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June 29, 2018

Wild Swings

Hi Ed,

I am not aware of any UK tribes after an internet search, but this is something that I'm pretty new to.

I spent a year learning what was, in effect, day trading with a Forex education company.

Trend following, though, really speaks to me.
Except I wasn't ready for the wild swings in equity.
One day I've made more money than I've ever seen in my account. The next I am watching it disappear - all still within my risk management rules of course.

This is hard!

Psychologically are there any good ideas for getting through these wild swings in equity?

Thank you.
Thank you for raising this issue.

You can modify the parameters in your system to increase and decrease the magnitude of its equity swings.

You may also come to align your personal risk tolerance with your trading system by taking your feelings about <wild swings> to Tribe as entry points.  
June 26, 2018

Getting Stuck on Forms

Dear Ed,

The London Tribe continues to hold regular meetings, typically every three weeks.

We notice that many of us get stuck on forms. We keep coming back to them meeting after meeting.

We all agree that the Rocks Process is something that we need to utilize. However, I have my concerns about practicing this without seeing it being done by someone with considerable experience first.

I worry that doing the Rocks Process wrong could cause more harm than good to the person on the hot seat.

I wonder if you have planned a workshop yet, as I feel learning directly from you would be the best route to take.


Thank you for raising this issue.

Tribes that use the Zero-Point Process and the Forms-Re-Integration Process may drift into using them medicinally rather than pro-actively.

The Rocks Process addresses this issue and facilitates moving through the currently active issues and forms.

Watch this site for announcements about upcoming Workshops.
June 23, 2018

Tribe Meeting Report

Dear Sir,

With 4 members present, we begin the meeting with drumming & proceed to check in.

Check In

TM1 : TM1 mentions how his Girlfriends parents meet his parents, how the meeting goes smoothly barring some hiccups. He also mentions how he travels back to Mumbai with his girlfriend & how good it feels spending time with her. He also mentions feeling lonely for some time when there are no Tribe meetings & many of his friends are also not in the city. He feels hot but does not take the hotseat as his shoulder is recovering from surgery.

TM2(I): I bring issues of disappointing my father & missing my friend to the Tribe. I share that I am able to accept the feelings that come along from time to time instead of pushing them away, though there is more to be done.

TM3: He brings issues he has with his sons performance in the 9th grade. He feels scared for his sons future.

TM4: He mentions that he has shared his romantic feelings with a friend. Though the feelings are not reciprocated, he feels nice with sharing these feelings. He also mentions how another friend of his also shares her romantic feelings for TM4. TM4 unsure though. He also notes how traction is picking up on dating apps for him

Hotseat 1

I take the hotseat  first & describe my problem. I mention how while I accept my feelings, I mention ways I medicate my feelings by say going to Social Media websites like reddit whilst getting into my forms of scratching my hips, rubbing my hands.

PM freezes me and I recollect a memory of staying back in school for athletics & missing out on the Long Jump team because I did not lean forward. I feel stupid for missing out because of something so simple. At one point in the process I feel like quitting the process. TM1 informs me that he feels angst in me. I am somewhat scared & also feel like I am disappointing my Tribe members. I get hot again & get into a form of hammering both my fists into the air and jumping in my seat. I feel exhausted & elect to end the process. We do the forms reintegration & the process ends.

During checkout, TM1 mentions he felt really hot & angry during the process. He feels like "Why are you giving up on the hotseat and not taking it to the logical conclusion when you have a grasp of the concepts somewhat intuitively?" He also mentions that he felt somewhat scared after he informed me of my angst during the hotseat. He was afraid that I might physically harm him. Process Manager tells me that while in the beginning I tried to control my own process, I let go soon after. I notice how the "not finishing things well" is a common theme in my life & feel like it needs more work. TM3 also notes how PM(TM4) was an amazing manager & managed the process flawlessly.

Hotseat 2

TM3 takes the Hotseat & describes his anxiety for his son in the 9th grade. He (TM) feels like he has not paid his son enough attention. He gets into his forms of rubbing his right ring finger & proceeds to rub his hands. He recalls a memory of his childhood when he would sit on one corner of the bed with his mother and 2 siblings occupying the other corners & his mother would help the children with their studies. He also feels some pain in the upper back. He develops another form of shrugging his shoulders & banging his head with a sad expression. After some time, he elects to end the process & performs the forms reintegration process.

During checkout, I share how I drift in and out of TM3's process & wonder if my parents also feel anxiety around me growing up. PM(TM1) shares that this was one of TM3s newest forms. PM also mentions how bringing issues we are not sure of bringing to the Tribe help us become better receivers & senders while uncovering more issues to work on.


Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting your Tribe Meeting.

You might consider implementing the Rocks Process as an alternative to Forms Re-Integration.
June 18, 2018

Blue Line

Hi, I am from Korea.

Thank you for your providing on the web site.

I would like to know what is used on the volume window of the chart. It's a blue line on green volume bars.

I looked up the websites and few FAQs but hard to find.


The lines express volume and open interest.
June 17, 2018

Fellow Austinite

Dear Ed,

I am from Austin since 1990, retired military from a 21 year career in the Army Special Forces and also as an orthopedic surgery consultant.  I was forced to medically retire as a Major in 2008 with spine injuries incurred from 55 combat equipment parachuting jumps in the Army.

I was fortunate to begin buying Austin real estate near South Congress, and also a corner on Rainey Street in the early 2000’s.

Unfortunately after retiring, I still had chronic pain from my spine injuries.  So after taking morphine for 3 years, being made a zombie, I opted for a spinal cord stimulator implant in April 2011.  I awoke from surgery paralyzed as a quadriplegic, and spent 3 months in the hospital learning to walk again.

To recover, I used Transcendental meditation, visualization techniques, contemplative prayer, and a positive mindset.

To keep my mind positive, I read from my hospital bed at Health South/Brackenridge (Austin) “Reminisces of a Stock Operator”, and then every bio in existence on Jessie Livermore.  This kept my mind focused on something positive.  I even found and purchased a copy of Livermore’s first edition 1940 book.  I studied Wykoff, Gann, and Daria’s a little as well.

When I left the hospital in July 2011, I focused on my physical recovery for a year.

I then began an amazing “led and blesssed” journey with God/the Universe.  My ex wife divorced me because I chose at 45 years of age to apply to MBA schools to jump start my life again as I cannot physically do orthopedic surgery anymore.  We are amicable, as my two amazing children live in Austin.

When life gives one adversity, there is opportunity.
I meditated and decided I wanted to build a real estate private equity fund to help pension funds meet their liabilities. I ended up doing an executive MBA at University of Chicago Booth.

Unbeknownst to me, I had to study a week in London and Hong Kong.  Along my journey, I met an amazing global network of people in my MBA, including my new wife, an Italian born lawyer here in London.  We just celebrated our one year anniversary last week in Santorini, Greece last week.

I am now focused on my real estate to build up a war chest of capital to do some greater good.  Medical devices are capital intensive.  And may help a lot of people, yet not make money for years due to FDA bureaucracy.

I formed (Firm) in Austin last Summer.  I received my SEC Registration in February as a Registered Investment Advisor.  I have access to off market real estate deals in London, Madrid, and Lisbon for great returns in city centers in European Capital cities with growth projections like Austin.  Life is good as they say.

I’ve now resumed my personal study on trading.  For my own portfolio.  This morning, I found myself led to you.  As they say, law of attraction.  When you are ready, a teacher or partner appears.

I would love to meet you and make an acquaintance, and if we have great energy, friendship.  I perused your Govopoly book and felt like I conn

I leave on Monday ... to Austin to visit my two kids ...  I’ve recently have began re reading various investment books as an inner urging and yearning has made me realize this is also a keen passion.

Please let me know if you have the time to meet up, I’m happy to come to Bastrop or meet up for a meal in Austin.  I feel a kindred spirit to your life’s work,

With kindest regards,

Thank you for reaching out to me.

You might like to consider Livermore's propensity for high risk and high drama.

June 13, 2018

Wants to Join

Please I want join your group or forum so I can grow and learn more as a forex trader.

How do I join?

Thank you for asking how to join.

You join by reading FAQ - and also by contributing questions and comments (such as the one on the left) to FAQ,

June 12, 2018

System Design

Hello Seykota,

Good Day, How are you.

I am the son of a farmer grew up in a village in India and recently migrated to Australia. I always had some burning desire inside to do really well in life.

But I realised I am very introvert and not able to perform well in a corporate work environment and was searching for something which will give me a chance to achieve a level of success which will make me feel good.

I recently come to know about stocks, futures and commodities and started searching and reading books and I found trading will help me because markets don’t care about introvert nature but will help me to succeed if I work hard.

I really appreciate you spending all this time to read my email and excuse for any errors in language or mannerism may be due to the difference in our background cultures. Could I please ask you,

1.       Price action in which time frame will be an indication of long term trend for a currency in your definition and also like to know for commodities and stocks but I know you have limited time.

2.       In a price action break though; what is the stop loss strategy which will have a higher chances of success.

3.       In a breakthrough do you always wait for retracement or get in to trade in a break through or is that all based on level of risk.

If I have broken any of the ground rules, I am really sorry and ignore those questions because I understand how valuable your time is.

I would really appreciate any reply or feedback or a spark of knowledge for me to go and explore more to help me achieve my desire.

Thanks and Regards,
You can answer all your questions and optimize your system to your own desires by back testing.
June 11, 2018

235 to 220 in Two Months

Hi Mr. Seykota!

It's been another 30 days of being in The Zone - so I have forwarded my weight loss chart.

An area I need to improve upon (and have already implemented) is the quality of my carbs.  Weight loss has slowed a bit and after review, I determined that I might have been eating too much fruit (higher in sugar) and not enough "green stuff". So I'm getting more creative with asparagus, brussel sprouts and spinach. Creamed spinach is unfortunately a bit high in the fat arena....

I still find the plan extremely easy to follow.  I never feel deprived, hungry or unsatisfied.  I just do it.

All the best - and thanks for your continued interest.


Thank you for sharing your process.
June 11, 2018

Inner Resolution

Dear Ed,

Things got worse before things got better.

No more Rationalism. No more Skepticism.

A thing is - what it is.

“Nature, to be commanded must be obeyed.”

“Nature, to be apprehended, must be obeyed.”

I feel inner resolution writing these words.

I thank you from my heart and mind.

I wish you all the best wherever you are.

Thank you for sharing your process.
June 9, 2018

TT Chartbook Page

(Your Chartbook) is working again!

Ed you are seriously the best! 

I have acquired an entire library of books on trading of which about 12 seem to really matter, & your website is the gold mine that allows me to determine what matters the most.  I can't tell you how many times I've pondered & reflected upon your stock picks.

Thank You!

Thank you for sharing your process and for reporting when the site goes down.
June 8, 2018

Five Kilos

Good evening Mr. Seykota.and good trading.i read and totally understand your answer to question from (Sat, 1 Nov 2003  System and Discretionary Trading) about choppy was hard . i am from south ossetia and wrote recently in my instagram account after my surname this sentence(super-trader).i dont it but dont want to delete it.i have no questions but reading FAQ i feel i am grandmother was wise woman,she used to say she wants to buy the mind else=about 5kilos.
Thank you for sharing you process.
June 5, 2018



It is a pleasure meeting you by e-mail.

Govopoly is a valuable work. Thank you for the effort.

In addition to the superb work, the illustrations add clarity to the book and your font choice is excellent.

I learned of Ed Seykota in Market Wizards.

As the years go by, your interview continues to make sense. Good traders are people who find a way to be successful in all of their endeavors. And it took me many years to become consistently
profitable. I'm getting what I want from the market.

Thank you, Ed.

Sincerely Yours,

Thank you for acknowledging me and the work.
June 3, 2018

Wants a Job

Hey Ed,

I am 28 years old and have been studying your trading style for years. I would love to learn more from you.

Is there anything that you are working on that I can help you with? I’d love to help in any way I can.

Thank you for reaching out to me.

I can use help with programming graphics applications in C#, JS and PHP.

You may send me a resume.
June 3, 2018


Dear TT, Mr. Seykota, Ed,

Our battling story is here below on our website.
We are totally devoted to the trading and once our story is starting to be heard in the Bahamas, we were asked by some people about the guides, unions.

But our approach to doing is absolutely non-profit, was not something local community agreed.

Now, finding you, if I understand well, we can start to advertise through our website your website and call this new community Trading Tribe of Nassau Bahamas, by Ed Seykota or something similar?
Please, advise.

People here saying that with our lives and the battle we help them believe that trading is real, which is big satisfaction for us. Some very horrible stories about brokers abuses on genuine novices here happniing often and we can obviously help and sustain them, just by meeting from time to time, yes?

Have a very nice all and thank you one more time for organizing the Trading Tribe
 - hope to be a good part of it and make it grow,

Yours sincerely,

Thank you for informing me about your battle.

In this connection you may not use "Trading Tribe" or the (TT) logo or my name in any way that implies endorsement for or against any cause or any party to any conflict.

The Trading Tribe registers as an educational service - and does not take sides in conflicts.

You might consider taking your feelings about your case to Tribe as an entry point.
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