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Jun 20, 2016

Tribe Report

We have an active meeting with many interrelating issues.

The first member has an issue with wanting to want things, rather than moving to have them. He goes into some forms about wanting and seems to cry out in desperation about not getting affection as a child. Later, he notices a difference between having and wanting.

He states he likes to date married women. After going on one of these dates, he notices he loses money in the markets. We wonder if this has something to do with his feeling guilt and then arranging to punish himself. He wishes to break this link and decides to continue dating married women and then rewarding himself with trading profits.

The second member has an issue with feeling sad and depressed. He goes right into a dramatic form, including curling up in fetal posture and whining like a child. We coax him to smile and enjoy the form. He does so and then he notices that he uses this type of form as bait to attract people to help him. He concludes that establishing rapport and asking for attention might provide an alternative to trying to win attention by playing sick.

The third member notices his business recently growing very rapidly. He finds himself shying away from pressing forward and mounting an aggressive sales campaign. He goes into forms and sees that he can control the rate of growth of his business by allowing more or less sales.

He says he does not like selling since he does not like rejection, particularly after spending lots of time and energy preparing a sales presentation. He decides to try a different strategy - making his initial sales calls more intimacy-centric, so that he can get a heart-to-heart sense if a client looks like a viable prospect. If so, he can then make more investment and if not, he can cut his loss early and relatively painlessly.

My issue has to do with beginning a new relationship. I have a history of attraction to distant and angry women who wind up treating me with disdain and indifference. Historically, I don't seem to to attract or allow women to get close who care about me and who try to please me.

The Tribe helps me go into process, encouraging my forms. Soon, I find myself, at age five, in a role-play exercise with my grandmother. She tells me she wants me to herself and that she does not want me out of the house, seeing other girls.

She tells me I make her angry when I don't do what she wants. For example, if I don't mind her, she pulls tufts of hair out of the back of my neck (painful) and to threatens to lock me in the dark basement with the big spiders and no way to get out.

She tells me it's all my fault and that I make her do these things. She tells me she has to punish me for my own good.

I find similarities between this and various later relationships of mine in which my girlfriend does things to hurt me and then when I complain, she invalidates me and tells me I have major problems and that I cause her to act disdainfully.

We relate more like adversaries than like allies. Of course, I support this drama and play along with it by distancing myself, looking for attention outside the relationship and communicating in a control-centric rather than intimacy-centric manner. I see I have an intimacy-avoiding program secretly running inside my official intimacy-seeking program.

Typically, when my grandmother abuses me, I shut down and go inside myself and put up with it. This time, in the role play, I use the Heart Rock, establish rapport and tell her that I do not see how I cause her behavior.

I tell her I no longer wish to place myself in the role of victim while she continues behaving in a menacing and hurtful way. I tell her that if she really wants to know what's good for me, she has to ask me, and listen to what I say, and not browbeat me by telling me something to justify her behavior.

I tell her I wish to have relationships with people who truly care about me, who care to know my feelings and to honor them, and who like to support me in realizing my dreams and wishes. She (the Tribe member playing her role) says she does not know how to to this. I tell her I know she doesn't know how to do it - and that I guess this goes back to her parents. I realize that in all the years of knowing my grandmother, I never once recall hearing even one thing about either of her parents.

After this process, one of the Tribe members says he could see me, during that interchange with my grandmother, growing bigger and stronger while she gets smaller and less powerful.

At any rate, I now feel more open to create a wonderful relationship - with a woman who shares feelings with me, from her heart. When one of us asks for attention, the other would pay attention - rather than shutting down or running away. We would commit to discovering each other and pleasing each other – and working on things together. We would view loyalty as a way to build trust. We would see our relationship as an opportunity to express preferences and desires and to go for personal growth.

I wish to thank my process manager and my entire Tribe for helping me learn a little more about how to go for a better relationship - and also for providing a way for me to participate in the personal growth of others.
Thank you for sharing your process.

Violence on Children

can bruise the body
for a couple weeks

and the spirit
for a lifetime.

Jun 20, 2016

25-Year Journey

Greeting Ed,

This process has taken me 25 years to get to your website today. Will try and make a long story short.

In 1991, I was working for Prudential and asked them if they would train me to become a trader. They told me no. I asked them why and they said they had just trained 10 people from MIT with Ph D's to become traders.

They asked me how many of those 10 became successful traders. I said to them NONE of them were successful. They said yes, none of them were successful.

They proceeded to say the 10 from MIT with Ph D's were smarter than me and I would not be successful. I agreed that they were probably smarter than me, but asked if any of the 10 were called in life to become traders. They said they did not know that question. I persisted and they finally relented and said they wanted a Psychologist to evaluate me.

Agreeing, the Psychologist gave me a test if I would be a successful trader and was ranked between 1 and 6. One being do not become a trader and six being you should be successful. The Psychologist ranked me a 5. I asked him why he did not rank me a six and he said, because I was not a CTA. 

You have to understand I had no knowledge about trading at the time. He also told me I reminded him of a man named Ed Seykota.  I asked him who Ed Seykota was and he referenced a book called Market Wizards.

Well Prudential shipped me off to Chicago and New York to learn how to trade from the Financial Futures Division in Chicago and Ralph Acampora and Jack Schwager in New York.

The Chicago trip was the best because the head trader for the Financial Futures Division was training me and at the end of the day of training we were just chit chatting and he said he just married a girl from Hawaii.

Politely I asked who it was, maybe I would know that person and low and behold it was my ex girlfriend of 5 years. What are the odds of that happening.

He immediately turned cold and said he would no longer train me which was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. The head of the Financial Futures Division said he did not know what to do with me because he had allocated three days for me with the head trader.

Well, he pulled me into the office and said I can tell you the path I would go if I was going to a successful trader. The last two things of the path were the Law of Vibration and XXXXXXX. The XXXXX is a way he said institutions trade. I am not here to speak about how I trade. All trading styles work according to what fits the personality of the trader and is back tested.

Well, I truly believe you do not manifest what you want, but you manifest who you are. Same with trading.

Yesterday, I was asking the Divine Source to connect me with like minded traders and the name Ed Seykota came to me. Well I googled Ed Seykota after 25 years and read some of your writings and how you answer questions.

Now I know why the Psychologist in 1991 said I reminded him of Ed Seykota. Plan to visit your website often and glean what I can to continue my journey of life.

Thank you for letting me tell a little part of my story of life.

Blessings to you and your ohana,
Thank you for sharing your process and your journey.
Jun 19, 2016

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Ed!

Thank you for fathering Tribe and for sharing so many great tools.

Tribe work consistently helps me to have greater rapport with my father and my own children.

I have experienced an uptrend in the enjoyment and "nowness" in all of my relationships since I began using Heart Rock in my day to day life.

I feel a great deal of affection and respect for you.

Thank you.
Thank you for acknowledging me and my work.
Jun 15, 2016

Wife Starts to Share Feelings


I feel surprise and glad to see that my wife recently starts to share feelings with the kids.

She is more often to tell how she feels frustration and stress, rather than just criticize or blame them for their faults.

I feel grateful that your wisdom is inspiring more people in an invisible way.

Trading Tribe Process, buy one get one free.

Thank you for sharing your process.

TTP spreads a little by instruction, mostly by example.
Jun 15, 2016

Turkey Plans

Hello Mr. Seykota.

Are you planning to visit Turkey?

Thank you for asking.

I have no plans at present to visit in person.

I can continue to visit by internet.
Jun 14, 2016

Feeling Frustration

Hi Ed,

I make it a point to read FAQ tonight to get into feelings. After scanning through several posts for what seems like a while I realize its only been three minutes.

It hits me that I want to feel frustrated. I feel tension in my head, my neck, my arms at work and out of work. I notice I'm feeling frustrated a lot: I like feeling frustrated and remember several months ago telling lots of people of a scenario that at the time I didn't feel frustrated with but over time I escalated it and forced myself to feel frustrated -- it had to do with transferring assets from one bank to another and fees.

I feel frustrated with work and with my Mom's decision to manage her investment money. I like managing her investment money and teaching her trend-trading strategies. She wants to sell because she is worried the market is going to crash and doesn't like that I can't tell her when the market will crash; I say ok sell and she asks me what to sell: I share that none of her stocks hit sell points from a trending perspective. Last night she logs in and sells several stocks with the worst charts. I don't feel good about this and I wonder why: she adheres to a trend trading strategy by cutting losers which is one of the first things we spoke about months ago.

I still feel tension in my back thinking about work. I want to get into this and wonder if I'm self-sabotaging myself; I fear I won't be promoted this year and am getting paralyzed at work and my productivity is sinking.

Also I feel frustrated a project I have ownership in will have to be re-worked at expense and I'm not getting traction convincing others we need to re-work it.

I feel frustrated that the data model that got signed off on didn't incorporate key fields that allow for uniqueness of certain types of data. We find scenarios that need the uniqueness and the barriers being thrown up as to why not too feel like busy work to prove why we don't need them.

I accept I like feeling frustrated. In reading the May 24 post about the drawdown feeling I relate to this and wonder what the positive intention of my feelings are. Everything seems like a drawdown and I like feeling frustrated.

Thank you for listening,
Thank you for raising this issue.

Frustration has the positive intention of letting you know when you no longer make much progress.

If you accept this positive intention and go with it, you might look for a different approach.

If you have a judgment about frustration and refuse to feel it - you may get a number of side-effects:

1. For existing projects, you don't know when to cut a loss so the situation keeps getting worse.

2. For upcoming projects, you don't foresee  frustrating obstacles early on in the planning stage - and wind up discovering them later on.

Some of the ways you might set up for down-the-road frustration include making fuzzy agreements, such as: who has authority, who has responsibility and what kinds of rewards and penalties participants stand to earn by meeting specific criteria.


lets you know
when to change your approach.
Jun 14, 2016

Virtual Tribe Report

Dear Chief,

Tuesday June 7th we have virtual Tribe meeting. There is a lot going on in my personal life. During Check in I hear what is going on in my Tribe member's lives and I share some of what is going on in mine. 

I am grateful for the safe space to share things that are difficult for me to face and grateful for the opportunity to provide that space for my fellow Tribe members.  It strikes me how we are all working on related issues.  I feel part of a community and less alone.

We each present progress on our projects and provide feedback.  I continue to "mail it in" and not put in the effort that the project deserves. I continue to procrastinate and do my work at the last minute, including this FAQ submission.

I report to Tribe that I am finding many opportunities to use Heart Rock and that it seems to be working well.

Thank you Tribe.

Thank you Chief.
Thank you for sharing your process.
Jun 14, 2016

Likes to Help

My Dear Ed,

It is way back I picked up a Book, Market Wizards.

I read interviews and your interview is way different.

I now realize that you have influence on many people like me who in turn  help others in their own different ways.

Today 1 hour back, I was getting my head massage when the therapist informs me that her family friend who is 17 year old is hospitalized due to her suffering extreme heat and her elder sister has become fearful due to high cost of hospitalization. They are very poor. I have seen poverty. I know how it feels.

Due to your guidance I am nowadays able to feel my feelings very fast.

I cancel my appointment and go directly to the hospital to see that child.

I could sense her and her elder sister's situation. They are here and the city is absolutely new to them.

They are fearful and very terrified.

I offer them my help and support. The elder one has tears in her eyes and comes and hugs me crying. I go to the reception and pay most of their bills. The receptionist seems emotional but keeps staring at me.

When I smile at her, she tells me that they all are taking best care of the child patient. She clearly knows that the patient does not have money but she admits her yesterday and is hoping somebody to turn up. Her prayers have worked which has shocked her. Her eyes are beaming now.

I tell child's sister to be strong and plan her future. She has lost her father at a young age. It's so hard to realize that our government is not supporting families properly who have lost their people on our borders.

I start realizing my true calling in life thanks to you Ed.

I don't need fancy cars. I don't need fancy house.

I like to help. Just like you.


Thank you for sharing your process.
Jun 14, 2016

Thoughts about Govopoly

Hi, again!

I have read your book Govopoly in the 39th Day and I am now truly convinced that there is something wrong with the world's financial system. It is stealing prosperity and deprives opportunities from both our generation and the next. As a mind-experiment I often wonder how the world would have looked like today if we had only let the free market reign and limited the Govopoly system. I truly think that the world would have been a lot more prosperous, and that the technological development and the standard of living would have been far better than it is today.

You and your book have made a huge impression on me, and I really admire your thinking. Now the reason I write you this is because I'd like to learn more about how the financial system works, how it affects the stock market and how I could use this knowledge to benefit from future events. It is like I have been asleep, but due to your insight and wisdom I have awakened.

I don't know if this is relevant or not but I'm going to say it anyway. I am 21 years old and I study industrial economics in Norway. I have always been interested in things related to economics and financials, and I invested my first dollar in the stock market about 5 years ago.

Since then I have been hooked, and I have read a variety of books on the subject. But it was not before I read "Market Wizards" by Jack Schwager I found out about you. And so it led me to the Trading Tribe.

I know that I have much to learn, and as in every other subject I have studied in life I want to learn from the best. So here I am writing you this e-mail. I also read one place that you were being a mentor for the famous trader, Michael Marcus, back in his early days of trading.

In the text Marcus explained the huge significance of having you as his mentor at the start of his career. So I wonder if it is possible for me to e-mail you some questions for you to answer in the future, like a pen pal mentor.

I know that you probably get a lot of these types of messages, but it would mean a great deal to me because I am not able to go to any of your Tribe workshops as I am situated here in Norway.

To be honest I don't even know if it is you Ed who is reading this, or if it is someone in your staff, but regardless of that I really appreciate that you took your time to read what I had to say and I hope to speak to you again.

And once again, I really admire your thinking.
Thank you for acknowledging my work and for raising the issue of mentoring.

In my book, I cover the what-if scenarios for less regulation and for less taxation - and I estimate a very low probability for either.

On pages 75-80 I also show how a tool-investment fraction of 25% would produce about 22,000 times as much prosperity over a 50 year span. I estimate our current tool-investment fraction at about 2.5%, resulting in a net decline in prosperity of about 72% over 50 years.

You may send mentoring questions to me via FAQ.  I answer my own mail and post my own responses to FAQ.

You can also retain me as a private consultant. See terms at Ground rules, above.

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