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May 31, 2018

Wants a Job


... I am a recent graduate with a degree from [University] and I am moving to [City]. I am actively looking for work ...

You are a huge name and inspiration within the world of investing and I am emailing you for your advice and help in securing employment.

Whilst studying I have had to move Universities, I have had to work full time and I have also been promoted to being a manager at a top store ...

During my time working at one of the jobs that I had ...r, I learnt that I had a desire for trading, investments and banking, whilst looking into the stock market and investments made by various traders, I decided to teach myself the market.

I am looking for a job in either, brokering, investments, asset management or banking and I am looking for it within [Location], and I was wondering if you could maybe offer advice on where to go and who it can be done.

Also if you have any links towards to both places and have any contacts of traders, I would really love for your help.

I really hope that you get back to me.

Thank you

Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking your feelings about <a job> to tribe as an entry point.
May 27, 2018

Finds Sister Frustrating

Hi Ed,

Hope you are well.

I feel incredibly frustrated by my older sister. She reminds me of the chapter on Incorrigible Persons in your book. If it was not my sister, I would cut my losses here. I know she is depressed and I want to keep trying to help. I guess I should keep listening to her feelings. But I find it very frustrating.


Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking you feeling about <frustration> and <your sister> to Tribe as entry points.
May 25, 2018

Tribe Meeting Report

Dear Sir,

Check In

TM1 : He attends a Tribe Meeting after a long time, having undergone surgery some time back. He recalls of being more conscious of his feelings & allowing them to pass through. He also feels happier in general.

TM2 (I) : I bring my issue of fear & dread & being unable to pull the trigger on trades I triggered by my system. Not taking those trades also leads to a sense of worthlessness & I elect to take these issues to the hot seat.

TM3 : He recalls an in incident around his childhood when for 5 years a lot of his friends think he is very affluent, though it is not the case. He recalls he has talked to only person about not being affluent & wonders if it has an impact on him now.

Hotseat 1

TM2(I) take the hotseat & describe my dread. I quickly get into the form of tapping my right foot before a prompt from the Process Manager (TM3). I tap both my feet & at one point grab my knees to help me tap the ground. I also a feel a tight ball or ring in my throat, but quickly push it away. I start shrugging my shoulders after which I feel a tightness behind my knees and keep stretching them as intensely as possible. PM checks for willingness & I elect to end the process. We reintegrate the forms.

Hotseat Checkout:  TM1 feels that I am still hot & am holding back. He also feels that I am trying to manage my own process & unable to let go on the Hotseat.  He also notes that I have an attitude of "ft is is gone, then to hell with it". PM agrees with TM1 & believes that there is more to the feeling that needs to be worked on in a later meeting or in this one. He also feels that during the reintegration process, I "want to get it done with" which is also a common attribute with a lot of my work. I agree with both TM2 & PM. I also share with them the pain in throat, which I recall having nearly every time I am about to cry or feel sad & how I push it away. I also share how at some point I too feel like I unable to let go fully on the hotseat & surrender to the PM. I also share how after a certain point in each of todays forms I am unwilling to go further. TM1 shares that it is common to not fully let go on some events as there may be a lot feelings & we can open more as we take more hotseats.

Hotseat 2

TM3 takes the hotseat. PM(TM1) probes him. After some probing, hotseat gets into his form. He rubs his finger on his right knee & smiles, as he proceeds he cups the toes of his left foot. He shares that there is pain all over his hand & face and proceeds with the process. He makes a smiling face & PM asks him to smile more but he feels like he is being forced to smile. PM encourages to smile more. He says "My job here is done" & proceeds to rock sideways in the chair with his hands in a pistol like position. He works through the form. Hotseat elects to end the process. We work through the reintegration process.

Hotseat Checkout:  PM feels that this is a good process & there is good commitment. I note that Hotseat 2 is committed & does not display a signature form. Hotseat shares that PM freezes him on appropriate times.

Meeting Checkout

During the checkout TM1 mentions he felt  himself getting hot as PM, with his right shoulder acting up (one which is operated upon). He also shares how he yearns for a meeting with ALL members present as it amplifies the effectiveness of the Tribe. I share my unwillingness to let go of control on hotseat. I also share how a pain in my upper back has disappeared & I too have been more conscious in general & express hope that this is the beginning of getting in touch with my emotions. TM3 mentions that he specially enjoyed todays drumming session & the meeting in general.


Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting your Tribe Meeting.

I wonder if you can form "push it away" and "unable to let go" simultaneously.
May 24, 2018

Sure-Fire Really-Quick System

Dear Mr. Seykota,

I have been in the trading world for about a half a year.

I've been reading many books, including the the complete trading for a living by Dr. Elder, turtle system, trend following by Michael Covel, Forecasting financial markets by Tony Plummer.

I've set up my system based on the turtle system, but I definitely need more confidence to mechanically follow the system.

It appears you have a sound system and even followers.

I know 90% of the trading is all about mentality, but the rest of the 10% of setting up the trading system is not yet complete.

I would like to have a sincere advice from you, and perhaps get to know your system.

Thank you.

All the best,
OK.  I have a number of systems.

I can show you one of them that makes $10,000.00 really quick.

For more information on this system, send me $10,000 really quick.

May 22, 2018

G-u-r-u (Gee, you are you)

Hello Sir,

I understand you are very busy and your time is very valuable, so I will try to keep what I have to say as short as possible so as not to waste even a minute of yours.

I am not sure how I am going to frame this letter to you and I don’t even know will this letter ever meet you, but I write with every bit of hope that is left within me, that maybe it will reach you somehow and maybe by some unimaginable miracle, you will reply back and my life may change forever.

... I am from a very small town in the North-East part of India. I am 25 years old.

I am a very big fan of you and your work. You are one of the handful of people in the world who have such audacious achievements, it makes mere mortals think in wonder, what are you all made up of. There are these 99.99% of the people in the world who are on one side and just about 0.01% of people like you on the other, who are definitely made up of something else.

I here in this small town of mine in India, sit and wonder – ‘How come someone achieve this dizzying levels of success?’. There has to be some magic happening that takes a person to these heights and I aspire so badly to know how.

I sit in my small room and think of all that a human is capable of achieving if only he thinks he can. But I also know the unbelievable amount of hard work, pain, struggles and failures you must have had to overcome to reach where you are now. I bow my head in respect to you, sir.

With great respects, sir, I aspire to be like you one day. I don’t know the how part of it but I am sure, you as every other man who became great, did not know the how part of it when you all started.

With this hope, I too started on my adventures as an entrepreneur. I tried my hands doing so many various businesses – Starting a used clothes recycle company, a pizza restaurant, an Indian food delivery business ... and some others. But somehow, they didn’t work out despite me giving all that I could. But I am not someone to quit.

In the meantime, between all of my entrepreneurial adventures, I fell in love with the markets. I spent 3 years devoted to its study, traded myself with the little money that I had, made losses and learnt hard lessons. I even wrote a book on Trading for beginners which I self-published. I am totally mesmerized by the markets and I realized this is what I love.

But sometimes the failures and hurdles struck us so bad that everything gets blacked out and make us question our beliefs and we can’t figure out which way should we go now. I am sure there has been such events in your life too when you felt helpless and lost every hope. Its then we seek the guide of someone who has walked the hard road himself and has emerged victorious the other side.

I am sure you too have had such an encounter with such a magical person in your life, who appeared in your life when you were totally broken ... Maybe it was a friend, a mentor or just someone out of the blue who completely changed the course of your life.

I realized to do the unthinkable, to achieve the unachievable, to do something that the world says is impossible, to go down the less traveled path and emerge a hero like you, what better way than to seek the guidance of a man who has done everything mere mortals dream about and had become one of the greatest traders who ever lived, a legend.

You are a hero to me. With all due respects, sir, I aspire to be like you one day. It’s just I have no idea how.

So, with great hope and respect, I seek some advice from you, sir. The way I am going now doesn’t lead to the dreams I have to be an achiever like you, but maybe a line of advice from you might change the entire course of my life, the rain man of my life.

It would be the greatest joy of my life to have your hand on my head, sir.

I know everyday millions all over the world write to you, want your advice and attention and I am just one among those millions, aspiring to have my hero to guide me.

Maybe I am too foolishly optimistic but somewhere down my heart, something strong urged me to write to you. We never know when our life might just take a turn to the unimaginable.

But as someone said, “Hope is a good thing…maybe the best of things…and no good thing ever dies.”

I will be hoping this letter finds you.

Thank you so much for your time, sir. It means so much. 

Yours sincerely,


Thank you for keeping it short.

Thank you for placing me on a pedestal.

Now, since you say you want to follow me, you might also place yourself up here on the pedestal.

Then, if you don't mind I can go back to my routines while you continue, from your elevated position, to dispense some wise advice to yourself.

You might also consider taking your feelings about <needing a guru> to Tribe as an entry point.

May 16, 2018

Jumping the System

Hi Ed,

Larry Livingstone, in Reminiscences of Stock Operator, recollects an old man he once met:

“I remember I met an old gentleman in Palm Beach whose name I did not catch or did not at once identify. I knew he had been in the Street for years, way back in Civil War times, and somebody told me that he was a very wise old codger who had gone through so many booms and panics that he was always saying there was nothing new under the sun and least of all in the stock market.”

Livingstone finishes his recollection of the old man's words regarding a trader who could not follow his own trading rules:

“He did not stick to his own proved system. That's the trouble with most of them," and the old fellow shook his head at me.

Even after fourteen years of system based trading, I still seem to forget and have to relearn this piece of wisdom on a regular basis. It seems my subconscious can always come up with a reason why some aspect of my trading rules needs to be changed for no good reason (although occasionally i do have a good reason because the new rule is a much better way of doing things).But most of the time when this happens the rules get changed for no logical reason, instead the reason seems to be to make me feel better. I often revert my rules back (revert the code base) a day or two later.

An even worse scenario is when i jump off an open trade by manually closing it instead of waiting to get stopped out. This happens about once a year when the year has been sub par performance wise. Although the temptation to jump a trade in a poor year is more common, i probably get the urge to do so about once a month. I don't act on it every time. But even acting on the urge once a year is really too often.
Thank you fr sharing you process.
May 14, 2018


Ed, I wonder if you could transform me into a winner.

OK. You win !
May 11, 2018

Losing Weight - Gaining Energy

Mr. Seykota -

Thank you for asking me to do a 30 day update of my weight loss process. Recording it in graph form is a wonderful motivational tool for me - something I learn from reading FAQ.

Physical feelings I encounter during this process include higher levels of energy, higher levels of mental alertness, greater agility and looser clothing.  Physical feelings I intentionally think of that never appear include hunger, boredom and deprivation.

Emotions include joy, greater pride in appearance and sorrow. I feel sorry that I "let myself go" far such an extended period of time.  I also feel joy in the knowledge that the numbers posted here will never been seen again by me.

I'm just sticking to "the system" and letting the results provide the proof.

My intention is to update this in 30 days.

All the best,
Thank you for sharing your process.
May 11, 2018

Orlando Workshop

Hi Ed,

Any workshops coming up in Orlando?

Thank you for asking about a Workshop in Atlanta. I can present a Workshop for a dozen or more people.
May 11, 2018

Tribe Meeting Report

Dear Sir,

Please find the Mumbai Tribe Meeting Report below:

Four members are present. We begin with drumming & proceed to check in. 

Check In

TM1: I proclaim my intent to work on feelings around my romantic relationships. I feel embarrassment. I also feel embarrassed talking around this topic in a group of people.

TM2: He mentions he has taken up a lot of tasks & feels unorganised & lacking the ability to concentrate on tasks. He also feels energised after taking a webinar over the preceding weekend.

TM3: He mentions a dispute that has high drama. He also mentions how he enjoys some of the drama.

TM4: He mentions happiness at attending a friends wedding & he also mentions 3 things around which he wants to work. First is an item from work that gets him hot, second is an incident reminded to him by an uncle which brings up guilt & anger & lastly, his feelings about his romantic relationships.

Hotseat 1

I (TM1) take the first hotseat & begin with my forms. I start by shaking my head & laughing, rubbing my thighs & tapping my feet. As I get into the forms, I see images of old crushes passing by. I start to move my shoulders up & down & start rubbing my hands & breathing deeply. I feel my throat tightening & my mouth mouth drying. PM (TM3) asks me if i recall feeling the dryness at any other time. I feel the dryness all the time, regardless of the amount of water I drink. I proceed further with the forms, but feel exhausted. PM tests for willingness. I am unwilling & elect to end the process. I begin the forms reintegration process, but cannot get into feeling the forms fully & quickly work through them.

During checkout, tribe members mention that although I do not recollect any critical incidents, it was a good process.

Hotseat 2

TM4 takes begins the process & starts to tap his knee & forehead. At one point he stretches his left hand forward, feeling frustrated. He says something along the lines of "I've worked so hard & it is frustrating to wait for the results, if any are forthcoming."  He also places his forehead on his forearm momentarily. He says something like "I want to make money/I do not want to make money" (it is unclear as to what he says). He brings his hands together in a prayer like position he bends his torso forward. He breathes deeply & complains of feeling breathless. We ask him to experience the breathlessness. He then clenches the side bars of the chair. He feels a black spot on the top left. PM (TM2) asks him to feel it fully. The Hotseat feels that black spot  has disappeared.  He proceeds to stretch back fully. He feels a tightness in his throat that is a transparent ball. PM asks him to experience it fully & it disappears. After this, TM4 elects to end the process. We work through the forms reintegration process

During checkout, we note that we could could work on the frustration. I also note that his form- forehead on forearm maybe something to explore, because I too feel that way may a times. We also note that the feeling of "wanting" or "not wanting" can be explored.

We proceed to the meeting check out.

Check Out

We are happy that meetings take place regularly & we are improving as receivers & senders. I recollect that around the time I was 5 or 6, I fell off a horse on the beach. I also express my embarrassment around sharing my romantic issues with the Tribe & TM3 suggests I could work on embarrassment in another meeting.  I mention that TM4 could work on the frustration in another meeting. The meeting ends.


Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting your Tribe Meeting.

These days I rarely use the zero-point process or the forms reintegration process - except as curiosities. I consider them precursors to the Rocks Process.

If Hotseat tells you he feels unwilling, you might proceed by asking him if he would like to explore the feeling of unwilling.

May 9, 2018

Veteran Average


hov are you.english bad ı am your fanI want to be in the stock market like you can you help do you sell it,Are you using 5 and20 day veteran  averages.ı love you (Bursa, Turkey) 
Bana yazdığın için teşekkür ederim. Cevaplar için kalbinize bakın.
May 8, 2018

Still Going On


I came across trading trade, was really intrigued about your content about emotions, intuition, the unconscious mind, and flow.

Is this thing still ongoing?

Would love to know more.

So far so good.
May 7, 2018

Entry Point

Hi Ed,

I hear a voice in my head that says "I should have known better."

I feel my shoulders shrug up and lock behind my head and neck.

I consider taking this feeling to tribe as an entry point.
Thank you for sharing your process.
May 6, 2018

No Show

My Dear Ed,

You have helped many all over the world. So many times we remember you a lot.

Just read this and remembered you again:

“Just because some people are fueled by drama doesn’t mean you have to attend the performance.”
— Cheryl Richardson

Eat well our dear guide.

Thanks for all the wisdom you ave given us.

Take Care
Thank you for remembering me and for sending me the quotation.
May 5, 2018

Portfolio Selection

Dear Ed,

I hope everything is well with you.

After reading the Portfolio paragraph included in the risk management secion risk/index.htm and reading a previous question in FAQ about creating a ranking to dynamically select the instruments to trade in Strength as a System post tt/2017/Apr/01-30/default.html , could you please share your views/insight on how you approach instrument ranking/selection in a context of a portfolio.

Universe of instruments:
Do you consider individual stocks, stock index futures, commodities, currencies, rates, etc, as one " global instrument universe" to choose from and then rank all those instruments at the same time on a "strength" metric, to select possible candidates for a trade. (let's call stock indices, commodities, rates, etc as it instrument categories)

If so, do you set fixed predefined exposure/risk limits in each of these categories, or just a total risk limit based on total portfolio value?
In other words, let's assume we define the total portfolio risk to be 30% of total portfolio value and for example the system generates several trade signals in stock indices at the same time.
Would you consider a maximum risk for stock indices category (for example 15%), or is this risk limit the same as the total portfolio risk (in this case the 30%, and have all the signals concentrated in this category alone).

The first approach would be equivalent to trading several systems (even if these systems have exactly the same buy/sell rules), but each system would only deal with one instrument category.
In these case, is the portfolio allocation %  each system gets, a fixed predefined value our could it also be dynamically calculated, allowing the system to have more concentration in some categories at certain times based on it's "strength" ?

Thanks very much for your time.

Kind Regards,
Thank you for raising this issue.

You might consider your universe of candidates to include everything - including real estate, political contacts, stock from countries around the world, futures, physical commodities, art, rugs, jewelry, milk and 6' extension cords, to name a few - and then let your trading system select the portfolio with entry signals.

Or, you might pick some subset of everything, like, say, focus on Bitcoin.

Or, you might divide everything into slices (some of which might overlap) and then pre-process the slices and combine them.  

Or, you might have a dynamic formula for phasing candidates in and out of your portfolio.

However you do it, you eventually wind up with some system, that includes portfolio selection and trade generation.

You might also notice that implementation of your system may involve client-relationship management and fidelity to you system rules; in my experience, this easily counts for as much or more than hyper-optimizing your portfolio selection algorithm.

You might consider taking your

May 4, 2018

Bernoulli and Wings


The presenter in this video mentions the role played by the forces as you describe them. Thought you might be interested.

Thank you for sharing this video.

I find the explanation a little sparse.  

I wonder if he can produce some evidence of speedy flow over the wing with, say, an intermittent smoke trail.  

Also, I see no mention of the flow separation that occurs just past the wing crest.
May 3, 2018

The Best


These are the first forty days with the results of the auto-tranding system, notice the days with gain. and the size of the gains against the days of loss.

I created this EA based on reading material about you and other followers of the trend, but in my opinion you are the best of them all.
grateful for your time.

Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider identifying the properties that you associate with "the best" and then optimizing your systems around those properties.
May 1, 2018



I'm interested on your thoughts on this article, its a subject i've been intrigued with since a young age.

Its quite a story but find my self coming back to it time and time again, i know you have a pretty good compass for the way life really works and i'm interested how you feel about this subject.

Thank you for raising this issue.

To raise an object, such as a stone, you need a net upward force on the object, such as you might apply with a stream or air issuing from an air pump below.

Sound waves do not travel as a streams of air; they travel as a pressure wave that momentarily displaces the air molecules in the sound path.

I do not see how a sound wave can convert itself into a stone-levitating air stream.

Perhaps the article fails to mention some essential tubes, through which the observes inhale mystical substances to enhance their experience.
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