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Mar 10, 2016

TTP and Weight Loss

Hello Tribe!

I want to report a follow up to our meeting on Tuesday. At the Tribe meeting I work on my issue of wanting to get in shape and lose weight while being out of shape and heavier than I desire. Through a series of processes in the meeting (thanks Tribe!) I have various insights and ally with some feelings that I have been keeping locked up by refusing to feel them. My insights include:

· The feeling associated with getting it wrong is OK. It is a path to getting it right.

· The feeling associated with rebelliousness is OK. It tells me the status quo is changing. I can make a conscious decision about whether to support the change or revert to the prior state or do something else altogether.

· Sharing feelings with people I am in relationships with supports my efforts and theirs better than going it alone or not communicating.

Now that I am unblocked on some things that were standing in the way of me committing to getting in shape, I have a plan. Phase 1 of the plan is to log what I eat as well as my exercise and my weight, all while paying attention to a list of tips and hints I came up with to support me as I go. Phase 2 of the plan is to consult the log on an ongoing basis to see what I am really doing with food and exercise and how it impacts my weight. I can make judgments about eat this, not that or do this, not that and see how that impacts my log and my life as I implement. Phase 3 of the plan is to change the plan to better support my goals as I go in response to the feedback I get from my results and my feelings. 

Aside from these things, I have enrolled my wife and kids in supporting my goal, and we are all going to eat a sensible diet together and engage in exercise individually and as a family. They buy in and we are all happy to be doing this. We are starting with a Spring Break hiking and sightseeing trip to the Big Bend area of Texas. Desert and mountains and plenty of opportunity to get out have fun and get the blood pumping. 

Thank you Tribe for your support! The spreadsheet log containing the first day’s entries and the first entry from this morning are attached. There are three sheets  corresponding to the different items I wish to track, and a fourth containing my list of hints and tips.
Thank you for sharing your process.
Mar 9, 2016

Tribe Meeting Report - Rocks Process:
Body Shame; Doing it Wrong; Singing Out


I bring three issues to the Tribe: shame about my body, fear of doing things wrong, and wanting freedom to sing.

After writing my Tribe Meeting goals on body shame, I feel changes happening. Before the meeting arrives, I go through a spontaneous process of understanding the source of my shame: my mother’s judgments and fears. As I work through this new understanding of the rock I hold from her, I come to realize that she does the best she can. She feels hurt and sadness and wants to protect me. Understanding this, I spontaneously fore-give her and return her rock to her.

In the meeting, I bring another issue: my fear of doing things wrong. While supporting another tribe member’s issue, I play the role of the part of that person that hides and stores guilt and shame. In that role, I experience the full intensity of going all the way in doing it wrong, holding the pain and shame and fear of that. In the role play, I fully experience these feelings and move through them.

When it is my turn to be on the hot seat, I choose to work on my fear of doing it wrong while singing. I feel my mother’s rock in my hand – at my core, a belief that I should not exist. This belief formed at the cellular level when I was in the womb, feeling the full chemical bath of my mother’s depression, despair, blocked anger, and suicidality.

Another tribe member beautifully role plays my mother, fully experiencing her despair and withdrawal. I see her feelings with more compassion than I have ever felt before. We weep together over the depth of her sadness. When I return her rock, she accepts it and holds it for me. In the role play, my mother then tells me one more thing. No matter that she tried three times to commit suicide and was then instutionalized, despite her profound despair, she wants me to exist, and always wanted me to exist. I feel deeply moved by the gift of existence that she gave me.

The process manager gives me a beautiful pink heart rock. I hold the rock in my hand and practice using it. The heart rock reminds me to do these three things: (1) Get rapport, (2) Share my feelings, (3) Ask what they are feeling. 

I repeat these three things in order to bring them inside my beating heart.  Then I get up to sing.  Two tribe members role-play the audience for my song. Intuitively, I sing the first verse and chorus of “Angel from Montgomery” by John Prine.

I am amazed at how this song fits my learning from the hot seat experience. The first line is, “I am an old woman, named after my mother.” I feel this represents my holding my mother’s beliefs inside me for so long. The final two lines of the chorus are, “Just give me one thing that I can hold on to. To believe in this living is just a hard way to go.”  I am holding onto my heart rock as I sing with joy at its elegance and beauty. I sing with commitment and heart.

Today – the day after Tribe meeting – I sing for the first time in a trio with two other people. We are learning songs and making mistakes, one and all.  I don’t care about “doing it wrong” because I we are making music, and our voices are blending beautifully. I feel full freedom to sing and play with them like we are children together. I look forward to what comes next from my new learning in Tribe. Thank you to the process manager and to all the tribe members who supported me. I feel so grateful.
Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting the meeting.
Mar 9, 2016

Remote Systems Lab

Dear FAQ,

March 8 2016 four former members of San Juan Trading Tribe meet Via Google Video Chat.  It is the first in a series of meetings of remote systems lab.  We intend to share feelings and provide feedback and support as we work on trading related projects.

The meeting starts off a bit slow, we all miss the drumming.  There are technical difficulties. Soon we get into a rhythm.  The meeting starts to flow and the camaraderie of Trading Tribe returns.  We are excited about our collective projects and the opportunity to grow and support each other.

We commit to sharing with the FAQ community.  Perhaps others can learn from our experiences.
Thank you for sharing your process.
Mar 9, 2016

Tribe Meeting Report - Commitment Issues


I bring commitment issues to Tribe.

I have a history of failing in intimate relationships, such as marriages and other long-term arrangements.

Historically, I maintain multiple relationships primarily for shallow and medicinal sexual activity - and using these to avoid sharing deeper feelings or developing much caring or commitment with my primary partner.

During the Tribe meeting, the Process Manager and other Tribe members assist me, through sharing their insights and through role playing, to identify several rocks that might account for my behavior.

My maternal grandmother, who likes to touch me, lets me know not to tell anyone about our little secret - and also tells me that she disapproves of me letting other girls touch me in these ways.  So I get a Keep-It-Secret Rock and a Don't-Have-Other-Friends Rock from her.

As my interest in getting to know girls starts to awaken (in elementary school) my maternal grandfather teases me and teaches me shame about my feelings about wanting to connect.  He also tells me not to touch my own body - implying something wrong with my emerging sexual feelings. So I get a Shame-About-Feelings-of-Attraction Rock and a Shame-About-My-Body Rock from him.

My father tells me that "all's fair in love and war" implying that the best dating strategies include telling women whatever you have to to get them into bed.  He also teaches me, through example, that when you start to have intimacy in a relationship - and when issues come up - you have to run away, preferably to another city or country. So I get a Lie-To-Women Rock and a Run-Away-From-Intimacy Rock from him.

I notice how my marriages and other close relationships with women revolve around reconciling all these, and other, rocks. I feel amazement that I could have any relationships at all with these rocks.

I recall how I manage to build relationships around them. For example, I know a number of women who tell me they approve of my having sex with other women - as long as I do not form an emotional attachment with them.

I also recall attract other women who continue the pattern of invalidating me and shaming me about feeling sexual.

I decide I want something better than this and agree to give these rocks back to their donors.

We proceed to the fore-give-ness process in which I return all these rocks to their donors.

At that point the Process Manager offers me a number of new Rocks.

He gives me the Truth Rock - that reminds me to tell my partner the truth about my feelings - particularly about my desires and intentions for them.

He gives me the Stick-Around Rock that reminds me that when someone wants to open up to me, I can move closer and stick around - rather than run away.

He gives me the Enjoy-Your-Body Rock that reminds me to enjoy my body rather than to feel shame and embarrassment about arousal and attraction.

After this process, I feel much lighter and optimistic about my chances to have better relationships with women - and perhaps wind up in a deep and satisfying relationship.

I also have an agreement with myself to put sexual activity on hold for a while, until I can sort out what kind of relationship[(s) I want to have using my new Rocks.
Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting the meeting.
Mar 9, 2016

Breath Work Follow Up -
Getting Back In to a Trade

Hi Ed

It is almost two years since I attended the breath work workshop.  Reflecting back, that workshop was probably the biggest life changing event for me as a trader. 

I had issues with trust, mainly trusting the market, which resulted in my stops being hit and I never got the courage to get back in.  Since that time my trust factor has improved not only in trading but in my life too. 

Before I always placed a mental stop and my stop would invariably get hit and if I got the signal to get back in again I would not have the faith to do that.  Just before the workshop it happened with AAPL and AAPL went up more than 50% after that. 

Now I put a hard stop and I don't remember how many times the price has come within 1 point of my stop to move in the direction of my trade and a few times my stop has been hit and I was able to re-enter without the fear that I had before.  I just wanted to say thank you and am also hoping that you will have another breath work workshop so that I can work on another issue that I have been noticing lately.

Thanks again for all the support. 

Kind Regards
Thank you for sharing your process.
Mar 8, 2016

How to Put on a Bra - James Bond Style


Thank you for sharing the clip.
Mar 8, 2016

Wants to Buy Advertising Space on FAQ


I came across your site and I’d like to find out about the possibility of purchasing some advertising space.

Please let me know if this is something you’re interested in and we can discuss things a little further.

Thanks for your time,
Thank you for raising this issue.

I do not accept advertising on FAQ.
Mar 7, 2016

Dealing with Childhood Abuse


I never imagine how many emotions I experience during our pregnancy. 

As I write this my back tightens up. Some days I feel joy, pride and excitement other days I feel yucky. 

The last few days I think about the incident of sexual abuse I experience as a child. I feel shame and the urge to forget how I in turn may have abused my younger sibling, it's hard for me to even think about what happened without feeling shame and sadness even though I may have only been 9 or 10 yrs old at the time. 

I distinctly remember feeling what I was doing was wrong and stopping.  I don't know if my sibling ever told our mother but this incident(s) never comes up in conversation. 

A couple years back I apologize to my sibling for any hurt I cause but never talk specifically about the incident.  I think of sharing these feelings with my Tribe but I fear appearing as a monster. 

I wonder how prepared I am for parenthood if my unborn child provides this heavy entry point.
I feel deep sadness as I think about the cycle of abuse.  I never think about what happens to my abuser to draw him into the cycle, up until now I think of only my pain.

Thank for giving someone like me a safe place to continue healing.  This is the first time I share the extent of the cycle of abuse in my own family.
Thank you for sharing your process - and for dealing with these issues on behalf of your child.
Mar 7, 2016

Tribe Application Follow-Up

Hi Ed,

I want to change my patterns. The same patterns that help me reach a new high of 216 lbs.

I have trouble putting on my socks. I notice I have difficulty inhaling when tying my shoes. My solution: I buy a shoehorn. And I notice various manufactures sell very long shoehorns.

Below is my current and ideal weight, diet, and exercise levels.


216 lbs.
166 lbs.
Calorie rich, low nutrient density
Nutrient rich, low calorie density
0 minutes per day
60 minutes per day 5 days per week strength, stretching, and cardio training
Thank you for sharing your process and for further clarifying your issue.
Mar 6, 2016 

Tribe Application Withdrawal

Dear Ed,

I send in my issue for FAQ. You reply with a request for additional information.

Some of the information you request, I am unable to provide (my system is not reduced to code, so I cannot produce backtests).

This brings up feelings of inadequacy and confusion -- I’m unable to fulfill the request; What do I do now? -- and a charge from confronting uncertainty, not unlike the arousal response I experience when trading.

I also feel anger, and have an uncomfortable lump in my throat, and an airy, weak feeling in my arms.

Some of the information you request, I am unwilling to provide. Given my unwillingness, please withdraw my application from consideration. 

Thank you so much for the invitation, and for bringing up feelings surrounding issues I need to work on.

Thank you for sharing your process and  for withdrawing you application.
Mar 6. 2016

Dealing with Death of Father

Hi Ed,

I accomplish:
Statement of what I want to accomplish with Dad;
Contacting ... Boston Tribe about the ad-hoc tribe experience and letter of recommendation.
Attending Boston Tribe, and attending the February 9 session.

In my statement of want to accomplish I write that I want to experience feelings with Dad and associated with Dad; and that i want to let go of feelings holding me back. I wonder what feelings are holding me back. I answer a question you pose during our phone: no I don't want to replace Dad. I want him there and alive and to tell him it will be ok. I realize I care how my dad feels and write this down.

Prior to tribe I feel worried I wont get into feelings.

A Tribe member shows up after start time and we welcome him to Tribe; I recall showing up late to my first Tribe and being welcomed. Welcoming goes very well and the member accepts his presence and other members accept his presence.

During drumming in I get into feelings and laugh and giggle; I hold back laughing as we are drumming but it comes in spurts and I feel uncomfortable getting into laughing -- I share my uncomfort and am encouraged that laughing is ok and the PM shares he feels like laughing too and that laughing also sometimes feels uncomfortable. I feel more comfortable and accept hotseat and willingness to feel.

Laughing increases as I realize i'm getting into feelings and my concern about not getting into feelings vanishes, I feel energy and excitement recalling how I felt, I feel warmth radiating the middle of chest and blood flow to the left half of my brain. I feel very present.

Laughing increases and turns into crying as I get into feelings with my dads suicide and that I want to share with him it will be ok. Crying turns to gagging and I recall my Dad gagging putting on a tie. I get into gagging; this form is hard to get into. I am encouraged and keep gagging; my ribs feel like they are going to crack and the muscle contractions are intense; the feelings increase as I accept this and then they subside. I am dripping with snot and tears and recall an excerpt in the book about a similar experience; i wipe the snot on my pant leg and am happy i brought those jeans as I thought this may happen before hand. I want to get up and blow my nose and the pm offers to get me napkins so I stay in the room and in the now. I blow my nose and am thankful for the staying in the room.

I remember we do Rocks process and enact a scene from my childhood of being in the hospital, it feels very real and I am young and in the hospital with my dad being wheeled to a room. Dad tells me its ok and I dont have to worry about the cost and whats going on. It hits me i dont have to worry and its ok, dads right i dont have to worry, hes making a decision and I accept that.

Rocks continues to a recent moment with my mom and brother in the hospital and i accept the rock of my mom sharing gfeelings differently and thats ok and i ask her if we can share feelings outside my brothers hospital room and she accepts and its ok.

I am thankful for Tribe members participation and helping and encouraging me.

We get into other tribe members feelings and I feel I am able to encourage them and accept their feelings and not block with my own.

Some of their feelings are intense and we realize how overlapping our k-nots are: youth events, feelings with parents, gagging, intense emotions blocking other emotions; I am thankful our freds align.

My girlfriend shares a Ted talk on strokes and this prompts my willingness to write to FAQ and share my february tribe experience.

Here is the stroke video link I wonder what you feel and am having a hard time asking specifically what I wonder you feel about with the video; I realize I hope you watch the video:

I respond to my girlfriend with the following:

"Thank you very much for sharing this with me.

As [Jill Bolte Taylor] describes the lightness and freedom associated with the right half of her brain, and the emotional baggage drop off and away, i wonder about Trading Tribe and my experience with k-nots dissipating and I am freed. I am consciously freed; and thankful I experience freedom through choice and not through a debilitating event. I'm wondering how to write to Boston ttp and share my experience and want to use this as a handle.

I feel the left of half of my brain with activity and I feel the tricep muscles in my left arm and I feel the light streaming through the window touching the right side of my neck and right arm: I feel very present and now.

Thank you HoneyBee."
I feel energy in my head and pressure around my temples. I feel lightness and k-nots dissipating. I feel a consistent unwinding of something and the unwind expands through my legs and i feel a tingling lightness emanate out from my calfs and shin bone.

This feels wonderful. I feel. I feel so many things. I'm glad I didnt quit my job prior to Tribe - I experience a breakthrough at work and we solve something that is broken for several years. The answer seems so simple.

I dream about my dad last night and he is ok and active, he e-mails his friend in the dream and I txt his friend today, his friend calls and thanks me and shares he though about Dad last night too.

I wonder about the point of life and realize it is to live and exist, i wont to be connected and alive as long as possible, thats the point of life-- to be here and connect.

Thank you Ed.

I can picture you reading this and I can see through your eyes and feel a lump in my/your throat.

I appreciate you and you life and all that your sharing brings me and others: we are connected.

I'm shaking and crying and getting choked up signing off and it feels great.

Thank you for sharing your process.
Mar 5, 2016

Wants to Attend Tribe Meeting

Hello Ed,

... is it possible for me to attend the TT meeting, and if possible I'd love to after reading the TT book could you please get back to me and let me know

Thank you for sharing you interest in attending the Tribe Meeting.

I plan to meet, in Austin, with some Tribe members who have substantial experience with Tribe work.

I occasionally host a Workshop, for newcomers, in response to demand.
Mar 5, 2016

Tribe Meeting Preparation: Trading Issues


Thank you for doing this.  Thank you for wanting to learn more about what I am doing.  Please find attached a document with some charts and other documents. Please let me know if you would like to discuss prior to the meeting.
Best regards,
Thank you for sending me the materials - and for clarifying your issues.
Mar 5, 2016



Thinking you might enjoy this.

Thank you for sharing the photo with me.

Even a Banjo Can Sound Sad

when you play out
the death of a friend,
the death of a relationship.

Janet, R.I.P.

Mar 4, 2016

More on the Zone


Can you give me information about why I am not repeating this experience?

Can you tell me something that you think could help me to repeat the experience (to gain control over this mental state)?
Thank you for raising this issue.

In TTP, we do not ask or answer "why" questions. Those pertain to the causal model; we  think in terms of intentions and systems.

As such, I do not have information for you as to why you do not do something.

I gather you feel that the path to repeating your mystical experience of trading in the zone has to do with gaining control of your mental state.

I'd like you to consider the possibility that that state arises as part of releasing control and going with the flow.

For more on this, you can read over FAQ, read The Trading Tribe and, perhaps, join or start a Tribe in your area.
Mar 3, 2016

Power of Your Body Language


Here's a TED talk on the power of body language on your emotional state.

By the way, this video influenced me to change my posture.
Thank you for sending me this link.
Mar 3, 2016

Kansas City Tribe

Hi Mr. Seykota,

First and foremost I would like to share a great amount of admiration I have for you and the work your have done to try to help others who have a desire to achieve excellence. 

I would like to form a Trading Tribe in Kansas City.  I have bought and read your book Trading Tribe twice. 

I would like to attend a Trading Tribe at your location in Austin as I feel that it will offer me the best experience about what the Trading Tribe is all about.

For that reason I wanted to see what your schedule looks like in the next 4-6 weeks so I can plan a trip to Austin to attend an event.


P.S.: Just ordered a copy of your other book Govopoly in the 39th Day and I am very much looking forward to reading it.
Thank you for raising the issue of attending a Tribe meeting in Austin.

I occasionally host an ad-hoc Tribe meeting in Austin - generally for persons with considerable Tribe experience or who lead Tribes of their own - to help them with a specific issue.

You can start a Tribe in your area, apply to visit another Tribe in process and apply to attend a Workshop - that I occasionally host in response to demand.

Mar 3, 2016

Austin Tribe Meeting Application -
Dealing with Shame


You wrote this on the TTP FAQs:  I'd like to know a bit more about your current and ideal situations.

Ed Says: Please follow up with a description of the parts of your body that currently concern you and how you feel about these parts.

The parts are arms, belly, thighs, and having stretch marks and loose skin from losing a great deal of weight over a period of many years. The feelings for much of my life have been shame and anxiety that I will be judged and rejected.

Ed Says: Please also describe your current feelings about how a man might view you and your body.

From applying to participate in a Trading Tribe meeting, I find myself already in process on these issues. I now realize that it doesn't matter what any man thinks about my body. What matters is how I feel about my body - how I feel!

Ed Says: Please also describe your ideal feelings about these matters.

What I want is to fully embrace my strength, power, grace, willingness to transform, and my body as evidence of my warrior spirit in surviving a deeply traumatic childhood. I am a warrior for health and aliveness, and I love sharing my passion for movement with others; I love using movement to support others to step into the joy of exactly where they are in their bodies and their process. As I want for them, I want for myself: to feel the grace of where I am today, to feel the gift and beauty of being alive, and to feel gratitude for every experience that has helped make me who I am today.
Thank you for following up.

Welcome to the meeting!
Mar 3, 2016

More on: Austin Tribe Meeting Application -
Dealing with Sad and Lonely


I enclose a worksheet of my conditions now and ideal:

Current Ideal
All's fair in love and war. Ethical, considerate treatment of others.
Sad and lonely and don't like it. Sad and lonely as indicators.
Petulant Cluster: withdraw, attack, contempt, pout, humiliate, argue Empowerment Cluster: engage, align, encourage, support.
I know. I feel.
Fighter Lover
Conflict Resonance
Distant family Close family

The thoughts and feelings in my throat keep changing as I move from the current conditions to the ideal conditions - less sad and lonely, more happy.
Thank you for following up.

Welcome to the meeting!
Mar 3, 2016

More on: Austin Tribe Meeting Application -
Getting in Shape

Hi Ed, Here you go:





265 lbs.

185 lbs.


Calorie rich, low nutrient density

Nutrient rich, low calorie density


0 minutes per day

1 hour per day 5 days per week strength and cardio training

Thank you for following up.

Welcome to the Meeting!

Mar 3, 2016

More on Possible Passion

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the quick response.

But in response to my previous question, would it be possible to guide me in setting up a hedge fund
or simply pointing me in the right direction.

Thank  you for following up.

A little pointing: to set up a successful hedge fund, you have to have your act together in a number of areas, such as system design, back testing, operations, marketing, client relations, compliance, and personal character.

I take on the role of mentor here on FAQ, for free - and also in person, through private consulting.

If you wish to engage my private consulting services, see my terms under ground rules.
Mar 3, 2016

Liking the Formulation


I notice that you change your formulation of invitation to Tribe as an entry point.

What is your feeling about the difference between "you might consider taking your feeling..." and " I'd like you to consider taking your feeling about..."  ???

Thank you.
Thank you for raising this issue.

"You might consider ..." feels a bit manipulative and impersonal to me, in the sense of suggesting you do something without me  sharing my feelings about it.

"I'd like you to consider ..." feels more direct and intimate, as I declare my feeling (liking something) without requiring you to do anything about it.
Mar 3, 2016

Possible Passion

Hi Ed Seykota,

I was truly inspired by your interview on Michael Covel's Trend Following podcast. I also listened to Michael Melissinos' interview and he mentioned contacting you in regards to setting up his fund.

I'm from London and started trading in 2007 and by 2010 I discovered trend trading and haven't look back.

I love it's simplicity and effectiveness in capturing the big moves when the markets are trending.

I have been doing consistently well and exploring setting up my own hedge fund.

I would really appreciate it if you could offer me some guidance in making this passion of mine possible.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.
Thank you for sharing your process.

I'd like you to go for it.
Mar 3, 2016

Austin Tribe Meeting Application -
Dealing with Sad and Lonely


For the meeting, I wish to work on a sense of persistent loneliness and sadness - that seem to live in my throat and that seem to have control of my life.

Thank you for sending me your application.

I'd like to know a bit more about your current and ideal situations.

Please follow up with a thorough description of the thoughts and feelings in your throat - and the conditions of your life

Please also describe how you want your life to turn out.
Mar 2, 2016

Relief and Confidence

Hi Chief,

Today I suddenly have feelings of huge relief and confidence about myself.

I always feel sad about myself still not having my own businesses. Many of my friends here and back in China have successful business on their own and many are even retiring, or being directors in their organizations. And I stuck as an engineer and just started building my trading business. I feel embarrassed when reunion with alumni.

Today I feel huge realization that I am doing the right thing actually. Everyday I spend lots of time with my family, taking care my children, my old parents, being with my wife. Serving my family is the most important thing I do at current stage of my life, it’s a blessing they are with me now.

I can create my own business anytime in his life. But I can’t miss the time window to serve my children, parents, because they can't wait.  After ten years from now, when my children grown up, I can move on to start serving more people, and create my own world. Age in fifties probably is the prime time for a trader, or entrepreneur. From now on I can gradually build my track record with my fully automated system and gets lots of time to serve my family. I start to enjoy the slow system which running my life.

And I have edge over my friends, which is the Tribe. With the help of TTP, I build my personality foundation by serving my family. And I can do a lot more things when the time comes.

Thank you for sharing your process, priorities and ethics.
Mar 2, 2016

Austin Tribe Meeting Application -
System Execution


The issue I intend to work on at the Tribe meeting is Following the System. 

While practicing in simulation mode, I execute calmly and confidently and my trading is consistently profitable.

In live trading, the arousal response is significantly higher, which results in me sitting on my hands much of the time, watching opportunity after opportunity go by.

When I do enter a trade, I tend to cut profits short. In simulation mode, I see the market as a green river of opportunity. In live trading I see the market as a red ocean of risk. 

It is my intention to develop the ability to execute calmly and confidently in live trading, in accordance with the system. 

Thank you,
Thank you for sending me your application.

I'd like to know a bit more about your theoretical and actual trading.

Please follow up with a thorough description of your system - with backtest results and charts showing the last twenty trades.

Please also prepare charts showing your actual last twenty trades along with brokerage statements verifying these trades.

Mar 2, 2016 

Austin Tribe Meeting Application -
Dealing with Shame

Dear Ed,

Thank you for the honor of inviting me to apply to participate in a Trading Tribe meeting.

I would like to work on my issue of being ashamed of my body. This issue has been with me for a long, long time. I know some imprinting incidents, and based on your feedback, I'm sure there are others of which I am currently unconscious.

This issue has limited my ability professionally, but more importantly, it has been a limiting factor in every intimate relationship I have ever had. Each time I have tried to get deeply close to a man, my fears and my shame about being seen have been like a veil between me and my partner, limiting true and deep connection.

I want to be free of this shame, to live fully and joyously in my body, and to dance and share my most intimate self in right relationship with a man I love. I believe that trusting the safety and Tribal support in the Trading Tribe Process offers me a frightening opportunity, one that will take me having the courage to do whatever it takes to be free. I want to take the risk. I want to let go of the imprints that came from others and embrace all that I can be in my body.

Thank you for inviting me to apply. Thank you for helping me see this as a vital issue for me, and for describing how the process might play out. Thank you for offering me an opportunity to feel my fear and act with courage anyway.
Thank you for sending me your application.

I'd like to know a bit more about your current and ideal situations.

Please follow up with a description of the parts of your body that currently concern you and how you feel about these parts.

Please also describe your current feelings about how a man might view you and your body.

Please also describe your ideal feelings about these matters.
Mar 1, 2016

Austin Tribe Meeting Application -
Getting in Shape

Hi Ed!

[Name] contacted me about the upcoming Austin Tribe meeting and invited me to attend. I look forward to seeing you all and doing some work as well as supporting others doing the same.

The issue I’d like to bring to the Tribe to work on Tuesday is my physical fitness and weight management. Specifically, I am out of shape and overweight, and I want to be in shape and of a healthy weight.

I thought I had these mastered at one point back in about 2006, but lo, there must still be some K-nots, as I have slipped back into old habits and my weight has crept back up, threatening to break out to all-time highs. 

I understand the meeting is from 5-11pm on Tuesday 3/8, and we are to bring snacks or food of some kind individually to sustain us through our work. See you then!
Thank you for sending me your application.

I'd like to know a bit more about your current and ideal situations.

Please complete the table below send it back to me.

Item Current Ideal
Mar 1, 2016

Austin Tribe Meeting Application -
Following the Rules


The issue I would like to work on in the Tribe meeting manifests in several ways. 

Essentially, I believe it comes down to not trusting and then following in a disciplined manner my rules for trading. 

I will talk myself out of trades that have not hit my stop.  I will exit trades that have not hit my exit rule.  I have had issues of not letting my profits run.  I have had issues with not cutting my losses and thus trapping myself in a trade. 

My rules call for my trades to be in alignment with the trend and I have to work very hard not to trade counter-trend. 

This is something I have to remain ever vigilant against.  I think that not trusting my rules and letting my winners run is right now my biggest challenge.

Many thanks,

Thank you for sending me your application.

I'd like to know a bit more about your theoretical and actual trading.

Please follow up with a thorough description of your rules - with backtest results and charts showing the last twenty trades.

Please also prepare charts showing your actual last twenty trades along with brokerage statements verifying these trades.

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