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Jan 28, 2018

Trade Paralysis

Dear Sir,  

I wonder if you will spare me a moment of your experience.

In my 20's I lost money I could afford to lose in the stock market.  Typically through inadequate research and swinging for the fences.

Now in my late 30's and once more having a little money I can afford to lose I entered the highly speculative cryptocurrency market.  Having lost before I knew to be cautious.  Due to incredible market growth I quickly and easily trebled my money and withdrew my initial $1000 investment.  I now have $6000 in a crypto asset I believe in and have a reasonable belief that this position can grow to $50,000 if able to sit on my hands for a couple of years.

I have a further $1000 to trade with. My problem is that I have trade paralysis. After having done well in a market in which it was nigh impossible to not make money, I see the speculative market as overvalued ... although I admit that it will rise significantly further yet. I miss the trading buzz and have a target of $100,000 in order to attain an amount of money that would make a difference i.e. payoff mortgage/retire early.

I have a twofold fear (1) My psychology is not sufficiently committed to winning to put in the effort required to build confidence in new positions (2) a suspicion that one does not deserve to win (why should I have clean water yet alone deserve to retire early).

I would appreciate any comment or question on the above but ask specifically for your thoughts on how to reconcile ones emotions (fear, uncertainty) with what one observes (specific trades believed likely to succeed).

I hope you are in good health and happiness.

Thank you for sharing your process.

In TTP we hold our feelings as having positive intentions.  The feeling of <trade paralysis> might intend for you to stop trading - while you still have handsome profits.

You might investigate this further by taking your feelings about <trade paralysis> to Tribe as and entry point.
Jan 26, 2018

Meeting Follow Up

Hi Mr. Seykota -

I  Thank You for the time we spent together. The experience was exactly what I wanted - even though disappointments were long the path.  But I've learned a great deal from them and can now move forward from here.  The shake up has inspired me now that the shock has worn off.

You're generous, insightful and just plain fun to hand around with and talk to.

I look forward to seeing you again - and doing some shooting and banjo picking together.

All the best,

Thank you for sharing your process and for acknowledging me.
Jan 25, 2018

Giving Up On Drugs

Hi Ed,

This is a pretty long email.

I'm currently with my psychotherapist again. A couple months ago when I write you my email and I agree not to take any drugs.

I go back to [City] and my head really starts to hurt like kigranes I never felt before and I start crying for no reason. I then put myself to sleep. An di sleep for most of the day.

After a couple of days I had a dream that I was really in a blur and I smoked some pot in my dream. When I woke up, I felt like "damn, I promised Ed I wouldn't smoke" and it felt that way even though I didn't take any drugs. I think I'm getting to the point where my sensitivity is getting too much. I took three puffs of a cigarette one time and almost felt anxiety that I used to feel when I smoked tons of weed.

Since then I haven't been able to get up during the daytime and I've been staying up at night. Now I am back in [Country] and it's getting better. I went to see my psychotherapist and then I started crying and the tears come out and my headache/migraines come back.

Then he tells me to go walk to get back into my body. After a walk in which I cry and then I start thinking too much (it was a three hour walk), I eat dinner and then go to an orphan center.

There I see a little girl that and I sense that she knows that I will leave again. I ask a lady who could read akashic records what my role was in that orphanage, and she says that to them I am a dream and that they love me, but I also leave them which leaves an imprint into their souls that they're not good enough.

And as this little girl is practicing her performance with the other kids, I start crying again. Thinking about the life she will lead when she is older and having relationships. And I think about how [ex Girlfriend] was the same way and you noticed her pattern.

And then I also start crying for myself because supposedly I am in my Saturn return and I get to see beyond the matrix during this time, whether with clairyoants or astrologer or even shamans and healers or whatever. I know there are a bunch if them but not all are created equal.

And the past two year and a half since I saw you I've been working with a healer and shaman and this lady who reads the cards but I'm don't want them to leave me, but I know they will just like the little girl know I will.. I feel like crying now. I'm sitting by myself in my room in a my parents magical resort where I've supposedly accrued a lot of karma and I'm teetering in schitzophrenia.

I do no drugs, even though you often think that I do and I'm 29 years old going on 30 this year and I haven't done much with my life, I've taken a lot and haven't given much back. I'm too spoiled and I get what I want most the time but it's ending soon.

I try to talk to my psychotherapist today with what I'm dealing with but he's busy and can only see me on Saturday. I remember reading one of your posts in which a person opens a can of worms by doing the work but leaving the person in a state of distress after TTP, It was an older post from ten years ago, I'm guessing when you still had the old format. I'm thinking if this therapist is doing the same to me.

How do I change the imprint in someone's soul? I think TTP but I need practice and a Tribe leader.

And I've been lucky to get in touch with you and having you read my emails. I worry that my subconscious programming will kick in if I continue to peel the layers...

On a side note I need to get married this year.

Hoping to keep you in my life and make enough money to see you again,
Thank you for sharing your process.

As feelings come up, you have an opportunity to write them down and to share them with your friends and with your therapist.
Jan 24, 2018

Wants Help Going Crazy

Hi Ed,

I think I'm going crazy I need your help.
Thank you for reaching out to me.

If you already consider yourself crazy, I don't know what else I can do for you.
Jan 20, 2018

Wants to Join the Austin Tribe

Hello Ed,

I would be very interested in becoming a regular attendee of your Tribe here in Austin. I've studied your work carefully and would be honored to be able to attend. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

Have a good weekend.

Thank you for showing interest in the Austin Tribe.

I can take a look around and see who else might like to play.

For now, I wonder if you might like to send me a one-page essay on "How to Conduct an Intimacy-Centric Relationship."
Jan 17, 2018

Embracing Volatility


I embrace volatility, and I choose to enjoy and experience disliking the drawdowns that come with it.

Before, I do not hold onto positions, even they drop a fraction of a handle.

Now, I have feelings of annoyance when my system signals me to do another add-on.  I want to just get long, and not look at anything.  I vomit and puke so much less now, even when a huge giveback comes.  The drawup shows an even bigger magnitude at a faster rate - and makes me not want to look at the trading screen even more.

I get a signal today to pyramid cotton for the 15th time.  I do the add-on, turn off the trading screen, and I go have fun with friends and eat something really great.  I really enjoy not staying in front of the screen.  I now read books often.

I finish #1 for the month of December for a performance reporting database.  With the current month performance, I might finish #1 in January, as my returns currently exceed that of December.

I choose to experience my one-way ticket snapshot from more than a decade ago.  April is not now, but I choose to make it come true.

I am late.  But I am right on time.  I make it this way, and it doesn't have to be this way.  Now I make things happen now instead of procrastinating.  I make strong commitments to my girlfriend, and she is so excited that she cannot believe it's true.

She feels I'm different now than from years before.  I feel different.  I don't know why my trading performance shows remarkable improvement.

Do markets increase my luck factor because it goes one way recently?  Or does my commitment level increase my luck factor?

Either way, I do a really good job embracing volatility, and thank you for your continuing support.

Thank you for sharing your process.
Jan 17, 2018


Dear Ed,

I've seen you mentioned in one of the FAQ answers, that you are planning to organize TT workshops in Austin, early 2018.

Have the timing, venue, pricing and other details already been confirmed?

I tried to search for info on TT website, but I couldn't find anything.

Thanks and best regards,
Thank you for asking about the Workshop.

I have no definite plan as of this moment.
Jan 16, 2018

Wet and Dry

Hi Ed

All is going well for me. Hope you are doing good too.

Since our visit I've noticed these improvements. Reduced trips to urinate by appx. 35%.​ Reduced mouth breathing appx. 85%. Cut pill dose down to half a pill - twice a day, instead of whole pill twice a day.

This is great because I no longer need to put Vaseline in my nose due to it being dry from Rx medicine.

My mouth, ears & eyes are not as dry either. So between the urination  reduction & mouth breathing reduction, very good improvement.
Thank you for sharing your progress.
Jan 15, 2018

Workshop - in Spain


I would like to ask you when is going to be the next TT Workshop.  I am interested in participating in a trading tribe meeting. 

Is there any Trading Tribe in Spain?

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Thank you for asking about the Workshop.

I can host a Workshop in Spain if you can come up with between 12 and 18 attendees.

Además, podemos presentar una parte del taller en español, si lo desea.

You can consult the Tribe Directory for Tribes in Spain - and you may also start one of your own.
Jan 14, 2018

Psychology and System


I am writing to continue “Parameter Optimization & Portfolio Selection” in FAQ (10/25/17)

Thank you for your consideration of my professional development and your feedback to help me improve.  I smile as I read your post many times and think about how I will implement your feedback in my trading and professional development.

What I take away from your feedback:

1) the steps behind security selection and my personal system (heat level, commitment etc) are more important and impactful than trying to optimize the last bit out of return through Python or C#

2) Specifically I should focus on identifying my process for selecting cryptos & how I do that again

3) You don’t understand why I include time of draw down in the denominator of bliss as it already has a time component in the return/numerator. 

4) I consider your Tribe ARs seriously: learning a new language, finding the perfect system and letting go of relationships. 

Security Selection (Potential New Systems)

My process in selecting cryptos as a sub-system:

1) look for instruments with large potential payoff.  With Bitcoin large potential payoff simply means that the bull market continues (bitcoin has made no new 3 month low in the last 2.5 years). 

I find the bull market most visible by looking at a long term log chart due to the huge return and volatility, which can obscure the upward movement. 

2) Thinking about my process one thing I notice is that I accidently select the feature of disruption in Bitcoin.  But this disruption of where/how services are delivered seems important because it is in common with the biggest monster trades of the last decade:

Apple phones take on computer functions, Netflix mails DVDs, Amazon delivers IT over the cloud, Bitcoin currency is created and used without gov’t permission. 

Ex ante v Ex post “discovery” of disruption opportunities is problematic.  But I think disruption with trend following the number of opportunities is more manageable. 

Also in considering potential instruments, some “+” factors, Antifragility is a plus, Govopoly- either going with the flow or limited but effective resistance (ie bitcoin) is a plus; liquidity is a plus.

3) try trend following sub system parameters and look for negative correlation of monthly returns with both total system monthly returns and existing sub-systems monthly returns

4) optimize new sub-system parameters to get higher return and lower draw down and correlation

5) tinker to see if new sub-system fits well with existing total system and adjust the heat of all sub-systems to find the right portfolio mix. 

(It's really #1 and  #2 I focus on for finding sub-system adds, #4 and #5 are just what I do to optimize but if I have poor results from those optimization and tinkering steps then I either trade with the low heat the system defines or throw out the new sub system entirely if the added return or lower drawdown are not significant enough for trading costs and extra time.)

I have 2 sub systems in planning that could be good fits for “the next monster trade”: Commodity Volatility (vega trading through options) and Interest Rate Spreads. 

Both of these systems are ones that could be profitable under increasing “Govopoly” as the regulations and excessive debt creation of the state will likely cause more volatility, especially in debt based instruments and across countries, so they could meet the large potential payoff requirement. 

Government control of interest rates could be disrupted in a small way through a new inflationary cycle.  For #3-5 I believe they both should be uncorrelated with most of the other sub systems I trade (there may be some correlation with my existing sub-system long term bond futures – I plan to mimimize this in system development step #3).  I work on these potential sub-systems now in Excel and will deprioritize the mathturbation of optimizing through Python or C#. 

Security Selection (Optimization in Cryptos)

The bull market in cryptocurrencies continues.  Maybe the next monster trade is the same as the last monster trade?  I make no changes in my Bitcoin system except to drop GBTC and trade futures as they launch in Dec, I tweak my alt coin system and add a “venture capital” ICO approach (work in process).

A)    I continue with my long term trend following Bitcoin system

B)    I back test and optimize my all time high stock system for use on altcoins (cyptos other than Bitcoin).  My testing shows alt coins have similar price movements to the lower cap stocks I trade successfully with this system.

C)    I consider ways to add uncorrelated return streams and one thing I remember reading is that traditional venture capital return (ie pre-IPO investment) is slightly negatively correlated with S&P returns over long periods.  In addition I find data that shows first day IPO performance during the internet bubble expanded significantly.  “In  the  1980s,  the  average  first-day  return  on  initial  public  offerings  (IPOs)  was  7%.    The  average  first-day  return  doubled  to  almost  15%  during  1990-1998,  before  jumping  to  65%  during  the internet  bubble  years  of  1999-2000.” (“Why Has IPO Underpricing Increased Over Time?”, Loughran, Ritter 2002).  Though cryptocurrency ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) have fewer intermediaries than 90’s internet IPOs similar market conditions exist in cryptocurrencies today.

It is possible that pre-ICO or ICO returns could offer large returns and also have negative correlation with cryptocurrencies (my steps #1 and 2).  If this is true I would be able to optimize in cryptocurrencies by using a small portion of capital as my own personal venture capital firm (with trend following).  I seek to take small positions in ICOs that are most popular (the trend following aspect) and then upon ICO launch trade the coins within my alt coin system.  If the boom in cryptocurrency securities is similar to the boom in internet securities then it is likely that there will be a couple homeruns (ie Amazon) and many strike outs (ie  I work to define system (steps 1-5 above) start small and track return and correlation of returns. 

Bliss (or RRO)

I poorly explain my personal version of a bliss calculation.  Allow me to take another try.  First maybe “bliss” is the wrong name for what I’m doing because using time in the denominator destroys the earn-back frequency output of bliss as you pointed out.  Instead of bliss lets call it RRO (Return/Risk Optimizer).  I’m using this RRO function to optimize portfolio selection and heat.

A) The premise for including time in the denominator of RRO is that I believe trading failure can come through either hitting the uncle point from the depth of the draw down or hitting the uncle point from length of draw down. 

An extreme example for depth of draw down: 80% loss from portfolio all time high and the trader exits trading or switches systems just before things begin to turn around.  An extreme example for length of draw down: no new high for 8 years such as Dunn Composite Performance from '04-'12 see Dunn Composite Performance at  

In Dunn's personal case he "rode the bucking bronco" as he said and continued trading successfully, but I wonder how many customers got bucked off and exited Dunn during that 8 year bronco ride to a new high.  I wonder if I trade his system if I can stay on the bronco for 8 years without a new all time high… and my stomach feels tight and a little queasy.  I believe including time in the denominator acknowledges that time since an all time high plays a factor in the trader's willingness to commit to his or her trading. 

B) Using time since all time high in the denominator of RRO makes a 2 dimensional simulation of the "lake" of the draw down by creating a rectangle with "width" as % draw down and "length" as time of the draw down since the last all time high.  I'm not sure how best to represent this mathematically but in my calculation of RRO at a total system level I use: (CAGR%/((max DD%x2)+max months of DD)) where max DD% is a negative number and max months of DD is a positive number.

The result is a number I try to optimize (higher is better) by adjusting system variables including instrument selection, sub system heat, number of individual positions, total heat allowed, etc.  This is just the formula that I use which suits me.  I believe there are individual differences in sensitivity of % and time for each trader. 

C) In addition to uncle point considerations if the trader is optimizing for their feelings (including trading willingness) and they feel better the shorter the draw down, then including time in the denominator may allow the trader to choose system parameters that minimize both draw down depth and length and better optimize for the trader's feelings.  The amount of feeling preference for draw down length vs raw CAGR/DD% preference can be adjusted by adding a factor to either DD% or months of DD. 

D) If return is y axis and time is x axis, using % draw down to budget subsystem heat allows for something I think of as “amplitude matching” of subsystems to minimizing the total system % drawdown.  In the same way I believe using length of time of draw down (since all time high) to budget subsystem heat can allow for “frequency matching” of subsystems to minimize the total system length of draw down.  Control over frequency is less direct than amplitude and I think more useful at a total system level (not subsystem as frequency optimization would require many parameter changes), but including it when evaluating the heat weighting of subsystems I believe, minimizes the amount the trader can stray from their individual time preference.  If there is a 30% CAGR subsystem that makes new highs only every 10 years on average and a 25% CAGR subsystem that makes new highs every 6 months on average both may be traded but including draw down time when budgeting heat will move more heat budget to the latter system.  Maybe all this is simply part of my “mathturbation” - or maybe this does help me as I believe.  Please excuse my imprecision.  I really want to show a mathematical proof; however, I don’t know the math to show this accurately and so I try to explain it in my very theoretical and imprecise tinkerer terminology.

Trading Tribe

Of the Trading Tribe ARs you give me the one that resonates is Letting Go of Relationships.  I sigh.  I feel I have no skills to address this and so no chance at success through any kind of DIM.  I don’t quite understand the other 2: Learning a Language – I am definitely fearful about this but also willing and able to pull the trigger. I feel a tightness in my shoulders when I think about it, which is very similar to trades that don’t feel good.  I pull the trigger anyway.  And I will eventually pull the trigger to learn a language but your feedback on “the next monster trade” is compelling and urgent.   Finding the Perfect System – this seems to me like the ultimate, never-ending, always-fun puzzle.  I’m looking for “my perfect” – that highest return for the total heat and draw down (and length of draw down) that I’m willing to take and still sleep good at night level.  I have relatively few issues trading my systems (small mistakes), I’m having a good time, and it feels like trading could be right livelihood for me.

But even if I don’t agree or don’t understand your suggestions about the language/system Tribe entry points, I know you are right about letting go of relationships.  At this point there are no tribes within 3 hrs drive of me (and the one 3hrs away doesn’t appear to be active).  I know I have the option to start a Trading Tribe and yet I am hesitant to commit to this.  I am skilled at managing people but my experience is very different than tribe; primarily I simply create the right incentives and help people solve specific problems through creative thinking and logic.  I have little practice in accepting and understanding extremes in people’s emotions – if anything this is a weakness for me.  I feel the chief would need to be a better role model than I could be and if I do go forward with starting a tribe I need to recruit someone better than me in this skill to be the leader.

2017 Results and New Year Commitments

For 2017 I achieve 120% return,17% max draw down.  Roughly the return is 80% driven by cryptocurrency (despite this being <20% of the portfolio), 10% futures (mostly seasonal; reg. trend following was ~flat), 10% stocks (this is 2x S&P return on my stock allocation).  The year is life changing and I eliminate any reasonable doubt of not having financial freedom.  I have realistic expectations for future return and I don’t expect a >100% return again unless there is a melt-up/down in all commodities or cryptos continue their upward trend at the same rate. The 17% draw down does not reveal my daily volatility - many days I am up or down >2%, though the weekly and monthly results are much smoother.  Trading aggressive instruments with high heat/instrument but medium total portfolio heat is working well at the portfolio level for both return and for my sleeping at night as I am now used to the daily volatility.  I look forward to 2018 and commit to trading with greater accuracy (I make mistakes on a handful of trades in 2017), completing the new sub-systems under consideration that I mention above (ICO, commodity vol, interest rate spreads), and expanding my trading network in the Seattle area to ultimately test willingness of potential Seattle area trading tribe leaders.

Please continue to coach me and give me your feedback. 

Thank you Ed!

I am grateful for your help!
Thank you for sharing your process and for raising several issues.

Roughly speaking, we might say:

R <-- P * S

Where R (0-100) stands for your trading Returns, P (0-10) stands for your Psychology and S (0-10) stands for your system.

Now if you already have a ninety-percent (9 out of 10) System and if you have a thirty-percent (3 out of 10) Psychology, you have a 27% Return.

You might notice that if you work really hard on your System you might get it from 9 to 9.5 and get your Return up to 28.5%.

If you work on your Psychology and get it from  30 to 75 you might get your Return to 67.5%.  

You might consider taking  your feelings about <needing a leader> and <running away from your feelings and into complexity> and <this is no ordinary bubble> to Tribe.

Jan 14, 2018

The Art of Receiving

Dear Sir,

I recently met someone and I explained TTP Ideas to him. He said when he listens to someone else negative feelings he gets involves with the senders negative emotions.

For example when his girl said the movie they just watched is not good, he gets angry. He then tries to analyse her feelings, and advises her to not to feel this way.(which I know is not the right thing to do). I said let her express her feelings and said him just acknowledge her feelings with psychical forms. 

However, I was clueless what to say to him about his anger and resentment being built up when he receives. Could you please help me on this?

I used to be the same like him before I heard about the TTP. I have noticed. Thesedays, I still get occasionally resentful specially towards personalities that project their anger, jealousy, and try to attack and punish me for their negative feelings.

Is this something that you experienced at the beginning on your path to become a great receiver?

What helped you along the way?  

Thank you Ed

Your help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you for raising these issues.

In TTP, we do not hold feelings as positive or negative.  We hold them as valuable resources that aim to help move us toward right livelihood.

When you hold the feelings of others as gifts, you might even find them fun to receive.

To develop your skill as a receiver, you might consider practicing a lot and also surrounding yourself with other good receivers.

Also, you might consider taking your feelings about receiving to Tribe as an entry point.

Jan 11, 2018

Wants Method

Hi Ed,

I wonder if you are able to share the filters you apply to obtain the list of 'strong' and 'weak' trending stocks listed on your website here:

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Thank you for asking about my ranking method.

In my way of speaking, a "filter" identifies objects that meet criteria, such as "MA_1 >= MA_2, while a "ranker" generates a flat list of objects in order of some property, such as "(MA_1 - MA_2)/MA_2."

In any event, I do not publish, sell or otherwise share the particular method I use to rank stocks on that page.  

Nor does this site provide specific trading advice.  See Ground Rules, above.

Publishing the method would invite people to "believe in" the parameter set and use it to trade - perhaps without proper risk control.

System vendors might even go out and try to sell it as Ed's secret formula.
Jan 4, 2018

Life Above the Speed Limit


happy new year! Hope yours is off to a great start and that your holidays were pleasant. We took a ski vacation to Switzerland and had a blast. Conditions were perfect.

Remember my song? A friend of mine recently added base and electric to it. What do you think? Do you think it would be worth it to have it professionally recorded and if so, what does something like that cost?

The Song

Thank you for sharing your song.

You might consider pushing the vocals a bit higher and cutting back a bit on the bass.

These days, you can find lots of music production resources on line, for free.

Jan 3, 2018 

50/50 Chance of Nearing a Top

Mr. Seykota,

it seems to me, but not resting upon a completion of a system-tested, that in my world (eg the MWI-multiple worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics) it seems 50/50 nearing a top.
Thank you for sharing your insights.

In a run-away bull market, you have a new top almost every day.
Jan 3, 2018

Distance --> Zero

Hi Chief,

I realize that the distance between what I (think I) want and what I have becomes zero when drama disappears.

I consider taking my feelings of <wanting something and not having it> to Tribe as an entry point.
Thank you for sharing your process.

Let me know how your Tribe session goes.
Jan 2, 2018



Any Workshops planned for 2018?

Thank you for inquiring about a Workshop.

So far I currently have a Workshop in process, for myself, on the Finer Points of Procrastination.

Thank you for participating in this Workshop and reminding me to put the procrastinating on the back burner for a while.
Jan 2, 2018

Empty Mind

Mr. Seykota,

Empty your mind. Be formless,shapeless-like water.If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle,it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend. 
Thank you for sharing your aqueous insights.
Jan 2, 2018

Wants Foot in Door
Dear Sir,

I recently met someone and I explained TTP Ideas to him. He said when he listens to someone else negative feelings he gets involves with the senders negative emotions. For example when his girl said the movie they just watched is not good, he gets angry. He then tries to analyse her feelings, and advises her to not to feel this way.(which I know is not the right thing to do). I said let her express her feelings and said him just acknowledge her feelings with psychical forms. 
However, I was clueless what to say to him about his anger and resentment being built up when he receives. Could you please help me on this?

I used to be the same like him before I heard about the TTP. I have noticed. Thesedays, I still get occasionally resentful specially towards personalities that project their anger, jealousy, and try to attack and punish me for their negative feelings. Is this something that you experienced at the beginning on your path to become a great receiver?
What helped you along the way?  

Thank you Ed
Your help is greatly appreciated.

Hey Ed, I was wondering how you were able to get your foot in the door at a trading firm.

I have a great track record, but I am struggling to get responses back from prop-desks, as I do not have an Ivy league education.

Any insight would be great All the best,

P.S - I enjoy reading your material!
I can tell you my method.

After graduating from MIT, I go down to Wall Street and knock on the door at Merrill Lynch.

This guy answers the door and I say, "I'd like to start working here right away."

He says, "Hmmm ... and just what kind of work to you plan to do."

I say, "I plan to make a lot of money for a lot of people and, even better for you, I can work for free if you want, or whatever you want to pay me."

At this point, he doesn't know what to say, so he shows me into the office of one of the vice presidents.  The VP doesn't know what to make of all this either and decides to hire me as the broiler-and-eggs analyst.

My job: to publish the weekly broiler-and-egg market letter.

I find this all amazing, that someone with zero experience winds up advising other people about something he doesn't understand.

Nevertheless, I study the broiler and egg situation and issue my recommendation: namely, stay out of the market for a while.  

This, however, does not sit well with my boss - who informs me that he wants the letter to motivate more, not less, trading.

After a few weeks of simmering in this corporate culture, I leave MLPFS and "trade up" to a position at CBWL Hayden Stone, a firm going through reorganization.  

My new job: to help the department head with math. The job also gives me access to the company computer during the weekends, where I may back test trading systems.
Jan 1, 2018

Wants to Aggregate FAQ

Hi Ed,

I believe you want to help people and share your message (otherwise why bother with FAQ and the website at all). 

With that said, would you would be interested in working together to aggregate the teachings of FAQ and the various TT website resources to create a book/trading manual? 

In my mind, the end result would be similar to the Commodities Corp book, “Amos Hostetter; A Successful Speculator's Approach to Commodities Trading”.

In reading historical FAQ, I notice many consistencies in your message over the years (hence the guide I sent recently).  There are also the various resources on the website (some of which appear to never have been completed). 

With some aggregation and input from you, I believe FAQ and resources could all be turned into a cohesive linear manual (or book) that could potentially outlive the website.

My motivation is to gain the wisdom of your experience and teachings.  I plan on doing this project for myself regardless so figured it couldn’t hurt to potentially collaborate and gain your additional insight and stamp of approval. 

Please let me know your thoughts. If you are interested, I could send an outline with a proposed structure to the book/manual.

Happy New Year!

Thank you for offering to aggregate FAQ.

Yes, I would like to see your outline, structure and plan for creating the document.

You might like to note that many of the illustrations in FAQ appear under the license of use of Internet materials for educational and non-profit use.

You might also like to note FAQ contains very little in the way of instrument-specific trading advice.

Jan 1, 2018

New Listing for New Delhi Tribe

Hi Sir,

Wish you a very Happy New Year!!

Could you please update the records on your webpage for my Tribe. 

Thank you for posting your TTID (Trading Tribe Information Document) Update.
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