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July 31, 2016

Science and Politics

Hi Ed,

I am not an expert on the subject, but this article seems more political than scientific.

Thank you for raising this issue.

As the Assimilation of the Free Competition Sector by the Govopoly System proceeds, scientists rededicate their efforts from finding the truth to justifying policy.
July 30, 2016

Wants the Meat


Thank you for creating the Trading Tribe and openly sharing your ideas. It is inspiring to see what a man with a free and unencumbered mind can do in this world.

Where can I start to efficiently acquire a mastery level of knowledge of trend trading, especially the facets of technical analysis and money management?

What books or seminars will get me the meat and not the filler?

Thank you for raising this issue.

If you feel ready to deal with the important meat, look within.
July 30, 2016

Tribe Application - Follow Up
Settling Up and Settling Down


Thank you for pointing out my omission, Ed. Here's a summary of my progress in the last year.

At our last meeting, I am out of work and owe back tax to the government. My work is stable and drama-free for the last year and a half. Earlier this month I retire the last of my IRS debt.

In the last year, I settle the custody and support lawsuits with my ex-wife. I come to recognize that our legal battle is a way for us to keep a relationship alive after divorce. I remember celebrating little victories in which the Court sides with me. Now they feel hollow and purposeless, like election campaign coverage from a previous century.        

The new schedule does allow me more continuous time with [my daughter], like a long weekend in Fort Bragg earlier this year or our upcoming week-long Texas vacation.

In the last year, I let go of the fantasy of my relationship with my sister. I come to recognize my failure at connecting with her on an emotional level--now or ever in our lives. I come to recognize that we talk only when she wants something from me. I accept that our bickering over our mother's inheritance, such as it is, is a way for me to keep the fantasy of the relationship alive. Earlier this month, I sign paperwork renouncing my inheritance rights in her favor.

In the last year, [my wife] and I work through a miscarriage. The experience is hard, but I feel that our relationship is stronger for working through it together. The experience itself, and dealing with diverse medical professionals, provides an opportunity for us to face many difficult feelings, and different models of processing them. [She] is pregnant again and we expect a child in December.


P.S. I commit to sending a report to FAQ one week and another one month after the meeting.

Thank you for sending me your follow up and for meeting the requirements for participation.
July 30, 2016

Birthday Card

Here's a Happy Early Birthday "card":

Thank you for sending me your wishes.

(x^2 + y^2 - 1)^3 = x^2 * y^3
back atcha.
July 27, 2016

Trading System Project

Hi Ed,

is the system project still active?

If so i'll be more than happy to share my programming skills with the Trading Tribe community.

Anyway, i'd like to thank you for sharing your market wisdom.

One last thing, in market wizards, you talked about picking a spot where momentum usually get strong, unfortunately it is still the most misunderstood segment of your intervention in the book.


Thany you for sharing your process and insights.

I don't recall any recent updates to TSP.
July 26, 2016

Austin Tribe Meeting Application

My path this past year includes some progress and some frustration.  I feel happy and proud that soon I welcome my son into this world.  His arrival brings up a lot of emotions and issues that I do not anticipate.  His arrival also signals to me that my wife and I share a closeness and bond capable of supporting a child together.  We try for many years to have a child but it wasn't until we work together through issues of trust and infidelity do we finally conceive.

I feel more comfortable with the idea that my relationship with my wife will never be the same as it was prior to our issues surfacing.  Different feels ok, it can even feel better I realize as more time passes.

My wife mentions to me a year or two ago a time as a little girl she cries to her friend, I ask her what made her cry but she refuses to tell me.  I accept this as best I can and leave it alone.  A week ago she mentions this same incident again and mentions she cries to her friend because her father beats her mother so bad. This revelation causes sadness to well up and sheds light on drama I could never understand before.  I feel closer to her that she trusts me enough to share this with me.

I recall watching a television program where someone states we can learn a lot from "elephants where the strong lookout for the weak and the weak lookout for the strong"  I still feel I have difficulty expressing compassion, love. I feel a tug of war between this compassion and the boundaries my mother instills in me to protect myself.  I feel I get a little closer to having a balance but I feel I can maintain this balancing act with greater ease.

I spend my time now focusing on creating an environment that feels comfortable, stable and safe for my son.  I obtain a new job at a competing firm that comes with a significant salary increase.  I finalize buying my first home.  I feel good riding this wave and do not have a fear it may end, but this does not distract me from staying open to all options and opportunities.

My issues as of late revolve around my Essential Tribe.  Even though I receive a promotion I want greater flexibility in my time so that I can spend more of it with my family.  I do not want to come home too tired to play and spend time with my son in exchange for more money.  If I plan on teaching my son to go after his goals and dreams, I feel I must not only talk the talk but walk the walk and lead by example.

Right now I have a desire to work with my hands and work on cars.  My desire to trade does not feel that strong.  I feel reluctant to give up on trading due to the amount of time and money I spend at it over the years.  I feel I may have a judgment that I should find something I'm good at and do that for the next 30-40 years.  I feel my personality seeks out the challenge of learning something new, obtaining a level of competency and then picking up another task.  I don't feel comfortable with this floating tendency and do not feel sure if it relates to some drama or not.

Issue 1: Gain clarity on how I want to make money and while doing something fun

Issue 2: Work on my feelings of confusion, anger, distrust, fear toward law enforcement and how this interrelates to raising my son.  I worry about protecting my son.

I commit to sending a report to FAQ after one week and after one month.

Thank you for sharing your process and for meeting the requirements for participation in the Tribe Meeting.
July 26, 2016

Building His Business - Best Performance

Hi Ed!

I hope you are doing fine in San Juan.

I have now 3 customers in my fund and 4 mill NOK under management. It takes time to raise money, especially when you are new in the business:).

My trading is very good now and my fund was the best performing fund in the Nordic region in May! Many thanks to you for all the wisdom and help from the Workshop and you faq. I dont think my trading had been that great without it.

Me and my family are going to visit San Juan again 8-18 of January 2017. If you have the time and if you wish , I would like to meet with you for a beer or something.

Take care Ed!

Kind regards

Thank you for sharing your process.
July 25, 2016

Wants to Learn How to Trade

Hi Ed. 

I live in Kansas  I’ve read about you in Market Wizards and would like to learn more about your trend trading process. 

I have been trading for the last two years.  My results have not been successful.

I’ve spent a great deal of money attending classes that teach you how to trade. 

I have been working very hard for the last two years dedicating 10 - 15 hours each day learning how to trade, studying charts and patterns, back testing,  and day trading, yet my trading results are not successful. 

In fact, my losses far outweigh my winners which is really frustrating. 

Market Wizards sparked my interest and led me to look into your method. 

I believe interacting with other traders using the same system would help me also become a better trader. 

I do not know of a group in my area according to the website. 

Are there any other ways to participate in Trading Tribe meetings?  possibly online?  What is the process?  Do I need to read the books first?  Please provide direction.

Thank you
Thank you for raising these issues.

First, your classes evidently do not teach you how to trade profitably.  For now, you might consider stopping trading and stopping the classes.

Second, day trading does not work; you might consider asking to see set of three consecutive actual brokerage statements for an actual day-trader.

Third, you might consider taking your feelings about <following instructions> to Tribe as an entry point.

July 23, 2016

Tribe Meeting Application:
Seeking Profitability and Intimacy

Dear Ed,

I would like to attend the Tribe meeting on August 6. There is a specific issue I want to address with the Tribe's help. My understanding of the world, and my priorities in life evolve. I feel that my career path is out of alignment with these evolving priorities.

My reflections on my industry evolve. I remember seeing poorly-performing products and thinking, "I know how to improve on that. There's an opportunity for me here." My reaction now is, "My industry cares little about its customers. I want out of this business." I feel that we treat customers as one ingredient in our products; like engines and paint are inputs to an automotive assembly line. We treat our customers like a rancher treats cattle: with love, respect, and a delivery month in mind.

Previously, I invest hugely in my identity as a builder. I build teams, airplanes, software. I remember looking forward to building bigger, more complex, for larger markets. More recently, I find the building less rewarding and too impersonal. In my industry, businesses become more profitable as they become less personal, through economies of scale. The profit margins are in providing a dusting of personalization on a mass-producible offering.

I want to move to a business model that becomes more profitable as I deepen my relationships with colleagues and customers.
Thank you for sending me your application. 

Please also send in a summary of your progress this past year.
July 22, 2016

Tribe Meeting Application

Hi Ed,

I am applying to attend the August 6th Tribe Meeting and August 7th Birthday Bash.

I have no shortage of things to work on. I wonder if your available for a phone call to help me narrow the list.

We, the ... Family, are wondering if the Saturday Tribe Meeting is a requirement to attend the Sunday Birthday Bash. [My wife and son] express desire to see you on your birthday and are wondering if that is cool with you. Their intention is to bring [our daughter], too.

Things are going well. Really well.

Thank you for raising these issues.

The Tribe meeting and Birthday Bash run independently.  See the link above for details.
July 22, 2016

Tribe in Poland


i am forex trader in proptrading firm in Poland. i am working hard on psychology of investing. I would like to organize support group in which and work together to develop our mind. I read about TTP and I would like to introduce this in Poland.
I would like to know the details of cooperation.

Thank you for sharing you process.

You may start a Tribe, on your own, without any cooperation between you and me.

Your Tribe members may, if they like, write to FAQ with questions about the process.
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