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Oct 31, 2014

Shorting S&P

Hello Mr. Seykota,

I have asked a question before and I got my answer from you. It was about "stop subconscious" and you answered as "we work to intensify our emotions and then to apply them proactively" I have been thinking about it long time I said to myself "which kind of level I must reach to use my negative effect emotions as my alliance?" I read in "The Inner Voice of Trading" something close that, such as; Emotions that we are trying to avoid can be very useful on our trading.

In last two weeks something happened;

I was planning to be long on SP500 (ES) last a few months I was just waiting a chance to catch some correction and which will give me an end signal such as turning from moving average (I use 55 or 89 weekly moving averages)

Simply I couldn't be in front of my screens in that time, My best friend get married with my sister in law in another country and we have to join ceremony with all my family.

So I missed chance.

When I turn back to office movement was already take way and I made a mistake (emotionally) I was in hurry I was upset to lost opportunity I trade without plan. I try to guess and I said myself; "Short time trend is dawn I can be in short side and who knows maybe it is not a correction"

When you don't have trading plan everything getting worse even I didn't realize that I break one of my seven rule,

it says "Do not trade against trend" and I was opposite with that trade in long time and even short time trend too because correction was end it could be seen by a child simply looking weekly moving averages but these emotions… Whatever I put myself in a trap lost %8

I close and again same short trade lost another %8 but when I close second shorts I didn't just close I turn long side because we were passed 20 week average since now that last trade (long) is working very good and I have totally another mood another emotion as normal, just I realize with this trade that;

When I am wrong side I watch screen even midnight, I wish to be lucky, I pray, when I need to eat I am asking dinner on trading desk to not stand up even for a few minutes. When I am correct side I sleep good even if there is no profit to feel safe in position, as small corrections I am very calm when things getting push my sign is there (trend line or moving averages) I take children and go somewhere totally another feelings.

So my second question after your first answer would be; By saying that we can make alliance our negative effect emotions did you mean that if there are these emotions we can easily understand that we are on wrong side of the market?

Or you mean another something like (as in example) If we are correct side of market we can intensify "greedy" and stay on trend more easily with the support of that feeling.

P.s.; My first question is here

Thanks for your support.

Thank you for sharing your process.

In TTP we hold that people generally use day trading as an all-consuming distraction - and as a way to medicate deeper feelings - generally to do with right livelihood.

Thus, you can re-frame trading problems as trading solutions - since the trading drama helps to medicate other feelings.

The ultimate feelings behind the day trading generally have very little to do with trading. Trading merely helps cover up these feelings.

You might consider what else you recall going on in your life around the time you enter these trades.

You mght also consider taking your feelings to Tribe - as entry points.

Oct 31, 2014

Book on Gambling

Dear Chief,

I'm looking for the book that you talk during the workshop, but i can't find it.

Do you remember the author's name, please?

Or the complete name of the book?

Thank you.

I do not see it either - if you find it, let me know.

As I recall it has the title, "Gambling" and it has a green cover with playing cards and dice. It has about 250-450 pages.

The story that I reference in the workshop also appears at this link. In this story, on Jan 9, 1963, Sean Connery (the James Bond actor) actually plays roulette at the Casino de la Valle in Saint-Vincent, Italy and hits #17 three times in a row. He wins about $27,000. Thus, working backwards by 1/36 per spin, he starts with about 58 cents.

Starting with $100, three wins gets you $4,665,600.00 and might require a bit more courage to stay the course.

Oct 31, 2014


Hi Chief,

I find that you are an old [friend] whom I don't see for a while, I start to think about how you are doing. I miss the days in Austin Tribe, lots of processes, and I get lots of out of it.

When I think of a local member talking about his wife beats him up, I recall I once tell the Austin tribe how my wife gives me a round house punch and then I get an Aha right away.

Everybody laughs in the Tribe. There are a lot really good memory of Tribe meetings this year in Austin and Puerto Rico.

Now I find my wife is more loveable. I always check her feelings before I want to do anything or say anything to her. I learn a lot from you.

Good night,

Thank you for sharing your process - and for remembering good times in Austin and Puerto Rico.

If You Don't Listen To Her

she may find another way

to communicate her feelings.

Oct 30, 2014

Wants to Avoid Losses


i really don't know much about stock trading and i will like to learn more about it and also how to avoid major losses.

Thank you for raising this issue.

One good way to avoid losses: stop trading.

Oct 30, 2014

Tribe Report


Our Re-launched Tribe meets for the second time tomorrow.

Our last session includes a Rocks Process for one of our long term members who somehow breaks through his long standing signature forms and connects a childhood incident that he can directly link to his trading patterns, namely <Breaking his own rules/values so that he can "fit in", and then getting angry about it>.

One of our new members engages the Forms Process and becomes aware, through experiencing polarity, of being "range-bound" between <having a desire to perform> and <getting stressed about it>.

I recall being "range-bound" myself and through TTP, become aware of my <desire to prove myself> and <unwillingness to shine too brightly>.

I realize both ends of the range include judgement about experiencing certain feelings.

I realize being "range-bound" keeps us from Right Livelihood.

I have some additional insights about Right Livelihood and realize that Commitment, Surrender, Devotion, and Willingness are all qualities of Right Livelihood.

I replace the term "Discover and Commit to Right Livelihood" on our TTID with simply "Discover Right Livelihood" to describe our intention, hereby attached.

I notice that it is your (and my) intention not to have a link to the Amsterdam Tribe on the Directory Page of your website.

Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting your meeting - and for pointing out my intention.
Oct 30, 2014

Sticking With It

Hi Ed,

I develop a trend following system.

Estimated average returns are:

12%/year with up to 6% draw down if 1% is at risk per trade.

60%/year with up to 30% draw down if 5% is at risk per trade.

I do not use a fixed percentage bet size, but systematically increase and decrease my % bet size depending on performance.

I think maybe the system is good enough to make a lot of money.

The only issue is will I able to stick with it when times are tough?

I may change it (e.g. change exit rules for faster profit taking) or trade additional systems in conjunction with it. Those are the kinds of things I sometimes do.

Maybe via FAQ you can support me in sticking to the system if I feel like changing it for purely emotional reasons. I will let you know how I am getting on and feeling about it.


Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider checking your backtests.

Your two examples show each property maintaining exactly a 5:1 ratio.

You may actually find the returns falling off as you keep increasing the heat (risk per trade) - according to the law of large bet sizes.

For example, you can extrapolate your ratio so that for a 16.67 risk per trade, you make 1,200% per year with a 100% drawdown.

Clawing back from one of those 100% drawdown thingies requires an infinite rate of return.

Back Testing

simulates actual trading
pretty well

except for the feelings part.

Oct 29, 2014


Dear Ed,

Thank you for your suggestion to check the attribution on the quote I sent you about the past, present and future. Marketing material I receive from a national company includes this quote, attributes it to Eleanor Roosevelt, and I just take it as a fact.

First I check a long list of Eleanor Roosevelt quotes. She said some amazing things, but the quote in question was not on the first list I find.

Then I follow a link to "Misattributed Eleanor Roosevelt quotes" and I notice two things:

First, the quote I attributed to her ("Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That's why they call it the present") was in fact said by Bil Keane.

Second, many of the quotes actually on the long list of Eleanor Roosevelt quotes (that I first checked) were actually made by other people as well!

Thank you for an exercise in critical awareness; that is, taking everything you hear or read with a grain of salt.

The exercise also introduced me to some of the really amazing things she really did say (confirmed by multiple sources)!

Very interesting journey, thanks again.

Thank you for sharing your process.
Oct 29, 2014

Bear Selfies

Hello Ed,

I read this and thought of you in Lake Tahoe.

Best regards,

Thank you for sending me the link.
Oct 29, 2014

Peace in Release


I hope you are well.

I write to say thank you.

I find peace in release.

Thank you for sharing your process and for acknowledging me.
Oct 29, 2014

Remote Rocks

Hi Chief,

I tell you last Friday I am going to go to hot seat and run Rocks Process for my friend on his issue. The friend later tells me he reaches an Aha and has no more confusion. I feel the issue is unclear so I cancel the experiment. I might try another issue to test when I see one.

In last Friday Tribe meeting, we run two major processes.

One member has an issue to focus and finish goal in study of new technology. He feels overwhelmed by many things he has to do, he feels headache, confusion, upset to "too old to learn this", "I also need to start a family". Tribe helps him to retrieve early memory of childbirth, he is stuck at birth canal and doctor has to do a c-section to get him out. Tribe conductor a role play so he re-live his childbirth and he gets chance to re-experience his dramatic childbirth with intimacy centric technique.

I work on my issue that I often can't talk clearly when I am emotional. I mutter in very weak and indistinct voice and barely understandable when I am nervous, timid, and talk too loud and fast when excited. I want to be able to manage more constant and stable talking system in various mood. Tribe help me recall early situation where I tease my grandpa and gets scolded in front of my cousin. We role play this situation and I relive this with new intimacy-centric method and create rapport.

I am writing the full report and update you when I finish it.


Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting your meeting.
Oct 29, 2014

Stop Limit Orders

Dear Ed,

thanks for your answer.

I have found a solution for the download of the video.

Congrulation to you and your four friends for the creative, funny and natural presentation! I like this more as an "one million Dollar Michael Jackson show". I think you understand the idea what I want to say you and your friends.

Your natural medicin is cheaper and better is the piles of the pharmacia! Have also a good health you and your great friends.

I haven't found an answer on your internetpage do you use stop courses or stop orders?

In german all theacher say use stop orders and the private person loss her money, because a stop order is not a reversal limit order!
Thank you for raising this issue.

I do not know about a "stop course" order.

Perhaps you mean a stop-limit order.

Limit orders have the drawback that if the market does not drawback you might not get a fill.
Oct 28, 2014



Not sure if you heard the sad news yet. We all hang out with [Name] at Ed's house quite a bit. I sure will miss him.

From [Name]'s Family: We are heartbroken to share that [Name] passed suddenly and unexpectedly on Wednesday, Oct. 22nd. Thank you for the condolences. We are all still in shock. Surely it would honor [him] to encourage you to hold your loved ones even closer today.


Thank you for sharing your remembrance.
Oct 28, 2014


Dear Ed,

Greetings! I notice that the TT_Chartbook link works on the FAQ home page but gives a 404 (Page not found) error if I click on it from one of the FAQ subpages.

For example clicking on TT_Chartbook from the following link does not work: However, clicking on the Chartbook URL from works fine.

With love and regards,

Your student

Thank you for pointing out the unlink - and for pointing out the exact page.
Oct 28, 2014

One Hot Seat Twice


3 of our 6 members present today as others recover from travel and deal with end of month workloads.

#1 has been trading well this month. He runs fewer positions at once and finds he deals with that better than with the larger number of positions he ran earlier in the year. He has 4% profit this month, making back almost all of last month's losses.

#2 going well but he feels frustrated and guilty sitting waiting for trade signals to come along. Feels lazy, and sometimes does trades he shouldn't take.

#3 (me) visited my mother a few weeks ago. Afterwards feeling despondent and discouraged with a strong sense that she has cut me out of her will (a few hundred thousand dollars) as she previously threatened to do. This visit shortly follows going off blood pressure medication. I feel happy to go off the medication, which I can do because of my success in losing weight. But I lose the relaxing effect of the medication and feel more tense and anxious particularly at first.

As we start I announce that I am running an experiment this Tribe; having one beer before we start to see what effect it has. Maybe one beer will help me feel my feelings more, or maybe not.

After drumming and exercises I go first as Tribe judges me the hottest. I talk a bit about my relationship with my mother her relentless criticism and that she treats any feedback as an attack.

On ramping things up I recall saying some innocuous thing to my mother at age 13 or so and her slapping me hard on the face. She tells me she "loves" me but doesn't like me.

It sounds very hollow that she "loves" me. We reenact. My dad donates the old rocks of "don't upset your mother" and "roll with the punches" and "watch what you say" and "put up with her abuse" and "don't defend yourself".

We find some new rocks I like and I have my old friend [Name] donate them. Tell her how you feel; determine your own self worth; receive and accept her as she is; limit contact with toxic people; ask how she feels. We reenact with this and I try the new rocks in my mind on similar situations.

On the way home at 12:30am the train stops because vandals set one carriage alight. I chat with some other passengers for an hour while the firemen put out the fire and clear the fumes and then we resume the trip still chatting. I get to bed at 3am after a long day starting 6am.

[Today I ring my mother to tell her my daughter has just been granted her PhD. I listen to her and tell he a few things how I feel. I ask her how I was as a small child and she reminisces that I was lively and inquisitive and happy. I tell her I feel happy with how my life has turned out and she obviously feels very happy to hear this. She doesn't criticize me. She tells me how hard her life was and I listen to her. She tells me how much she enjoyed our lunch. I feel quite close to her. I see what triggers her into defensive modes of behavior. I end the call feeling quite happy and relaxed.]

#2 is next. We encourage him. Hot seat recalls watching TV as his father (southern European patriarch) gets home. He calls him out for being lazy: "You're a bum" "You're useless". How many times did your father say things like that? Thousands of times. Then when hot seat defends himself "Don't talk back". Mum donates "Don't upset your father" and "Don't rock the boat" and "Suck it up".

After reenactment we toss around some new rocks and hot seat picks "I'm taking a break before I start my homework <not defensively>" "I understand you are trying to help me be productive / thank you for trying to help me" "Receive him as he is and accept that's how he is". We reenact and hot seat feels happy with the new rocks. We have to write down some of the lines to get them right. Hot seat sees that he is doing the extra trades to make the 'bad' feeling go away. Hot seat seems happy with the solution.

On check out from the second hot seat a few of us comment how similar the two hot seats feel. A parent who cares for us acts in a way that is not very helpful and the other parent tries to shut down a proactive response.There is a better response.

I see that over time tribe members are getting more and more engaged in providing the field of encouragement, and participate willingly in the rocks process, even those who felt misgivings at first. I feel we become more skilled at the process. These two hot seats run very smoothly. The beer experiment seems to have worked but I don't think I will repeat it very often.


Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting the meeting.
Oct 27, 2014


Dear Ed:

I feel sadness to read one of your tribe members has passed. My condolences to his wife and family.

I hope you are well.


Thank you for extending your condolences.
Oct 27, 2014

Wants to Join


I am a 30 year old [Nationality] male, currently a citizen of [Country] who chanced upon trend following and Ed Seykota's website and found it quite fascinating that it is possible to generate such high returns through mechanical signals alone.

At the moment, I have about 97,000 SGD in my bank account (through inheritance from my parents) and I have invested about 20,000 SGD worth of [Country] stocks.

My dream is to be able to build computer systems that can generate large returns for myself and possibly start and grow a quantitative hedge fund to manage money for a small group of enlightened high-net worth investors a few years down the road.

I also wish to be able to migrate to [Country] in the future ! Nice to meet you all !
Thank you for sharing your process.
Oct 26, 2014



I just had an intense feeling of being alone. Gosh, that is a scary feeling. Like I'm alone in the midst of the universe.

I need to write a letter to my daughter and explain a lot of things. It's been a week since I saw her, and I haven't called.

She wants me to call her more often. I kind of let my kids go when they left home because I had done so much for them.

I really don't like to talk on phone to anyone. I'd rather text or email.

Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking your feelings about <I'd rather text than talk> to Tribe.
Oct 26, 2014

Radial Momentum

Hi Ed,

On the post dated 10th August 2014, I read that you invite me to consider "re-asking my friend how he accounts for the Tube and Cone experiment, that he can replicate at home with household items."

I recall feeling excited as I have accepted [his] invitation to his house-warming party, which took place yesterday.

Please find below his main points, as we talked during the evening:

- the radial momentum is true on limited number of cases, reducing the general applicability of the theory.

- to focus on educational experiments (like the one replicable with household items) without having the theory accepted is unheard.
Typically, a scientist/researcher puts out a theory via a scientific and detailed paper, which is then examined by the community. If the theory is verified and accepted, educational experiments follow.

- to challenge the (mis-)application Bernoulli theory is secondary and my drive readers away from what he thinks is the core message: the radial momentum.


Thank you for forwarding the feedback.
Oct 26, 2014

Less Drama

Hi Ed,

I write to FAQ after a long time.

I see you now live in Puerto Rico and I rejoice knowing you get to keep more of your own money.

I see [Name]'s photo on FAQ and I realize he recently dies.

I feel sad.Although I meet [Name]only a few times,I remember him as a warm,generous and happy person.

I recall him slapping me on my back quite hard,smiling and saying "my friend".

I like this memory a lot!

My life now features a lot less drama and I attribute this to the support and help I get from you and the whole tribe, including [Name].

I'd like to share some pizza with him again!

I have the intention of coming back to Tribe and Workshops, somewhere, somehow, sometime.


Thank you for sharing your process.
Oct 26, 2014

All Present

Dear Ed,

Though you may have published this quote before, it seems especially relevant to me right NOW as I react to the sudden loss of a friend and Tribe member:

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That's why they call it the present".

Eleanor Roosevelt

Thank you for sending me the quote.

I wonder if you can authenticate the attribution.

Oct 26, 2014

Berlin Tribe Update

Dear Ed,

I kindly ask you to upload the current contact address of the Berlin
Tribe (which I attach) to the Ressources page.

Best regards,

Thank you for sending me your information.
Oct 25, 2014

Keeping His Story Straight

Hi Ed,

I think I have that with the special person in my life.

I just need to keep my agreements clear and remember what I say to whom.

I do not worry about how others react to me. I say what I mean. I notice my need now for self reliance that allows me to keep my integrity. My life no longer revolves around keeping others happy/manipulating others to get fed. I use my unique set of talents to serve others and feed myself.

I begin to tie up any loose ends in my agreements.

I would like to receive support from you and the Tribe.

Thank you,

- - - - -

This feeling that I do not like shows up again. And when I feel or dont feel this feeling I cannot concentrate. I just feel this heaviness in my heart and i feel tightness in my jaw. Sometimes I grind my teeth and sometimes I clench my jaws. This feeling seems to come up when I interact with family members.

Thank you for listening. I wrote my previous email thinking that this emotion has passed but apparently it hasnt.

I guess I begin to feel tired of this, whatever this is. I work on feeling tired during my hotseat in [Name]'s tribe this past Tuesday.

I guess im getting tired of writing to FAQ so much also. Just getting tired of a lot of things since tuesday

Thanks for listening,


Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider acknowledging your intention for enrolling in and then not participating in the Workshop.

You might also consider asking your friends what other agreements you make and then do not keep.
Oct 25, 2014

Replacement Book


Thank you for (following up on the delivery failure). Meanwhile I received another copy from you because the first try didn`t do. So for me everything is fine. I`m really inspired by your book and of course by your trading philosophy. My favourite insights from you are inter alia:

- a quote machine is like a slot game on your desk – you end up feeding it all day long. Since that I significantly reduce my staring at the tickchart

- the stock markets behaves different from all other markets, and from the stock market. That's funny in the first place like funnymentals but also true

I have one question regarding your TT book on page 57 listing the manipulation strategies: I`m often disappointed when people tell me how great and successful they are because I get the feeling that these people just use their friends for comparing their ego.

So would you say that feeling inferior is something common, people are unwilling to feel and the manipulation strategy is criticising and talking about his own success?

Maybe I just have a k-not here.

Is there still a TTP in Berlin? I couldn`t open the word document on your website for the german group.

Kind regards and thanks

Thank you for raising this issue.

Everyone does some things better and some things worse than other people.

When you encounter someone who does something better than you, you might normally register feelings about it.

Rocks link feelings to actions, so depending on your Rocks, you might have various responses to the feeling of <others doing something better>:

--> congratulate them.
--> say mean things about them behind their back.
--> resolve to use them as an example and learn from them.
--> shut down.
--> play video games.
--> take drugs.
--> offer to form a partnership with them.
--> etc.

In the TTP Rocks Process, we aim to locate Medicinal Rocks and to replace them with Proactive Rocks, such as the Heart Rock: <any feeling> --> <establish rapport and then send and receive feelings>.

- - - - -

Per locating the Berlin Tribe: From Resources (above), you can go to the Tribe Directory Page and then click on Berlin, Germany. Depending on your computer and if you use right or left click, the document, Germany_Berlin.docx, may open directly or appear in your downloads folder.

Oct 25, 2014

Rocking with Son - Close in Random Orbits


I walk on the beach with my two year old son.

We both collect rocks. He collects them to throw in the water. I collect them to use for rocks process at our tribe meeting.

I'm initially very much in my head, thinking about upcoming meetings. Imagining scenarios where I implement rocks process.

I oscillate between being on the beach, looking, feeling and thinking while I collect rocks.

I find it silly as I joke with myself that there are many, many rocks in NYC as evidenced by the rocks on the beach.

I reflect on my intension to share Rock Process with our Tribe.

Softer, rounded rocks that are smaller and unobtrusive feel like Heart Rocks. Some are pink and look like rounded versions of their chunkier counterparts.

I feel attracted to different rocks, large oval rocks that fill my hand, sharp edged, chunky, cube like rocks that feel like they don't fit in my hand and think of them as Medicinal Rocks.

Trying on the various rocks I imagine different feelings based on the shapes and colors. Some are smooth on one side and sharp on the other. Some jagged. Some chunky and give me a stubborn feeling of heavy and overbearing.

I continue to fill my coat pocket occasionally discarding rocks to make room for others. My coat feels heavy and hot, weighed down by rocks.

The feeling of collect more rocks, find the right rocks settles and I am plainly aware that I'm standing next to my son, each of us engaged in our own process, moving closer then further in random orbits.

I sense the weight and clutter on carrying so many rocks.

The sun is warm on my back. Cool air is tonic and creates a lifting awake feeling as I breathe in.

I take off my coat. I already have all the rocks I want. I carry my heart rock in my pocket as a reminder of intimacy centric relating.

My son shares his process. He prefers to pick up white rocks and then throw them into the Sound.

He acknowledges my just being with him. He observes that I am with him. Present and sharing the moment.

I feel close to him. I feel grateful that I know about Rocks and wonder which Rocks I have already given him.

I intend to show him how to use Heart Rock and see it manifest in our relationship and appreciation of each other.

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Passing the Heart Rock

Oct 25, 2014

Death in the Tribe

Dear All,

I feel my chest sink when I read Ed's email and think of [Name]. I feel my chest rise when I think of his radiant smile, sense of humor and talking with him while in the water in PR. I feel both now.

Warmest thoughts and feelings.

Thank you for sharing your feelings and memories and tribute.
Oct 25, 2014



Thank you for letting us know about [Name]'s passing. I feel shock. I feel sadness and grief. My condolences to to his wife, [Name] and the rest of his family. He was a great and supportive friend and Tribe member. I am still trying to grasp the fact that he is no longer with us.


Thank you for sharing your feelings and memories and concern for his wife.
Oct 25, 2014



A wave of emotion passes through me when I realize the person mentioned in the FAQ post is [Name]. I feel sad and, briefly, angry at the arbitrary nature of our life and how suddenly someone you know and care about can be gone. [Name] has always been kind and accepting to me since our very first Tribe meeting. My last memory of him is in the ocean in Puerto Rico as our Tribe jokes and plays together in the waves.

Thank you for sharing your feelings and memories.
Oct 25, 2014



Thank you for sharing the information. I feel sad to hear about [Name]'s passing. He was a constant presence in my TTP development and it is hard to imagine Workshops, Breathworks or Tribe meetings without him. If you have it and feel comfortable I would like to obtain his address so that I may send a card to his family.

I am happy to receive anyone's feelings.


Thank you for sharing your feelings and memories and for your willingness to assist others in grieving.
Oct 25, 2014



I feel shocked and sad to hear [Name]'s passing. He is a great man and charming friend. I still remember his smile, in Puerto Rico. I wish him rest in peace.
Thank you for sharing your feelings and memories.
Oct 25, 2014

Death of Fellow Tribe Member


Thank you for letting us know about [Name]'s sudden death.
I keep many fond memories of TTP with [Name].
I pray for his soul, wherever it may be, and his family.

At Tribe Meeting In Puerto Rico

August 7, 2014

Photo by Steve O'Keefe

Thank you for sharing your feelings and memories and photo.

I have a sense that his recent gains in staying present under stress continue to pay off for him. I see him coming to terms with his situations on this mortal plane - and then making this important and glorious transition fully awake and aware.
Oct 25, 2014

Rocks Process

Hi Ed,

Thank you for sharing my report of our tribe meeting on FAQ and for your comments and observations about potentially medicinal hot seats.

My questions and thoughts are inline after quotes of your comments:

"In the Rocks Process we arrest the Emotional Intensity Cycle at its peak.."

In our meeting I am unsure if the hot seat(s) has reached peak intensity. The forms evolve quickly and oscillate between low and high intensity.

It is easy at the workshop to know when to freeze the hot seat. It just feels like it is time and that the hot seat is ready or at the critical point were they can freeze and explore the feeling.

At our meeting on Tuesday, it does not feel like the right time fro me to freeze the hot seat. There is intensity and willingness. The forms are very transient. I feel like I want to freeze the hot seat and facilitate a rocks process . The feeling is a moving target and I hold back feeling unwilling to "freeze" the hot seat too soon or too late.

When a PM is unable to determine peak intensity has been reached is it preferable to freeze prior or after the peak is reached?

I wonder about the feeling of wanting to get the timing exactly right and smile realizing that there is something for me to work on there.

"Of all the members you mention in your report, the one that feels sick and wants to leave may indicate someone you inadvertently manage to get to the Freeze Point."

The member [Name] that leaves the meeting after the first hot seat never really engages in feeling feelings on the hot seat or encouragement of the hot seat. He comments on the content.

I wonder if you mean that [Name] observing the other members encourage the hot ​seat and the hot seat willingness to experience his feelings, [Name's] ​issue gets to the freeze point without him ever being on the hot seat, he is not willing to feel it so he excuses himself.

I enjoy regular reporting to you and FAQ and I enjoy serving our tribe.

Thank you for receiving the FAQ submissions, for teaching the processes and for your insights about our meeting.

Thank you for raising these issues.

Running the Rocks Process for others gives the The Process Manger many opportunities to find his own Rocks.

For example, say the Client starts to get into the form of shaking his head vigorously - and then abruptly announces, "I just can't seem to go any further."

The Process manager, feeling disappointment, might want the Client to keep moving forward and encourage with "You can do it - keep going - keep shaking your head more and more vigorously."

Client tries to comply and finds he just can't seem to get into it any more. He keeps repeating, "I just can't."

Process manager then notices his own disappointment and desire to move the client forward, shakes it off, and gets back on track with, "Great, thank you for telling me that. Keep saying that. Keep saying 'I just can't.'"

If the Process Manager stays clear, the Rocks Process either runs to completion, or the Client announces he no longer has willingness to proceed.

Some of the trickier Rocks (feeling-->action pairs) include those with actions like: stopping before completion; going to sleep; yawning; running away; vomiting; defecating; etc.

With practice, a Process Manager can come to see all these responses as direct paths to the location of the Medicinal Rock.

In Process Management
in Trading and in Life

side tracks
may turn into short cuts.


Oct 24, 2014

Tribe Meeting Update - Paying Attention to Feelings


Today for the first time I follow my rules in trading.

I feel happy first and then restless after I close the trade this morning.

I never followed the rules I make. I traded mostly on emotions. I would develop some rules then decide to trade based on those rules then put on a trade based on observations or happenings at that moment. I would see the position going in my favor for a while, but will not close the position. Then I watch the market go against me. I would watch my gains become losses and then bigger losses. It will make me feel sad, then I would feel angry. I would stop trading for some time but then the drama will repeat again.

Last week I started a trade it went in my favor, this time I was tempted to leave my position on, do nothing, not close it but I did close the position.

I felt restless afterwards. I feel my body and my mind needed the drama that comes with not closing the trades and observing losses feeling sadness.

As I write this report I feel relieved. It may be that I am paying attention to my feelings now.


Thank you for sharing your process.

Problems Can Serve as Solutions

when they help distract us
from deeper issues.
Oct 24, 2014

Death in the Family - RIP

Dear Ed,

My name is [Name], and I am [Name's] [relation]. I am deeply sorry to inform you that [he] passed away very unexpectedly 2 days ago, Oct 22. The coroner is still establishing cause of death, but they suspect heart failure.

We are all in shock at this time, and are helping [his wife], as she grieves the loss of her husband of 23 years. He has talked extensively with us about how much he benefitted from the TTP Group and your leadership.

We are in the beginning stages of sorting through [his] affairs. Unfortunately, he was experiencing financial stresses and also did not have a will or trust in place. So we are reaching out to his network of friends and colleagues to see if anyone knows of an estate or bankruptcy attorney who can help us free of charge with questions regarding potential bankruptcy, probate court, and any advice for [his wife].

Thank you kindly in advance for any assistance or recommendations you may have to offer.

Warm regards,

Thank you for reaching out to me and for informing me of [Name's] passing.

Please accept my prayers and wishes for his wife, his family and friends as we all experience this sudden bereavement.

I plan to pass your letter along in full to members of his Tribe.
Oct 24, 2014

Offering Advice

Dear Ed,

I want to offer support to the contributor who again writes in about the abusive/codependent relationship he has with his wife - including getting kicks to his ribs (Pain and Trauma, October 16).

The last time he writes about this I respond by sharing my anxiety and discomfort at thinking back to the physically violent relationship in my past. I also share my regret that it took me so long to leave this relationship.

I don't know how to support someone who complains about how their life works and does not seem to do anything to change it.

I notice I feel sad for him and also I shake my head, remembering how I felt so powerless to do anything about my situation. I have trouble imagining remaining stuck in a relationship like that now.

One part of me wants to say, "Get out first and figure it out later!", or maybe, "Go get some therapy!" or something equally control-centric.

I also know that we have the lives we intend to have through our choices.

I wonder what an intimate, supportive response would sound like when someone stays so stuck like that.

I have other in my life who say they want to change and then don't change anything. I have stopped trying to "help" them and wonder what is left to say.

Thank you for sharing your process - and for raising the issue about helping people.

I wonder about the same kinds of things I sense you wondering about - and I can share with you how I deal with it, at this point in my process.

Per the TTP Model, I offer advice only upon request - and I offer it sparingly and only as something the other person might consider. I do not tell people what they "should" do.

I conduct formal processes, such as the TTP Rocks Process, only with frequent testing for willingness.

When I encounter someone who has (in my opinion) a huge and easily solvable problem - and discover s/he does does not have awareness of it or want to solve it, I generally cringe inside.

Example: Your penultimate sentence, "I have other in my life who say ..." makes me cringe. Mostly in this kind of situation, I just move on and leave the text as is, including typos.

I also actively solicit and encourage judgment and comment from others in case they pick up on my own typos.

When I get the cringe feeling, hopefully, I quickly associate it with judging another person by my own standards. Ideally, I then take my feeling about <judging the other person> to Tribe and work on my own issues about it.

I may also report my cringe feeling to the other person in such a way that I take full responsibility for it as part of my process - and tell him/her I do not imply a behavior modification request.

If I have a standing mutual agreement to support personal growth with another person, such as I have in Tribe, I may also tease, cajole, advise, judge and employ other provocation as part of the process.

Oct 24, 2014

A Convenient Untruth

Hi Ed,

Thanks for pointing out other issues which I do not realise existed.

I do tend to say anything in order to get what I want. I just say things and then when I get what I want I conveniently forget what I say.

Today and yesterday this issue seems to come to the forefront in my life.

Thank you for pointing this out,

Thank you for sharing your process.

One thing you might have trouble getting by lying: real intimacy.

Lying Can Get You
almost anything you want

except real intimacy.

Oct 24, 2014

Fixing People

Hi Chief,

Thank you for the inspirations. I notice my response pattern to "wanting to fix others" or "wanting other to work hard" changes from "tell them to change directly" to "write to FAQ" or "Ask Ed". |=).


Thank you for sharing your process.

If your Tribe Members write to me, I can, as usual, ask them to consider taking their issues to Tribe.

In this way, they might run around and around until they get too tired to resist trying the Rocks Process.

Oct 24, 2014

FAQ by Subscription

Hi Chief,

I am just wondering what can happen if you close FAQ to general public and only provide it to tribe members who actually go to tribe meeting and get onto hot seat and role play?

I see people indulge in reading FAQ to entertain themselves, like reading other self help books and achieve no meaningful personal growth.

From people I know who read FAQ for decades or years without wanting to attend meetings, having access to FAQ actually slow them down from joining Tribes or attending workshops.

I see FAQ becomes a medication for them.


Thank you for raising this issue.

I suppose I could close FAQ, set up a TTP Institute, train and licence practitioners, run it as a for-profit business, hire an ad agency and provoke an angry response from both the psychiatric and drug Govopolies.

I consider TTP can offer benefits for people who implement basic principles on their own and in their own ways - and who wish to report and share their experiments and results with others.

At this point in the innovation cycle for TTP, and in my own life cycle, I feel I might maximize benefits by proceeding informally and experimentally in this format.

You might consider taking your feelings about <wanting to fix others> and <wanting others to work as hard as you do> to Tribe.
Oct 24, 2014

Tribe Report - Mostly Feeling Good / One Feeling Sick


The Tribe meets on Tuesday as usual.

Everyone arrives between 7PM and 7.30PM.

We have the intention of checking in at 7.30 and we do.

Everyone is in a good mood.

A new member from the workshop is a welcome addition to our group and helps set the tone by focusing on feeling during his check-in.

We start a hot seat immediately after check in is complete. The process is full of encouragement and the hot seat progressively explores forms. He is willing to continue feeling his feelings as his hot -set progresses.

Eventually he gets to a point where he appears to be released and just settles in.

I ask if he is willing to continue feeling the feelings and he says he is and that he feels great. We encourage him to feel great, to keep telling us about feeling great and to show us feeling great. He begins revisiting the different forms. We encourage him to continue.

One of the group leaves the room. The hot seat continues and eventually pauses to tell us he feels great and thanks us.

We check out. The member that stepped out excuses himself for the evening. He feels sick and needs some rest.

We take a quick break. Our new member is hot when we check back in. We jump right into his hot seat. Everyone encourages him to feel the feelings and do more of that as he develops forms with his arms, hands and face.

He continues to be willing to feel his feelings and to feel his inability to continue feeling when it comes up.

We encourage him. I'm eager to do the rocks process with him.

Just as I am about to ask him to freeze the from he stops.

I ask him if he is willing to continue. The hot seat says he would like to check out.

Everyone respects his wish and thanks him. We check out and take a break.

- - - - -

We reconvene and check in again. Another member feels a lot of resonance with the last hot seat and feels hot.

He wants to relocate into a different room that is more intimate and we all relocate and get started with the hot seat.

​His hot seat is very physical and takes a number of different physically demanding forms. We cheer his effort and test for willingness as he goes into the forms. This time I don't think of the Rocks Process.

We engage in a virtual chorus ​of encouragement and acknowledgement to support the hot set. The form intensifies and reaches a climax with the hot seat having moved from a push-up/plank position to an upright and strong stance with arms extended. He is powerful and feels awesome.

We all feel the energy has shifted.

We check out and discuss the feelings and the nuances of the process. The hot seat recounts a transition from being stuck or suspended in the cacophony of ​our support to just going with it and just having the feeling.

He tells us he feels great , powerful energized and calm. Other express similar feelings and express enjoying the feelings.

- - - - -

I think we are done and checking out and I notice I feel "worry" about the member that has left and his overall experience with the tribe as I am checking out.

Someone says you seem a little hot so I start exploring the feeling in my stomach below my rib cage on the left. It feels like a boot lodged under my ribs in my abdomen. I press into the feeling and notice that my eyes are closed and that I'm moving around side to side and that everyone is encouraging me​.

The encouragement intensifies and so does the feeling. The motion seems to increase and I feel inverted and impaled where the original feeling started. I feel like I'm upside down and writhing or cowering around and away from this feeling.

The Tribe continues supporting as the feeling shifts into a more solid and upright feeling. I feel as though I have been pressed into an icy snowbank and experience a visual representation of this feeling. I am unsure where I am. It is dark. I am outside. It is cold. My body feels exhausted, solid and compressed.

I begin to sit upright and straighten my spine. I breath deeply as I uncurl. I place my hands in my lap and feel energy or calm and solidity. I open my eyes and see that everyone is very close and moving away from positions of being ready to catch me or prevent my from crashing into a table or walls.

I feel the support and intention to support. I feel substantially calm as we check out.

There is a lot of shared gratitude for the work tonight.

I reflect on the meeting for several days before recording these thoughts.
I feel like this meeting sets the tone for our group and introduces TTP more thoroughly to those of us that have limited experience with the process.

I begin thinking were I'll find actual physical rocks for use in a rocks process and remember I'll be near a beach this weekend.
I feel that things happen the way they are indented to happen.

Cool relief leaves my shoulders back, spine straight and feeling cool.

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting your meeting.

I gather you have a number of sessions in which people get to a peaceful, even blissful state and then check out.

You may find these members returning with the same or similar issues at the next meeting - with the same "Signature Form."

This can result when you can use TTP as a medicinal experience - that helps people feel better without ever dealing with their underlying issues (See the Emotional Intensity Cycle, below).

As with other pacifier-addictants (such as anti-depressants) you might expect people to show up regularly for another "fix."

In the Rocks Process we arrest the Emotional Intensity Cycle at its peak - in order to work with the Client's feelings at a high enough level so that he can recall earlier, similar, critical events - and go on to substitute proactive responses for medicinal responses.

If we allow the Client to abreact all the way to the Zero Point, we all feel better - and also manage to avoid the opportunity to replace Medicinal Rocks with Proactive Rocks.

Of all the members you mention in your report, the one that feels sick and wants to leave may indicate someone you inadvertently manage to get to the Freeze Point.

Note: If you send someone home at the Freeze Point, without completing the Rocks Process, he may shortly wind up invoking his Medicinal Rock and launching another instance of his signature drama.

You might consider checking with this member to see if he recalls any particular drama involving <boundary violation> shortly after the Tribe Meeting.

Emotional Intensity Cycle

You can use it proactively
and also medicinally.

From TTP Extensions - available free by download.

Oct 24, 2014

Surrogate Hot Seat


I am chatting online with [you know him] in [Country], and I suddenly have a weird idea.

I ask him if he has an issue which he wants to work on himself, and I can take that issue onto hot seat in the Tribe meeting tonight to work it on myself. He says he has an issue, blah blah.

I start to try to feel that issue and I feel that I am wearing other people's coat, and I even feel the body warmth from that coat. A little uncomfortable.

I plan to do a test tonight on the hot seat to see what happens and update with you. I plan not to tell him the details of the meeting and let him test if anything changes in his behavior.


Thank you for sharing your plan with me.

I would like to find out about the results.

You might consider that people typically observe "remote simultaneous transformation" in others when they engage the Hot Seat themselves.

Of course, you can theorize this has to do with (1) seeing the other person differently and (2) behaving differently toward the other person, thereby eliciting different responses.

The other theory, that the other person actually changes remotely and simultaneously, seems to defy rational explanation and also to fit with the personal experiences of many people after Hot Seat and Rocks Process experiences.
Oct 24, 2014

This Moment


Katy writes this song after reading Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

Thank you for sending me this link.

"All we have is this moment ... to put a love into motion."

Nice !
Oct 23, 2014



Those charts are a thing of beauty!

Thank you for encouraging me.

I write all the code myself, in C#, including data processing, graphics, sorting, production of HTML and uploading to the Web.

I now have it all working automatically, on a timer.
Oct 23, 2014

Workshop Follow Up - Rocks and Synchronicity


Thank you Chief for organizing the workshop. Thank you for and all participants and friends.

I arrive late in the first day of the workshop. Ed asks to stay at the door and after he asks to share my feeling with all participants. I share my feeling with all and they respond "It is my intention to you to be late". I have an issue to be late. And Ed shows me that it is OK to be late. Just share your feelings and there is no drama involved. The interesting is that all other days of the workshop I arrive on time.

Ed asks to which of the participants, which goal do you want to achieve?
I answer: I feel my feelings of being wrong. He answers. What do you feel when you are wrong? Suddenly I start to develop the form. I start to cry and my left leg starts to curl as someone is hitting it. He continues to conduct the process and I continue to cry and curl more my left leg I cough too... He says what are you seeing? Is someone hurting you? He decides that I'm the hottest person in the group. He continues to encourage my forms and I see my Dad hitting my left leg with his belt. Ed asks me if I'm willing to continue the process I say yes…

Chief decides to do the role-play. We sit in the side of the room. We have one member as my father, one as my mother, and the other as my young brother. Ed continues to be the process manager.

Ed continues to encourage my forms and amplifies it. Ed asks. What are you seeing? I see my father hit me with the belt in my left leg. Ed asks. Why is he hitting you? Do you see others? Your mom? I recollect my young brother broke one of my toys and I kick him. He runs to my father and my father with his teeth appearing he says you shouldn't hurt you brother and starts to hit me with the belt.

I was in the corner of our living room close to the wall after sometime my mom appears and asks him to stop. After that she comforts me and I was crying a lot. She says to me to be quiet and no say a word. She comforts me. Ed locates the Rock Donors.

We start the role play and the participants do a really good job. We simulate all what I see and it was amazing how perfect it is. I continue to cry a lot.

My pattern is when someone does something wrong I kick the person and I shut down.
I have the same pattern with one of my partners.

We do the rock process. First I receive the rock from my father to hit/kick the others. I work and Ed is conducting the process to give back the rock to my father. My father refuses to receive the rock and I keep insisting. Dad I'm giving back your rock. I want to have a different pattern with my life. I want to share my feelings and not kick my colleagues and friends when they do something wrong. My father finally receives the Rock.

Now I want to give back my rock to my mom. She refuses a lot to get back the rock. I insist she says that I don't need to give back the rock. I insist. Mom if you want to have the same pattern it is up to you. I want to have a different pattern. I want to share my feelings. I want to receive the feeling of the others. If it is OK to you that Dad hits you, you live your life you decide what you want to have. I finally give back the rock to her.

Ed now gives me the Heart Rock to develop a different pattern. I want to share my feeling. I want to receive the others people are feeling. I want to be open and it is OK to make mistakes. I hold the heart rock and I release my father of the role play and my mom and my brother.

After the rock process I feel much better and feel relaxed. It is awesome and I really want to have my rock process conducted by Ed. Thank you Chief for conducting me in the Rock Process.

After the workshop two things happen that was so cool.

I was in the beach with 2 other participants and ask one of them that we want to have dinner with Ed. I ask him if he has Ed's phone. [Name] said no I don't have. In 5 minutes Ed appears and we invite him to have a dinner with us. Ed did not say yes or no. I ask [Name]. Do you think he will join us? He says I don't think so. I Say. Let's see. We schedule to meet at main lobby 7:30.

I was in my room and Ed calls and ask what my plans are tonight? I say we will meet 7:30pm at main lobby ... Ed says. Good. I meet you guys. The dinner was really awesome. Ed counts the initial of his career, he tells a lot of details and we discuss some specific ideas about systems and volatility ideas.

I learned a lot in 1 hour of good conversation with Ed. The other day Ed and [Name] will meet to record Waltzing Matilda. Ed's goal from the workshop is: I play banjo in band in Puerto Rico. [Name]'s goal is to record a CD with his mates.

They decide to meet 8AM at Ed's house to record. I want to pack all my stuff and close my account in the hotel, and I didn't want to wake up at 8AM. After I did all my stuff I called Ed to see if they are still playing and recording.

Ed did not answer his phone. I want to see Ed's house and listen they play. I decide to buy a wine. The hotels concierge suggests that I go to the supermarket. Then I suddenly meet Ed and[Friends] in the supermarket and Ed invites me to go to his house. Thank you chief for the invitation.
Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting the meeting and the Rocks Process and for noticing the synchronicities.
Oct 23, 2014

Feeling Insecure

Hi Ed,

I feel insecure and I enjoy approval from [Name] to make me feel less insecure. I would like to change this about myself. I want to have healthy relationships and I worry about being able to accept others when I cannot accept myself.

My heart sinks and my eyes water as I think about my loneliness.

Thank you for sharing your process.

I wonder which one of your selves you would have me believe: (1) the guy who says he would like to change, or (2) the guy who runs away after the first day of the Workshop.

Maybe they both know the guy who feigns vulnerability to lure [Name] into codependently supporting his delinquencies,

You might consider noticing your feelings about <telling the truth>.

(resisting authority)

and Arrogance
(false sense of entitlement)

typically hang together.

Oct 23, 2014

Wants Hi-Res Whipsaw Song

Dear Ed,

your whipsaw song is very funny and great. I love it very.

Can you please give me a link that I can make a download for your video in high qualitiy only for my private computer?

Many thanks.

Have a wonderful time and success.

Best german wishes from spain.

Du bringst eine Peitsche
und ich bringe eine Säge

Thank you for raising this issue.

I think you might find a higher quality version on Vimeo.
Oct 23, 2014

All About That Bass


You might like this tune - and the parody version.

Original by Meghan Trainor:

Parody Version:

Thank you for the links.

Hmmm ... I gather Bass refers to something other than the musical instrument - perhaps one of four locations in baseball - or maybe the fish.
Oct 23, 2014

Tribe Meeting Report


4 members present, one (#5) away on holidays, one (#4) at TTP Workshop.

After drumming and exercises, which we run longer than usual due to a new member, we hear about people's hot seat situations. After a short beak we run them in order of hotness.

Member 1 feels under pressure at work with tight deadlines and little control over the process or outcomes. We run a hot seat and he successfully ramps up the feeling and forms. After a time he has a realization that the answer is a) feel the pressure b) work out what he can best do c) do those things. Member does not feel there is a rock and cannot find a pivotal moment so we do not run the rocks process. On checkout, the member expressed satisfaction with the result. One member comments that member 1 seems to enjoy pressure.

Member 3 - my futures system is dangerously near completion after a lot of work. This creates the prospect of actually trading and I start to feel increasingly anxious about it. After hot seating for a while I realize that I have been running away from the feeling of anxiety. Reentering the hot seat I try to fully experience the feeling, and come to the realization that I felt like this before - in junior high school due to bullying and other issues. I recognize the pattern of running away from a feeling and pretending it is not there etc from previous hot seats and rocks processes (eg around my grandmother's death when I was 7-8 years old). It is just a matter of applying the same solution: feel the feeling, in this case of anxiety, find the positive intention of the feeling, honor that positive intention. In this case it intends to avoid stupid mistakes, oversights, imprecision, and avoidable losses. I decide to review my system, my notes, and key trading resources for things I have missed. I feel that a rocks process would be redundant as I have already done one for this scenario. ... Later I review my notes and resources below and pick up a few things, but overall I am happy with the outcome. I intend to finish my system and then paper trade for a while then trade small initially and then grow to full size over time. The anxiety abates.

Member 2 - feels guilty he is not helping his children. Friends boast about buying their children houses etc. Feels he should be a better father. Feels he has squandered opportunities in the past and has underachieved relative to potential. After hot-seating for a while member states that he wants to talk to his children about what help they want, and what he can do. He doesn't really know what they want and he just assumes things. Also the member feels that he has an expectation of perfection for himself, which is not realistic, and he will work on noticing when he feels like this and trying to find more proactive responses.

Member 6 - frustrated and discouraged as his back testing delivers mixed results. some of the currency pairs he tests are unprofitable with his system. Discussion follows trying to determine what bothers the member. This turns into one of those frustrating sessions that never seems to get anywhere. Question: Do you feel frustrated that your system doesn't work? leads to Are you frustrated that you don't have a profitable system or that you are messing up the back testing? and Do you know if you have a profitable system? and Do you have a system at all? and When will you get the full results of back testing? and Do you plan to put the results together? and Are you changing the system as you are "testing" it? Member is thinking of starting to trade with just the profitable currency pairs from back testing. Question: What is the basis for excluding some pairs?

Eventually member concludes his feelings of discomfort reflect a natural response to what he is doing and not doing and he needs to review his approach. He wants to clearly define what his n system is, test it in full and integrate the results, then start paper trading and then trading real money.

I don't even remember if we got into an actual hot seat on this one. I feel confused about the whole episode. Perhaps member was trying to make a bad feeling go away by doing a hot seat medicinally, when in fact he needed to listen to the "bad feeling". Time will tell I guess.


Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting your Tribe Meeting.

In session #6 you might consider following the feeling of frustration.

You can use frustration medicinally, to cover up deeper issues - or proactively, to regroup and move to the next level.


You can shut down
or roll with it.
Oct 23, 2014

Workshop Follow Up

Morning Ed!

Wow! The 2014 workshop represents a highlight of my year and a fantastic opportunity to make some friends, grow and support others growth.

My favourite part without a doubt involves making music with you Ed! Haha how fun. You now fall into my mate category. I hope everyone that views our work gets a smile like I do. This provides a example to me of interdependent relating; clear communication of goals, mutual passion, mutual growth, some work and lots of fun. No room for codependency here!

In terms of other workshop take aways I have so many!

I didn't realise the skill and practice that non judgemental receiving requires plus the power that it holds for sender and receiver growth. Skilful receiving requires going where they go and of course practice, practice, practice. Also prior to the workshop I didn't understand the power that asking someone what they want holds; asking yourself this question proves even more powerful, even plain scary!

My hot seat of blacking out provides a new level of insight into "what I do". When I black out I miss the only moment that matters and the endless opportunity that it provides. Life is too short* (*non svop-b, not my saying). I think that the opportunity for everyone to do whatever they want exists everywhere simultaneously. Staying present in the moment reveals these opportunities. Knowing what you want sets the course. Observing your results allows you to change course, if you choose to.

Describing time in non-linear terms similar to a blob fascinates me. I plan to conduct my own exploration into the non linear relationship of price and volatility and look for ways to make money through this relationship. The relationship between purpose and drama also proves insightful - you only have time to conduct one or the other!

Working through a number of Rocks Processes with the Workshop group reveals that everyone holds rocks of some sort and everyone else's problems often pale in comparison to our own. TTP provides a way to replace the intergenerational transmission of these rocks quickly in a drama free setting; what a gift to receive prior to starting a family.

I want to say thank you to Ed for hosting the Workshop and thank you to all participants for showing up ready to do the work and contributing to my experience. If any of you decide to visit my country you have a place to stay. Lots of love to you all!

Thank you for sharing your process and for reporting on the Workshop.
Oct 23, 2014

Dark Side of Trading

Hi Ed,

I like the idea of the Essentials card.

Sometimes I am tempted by the dark side of trading: trading against what I think might be a weak trend.

I even develop what might be a profitable system to fade these trends. I learn the hard way that that following a trend fading system does not feel right and so i give up.

I think the first suggestion or rule on the essentials card should be 'Follow the trend'.

The 'use stops' suggestion does imply going with the trend but i think (at least for traders like myself) it might need to be made more explicit.

Thank you for sending me your suggestion.

The Essentials Card presents a half dozen rules for how to follow trends.

If you have a list you like better, I'd like to see it.
Oct 22, 2014

Trading System Design


Also, here is that chart in normal bar mode. Getting good execution could make this system more challenging to follow. Considering the Renko bricks are set at 3 points per brick, you could likely enter and exit on limits to avoid intraday chart watching.

Trading System Results

Thank you for raising the issue of using limit orders.

Trading on limit exposes you to the risk of missing a fill in a trending market.

You might consider running some back tests to determine the effects of using limit orders.

You might also consider addressing the issue of [executions] by testing your system over a range of sensitivities to trends - and over a range of assumptions about the amount of skid.
Oct 21, 2014

Dow Predictions


Hi, i am 25 years old ... For the past 3 years i have been studying the markets unfortunately i still need some more capital before i can trade myself.

i have done some interesting work on the dow jones and think it would be a waste for it not to be used. I believe the market will hit a major top by 29th-30th dec of this year.

From the research i have done major market cycles happen around 82-84 years going back from

1848 british railway crisis

1929 great depression


also when the media is releasing bad news ukraine crisis , isis terrorist threat, ebola this is when the market tends to make the largest upside scaring investors to sell shares. by december 29-30 i expect to see the dow jones to hit 18000 before the downtrend begins.

Any feedback or advice you may be able to give me to better my trading skills would be much appreciated.


Thank you for sending me your predictions.

I wonder what kind of trading rules you suggest for catching the moves you foresee.

Oct 21, 2014

Who Sees It Has It

Good Evening Ed,

I acknowledge that my submission of the one week workshop report is late. I acknowledge that it is my intention to write and submit this report late.

My life after the workshop continues to improve towards, healthy intimate centric ways of relating with the people that I interact with.

I find that now, I acknowledge my feelings of anger, whenever, my boundaries are being crossed or when I start to feel the ever increasing, nagging irritation of being taken advantage of.

I also notice that, I tend to over give, even when it may not be beneficial for me, which allows for others take. I acknowledge that in the desire to please,and be appreciated,I put myself or set up situations for me to be taken advantage of by the people I want to garner amicable relationships with. This is something, I am working.

My relationship with my partner is going well. We continue to be more communicative about our feelings. We continue to work on receiving each other. I feel that everyday, I gain a better understanding and appreciation for [Name] by truly appreciating, celebrating, and loving him just as he is.

"The one that sees the problem, is the one with the problem."

Thank you for sharing your process.
Oct 21, 2014

Beautiful Son


I am listening to a beautiful son. I feel that it might be a little harder to write a beautiful piece of music than trading markets. I remember you once create a MIDI file of a nice music piece. I am also wonder how The Perfect Trade song is going right now?


Thank you for reminding me.

Now that I have TT_Chartbook up and running, I might put some resources into other things, such as music and recording.
Oct 21, 2014



It is probably supposed to be that way, but the chart for TZOO under Weak Stocks drops off to nothing after the initial entries.

You've created a very impressive piece of work!

Thank you for the heads up.

TZOO works a 1:25 reverse split and then a 25:1 re-split to force out shareholders with less than 25 shares.

One of my data services reports only the 25:1 part and this data bug shows up as the decline you see.

Oct 21, 2014



Do you have prices for all stocks globally or only US stocks?

Thank you for raising this issue.

I currently show continuous contracts for major futures and stocks for some US companies.
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