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Oct 10, 2015

TTP Relationship Principles

Dear Ed,

I continue to wonder about your TT Relationship Principles. They all seem so intuitively right and in line with what I have learned about the importance of sharing feelings in connecting with others.

The one that does not make intuitive sense to me is the last one: "Do whatever your partner asks you to do".

I understand that this could reflect the importance of moving out of a comfort zone and opening to a new, and possibly resisted, experience. I can see how it could increase my acceptance of my partner's desires and so increase our rapport.

I wonder if I would want compliance without sharing feelings. For instance, recently I request that my partner do something for me that I had fantasized about for a long time. When he shares his feelings about why he does NOT want to do it, I suddenly see the situation entirely differently and my desire for him to grant my wish completely dissolves.

My feeling is not one of disappointment at not getting what I want, but rather a feeling of closeness and warmth as his sharing opens up a deeper connection between us.

I proceed to find another way to develop what I want that does not compromise what he wants.

Your elaboration would be appreciated.

Thank you for raising this issue.

Sharing feelings also appears on the list.


In practice, with this protocol, your partner rarely asks you to do something dangerous or harmful. Subsequent discussion and sharing of feelings helps to tune the request until both parties agree to it.

Typically, the partner who makes the request gets an immediate benefit - while the partner who complies gets the deeper, long-lasting benefit of learning to do something new.

Absent a commitment to serve each other and to share feelings, inter-partner requests can provide a setting for drama.

Without a Commitment
to serve each other

and to share feelings ...

You Might Expect

a little drama.


Oct 10, 2015

Austin Tribe Report - Communicating wih His Virtual Ideal Mate


During the last Tribe meeting, I work on relationship issues.

During my turn, another Tribe member brings an empty chair into the Tribe circle, announcing it holds my ideal mate. He invies me to communicate with her and to feel my feelings.

This brings up deep sadness - and my tendency to chase away anyone suitable for me and to attract people with whom a relationship could not work.

As I express my sadness and think of communicating with my ideal mate, I feel a huge weight lift, leaving a sense of peacefulness and calm.

At this point, I have a feeling of certainty that I can actually have a successful relationship with a woman - and in the process discover her as my ideal mate.

I'd especially like to thank the Tribe member for coming up with the idea of importing my virtual ideal mate so I could interact with her during the meeting.

Thank you for sharing your process.
Oct 10, 2015

Austin Tribe Meeting Report - Substantial Changes

Hi Ed,

During the Austin Tribe I notice that we do check-ins and check-outs in a counter clockwise rotation, which is the opposite rotation of other meetings. I feel the intimacy in the Tribe as some members work through processes while other members support them. And while other members struggle with their process, the Tribe supports them in their struggle.

I have a memory of sweating and my chair becoming hot in the meeting.

I feel different feelings now. I'm not altogether sure how to verbalize the feelings. The feelings are new to me. I do not have a memory of these new feelings.

I notice some substantial changes following the Austin Tribe meeting. My office is clean. I no longer eat as much. I actually enjoy going into my office. I spend more time with my family. Something is changing, and I'm not sure what it is.

The project I am working on takes off, I almost immediately find people willing to support me, and resources for moving forward. I have an increasingly clear vision of what I want, and I quickly make decisions to eliminate that which I do not want.

I enjoy these new feelings. I notice an "ease" for lack of a better term. I notice a tremendous relief in no longer expending a great deal of effort/energy to not feel certain feelings. I notice that feeling all my feelings requires much less effort/energy than attempting to not feel certain feelings. Not feeling takes a lot of work.

I am still processing what happens at the meeting.

I feel my chest warm when thinking of the wonderful people in the Austin Tribe.


Thank you for sharing your process - and your progress since the meeting.

Oct 10, 2015

Austin Tribe Meeting Report

Dear Ed,

I feel happy to see familiar faces at the one-shot Tribe meeting a week ago. I wonder who might be changing and who might be stuck.

I know I am not stuck because personal growth has been occurring at an exponential rate for me over the four months since the last Tribe meeting. While I feel a bit nervous/excited at the prospect of receiving male anger, I do not really have a "problem" that I want to work on and I feel fabulous! I commit to speaking from the heart and letting the outcome be whatever it is.

Two Tribe members display an interesting process wherein they think they know what they need to work on and then, once they begin, the solution appears almost effortlessly, and the problem morphs into something different from what they start with.

One member is bogged down in getting things done because he feels a conflict between what he has to do to support his family and what he dreams of doing: starting an innovative school that offers an alternative to the rigid and soul-numbing routines found in public education.

When he realizes he doesn't have to quit his "day job", and that actually it provides him with resources and opportunities that will support his dream, the conflict dissolves and the explosion of creative energy is palpable.

Another member believes he needs a better method of convincing his parents not to violate his boundaries; he is angry and frustrated that they have not respected his requests.

I happily role-play his mother and very much enjoy telling him that I like the boundaries just the way they are, and that he's asking me for something I don't even really understand.

Again, the AHA! moment is palpable as he realizes that he simply needs to set his own boundaries and stop asking his parents to do it for him.

The third process has to do with the purpose of excess weight. Two of the members have lost significant amounts of weight and two others do not manage their weight successfully. Overeating plays a significant medicinal role for both these members.

Both seem excited to realize that the feelings they are medicating will actually help them to reach their goals, if they can just accept that they might have to be uncomfortable while forgoing their medication.

Again, one of these members starts out by stating that he has a problem in relationships and then quickly grasps that he has to change his relationship with himself and food in order for the other issues to resolve.

I later volunteer to be a support buddy to this member as he embarks on his journey. Actions like this happen more frequently, and happily, now that I no longer try to help people.

I just want to show up for my life.

Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting the meeting.
Oct 10, 2015

Wants to Join the Trading Tribe

Dear Sir,

I have read of the Trading Tribe and wish to enquire if it accepts members

Thank you for raising this issue.

The Trading Tribe has no formal organization and no membership role.

You might consider taking your feelings about <wanting to join> to Tribe.
Oct 9, 2015

30 Minutes in Ice Bath

Dear Ed,

Last weekend, I attend the Austin Tribe meeting.

Currently, one of my keen interests is breathwork and cold training. I learn about cold training from Wim Hof, know as "iceman". The last few months I study Wim's methods yet in the tribe meeting the question comes up from one of the fellow tribe members - "why haven't you been in the ice bath yet"?

During the meeting I commit to the members that I will go through a full breathwork process and following that attempt my first ice bath which I intend to stay in the ice water for a minimum of 5 minutes.

On Sunday Oct 4th, I begin the day by going through a process of breathwork under Ed's supervision and guidancr. Following the breathwork, I complete my first ice bath with 10 bags of ice and a time of 30 minutes, 6x as long as my original goal. The process excites me as I learn more about my body and what it is capable of doing.

This is to a "cool" thumbs up!

Thank you,

Cool Experiment

Thank you for sharing your process.
Oct 9, 2015

Beatles Cover


You might like this song that I record with other students in my recording class.
Thank you for sending me your recording.

Nice job - about as good as it gets without a banjo track.
Oct 9, 2015

Family: The Essential Tribe

My Dear Ed,

Today in this present evolving moment of now, I like to thank you for making me a better father.

I make a T Shirt by printing my daughter's childhood picture on it.

When she comes out of her room, she feels pleasantly surprised after seeing me wear that T Shirt. Expressions on her face are so cute.

Nowadays I feel free to express my feelings to my loved ones.

I also notice that I am becoming a better person in some ways.

I = R has become very important to me.

I remember that my daughter is very peaceful in her childhood. I like her sharp focus with peace of mind.

I realize that my kids are so important to me.

I realize how Ed has become so important to me.

I am glad I start learning from you.

My hugs again to you from a far away place.

Thank you.

Peaceful and Sharp


Thank you for sharing your process and for caring to develop yourself as a father.
Oct 9, 2015

Feeling About Running a Tribe

Hi Chief,

I get another cancellation from my Tribe members. I feel a little more unhappy about this.

Recently I start to realize that I am counting my own success on other people's commitment. I spend lots of effort to organize local Tribe and host meetings, recruiting members and still don't have a fully functional Tribe over here. After 4 years I feel that I start to wake up from some unrealistic expectations.

Lack of willingness to change and commitment to work is all I see when I recruit people.

People join my Tribe when they experience pain in their life and when pain is gone they leave.

I already pass the learning curve of wanting people to join and stay in the Tribe meeting and I no longer give people pressure. I just listen to how they feel about joining meetings and support them the way they like. I start to see that counting on local Tribe meetings to help my long term training needs is not practical, at least for now. I underestimate people's unwillingness to change and do work.

It also depends on how good a Tribe leader I am. I believe as I continue improving myself, I might eventually be able to attract some stable tribe members, at least stable long enough to do some serious work together before they leave.

I start to feel that running a Tribe is probably like running a fund. It's my test bed to test, train how I have and keep people on board.

I feel some pain in my heart, I haven't be in process for more than half year, even I continue host meetings every other weeks. Turnover rate is high and I can't build and keep experienced members who can manage my own process. I already learn to accept members the way they are and let go. We are still good friends. I am happy about my ability to release control on people and support they leave.

Even for existing Tribe members, I also learn not to point out their rocks unless they ask me to. So far no body asks and I feel I gain the capability to let even Tribe members be themselves (something I pick up from you by observing you manage Tribe. My Kungfu instructor also tells me that, good teachers know how to keep one eye open and the other eye closed).

So the not enough members and not enough meetings also serve as a learning process for me to train myself letting go control and experience feelings.

Most of us have our emotional gene, the collection of Rocks, already defined when we leave parents, and then the rest of our life is written. Tribe members are mutants and rare to find. I still host meetings, but realized that I have to rely less on my local Tribe, at least for now.

TTP is good and Tribe meeting is awesome, except the availability issues. If I want to learn guitar, I can sign up a class and no need to worry about the availability of good teacher and friends. I believe for TTP to really take effect, one needs at least one hot seat each week, and continue nonstop for couple years, to really upgrade a personality, and train a good trader, or a good entrepreneur. It needs strong self willingness and strong commitment of the organizer, and the luck of finding like-minded tribe fellows. It's really rare unless TTP goes institutional with financial backup. Loose gathering can't serve as a reliable formal training resource.

I used to view local Tribe meeting as the main resort and self practice as supplemental. Now I have to rethink to add other means to reach the same goal as TTP points out.

I define the Bliss of my organic system as the ratio between the number of incidents I successfully apply intimacy method timely (proactive sharing feeling and letting go of control), divided by the total incidents in my daily life when I have (hidden) emotions. I take notes and counts. Before I touch TTP, I might have my Bliss about 0.05. Now after 4 years, I see myself merely reach 0.2 or less.

I might need another measurement on the willingness to experience feelings of loss and take pains. I believe it's still important for long term prosperity instead of momentary wins.

Continuing improve my Bliss is the only way I can achieve my right livelihood. I see huge potential such improvement might bring to me. Now I am more willing to exam the painful feelings of not enough Tribe meetings and training opportunities and want to do something about it, to find more meetings, to find more alternatives, to find a job involving relating to more people to gain more emotional experience, or extend the technology. I am also more aware of the emotional opportunities my family brings to me and want to use this resource more.


Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking some classes to improve your English pronunciation.

You might also practice TTP principles by using them in your communication with your family (changing your own methods - not requiring them to act differently).

You might also take your feelings about <wanting a big Tribe> to Tribe.

You might consider taking your feelings about <trusting new Tribe members to carry out the process> to Tribe.
Oct 9, 2015

Wants to Join Orlando Tribe


I was trying to contact the Orlando Tribe at the email that was on their listing in the directory however it does not appear to be active. It came back as non existent. I have read the ground rules and I am very interested in joining. Do you have any current contact information for them?


Thank you for raising this issue.

Tribes come and go. Some seem to survive. Some reach a level where they do not wish to attract new members.

I post Tribes to the directory upon request. I do not have a mechanism for deleting inactive Tribes from the directory - other than to delete all of them every few years and then to ask active Tribes to re-register.
Oct 9, 2015

Mumbai Tribe Meeting

Dear Ed,

Following is from the second meeting of the new Mumbai tribe. Would request you to share any feedback that you might have about the meeting.

We conducted our second Tribe meeting yesterday. During this meeting only the four new Tribe members were present unlike the previous meeting, which was the first meeting of our new Tribe, in which five of the earlier Tribe members had participated to guide us through the process.

We begin around 6:30 pm with a drums session for about 10 minutes. Then we check-in and ask if anybody is hot enough to take the hot seat. One member volunteers and starts with a pointing out a pain in the back of neck. He also says that he feels guilty because he is not able to financially support his family. The group encourages him to get deeper into the pain in the back.

Hot seat conveys a number of forms like clenching fists, shaking head and arching his back. After a few minutes he calms down and his body relaxes. PM asks him to re-integrate the forms he had displayed. The hot seat, after being pointed out the forms, does them sequentially.

Then the four members decide to break into pairs and go through the process of sharing and acknowledging thoughts and then feelings. One of the members gets hot during this pair session. But since the entire Tribe is not present, the process is not taken forward.

Then the entire Tribe gets back together and asks if somebody is feeling hot. While I am not personally feeling hot, the Tribe believes that am hot enough and begin the process. I have trouble accessing my feelings and instead get into story telling mode.

The Tribe tries to get me into feeling mode but I am not there yet. There is also a doubt in me as to how does being hot feel, hence the process is not smooth. I feel that there are multiple layers of judges obstructing my accessibility of feelings. Though I go through multiple forms, am conscious of the forms and am simultaneously judging them throughout. The process stops without me having felt any AHA moment or reaching zero point.

We discuss how we did as a group since this is our first tribe meeting on our own. Then we check-out and the Tribe breaks.

Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting your meeting.

You might consider taking your feelings about <judging your feelings> to Tribe.
Oct 7, 2015

Tribe Meeting Follow Up


​I have an enormously productive day today -- 20 tasks, big & small, taken care of.

I feel all sorts of emotions as I proceed. I stay in the task at hand.

When I don't know what to do, I step back, figure out what's the next step, and I do it.

I work on a tricky task with my wife late in the evening when I'm tired. We bicker a bit but, instead of quitting like we often do when stress comes up, we work together & solve it.

Funky stuff, these Tribe meetings!

Thank you for sharing your process.
Oct 7, 2015

Number of Instruments


From your observations over the years, how many instruments it takes to get benefit of diversification in context of trend following? By diversification I mean different degree of trending behavior showing us at a different time for a given instrument within portfolio.

Is there any point in trading 30 (even if un- correlated in classical statistical definition) markets? Stuff goes up/down or stays where it is. If you have 8 or 32 does it matter? Each one of them is in one of the three states.

Always curious to know your inputs.


PS: Does answer change if one is deploying Market's Money approach to sizing ?

Thank you for raising this issue.

To a point, adding more instruments can reduce your volatility and increase your MAR.

You can answer your specific questions by running tests on your specific system.
Oct 6, 2015

Austin Tribe Report - Setting Boundaries with Parents


This was a wonderful tribe session. I felt excited to see Tribe members I haven't seen in a few years and the session was inspiring.

The session started with everyone updating how things are progressing in life, then a discussion of things they wish to accomplish in session.

One member decided to focus on losing 25 pounds. This may help with motivation and energy to pull him further along on his goals. With three other members that have recently lost significant amounts of weight, he has the support to do it.

Another Tribe members is working on improving his trading system but seems to shut down since he doesn't seem to know what to do next possibly because he wants to do everything next. He was encouraged to go slow, one step at a time. This seems to be a stumbling block. Possibly because he doesn't seem to like being wrong and by trying thousands of things one at a time, he will have to realize almost all of his backtests are 'wrong' or don't give positive outcomes. I think of the saying, 'if it was easy, everyone would do it'. He has committed to giving an update to his backtesting of some very simple changes to FAQ soon after tribe.

Another member is frustrated that he has always attracted the wrong women in his life. The female role models in his life have not been 'ideal'. As we discussed the issue a Tribe member suggested hotseat to imagine his ideal mate sitting with the Tribe member. I felt confused as the direction didn't seem to be TTP in any way. Hotseat tried to imagine the woman gaining a bit of clarity. And as we progressed was able to feel his feelings of sadness and loneliness allowing him to make the connections emotionally to his being attracted to women that are now congruent with him.

I have been struggling with feeling of frustration with my life and being a nice guy. Having feelings of frustration and pushing down or controlling those feelings until lashing out. I have not been able to express feelings and struggling to get my needs met. I even have to wonder what my needs are since I haven't allowed myself to have them.

It came down to memories of interactions with my mom and how I must still be deeply involved in her life but can't 'cut the cord' from her. In role-play, I attempted to set boundaries with my parents to allow me to live life as I want but was unable. Finally, I looked at another Tribe member and asked for help as I couldn't see the way. The surrogate asked to roleplay the time mom always asks for help with computer tech support.

Surrogate simply stated he wouldn't be helping this time. He didn't ask for forgiveness not helping, or was phased when mom through a tantrum. It was that easy. He set boundaries and saying he was sovereign and wasn't concerned how they acted. I was trying to get my parents to set the boundary. They like the situation just as it is, it is me that isn't happy. Why should they change? This was incredibly helpful and today I feel so much better.

Another Tribe member states he is frustrated with his cluttered desk. When he attempts to de-clutter feelings come up and he runs off to medicate usually by filling his stomach with a gourmet fast food burger and fries. Was HS using the cluttered desk to prevent him from working simply because he wasn't clear of his purpose? Possibly. As we discussed the issue he was able to envision clearly the idea of starting a school. Immediately his demeanor changed and his excitement level went up. I wonder if HS has found a purpose strong enough to de-clutter a few square inches to begin working on his goal.

It was a challenging tribe with a group of people that want to make changes and love supporting others making changes in their lives. We practice the Rocks process and this group rocks!!!

Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting the meeting.
Oct 4, 2015

Austin Tribe Report - Running Some Tests


At the Austin Tribe meeting this Saturday I write down my intention to run a stepped test of the Number of Long Ranking Bars (longRankBars), plot the steps vs. MAR, and send the results to FAQs.

But when I send you my Tribe report earlier today, I write this intention up as a stepped test of the Number of Bars used to calculate ATR (nATRbars).

I run the nATRbars stepped test, graph the results and write them up. Just prior to sending them to FAQs, I check my Tribe notes and find the error.

I attribute my mixup to a loss of presence/consciousness as I work on this project. I get uptight. I want to be right and do it correctly. I feel it in my head. Then I "go on autopilot" and just start working. I make mistakes like the one above.

I submit both graphs.

In the first graph, the X axis is the number of bars used to calculate ATR (nATRbars) stepped from 2 to 100 by 1. The Y axis is MAR.​

I see "choppiness" in the MARs at values of n ATR bars below ~25. Then a "plateau" from 25 to 55 that seems like a good area to pick from. And a drop off in MARs followed by more choppiness as values increase above ~55. nATRbars of 40 seems like a good choice to me.

The second graph is the number of long ranking bars (longRankBars) vs. MAR. nATRbars is set to 40.​

This is a little tougher for me to analyze. There is a region below ~17 longRankBars with MARs above 0.4. I feel this is the best region.

I run these tests on my current system. My examination of nATRbars and longRankBars is part of a step-by-step analysis of all the assumptions I've made in developing it. Both tests take about 3 minutes to run.

Thank you for sharing your process and your insights.
Oct 4, 2015

Austin Tribe Report - Summary of Meeting


​We gather at Ed's in Austin for another Austin Tribe meeting. It feels good to see old friends and meet new ones.

12:00 PM Saturday—Feelings Check In

1. Tingling, avoiding work on big project.

2. Has read the book "No More Mr. Nice Guy" about always trying to please others so they'll like you. It strongly resonates with him.

3. Uptight, tingling in chest. Upset from rushed driving to not be late to meeting. I wince as I recall my "dumb, aggressive driving."

4. Separating eating from hunger. Finding the feelings that eating used to medicate.

Progress Reports

1. Great relationships with family.

2. Good work on animation projects.

3. Milestone: One year track record with investment product. Assets under management are growing. Getting good results with David Allen's "Getting Things Done" system of time & task management.

4. Working on new system ideas. Has software operational. Weight is down 35 lbs.


1. Needs aren't being met. Ed, the Tribe leader for this meeting, asks "What needs?" Reply: don't want to be a farmer. Want an amazing relationship with a woman. Don't want to be scared about being honest. Ed: would you like to role play practice being honest? "OK, I'll try." Then he recalls there is do or don't do; "try" doesn't work. Wants to set privacy boundaries.

2. Wants stay present when dealing with angry people.

[Ed states that when bringing problems to the Tribe there must be a specific situation where you can't accomplish what you want. Then we can simulate it in role play, test & evaluate the outcome. We can use the Rocks Process to install new resources to help Hotseat to proactively deal with the situation.]

3. Good work on systems development but feeling "plateaued". Wants to take it to the next level. Interested in Wim Hoff's breathwork & ice bath to boost immune system.

4. Usually finds emotionally crippled women. Wants to find stronger women. Ed: what do you want in a woman? He states "A supportive woman, etc." Ed notes there are no specific wants, He is totally medicated. Ed suggests if he would listen to the feeling he gets right before he eats he would learn what he really wants. The Tribe members states he feels anger and loneliness about being stuck where he is. Ed suggests getting up and moving about when he gets that feeling. Instead of eating, drink a glass of water to fill your stomach and take a walk. Physically move.

5. I want to know the positive intention of "I don't know." I don't want to create a systems "mess". I'm feeling confused by what I perceive as endless possibilities in system development. Ed asks me where I'm at and I state that I'm [as I write this up the next day I get anxious and want to go get something to eat, instead I acknowledge the feeling and get back to the task at hand] testing number of bars in an ATR to see if it is important.

[At this point Ed seems to get confused. I get the feeling he thinks my testing the number of bars in ATR is the extent of my progress in system development. It's not. I trade a complete system with ranking, entry signals, exits, and portfolio-level risk management. But I believe I have curve-fit my system. So my testing the number of bars in an ATR is the first step in a piece-by-piece re-examination of my system.]

As I explain this I start to feel overwhelmed by feelings of the impossibility of analyzing the infinite number of permutations that I foresee. Ed asks me what the next step is. I state it and immediately begin to spin endless possibilities out of that. Ed asks me to restate the next step. I just said it but can't recall what I said. I lost consciousness when I began to "spin." I laugh at not being able to recall what I said moments ago. I gather my wits and state the next step is a stepped test of the number of bars in an ATR. I begin to "spin" some more and Ed halts me and says just do that. I state I want to do "more" and the Tribe says "Just do the simple stepped test!" I relax and agree.

I commit to doing a stepped test of the number of bars in an ATR, graphing the results, and submitting them to FAQs by 9 PM my time Monday, Oct. 5th.

6. Wants to work on loneliness. As weight came off he felt more loneliness.

Ed asks if we're done with issues and I'm not ready to move on. Ed says "We're moving on." I have an unwillingness to feel all my feelings and work on my issues. Ed recognizes this and doesn't want to waste the Tribe's time. I get angry. Ed suggests that feeling is good. I have to feel it, enjoy it, and learn its positive intention.


● Hotseat 1 has sadness at having & losing loving relationships. Mother & Grandmother were emotionally distant or abusive but they stayed. He remembers a loving nanny that won the lottery and left. And as a 4-year old that he was no longer allowed to visit a young friend and he lost her. Hotseat can easily find emotionally troubled women and start relationships with them. But when Hotseat finds an emotionally sound woman, he feels sadness and doesn't open the relationship.

We role play with an empty chair representing the woman of his dreams. She participates with us in Tribe. As he describes her to us, strong feelings of sadness come up.

We point out that Hotseat seems to have two patterns with women: (1) Finding troubled women (they'll stay) and trying to "fix" them so then everything will be OK. This doesn't work. (2) Finding emotionally whole women, shutting down and losing consciousness when feelings of sadness come up because they might leave. Not opening a relationship with them. This also doesn't work.

Hotseat has an "Aha" and states it's like he had the "polarity reversed" on selecting women. He selects the "problems" because they'll "probably" stay. He unconsciously rejects the "good" ones because they might leave.

● 3:50 PM—Hotseat 2 describes bed-wetting. Ed states that is unexpressed anger, usually with the father. "You are "pissed off" but can't express it so you piss the bed. Ed asks "What (specific) decision do you want to do differently?" Hotseat wants to tell Mom what's OK and not OK.

In the first role play Hotseat tells his mother what to do. What she should/shouldn't do. Hotseat gets angry and accusative. We remind him that angry emotion dumps break rapport. Sharing feelings maintains rapport. Tell them how you feel. Tell them what you want.

We role play again and Hotseat tells Mom how he feels and what he wants. Things go much better.

● 5 PM—Ed gets agreement from the Tribe about continuing past the agreed-to 5 PM end time.

Hotseat 3 describes feelings of trepidation about a big new venture he is getting ready to undertake. A Tribe member notes that Hotseat has gained weight. Ed suggests cutting back on food, letting the feelings grow, and let the feelings help you get what you want. What do you want?

We talk about Govopoly in the US Education system and how Hotseat's venture could improve education. Ed notes that he used to pay his kids $1 for every four pages of the math book they completed. They went through it in 2 months instead of taking the entire school year.

● 5:50 PM final checkout. A good Tribe meeting ends.

Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting the meeting.
Oct 3, 2015

Austin Tribe Application

Hi Chief,

I miss you and want to join the coming session of Austin Tribe. I want to achieve the following goals in the Austin Tribe session:

1. Continue work on my checklist of my Rocks. Here is what I have in my pocket:
. I perform all kinds of work more poorly when people watch me doing so, or when people give negative comments.
. Sometimes when I feel depressed, I don't want to do nothing.
. When a project stuck or need effort more than I expect, I start surf Internet or watch TV.
. My feeling about trusting optimization result.
. I lost patience when taking care of my parents.
. Sometimes when my wife gets emotional, occasionally I still try to calm her by talking her out of her feelings.

2. Start and finish order automation module of my trading system, continue improving MAR of my system, moving to fully automatic on my account and my clients' account(possibly by end of this year). Start trading [foreign] market by end of this year with my auto system.

3. Pass series 3 test early next year and start my CTA business by next year.

4. Upgrade Rocks I encounter during fund raising, bring case study back to Austin tribe and my local tribe for Rocks Process.

5. Help other Austin Tribe members on their processes. Bring state of the art to local tribe and local community.

Thank you for your consideration,

Thank you for stating your goals.
Oct 3, 2015

Wants Guidance


I've started my work in trading since the past few months and I'm looking for guidance towards various trading practices. I'm an active trader in NIFTY options and I follow principles of technical analysis such as candlestick patterns and Elliott wave. It'd be great if you could guide as to how I should proceed further with my study.


Thank you for raising this issue.

You might consider taking your feelings about <wanting guidance> to Tribe.

Oct 3, 2015

Airplane Wing Lift

Hi Ed,

The higher velocity of air streams over an object or airplane wing increases friction/drag and doesn't induce lift per say. Such that at higher speeds there is increased drag prohibiting the plane from reaching higher speeds. So higher speeds can be achieved at higher altitudes where the air density is less.

Just reading the webpage about airplane lift. I guess the objective is to generate most lift possibly and provide stability to the aircraft when in operation.


Thank you for raising this issue.

The original mission of my work, a couple decades back, has to do with showing the folly in the conventional explanation for lift (prevalent in high school and college textbooks) that relates lift to the curvature of the top of a wing.

My claim: the shape of the wing has only a secondary effect. It can entrain laminar flow and reduce of turbulence-specific drag.

The main component of lift has to do with the angle of attack of the wing.

Since publishing my work, I initially experience much resistance from the scientific community, some bordering on personal attack. At this point, the official explanation on many websites, including that of NASA, now support the angle-of-attack theory and deprecate the curvature theory.
Oct 3, 2015

Wants to Get a Trading Method


This is my first contribution to the Tribe. I have a question, and I would be extremly grateful if I could get your opinion/answer on this.

I am 20 years old and have been trading for about 2 years now. During that time I haven't really achieved any interesting results trading-wise, neither on the positive nor on the negative side. I am breaking even. I have asked myself lately why this is the case, and I have come to the conclusion that I am trading too much on instinct without having a consistent trading method to follow. So I now wonder where to start and how to develope a solid trading method?

Thank you for raising this issue.

You already have a method - as you describe - using instinct.

If you would like to have a system with definite mechanical rules, you can buy one, get one from a book or (my favorite) employ this method:

1. Think about how the markets work.
2. Come up with some trading rules.
3. Back test to see how your rules work.
4. Go back to step 1.

Oct 2, 2015

Austin Tribe Application


I would like to attend the Tribe meeting tomorrow.

I would like to work on my Breathwork to take it to the next level.

Thank you,

Thank you for stating your goal.
Oct 2, 2015

Wants Assistance


I would like to be a member of The Trading Tribe, however there are no Tribes in my country. Please can I have some assistance.


Thank you for reaching out for assistance.

The Trading Tribe includes many people who read this FAQ and who subscribe to the Trading Tribe philosophy. It also includes some practicing Tribes - which I do not manage, or even follow, other than to provide guidance, upon request, through FAQ.

I prefer this structure for distributing the technology, rather than, say, setting up as a business or as a religion - both of which invite conflicts and tensions that interfere with some of the more subtle workings of the Trading Tribe Process.

You may start your own Tribe - by reading through FAQ, by reading my book The Trading Tribe at Resources, above - and by attending an occasional Workshop (none currently in the works).
Oct 1, 2015

Blast From the Past

Querido Ed,

aquí está el reportaje.

Un abrazo,

Thank you for sending me the PDF reprint of an article from Stocks and Commodities from many years ago, back when I have more hair and less weight.
Ovt 1, 2015

Austin Tribe Application


I wish to have a better primary relationship.

Thank you for stating your goal.

Oct 1, 2015

Application to Attend Special Austin Tribe Meeting


Austin Tribe Letter – What I Want to Accomplish

I first want to report that I did start using the 3D animation software. I was able to make a 3D animated sphere bounce from one end of the software screen to the other. From the upper left hand corner to the bottom of the center then back up to the right hand corner. However, I failed to master the rest of the software.

I want to stop stopping.

I feel it is related to my codependent tendencies. For example, at my job I always take the worst shift (1:30pm to 10:00pm) and I am always the last one to leave. I am rated good enough at my job to where I could get a much better shift but I stick with the late slot. I volunteer for overtime when I really don't feel like it. By doing these things I feel that is how I add value. I fear losing my place.

It affects my relationships as well. I choose codependent women. I asked a woman out at work because I thought she wasn't married since she didn't have a ring on finger. She said no because she was married. I felt embarrassed. I explained I asked her out because I didn't see a wedding band or ring. She told me she and her husband decided not to have rings. I find out later that she and her husband divorced. She tells me he was crippled at an early age and had been abusive toward her. She didn't divorce him until her children intervened. I am not going to pursue a relationship with her. At least I see that one coming.

I had these same issues with my mother. I felt like I had to be a "good" son to her by catering to her. I felt like if I didn't take care of her I would be out of favor. It's a pattern that repeats over and over again in my life.

I neglect myself and my feelings. I feel like I am in a revolving door. Anything that doesn't feed these issues goes by the wayside. I need help with this issue. I want to be able to cope with it.

Thank you for stating your goals.
Oct 1, 2015

A Fund Manager Opinion on The Govopoly System


I thought you might appreciate this comment from fund manager John Hussman:

"From our perspective, the fundamental reason for economic stagnation and growing income disparity is straightforward:

Our current set of economic policies supports and encourages a low level equilibrium by encouraging debt-financed consumption and discouraging saving and productive investment.

We permit an insular group of professors and bankers to fling trillions of dollars about like Frisbees in the simplistic, misguided, and repeatedly destructive attempt to buy prosperity by maximally distorting the financial markets.

We offer cheap capital and safety nets to too-big-to-fail banks by allowing them to speculate with the same balance sheets that we protect with deposit insurance. We pursue easy monetary fixes aimed at making people "feel" wealthier on paper, far beyond the fundamental value that has historically backed up that wealth.

We view saving as dangerous and consumption as desirable, failing to recognize a basic accounting identity: there can only be a "savings glut" in countries that fail to stimulate investment.

We leave central bankers in charge of our economic future because we're too timid to directly initiate or encourage productive investment through fiscal policy.

When zero interest rates don't do the trick, we begin to imagine that maybe negative interest rates and penalties on saving might coerce people to spend now.

Look around the world, and that same basic policy set is the hallmark of economic failure on every continent."

Thank you for sending me the quote.

I wonder how you feel about his comments.
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