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Dec 16, 2015

With and Without


Without Tribe, I do not change my ways.

Without Tribe, I do not marry my beautiful bride.

- - - - -

With Tribe, I become a profitable trader.

With Tribe, I become a family man and loving husband.

With Tribe, I notice how my feelings influence my decisions.

With Tribe, I dictate my life and accomplish my goals.


My wife and I

Thank you for sharing your process and your photograph.
Dec 14, 2015

Visualization and Motivation

Dear Ed,

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom generously.

I come across your website last month and I then proceed to read the entire FAQ starting from 2003 to the present.

I am intrigued by your snapshot process and notice its evolution from the hardball process, to the bumper sticker process, to its current snapshot process.

I recall that you want to move to a process-centric snapshot from an outcome-snapshot.

I also notice the confusion that contributors have with using specific numbers in their snapshots.

I proceed to research the web for information on best ways to visualize goals.

I come across this article in Forbes that suggests that Positive Visualization might be counter productive.

I recall some contributors having mixed results with snapshots - they achieve their goals and regress.

I wonder if this might be related to the Forbes article.

I wonder what your thoughts are on the Forbes article.

Thanks for inspiring me to live a good life as a trader, as a father, and as a husband.
Thank you for raising this issue.

In TTP we define a Problem as the difference between a goal situation and a current situation.

We then examine the client's perceptions and feelings about the problem - and how he responds to those feelings.

We call the client's response policy (that links his feelings to his response) a Rock.

Clients may have Medicinal Rocks and Pro-Active Rocks.

Medicinal Rocks motivate actions that medicate the feeling by acting directly on the feeling, such as: [feel stress --> have a beer].

Pro-Active Rocks motivate actions that move the situation toward the goal, such as: [feel stress --> marshal resources to complete the task].

In the TTP Rocks Process we identify Medicinal Rocks and replace them on a deep level with Pro-Active Rocks.

We may use the Snapshot Process or one of its derivatives as an entry point to the Rocks Process.
Dec 14, 2015

One Good Trend ... Pays for Them All


... I am a trader from [Country].

I would like to thank Mr Ed Seykota for his song, while it helps me a lot in my trading style.

When I am in a transaction I always sing his song "One good trend will pay for them all" and it helps me to stay in a good transaction as long as the trend finish the direction.

I wish him every best, thank you very much :)

kind regards,
Thank you for acknowledging The Whipsaw Song.
Dec 11, 2015

Tribe Report - Closer to Mom


I arrive at the meeting nervous, yet willing and ready to take a Hot Seat (HS). At my turn to take the HS, I state I have strong feelings when people criticize me. I sort of believe I am ok, but the feeling that I am not ok overrides. The center of my chest feels as though it is being pulled in from inside my body.
I curl up into a small ball and cry. I realize am in my childhood room being told I cannot do what I want to do when I grow up … be a model. My mother tells me I am not pretty enough, I am not tall enough and never will be tall enough. That I am not good enough.

The Process Manager (PM) guides me through sharing feelings with my [role-play] Mother — Beginning with establishing report by thanking her for sharing and asking her if she is willing to share more.

By focusing on her feelings first, I am able to understand that she is just trying to protect me from being hurt by the “outside” world. The PM then guides me through sharing my feelings, letting her know that she hurting and stifling me by keeping me in a box / cage and not letting me try, fly and learn … even if it means I might fail. I need her support to soar.

My [role-play] mother seems to have an AHA moment and realizes that what I need is her love and support. By sharing feelings, my mother and I reach a new level of intimacy. I realize by being open with our feelings, I get the support and love I have needed for so long, and my mother is assured that I am a strong and capable person.

The process ends with my [role-play] mother giving me a hug that transcends time and place.

During the hug she tells me I am pretty, smart, and can do anything I want, and she will support me. I immediately feel a shift in my life. Since returning home, I have received nothing but support and love from my [real] mother during a very trying time in my life. We have a Mothe / Daughter weekend planned very soon … a weekend I feel we will soar together.

I thank the PM and the entire Tribe for this amazing process.
Thank you for sharing your process and your results.
Dec 11, 2015

Tribe Report - Falling Walls


Reading over my issue I wanted to address at the Tribe meeting, I feel that I was resisting situations.

Since the Tribe, situations have arisen to surface the feeling of frustration at people from people to test how I now felt about all of this. I felt this feeling for 5-10 minutes, thought about it, and then decided that feeling this resistance as if I am up against a wall was not something I wanted to feel for months, years and ongoing.

In some scenarios it takes less effort to spend the 10-15 minutes to resolve it, take note of the event, and think about what I can do to avoid this next time. In some cases, it was a matter of simply accommodating people and making life easier for myself. In the case of students and websites, it was by minimising ambiguity and not assuming that just because I wrote something once, that people would read it, process it, and do their best to not make mistakes.

By ‘automating’ things, writing clearer instructions, etc, I no longer had to own someone else’s thought process of mistakes. I had control over what I could do to help the situation.

In another scenarios where I was charged a ‘chargeback fee’ by Paypal for someone else frauding my account, I addressed it immediately and contacted the owner of the credit card advising them to protect their card and notified what had happened, and also gave paypal all details of the refund – Paypal still decided to charge me a fee for this fraud. After feeling the full extent of frustration for 5-10 minutes, I thought about what energy I wanted to invest in this. There are some battles that are not worth the investment. This one was one of them and I acted accordingly.

After the Tribe meeting I felt I was able to feel closer to my mother without even talking to her. I haven’t spoken to her yet. I wanted to process these thoughts longer, but I have a feeling of wanting to be close to her.

All my life I wanted to keep a separation between us. I feel it is time to break down that wall I built up that no longer serves me. I can only imagine the hurt she feels that I maintained this wall for so many years, and at the same time have her personal safely compromised constantly by my father.

I feel tears form in my eyes as I write this but they are relieving tears.

I feel it is easier to disassociate from other's drama that they play out.
Thank you for sharing your process and for sharing your insights and results.
Dec 11, 2015

Tribe Report - Just Water


I arrive at the Tribe meeting ready to work. We check in and I take the first Hotseat. I begin with a form and go from there. I have a memory of a seeing a small red light that gets bigger and I go into it. And then out of it or rather through it. I don’t know.

I have a memory of the PM speaking clearly and guiding me. I have a memory of the PM saying “you can put this off until tomorrow,” and I go deeper into the red light.

I experience a montage of events from a baby receiving a spanking, a small boy standing by a bed with toys shoved under the bed, an older boy by a fireplace, and an older boy on the other side of the fireplace.

All the experiences are connected. I seem to cycle between all the events: a spanking, a belt whipping, a punching. I see my sister giving me instructions on how to stop dad from whipping us with a belt. She says, “Just cry and he’ll stop.” She says it in a caring way. It’s the first time I have a memory of her doing/saying something nice for me. I marvel at how easy it is for her to cry and make dad stop hitting us. She employs the crying technique effectively.

I feel a lot of pain and struggle to speak. I can’t seem to speak as a baby and transfer to a boy that can speak and then back to a baby. I have a memory of going back and forth attempting to speak as a baby. The baby and boy seem to integrate and scream “Stop!”

Another tribe member tells me there are role players. I have no memory of this.

In the process, I meet with my father and feel pain and anger. I ask him how he feels, and notice that I don’t really care how he feels. I feel angry. I ask to share feelings but don’t really want to.

The PM tells me to stick with the feelings. I do not have a memory of this—another Tribe member gives me this information. The Tribe member tells me that the PM continually offers suggestions to “stay with the feelings.” And the PM helps keep me on the “feeling” track.

Again, I have no memory of this. The other Tribe member tells me about it.

I do have a memory of the PM gently telling me I have to establish rapport first. I notice that I’m not establishing rapport. I start to go into my head (thinking) “well that’s not going to work—the guy, my dad, is such an asshole.” I go with the process and try to establish rapport. I have a memory of establishing rapport, but I have no memory of what I say. It’s all blurry.

Once I get rapport, I see my father and there is something different about him. I don’t know what it is, but I’m not scared of him anymore. I don’t know if I have a memory of him or if I’m just making something up, and he seems small and afraid. He seems confused. Again, I don’t know if that is something I’m just making up or if it is a memory. It seems real to me.

I notice that I am only eating when I’m hungry. I no longer have a desire to eat a bunch of ice cream. That is so strange to me. I no longer have a desire to go get a bunch of donuts or something heavy to eat. I’m drinking a lot of water.

I’m also continually moving in the sense that I’m getting things done without having a need to sit and “chill out.” I’m getting stuff done. At dinner, I don’t overeat. And all I want to drink is water — not tea or Diet Coke, or anything else. Just water. And that’s OK with me. I notice that I'm losing weight without trying to lose weight. I'm also going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier.

I thank the Tribe for running the process with me. I especially thank the PM for the guidance and management of the process.
Thank you for sharing your process and results and for documenting the meeting.
Dec 11, 2015

Tribe Report - Calls 10 and Gets 3


Prior to the Tribe Meeting, each applicant submits an essay. The Tribe Leader invites only those with a major issue, who present evidence they actively work on this major issue.

En route to the meeting I clarify and rewrite my major issue essay twenty times by hand. My goal becomes very precise and makes the important shift from me wanting to find new clients to serve, to me wanting to help clients I can serve find me.
Every member arrives HOT, early, and ready to work. We work on feelings every moment. There's no dancing around the issues.

The Process Manager ("PM") works very hard to keep each Hot Seat ("HS") deep in feelings while gently - and precisely - encouraging HS to remember a critical event from their formative years so we may arrange a role-play. I observe the delicate balance between keeping HS in deep feelings mode and inviting them to recall a critical event.

We explore physical abuse, verbal abuse, and neglect each tribe member experiences as a child. As I type this I shake my head and feel watery eyes - children are beautiful, innocent, wonderful gifts from heaven - not targets for parents who can't express sadness, anger or frustration. I feel exhaustion thinking about how much energy and commitment PM needs to stay on task. I recall the high energy levels I need to keep focus.

I also recall being so deep in my feelings during my process, it's difficult to remember exact details.

What I do recall is, upon fore-giving (giving back) unproductive, automatic response patterns to my rock donor, I realize hiding away isn't really much fun. I like to have fun, have many gifts to share, and enjoy and appreciate the company of others. I feel amazement at how this strongly this pattern previously shapes my life. Desert-island existence might work for others, it doesn't work for me. Iron sharpens iron, as one person sharpens another. I notice action and results on my part: I call 10 people and 3 agree to meet with me.

I wish to express my very deep gratitude for everyone's support at the meeting. I admire your bravery, honesty, and willingness to work.


PS: I recall the Tribe Leader suggests he may not need Tribe once his relationship issues resolve. I wonder if that might provide subtle motivation to keep relationship issues around.
Thank you for sharing your process and insights and for documenting the meeting.
Dec 11, 2015

Wants Help with System

Hi Ed,

I feel glad to see you recently host Austin tribe meeting. Tribe meetings are always fun and productive.

Recently I get to know a new enthusiastic Tribe member and we are having more frequent small meetings, in addition to biweekly meetings. I feel less hungry of Tribe meetings and feel satisfied by my local Tribe work load.

Now we focus not only on enjoying the meeting itself, but also take effort to run booster ad-hoc process to help each other to embed what we acquire in meetings into everyday real time applications. I make some process on the ability to catch feelings on the fly and apply intimacy method, but more important, I get to know I still have huge room for improvement.

This year I spend lots of effort on my system design. I give up vacations to continue my programming and research, while my family went back to [Homeland] in the summer. Now I have a basic profitable system, trading global markets. I am doing order automation design now.

My system seems to work due to its broad market selection. It diversifies by nature. I feel a little unhappy about his.  I try several times to figure out a dynamic portfolio selection strategy to make it more robust, diversifying by managing correlation or so, less depending on spreading out among broad markets selection, and without success. The method I use to manage portfolio dynamic correlation and dynamic selection never beats the the method which just simply trade all markets with small risk on each.

While I decide to start to trade my fully diversified system (which has some portfolio total heat management method I invent), I want to continue tackle the dynamic portfolio selection and risk management, as well as the pattern recognition you mentions in TSP. I target early next year to shift focus to marketing and getting my CTA, I feel a little behind, or imperfection.

I am wondering if you would like to help me to design the missing pieces of the puzzle? I have a budget of nearly $30,000.00 which I can pay you with your $1000 hourly rate. If you agree to help me, I am happy to send payment over and send you my intentions on what I want to improve on my system, and get ready to work.

Thank you for raising this issue.

You might consider writing a system spec for the modules you want to include in your system.

You may find that, once you define them, you can also see an easy way to encode them.
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