was considering 'OK' to be bullied at school by my peers and I was doing nothing about it because I was unable to define and defend my personal space.

Such issues have contributed to a problematic adolescence. Oppression manifested around the age 21 (and persisted throughout the rest of my life) as breathing difficulty and pressure on my chest. When I mentioned these feelings to her, my mother's response in sarcastic tone was: 'bullshit'. Since then my ability to verbalize my emotional spectrum was almost non-existent, excluding anger and resentment that manifested as arguments. I had been reproducing the behavioral patterns I learned at home with catastrophic consequences in my interpersonal relationships at all levels: in friendships, in romantic relationships and in my professional environment and progression. I was unable to craft relationships.

My mother's talented ability to control me, so well orchestrated and 'hard-wired' into my brain I would say, meant that I was unable to recognize this pattern until recently. Abuse by her that inflicted emotions of guilt upon me (verbalized for example as 'your sister and I are crying because you are not missing us') meant that I was devoting my holidays to my family (in the smoked, poisoned environment) despite my willingness to do so. Day by day I was becoming even more angry and irritated. The accumulation of anger turned into rage. Continuous emotional manipulation by my family and the gradual depletion of my emotional capital meant that I had little capacity to keep up and I suffered a complete and prolonged shutdown. I was unable to make rational decisions and I blew up a promising career in the semiconductor industry.

The following years were even more tormenting. I was feeling always unhappy, often I was getting drunk and I was involved in yet another problematic romantic relationship. My relationship with family members was as usually problematic. I was dumping my most productive years down the drain and eventually I lost interest in women and sexual intercourse. My efforts to come up with a system to trade a small account with my family's $30K in futures contracts were in vain. Physical symptoms became even worse and a recent visit to the hospital confirmed the cardiac arrhythmia that I had been feeling in the recent years.

I attribute the poor quality my of life in the poor quality of my essential tribe and the control-centric model of relationships that was imposed upon me.

Transition from control-centric to intimacy-centric relationships:

At the workshop I was feeling discomfort when other attendants expressed their feelings and I became deeply troubled by my aversion to verbalize my feelings. A few months later the experience from the workshop started kicking in and marked the beginning of my transition from control-centric to intimacy-centric relationships.

Frequently I ask 'how do you feel?', or I might ask my girlfriend 'how do you feel about joining me for dinner?', or a friend 'are you feeling tired or would you like to drink a coffee together?'. It seems that people respond well to this kind of approach, because I express an interest in them and in turn they seem to reciprocate interest to me. Another pleasant side of people that I am discovering is that they appear to be supportive and offer their help without asking for it explicitly. Also, my hunch is that humans sense intimacy and respond in a more friendly and welcoming manner. There is nothing wrong with asking people about how they feel. On the contrary, I am discovering that it encourages relationships.

Gradually I begin to see what I was missing during my entire life. If I was able to verbalize my feelings earlier to colleagues, to my doctorate supervisor or to my friends, perhaps help would have presented itself. Perhaps I would have dealt earlier with my festering anger and my lack of happiness. I could have diagnosed that the oppressive and control-centric relationships that I had been involved in were the source of my emotional imbalance. Like a cancer patient, I wish I had diagnosed my problems earlier before their symptoms became so intense and destructive. Maybe it is too late to do something about it now, because I have derailed my career.

Also I feel that I was not a good workshop participant and I feel embarrassed for not offering to review your book. I was an emotionally-dead man walking and I could do little for myself or anyone else. My life was dysfunctional in all aspects: personally, socially and as a participant at the workshop. Nevertheless, the workshop has been very effective for me because it helped me move from control-centric to intimacy-centric relationships. It has been life-changing and possibly life-saving. Perhaps the best proof is that I am finally able to provide you with feedback about the workshop by expressing my feelings.

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your process.

In Tribe
Everyone Winds Up Working

on pretty much
the same issue.


Mar 31, 2014

One Girl's Response to Govopoly

Hello Ed,

You can watch it on YouTube here...

Best regards,

Thank you for the link.

Mar 31, 2014

Austin Tribe Report - Bullying


The meeting begins with a goals statement. My goal is to learn 3D animation and then make money with that training. I will be working as an apprentice to learn 3D animation for an Austin visual effects firm. They make 3D animated cartoons and commercials. They also produce digital visual effects for movies. This is a new venture for me. In the past, I always pursue what others want me to do. This career path is the one I feel is right. I feel many different emotions but mostly I feel scared and angry. This current plan is new territory for me. I am sure issues will come up.

The first hot seat says he wants a closer relationship with his wife and family. He experiences conflict with them. During his process, he remembers a time when he was bullied in grade school. We do a role-play of this scenario. The bully has many followers and the Tribe member has just two followers. He and the bully don’t get along. He writes up a scroll that says for his followers to beat up the bully. One of his followers betrays him and takes the scroll to show the bully what it says. The bully and his gang confront the Hot Seat with it.

In the next scenario the Tribe Member relates his feelings to his two followers and there is no confrontation with the bully. When the Tribe member does meet the bully again they share their feelings and their relationship improves. I played one of the bully’s followers during the role-playing. I felt sad and angry when the bully pushes around the Tribe Member. I feel sad for the bully wondering what could be driving his behavior. What issue could help create such a medicinal response to his feelings of anger?

The second hot seat deals with a member’s reluctance to use definitive and precise rules for trading and managing his funds. He has ambiguous rules that allow him to seek excitement and thrills in his trading that cause losses. During his process, he relates a time when his parents are arguing. His mother is very angry with his father because he keeps changing what he does for a living. She yells at and berates her husband while he seems excited about his new venture. The father ends up shutting down but his wife ends up reluctantly providing the funds for his venture.

The Process Manager conducts a rocks process for the three rocks the member has been given by his mother and father. I can relate to this scene because my mother would always yell at and berate my father. She would do the same thing to my brother and me. Sometimes we would yell back at her. In both of these Hot Seat situations it seems I can relate to the “bullying” aspect, which is the medicinal response to anger.

Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting the meeting.

Mar 31, 2014

Problem Solving


I have a recurring pattern of starting an endeavor, finding problems that I perceive to be tough, imagining that I won't be able to solve them and then shrinking back from the task.

I have such a problem with my software.

Last night I relax, guess that a particular software switch may be available to fix it, write a note to look for it this AM, find the switch this morning, try it, and solve my problem.

This is a good feeling -- kinda like this:

Problem Solving

I feel I may be able achieve many other goals by replacing "imagining problems" with "relax, guess & try". I will take this to the tribe.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Mar 31, 2014

Laying Low, For Now

Hi Ed,

How was your day? I hope things are going well with you and your family and the tribe. I had a good day today.

Today is the Hindu holiday Nyepi, taken from the word "sepi" which means "quiet". On the day before Nyepi, ogoh-ogohs (representations of devils and demons are paraded around and then burned. This symbolizes defeat of evil. Nyepi serves as a day for reflection after the battle.

I see that the new round of Austin series has commenced. I wish the tribe a successful series. I enjoy reading the FAQ submissions. I wish the tribe the best of luck.

I read an interesting submission on Mar 27, 2013 titled Govopoly - A Brief Histoy (history) of Central Banking. Although as I write this I find an error. By international standards we are in the year 2014. And History is misspelled.

Anyways, I find the submission very insightful. I think about war and the heads of enemies being stuck on the ends of spears as a warning / gloating.

I feel fear and anger.

That anyone's achievements can be used against him. It seems nothing can be done to divert the path of society and humanity. The only way to survive is to lay low and let things happen as they may. I have this conflicting idea about warfare in all of its forms. I feel that I don't want to participate but there must be a time where I will have to join the battle.

In the words of the great Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?"

Thank you for sharing your process and for catching the typos.

You might consider taking your feelings about <fear, anger and laying low> to Tribe.

March 31, 2014

Men's and Women's Brains

Dear Ed:

I am forwarding this video to you. I got a chuckle from watching it. I wonder if you will.
Thank you for sending me the link.

Mar 30, 2014

Austin Tribe Meeting Report - No Big Deal


I had what I consider to be an unremarkable Breathwork experience in September, 2013

However, I notice that I am more comfortable sharing feelings and that my dreams are more vivid.

I look forward to Breathwork in April.

It feels good to see my old friends and a make a new friend at the first meeting of the Austin Tribe.

We gather, drum, check-in and then go around again stating clear-cut measurable goals that we'd like to accomplish during this series. This takes about 2 hours.

Ed asks if anyone has something they'd like to work on and we run the Rocks process twice for two members who have issues to work on.

I play the role of an overbearing mother in one of the processes. Getting emotional wakes me up and gets me going.

In the second process I hold back and don't volunteer to play any roles.

Later, I wish I had -- I realize the Rocks process stirs up emotions for all participants: the Hot Seat, the Stressor(s), the Rock Donor(s), the Observers -- and this makes me more aware of "Fred", a good thing.

I came to this meeting thinking the Rocks Process was a "Big Deal". Now, after seeing it used quickly & easily by two Tribe members to address issues, I feel it is a useful tool that anyone can use to improve how they think & feel.

Friday morning after the Tribe meeting I get to work and find out there are some changes affecting me.

Rather than getting worried & upset about this, I ask my boss how he feels.

He shares and seems relieved to do so.

I tell him I'm here to help however he needs.

He thanks me for that.

I like how this is more useful and relaxing to me than getting upset about changes.

P.S. T-shirt seen on the Internet: “Ammo Is Scarce – There Will Be No Warning Shots.”

Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting the meeting.

Mar 30, 2014

Feeling Disappointment

Dear Ed,

willingly I accept your proposal to take and share my feelings of disappointment to the Tribe .

Sorry for my not perfect language , my grammar is not so good !

You are right when you speak my disappointment is due to a deep feeling of missing an appointment .

Of course in a figurative sense ; I've used the word “disillused” in my last post because it describes my inner feelings .

I began working on Wall Street and global financial markets since April 2000, soon after graduating in mathematical sciences and engineering.

I was very young , and in common to many people who starts trading at first I was a huge scalper : stock markets like Nasdaq and Xetra were my daily fields of battle during these last days of the Tech Bubble .

Two years later I got to study a bit about options , and contemporary raised my interests in the science of projecting a mechanical trading system .

A very difficult road , of course, you know better than me .

But I always have loved the markets and how they weave together , so the time I've spent for years in analysis and backtestings – and contemporary the disappointments for the problems I've had until then in communicating and sharing all my results and feelings with other traders were not so important for me ; and indeed , I was really proud I was using my profits earned in the markets for my medical care and my physical and aestethic growt.

Yes, there were days I woke up in the morning thinking : "What am I going to do today to make some money in the market".

And there was one tough period I thought : "Maybe I should do something else for a year or two."

But in spite of great difficulties,little by little I went forward , even when I had some very unpleasant experience in life :

Totally rejected from all members of my family : only a sort of “politically correct” understanding , very toxical parents in particular my father (my mum had passed away many years ago) for years has tried in every way to damage not only my work , but in particular all aspects of my life (even though I was completely independent and living in another city)

“Obliged” to stop playing competitive chess in tournaments : when I was young I had been considered a national talent , many years later I was back playing in competitions, winning several tournaments in a row and thus earning the right to play the national final, but at this time I was "convinced" to give upthrough a media campaign on the net through a media campaign on the network that threatened me would spread easily on the main national newspapers (and the same happened when the next year I become a trainer )

But these experiences are nothing compared to what I have suffered in economic and financial world.

For several years I have had the intention of founding a little society of financial service professionals : the guarantees were immediately ready for society ( owned by me 100 %) , the company name, company description , and all the statements which ensured my experience .

Well,my proposal was rejected 17 times (yes, seventeen ! ) in every place (here in Europe) , and all times the anwer was the same : not credible from a person like me ,obviously looking for a financial cover for “other kind of activities” ( in an eventual third part might be interesting to speak my thoughts about this kind of traders and in general people from the financial world )

For this reason in the end I’ve reached the limit of an exhaustion and nervous depression , neglecting myself first and foremost as a person ,also because I made ​​the mistake of remaining all day at work in my office – from morning to evening – behind a monitor .

So I've stopped all my projects : I wasn’t able to devote the time I felt was necessary to my job to make me feel I was doing my best quality work .

Yes, I liked very much my work and trading, of course.
But I was tired of feeling like either a bad manager or a bad woman ,as I've told .

And the bad result I've had in my last two weeks of trading (a 4% drawdown due not only to the nature of trend-following , but in particular for a mistake in sizing my positions) has accentuated my inner feelings which were inside me from a long time.

Wishing for you the very best,

Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking your feelings of <disappointment> to Tribe.

You might also consider a response to P-K4.

Mar 29, 2013

Sydney Tribe Report - Trying to Catch Up

Hi Ed,

We commence the meeting with a vigorous round of drumming. My eyes are shut in this process, I do recall hearing a few yahoos.

After drumming each member checks in and updates on progress towards goals. Goal setting and quantifying and measuring results across all endeavours (weight / fitness / programming / trading / relationships) is a trend that is developing at our tribe this year.

Tribe leader reports on massive increase in coding productivity post breakthrough on hot seat, another member reports on how his reporting is helping him keep on track, another member who misses the prior meeting states that things “didn’t feel right” and he is glad to be back.

Everyone feels pretty good and has no dramas that are hot. I report on a general feeling of sadness / depression / melancholy that I have.

I take the hot seat and begin by mentioning that despite working hard and making significant progress (PB in running, completion of EA crossover exercise, diet improvements, two months abstinence from alcohol, achieve surfing goal) I have a general feeling of sadness which is leading to (or because of?) dramas with people around me.

The PM asks me to show a form of this and I pull the edges of my mouth down as this is how I feel lately - like my face is getting a permanent sullen look. This form and feeling is hard to intensify as it is really just a dull constant background feeling. Not a sharp pang style feeling. I exaggerate the sullen look and pull at the edges of my face. I then want to sit down so I sit on the floor and cross my legs like a child. I sigh heavily and exhibit very poor posture by hunching over. I shut my eyes and try to find this feeling the tribe encourages all these forms.

I find it very difficult to isolate and experience feelings on the hot seat and they appear only for the briefest time for me.

As I get into it an incident that I want to explore comes to mind involving me running after my father on a tiny pacific island when I am about five years old. I am running to catch him but he always remains one headland out of reach. I recall running so hard that my heart is about to burst with the joy and pain that being little and running like that can do. I never catch up to my father that day. Oddly, on that day I pick up a rock off the beach which I literally carry around with me for the next 25 years (see attachment).

I restart the process whilst crossing my legs and sitting with poor posture. Another critical incident comes to mind around the same time as the last one. I am watching TV in our lounge room and the lights are off and my father is asleep drunk in the lounge chair. I am staring at the TV and my focus becomes blurry and I have a sort of out of body experience where the room starts to warp. I think that there is nowhere I belong on this earth. I cannot isolate body feelings with this incident so I restart the process.

I restart the process again whilst crossing my legs and sitting with poor posture. The next critical incident is when I am nine and I am in a class room where I am putting my hand up and answering all the questions. The other kids are teasing me and I don’t like it after this I find myself withdrawing academically and doing the minimum to get by in school.

My attitude towards learning and school changes and I prefer to withdraw from studies and lay low or under the radar being cool vs. excellence. After this I derail the hot seat process with logical talk.

We each check out and the meeting ends. This process is draining for me and I get the feeling that the tribe feels the same way. In summary a lengthy hot seat process where I struggle to isolate feelings, talks about some critical incidents that come to me from time to time as flashbacks, no major “aha” or completion of a rocks process.

Post meeting I jar my neck surfing and it is really stiff, I feel like the tin man. I have long running pain in my back which doctors diagnose as scoliosis.

We Pick Up Rocks
during critical incidents.

Sometimes we literally
pick up rocks.


Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting your meeting.

You might consider taking your feelings about <your father leaving you behind> to Tribe.

You might also consider asking your Tribe members to read TTP Extensions, available for free as a download. See resources, above.

Fathers Typically Run
alongside their sons

or slightly behind.

Mar 28, 2014

Austin Tribe Report


At the last meeting, we begin by stating our goals and wishes for the series. Mine include getting my weight down under 200 pounds, ideally to 185. I currently weigh 225, down from 235, when I decide to join the Tribe and take my feelings about my weight to Tribe.

At the meeting we have two Rocks processes.

In the first, Hotseat works on his issue of following directions. He deals with an incident of a bully pushing around in school. He learns to share feelings instead of shutting down.

In the second, Hotseat works on following the rules. The process manager, comes up with a variation of the Rocks Process that uses three Heart Rocks and does not require Hotseat to engage in role playing.

Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting the meeting.

Variations from the Rocks process might indicate some hesitation on the part of the Process Manager to jump in to the emotional part of the process - preferring to implement the Heart Rock logically.

You might consider documenting your weight on a chart and updating the chart at every Tribe meeting.

Mar 28, 2014

Austin Tribe Meeting Report - Breaking Rules


I enter our first tribe meeting with a lot of excitement. The tribe has become a part of my life that I enjoy and I find that my happiness is higher when I am accountable to the group for my behavior.

Without the tribe meetings I find myself wondering about things. The tribe leader makes a comment that I am seeking approval. I see that that is correct and I become even more excited about exploring my need to seek approval during the series. I commit to exploring accountable goals around this issue that appeared for me. I also believe that this will help in the goal I stated to the group about judgment. Sometimes I feel lost any lonely when I am judging others. I believe that seeking approval and judgment are linked by a common rock. I am unsure about the source of this rock and I want to explore this more in upcoming meetings.

We begin the night with a process to help a member deal with issues related to following instructions. He struggles to relax and follow instructions. During the rocks process he brings up a moment from earlier in his life about bullying. I am initially confused about the connection between group dynamics, ie bullying, and not being able to follow instructions. I even ask the process leader about the unforeseen connection and he communicates that as a group we should just follow the trend. I accept this and go with it. The role playing plays out and the communications of feelings begins. The connection then appears. Accepting the group dynamic and the fact that the bully can do what he wants IS similar to following directions and relaxing. When one engages in a process with steps involved, you must accept that the instructions represent wisdom and experience that makes accomplishing the goal easier. Accepting the bully has his own agenda and methods is very similar. I feel a connection with the hot seat because of the concept of acceptance. I put forth effort to work on acceptance in the prior tribe series so the connection is very easy for me to see once it reveals itself. I find inspiration as I often refuse to accept that following instructions is part of the process to assembling something or reaching a goal. I also find inspiration that following the trend creates positive outcomes.

Due to the results of my process of "confusion and then enlightenment", I am motivated to communicate to the group that I am interested in trying to manage a process at sometime during the series. The tribe leader moves a little faster than I expected and sets up the next process for me to manage. It is done in a warm and encouraging environment so I decide to go with the trend and attempt to manage the next process. Initially I have feeling a fear. Fear of failure and fear of not providing the group with the same level of process management as the tribe leader.

I am worried about affecting someones emotions in a negative way. Due to the encouragement I feel, I go with it. The process has to do with a tribe member who uses ambiguous trading rules. He shows almost and excitement when he walks the line of breaking his rules. I share the feeling of freedom so I connect with the hot seat because he does not want to be contained by rules. My own process is that even though I enjoy the freedom of "no rules" I use rules because they allow me to measure and judge my performance.

Without rules I feel that you never know if your trading is good or bad. Some people never want to know, they like the drama of not knowing because the idea they are doing well represents a stochastic outcome in their mind. I initially try to lead the hot seat in this direction but with coaching decide that I should not be leading I should be guiding. I also feel some connection to my issues with judgment during this coaching. The hot seat begins to attach his behavior to one learned by observing his parents communicate about business, money and failure.

The tribe leader shows some concern about the rock being transfer by observation instead of direct involvement by the hot seat. I actually feel no fear during the pause in the process and feel that the rock was learned though observation. I push back on the tribe leader and he, as he does so well, goes with the trend. The process unfolds. I see in the hot seats eyes that he has had some AHAs. As the process leader, I feel joy and inspiration that I was able to help him. I also feel some release of my feelings of judgment. Did I make mistakes? Yes quite few, but the result of the process, from what I observed, was enrichment for the hot seat, the group and myself. I look forward to refining my process management skills as the series progresses.

This meeting was eye opening to me because I was able to see the application of trend following in life more clearly. Go with things that are moving and cut things that are stagnant. I have bought into this basic premise financially for years but I feel I had an AHA about consciously thinking about it during everyday interactions.


Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting the meeting.

The Rocks Process works by engaging visceral emotions. Processing by observation generally results in, as you notice, some AHA's.

To fully implement the Heart Rock, you might consider re-opening this process at the next meeting and checking the client's responses as he plays his mother and father in the main drama.

You might also consider reading TTP Extensions, available on this site, at Resources, above.

Some People Break Rules

when they see a better way.

Others do it just for the thrill
of breaking rules.
Mar 27, 2014

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator


I hope this PDF is of value. I read the book, given by [Name] 1976. I give copies to close associates over time. Pay it forward. Our Govopoly system as your protagonist, Well done Sir :-).
Thank you for sending me the link.

Mar 27, 2014

Likes Govopoly Book


I like it a lot.

Thank you for telling me.

Mar 27, 2014

Feelings about Govopoly Situation (see previous)


How do I feel about our current situation?

I feel mixed feelings.

Sadness, as the situation looks like unfolding in a non-divertable path; however I feel I have to better deal with it by accepting and taking proactive actions.

I feel especially sad as generations and generations of people came around to sound principles (e.g. private property, freedom) and yet these very principles can be tarnished anytime.

I feel great, active somehow, as we may be experiencing in our lifetime a singularity moment (when the system reset occurs).

Historically chaos unfolds, and with chaos the opportunity to rebuild and reshape.

Over the millenia, people have experienced many reset moments and yet the structure of the new-born society seems pointing structurally towards the growth and maturation of Govopoly look-likes.

Who knows next.


Thank you for sharing your feelings.

Mar 27, 2014

Typo: Buddah --> Buddha


Did you mean Buddha Bruddah?


Thank you for the catch.

Mar 27, 2014

Govopoly on the Radio

Hi Ed,

I wonder if you listen to the below pod-cast Michael releases yesterday?

Around 57:00.

It's interesting how when Michael asks the question about government involvement Marc discusses how it directly relates to freedom.


Thank you for the heads-up.

Mar 27, 2014

Govopoly - A Brief History of Central Banking:
Correlating Freedom Fighters with Currency Cameos

Dear Ed,

Passages of your latest book, Govopoly, are still vivid; in particular "a brief history of central banking in the U.S." where you detail a story a never had the pleasure to know, including the heroic efforts of famous individuals to oppose or which ended up opposing to the monopoly created by central banking.

As I look to the pictures on the front side of Series 1914 U.S. notes, the first one issued by the Fed, I notice the portraits of famous American "deceased individuals" (as described by the bank's issuing policy). They are:

Lincoln (5$ note), whose efforts you describe on page 239 Govopoly

Jackson (10$ note), whose efforts you describe on page 230 Govopoly

Cleveland (20$ note), according to Wikipedia: "… was the leader of the pro-business Bourbon Democrats who opposed high tariffs, Free Silver, inflation, imperialism, and subsidies to business, farmers, or veterans"

Grant (50$ note), according to Wikipedia: "Soon after taking office, Grant took steps to return the nation's currency to a more secure footing. During the Civil War, Congress had authorized the Treasury to issue banknotes that, unlike the rest of the currency, were not backed by gold or silver. The "greenback" notes, as they were known, were necessary to pay the unprecedented bills the government racked up in fighting the war, but they also caused inflation and forced gold-backed money out of circulation; Grant was determined to return to pre-war monetary standards. Many in Congress agreed with Grant, and they quickly passed the Public Credit Act 1869, which guaranteed that bondholders would be repaid in gold, not greenbacks"

Franklin (100$ note), whose efforts you describe on page 226 Govopoly

and I wonder how come the Fed issues different banknotes, all of them engraved with portraits of the very champions that fought against the Central Bank. The Fed may have selected Hamilton, Washington or other Founding Fathers.

Perhaps, it is all about headhunting/impalement whereupon opponents' heads are separated from the whole and repeatedly displayed in public as a prize and as sign of power and capital punishment. Essentially headhunting, and in similar manner impalement, are forms of execution, as a punishment:

· of rebels - within the context of war,

· of traitors or collaborators,

· of breaches of military discipline,

· for committing high-way robbery,

· for violating state policies/monopolies or

· for subverting state standards for trade.


If the headsman's axe or sword was sharp and his aim was precise, decapitation was quick and was presumed to be a relatively painless form of death. If the instrument was blunt or the executioner clumsy, however, multiple strokes might be required to sever the head. The person to be executed was therefore advised to give a gold coin to the headsman to ensure that he did his job with care.

Post Scriptum

Fearing all of this, some people may choose to avoid fighting the Fed and to support Central Banking policies. Let's see what the Fed says:

Thank you for sharing your process and insights - and for noticing the correlation between proponents of freedom and the subsequent appearance of their image on currency.

I wonder if you can send me a source for the illustration.

I also wonder how you feel about our current situation.

Mar 27, 2014

Wants To Remove Unnatural Link


I am emailing on behalf of [organization].

We have recently been reviewing all of the links to our site and have decided to try to remove any that could possibly be marked by Google as unnatural. Whilst this isn't suggesting that your link to us isn't natural we just want to be as cautious as possible.

Would you be able to help us by either removing or adding a no-follow to any links you have to us? This is what we found linking to us: -

Please let me know if you are able to help us with this and what we need to do to get the link removed.

Thanks in advance

Thank you for your request.

The attribution no longer appears on my site.

Instead, you can find this:

Clip: [attribution absent, by site manager request, March 27, 2014]

I wonder what you mean by "unnatural."

Mar 26, 2014

I = R

Dear Ed,

I just start realizing this:

After all, all that counts is I = R.


Thanks for drawing our attention to the best formula we have ever seen.

With lots of regards,

Thank you for sharing your process and your insights.

Mar 26, 2014

Discipline and Rebellion

Dear Ed,

Your statement : "Everybody gets what they want" brings lots of perspective when I pay attention.

I see the movie Officer and the Gentleman many years back.

and get very impressed with the aspect of discipline and at the same time being rebellious when we feel we are right.

I am realizing more and more how my personality has been shaped by various aspects. I take what I actually want. That has helped a lot in business and not helped in personal life.

Just spent the day with friends of last 49 years. Feels very good.

One life. Why just not be with those whom we respect and trust and who respect and trust us?

Why not just communicate and learn from the best!

Why not just focus on what we do best?

Thank you Ed. I am grateful for the insight that your sentence brings in.


Thank you for sharing your process and your insights.

Mar 26, 2014


Hi Ed,

As usual your statement: Everybody gets what they want is playing imp role in my life.

Trying to identify the root cause of my ego I stumble upon these points:

From 6th Standard based on mother's advice, I shift to another school.

All my close friends are in the first school and most are very competitive.

So I do not have any ego there. Because many of my own close friends have top marks. Sometimes they come first sometimes I. Luckily we are still close friends and meeting today for dinner. 49 years of friendship and still going very strong. I feel very happy and grateful about it.

New school I come first and there is big gap between the first and second. Ego sets in.

I get appointed as school sports captain. Ego seeps in without my being aware.

Principal asks me about my first school and how things can be improved in my new school. Ego plays role and is becoming bigger.

I become Club Team Captain and ego goes up.

I start feeling the smartest person in the room.

What I miss is that I may be smartest in my school room but not in most other places.

This has put me in a disadvantages position.

Becoming aware about this is helping me dissolve the ego. May be slowly but surely.

My interaction with you also is helping me in that direction. Big thanks for your guidance.

I wonder why Michael Marcus and particularly Jack Schwager have praised you so much. There must be a reason and I need to find it! So I read about you!

I am grateful to you, Marcus and particularly Jack for introducing you to me.

Take care,

Thank you for sharing your process and for raising this issue.

In Tribe, we work to find a balance between Control-Centric (Ego, Mind, Will) and Intimacy-Centric (Heart) relating.

Control-Centric Approach

to achieving

Intimacy-centric Living

Mar 26, 2014

TTP Workshop


I would like to know if there is any workshop with Ed Seykota scheduled for the next coming months.

If so I would very much appreciate if you could please provide me with the information related.

Thanks and Best regards,

Thank you for your inquiry.

I sense a gathering demand for another Workshop.

As of now, I plan to present one, later this year.

Mar 25, 2014

Sacramento Tribe Report

Hi Ed,

I join the Sacramento tribe this year. We plan to have an eight meetings series.

We have our second meeting 2 weeks ago. Three members show up for the meeting. We have 5 people in the tribe. I feel disappointment and anger when I realize that 2 members do not show up. I try to go with the flow and accept the situation.

I volunteer to take the hot seat. Process manager (PM) expresses nervousness to manage the rock process.

I take to the hot seat an issue about running away. I share an event where I run away from a lady I know. Previous to this event, I approach this lady, and she runs away from me. I feel anger. So, when I see her in another place, I feel anger again. I do not even approach her. I feel very uncomfortable and I leave the place. I share with the tribe that I do not like my reaction. The PM asks me what I would like to do different. I say that I want to stay and express how I feel.

I get into some forms with hands around my chest. The PM asks me to freeze the forms and to recall a time when I feel like this before. I recall an event when I am 11 years. My mom tells me that my dad does not pay my school enrollment fees. Somebody calls my mom from the school saying that I might miss my spot. My mom seems angry and she complains about my dad. I shut down when I hear the news. I do not know how I can help or what to say to my mom. I also feel disappointment. I wish this does not happen and I do not want to hear my mom's complains.

We role play this event. A tribe member role plays my mom. As soon as I hear the news, I shut down. I just do not know what to say to my mom. I receive some medicinal rocks. I receive a "shut down" and "run-away" rock from my father. I also receive a "when things do not go your way, just get angry" rock from my mother.

The PM asks me if I want to continue the process. I say I want to continue. I have the opportunity to forgive the rocks. First, I forgive the rock to my mom. Then, I as soon as I try to talk to my dad. He starts to run away. I ask just for a few seconds of his time and he agrees. I finally forgive the rock to him.

Then, the PM gives me a heart rock. The rock includes proactive resources such as sharing and receiving feelings. It also includes a 5% run-away resource for emergency situations such as fire.

We role play one more time. This time, I acknowledge my mom's frustration and anger. I ask her to tell me more about her feelings. I also express how I feel and that I would like to help. My mom tells me that she can take care of the enrollment fees. I express my appreciation to her for paying my school tuition.

Since the hot seat, I see myself sharing feelings more than before. My company hires a new VP, and he fires my boss. He calls a meeting to discuss this issue, and he expresses frustration. I receive him. He shares more feelings and he also shares what he wants from our group. Lately, I notice I share feelings with lots of people, including people I just meet.

I continue meeting and dating new women. I enjoy the process to meet and to connect with different type of women. I also notice a shift and more intensity on this area since the hot seat.


Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting your Rocks Process.

Congratulations on fore-giving your [Anger-->Shutdown] Rock and for accepting the Heart Rock.

Guess Who

has a new Heart Rock

Mar 25, 2014



Yes we only have now. This moment.


Thank you for sharing your insights.

I wonder if the quote actually comes from Buddha. I imagine he might notice, inform and accept without labeling the condition as "trouble."

I wonder if you can send me a source for the poster, so I can post an attribution.

Mar 24, 2014


at 11:57 AM

Dear Ed,

In this moment I'm really disillused , and in particular I'm tired of feeling either a bad trader or a bad woman.

Money has never been the primary drive behind my chosen profession , believe me ( altough surely important for me , of course) .

And the problems I've in my last trading days surely worsen my mood , but are not the most important reason of my bad inner feelings .

You always tell : intention = results .

You're surely right in your TTP philosophy , which I'm using (or I'm trying to use, I have to say) in all aspects of my life .

I always look for patterns and trends in everything .

Following a starting trend is an exercise in observing and responding to the ever-present moment at time , you know better than me.

I also think we're all looking for something ,and we're all mistakenly thinking we can find it in or with someone else.

I know that's not unique to this business, but it's something that is allowed to be obvious .

I guess what we're all looking for is happiness .

Happiness seems more like waves in the ocean that are steady and ongoing .

I've found that for me happiness comes from a general sense of well being ; just knowing that everything is exactly as is should be . Allowing things to be just as they are .

And in this moment , after many years in which I really try to do my best , I understand it's really not possibile for people like me (I'm a TS from Italy) not only working , but also staying in contact and even speaking with every kind of people staying in touch with trading and markets in general (traders in particular, ).

I think this is not a creation of repeating drama by myself , but it is (unfortunately for me ) the bitter truth ,the reality .

And I simply have to accept this kind of situation : there is no place for me in financial world.

It's always the same situation : everytime some people working in financial markets and/or trading know who I am ., always disappears, od consider not important my works (I share my works always , but others don't do the same always !) , or my analysis, or my words , without hearing me or reading me (even when I am good).

Everytime,everywhere, in every place, with everyone.

For years.

About me it must be important only the appearance and not the substance, and I'm considered ok only for my physical appearence , for my look, for my make-up , for my sexy figure.

Yes, I like to cure myself , of course, but it's not all for me ; it's only a part of me.

Yes , I understand I seem searching an external validation (and I admit it is partially true, I think this is simply a human behaviour in my situation ) , but , believe me, it's really different , it's a question of personal self-esteem : simply after many years of struggle I am finally giving up , or perhaps I realize the reality I never wanted to see in the past.

Working alone is much worst than having bad results losing money.

Alone I could not grow up , this happens in every work and in every circumstances in our life.

I definitively lost my enthusiasm .

Perhaps ,time to change again in my life.

So please ... don't publish the name of the city in the FAQ, only remove from the list) :unfortunately, it's not a task I could do.

Wishing you the very best,

Thank you for sharing your process.

Per your request, the link to your Tribe no longer appears in the TT Directory.

You might consider the proposition that the feeling of contentment accompanies the willingness to experience all your other feelings.

You might also consider taking your feelings of disappointment to Tribe.


may indicate
missing an appointment.
Mar 23, 2014



I appreciate your support.

Many people I run across say they want to help.

Most have a catch.

I know you don't.

I respect that.

Thank you for acknowledging me.
Mar 23, 2013

France Leads the Way Toward Assimilation :
Govopoly in Action


If you don't watch anything else, you need to see this!!

Thank you for sending me the link.

I wonder how you feel about this - and what steps you have in mind to respond to it.

Mar 23, 2014

Govopoly Feelings

Hi Ed I read this edition of The Economist and I have "Govopoly" feelings.


Thank you for checking in.

I wonder how and where you feel your Govopoly feelings - and what kind of pro-active response you have for these feelings.

March 22, 2014

The Money Hole
The Onion Reports on Keynesian Economics


You might enjoy this video.

Thank you for the link.

Mar 21, 2014

Spankings and Separation


My mind races through different scenarios of how my current drama will 'blow up'. The anxiety i feel seems familiar. Immediately i make connection with FAQ entry from Monday 1-12-04.

Your comment on spankings resonate with me. The anxiety i feel now in relation to current drama is same as anxiety i experience when i await spankings as a child. The issues related to spankings are same i encounter now. I feel the anxiety lift just a little.

I look forward to working on my issue. I feel extremely grateful for you Ed and the insight offered through FAQ.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Mar 21, 2014

Success and Balance

Dear Ed,

Just read this.

Feel you might appreciate this message:

No success in life can compensate for failure in the home.

Best wishes,

Thank you for sharing your epigram.

Mar 21, 2014

Dealing With Deception


Today drama unfolds with wife. I feel anger, sadness, betrayal, distrust, loneliness and confusion. I feel maybe my boundaries were unclear and/or maybe she could care less. Her words and actions don't agree. I feel I can look past this episode but wonder where the line between forgiveness and foolishly overlooking my mate's deception lie. I wonder what is on the other side once I fully feel my anger, sadness, betrayal, distrust, loneliness and confusion.

I feel intense fear of loneliness.

I feel aware this is similar to feelings I have as a young boy when separated from my mom for school or when she runs errands. I wonder if FRED's intention revolves around getting me to feel feelings I have fled from by remaining emotionally detached in relationships not just romantic ones, with one foot always out the door.

I love my wife and feel very afraid to make the mistake of leaving on the pretense that divorce feels mutually healthy for both us but in fact leaving just medicates my underlying feelings.

Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking your feelings about <deception> to Tribe.
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