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Sep 10, 2016

Head in the Ichimoku Cloud

Hi, Ed!

I am writing to you from Russia. I am a private trader. Very impressed you, because you are a pioneer in technical trading. I am also a technical trader and want to ask you about some of the indicators. I use to trade ICHIMOKU, Bollinger Bands with the period of 233 with standard deviations 1,2,3,4,5, stochastic with the period 233.

Ichimoku - the best tool for trend traders.
Bollinger Bands - good for catching extremes.
What do you think about these indicators? What about the indicators you use in trading? Did you use Ichimoku? It seems to me that in these days to trade using mathematical statistics? What indicators do you think best?

Sorry for the error in words, I use a translator.

Thank you.
Thank you for raising this issue.

Indicators such as the Ichimoku Cloud and the Bollinger band derive value from their place in an overall system, that includes position sizing, order generation and the willingness to follow the signals.

You can answer your questions through back testing (1) your system and (2) your willingness to follow it.

В торговле и в браке, тебе нужно больше,
чем индикаторы.


In Trading and in Marriage

you need more
than indications.

Sep 9, 2016

El Quiere Cantar Profesionalmente


Muchas gracias, Ed.

Estoy pensando en como decir "he decidido ser cantante profesional" en SVO-p.

Se me ocurre "Disfruto muchísimo cantando, prefiero hacer eso a otras actividades, y quiero hacerlo muy en serio, en forma profesional, y producir los sonidos más hermosos posibles para mi Joy and Bliss y para darles algo lo mas lindo posible a la gente que quiere oirme."

Me sorprende que al usar SVO-p automáticamente expreso mis sentimientos sobre el tema. Wow.

Un fuerte abrazo.
Gracias por compartir tu proceso.

A este respecto, tengo una canción, mi primera escrita en español, en YouTube, aquí.

Sep 9, 2016

Getting New Clients

Dear Ed,

I speak with you about my continuing issue of not getting new clients for my money management business.

I feel a fever, chills and a knot in my stomach. I recall an incident when I'm 7 years old. I ask my father for money to play video games with my friends at the local newsstand.

He gives me $5, and agrees to drive me there. On the way, he stops to get groceries and leaves me in the car. I play with the money and lose it in or near the car. When he returns, I tell him I lost the money. I get the scolding of a lifetime.

I have no clear agreement with my father about the $5. Whose money is it? Is it a loan? Is it a gift? Without clear agreements, I set myself up for trouble. 

I see how sharing and receiving feelings with my father, and proposing chores I can do to earn my own money, is more productive than asking for a handout, and winding up with a scolding.

As a young child, I have no allowance, and I receive no pay for chores. I learn two resources to get money.

My preferred method is to whine, beg and plead with my mother until she gives in.

A less appealing alternative is to ask my father – and risk getting a lecture on how money doesn’t grow on trees, or sometimes violence.

I see how I carry these resources for getting money, and how these resources influence the way I market my business – a lot of whining, and a big fear of getting scolded. 

I can use this experience directly for promoting my business by sharing my feelings about learning my lesson as a child for losing money. 

It’s clear how I’ve been setting myself up for failure in marketing by not establishing rapport, not qualifying for interest and money, both of which relate directly to not valuing myself, my time and my skills.  As Aaron Neville sings in “Tell It Like It Is”, “My time is too expensive, and I’m not a little boy.” 

I wish to thank you for receiving me, and continuing to provide a wonderful example of unending and selfless support. 


PS: I like your new song and think of it when I walk on the beach here.
Thank you for sharing your process.

Sep 8, 2016

Wants to Connect

Hi Ed,

I hope you are doing well.

I have read The Trading Tribe a few times since it was introduced to me mid-2015.

I find understanding in what you write and want to experience the TT process. In January I express my interest in joining the Orlando Tribe. My inquiry is met with emails that go back and forth between the Tribe Chief and the person in charge of setting the meetings. I inform the Tribe that I would not be able to attend every meeting since I live in Maryland. I feel that the Orlando Tribe is not a Tribe that wants me to attend. I give up my search until today. I reach out to the North Richland Hills Tribe before I reach out to you.

I have never attended a meeting and it is my intention to attend a meeting before the end of 2016. My boyfriend is a member of the Boston Tribe and they accept that he cannot attend every meeting. He is attending their meeting in November. He shares that he is having trouble communicating with me about us amongst other things.

I want to find a Tribe in which I can participate so that I can fully experience my feelings and gain insight. I know that DIM does not work and I try to participate in a Tribe-like setting with my boyfriend but find it to be difficult to let myself go.

I feel pressure behind my eyes as I write to you. My jaw feels tight. I want to experience these and all feelings fully.

I appreciate that you are willing to receive my feelings and thoughts.

Thank you for sharing you process.

You might consider taking your feeling about <letting yourself go> to your boyfriend.
Sep 8, 2016

More on Sharing Feelings with Wife


Thanks for the inspiration!

Yes the way I share my feelings is the key. I might need to lighten up my position size, watch my tone, my facial expression when I do it.

Thank you for sharing your process.
Sep 8, 2016

Austin Tribe Follow-Up:
Honesty and Sharing Feelings

Dear Ed,

I notice that other pressures, related to selling a home and preparing for a move, contribute to my forgetting my commitment to write a one month follow up.  I feel a bit overwhelmed.

I also notice myself making several other mistakes due to carelessness or lack of focus.  This morning I have a dream that my rental car is stolen and it is my "fault" for leaving the keys in it while I run inside for a minute.

My awareness in the Tribe meeting, that I can be clearer about what I want and don't want in a relationship, leads me to feel more content with the fact that I do not have a romantic relationship.

While I don't rule out the possibility of  experiencing a healthy relationship with a man, I feel quite clear that I do not need to "pursue" a relationship, especially if it means compromising my personal integrity or trying to fill in the blanks of a relationship that doesn't meet my needs.

I feel quite free and happy with who I am and how I want to live my life.  Honesty and openness, no matter what the outcome, are core values for me that will carry me forward.

However, honesty sometimes means I don't try to share my feelings with someone who doesn't really want to receive them.

Thanks to you and my fellow Tribe members.  I hope you all are doing well.

Thank you for sharing your process.
Sep 8, 2016

Austin Tribe Follow-Up:
Aware of Drama


Here is my one month update from the Tribe meeting in August.  I hope that you are well.

I noticed as I was rereading the TTP stuff in preparation for the tribe meeting that I felt as though I was in a flow state much like when I am practicing Aikido.  Since Tribe meeting, I have noticed that when I am not listening to emotions that I am having an emotional drama played out in some part of my life. This can be from anything from just simple procrastination to yelling at my children or picking a fight with my wife.  I am fortunate that I am now aware of this drama that I am creating in my life.

My goal were to finish my trading strategy and write a business plan for my exempt CTA.  Unfortunately, while I was refining my strategy I discovered some weaknesses within it that I am uncomfortable with marketing to potential clients.  This has delayed my business plan as well.  It also has become time for me to take a position some place. I need to provide some income for my family.

The major issue of needing my father’s approval that we discovered while I was on the hot seat hot not resurfaced yet.  I don’t feel a need to have his approval for the decisions in my life anymore.

Well I wrote the majority of this on 9-5-16 I am however sending it in late.  I have kept with the meeting theme of difficulty with keeping agreements.  I apologize for the lateness of my tribe report update.


Thank you for sharing your process.
Sep 7, 2016

Austin Tribe Follow-Up:
Guilt and Agreements


Today marks one month since the Austin Tribe meeting in August.  My issue at the meeting revolved around agreements.  In a month's time I learn a lot more about myself.  With the help of the NRH via Skype I pick up where I leave off in Austin. 

I explore the feelings around "keeping an agreement"...although the idea of tribe via Skype feels awkward I commit to going with the flow wherever it leads.  I stumble upon guilt in my process.  I learn I have gotten really good at ignoring guilt.  The effects of ignoring guilt and failing to keep "some" agreements go hand and hand.  Typically I feel guilt fast and hard.  I get the sense of additional layers and textures to my feelings around guilt that I so skillfully ignore.  I make an agreement with myself to continue exploring this issue with a greater focus.

When I first move to Texas I write a list of 5 goals, I come across this list last week and find 1.5 of the 5 goals met. Goal 1 "I wish to impregnate my wife."  Check.  Goal 2 "quit my job at such and such insurance company and start a fund." Half check, I quit my job as of 8/1/16, I still work on starting the fund.  I apply to receive mentorship through a python group in my city that offers mentoring help with a project of my choice.  I feel it's a good time to learn coding so I can test my ideas, I avoid coding for years but now feel I need to run to it not away from it.  Funny these days my wife seems to give me more support or maybe I just finally open up to receive it.  I notice I let her know what I want and ask for her help in coming up with a solution.  This communication opens up options and possibilities I previously cannot see.

Lastly when thinking of my son yesterday, I come up with the idea of a book of bedtime stories, I also think about asking my wife's oldest son for help with the illustrations since he is artistically inclined.  I feel this could bring us closer.

I feel pretty good about the progress I make this past month.  Thank you.
Thank you for sharing your process.
Sep 5, 2016

Austin Tribe Follow-Up:
Rejection to Affection


Over the past year or so, and also at the last Tribe meeting, I work on my tendency to attract and manage relationships that invalidate me.

My Tribe Members help me with this issue, both in and out of formal Tribe meetings. I come to see the Rocks that explain and perpetuate my behavior patterns.

Traditionally, I desperately try to get affection and then actually manage to get rejection. In response, I complain and lash out in anger. This sets things up for the next round.

To let go of this pattern, I have to work through and release a set of deep, familiar and comfortably gloomy emotions that accompany the drama.

After the last Tribe Meeting, I take an emotionally difficult step. I fore-give the angry responses and start employing gentler Heart Rock responses.

As a result, I find myself relating to people in very different ways.

In particular, I release a particularly invalidating relationship and find myself going through intense withdrawal symptoms, including depression.

Still, I stick with the process and somehow manage to carry on - and then come, more and more to see the break up as a more of a break out.

At this point, I feel both capable and desiring of entering a supporting, validating, loving and fun relationship with a magnificent partner.

I have little experience with this. Still, I feel optimistic about my prospects and I know I can access the resources in the Heart Rock and the support of my Tribe.

I thank my Tribe for encouraging me to confront my patterns and to replace my medicinal patterns with Heart Rocks.
Thank you for sharing your process.
Sep 5, 2016

Austin Tribe Follow-Up:
Continuing Employment

Dear Ed,

Per my commitment, here's my one-month update for the Austin Tribe meeting:

I continue my employment at [Firm].
Thank you for sharing your process.
Sep 5, 2016

Austin Tribe Follow-Up:
Angry Wife

Hi Chief,

In last tribe meeting in Austin, Tribe help me to work on my issue of confrontation. I start to pay attention on feelings of confrontation in my relationship since then.

Couple days ago, I mention a issue to my wife between me and my in-laws. It’s petty but I have some real feelings of being ignored by my wife, being put secondary by my wife when live with her father. When I think of whether I should just accept the feelings and let go this petty things, or just share my feelings with my wife but not press her to change anything at the same time, I choose the latter.

I am afraid she will be mad and I notice my fear of confrontation. I knew it but anyway I do it.  I share my feelings with my wife and she gets mad, doesn’t talk to me for more than half a day. I tell her if she doesn’t like it I won’t talk about it anymore and she doesn’t need to do anything about it. She is still mad. I find that I have a little more acceptance of her anger. but I don’t like it that she doesn’t want to talk about issues. She tells me she doesn’t like me to tell her how I feel that often. I realize her feelings of not liking that and acknowledge her feelings. I feel more comfortable with confrontation with her anger.

Thank you for sharing your process.

I wonder if you can think of some ways to share your feelings with your wife that make her feel very angry.

I wonder if you can think of some ways to share your feelings with your wife that make her feel very loving.
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