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July 10, 2015

Mexican Weather Reports


I hope you enjoyed this presentation as much as I did.

Thank you for sending me the link.
July 10, 2015


Dear Ed,

I want to thank you again for your suggestion to "be in the strongest names." You once asked me what the strongest stock was and I could not tell you. I can now report that I know what the strongest stock is and that I currently own it. I am in [Name] from $50 and am trend-following it.

This past year I have been honing my trading skills and have returned 40% so far. However, it could have been much better. Looking forward to improving. If you are interested in my results, I post them on my blog.

Thanks again Ed and take care!


Thank you for sharing your process.
July 10, 2015

Hanging Up Rituals


I talked to my daughter on the phone this morning. She was hanging up. She said "I love you." I said something like "ok." She said, "stop." "You never tell me you love me back." So I said "love you." I noticed I said it casually instead of a formal "I love you."
Thank you for sharing your process.
July 9, 2015

PR Tribe Report: Object {Don't Know}


I share this process with another member. Chief recognizes that we are both dealing with the don't know object, and explains that {Don't know} is a thing. We get into it. At some point my fellow Tribe member takes over. I'm OK because I'm scared of the feelings that are coming up. {Don't know} brings up a lot of childhood stuff, so it's comforting that the other Tribe member takes the lead. I reflect on process and the AHAs come thick and fast. I realize that I absolutely don't want to feel {Don't know} - after all I have to know everything. I realize that I don't know a lot, for someone who thinks he knows everything and that I also don't want to know. Since process I have changed my words. Instead of saying "I don't know" I say, "I don't have that information" or, "I don't have a way of deciding that right now". In this way I distinguish between when I really don't know something and when I don't want to know. I note immediately better trading on {don't know}.


This is where I started out the process. <embarrassment> is as a reminder of being out of compliance with social norms.


I got into some really good guilt feelings about my sister. <guilt> is a reminder of being out of compliance with the social laws.

Participation is up and I am able to deal with a lot of "hanging fires" by admitting that I'm embarrassed / guilty and then moving forward.

The next day during Trading Lab a member brought: <Frustration> <Annoyance> <Defiance> out to play.

The ways in which I manifest situations around the feelings I don't want to feel is in sharp focus following this session.

Thank you Tribe for working on these "bad" feelings.

Thank you for sharing your process.
July 9, 2015

Starting a Fund / Persistence

Hi, Ed!

I have now done 657 calls and I have now been so lucky to get my first customer in my new fund. Now cold calling is fun:)

My trading is automatic like a robot and its feels so great! From October 2014 to today, I have had no losing months!

I can't thank you enough for your guiding and help. I have learned a lot about my self, trend following and to follow my heart. When the frozen ice melted around my heart, I got free from a lot of things from the past.

I hope you are well in Puerto Rico.

Kind regards

Thank you for sharing your process - and for providing a model for others.
July 8, 2015

German View of Greek Crisis


After our talk today I keep on thinking about your curiosity regarding the ideas of German people about the Greek crisis. Most TV shows discuss who is guilty for the problem, and try to explain its origins, what shield aproximately the same results (the problem generates because the Greeks waste too much for they are unorganized, lazy and corrupt // the problem generates because the IMF and the European Central Bank apply greedy and exploitative measures).

Very seldom I see a rational analysis or presentation of ideas about how to resolve the problem. TV presentators prefer to push the buttons of fear, hate, resentment, greed and envy.


Thank you for sharing your perceptions.
July 7, 2015

PR Tribe Report


I don't know.

I learn a lot about IDK this tribe session.

Watching two tribe members dual with IDK's to get on the hot seat somehow reminded me of DK'd trades.

I learn that IDK is an object, a thing, and it has a feeling associated with it.

I learn it is a serviceable response as it usually stops the problem; the problem usually goes away.

I learn it is about avoiding problems, issues and confrontation.

I learn it has many different forms and uses, both medicinal and proactive.

I think now of many IDK variants. I don't know. I don't know and I don't care. I don't know, I'll wait and see. I don't know, I'll find out. I don't know, I'll call and ask. I don't know, I'll figure it out. I don't know, I'll give it a try. And from you, "I don't know where it's going and I'm just going with it."

I am glad tribe member brought IDK to tribe to work on and I got the opportunity to role play and donate the IDK rock.

Thank you for sharing your process.
July 7, 2015

Wants to Learn

Hi Ed,

Thanks for your reply! Is there a book/course where I can learn your style of trading?

Thanks so much!

Thank you for raising this issue.

You can find numerous books on trading system design.

You can follow a number of paths to develop personal harmony with your system - including joining a Trading Tribe.

July 7, 2015

Wants Work - Looking for Help

Hi Ed,

I hope you're well.

Ed, I am wondering if you know of anyone skilled at coaching who can help me. In short, I'm looking for help finding the right job. If you happen to know anyone who might be able to help, please let me know.

Thanks and take care,

Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider what special talents you have that you might employ to serve others - and then sharing that information.

You might also consider taking your feelings about <looking for help> to Tribe.

Your Dream Job

might appear more clearly
when you focus
on what you wish to share
to serve others.

July 6, 2015

Tribe Report - Getting Some Sleep


We work on < I don't know> at our most recent Tribe meeting. Two tribe members seem hot and appear to share the <I don't know> issue.

Although only one member ultimately takes the hot seat, both of the "hot" members seem to share the process.

We role place a scenario where Hot seat is experimenting with lighting fires in his garage with a friend. Hot seat's sister catches him and his friend and angrily asks "What are you doing?".

Hot seat receives two kinds of < I don't know> one from his father " I don't know and I don't want to know" and another from his friend, simply "I don't know".

Hot seat uses it to shut his sister down and disengage. Once he uses it, she does not know what to say and retreats.

At some point during the process Hot seat receives a text message from an ex-girlfriend. I have the impression that he uses < I don't know> a lot with her to avoid sharing his feelings.

I learn that < I don't know> can do a lot of things:

- It helps < I don't know> users avoid feeling feelings
- It helps < I don't know> users avoid making commitments
- It helps < I don't know> users to avoid taking responsibility for their actions and chaoices

I also learn that there is a positive intension of < I don't know >:
I notice that proactive use of < I don't know > includes and relates to < let's see >, <I'll find out>, < I have made a decision > and other choices and opportunities to stay in the now.

​The work on < I don't know> helps me a lot.

I consider how I use it and see that although I use it proactively, I also use it medicinally.

I decide that I will use it proactively from now on.

I sleep well every night since Tribe - It's the first time I consistently sleep well since 2012.

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting the meeting.

July 6, 2015

New-Member Tribe Report

Dear Ed,

Firstly, I'd like to thank you for your wonderful book. It is truly wonderful.
I have read The Trading Tribe a few times now, and joined a local Tribe.

Now I'd like to talk about my experience at my first Tribe meeting.

I'm nervous, being a newbie. I arrive at the "well sound-proofed" location. The other guys arrive and we have some intro and small-talk. We sit round, and are led by our chief to drum, talk about thoughts, talk about feelings, and show feelings.

I'm captured by the honesty, and the feeling of rapport that is gently built up during this fine preparation phase.

Then, a few of the guys take turns on the hot-seat, and managing. I see more and more of how this process really works. I enjoy it more, and get into the encouraging more and more. I thought I was going to be conservative in my first meeting, just assist others on the hot-seat, but not actually get on. But as the turns go round, I see how I'm also getting into my feelings easily whilst sending validation.

To my surprise, I find I'm teetering on the edge of wanting to take a hot-seat. And when I'm offered, I say yes. I take my turn on the hot-seat. At times i lose myself.
I love the encouragement and validation of my feelings. It opens memories, visuals, postures, I couldn't believe I would suddenly tap into like this.

I'm guided on feelings on judgement. Polarity with its opposites. I'm probed on feelings of tiredness and perfection.

It's difficult and wonderful work. I feel the embarrassment of being a newbie, and sense there is more I can do, but I can't get there yet, so quickly.

The day after the meeting, I find I'm still quite spaced-out. My voice is hoarse from the screaming the shouting I did. My muscles ache like I've been to the gym. As I go about my normal things the next day: taking the kids to school, doing some shopping with my wife, picking up the kids from school, I feel that something is different. Something feels absent, but it feels like something unnecessary. And I can't quite define what it is. This is just a feeling.

I notice it's easier for me to exchange pleasantries with people on the street, that I don't know. The distant neighbour who sometimes parks his car near by, an old woman walking her dogs, the lady at the checkout. I feel more care-free, and easy-going.
At a busy junction, an unfriendly driver complains to me that I "Don't know how to drive". The joys of city driving :-) I shrug it off easily. Something I could do before, but this time seems extra easy to do so.

I accidentally close a bin lid on my wife's hand, say sorry, but she's still angry at me. I quickly turn it away from becoming a drama. I apologise and hug her more than i usually would do. In this situation, I notice how I have less of an ego, and less thoughts of who is right-or-wrong.

Spending time with my kids, i feel more open, and willing to be childish and do silly things with them. I notice I am less quick to judge them. It feels like I give them a bit more freedom to do what they want. Yet, I listen to them more, and they listen to me more.

For about a week I've had a bug in some data analysis. A couple of days after the Tribe meeting, I find it, and resolve it. The more I think back, the more I feel the guys I met at the Tribe are an inspiration.

They are wonderful people.

Kind Regards,

Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting your meeting.
July 4, 2015

Tribe Report - I don't Know


I come to tribe hot.

The drumming is intense, the acoustics in Chief's new place are different. I'm in a trance-like state already

We check in. A lot of activity in my life the last few weeks since tribe. I inform Tribe of a conversation with my father, my dog getting injured, and issues I'm having with my girlfriend.

Chief asks if anyone is hot. I describe a lot of "I don't know" in my life. I find myself saying I don't know frequently. I refuse to be informed about current events, and about the markets I trade. I don't know how my dog broke his tail. I don't know where my relationship stands or where my girlfriend is. I am sick of I don't know.

Another Tribe member also has I don't know in his life. It is unclear who will be hot seat.

Chief explains that <I don't know> seems to be working well. That it is a very powerful drug/medicant for feelings. He wonders why or if I would want to give up I don't know.

I insist that I want rocks process. I insist that I am sick of I don't know. I insist that I am eager to know people and let people know me. Tribe supports me in getting into trance and amping up the itching scratching and I don't knowing. When Chief instructs me to freeze the feeling my head feels dense like marble or cement.

I recall an incident from childhood. My friend [Name] and I are lighting fires in a metal box in my garage. We are using hair spray to make blow torches. My sister catches us. When she asks us what we are doing I just say "I don't know" until it shuts her down and she goes away. I recognize that I do this all my life, playing with fire and ignoring (I don't knowing) the danger. I shut people off by I don't knowing. I refuse to really know them.

We role play the incident. It feels accurate. We role play it again with [Sister] donating the I don't know rock and also my father donating the I don't know rock. When my sister catches us I use I don't know to shut down her questions.

I fore give the rocks to [Name] and then to my father. Chief donates heart rock and explains how to use it. We role play the incident again. Chief coaches me in establishing report, soliciting my sisters feelings and sharing my own. The heart rock works much better than I don't know rock.

I feel that it is important that i gave up I don't know. I feel that I don't know was getting in the way of real intimacy and of what I really want.

I'm looking forward to reporting on my experience using heart rock instead of I don't know.

Thank you Tribe. Thank you Chief.

Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting the meeting.
July 4, 2015

I = B


I have an insight and I want to share it:

INTENTION=BEHAVIOR, if you want to know your intention then look at your behavior.

Thank you

Thank you for sharing your insight.

In TTP we have, Intention (structure) = Result (behavior).
July 4, 2015

Puerto Rico Situation

My Dear Ed,

Read this about Puerto Rico. Forwarding for your ref. You might find it useful and informative.

Thought of you and remembered you fondly.

As always, thanks for all the guidance.

Thank you for sending me the link.

In my book, Govopoly in the 39th Day, and with my Assimilation Model, I show how the Govopoly System grows faster than the Free Competition Sector - and ultimately suffocates it. This results in unemployment, a generally declining standard of living, debt contraction and, then, inflation and currency failure.

These, and other symptoms of the 39th day all stem, inexorably, from central banking enabling the Govopoly System to avoid the discipline of having to tax citizens directly.

We currently see these events playing out in Greece, and in Puerto Rico.

July 3, 2015


Howdy Chief Ed,

I think you may find this article to be interesting. It appears the Federal government is busy de-authorizing states and thereby rapidly consolidating more and more Federal control. The 5-4 SCOTUS decision is a diminution of state's rights, and so is this:

"... Both Montana and Massachusetts are suing the SEC after the agency voted in March to greatly scale back states' rights to police Regulation A deals before they are sold to the public."

SEC refuses to stall 'Regulation A' rules on small offerings

Thank you for sending me the link.

I wonder how you feel about this development - and if you might consider sharing your feelings with others.

July 3, 2015

Wants the System

Hi Ed,

Hope you are well! I am new to the world of trading and I heard a lot of great things about you. So I was researching about you and found your website. I didn't get to see a place where it is designated for trading information. So I am just wondering for someone learning to trade your system, where should I go to learn?

Thanks so much!

Thank you for raising this issue.

I do not sell a "trading system."

You might consider looking inside yourself for the best place to learn.
July 3, 2014

Wet Book

Dear Trading Tribe,

I received the [Govopoly] book yesterday afternoon, July 2, 2015, in poor condition. The books corners have been bashed up and the book has gotten wet. There are water stains on the dust jacket and book covers, front and back. The pages feel damp and are warping.

It is very disappointing to receive a book in such condition. I suggest that you may consider using boxes for shipping books in the future but I don't know if any container can stand up to the combined might of the US Postal Service and Canada Post.


Thank you for telling me your experience.

I have another copy on the way to you, with shipping label LZ.........US -
and with extra waterproof wrapping, just in case.

Jul 3, 2015



What is the positive intention of defiance?

Thank you for raising this issue.

Defiant people boldly resist authority.

The feeling of defiance may arise when you disagree with authority - or if you have a Defiance K-Not. The feeling of defiance may assume various forms, generally relating to anger, such as clenching of fists, squinting of eyes, flaring of nostrils, etc. It may go on to motivate open defiance and also passive-aggressive behavior.

The positive intention of the feeling of defiance: you notice faulty authority - and you can challenge it directly, responsibly and effectively.

In TTP we work to celebrate the positive intention of all feelings - including the feeling of defiance.

People who have Defiance K-Nots, such as natural rebels and people with ODD may make inaccurate assessment of when and how to support and when and how to challenge authority.

This may lead the authorities to assess spurious insubordination, intermittent reliability and lack of operational grace within control-centric structures; this may preclude promotions and opportunities to move up the food chain.

You might consider taking you feelings about defiance to Tribe as an entry point, or not.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

may occur, ironically,
in people who do not like
to experience their feelings
about authority.

Jul 2, 2015


Thanks for the sit down. It was very much appreciated. Attached is the picture you requested.

Best regards,

At the Metropol

Isla Verde, PR

Thank you for sending me the photo.
Jul 1, 2015

Tribe Meeting Report


The Tribe leader asked us to send an update a few weeks after the meeting to inform the community about our individual progress since the meeting we had a few weeks ago.

From my stand point, everything in my life is going better since the meeting. I feel better, I am healthier and business wise things are doing well. I feel more organized and I am spending more quality time with my kids. I do not know if the meeting was the cause but there is definitely a correlation.

I think having a Tribe going full time every two weeks becomes a little overwhelming for me but doing a series a year or 2 series every three years feels about right. I have a lot more respect for Ed in that he has been doing it for decades.

I hope that my Tribe and I can continue to meet from time to time and I will consider possibly doing another series here or in PR.

Thank you for sharing your process.
Jul 1, 2015

Feelings Wheel


Thank you for sending me the illustration.

I notice the "writer" has a curious construction that identifies "writer" with "this."

I also notice the absence of envy and greed - feelings that appear in two of the most politically-correct K-Nots.

I wonder how you feel about the illustration - and how you use it.

I also wonder if you can send me the source for this graphic, so I may apply a credit.
Jul 1, 2015

More On Gay Marriage

Thank you Chief.

Like what you mention, as a TTP practitioner, I support the people exactly the way they want to be, even I have feelings on it. How I feel is not important, as long as I follow the trend. I show my feelings and release control. Same sex marriage legislation may help them on benefit and rights. And I support homosexual people the way they want in their bedroom, as long as they keep it in their own bedroom.

What I feel disturbing is that I hear they want to push their way of having sex into the curriculum of school class room. I smell control centric in this movement, like some religion groups trying to promote and convert other people. Some of them probably want more than just to live their own right livelihood, they might just be seeking attention and approval, from the wrong group of people, the children. Some of them might even want to teach and control. "You are not cool, if you are not a gay."

People may take drugs if they want, I support them the way they are. But I really feel anger if they want to put learning how to take drugs in to school curriculum, in the classroom, where the children and parents have no choice to opt out. If my children really want to be homosexual, I support them to learn the knowledge. But I don't like them to be part of a controlling drama if they don't want to be homosexual at all.

If the school system really want to add some new, good, cool stuff in school curriculum, how about put JAVA, Python, system dynamics, or TTP in it? Learning how to work with emotions, and learning how to do anal sex, I wonder which is more beneficial to next generation?

I am feeling that the school system is also falling into a place full of power, politics and control. I see many parents are doing home schooling, which is very interesting.


Thank you for sharing your process.

I wonder if you might consider attending a meeting of your school board - and setting an example of listening to others' feelings.

Jul 1, 2015

Fit to Survive


Today, I acknowledge and realize that in my current state, I am not fit to survive. As this realization sinks in and I accept this truth, I intensely furrow my brows, slowly shake my head, slightly open my mouth and gasp, the tears follow. Tears rolling down my face, I cover my face in my hands and continue to shake my head - left and right, throat muscles are tight/contracted, and I continue to gasp for air in between sobs.

As I write this e-mail, a sit upright, legs crossed, laptop on a pillow in my lap, I intermittently lift my left hand from the keyboard to wipe the dry tear streaks from my face. I say to myself: "I am not fit enough to survive." Just like my natural survival competitive muscles have atrophied, my throat is still painfully contracted - so the words initially come out strained - it hurts to speak, I try to swallow after I first speak those words, but I begin to slightly gag, shoulders hunch forward, body jerks forward, my left hand intuitively rushes to feel my throat and then cover my mouth...I can't swallow, not enough saliva to lubricate my mouth or throat.

After this first initial reaction, I straighten up and resume my typing position. Shoulders straight, spine in neutral position. I say it again, " I am not fit to survive." This time, I feel saliva spring from the wells of my salivary gland, like rainfall in a desert, the saliva lubricates my tongue, making it easier to speak and enunciate. My throat muscles are still slightly contracted. I raise my left land and begin to massage my throat and vocal cords. I close my eyes and massage my throat area for about 3 minutes.

After the 3 minutes, I open my eyes, chest forward, chin up, shoulders back,spine neutral,I part my lips for a third time and begin to say: "I am not fit to survi..." However, shaking my head no, I interrupt myself before complementing the phrase. I hear the words, and they don't sound right...I rephrase my statement: "I want to survive and thrive, and do so in a way that is in line with my values, personality, needs, and wants." Moving my head up and down, the corners of my mouth curl up, yes, that sounds right.

I feel like a veil of naivety / comfort blanket has been lifted, and I begin to willingly see and find comfort in what is.

Ed, I wonder, what now? How do I shape myself, my world, and my reality?

While, I may not immediately react or digest lessons and experiences, I quietly listen, and mediate on myself, words,lessons and experiences I obtain along the way, even after much time passes. Ed, you have been part of my learning / evolution. Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider sharing your thoughts and your feelings, naturally, with other people around you - and notice as, gradually, some draw closer while others move further away.

You might find your life, your world and your reality all taking shape in the form of the relationships you attract.

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