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Charles Poliquin
& Ed Seykota
Meeting of the Minds

21 November 2015
Dallas, TX

Nov 10, 2015

Tribe Session - Humiliation - Resurrection


[My] Tribe met and completed two processes.  In this email I write about my process as the notes and ideas are getting too large and I will send in another to help keep the FAQ easier to read.

I have been bothered for some time from a video I saw online.  A man loved being humiliated publicly.  As I watched, I freaked out.  I have no idea why but watching this man ‘enjoy’ being humiliated and degraded brought up feelings and fears that not only lasted throughout the video but lingered for a few weeks. 

A few days after watching the video I googled humiliation and as I was simply typing those feelings came flooding back.  This experience shook me.  I told someone who is not part of TTP of the video and how It affected me and how I can beat myself up.  She mentioned I may be a emotional masochist to myself.  Where I have pride in myself yet enjoy beating myself up.  Kind of like your phrase, ‘people win by losing’.  I didn’t mind the feeling I felt when I heard that but I do not want ‘to be’ masochistic to myself and became determined to find my answers.

I reached out to a Tribe member after a time and said I was hot.  He stated another member was also and we met a few days later.  As I prepared for the meeting I thought and felt my feelings about this episode and what I was supposed to gain from all this.  Besides wanting to ‘fix’ my feelings about the video I want to gain a higher level of sovereignty.   If I could do that then any video or anything else wouldn’t ‘bother’ me.  I want to be independent from others to a very high degree.  Not relying on others opinions or beliefs for my guidance or concern. 

As I studied this, the synonym of sovereignty came into light as freedom; as in being able to live freely and not constrained by others physically or emotionally.  I honestly had no idea where my ‘hotness’ was going to take me during process but I knew it would be valuable.   While talking about my issues with Tribe member on the phone we clarified a few things and much like the man in the video I saw myself as unimportant and not valuable to the ones I cherish or love.  As I look back on my previous process I would do things for some people so they would like me. 

My entry points to the meeting were seeing someone humiliated publicly, feeling unimportant to people that are important to me, unloved and desiring to have a high degree of sovereignty.  So before the meeting I wrote out many of my thoughts and even what having a high level of sovereignty meant to me:

That I love, respect, care for myself

Set boundaries in alignment with myself

Support others in living their sovereign life.  Respect their sovereignty.

Choosing my path, activities, goals, etc.

Knowing what is my personal property and what is not.

Owning my feelings and OK with feeling all the feelings inside me. 

I wonder what is the feeling I don’t want to feel when I see the video, is it me I see in the video. 

It needs to be pointed out that with all the above.  I felt incredible amounts of anger inside me.  As you know I have been losing weight and seems as I loose the fat, more issues come up that I buried under my weight. 

I have lashed out to someone special from the anger.  My only excuse was it is years of anger brewing and with it I was only now able to feel it and experience it.  I first started feeling the anger as I would run, all of a sudden I would feel anger and rage pop up and then it would be gone.  Then later I would feel it for much longer periods of time. 

This whole process has been happening for some time and my previous TTP process of learning to set boundaries likely was helpful in letting the anger out since I learned to express boundaries and have actually been setting them, I no longer need to keep suppressing the anger from years ago. 

As I describe my story to the group and try to find my forms, I struggle at the beginning.  So much has happened and I don’t know where to begin. In fact, I am somewhat foggy on everything as it was very emotional.  But as we started I was reminded I had mentioned I felt unworthy and unloved at times. 

Unimportant to certain people that are important to me.  I begin to feel, it feels like a round large ball of energy on my right side.  I can feel it but can’t touch it or turn to it.  I also feel it in my right shoulder and behind me.  This energy is strong and immovable.

As I started to find forms, the feelings grew, the tears began to flow and finally after awhile the memory came to mind.  After all these years I remember the rejection of my best friend. 

A friend I met the very first day of kindergarten.  Then when we were freshmen he rejected me.  Living in a very small community two towns joined together to make one high school.  A different student ended up being very jealous of me and commenced to manipulating everything around me.  It is this student I had did a process over a few years ago because of the manipulation.  This student actually came to me one time and apologized to me over the things he did to me. 

It wasn’t until this process did I understand that for him to feel bad enough to apologize he likely did so many things I am unaware of.  But this process is not about him, it is the memory of my best friend choosing to reject me.  I recall how lonely I felt walking the halls of our school.  I didn’t have anyone to express my concerns to.  I looked from the outside like everything was fine.  I was friendly with everyone but I certainly had no one to confide in either.   To complicate things, to this day we are still ‘close’ friends and he has called me to ask if he can come hunting with me in December.  This friend would still talk to me and interact with me but was as two-faced as they come.

My closest friend in the world turned his back on me as a freshman and I let it happen, and then as we went to college and on with life we became very good friends again.  I acted like it never happened and so did he.  But all these years I feel rejected and alone. 

If my best friend will do that, how can I ever trust anyone?  I noticed I have a pattern.  I gain a friend or a someone that is special to me and I seem to have to cause them to reject me somehow.  I must find ways to not trust them, I must do something do something to feel rejection which is a feeling I don’t want to feel.  I also don’t like feeling lonely so Fred forces me to be lonely so I can feel. 

As I describe my ‘best’ friend to the group, the Tribe member really doesn’t like my friend and tries to find another way to process beside roleplaying my friend.  He suggests I feel the feeling and find the positive intention of the feelings.  I can’t do the process this way. 

We begin the role-play as my friend gets up and walks out of the room taking other member with him and begins saying how he rejects me and I’m alone.  As soon as my friend begins to leave I mentally know what he is doing; rejecting and leaving me alone. 

I can't find the feelings.  I get up and walk into the room where they are now and I hug him.  But I hug my Tribe member and it’s not my friend.  I just can’t get find the feeling. 

So my friend walks out of this room and continues to verbally reject me.  I stand in this room and try to feel.  I walk to a space just outside the room my friend is in and I feel a very familiar space.  I feel like I am on the outside looking in.  I don’t know what to do.  I sit back down in my chair and once again my friend leaves. 

I now feel the rejection and loneliness.  I cry and tears come down my face.  I can finally feel rejection.  I earlier described it as a hollow feeling inside me like I am a hollow tube with nothing inside; there was nothing there to feel.  Now, I feel it.  Now, I know the positive intentions of rejection. 

The feeling also no longer stays in me.  I feel rejection and then it is gone.  It is like information.  I feel rejection, it registers, and I’m OK with it.  We try to have a conversation.  But I realize that my friend cannot be intimate with me.  He doesn’t give a sh*t about me, only himself.  I attempt to share feelings, he doesn’t or can’t  share.  I feel the rejection.  I’m OK with this.  My friend tells me he doesn’t give a sh*t about my feelings but wants to know if he can still hunt on my property. 

I’m standing 3 feet from him as I am thinking of a reply something clicks inside me.  I started to look him in the eye as he had been looking at me very directly.  I faced him and grew about 10 feet and became solid as a rock.  I had found my boundary, I am fine with rejection and loneliness.  I no longer need his friendship. 

I look at him and with a few four letter words tell him he won’t be hunting.  As I stare at him with all the power I have, he begins to look away and I become stronger.  I have no need to say anything and he says something like, I guess we are done.  I stop the action and want time to consider having empathy and forgive him.  He looks back at me and says I don’t want your forgiveness.  I felt the rejection again but it had no power, it went through me and I was fine with it. 

This part is important.  I have struggled believing that if I changed my ways and wasn’t bothered by someones feelings like before, then I would be callus and an unfeeling person and I didn’t want that.  But now, It is the opposite, even though I was strong and OK being rejected I was willing to see if I could forgive. 

I don’t know if I could have forgiven but I stopped and considered it and that is one trait I wanted to keep.   Many people may think this was not a positive intimate outcome.  Without a doubt it was.  I am OK if people send rejection towards me.  I can feel it and be OK with it.  It is a form of boundary setting.  I know who to be vulnerable with and who not to be.  My friend cannot be intimate and that is OK, I still care for him and his family but know in my heart we are better doing things separately.  Even though it looks like we didn't 'work things out', we actually did. 

We check out and I release my Tribe member and as he talks about the role-play as a Tribe member he says something and I feel anger very quickly and I look at him, and he at me.  He then stops and asks me to release him once again as He just feels something that he doesn’t makes him feel uncomfortable.  I do this and at the same time I feel much better towards my fellow tribe member.  This was my most intense processes. 

I ponder how what I went through in process is related to the reaction I felt from the video.  Likely, the humiliation was a judge that need to fall to get from feeling humiliated by the rejection of my friend. 

I sit here and try and find those feelings that caused so much angst when I watched the video and looked up humiliation on the internet.  I don’t have those feelings anymore.

I don’t care.  The thought of it all seems so distant in my mind almost like it is smaller in importance to me.  When I think of the man in the video this time I don’t feel empathy, I do feel some sympathy for what he might be feeling but I certainly don’t relate anymore.  I have my path of sovereignty and respect whatever path he chooses, I do wonder if the man is finding his path of growth or stuck medicating his feelings.  Either way, I am OK with the outcome.

Another thing I learned.  I always associated being vulnerable with risking feeling bad for a time if the other person didn't accept my vulnerability.  Being vulnerable allows me to be true and open and however the person reacts tells me about our relationship and how they value me.  If I am rejected or ridiculed / humiliated I can feel the feeling and act appropriately.

As I think of the boy who felt rejected and alone, tears come into my eyes and fall.  At the same time I smile knowing I am free and I have sovereignty.  I feel empathy as I am that boy, I also feel joy as a man I am free.  I had expressed to a friend that I wanted to be ‘strong’ and that others opinions or comments had little bearing on my attitude or feelings and that even without feeling poorly myself, I maintain my love of people and desire they too find right livelihood. I now have this.

I notice I no longer want to hunt with my friend.  I cancel the agreement to hunt.

Thank you Tribe members.  You have been there and supported me through it all as I have you.  I also thank all the others involved that won’t even read this as they are part of my growth.

Your friend,
Thank you for sharing your process.
Nov 10, 2015

Tribe Report


Thank you for your support with my workshop follow up. Thanks to those who provide such useful comments and feedback.

I commit to:

"Work hard on my trading systems for three hours a day: See what feelings come up. Report ... to my support team and FAQ." This starts from Ed's comment at the workshop - approximately "Are you actually serious about trading?"

* I average over 3 hours a day in the past three months and now average slightly under 3 hours a day (2.979 hours) since the workshop.

* I have done a lot of optimizing and testing. I have a strategy which I think works - I have some more work to do to make sure I have not over-fitted. I plan some more work on this and have the things I plan to test mapped out. I find that many strategies documented in trading books don't work or no longer work.

* Still to do 1. Complete strategy testing - complete documented remaining tests. 2. Out of sample test with new data. 3. Set up data feeds and daily runs. 4a. Paper trading. 4.b Add funding to the account and live trade.

* I cure my back infection with a combination of measures.

* I have some other health challenges which I describe in my forthcoming hot seat report to FAQ. Overall the impact of these is to strengthen my resolve and focus.

* My other projects progress well. I have people who regularly keep me accountable - weekly monthly or longer depending on the context.

Next report 10th February 2016 - in three months. I plan to continue my reports at this frequency until I have either started trading futures or I have given up.

Thank you for sharing your process.
Nov 9, 2015

Weight-Loss Report


This week was tough. I got off of my plan to not eat anything after 10:00pm when I get off work except to drink water.

I had been skipping breakfast but I have been eating that meal each day this week. On Monday night, I ate a hamburger, fries, a soda and ice
cream. I was angry because I had a disagreement with some one at work.

The feeling I had during and after the argument was like a stomachache. I noticed while I was
eating this junk food the feeling still persisted. I felt like I had to be right. However, I got back on my plan on Tuesday. Then I got off of it on Wednesday night.

After, I got off work I went to a Mexican food place and ordered a chicken taco salad. I had the same feeling of anger and had a “twisted” feeling in my stomach. As I ate the salad and was a
little over half done I noticed the feeling persisted and decided to throw away the rest of the salad and concentrate on the feeling.

I drank some water after that and later on the feeling eventually went away. I had similar feelings like this after work for the rest of the week. Sometimes the feelings were very strong but eventually they would subside. Each night I would drink water after work to make sure I was hydrated.

After those two episodes, I didn’t get off my plan. At the end of the week, I was still down to a
loss of 2.8 lbs. to 343.2 from the previous week.
I am having more energy and have noticed improved digestion. I also notice that these
feels come from my need to be perfect.

When I feel these feelings I remember when my
mother would play me off against my brother. I remember a time when my mother was holding a picture of my brother and admiring it. She would tell me how wonderful it looked. I would become angry and she would see my agitation but still keep smiling at me.  I felt I always needed to be the “perfect” son.
Thank you for sharing your process.
Nov 6, 2015

Wants a Recommendation for a System

Mr. Seykota,

I read with interest about your experience on Trend-Following technique and I am still practicing in paper money but I'd like to have your guidance in terms of best practice in this technique and your recommendation for a particular trend following system.

Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider system trading as an exercise in staying in relationship with an entity that delivers changes in your equity, both up and down.

I do not recommend particular systems or potential wives - since you have to make your own determination about compatibility.

You might consider taking you feelings about <wanting someone else to tell you what to do> to Tribe.
Nov 6, 2015

Wants to Learn to Code in Excel

Hi Ed.

Hope you are doing great.

I have two systems that I'd like to code in Excel. I have zero coding knowledge. I was looking around on web & found this e book.

Have you ever read this book? If so, do you recommend it? If not, can you point me in the right direction please?

Thanks Ed.
Thank you for sharing your process.

I do not know the book and I do not endorse commercial products.

Per pointing you in a direction, you might consider working through the book for a while to find out how it works for you.
Nov 5, 2015

Building Rapport - I and U Sentences

Hi Ed,

I notice I often have strong feelings, urges, and judgements that arise within myself when in communication with others. I notice sharing my feelings improves a connection and helps towards building intimacy and developing and maintaining rapport and amicable relations. I notice how that sharing my feelings usually begin sentences with “I”. 

I notice this seems to be an improvement on my earlier, stunted, and fruitless communication responses, usually beginning with the “You” and fall into the category of:  blaming, accusing, begging, ordering, requesting, shouting. I notice that the minute a “you” comes out my mouth, any connection is lost, the rapport broken and the shutters come down. 

I notice that even when I share my feelings, my counterpart is often not interested in receiving them and that my feelings are ignored, trampled on or discarded and that when this happens, I get really heated as I have exposed myself emotionally.

I believe the positive intension of this, can be a message to move on, towards new, more intimate and fulfilling relationships, however, with more permanently relationships, such as in family and business, this is not easily possible or desirable.

I struggle with this, not insignificant, issue for a long time. 

I accept that intensions  = result or structure = behaviour so these results must be the intention of my process.

So I look within, at myself and my process. 

I come the realisation that I perhaps do not receive enough. I notice that pure receiving is required in order to make a connection and establish rapport in the first instance.

I recall first finding out about TTP and thinking it was amazing and just the tool I needed to build positive and intimate relationships. I recall thinking that receiving the feelings of others was the easiest part.

I am now of the opinion that pure, selfless, receiving, is actually by far the most difficult part. 

I find it extremely difficult to find the time to receive. I find that when I want to receive, my counterpart is not willing. I find that I am always rushing around and do not have enough time, are always about to be late for something or I am simply too tired and exhausted.

I find that when this happens, I recall attempts to speed up and hurry along the process along by putting words in my connection’s mouth or helping them to get to the point, which I notice is my forcing control upon the process. I notice this seems to create drama and break any emotional connection completely. 

I now intend to work on being a better receiver, receiving without judgement and without re-acting to any of my own emotional responses.

I wonder about your thoughts on navigating the obstacles of everyday life, such when one needs to, leave, to get to work on time, but your child chooses that particular moment to tell you about something general that happened at school?

I recall attempting to share a need to get to work on time and not wanting to be late and this seemed to be ignored? I recall this sort of incident leading to extensive drama. I wonder how one might better handle this sort of situation?
I experience some confusion on the process for building and maintaining intimate relations.

In order to establish a connection, does one need to receive feelings first before one shares one’s own feelings?

I also wonder when it is appropriate to share one’s feelings? Does one need to test for willingness to receive feelings before actually sharing them?

I think I need to work on selflessly receiving, and that I need to make time for this.

I am interested to hear your thoughts.

In trying to use TTP with my family, although I believe my intension is positive, in using the tool, I feel like I have meddled with some very important machinery that I don’t know enough about and I am possibly braking something.

I feel like I am causing a meltdown in a nuclear power plant. 

Warm regards,
Thank you for sharing your process and for raising these issues.

You: (looking at your watch and heading for the door)

Child: I want to tell you about something happening at school.

You: Thank you for asking me to listen to your happening at school. I like listening to your stories, especially when they include your feelings.

Since I have to keep an agreement to arrive at work on time, I cannot hear your entire story right now.  I wonder if I can hear the whole story, first thing, when I return home.

Child: OK, I guess so.

You: Thank you for supporting me in keeping my agreement to arrive on schedule.  I have an agreement with you, now, too; I agree to listen to your story, first thing, when I return.

Child: Thanks, Dad.
Nov 4, 2015

Fingers Open / Fingers Together

Hi Ed,

My son decided to take up swimming (which I did not push for).  

As a former swimmer we were taught fingers closed.  The new technique is open fingers which I agree with but not sure the only reason is larger surface area. 

My reasoning closed fingers activate forearm, and stroke turnover would be slower which would lead to less power generated.  I would like to hear your thoughts on the subject. 

Thank you for raising this issue.

You might notice that the solution to this problem may depend on the Reynolds Number (inertial force / viscous force).

This number changes with the velocity of the hand through the water - so you might get a different answer for high-speed vs. low-speed swimming - and for hands of various sizes.

You might help settle this matter by running trials with actual swimmers..

You might also consider the energy-dissipating effects of turbulence for R > 10^4.

You might also consider the effect of cupping your hand vs. holding it flat or back-bending your fingers.


Let's All Give That Swimmer

a big hand.

Nov 4, 2015

Cryptotechnology vs Govopoly

Dear Ed

Time whips by like the wind. The year was 1997, but it seems only yesterday I spent the day with you, your student, and your children at your home in Incline Village.

Govopoly makes great points. The world needs more people like you to help wake up the masses. That said, having been at the forefront of major transformations such as computer security making it onto the front page of the New York times under my alias at age 14, influencing the transition from the arpanet pre-1990 to the internet circa 1990 and more recently in cryptotechnologies, bitcoin being the first since 2009, cryptotech is the first technology in the history of humanity that can decentralize power structures, ie, governments and corporations. Governments printing currency to fund their wars will be a thing of the past within a generation as cryptotechnologies are viral, decentralized entities with exponential growth. For example, ethereum stands to decentralize corporations... in time.

At no other time in history have so many smart minds joined the cryptotechnology frontier - luminaries such as the Google guys, Netscape creator and pioneer Marc Andreessen, the Winklevoss twins, and a significant portion of Silicon Valley.

A friend of mine who is monitored closely by the UK (and probably other) governments (police states are everywhere when it comes to this stuff), has Richard Branson courting him for a share in his technology. My friend hopes to do for cryptotechnology what Bill Gates did for the personal computer. The decentralized, viral nature of cryptotech will potentially spur a revolution across most all industries that will make the internet look like "one small step for man" compared to cryptotech which will be "one giant step for mankind".

Governments are ambivalent about cryptotechnologies, bitcoin being the most recognized. Some see its massive evolutionary potential. Others see it as a total threat. But it's decentralized, viral technology so will be hard for governments to stand in its way, short of blocking the whole internet. As one of many examples, even though file sharing site Napster lost the battle, for every equivalent file sharing site shut down, ten others spring up like mushrooms across the cyberlandscape., thus peer-to-peer file sharing has completely won the war.

Indeed, the dark economy is now valued at over $12 trillion, just a few trillion shy of the US GDP. "Dark" simply means non-regulated, of which much of what is transacted is actually legal, thus growing at a faster rate than any country's GDP growth rate. 

The third world implications of cryptotech are vast. For example, while 50% of the world does not yet have a bank account, cryptotechnologies such as bitcoin are enabling the world's unbanked to be able to transact without a bank account and send money back to their relatives in the third world at less than 1/100 the normal wire fees (typically 8 cents) because so much of the world now owns a mobile phone.

And will do for publishing of music/art/books what bitcoin is doing for banks via its blockchain technology to which institutions are finally waking up.

Thank you for sharing your insights.

Per Bitcoin supplanting the U.S. Dollar, you might notice you have to use U. S. Dollars to pay U.S. Income Taxes; please let me know, right away, about the U. S. Treasury accepting Bitcoin - without having to convert to U.S. Dollars - so I can revise my thinking on this.

Also, Bitcoin and other "independent" communication platforms tend to work best for people who enjoy mobility and have access to their personal codes.

For example, I wonder what you propose to do in case aiding or abetting trading in Bitcoin wind up eliciting charges of micro-aggression or even subversion.

To "back-test" this scenario, you might consider trying to send Bitcoin with your hands behind your back, in handcuffs.

You might consider taking your feelings about <fighting oppressors> and  <building rapport in your community> to Tribe


The Govopoly System

ultimately has ways

for dealing with cryptography
and other forms of resistance.

Nov 3, 2015

Not so Dandy

Mr. Seykota,

Its quite funny how the unemployment figure makes everything look all fine and dandy as if the economy is improving.

that is until one looks at the labor participation rate which has been declining for the entire "recovery"

Then to top things off with something I observed from your 2015 Aug 2015 10-20 FAQS, Total Manufacturing Employees are almost at 1940 levels !!!

That last statistic is extremely troubling seeing that our U.S population has roughly doubled since the 1940s.....

Hope you are having a great day,
Thank you for sharing your insights and links.

As the Govopoly System assimilates the Free-Competition Sector, it destroys the economy and eventually itself as well.

Recently, we have lots of fiat money going to support high wages for government employees and otherwise pooling in Wall Street, as some companies use near-zero rates to buy in their own stock and lever up.

Meanwhile Main Street does not yet see the point of borrowing to expand actual business activity and prefers to reduce debt exposure.

Fiat money entrains moral hazard and high volatility, including large boom and bust cycles.

Recall, pre-1913, pre-Fed, pre-Income-Tax, the US economy generates the greatest increase in standard of living, ever.

Now, in the 39th Day of assimilation, we might expect prices eventually to work their way higher as they discount the increasing supply of fiat money.  Meanwhile we might also expect a continuation of the decline in the standard of living and substantial price bubble cycles.
Nov 3, 2105

Arrows - on Chartbook

Hi Ed,

lastly as it relates to the Actual Long Only Trend Following System on your website, I wanted to ask what the arrows on some of the charts indicate. Is it correct to assume the arrows are near a price where the system is going long? Thank you.
Thank you for raising this issue.

Arrows represent entry points; green lines represent entry stops; red lines indicate protective stops.

The charts appear for educational purposes only as an example of a trading system; if you follow along for a while, you can see many whipsaw losses and an occasional winner.

I make no claims that this or any other system generates consistent profits or even fits your psychology.
Nov 3, 2015

Wants to Scalp Forex


Thank you for getting back to me. 

What I would like to accomplish is having a much better grasp on making profitable trades in forex scalping (wanting to eventually take longer term trades). 

I am 51 y.o., have been trading forex for several years with a small account without really making much progress. 

In most cases I makes 1 step forward and then a few steps back  over and over by scalping. 

I am reading as many books as I can while searching the web for any glint of knowledge on forex trading.

I am trading less and mainly watching for divergence on MACD against 1 hour or less candlesticks.

Can the $1000 (for one hour) be charged to a Visa card? 
Thank you for your offer to employ me to teach you how to scalp forex.

How about I do it for free, right here and now; the best move = stop scalping.

If and when "eventually" shows up for you, I might can help you with a longer-term approach.

Nov 3, 2015

Breeding Stock

Dear Ed,

Your insightful reply of 27th Oct:

"For example, I wonder what you still want to say to the woman who propositions you as breeding stock."

made me instantly realize what I wanted to convey to that woman: Get Lost, F O !

Thank you once again.
Thank you for sharing your process.
Nov 3, 2015

Horse Training - Video


You might like this video of a horse trainer.
Thank you for sending me the link.
Nov 2, 2015

Novice Programmer

Mr. Seykota,

I want to begin the fruitful journey of learning computer programming for I can integrate it into my trading. As of now, I am a relative novice to the computer programming area. Is there a programming language that you would recommend I learn first ?

Thank you for your time 
Thank you for raising this issue.

You might first consider defining what you want to accomplish.
Nov 2, 2015

Important to Say


It is important so say that you have to have small positions on to get it to work, so your exitsignal is also your stoploss. That is also cutting losses.
Thank you for saying it.

I surmise you refer to a previous posting.

You might consider referencing the previous item to assist readers in following the thread.
Nov 1, 2015

Wants a Review


I've been reading your Trading Tribe FAQ for years. I have your book The Trading Tribe. That's really a great book! My girlfriend (not a trader) found it very useful. You have been very helpful for my trading and my life.

I have written a short ebook on investing: [Name] It is only 40 pages (without appendices) and it has been proofread (I'm French). I got positive feedbacks for my ebook, otherwise I would not have dared to contact you.

I remember that you said somewhere that a «trading system should be simple enough to be explained on the back of a napkin». This is the case for [name], which is a very simple investing strategy designed for everyone.

Actually, it is one of the simplest investing strategy possible. Chances are that you already know this investing strategy. [Name] is simpler than [Other Book].

I would be very grateful if you could have a quick look at my ebook. 

If you think it might have some value, would you mind sending me a short review?

Please find my ebook attached. My website is not online yet.


Thank you for reaching out to me for a review of your book.

FAQ does not promote or endorse commercial products; not does it carry advertising or trade links with other sites.

Nov 1, 2015



Per the text msg you send me with your preference to correspond via email.

The more I think about it the more it seems to me that a trend following system (that tells you what, when and how much to buy/sell)  does not account for all your success.  I get the feeling there are pieces of the puzzle I am missing.

I notice while writing this email I feel discomfort.  Part of me does not want to inquire and feels I should figure it out on my own the other part wants to ask a bunch of questions.

During my time at the Merc I met a trader who noticed I my interest in the markets and started sharing his knowledge with me. 

I remember having a thirst to learn everything I could.  One day I saw him tear up his paper charts and throw them in the trash. I picked them up and tried piecing them together but I was unable to make sense of his markings  and notations. 

Later I saw him and presented the torn papers...he immediately turned angry...I shut down. 

For some time I could not understand why something I saw as innocent and inquisitive he saw as threatening and dangerous. 

At 23 my naivety was high.  This experience colors my judgement.  I see you in the same light as this trader from years ago, someone who I want to learn from, but I have so much fear I will do something to alienate you like my experience with the trader at the Merc.  I also have some fear if I do that it may negatively affect my relationship with [Mutual Friend] whose trust and friendship I value.

I remember reading and hearing about times a trader will bet more or less than his system dictates based off a pattern he sees or feels. I'm curious if you can talk more about this idea and other pieces to the puzzle I may not know yet.

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your process.

The word, puzzle, refers to a game, problem or toy that tests your ingenuity of knowledge.

In 1760 John Spilsbury, British cartographer, mounts a map on a sheet of wood, cuts out the individual countries, and makes a puzzle to help teach geography.

I sense you like to make people, such as your trader and, lately, me, into puzzles.

You might consider taking your feelings about making puzzles to Tribe.


The Puzzler

might have

a piece missing.

Nov 1, 2015

Doom Loop


You might like this article by David Stockman - it fits with your Govopoly theory.


Thank you for sharing this link.

I wonder how you feel about his notion that the Fed QE programs have little effect on household borrowing - and that the credit emissions wind up pooling in Wall Street to support stock buybacks.

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