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July 30, 2019

Maintaining a Level

Hello Ed,

During my first trading tribe session you ask me what the half life of Bupropion is. When I see my doctor again I ask her this question and she tells me between 21-25 hours. If I assume a constant half life of 24 hours I can model what the approximate current level of Bupropion is in my system.

Please see attached excel sheet. 

Thank you for pursuing this issue.

If you administer a drug less frequently than a couple half lives, you can wind up mostly over and under medicating.

If you administer a drug at, say, intervals of a half of a half life, you can keep the level in a narrower range.  Of course you have to make associating adjustments in the dosage if you increase the frequency.

You can find your own optimal dosage schedule by trial and error, using a system dynamic model of exponential decay.

Level(t) = Level(t-1) - dt*Level(t-1)/TC + dose(t)
July 29, 2019

Wants to Know Why

Hi Ed,

I currently live in San Francisco but have been thinking about moving to Incline Village, Austin, or Florida. 

Just curious why you decided to move from Incline Village to Austin and how you have enjoyed living in each. 

I'm in my early 30s and my wife and I have a one-year-old daughter and am just curious what you think about life in each of the places you have lived.

Thank you for raising this issue.

In the System Dynamic

Austin has easier year-round access to pickers and grinners.

July 29, 2019

From Control to Intimacy

Hello Ed,

I have some more sharing to do.

As you know from my role play at Tribe meeting my response to my father's authority before role play experience has been to freeze and not say anything.

I love my father and wouldn't want to abandon our relationship but the tension makes me keep it shallow. After my experience in role play and getting to practice responding with intimacy I was able to respond to a scenario and get wonderful results.

So three weekends ago I start working on restoring  one of the planes I got in my "Plane Dealing" deal. He comes home and joins me in the building room to see what I'm up too, happily I start explaining what I have done but then he spots a fault.

He very quickly goes into angry authoritative mode and tells me I can't plug a certain wire directly into the receiver that connects to the wings. I ask him why not? He responds with DON'T ARGUE WITH ME - you just can't do it.

This time instincts from trading tribe role play kick in and I respond with, Dad you can't control me. You seem to FEEL very strongly about this point so I'm willing to let you convince me that my approach is wrong.

He very quickly calms down and explains that the wire goes from the detachable wing directly into the expensive receiver and after a while the pins on the receiver will wear out then you have to buy a new one, but if you use an extension lead you only wear out a cheap $.50 cable.

I found his explanation convincing and told him, thank you for clarifying you have a very good point, I'm now convinced we should use your approach. The rest of the day we were able to make a lot of progress on the plan as we seem to gel better when working on the same plane.

I get emotional thinking how beautiful that day turned out.

Thank you for teaching me how to respond with intimacy.   

I make progress towards right livelihood.


Thank you for sharing your process.
July 23, 2019


Hi Ed,

Hopefully, you're enjoying the summer!

What's the MBTI of your personality?

From your perspective, are those archetypes an accurate metaphor of reality? It seems they can be defining/limiting if taken too seriously. But do you think there's an useful way of using them?

Take care,

Thank you for raising this issue.

I place myself somewhere between ESTJ and INFP.

See:  Link to :MyersBriggsTypes.png

The framework proposes four dipoles:

It then maps your four preferences into 2^4 = 16 different groups, from ESTJ to INFP.

If we have about 7.7 billion people on the planet, that puts about 481 million in each group.

Some people find this useful.

In TTP, we do not attempt to place people into such groups.

We aim to locate and replace Rocks specific to the individual - that include very specific experiences.
Julio 22, 2019

La Tribu Esencial

Querido Ed:

Sin tu ayuda y tu esfuerzo hoy no disfrutaría de tanta felicidad. Muchas gracias.

La Tribu Esencial

Gracias por compartir tu processo - y el foto de tu familia hermosa.
July 22, 2019

Wants to Meet

Dear Ed:

I have made some good progress since we first spoke on the phone.  I keep re-reading some of your interviews and quotes.

I would love to meet in person.  Is this possible ?

With strength, sensitivity & royalty.

Thank you for reaching out to me.

Yes, I can meet with you in person or on the phone.

You might like let me know, in advance, what you plan to accomplish by meeting.

You can see my terms for private consulting at resources, above.

You may also continue, for free, to explore your issues on FAQ.
July 19, 2019

The Meaning of Line (see July 5)

Dear Ed,

Thank you.

I see a hammer, but I don't know where is the nail.
I have to create the nail first to make the hammer meaningful.

ATR is a way to measure volatility, and I can use it to set a stop incorporated with market's volatility.
The meaning of ATR for me is very clear because  I know how to use it to satisfy my desire or intention.

My purpose is not very clear so I can not create the nail for the hammer to hit.

Same for my searching for the meaning of Line.

I need to think about my purpose first.
Thank you for sharing your process.
July 18, 2019

Austin Tribe Meeting Report


The Tribe, especially the PM, helps me see that all agreements/contracts have inherent fuzziness. I willingly release efforts to get absolute clarity as absolute clarity in agreements simply does not exist. I have an agreement to report on the meeting within one week of the meeting and yet, for me, my process does not conclude with the formal conclusion of the meeting.

My real process begins after the meeting ends prompted by a discussion outside the house as I start to walk to my car.

I realize in that moment, that for me to get what I want and what I need, I’ll have to create my own TTP-type system: One that works for me.

Over the next two weeks I have 4 meetings with my essential Tribe.

1.       Feeling a Mother’s Love
An Austin Tribe member provides me a wonderful, courageous example of the necessity/importance of feeling a mother’s love. I realize I need to experience that feeling for my own growth and development. In this first post-Austin-Tribe meeting, I get to experience, for the first time, the feeling of a mother’s love. I feel immense gratitude Max,

Thank you for reaching out to me.

I can meet with you in person or on the phone.

You might like let me know what you plan to accomplish by meeting.

You can see my terms for private consulting at resources on FAQ.

You may also continue, for free, to explore your issues on FAQ.

Ed for the Tribe member that provides this example for me.

2.       Organic not Forced: Real Intimacy
This second meeting flows without the traditional structure of TTP. We transition in and out of various states and roles without specific, predetermined beginnings and endings and who-does-what positions of process managing/role playing or any other formalized functions. The process unfolds organically and without force. I experience a new way/process that works for me, and this sets the stage for the third meeting.

3.       Tinker toys vs. Legos — Hostage Negotiation with Dad—Getting What I Want
In this meeting, I share feelings with my father who buys me Tinker Toys instead of the Legos that I want. I share feelings with my father while also using various hostage negotiation tactics that I learn from Chris Voss via his book Never Split the Difference. My father no longer holds me hostage; and, now, I no longer hold myself hostage from getting what I want.

4.       Removal of Having to Get Permission to Move Forward
In this fourth meeting, it only takes a few minutes to get into a state where I feel feelings attached to various events in my life where I receive physical punishment for doing various things without first obtaining parental or other authority figure’s permission. I do not want to feel guilt. After numerous and entwining events, and with the support of the Tribe, I welcome feelings of guilt. Now I have the ability to do things that I want to do without having to get permission. And I welcome feelings of guilt.

Thank you for sharing your process.
July 16, 2019

Wants a Workshop

Hi Ed,

Thank you for your reply. I have run two Tribe sessions over the last 4 weeks and have explored my feelings of wanting to turn TTP into a business.

I would like to learn more about the Rocks Process before I comment any further on the matter.

Thank you for the suggestion that I could visit the Austin Tribe. I would prefer to learn about the Rocks Process at a Workshop, since it is held over a number of days, and I'm guessing there will be more to learn.

However, I notice that over the last 3 years, you seem to express some interest in holding a Workshop, but never commit. I would like to know how serious you are about holding a workshop this year. If you do not intend to run one, then I would like to attend one of your Austin Tribe sessions.

take care,
Thank you for sharing your process.

I plan to announce at least one Workshop this month.

July 14, 2019

Tapering off Bupropion

Hello Ed,

Thank you for your response to FAQ entry based on last Tribe Meeting. Your summary of my tapering off Bupropion project is very accurate .

Thank you for the cautionary comments, it moves me in a manner to take this project on with caution and careful monitoring of my internal state, that is the idea behind my implementation of the "Journal of Feelings" that I continue to update.

I have not made any further alteration to my dosage since last meeting and I continue to have positive results especially at my work which is a high pressure environment. On Friday July 12th I saw my doctor and explained to her my tapering off project and the progress I have made and we worked on a medicine strategy, she also gave me a letter which I intend to share at the next Tribe meeting.

Thank you
Thank you for sharing your process.
July 8, 2019

Wants to Learn Techniques

Hi Ed,

I ... have been trading since 12 years and am a Partner at [fund] which trades all Global Assets using Systematic System Trading.

I am very much interested in learning Meditation, Visualization and any other techniques which can help build a strong psychology for a Trader.

Let me know if you conduct any program in a batch or one-on-one basis, I would like to attend.
If Yes, would also like to hear more in detail like How many days / hours or Where will I need to come and what would be the cost?


Looking forward to learn from you soon.
Thank you for raising this issue.

TTP does not break in to neat, independent modules such as "Meditation" and "Visualization."

You might consider reading through these FAQ pages, reading The Trading Tribe and attending Tribe meetings in your area.

If you wish to acquire deeper knowledge and experienced you might consider attending a TTP Workshop.

See Resources, above.
July 8, 2019

Trading Tribe One-Week-Late Report


I have been setting up myself to feel the emotion of shame using my tried and true game of promise and under deliver.  I am good at this game.  I realized that I do this in response to the trauma that I experienced as a child. I realized it since another Tribe member was on the hot seat who played the same shame game.  I role played it out and I used a plate on the coffee table to use the rocks process and fore-give this life method back to the person who taught it to me.

I have since found myself doing this quite a bit in my life. I always have a need / want / desire to explain my failures to people.  These can be anyone from a recent acquaintance to a lifelong friend and so on. I feel a knot in my stomach as I write this report to FAQ.  I am feeling the shame of not keeping my agreement of writing the one-week report on time even after my email asking for an extension of one day.  I must admit that I have never been so aware of this issue in my life.

I have found myself still playing this game in all areas of my life, but I realize that I am doing it now.  I also realize now that I am not writing in the SVO-p style as much as I should be doing it. I hope to become much more aware of this shame game that I have used throughout my life. I am unsure of how I can resolve this pattern in my life. I know that more Tribe meetings will be instrumental in doing sol.

My wife being a therapist is familiar with what I am working on, but she is not familiar with TTP. I hope to start a Tribe locally so that I can help others and work out my shame game.

Thank you for the Tribe meetings and TTP.

Thank you for sharing your process.
July 8, 2019

Complex Pendulum

Hi Ed.

I thought you’d might like this...

Thank you for sending me the link to the video.

The device has rigid beams, low friction, constant masses and gravity and definite constraints on motion. You can build a fairly simple System Dynamics model of it.

July 8, 2019

PM wants to Control HS

Dear Sir,

In my Tribe Report, I mention:

"we probe and discuss with him if there is potentially a rock and whether there is something like a "good rock/appropriate rock" that can be there. "

I am unsure of whether there is a rock present here, as the mothers response to the child seems appropriate to me.

The mother lovingly explains to the child the importance having breakfast before playing sports.

I also mention:

"I recall a Tribe meeting where HS also has similar feelings about his father not paying attention to him. I wonder if there is a connection. I check with TM1 & TM3 about whether to get HS to connect this incident. I am worried about planting this idea in HS."

In this case too, I am unsure of whether I am helping HS by bringing this issue up. I recall feeling that the fathers reaction has some bearing on the HS. I stay with the nagging feeling for a large part of the process, but later do ask HS for any connection.

What do you recommend in such a case?

Thank you for raising these issues.

"we probe and discuss"
indicates the Process Manager trying to control Hot Seat and also keep the process in conscious mind.

"unsure whether there is a Rock present"
indicates trying to intellectualize an emotional process.

"whether to get HS to connect"
indicates PM trying to control HS.

You might consider taking your feelings about <losing conscious control of your feelings> to Tribe as an entry point. 

You might also consider asking your PM to survey all other Tribe members to find out if they feel you sincerely intend to follow through.  If not, he can attend to other Tribe members who demonstrate willingness to engage the processes.

July 8, 2019

Wants Snapshot Process Guidance

Dear Sir,

We have 2 members who are clarifying their goals for the snapshot process.

Please guide us thru the steps on how as a Tribe we can conduct it and support our members.

Thank you for raising this issue.

You might consider taking your feelings about <doing your homework> to Tribe as an entry point.

If you wish you might also consider this as step #1.
July 8, 2019

Tribe Meeting Report - Mumbai

Dear Sir,

Please find the the Mumbai Tribe Meeting Report for 2nd July 2019 below:

We begin the meeting with drumming and continue to check in.

Check In

TM1- He shares that his trading is doing good. He is developing a snapshot that he wishes to present to the Tribe soon. He believes that while he has seen periods of spectacular performance and spectacular draw downs, his trading career is mediocre. He also finds that it is easier for him to handle loss making periods than profitable periods. He shares that during one of his most profitable periods (from 1996 to 1999), he feels cocky and arrogant. He is having similar feelings as his trading is going good. He shares that he plans to bring a snapshot to the Tribe soon to have a good process and have the discipline to follow the process.

TM2 (I) - I share that I am now more optimistic; rather I am less pessimistic. An aha!  I have is that I label all feelings I do not enjoy under one large label of boredom. I am now committed to exploring the various feelings I am labeling as “boredom”. I am taking my relationship issues to the hotseat.

TM3 - He shares that he spends a week in another city with a Trading incubator, where many traders gather and discuss their strategies. He recalls feeling scared after watching a movie and then having to walk back to his hotel alone after the movie. His trading is going good, but he feels his pyramiding needs work and he is not as disciplined as he would like to be.

TM4 - He shares that he is angry with the building manager who is rude. He recalls having a similar feeling after a participant in a conference talks to him in a similar manner. He talks to his mother who is in a rough position at the school she teaches in. He is supporting her, but he observes his mind having thoughts trying to make him feel sad about the situation, he understands the concern but realizes that feeling sad won’t help the situation. He shares with the Tribe that exercise makes him think if he should feel guilty about not feeling bad for her. He wishes to take the hotseat about feeling angry after conversations with the building manager and conference attendee. He also shares a similar intent as TM1 around having a good process but reports recently watching a podcast ... which mentions the importance of having a good process for mechanical things but also being able to explore things in life as you only live once and we are not machines.

Hotseat 1

TM4 takes the hotseat with TM2 (I) as Process Manager.

TM4 starts with some story telling about how his building manager is rude and uninterested in genuinely solving the problems that the occupants of the building are facing. He starts moving his head and twirling his fingers. He then starts tapping his knees with his hands.

I urge him to intensify the form and I also feel a tightness in my pelvis.

We continue to cheer the HS and I later freeze him, HS doesn’t recall anything at that moment and continues exploring forms. HS gets into a form where is head is shaking and starts feeling dizzy, I freeze him. HS shares he feels breathless. He later catches his breath and then recalls an incident from his school days. He is at a march past in the school grounds and faints due to the heat.

He recalls gaining consciousness and his mother looks concerned and tells him politely that this is why she always says to eat breakfast before playing. He also recalls an incident where his mother is worried about his geography exam. HS keeps putting off studying and then a day before the exam, he is worried about the exam. He goes up to the living room and his mother sees him as he is worried. His mother helps him study for the exam. HS goes silent for a few minutes after this and then starts crying. I feel uncomfortable with his crying. After HS cries, we probe and discuss with him if there is potentially a rock and whether there is something like a "good rock/appropriate rock" that can be there.

TM1 probes him on how he feels about the building manager and HS replies that he feels blank (?). We continue the process.  HS shares that he is angry and defensive and he observes his stomach moves in and his breath stops in such situations.

I recall a Tribe meeting where HS also has similar feelings about his father not paying attention to him. I wonder if there is a connection. I check with TM1 & TM3 about whether to get HS to connect this incident. I am worried about planting this idea in HS. I share this with HS, and he tells me I should not plant incidents. But he also feels defensive. I ask him to feel defensive. We continue the process.

Hotseat Checkout

TM2 believes that this is a good process and likes TM4s commitment to the process. TM1 also

TM4 reports a couple of aha moments during the process. He feels love for his mother to give him careful and empathetic advice on topics. He also questions if that’s a rock when it comes to absorbing new information, as he realizes he subconsciously expects people to be empathetic when sharing or communicating information. He also reports certain forms take him back to memories of his sports field and training, he attributes the importance of training to having a good output eventually, he shares he does well / absorbs information better when taught or trained by a good teacher / coach.

Hoteseat 2

I(TM2) take the hotseat with TM3 as the Process Manager.

I feel exhausted about taking the hotseat and “out of juice”. I initially get up and quit. As I sit, TM4 remarks that my abrupt end of the process feels very hot to him. At that moment I realise I am trying to end / sabotage the hotseat. I get back across to the hotseat. I share with the PM that I am getting clearer on what I want in life and a healthy relationship is a part of it. I begin with some story telling about how I notice I sabotage relationships. I feel a tightness in my left neck. I keep feeling the feeling along with some pain in my right ankle. I keep feeling. TM1 encourages me to share what I am thinking and continue story telling if I feel like story telling. I share that I feel undeserving of a close relationship as I have not achieved some monetary and educational goals. I continue to feel the pain in my neck and my right ankle.

I share that I feel like procrastinating and working on this issue in the next meeting. I also share like I want to get up and eat some fries and a burger. I also share that I am unsure of how & where to meet women.

I am tired and wondering if the Tribe is happy with my hotseat. I share that I feel like someone who is still a child and not a grown up. I also share that I am worried about what my parents may think about my girlfriend. I also feel a screeching sound, like metal rubbing against metal inside my right ear & a tension in my shoulders.

I continue to feel this form. Later, I feel exhausted and tired. I keep feeling tension around my eyes and nose. The Tribe encourages me to keep feeling. I feel tired and elect to end the process.

PM asks me to get into the feeling of wanting to end the process. I droop my shoulders and feel tired. I also feel like I am accomplishing something and have an Aha! I am keen on ending things as quickly as possible and thinking in binary, where something is done or not done and not in terms of a process. I move my hands in a celebratory action and elect to end the process.

Hotseat Checkout

I am happy with the process. I am also thankful to TM1 as his words make me realise that I am using a similar pattern to sabotage the hotseat. I am also thankful to PM & TM1 who encourage me to speak and get into story-telling. I am looking forward to explore this issue further. TM1 shares that he senses a desire in me to change a pattern. TM4 shares that there is progress with noticing patterns within, and also shares the existence of multiple layers of judges that can be very good entry points for future processes.

Meeting Checkout

We are happy that this meeting is taking place, after our original meeting is moved to this day due to rains. TM3 also shares an aha! he has.  He earlier tries to “get thru meetings” quickly and is tired / bored of not seeing progress. Now he realises that it is a process and not binary.
Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting your meeting.

I get a sense that your sessions proceed until deep feelings emerge and then you terminate the process.

The PM who asks you to get into the feeling of wanting to end the process might consider implementing willingness testing earlier in the process.

PM's who continue to lead unwilling subjects entrain co-dependent medicinal processes. PM's who keep testing for willingness entrain pro-active processes.

Asking someone to get into a feeling typifies the former; asking someone to demonstrate willingness to proceed typifies the later.

July 5, 2019

Doing it Tomorrow


Can I turn in my one week TT report tomorrow?
Thank you,

Thank you for raising this issue.

I don't know how to do things tomorrow.

I might guess that when you get around to turning in your report you might find yourself doing so in (wait for it) the moment of now.
July 5, 2019

Tribe Meeting Report - One for the Gapper


I enjoy my time in Austin - back home a person is murdered outside my apartment. I go to Tribe.

I report that it doesn’t bother me as much this time that someone is murdered. I wonder if it is because I am not there to see it or if I’m just getting used to it. I talk it out, saying how I’ve decided to stay where I live regardless of conditions and there is no problem to solve.

I heat up. I say that I’ve decided but that doesn’t mean I don’t have reservations. This is the entry point - the pattern - I “make a decision" and have reservations. I always have reservations. Tribe ramps it up and I get into it. How does it feel? It feels like being split.

I see a cartoon image of a brain split by hemisphere and I make the form of being split. I am of two minds and feel the split and the gap between – there are two sides and I am in the gap. I am the Gapper.

Chief suggests that I might be the best gapper in the world. I feel the gap and say out loud “I am the gapper”, I live in the gap of ambivalence and half decision. Tribe ramps it up more and I add the smile. I enjoy the feeling of being in the gap. A memory of my mother hits me in the gut, she stayed for the sake of the children and lived in the gap, her ambivalence was thick in the air. I repeat the behavior. 

I talk about the money and saving on taxes. Chief asks what it is worth to feel safe. What is it worth for your wife to feel safe? I can’t quantify it. I talk more about how difficult it is to make a decision - how the variables keep moving.

Another Tribe member offers that a friend of his reports that were I live is safe and that on a recent visit he is surprised his family can walk around at night without fear. I realize the balancing act that I perform to stay in the gap. I always find a way to balance out my options - I adjust my perceptions - I find fault with my current situation and fault with possible alternatives. I make a balancing motion with my hands. It always balances - I stay in the gap. 

The following week I reflect further on the experience. I think about what it is to make a full-hearted decision. To decide and then not hold back - to be completely committed come what may – no reservations. Perhaps perception shapes reality, it seems related to intention = outcome.
Thank you for sharing your process - and for exploring the contours of commitment.
July 5, 2019

Phone Consultation

Hi Ed,

I finally decrypted your response and found an answer to my email in the FAQ section. Cold sweat hit me when I realized my first email ended up in FAQ as well. But having read your FAQ, it looks like I am not alone and there are many weird requests like mine. I’m glad to have a company.

You mentioned in your response you don’t consider yourself a teacher, but more of a student along with all other people. That’s a great response - all people are life-long students if they want a fulfilling life. But! There is plenty of opportunity for a student to also be a teacher to someone who is less learned. Metaphorically speaking, a father to his son is also a son to a father of his own.

Now that I’ve read the Ground Rules, let me spend some time digging into your FAQ section and learning all I can from it.

I then would like a phone consultation and will be working on my question. I better make sure it’s a good one. In regards to a 2-day consultation in Puerto Rico, you said occasionally you will accept new people to consultations? How often is that and are there any prerequisites?

Thanks for your time and enjoy your weekend!
Thank you for asking about consulting.

You might also consider posting your questions to FAQ - or taking them to Tribe as entry points.

July 5, 2019

The Meaning of the Lines

Dear Chief,

On the bottom of Future Chart on your Chart Server, I find there is a blue line, it seems is some kind of smoothing result of Volume.

Can you tell me what it exactly is and how I can calculate it, also how I can use it as a tool to help to make trading decisions?

When the Trend is STRONG and the VOLUME is increasing, what does this mean?

When the Trend is STRONG and the VOLUME is steady or decreasing, what does this mean?

Thanks for your help in advance.
Thank you for raising this issue.

The green bars represent daily volume and the blue line represents open interest.

The lines on the chart - and the charts themselves - have no inherent meaning. Same for water, bluegrass music or anything else. You have to supply the meaning to make something meaningful.

In Tribe, we practice the art and science creating meaning.

You might consider taking your feelings about <what the lines mean> to Tribe as an entry point.
July 3, 2019

Wants Year-Long Mentoring

Hello Mr. Seykota,

We spoke back in 2017.

I am inquiring about the cost of a year long mentoring endeavor.

Thank you for raising this issue.

Depending on your intentions, you might find a year of mentoring very expensive - or very profitable.

You might consider taking your feelings about <wanting a mentor> to Tribe as an entry point.
July 1, 2019

Wants a Formula

Dear Chief,

I'm curious about how you screen out STRONG stocks list and WEAK stocks list on the Chart Server and I want to know it and duplicate the results by myself.

Could you please teach me how to do it or show me some general methods?

Thank you for raising this issue.

I don't reveal specific system parameters.  See Ground Rules, above.

In general, you can set strength of an instrument as a function of historical prices. You can then sort the strengths of your instruments to generate your list.
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