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May 31, 2016

Family Die-Namics


I arrange to meet Ed in Austin. I have some issues going on with my family that I want to discuss. 

I move back to [Location] to manage different aspects of family businesses. 

Both of my parents are not in good health.  My father has some dementia but also some mental illness.  My mother is diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer around 3 years ago and was given 18 months to live.  She is still going to work but has some slight dementia and memory issues as well. 

They create a family trust some years ago.  Both have used the family trust or money in general to manipulate everyone in the family over our lifetimes. 

A few months ago the person designated as the trustee for the trust is removed and my brother in law is placed in this position.  This person who left was in the capacity of doing the bookkeeping and some other business functions.  I have 2 sisters who live nearby.  When this person left I have a sister who decided to place herself in the center of everything and take over the bookkeeping for everything even though she has no experience as a bookkeeper or business experience. 

My youngest sister has never been involved with any of the businesses.  When my sister did this I immediately feel my childhood recreating itself.  I feel angry and I feel frustrated.  My mother and fathers businesses have always been separate.  It became apparent rather quickly that my sister was not qualified and the entire scenario is still a continuing drama as my sister is manipulating my father. 

I hired a qualified bookkeeper/accountant and my sister was removed from any involvement with my mothers businesses. 

I feel angry when I am lied about.  My sister is not an honest person and the tactics used to gain or maintain control are to fabricate lies and disparage any who oppose her.  My father agreed to allow her to do his bookkeeping and manage his assets. 

I notice many feelings from my childhood through this process.  When I am very young I remember being discarded in my relationship with my father

My father made my sister something like his covert spouse from a young age and myself and my other sister are treated in many respects as the step children.  I never saw my sister disciplined when young.  When we are children I recall my sister manipulating situations to get me in trouble. 

I remember times as I am getting beaten by my father my sister standing watching and smiling.  I feel very angry about this to the point of rage. 

Articles I read describe this type of dynamics as covert incest between a father and daughter.  I notice this leaves a vacuum in my life as a son and a man that my father is absent as a man when I am a child. 

This also leaves a void in their marriage that my mother uses me to fill.  I am not completely aware of all these dynamics until these events unfold.  I feel much of what happened in my early childhood I block out of my memory.  I become more aware of using certain foods when I am a child to relieve the anxiety I feel while being and living in this home environment. 

I also recall being exposed between age 3-6 to pornography my father was using.  I recall feeling confused as I looked at the images but also aroused.  

I discuss some of these dynamics with Ed and express my frustration about the situation.  Currently, it is very much like my father is having an emotional affair with my sister and my sister is competing for his attention and affection and attacking my mother at every turn to influence him and be in control. 

We have ongoing business agendas that require cooperation between my mother and father and since my sister is in the middle everything is at a standstill where things overlap.  I feel worried and also regret spending my life working for family businesses. 

If my mother passes away before my father the trust that is created could be bypassed.  The positive side is there are feelings that have been suppressed and issues I will be taking to tribe.  In the meantime, I find that getting to a zero point is helpful for me.

Many feelings come up constantly and as I release each circumstance and person to God I eventually get to a place of being at a zero point where I am ok with whatever outcome occurs. 
Thank you for sharing your process and feelings.

You might consider taking your feelings about your <family die-namics> to Tribe.

You might also consider sharing your feelings with your  parents and siblings - particularly your feelings about your responsibilities and your entitlements to your parents' estates.

Alternatively, you can study the habits of animals that feed on carcasses.  If you want to act like a buzzard, you might as well act like a smart one.

You might also notice your own motives - and re-consider your decision to circle around the family estate all these years, rather than establish your own sovereignty.


in circling around
and waiting for others to die.

May 28, 2016

Thanks for Guidance


For the guidance about feelings all these years.

Thank you for acknowledging the work - and for developing your own guidance system.
May 27, 2016

Missing Report

Hi  Ed,

My face feels hot and tight as I read at FAQ and notice my submission from 5/24 is not included with the other reports about our most recent Virtual Tribe meeting.  I imagine my cheeks are red. I check earlier date ranges... nope not there. Then I check my sent mail to confirm that I sent it.  The feeling migrates to feeling silly, a tickle below my diaphragm.

l also notice that I feel irritated (more tightness and heat in my face)  when learn about the unauthorized use of your name by a vendor. Again, the feeling migrates down to feeling silly, a tickle below my diaphragm when I read your letter asking him remove your name from his advertisements.

I hope you are doing well and think of you often.
Thank you for sharing your reactions.

I have your report at May 18, the date I see on the e-mail.
May 27, 2016


Hi Ed,

Saw this, read the word Puerto Rico and Remembered you.

Thank you for sending me the link.
May 27, 2016

Kind Of Agrees to Remove References

Dear Ed,

My sincere apologies for the use of your name in our promotional material ...

Upon receipt of your note, we immediately stopped running the material until we made the necessary changes. Let this note serve as notice we have removed your name and any references from our materials. Also, please note we included this line to make it clear you are not, in any way, affiliated with our business:

"And just to be clear... none of these guys are my friends or business partners. They are not affiliated with me or my company, but they have taken this unique approach to a simply extraordinary level.”

...  We have nothing but respect for you and your colleagues – admiration really. Market Wizards is one of the first financial books I ever read… And it’s required reading for anyone on our editorial staff. Our intention was only to share how valuable these trading strategies can be.

I regret this is our first communication. I’d welcome another conversation, should you care to learn more about our business.

Best Regards,
Thank you for your prompt reply.

I prefer you not use my name in any way, including not using it to catch attention or imply connection - and then later kind of stating you don't actually know me or my methods.

You might consider taking your feelings about <deception> and <fraud> to Tribe as entry points.

May 27, 2016

Relationship and Parenting Advice Parodies;
Pump and Dump

Hi Ed,

I would like to share with you these two videos in which a highly professional figure delivers excellent relationship and parenting advice...

- - - - -

As regards Stansberry, every good scammer knows that the secret to making money is to sell the secret to making money ... In fact, I can't believe I'm telling you this for free! Better get busy with my new business:


Thank you for sharing the videos and cartoon strip.
May 26, 2016

Still Wants a Mentor

Thank You So Much Of your response Sir

I need your Help sir Please Mentor Me to become successful trader .
Thank you for raising this issue.

OK. So to start, you might consider sending me your definition of "successful trader."
May 26, 2016

Virtual Tribe Report


It was my intention to miss the deadline for project submission Tuesday  It was further my intention to ignore messages from my Tribe Members reminding me of the upcoming and then past due deadline.

I am working hard to avoid facing the state of: my mind, my finances and my trading. 

Tribe work including Rocks Process on the 17th interfere with my ability to medicate my feelings of fear and anger. 

Today with Tribe members' help I face the potential benefits of "fixing" my trading, (or at least putting full effort into it)  and the potential costs of medicate and ignore my trading  I add sections to the report acknowledging these costs and benefits. 

I acknowledge that since Rock's Process on the 17th my results have markedly improved.

I submit my slightly updated report and graphs of my PnL and Margin Requirement to the Tribe. I found and error in the spreadsheet from which the PnL graph is generated.  This graph has the error corrected. (the error was not material)

Thank you for sharing your process.
May 24, 2016

Virtual Tribe Report - Deeper Commitment


Tribe member takes the hot seat at our last virtual Tribe meeting. He is a trader by trade. His style is short term market making in less liquid instruments. There has been a change in rules recently which directly affects his trading style making it more or less worthless. He tries a new approach for several weeks with mediocre results.  He worries about it, yet finds a way to distract himself with women and traveling.

He gets into his feelings and recollects a situation when he is a kid and someone breaks into his family’s house. His reaction is to hide in his bed pretending to be asleep. He continues going deeper into the feelings and notices he learns the pattern of avoiding problems by hiding from them, from his father.

We role play a situation at a dinner table when he is a kid. His older sister misbehaves to get attention, his father avoiding it. Tribe member notices that he often misbehaves to get attention as well, just like his older sister.

Tribe member goes through the process of forgiving both rocks, “avoiding issues by distraction” and “getting attention by misbehaving” and accepting new heart rocks of sharing feelings.

During the process, I notice I worry about the Tribe member on hot seat.  I can only see him and hear him through my computer and worry about what would happen if the connection went down.

The connection holds up and we are able to get the Tribe meeting successfuly to its end. I am excited for the hot seat and cannot wait to hear about his progress since the meeting.

For me personally, I notice a greater commitment to my own projects since the meeting. I work on my project more by waking up a couple of hours earlier this week to get some more work done. My focus is sharper.

I am thankful to the hot seat for great work and to the tribe for theirs – I am getting a lot from it.

Thank you for sharing your process.
May 24, 2016

Virtual Tribe Report - Rocks Process

Tuesday May 17 we have virtual tribe meeting.

I report trouble with my trading. I go months without profit and little progress adapting to exchange rule changes.  I report itchiness.  I acknowledge that despite this being a crucial issue for me I have so far not been able to stop medicating my feelings and also unable to take proactive action.

The tribe encourages me to itch more scratch more i have trouble accessing my feelings.  Soon I am  in a form with sexual overtones.  I am shouting I can't get there I just can't get there.  Process manager asks me to freeze.  He tells me I remember this feeling and asks what is going on the first time I feel this.

I recall our house being broken into when I am a child.  I hide under the covers I pretend to sleep through police and tumult. I recall dinner at my father's house.  My sister is causing a ruckus, My father is  sitting with his head in his hand half asleep. 

We role play.  My sister donates a rock to  me, "get attention by self sabotage and causing trouble."   My father donates the rock "under adversity shut down  go to sleep do not acknowledge."  It feels right.  I For-Give the rocks.  We role play the scenario again using Heart Rock. My father is still unresponsive, at least I have shared my feelings with him.

I acknowledge that the rock  "get attention by self sabotage and causing trouble." can never get there when it is played with someone using "under adversity shut down  go to sleep do not acknowledge"  because the bigger the ruckus the more the other person shuts down.  You can never get there.

we check out of the rocks process.  we check out on Tribe meeting,  We sign off for the night.

Thank you Chief
Thank you Tribe
Thank you for sharing your process.
May 24, 2016

Virtual Tribe Report - Serving as Leader


At the virtual tribe meeting I check in with a sense of calm.

I talk about issues that are coming up as I work on my trading project, and note that as I think about most of the issues they seem to disappear.

One issue stays with me - planning instead of doing.

I plan for every possible senerio in a stack of dependencies until they cannot be resolved. I focus on this instead of doing the actual work.

I note that when I do the work I actually enjoy it and that my ears tingle.

Later I have the opportunity to process manage part of a rocks process.

I enjoy being of service to my Tribe and feel a deep sense of responsibility to the process.

As I manage the process I notice feelings of self doubt in the back of my mind. I recognize this feeling - it permeates some interactions where I take a leadership role.

During check out I feel a sense of clarity and my sinuses become clear as I reflect on this feeling.

Thank you Tribe.

Thank you,
Thank you for sharing your process.
May 24, 2016

The Drawdown Feeling

Dear Ed,

My portfolio goes into a drawdown some months ago and now equals the previous worst equity retracement.

I don't feel good about this even though the size of the drawdown is well within the norm of what the backtests show.
I feel a slight urge to vomit. Not sure if its related to this, but my skin also breaks out into a rash. uggggghhhhhh. I despreately want the equity curve to go back up again.

Warm regards,

Your student
Thank you for sharing your feeling.

You might consider taking your feeling to Tribe as an entry point,

You might consider finding the positive intention of your feeling. Fred may then have less motivation to set up drama, such as equity drawdowns, to engineer experiencing the feeling.
May 22, 2016

Stansberry Still at Large

Hello Ed,

I came across your name in an article from Porter Stansberry.  Steve Sjuggerud wrote the article and references your work with the “magic number” that he is charging $1,500 for.  Apparently, the magic number is magic. 

I’m curious if he is reselling your information.  Are you working with Stansberry?  Not that I mind, I think Stansberry is good but I also question all these offers for the next best thing in investing.

I’m interested in finding more out about you.  I’ve been to your website.  How can I understand more about your investing principles?

Thank you,
Thank you for asking about investment principles.  You can find them on the Essentials Card, above, at Resources. You can read through this site to follow along with traders as they try to implement the principles

Thank you for the heads-up on someone using my name in their promotions, without my consent. See my response, below.

Letter to Porter Stansberry,
May 26, 2016

Subject: Fraud

Hi Porter,

I notice your use of my name, without my permission or even prior knowledge, in your promotional materials.

I feel this damages my reputation.

Worse yet, since my name may entice investors to believe your claims about secret formulas and magic numbers, none of which I use, promote, endorse or condone, this may wind up damaging them as well.

Please remove any and all references to me from your materials and let me know when you have this complete.

If you like, you can consult my blog at to read letters from my readers who express alarm at your trying to imply a connection between us.

Yours truly,


May 22, 2016

Govopoly Arbitrage Opportunity


I see your book, Govopoly in the 39th Day for sale at Amazon for $135 or $10 more than from you, new, and you include postage.
Thank you for spotting this arbitrage opportunity. 

I also recall seeing The Trading Tribe for sale on Amazon for $1,000.  To bad you can't get some size on at these prices.
May 21, 2016

Venezuelans Fight Over Rotting Food


Venezuela seems to exemplify your Govopoly in the 39th Day hypothesis.


Thank you for sharing your insight.

I sympathize with our Venezuelan brothers and sisters who now walk the fine line between survival and starvation.

As we head into the 39th day, we might expect spot shortages and long lines to develop in the U.S. as well.

Here in Puerto Rico, where we may vote only in the primary, not in the general election, a couple of passionate political supporters tell me their candidate wants to set the minimum wage at $15/hour.

I ask the supporters if they might prefer a minimum wage of $20/hour, rather than $15/hour. I ask if they might prefer $75/hour.

They do not seem to understand the question.

For historical persepctive, in the case of Argentina, see:

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