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Mar 20, 2015

From Intimacy to Control

Hi Ed,

I wonder if you find this human-interaction protocol interesting:

Check In

Use Check In to begin meetings or anytime an individual or group Check In would add more value to the current team interactions.


Speaker says "I feel [one or more of MAD, SAD, GLAD, AFRAID]." Speaker may provide a brief explanation. Or if others have already checked in, the speaker may say "I pass." (See the Pass protocol.)
Speaker says "I'm in." This signifies that Speaker intends to behave according to the Core Commitments.
Listeners respond, "Welcome."


State feelings without qualification.
State feelings only as they pertain to yourself.
Be silent during another's Check In.
Do not refer to another's Check In disclosures without explicitly granted permission from him or her.


In the context of the Core Protocols, all emotions are expressed through combinations of MAD, SAD, GLAD, or AFRAID. For example, "excited" may be a combination of GLAD and AFRAID.
Check In as deeply as possible. Checking in with two or more emotions is the norm. The depth of a group's Check In translates directly to the quality of the group's results.
Do not do anything to diminish your emotional state. Do not describe yourself as a "little" mad, sad, glad, or afraid or say "I'm mad, but I'm still glad."
Except in large groups, if more than one person checks in, it is recommended that all do so.
HAPPY may be substituted for GLAD, and SCARED may be substituted for AFRAID.

Thank you for sharing your protocol.

I read it as an attempt to control behavior, specifically constraining expression to four feelings.

This might find some utility in situations in which you wish to indoctrinate and subjugate followers.

In TTP, we promote expression of forms, wherever they go.

You might consider taking your feelings about <wild expression> to Tribe.


Sorry, you don't fit in.
Mar 20, 2015

Grof and Caesarean Section

Dear Ed:

While reviewing material on your website, I stumbled into name of Dr. Stanislav Grof. My depth of knowledge about Dr. Grof's work is only few days old. But I clearly see that his work has influenced your thinking and process you have developed.

Dr. Grof's work seems to suggest that birthing experience/struggle/trauma has lasting impression on new born's subconference and that "struggle" ( as he puts it) is an important factor on shaping her/his views on life experiences. In 2012, roughly 33% babies born via caesarean section. Does this mean that 1 out 3 babies born in recent time would an entirely different programing of subconscious then rest of their cohorts? Any thought?

When did you first learn about Dr. Grof and his work?

Thank you for raising this issue.

I do not have any corroboration on Grof's Caesarean theory.

TTP Breathwork differs from Grof's Holotropic Breathwork in that we also include group process and willingness training.

Mar 19, 2015

Amira Willighagen - O Mio Babbino Caro - Maastricht 2014


You might like this:

Thank you for sending me the link.
Mar 18, 2015

Wants More Training

Hi Chief,

I feel frustrated to tell you that I fail another situation. This morning I right turn into parking lot and see a motorcyclist fall on my right side. I park and talk to him, he keeps complaining I didn't turn on the blinks. I am not sure I did or not.

I give him my insurance. He looks emotional and in pain. I notice I avoid saying "I am sorry" for legal reason. Later he walks away and brings his friends back. His friends tell him no need to take my insurance for he is behind me trying to pass and there's no collision at all, he just fall by himself. I somehow insist him to take my insurance card. We take pictures and leave.

During the process I feel worried, afraid (to talk for legal reason). Later I feel frustrated I forget about sharing feelings and asking how he feels. He was obviously emotional. I just insist doing it as a legal process or business. Rapport or War, that's what you often say. There's still deep rocks in me. My mind still glues to situation to avoid feelings.

TTP is only as good as availability of enough opportunities of hot seats and a fully functional tribe. I have to be patient to get my turns of training. I feel grateful you give me good opportunities in Austin tribe for Rocks Process. Now PR is too far and I am short of vacation days. As the local tribe Chief I want to be kind to my members and most time I manage processes to help them(as you do) and I want them to come back.

Now they also help me on my process occasionally. I feel I want more processes. I feel I want to find an alternative art which follow the similar principle but has better availability for a period of time of concentrated intensive training, like how they train the marines, and I can't find any. I feel sad that I am really far from where I want to be. Being able to connect feeling in real time is where I want to be.


Thank you for sharing your process.

In Tribe, we do not offer help without first receiving a request.

You might consider taking your feelings about <asking for help> to Tribe.


if you want to Receivii.

Mar 18, 2015

Tribe Report - Still Plenty to Do

Dear Chief,

I hope you are well! I'm looking forward to our next PR Tribe meeting and System Lab.
The NYC tribe did not meet this week. Instead of an NYC Tribe report I'll report on my own process.;

Since my last check in to FAQ I notice that when I trade well (more or less following the Essentials* ) I make money pretty steadily.

I also notice feelings of <I want more > and < hate to wait > as the trading day progresses.
By the end of the day I feel pretty tired and emotionally <flat>.

When I think about my progress and trading at night I feel <reliable> and <accomplishment>.

This awareness of my feelings cycle seems to begin after the last NYC meeting when I commit to consistent use of Heart rock. The next morning I make a connection with my Dad and share my feelings of <not good enough> and <afraid to fail>.

The drama in my trading now feels very preventable whereas before it was a <blackout> of risk taking that I was unwilling to feel.

I am associating <the not good enough> and < hate to wait > feelings with good trading.
It feels a bit disorienting but I'm willing to go with it and be a great trader.

On another topic: I've decided to reduce the scope of my System Lab paper to cover one system on one market using one time frame. Even in it's scaled back form, there is still PLENTY to work with and I have many opportunities to further clarify and reduce it to the essentials.

Thank you.


Thank you for sharing your process.

Mar 17, 2015

Pavarotti's Granddaughter Sings


You might like to check this out.

Thank you for sending me the link.
Mar 17, 2015

Likes Hard Currency

Dear Chief,

As I read The Snowball, Warren Buffett and Business of Life, book about Warren Buffett I notice his father, American congressman, has similar worries about the money as we often share 60 years ago. Bellow is a link to his article from 1948.


Thank you for sharing your concern.

Once the Govopoly system implements a central bank, the economy accelerates toward default.

Mar 17, 2015

Wants to Trade Futures

Hi Ed,

Thank you for sharing the Happier Human web site and for your advice about family and work.

Focusing on the days we have left is part of our plan for the future. My barrier to retiring is that I will still worry about having the resources to maintain our current lifestyle. Right now I will burn through them before we meet our actuarial demise. Unfortunately, worrying is one of my major flaws. It stifles my ability to see the bigger picture and has kept me from making decisions.

We still need to have a portion of our savings in something other than bank money markets in order to fend off inflation and the drawing down of our savings.

Investing 10% of our current resources would make sense but still begs the question of using a superior trader to do the investing. We still believe that you are that trader.

Thank you for raising this issue.

You might consider that futures contracts can move several thousand dollars in one day.

So you might imagine a normal entry risk of, say, $3,500 per trade. If you risk about 1/2 % per trade, you indicate an account size of 200 * $3,500 = $700,000.00.

Furthermore, unless you have a very strong stomach, you might consider placing no more than 10% of your liquid net worth into such a venture. That indicates liquid net worth of about $7 Million.

Certainly, you can establish a trading account for less than that, although you then also have to count on luck and skill.

You might also consider participating in a fund, in which the total funds under management allow for strings of losses.

Mar 16, 2015

Freezing in the Market


Thank you all for sharing you feelings and your experiences to us!

I had an experience one day in the local grocery shop.

On my way out, I accidentally lost a glass full of salsa at the same time some customers came in. When I lost the glass, I freeze and shut down. When I woke up, a woman was yelling at me and I don't manage to say a word.

I'm feeling a bit scared to think about it now.

Now, when I writing to FAQ, I remember that my father was also shutting down when I needed him the most when I was a boy.

Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking your feelings about <freezing up> and <shutting down> to Tribe.
Mar 14, 2015

Govopoly Summary Video

Hi Ed,

Thank you for sharing the Govopoly Summary video. I like hearing your voice and that you work to make this important work more public using You Tube. I share it using social media and to a few friends directly. Actually over Christmas many of my family dipped into the book, which I strategically placed on the coffee table, and it fostered good conversation.

Thank you for the work.

Thank you for acknowledging the work.
Mar 14, 2015

Wants a Client Agreement

Hi Ed,

In the March 11, FAQ entry 'Drumming Up Business' the contributor comments that his client agreement is very similar to yours. I work at starting managing money for others and incorporate much of the TT structure for investment management. Are you willing to share a template on FAQ as to how you work with a client? Or if not, provide some guidance as to TT 'approved' agreements?

In appreciation,

Thank you for raising this issue.

In general, TTP embraces contracts that use SVO-p-b (Subject, Verb, Object - present tense - without forms of the verb, "to be.")

We also work toward contracts that reflect intimacy-centric relating; we encourage sharing feelings as we go along and for all parties to take full responsibility for the results.

I recall, during one of my Austin Tribe meetings, role playing the creation of a manager-client relationship.

I do not have a "template" for a creating a client agreement on FAQ.
Mar 14, 2015

Tribe Report


I spend much of my life protecting myself from feelings by avoiding them and medicating them using compulsive behavior. 9 days ago at the San Juan Trading Tribe Meeting, I get on the hot seat for Rocks Process. The Tribe is unconvinced of my willingness to experience my feelings. I convince each Tribe member that though I am reluctant to experience my feelings, I am willing to fully commit to Rocks Process because I desire change in my life more than I desire to avoid the feelings. I want to avoid the feelings because I fear they will be painful, perhaps too painful to withstand.

Immediately following Rocks Process I feel un-tehthered and anxious.

These 9 days since Tribe meeting, I experience some feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety. The feelings are not "too" painful, I acknowledge them, they pass quickly, I am able to withstand them. Notably the 9 days have been characterized much more by feelings of lightness, and joy. I find myself laughing as I walk my dog along the beach and around the lagoon. It is ironic that the feelings I have been spending so much energy blocking, and protecting myself from are mostly pleasurable.

Also I find that I am more willing to share feelings, and more present to receive others who share their feelings with me. I am optimistic and very grateful for my Tribe, for Rocks Process, and for my new Heart Rock.


Thank you for sharing your process.

Mar 14, 2015

New Tribe Report

Dear Ed,

Thank you for registering the Hertford tribe!

I feel excitement and hold a beautiful vision of how we can make it grow and offer the process to a lot more people in need of healing.

The other day I talk to my friend who attends the first Hertford session, and she says ''The thing with me is that I only need one session''. The deep layer of residue of pain, fear and revulsion is vanished in one session! I have a big smile on my face!

I get the greatest AHA while reading your book!

I find great resistance in sessions when I'm told to enjoy ''the feeling''. I feel I'd have to be masochistic to enjoy something like huge pain and despair for example.

In the book it is clarified that I'm supposed to enjoy the form(s) and this is a big relief!

Yes, the wild, crazy dance of the forms I CAN enjoy!

The forms and the feelings being subtly but so strongly connected, it's like ''tricking myself'' to ultimately enjoy (allow, welcome and embrace) the feeling by enjoying the WHOLE experience.

This might be useful for new Tribe members who don't yet know the ''ins and outs'' of the process.

I read on FAQ that one Tribe member finds it a bit difficult to make himself go to the TTP meetings. He'd rather sit on the sofa, watch television and not experience feelings.

For me it's the opposite. I go to the meetings gladly, as for me it's like play, fun, with some serious bits mixed in :-).

I hope you are very well!

Warm regards,

Thank you for sharing your process.
Mar 13, 2015

Govopoly Video


Good job on the Govopoly You Tube video! also I hope you know that you're a natural voice over, I'm off now to share the love.
Thank you for letting me know.
Mar 13, 2015

San Juan, PR - Trading Tribe Meeting Report


Trading Tribe Meeting started promptly at 5:00pm with drumming and then check in.

When Chief asks if anyone has issues to work on, I disclose that I am frustrated with my pattern of slowly building up my trading account and then losing money quickly. This pattern exhibits in my relationships as well, I let a woman get fairly close, and end the relationship when it is in danger of becoming more intimate than I am willing to experience. Also I find I am able to resist compulsive behavior for a few days, but soon return to it with a vengeance. I am frustrated with the pattern and express willingness to be on hot seat for TTP Rocks Process.

Tribe takes me through a series of forms, when Chief freezes the forms I recall childhood traumas including discovering that my father had left without explaining the situation to me. I trace my feelings of not understanding, and not being understood to this incident. I feel betrayed and fear that if I let people get close they will abandon and betray me like my father did.

The Tribe acknowledges my pattern of asking people for help, and abandoning the helpful strategies just when they are on the verge of having positive results. This is the same pattern as abandoning relationships and abandoning trading profits. Tribe questions my willingness to experience my feelings and enact real change.

The process manager tests for willingness. I repeatedly use the phrase," I am willing to go to any lengths to change this pattern." Process manager and other Tribe members are still unconvinced. Process manager asks me to convince each tribe member of my willingness, and strong desire to go all the way with the Rocks Process. I go around the Tribe circle. I am surprised that some tribe members really make me "work for it."

The Tribe members obviously take it very seriously. I am committed to the process and eventually convince the Tribe to take me through Rocks Process.

We role play the scene where I discover my father has moved out. The scene feels right. We role play the rock donation process. My sister donates me the rock "shut down", my cousin donates the rock "porn and masturbation", my mother donates the "go to sleep rock", my father donates the "scratch rock".

We role play the Fore-Giving, the rock donors really make me convince them to take the rock back. I know the rock donors are doing this for my own good. Chief donates the heart rock.

We role play me discovering my father has left, now using the heart rock instead of my old rocks. The Tribe checks out in role, I release them from their roles and welcome them back to Tribe.

This process has taken almost the whole Tribe meeting. I feel untethered. I had rocks that I knew. I knew the dramas, and how they worked. I had a pattern that was predictable. I have really qualified, and convinced Tribe to do the process with me.

I know that I chose to Fore-Give the old rocks and that I chose the Heart Rock, the Heart Rock is unfamiliar and I feel untethered and anxious. I am also optimistic about my new life free of my old rocks. I am optimistic about the results I get from my new Heart Rock.

It has been a week since Tribe. I have not engaged in the compulsive behavior. My trading is still not going well, I am optimistic that it is getting better.

I am very grateful to my tribe.
Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting the Rocks Process.
Mar 13, 2015

Tribe Report

Hi Ed,

At the last PR Tribe meeting , I experienced one of the most educational sessions so far. We started the meeting drumming.

Client 1 in the hot seat began to explain their experience, it seemed that he could not contact the form and try on several occasions. We verified whether it was committed to go through the process. The client responded yes, but the rest of the tribe was not so sure. The client said, i am committed. Finally he was able to develop various forms. The tribe gave support in the process helping him continue the form and feel the emotion. The client said to each of the members of the Tribe its commitment to continue the process. The role play begins. It was a very long session very educational something new for me. Client achieved aha

Client 2 said he was interested in working an issue. began to develop a form and suddenly stopped the process, said it was not working because he realized that it was guiding the process.


Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting the meeting.
Mar 13, 2015

Re-Entry Burnout

Hi Ed,

I have question on Probability. Top trader says that even 30 - 40 % success ratio is enough to earn good money. But when they say 30 - 40%, are they talking about single equity or commodity or for all.

General case with many traders I have spoken to - If I do trade 50 equities & commodities, and I see good pattern setup and trade on that. It fails, lets consider it as part of those 70% failed trades. Next time I see pattern in different commodity or equity, I trade that. I wait for success. Meanwhile same old equity shows new entry but I cant enter there as I have already taken my risk. This open one also fails. But this time, the other one goes as expected. But I was not there.

Does that mean probability is talked about single equity/commodity. And to get better result trade single equity with all possible entries. If not, then how successful traders handles this situation.

Will wait for your response.


Thank you for raising this issue.

I gather you have some rule that prohibits re-entry.

You might consider back testing to find out what rules work best for you.

You might also consider taking your feelings about <having to do what the experts do> to Tribe as an entry point.

Ex = Has-Been
Spurt = Drip Under Pressure


Mar 12, 2015

Sharing Feelings with Parents

Dear Chief,

Following other Tribe members rocks processes in PR and NYC tribe meetings, I find I'm using a new pattern:

1 - I feel a feeling related to now (or recent circumstances).
2 - I notice I know the feeling and locate a relationship or context
3 - I use heart rock and share my feelings.

It's happening more often and much more easily.

After each of the last two Tribe meetings I attend, I'm inspired by the prior evening hot seats and decide to immediately address and share my feelings about self worth with my mom and dad respectively.

I would like to acknowledge and thank my fellow Tribe members. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your process - and for reaching out to your parents.

Mar 12, 2015

Free Space and Cleaning Up


In previous e-mails I share how the Tribe helps me to measure free desk space rather than clutter on the desks, focusing on what I want rather than on the problem.

My living room now has lots of free table space and my office now basically has clear desks, except for recently incoming mail - and even that doesn't stay around long since I want to get back to free space.

With my living room and office clearing up, I notice my focus shifting to the kitchen, closets, shelves and the medicine cabinets.

Also, I notice losing some weight.

I feel a little compulsive about all this - and I like it.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Open Space

Room to think, room to play,
room to grow.

Mar 12, 2015

Moving into Process Management

Dear Chief,

A Tribe member brings an issue to Tribe he is openly willing to talk about. We encourage his forms three separate times and he recalls three separate issues from his childhood.

After break, I volunteer to act as process manager.

The member wants to run a rocks process when his father abruptly left the family when he was young. We set the scene up and re-run it several times, each time the scene developing more. At one point, the Chief tells me what he thinks happened is more important than what actually happened.

This helps me to follow the member's process. We run the scene more. He is four and sitting on the front porch of his house. The "itchy" father abruptly leaves with no explanation. The sister arrives and encourages him to internalize the whole situation. His mother eventually encourages him to just sleep it off and everything will be alright. His cousins show him their magazines.

One by one, he fore-gives each of the rocks. They are all relentless in encouraging him to keep the rocks. The rocks work for them and they are certain the rocks will work for him. He fore-gives all rocks and wants a heart rock. The Chief now ... provides him with a heart rock.

One by one, [hot seat] visits each rock donor and receives and shares feelings. While his father still leaves, the process with each family member is entirely different. Rather than shutting down, each family members proactively engage the situation sharing feelings. He tells his father he wants to hug him, they hug. Several Tribe members show intense emotions at this point. This hug is moving to all Tribe members.

I thank all Tribe members for their willingness to work. I thank you Chief for your skill in helping me run a process. I thank the Tribe member for letting me run [his] process.

Thank you for sharing your process.
Mar 11, 2015

Govopoly in Action


How can a country like Venezuela still be unable to provide bread for its people in 2015?

Thank you for raising this issue.

Venezuela now requires people to check fingerprints at supermarkets to prevent people from buying too much bread.

You get this kind of thing when you have powerful regulators using trigger models.

For more on this, see the Govopoly Video on You Tube.
Mar 11, 2015

Drumming Up Business

Hi Chief,

An investment company is interested in my performance on my client's account and they ask me to provide my client account statement and trade authorization agreement. I feel glad that my track record counts. I am sending my contract with my client to them (similar to yours). I wonder if they see such kind of agreement often or not. |-) I am feeling some excitement right now. My heart beats fast and my fingers shake. I feel I am going to fly. I also start my study of Series 3 test already.

I am so grateful you share with us the way you work with your client. I feel lucky I take the action.

I don't want to affect your reputation and I am not mentioning your name or Tribe to any of my prospective clients. I want to be a clean responsible individual to my clients. I know if I am good, that's the best proof of TTP.


Thank you for sharing your process.
Mar 11, 2015

Tribe Report - Three On The Rocks

Dear Chief,

Tuesday evening we meet earlier than usual and get started right away.

Clients are using part of the office so we check in without our drumming. There are three members present. One tribe member is hot. Clients leave and we decide to drum and check in again before getting into process.

Drumming is good. The member that is hot is willing to work. The other tribe member and I help him to locate and get into a form.

I am process manager and tune in to a point in his process and form and ask him to freeze the form.

I tell him that he knows the feeling. He makes a grimace of acknowledgement. Eventually we locate the place. He is in a car with his mom. She takes whatever he says and turns it into an opportunity to make him feel guilty and not heard.

He feels bad but just stiffens up and swallows the feeling.

I test for willingness and then we proceed to a rocks process. I play the role of his mother and the other tribe member plays a hybrid sibling rock donor.

I switch between my role as mom and process manager.

I make an effort to identify my role as process manager when I switch by stating "as process manager" and physically standing or switching to an alternate seat then going back to the mom position when we role play.

There is no confusion and rocks process proceeds through rock donation, role play with rock, rock forgiveness, replay, heart rock, role play with heart rock, check out in role, releasing the roles, then check out as Tribe.

The most surprising part is when hot seat has a difficult time forgiving the rock and realizes that while he talks about wanting to give it back, he clutches it. When he feels this he is finally able to let go and return the rock.

He is ready for heart rock and seems to know how to use it right away.

I'm glad we are able to make it work with only three people.

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting your meeting
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