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Jan 20, 2015

Iron Box


When I think of the idea of taking loss to create rapport and accept reality, I feel a cold iron box in my chest, and moving up and down. I feel some tears in my eyes and happiness. I know I am becoming a better trader now. Thank you for the wisdom and kindness.

Thank you for sharing your process.
Jan 20, 2015

Sending and Receiving


I ponder your following comment all the morning and I feel I reach the AHA.

"In actual practice, Sending and Receiving go back and forth rather effortlessly once you establish rapport.

Rapport comes from a deep desire and willingness to support others in a way they wish to receive support."

I recall that once in my process in Austin Tribe, I practice sharing feeling with my manage when he lets another co-worker take over my project. You guide me through accept the reality and share my sadness.

I realize that this how to support others the way they wish to receive, or support people to get what they want. The key is to have the willingness to experience the feeling of taking loss and accept the reality. And then to the level of willingness to release control of situation.

I feel now everything links together.

Thank you so much for the help!

Thank you for sharing your process and your insights.
Jan 20, 2015

New Tribe - 33 Applications in Less than One Day - in Chinese

Hi Chief,

I send a introduction to TTP to my local [Chinese] community through WeChat group today. In half a day, I receive 33+ applications. I am seeing the possibility of more tribes in our area.


Thank you for sharing your process.
Jan 19, 2015


Hi Ed,

My application for your concideration.

I would like to reiterate my thanks for the opportunity to join this group.


Thank you for sending me your application.

Welcome to PRTT.
Jan 19, 2015


Hi Ed,

I like to hear your thoughts on this article [saying that kids do better when their parents hang in there, rather than divorce].

I hope you are well in your new environment!


Thank you for raising this issue.

My thoughts: you might consider asking your wife how she feels once in a while, as well as what she thinks - if you want to keep your marriage together.

Jan 19, 2015

PR Tribe Application

Dear Ed,

Please find the Trading Tribe application attached.


Thank you for sending me your application.

Welcome to the PR Tribe.

Jan 19, 2015

Asia Workshop

Dear Ed Seykota,

Happy 2015 from [Country]

Do you still conduct seminar or workshop? Noticed that your last workshop was in Puerto Rico -si that your current base or residence?

Guess it would be crazy to even ask about seminar or workshop outside of USA esp in Asia :)


Thank you for raising this issue.

I can produce a workshop in Asia if you can produce 25 or more participants.
Jan 15, 2015

Sister Up 60%

Hi Chief,

My sister visits me today. She tells me that she made 60% last year by short term trading [foreign country] stocks. She is always the bold one in my family and my mom always thinks she is the best in execution capability. I tell her for long run she is going to give it back. I feel good I scare her off, so I don't feel jealous that much. I feel good medicating my feelings. |-)


Thank you for sharing your process.
Jan 15, 2015

PR Tribe Application

Hi Ed.

Application complete and attached.

Thank you for sending me your application.

See you on the 22nd.

Jan 15, 2015


Hi Ed,

I hope you're well. Also, I noticed this and thought of you:

Thank you for sending me the link.

I recall, many years ago, pioneering this idea and receiving considerable resistance, even derision from the scientific community.

This provides another example of the propagation of AHAs.

Jan 15, 2015


Thanks so much Ed.

My book Govopoly in the 39th day arrived 2 days ago and nicely packaged.

I have already read a good deal of it and it is a treasure trove of wisdom.

Thanks so much for the book and its swift dispatch.

Warm regards
Thank you for acknowledging me and Govopoly.

Jan 15, 2015

Swiss Franc Rally - up 25%, Instantly.


The Swiss National Bank (SNB) has pulled the floor from the Euro by ending the Swiss Franc's peg that supported the Euro's value at 1.20 Swiss Francs. This move is a major surprise because the SNB fought hard to encourage its citizens to reject a recent gold referendum – citing that its passage would prevent them from maintaining their Euro peg.

The USDCHF exchange rate plunged following the news from 1.02 down to a low of 0.7309 for an initial decline in the US Dollar of 28.34% vs. the Swiss Franc.

Thank you for sending me the news.

The combination of fiat currencies and central debt leads to inflaton and volatility. For more on this see Govopoly.

Trend followers who employ diversification and risk control generally survive such sudden reverals. Look for some major losses as the story continues to unfold.
Jan 15, 2015


Dear Chief,

Looking out of my HK hotel room window, I see this message.

I like it. I feel it is a good idea.



Thank you for sending me your view.
Jan 14, 2015

Wants to Understand

Hello (sorry for my english)

my name is [Name] and I write from ....
Is only 1 year I do trading, with little money because it does not currently have a job, and I'm with the broker [Name] (in [Country] things go wrong).
I'm sure I will get positive results and study each day, it is a passion and I hope I do not become too irresponsible.
I can tell you that you are a great and are my favorite along with Larry Williams, if you dare. And 'thanks to what I think I understand your study on the medium that I changed trading vision.
I say this because according to what I understand from your site (perhaps I did not understand well because of the translation) is only recently that I get results.
Can you give me a hand to understand better?
Sensed a possible future trend (with all the unknowns that we know) with a broken Donchian or another, I read that advice to enter (if long) between the best offer of the Donchian short and the high of the day (I like the 15 minutes and 5 minutes).
But if we follow the Donchiam with longer time frames, this coincides with the brief.
So, I tried to make the order halfway with Donchian low, that is the average of the high and the low of the period with good results.
These results, not comparable to yours, are combined with the technique of '123 Ross (perhaps perfected by Ross reading Larry Williams).
Larry, however, I think, says
I would love to join your technique with that of Larry. If I understand correctly, he considers the most important open respect the close.
On the previous day, and calculates the difference H-O and O-L.
If the day today the price exceeds the open of a certain%, the calculated values before, can begin an important swing.
I'm a little low in math (to school grades were average, not exponential, 5 votes ... but much higher in design, law and expression).
Can you help me? Is possible to find the best price for your order between concept and the overcoming of an average day, based on open, calculated on the differences H-O and O-L differences of the day before?

Kind regards

Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking your feelings of <confusion> to Tribe.

Jan 14, 2015

Tribe Report - Integrating Snapshots and Disappearance


Tribe members arrive at our offices for the weekly meeting.
Three of four are present at or before 7pm.
The fourth expects to arrive a few min after 7pm and requests that we wait for him to get started.

When he arrives we relocate from the back offices and conference room "the cave" to the "studio" a large open area.

We set up our chairs in a circle and begin drumming.
The drumming finds a synchronous harmony of four voices.
I notice that the drumming also seems to complete four distinct cycles or phases before we winds down and settle.

The drumming stops and we all look at each other, calm, ready, connected.

I conduct the check in. Once check in is complete I ask if anyone wants the hot seat.
No one responds with a yes so I suggest we begin the snapshot work we've discussed.

I check with the group if the format I suggest in email is an approach we might like to try.
We have consensus that we want to try the new approach.

We start out with me asking [Namel] to my left, "..., tell me about your snapshot".
He starts out describing a situation and set of conditions. Re revisits aspects of what he has said and adds detail and more back story and then concludes.

We take turns thanking him for sharing his thoughts about his snapshot. We each ask if he would like feedback/observations. He says yes and we each share what we thought, heard and felt was being said.

This feedback round opens a feelings oriented dialogue with many revelations of what is fuzzy, what is clear, what the dominant embedded feelings seemed to be.

He thanks us and I ask the next person, "..., tell me what you think about your snapshot".

A similar process unfolds. We provide feedback and observations on how we experience what he shares. He expresses gratitude and surprise at the clarity he gains based on our sharing our experience of what he shares with us.

We continue with this approach until all participants have completed the first round.

We move on to the next round.

I ask [Name]l, " Tell me how you feel about your snapshot" .

A similar scenario unfolds. This time feelings are the main content and the what, when, where, how details recede into the background as supporting extra's for the main character feeling.

We provide feedback and hone in on the added clarity and on what's been retained, eliminated and clarified from round one. We share what we experience and the core feeling being shared and understand it and refer to it as "Fluid".

At this time we break for a moment and relocate back to the "Cave" for additional privacy and more comfortable seating.

We continue with the next tribe member. I ask [Name] how he feels about his snapshot and he tells and indicates with gestures feelings of excitement, thrill, and scary, scared, terrified. His body language says "I like risk" his words tell us "I like to be prepared and to take calculated risks I am prepared for but I judge my fear and preparation" .

Each of us shares this observation of our experience of what [Name] shares with us and he is visibly engaged and appreciative of the insights.

We all experience his relationship to fear differently and in a complimentary and compatible way. Each observation and sharing of our feelings as receivers seems to integrate with our own processes, snapshots and contribute to further willingness and clarity for the sender.

We continue with the next member, [Name], following the same format of question followed by sharing followed by ​feedback and sharing of our experience of what was shared. A pattern of non-essential specifics vanishing to reveal greater presence of a core feeling continues to occur.

[Name]'s snapshot is oriented around feeling valued and cared for. He values and cares for himself and so do others.

When I share how I feel about my snapshot I close my eyes and am surprised by the "of course you do/are/can" and the "I love this" feeling of nurturing something. It feels like a steady overflowing abundance. I notice that my relationship to my snapshot feels like other areas of happiness and success. It feels parental, calm and accepting. I share the feelings of crafting a unique bicycle part by part and the relationship of the bike, the terrain and my riding. I see my trading happening the same way. It suits me, I love it.

I notice some feelings that were present in my first round related to managing money for others, fear and risk of impulsivity have been transformed turned into proactive feelings as a result of the work we do sending and receiving each other.

"I enjoy calculated risk and I'm good at it"

"I care for and appreciate myself and others. Others care for and appreciate me"

"I go with the flow . I am good with myself and connect with my wife wherever we are."

I find myself saying "I'm paid well to exist, to just be me and do what I do and it feels right."

[Name] notices that it is past 11.30 and we decide we will check out.

All in all I feel that the outcome was excellent. I feel that we all have greater clarity about what we want, how we feel and how we relate to our feelings and our snapshots.

The emotional clarity and substance of my snapshot exceeds many other previous snapshots that were more "complete" in a written format. I feel that continuing on to a final written snapshot is something I would like to do with the others in our Tribe.​

I will propose making a third pass at the process at our next meeting:
- "Show me how you feel about your snapshot" following the same format.
- Once complete, we will finalize snapshots, create our nemonic/ slogans for efficient recall
- Get "buy in"
- Share our plans and commitments to snapshot attainment
- Ask for and contribute support in keeping commitments

The exercise took a longer than I anticipated. It also took longer than I have previously spent woking on snapshots in a group context. However,the "work" and intensity of the effort is similar to what I typically experience to get to the same level of clarity and happens more quickly. When I work on a snapshot independently wit a DIM approach it tends to take a lot longer (days, weeks) to get to an emotionally integrated, clear vision.

I feel very clear and congruent after our meeting.

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your process, for documenting your meeting and for reporting on your progress integrating the Snapshot and Disappearance processes.
Jan 14, 2015

PR Tribe Application

Hi Ed,

Here you have the Application


Thank you for sending me your application.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Jan 14, 2014


Hi Ed,

my broker now can give me 1:1 leverage. (perviously unavailable for currency trading)


Thank you for sharing your process.
Jan 13, 2015

Tribe Report - Year-End Summary / New Resolutions


5 members present. The other member prepares for his imminent overseas trip.

After drumming and check-in everyone has five minutes to review 2014 and to outline plans and goals for 2015. It is noteworthy that those with written-down goals seem to make great strides to achieve them. It seems somehow the tension between the now and the goal creates action, though we feel pain experiencing this gap.

Member #6 is changing jobs and revamping his system based on his previous work with Tribe. Member #4 is going from strength to strength - a changed man from when he first showed up at Tribe. I also feel very gratified about how much progress I made in 2014 (fitness, weight, finances, relationships, learning) - the thought of such progress in 2015 is almost intimidating. The one thing is that finishing my futures system remains "very close". I paid out on the dinner offer to my two ex tribe friends in <city> because I didn't have it done by the end of last year. I have a similar bet with 3 tribe members here with 31 March 2015 deadline and another for 30 June 2015. This does seem to be having an affect on my progress.

We go around for hot seat topics and all feel a bit rusty after 7 weeks off the Tribe process. No-one is very hot. One member (#2) is frustrated that he is not doing anything about his goals for health and for trading better and another year has slipped by. Another member (#1) is frustrated his health has gone somewhat backwards and he is tied up helping a sick friend with his financial and legal problems. His trading has been going well (+2.5% per month average) but still a long way from where it could be.

So member 4 gives us a report on the Workshop in Puerto Rico for about an hour. His key point was about receiving: you don't judge, agree, disagree, solve, fix, but just receive with openness the feelings of the sender. We try this and find it quite difficult.

We also try some of the exercises from the workshop eg "Get off my back!" "No Way!". We discuss the purpose of these exercises. One school of though has it that they are to get you in touch with various common rocks that people have. Another theory has it that the idea is to give us practice in not getting embroiled into other people's drama. It actually seems to do both these things. We find it quite hard to stay in the feeling doing these exercises, with several exercises breaking down with jokes etc.

We add other improvised versions that resonate with various members - eg:

"You (#2) are useless and you will always be useless". "Thank you".

"You (#3) are bad and wrong and you will always be bad and wrong" "Thank you" At this point the hair is standing up on the back of my neck, and member 4 says "I guess that didn't work very well". Actually it was quite hard to deal with and made me feel quite hot about this issue.

I feel hot at this point but we resume the debrief of the workshop. By the end of that I am feeling very tired, and I have a long drive ahead after not much sleep.

We spent some time getting member #2 in touch with his issue. This issue resonates with the exercise reported above "you're useless and you will always be useless". above. He decides to take on some homework: writing down his goals and reporting back next meeting to crystallize the issue.

Member #5 commits to sharing his written goals and his trading records (He sends them out this morning).

I (#3) commit to do a hot seat next time on my issue discussed above.


Thank you for sharing your process.
Jan 13, 2015

Fore-Giving Rocks


More on our discussion "Jan 7, 2015 Rocks, Fore-Giving and Intimacy", I find your comment on "Saturday, November 8, 2008 Our Tribe Rocks ".

"The ritual of giving the rock back to the donor is important in registering boundaries as automatic muscle memories".

Yes it's the "muscle memory" of "Fore-giving" the Rock which makes a cue to link to the new Rocks.


Thank you for sharing your insights.
Jan 13, 2015

Sending and Receiving

Hi Chief,

I start to have some new feelings about the order of sending and receiving. I feel unsettled about "which is first to do, sending feelings or receiving feelings".

I find that, for novice Tribe member, if we start to train the member to ask people how they feel and he starts to see the social dynamics effect, he might think the asking about feelings is a way to use against other people's feeling to server his own purpose.

Regarding to this, I think that the first step is to train the client to tell people "how I feel"/sending. After he replaces his medicinal rock with "telling people how I feel", then Tribe can train him to add receiving/"ask and listen to how other people feel".

But in real application, when both parties are emotional, it might no work well to send first. Or maybe, if I am not good enough as a "receive first" person, as long as I stick to sending my own feelings without trying to control or fall back to reasoning and debating logic mode, even the other is not willing to receive my feeling, I might be able to defuse myself this way, and then I can turn around to get ready to receive the other party's feeling and go to the right track.

I'm also wondering if such DIM process works or not, when the other party is not willing to receive(most time they don't). If not, I have a catch 22 situation and the only solution is to throw in the towel, and go back to Tribe and train to be a good receiver.

I might be able to back test this in coming Tribe meetings.

Another case of such situation is with somebody like my wife, she already knows I am going to ask how she feels and pretty ready to defend this. She(my daughter too) would say "I don't care how you feel" to my sending, and say "don't use TTP on me" when I try to receive. Now what I do is just to keep my mouth shut and sit it out. |=)

I wonder how you think about this?


Thank you for sharing your process and for raising this issue.

In TTP we sometimes separate Sending and Receiving to study them and to see how they work.

In actual practice, Sending and Receiving go back and forth rather effortlessly once you establish rapport.

Rapport comes from a deep desire and willingness to support others in a way they wish to receive support.

If you try to apply Sending and Receiving as a way to manipulate and control people, they soon catch on and resist and tell you where to put your TTP.

Jan 12, 2015

Tribe Meeting - Additional Information


As we conclude the "Show me how you are feeling" exercise all in the group (new and veteran Tribe members) are expressing a positive shift in how we feel and a sense of connection and delight. I feel glad to be sharing what I have learned and learn more while sharing.

It feels like a rich aura of positive energy in my body radiating out to the others.

I ask if the exercise is helpful and all indicate that it is a great way to learn about sending and receiving.

Thank you Ed!​

We check out on the process and move to the topic of snapshots.

I each member of the group if they have interest and willingness to work on snapshots and if they have willingness to make work towards the snapshot a part of our Tribe's practice.

Everyone expresses interest and a desire to do the work.

I share my feelings about snapshot being a challenge. I embrace a form for a bit as I ask the others what they think of integrating the snapshot process with the exercise we just completed.

I share me feeling that incorporating sending and receiving into the process of creating snapshots might result in more direct access to the feelings associated with the snapshot and perhaps result in more congruent snapshots and commitments.

Others express interest in spending time our next meeting to work on snapshots and I commit to sharing info about snapshots and my proposed experimental approach to working oin them in an intimacy-centric group context.

I continue covering topics that we learn about at workshop and we map out an X Y graph on the shiny black floor with hot pink gaffer's tape. It is very graphic. The X axis represents "importance" and the Y axis represents "urgency".

We walk around the grid and feel our feelings associated with the relationship we have with the relationship of the axis coordinates.

The Tribe enjoys the exercise.

I layer in an additional axis representation - X axis is profitability and the ​Y axis is risk. We walk around some more and share how we feel as we navigate the grid.

We eventually take our seats again and wrap up the meeting with a checkout and overall agreement for inclusion of drumming at the next meeting (tomorrow).

I keep my commitment and share the following information. (My proposed snapshot process and information re snapshot and hardball process found on various sections of FAQ and ​are attached below)

Ed, if you would like to add to or propose some feedback on my proposed snapshot approach please do.

Snapshot has been something I see people struggle with. In my case, many of feelings come up while I consider what I want and how I feel about it and how I choose to articulate it.

Maybe acknowledging, sharing and feeling feelings as they arise while developing a snapshot will result in a different relationship with the snapshot process and an outcome that reflects the intimacy-centric inputs.

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your process, for documenting your meeting and for reporting on your experiments with the format.

In general, the Snapshot Process can go two ways. (1) It can support attainment of the goal. (2) It can identify emotional impediments to moving forward.

In case of (2), you can work through the issues and get back on track with (1).
Jan 12, 2015

More on The Bicycle Clip


Thank you for your thoughtful FAQ response.

I now realize I was suppressing and judging the feeling of abandonment. Now I understand the feeling and its positive intention for me.

Revisiting Danny Macaskill: The Ridge. I perceive he does what comes natural to him. He rides, he challenges himself to be his best and he is willing to share it with others because it is important to him. By sharing it he changes the recipient. He inspires through his riding. He inspires you to think differently about riding a bike. He inspires you to think differently about challenging yourself. He inspires you to think differently about risk taking. He inspires through how he lives.

Warm regards.

Thank you for sharing your insights.