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Oct 19, 2016

Helping Brother with Suffering

In Tribe the healing field of acknowledgment provides a lot of support in getting the smile to come out during the drama.

There is no "Trading Tribe" nearby. I just wonder how to encourage my brother to experience his feelings of suffering while going through a conflictual divorce and losing half of his property in the process. And sort of sharing somewhat the suffering with him too.
Thank you for raising this issue.

In Tribe, we do not try to fix people.

If they request a place on the hot seat, we test for willingness before we proceed - and we keep testing for willingness as we go along.

You can certainly tell your brother about your concerns.  You might notice you have different concerns than he has. If he requests your help you can proceed according the type of help he requests.

Forcing a "healing field" on him, or even trying to get him to smile might have more to do with your own concerns than with his.

You might note that his process includes setting up for a divorce and property division.

Until he comes to terms with intentions = results, your attempts to medicate his feelings may serve to obscure his self-realizations.

You might consider taking your feelings about <wanting to help your brother> to Tribe.


People who wind up splitting
have an opportunity to see
how intentions = results.

Oct 19, 2016

More on the Meaning of Suffering



Ed Says:
Also, in TTP, you don't get to redeem your suffering for redemption or other prizes, aside from getting to suffer.

In TTP we sometimes encourage a client to smile and enjoy his feelings of suffering - and then watch him laugh and drop the drama.

I see the point of not getting to redeem one's suffering for redemption or other prizes, aside from getting to suffer, as TTP is centered on the ever flowing moment of "now".

I just wonder how one gets to "smile" and "enjoy" his feelings of suffering, while suffering. :) It seems a lot of encouragement is needed from other tribe fellows. :)
Thank you for sharing your wonder about smiling and enjoying feeling during TTP.

You pretty much have to attend a Tribe meeting to see how it works.

The DIM (Do It Myself) process rarely gets this result. In Tribe the healing field of acknowledgment provides a lot of support in getting the smile to come out during the drama.
Oct 18, 2016

From Day Trading to Trend Trading


I was stopped out of my gold a day after I returned from PR (at around $1320 - currently around $1270 or $50 lower). Palladium stopped out as well. Soybean Oil is working for me and I have stopped day trading and will strictly adhere to the (longer-term trend) methods you showed me.

Warmest Regards,
Thank you for sharing your process.

Congratulation on cutting losses and riding winners and staying with longer trends - and especially for changing your whole approach to trading in a few hours.

Since our visit, I have some other methods under investigation for de-programming extra-stubborn day traders.

Electro-Convulsive Therapy

Here, the de-programmer
shows the day trader
a live one-minute bar chart,
above, on ceiling.

She administers electro-convulsions
every time she sees his hand
compulsively reaching
for his computer mouse.

Oct 18, 2016

Raising Consciousness

Hi Ed,

I wonder how one can raise his consciousness.

Or I wonder how you did it and how I can do it also.

Thank you for raising this issue.

In TTP we do not "raise consciousness" as that implies:

1. consciousness as a thing,
2. consciousness having a place.
3. higher place preferable to lower place.

Proceeding from these assumptions, you can quickly raise your consciousness by standing on a chair.  See Illustration, below.

In TTP, among other things, we strive to experience and celebrate our feelings, to distinguish between intimacy-centric and control-centric relating and to find something inside ourselves to share with others.

High-Consciousness Water Guru

performs bucket therapy

on dusty acolyte.
Oct 18, 2016

TTP Brings Couple Closer Together

Dear Ed,

My husband is a trader and he introduced me to your website a few months ago. I have been reading through FAQ over these months. 

I feel this is the best thing that has happened to us. TTP has changed the way I look at life. It has brought me and my husband closer together.
We are US citizens living in India. Wanted to buy your Trading Tribe book, and so set up PayPal using Wells CC which has our India address.

Not sure if that was causing the issue. Please tell me how best to make the payment. I can transfer the money directly to you or send a photo of Wells Fargo check that you can deposit. Mailing the check from India will only delay the matter.

Thanks for responding and Thanks for everything you do!
Thank you for sharing your process and for raising the payment issue.

You can configure your PayPal account to pass charges through to Wells Fargo.

You can also bypass PayPal altogether and use your Wells Fargo Visa Card on my site.

Oct 16, 2016

Meaning of Suffering

Hi Ed! I hope this finds you well.

I have a question: which in the meaning of suffering in the TTP?

I have noticed this is a question which religion often tries to answer, sort of trying to find a meaning, source of or a purpose for it, such as "purging" of the soul, a result of attachment to material things, clearing of debt of purportedly past lives, etc.

In the TTP context which is the meaning of 'suffering'? Thanks!
Thank you for raising this issue.

In TTP we come to celebrate and harvest the positive intentions of all our feelings.

Pain and Suffering describe the process of experiencing not liking a feeling, not experiencing its positive intention.

For example, some kids take their parents to a heavy metal rock concert.  The kids like the feelings they get from the screaming lead guitar. The parents judge the sound painful to their ears and suffer through the concert.

Some people find spanking painful; some find it erotic.

Some people find reading this blog painful; others seem to like it and keep coming back for more.

Also, in TTP, you don't get to redeem your suffering for redemption or other prizes, aside from getting to suffer.

In TTP we sometimes encourage a client to smile and enjoy his feelings of suffering - and then watch him laugh and drop the drama.
Oct 15, 2016

Experiencing Grief and Redemption

Dear Ed,

The past two weeks find me on a roller coaster of emotions that feel both incredibly painful and incredibly exhilarating.  I continue to learn about the value of feeling all feelings, no matter how uncomfortable and unwanted they seem at the time.

Two weeks ago my beloved companion of the past nine years, including the past six years since my husband died, suddenly dropped dead at my feet despite appearing to be in the best of health.  (Yes, she was my canine companion, and in many ways a superior, certainly easier, companion than any human could be!)

I do not recall experiencing such profound grief ever before in my life, even when my husband died.  (I do believe that some of this current grief tapped the unexpressed feelings about his death.)

Without reservation, I have given full voice to my pain, my devastation, to what felt like the loss of the anchor for my life.  I recall feeling glad that I do not live with any humans, so that my natural tendency to hold back would not inhibit me from a full-on honoring of my feelings.  I give myself permission to feel so deeply about "just a dog".

I  realize that deep love goes hand in hand with deep pain, since all relationships are in fact destined to end, even the happy ones.  Part of grief, especially at first, is the certainty that I will never love like this again, will never allow myself to risk this kind of pain again.  The hole in my life gapes, never to be filled.

Yet, we humans keep choosing to love again.  On some profound level of understanding, we accept that joy cannot exist without pain, that life does not permit us to pick and choose what feelings we experience.

So I notice that browsing Doberman pinscher rescue websites leaves me feeling a tiny bit better - not that any of them could fill the hole, of course!  I decide to visit one about an hour away, just to be around them and see what I feel.  Of course, I will NOT bring one home with me, since that hole could never be filled!

The rest, as you may have guessed, is now history.  Though I know that the loss of a human relationship is in many ways different from the loss of a pet, and that quick replacements of humans are most likely not wise, I believe that my willingness to feel the depth and the pain of my loss, rather than suppressing or avoiding the feelings, has allowed me to move forward in my grief rather than being stuck in the suffering.

Once again, I feel grateful to you for sharing TTP and its focus on acknowledging feelings.  I experience my life so much more fully when I do not suppress and avoid uncomfortable feelings.  This applies to all losses and disappointments, not only to death.  Life is full of loss, and the only choice you get is how to deal with it.

Thanks also for maintaining this forum for us to share our feelings with like-minded people.



Jolie and Rosy

Thank you for sharing your process.
Oct 14, 2016

Austin Tribe Report

Hi Ed,

I acknowledge that I have a broken agreement in not reporting since the last Austin Tribe meeting I attend.

I write a report and do not send it. I’m not sure what is going on with that.

I’m using the feelings that come up right before I decide not to send in the report as an entry point for my next Tribe meeting.

At the Austin Tribe meeting, I use my reaction to my son’s shoe laces as an entry point and we go from there.

My son now has lock laces in all his shoes so that he simply pulls up on the lace to tighten his shoes and no tying of shoe laces is necessary. Most of the time he puts his shoes in the shoe rack, and, sometimes he puts them about a foot from the shoe rack. We joke about how he is so close to getting the shoes actually in the shoe rack. We laugh and he puts his shoes in the rack. There is no drama.

One of the Austin Tribe meeting attendees begins a process and does not get completion.

He contacts me and asks if I am willing to host a Tribe meeting via Skype. I agree to consider it.
I consider it and am fairly confident that it will not work, and I am still willing to do it.

I host a Tribe meeting with that person attending via Skype. It works really well. I am shocked at how well the meeting goes. The Tribe member’s face appears in almost lifelike size on the monitor and the speakers are turned up.  The Tribe member on the Hot Seat gets into the process and many new forms appear and the Tribe member continues through the process and gets completion. I am still amazed at how well the process works via Skype.

I receive a new request to host a Tribe meeting. I notice feelings coming up as I read the person’s request for a meeting. As I read the request, I notice that I share a similar K-not of an unwillingness to feel feelings associated with vulnerability for fear of failure and/or judgment. 

I agree to host a Tribe meeting for this person. I wonder what is going to happen at the meeting.

I have a sense that this person with whom I share a K-not is showing up to help me work through a K-not that manifests itself as my son’s untied shoe lace that I use as an entry point at the Austin Tribe meeting.

K-nots, shoe laces. . .Skype… who knows what’s going on…I sure don’t, and I’m willing to see where it goes. I want completion, and I’m willing to do the hard work to get it.

With love and a bunch of other feelings,
Thank you for sharing your process.
Oct 11, 2016


Dear Ed,

“When the student is ready… the teacher appears”

And when you’re ready to learn anything, having the RIGHT teacher is more important than having just ANY teacher.

Thanks Ed, for being a very wise teacher all these years.

Whenever I read MW, I remember you fondly.

So many people are thankful to you for all the guidance you have given.

Hugs to you.

Thank you for acknowledging me and, by implication, yourself.
Oct 11, 2016


Dear Ed,

How can I start my own Tribe?

A few months ago I contacted the head of [City] Tribe, and they continued to ask me questions for 2-3 months, all repetitive questions, which I had answered them in the first discussion only.

Every time I would ask to join a tribe meeting, I would be asked those same repetitive questions which I answered them 2 months ago.

Finally I got the feeling that they are just harassing and humiliating me and I made him know what I felt. I felt like it was closed-inner circle of people forming a Tribe and they did not want any new members joining a Tribe.

Kindly let me what is the solution to this situation ?
Thank you for raising this issue.

You might consider reading my book, The Trading Tribe, see above.

You might also consider noticing the positive intention for your feelings of <humiliation>.

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