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Feb 20, 2016


Hi Ed,

I am new to ttp. I applied to join a tribe a couple of weeks ago but I am yet to hear a response back.

I would like to attend a workshop and learn more about ttp. Do you intend on doing a workshop this year?

Thank you for raising this issue.

I generally deliver Workshops in response to demand - and, curiously, when I feel a need to deal with some of my own issues.

Lately, I have an interest in dealing with issues of right livelihood, commitment and developing community.
Feb 20, 2016

TTP and Therapy


One more thing. Do you know if there is a type of therapist that would be similar to the TTP since there are no Tribes in my area.

The therapy I've had (for over 20 years) doesn't go deep into feelings. However, I've been meditating recently and allowing my feelings to just be. Since I've been doing that, I've started feeling slightly less anxious.

It hasn't converted to my trading yet but I'm hopeful. The one thing I've realized is that I'm horribly afraid of taking losses and missing out and creating a plan. Not sure about my feelings against a plan, but my intense fear of losses feels like it did when my father (who was a rage-aholic) would go into a rage due to fear of a lack of money.

Thank you
Thank you for sharing your process and for raising this issue.

In general, one-on-one therapy does not include the healing field of acknowledgment present in Tribe work.

Also, individual therapists have their own issues and may shy away from helping people address these issues.

I know of cases in which a therapist uses Tribework  to deal with his/her own issues and thereby develops more effectiveness as a one-on-one therapist.

You might consider starting your own Tribe.
Feb 18, 2016

False Recovery - in Nine Charts


Please see the nine charts below.  All figures come from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Also, I notice these charts look like your Govopoly thesis in action.

Click to see all charts.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Thank you for sending me your charts.
Feb 14, 2016

False Altruism


I notice the FAQ Role Playing With His Real Mom resonates with me. 

I always held back not wanting to dominate others in competition.  In running I would always run with the pack until the end and then something would click inside and I found the drive to give all I could. 

This also happened in other sports as I would be willing to play along until crunch time and then would take over.  In my adult life I don’t step forward and go fast as I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or take something from them.  I always thought this was about my desire to not be the center of attention.

I remember a few times growing up being told to play nice or that I had to play with other younger children and play down to their level.  I was always worried about ‘their’ feelings.  

I recognize my false altruism and am allowing it to stand in the way of reaching my goals.  I spent a week at an intensive that helped me remove many patterns and forms that are forcing me to live my life differently than I desire.  I would like to take my holding back for others feelings to tribe or possibly a breathwork session.

Thank you for FAQ and the support along the way.
Thank you for sharing your process
Feb 13, 2016

Role Playing With His Real Mom

Dear Chief,

Today I call my mother and fore-give a rock I come to identify while we are sharing feelings.

I name the rock "false altruism" it is a pattern used to medicate my reluctance to win.  I feel sad about potentially being seen and feeling like the bad guy. It's lonely.  I use "false altruism" as a way to hide from the feelings and shut down.

On the call, I explain to my mom that I discover a pattern I use when I have an opportunity to win in a contest that I know I can win. I try to persuade the other person to come to an agreement instead of fighting, knowing that there will be a large loss for the other person if I go all in.

I share that I continue to hold back, even when the other person prefers to continue fighting. I experience feelings of anger, self sacrifice, fear and sadness. I also experience interference with my family routines and steep financial costs - these prompt feelings of, anxiety, anger and fear.

I explain that I use the "false altruism"  rock to shut down and take the hits, in hopes that the other person will realize their mistake as I periodically reveal strength. I feel sorry for them and for myself. I want to avoid the collateral damage of being the "bad guy" after it's all done. I worry how I will feel and how others will feel about me if I am aggressive and win without regard for the opponent's wellbeing.

I go on to explain to my mom that there is a shift that I feel happening. I'm finding willingness to to win and willingness to accept the feelings of winning including the feelings of beating someone else in a contest, even being the bad guy.

I share and explore my feelings of winning, engaging my resources and abilities. I even contemplate and feel the feelings of decimating an opponent. As I accept the angry, anxious and sad feeling it shifts.  My body feels cold and robotic, empty. I feel cold circulating through my torso and arms and my eyes feel warm and fixed. I share these feelings with my mom and receive acknowledgment.​

As we continue to speak, I identify the rock I habitually use to suppress the sad/wining/bad guy feeling as "false altruism". I recognize and my mom recognizes that she gives this rock to me.

I tell my mother that I understand and appreciate how she intends for altruism and cooperation to to help me and that I abuse the rock when in conflict. I explain that I use it medicinally, meeting adversity with my hands tied behind my back.  I handicap myself to make things fair.  She recognizes this in herself and tells me.

We don't discuss or identify any specifics of when she gives me this rock. It is a sedimentary stone. I learn to use it over time, it grows incrementally.

I thank her for showing me altruism and cooperation at all costs. I tell her that I want to fore-give the rock and that and that I would like to have her support in trying a new way of competing and winning.

She readily agrees to accept the rock I fore-give and her voice seems relieved. I notice that the anxious tone I'm used to hearing in her voice has vanished. I notice that I no longer have an anxious feeling in my chest. I only notice it by its sudden absence.​

I continue to share my feelings fully and ask that she share hers. This continues for a long time. We maintain rapport. I feel connected with my mother as though we are face to face. I feel her with me. It's calming.

She offers me her support, her encouragement and accepts that I will do it a new way from now on. We thank each other for sharing and end our call on a happy note.

I continue to feel a shift and imagine a clearer path full of options.

There is role play in our process,  I would still like to formally close process:

Thank you mom for receiving me, supporting me and for our process today.  I welcome you back as mother and friend.

Thank you Ed, Chief, for your wisdom,  guidance and for providing a forum for sharing this.
Thank you for sharing your process.
Feb 13, 2016


Dear Ed,

We have a Facebook group with your name. Only your original statements are put there.

I make him an admin of the group.

A members informs me that you came in his dream with a message: "You might want to consider becoming an Admin of your own life.  Focus on the essentials."

Hugs from a far away place.
Thank you for sharing your process.
Feb 12, 2016

Infidelity Issues

Dear Ed,

I feel for the woman who discovers her partner has been lying to her since day 1.  I, and other women I know, have found ourselves in similar situations.

In my case, the "ignoring instincts" comes from a Rock related to, "If you love someone you let them do whatever they want to you," as well as a deeper fear of what happens if you call them on their behavior (the relationship ends).

Of course, the relationship really does need to end, and the gut instinct both "knows" and "fears" this fact.

I feel admiration for her for going ahead and leaving the relationship.  Our hearts will heal and, as for me, I will not be afraid that it will happen again because that's when I start ignoring my instincts again!

It may or may not happen again, and I will continue to show up and put my love and kindness out there.  What will change is the behavior dictated by the Rock:  I will not let them do whatever they want to me, just because I love them.

I can't help what I feel, I can only choose what to do. 

Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking your feelings about <letting relationships go> to Tribe.

Going through the Rocks Process can help memorialize your declarations as automatic gut responses.

Feb 11, 2016

More On Getting What You Want:
Teasing Authority --> Reprisals


PS: This would also apply to the many (some who were friends) who have been thrown in jail for victimless sex crimes such as homosexuality. Oscar Wilde was one of many who was jailed for loving another male. I cannot understand how any of them wanted to be jailed out of martyrdom or authority issues. They just wanted to love who they wanted to love without government intervention.
Thank you for continuing this thread.

People rarely go to jail for their feelings or for their relationship preferences - as long as they exercise them in a way that does not confront others - say, in private.

When you force a confrontation, say, in public, and about community core beliefs, you risk reprisals.

In Oscar's case, we have him confronting the Marquess of Queensberry by bringing charges of libel against her. She turns the tables on him and sends him to jail for his relationship presences.

You might consider taking your feelings about <teasing authority and harvesting reprisals> to Tribe as an entry point.
Feb 11, 2016

Wants a Mentor

Dear Mr. Ed Seykota!

Thank you very much for your answer. Now I can put a new line in a CV that in February 2016 famous Ed Seykota answers my email.

I will definitely eat a late lunch at 7 PM as you suggested and meanwhile listening the song.
However I still hope that one day we are going to eat a lunch together in REAL TIME and not “15 minutes (in our case 7 hours) delayed BATS data” style.

You know, hope dies the last.

In addition to this I would like to ask you a question.

I really love trading or to be more specific I love searching for trends. I know that this is what I want to do in my life.

My trading is profitable but I am a little unconfident about it. I am a lonely wolf and don’t have anyone who I can ask for an advice.

I was thinking a lot about this problem and found out that the only way to jump over this problem is to start working for a successful trader, watch him/her and absorbing all the knowledge.

So, my question is, if maybe you know any successful trend following trader who will be willing or will at least consider giving me an opportunity to learn and work for him/her? I am willing to work for free.

It’s hard to find them because most of successful traders are very secretive.

I have to admit that in my wildest (maybe more appropriate word would be ideal) dreams I work for you.

Sorry for bothering you. I know that I ask you for a really big favour. In addition to this odds are not in my favour because you don’t know anything about me so far and in my opinion it is pretty risky to “hire or recommend” a stranger.

So, if there is a way to put odds in my favour please inform me!

Thank you in advance.

I wish you a great weekend!

Greetings from Slovenia,
Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking your feelings about <having to do it by yourself> to Tribe.

If you wish to attract a mentor, you might consider putting together a presentation that includes:

1. Your CV.

2. Some pictures of you engaging in one of your favorite hobbies.

3. Your trading rationale.

4. Your trading track record.

5. Some sample code from one of your own applications.

6. List of things you do to serve others.

7, What you wish to accomplish through associating with a mentor.

8. Anything else that tells about you.

9. See #8, above.
Feb 11, 2016

In Sync With the Flips


My first email to the room

If trading is an inner reflection then i better get my house in order.

I remember watching a guy predict heads or tails on a coin flip. I have never forgotten the feeling that in some way he was in sync with the process in a real way.

BTW he guessed right most of the time. 

I hope to learn a lot here. 

Many reagrds
Thank you for sharing your process.
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