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June 30, 2019

Tribe Member Doings


Terrific to see you and spend some time.

The magical Friday night jam session and shooting guns at the TT Ranch are two highlights of many moments to cherish.

Thank you.


Cattle Nows

One Horsepower Vehicle

Thank you for sending me your photos and for contributing your process and your presence at Tribe meetings and for remembering our inter-Tribe-meeting doings.
June 30, 2019

More on Commercializing TTP

Dear Ed, 

As I read the ideas of the contributor about turning TTP into a comercial enterprise, I remember my own observations and experiences on the issue.

Asides of the technical aspects of it, I discover “inconditional acceptance” at the core of TTP.

However, this is far from “indifference.”  In my experience, it rather relates to “love”. In other words, it is not "I don´t care about what you do", but "I deeply care about you, hence I accept you and whatever you decide to do".

In some processes this even results in a radical experience: "I am one with you", where "I" or "me" losses its meaning. This has vast therapeutical applications, since the process manager does not have to yield an interpretation, but directly experiences the mental reality of the person on the hot seat. 

Some years ago, Tribe members suggest me to start applying TTP as therapy and asking money for it. My standard answer is "TTP is rather related to love than to an exchange of services. If you ask for money when you make love, it turns into something different". 

An implementable alternative could be to present the principles and ideas of TTP in seminars, lectures or workshops. I consider it legit to ask for money in exchange for participation at them. Sometimes an attendee may ask me for further assistence with some issue. In this event, I might invite them to a talk for free. 

As I think about it, I realise that this is what you are doing right now. 

Yours, sincerely,
Thank you for sharing your insights - and for contributing to the discussion of this issue.

I plan to take my feelings about <$TTP> to Tribe as an entry point.

June 30, 2019

Tribe Meeting Report

Hi Ed,

We have 6 members in the tribe meeting.

I report what I want to work on in this meeting. I want to give my son as much help as possible before he goes to college. My son and I have an agreement that we meet regularly to work on sharing feelings. But I never do it. I also start a biological research project with my son and hope it will help his college application. But the project hits a wall few months ago and we don't make progress after that. I am busy past few months and I don't have enough time to help him on this. For few times in past Tribe meetings, I think of bringing this to tribe. Now I want to face this issue.

The Process Manager (PM) asks me how I feel when I think of start helping my son again. I feel a tight ball inside my chest.  PM asks what kind of ball, what is the color. I feel that it is not smooth, not rough either; It has size of an orange and it's red.

I tell the tribe that TTP is the best thing I have and I want my son to have the experience. I don't want to force this to him and just want him to experience. I tell my son he doesn't need to do it and I just want him curriculum to experience it for a while. later in his life he is going to face many challenges and he might recall something like TTP and it can provide him a tool. My son tells me he doesn't like to be among adults in Tribe meeting. I understand that and tell him he never needs to come to my local tribe meetings. Sometimes in my local tribe meetings he comes in to volunteers to help but looks shy. Sometimes he comes to help our role plays when we are short of members. He tells me is willing to work with me privately and I am glad to hear that. My son is very smart and he knows all the concept of control-centric and intimacy-centric model. Couple times he comes to me and share with me how he apply sharing feelings and it turns out pretty well.

I share with the Tribe that in my house people don't like formality of tribe meeting procedure. But recently years I learn to apply intimacy centric model on myself in relations with my family and the relationship becomes better. And I notice many times my wife and children start to share feelings instead of demanding others to do things. I forget to share with the tribe that my wife knows TTP works well but she wants to find her own things, or a better thing than TTP. She goes to all kinds of psychology workshops. I find that she might feel competitive, as she always is, want to prove herself by finding something better than TTP. I tell her I support whatever way she want to help herself.

The problem I want to work on is that I never follow up and make the sharing feelings practice a regular thing between my son and I, even he express the willingness and we have an agreement. Not being able to follow through on my side is the problem is what I want to work on. I tell the tribe I feel guilty about not helping my son enough.

PM helps me to get into feelings of guilt. I recall when I was a child, I play with two friends on the second floor of a building under construct. We kick the little stones out of the building. There are two highschoolers passing by and we might hit them and they look at us and leave. Few days later we play at the river side and we meet that two highschoolers. They recognize us and catch one of the kids. They know I am the teacher's son and they don't want to mess with me. They grab my friend's legs and raise him upside down and make fun of him. After they leave I tell my friends that we are going to revenge. But it never happens.

I wonder why we never talk about it again. PM says maybe, or obviously we know they are much stronger and bigger than us, there's no way we can beat them. I am scared. So are my friends. Saying revenge just make us feel better at that moment. When I follow the feelings of the guilt, I suddenly feel some fluffy balls around me and touching me skins. PM and Tribe encourage me to experience more such feelings so I don't have to setup drama to feel guilty.

I then share with PM and Tribe that I feel it's brutal if I fail to follow through on helping my son with the biological research project. PM says it's going to be a permanent bruise to my son for the rest of his life. I feel real danger and seriousness of this issue now. And I always want to keep and feel this danger feeling with me until we make success on the project. We can reevaluate on our target and still be able to do a good research paper.

After the meeting, somehow my son calls me. He asks me how I am doing. I feel more connection with him. I talk to him the second day about the project and per PM's suggestion, I tell my son that he is my first priority now and whenever he needs my help I am available to him.

It's a really good process and it's at the right critical timing to save me and my son. I thank PM and the Tribe to help me to get back on track of my bonding with my son.

Thank you for sharing your process.
June 30, 2019

More On Teacher June 27

Hi Ed,

Many thanks for your response! How can I help you help me? If you still offer consultations, that would be a great help. If you need to know more about me, send me questions. Otherwise, I take this short response as blessings from you.

Greetings from Toronto!
Thank you for sharing your process.

For private consulting, see Ground Rules, above.
June 29, 2019

Tribe Meeting Report - Getting a New Mom


I bring to Tribe my issue of wanting to feel more deep and loving connections with others.  I can easily connect intellectually. I just have trouble connecting emotionally.

The Tribe encourages me to display and crank up various forms, including shutting down and going to sleep.  Eventually I feel profound sadness and recall an event from my youth (about 7-years old).

I recall spending the day at the community 4th-of-July picnic and learning how to toss ping pong balls so they land in the cups, rather than bouncing off the rims and onto the floor.

Through thinking about the setup and watching others and mastering the "soft lob," I manage to get enough balls in the cups to collect enough coupons to get a gift for my mother.  I select an iridescent green dragonfly pin - that she might wear on her jacket or dress.

Later, when I present it to her, she seems to have little interest in it and dismisses me with a perfunctory "thank you."  I recall feeling disappointment.

Later that evening she goes out to a party with my father, wearing a different pin (not the dragonfly pin).  I ask her if she wants to wear the dragonfly and she says "no, it doesn't go with my outfit."

I recall feeling even more disappointment and shutting down.

We run the scene in Tribe.  When she rejects me, I start sobbing and allow myself to feel deep decades-old sadness.

Then we run the same scene with a different mother (different Tribe member).  When I present the gift, she shows me genuine and deep appreciation and showers me with affection.  She says she wants to wear it to the party later that night, and to show it off as a very special gift from a very special person.

When I feel this, I again burst into tears - tears that come from a different place.  They come from joy.

Since this process, I find myself weeping spontaneously and joyously from now and again. I also find myself connecting more easily with others. One person, without solicitation, even tells me he likes my smile (very unusual for me).

I wish to thank my Tribe for helping me indentify this formative event in my life and for helping me re frame it so that I can reference a loving mother and hold the expectation of acceptance.

Thank you for sharing your process.
June 29, 2019

Tribe Meeting Report - Bupropion and TTP

Hello Ed,

Please find below my process during the trading tribe.

We begin with hitting some drums.

I sit right next to the PM(Process Manager) so I begin by stating what progress I have made since the last meeting. I mention that after the previous TT, I start a journal of feelings where I log the dosage of Bupropion I take that day and then I log any feelings that come up during the day so I can track the outcome of my "Tapering off Buproprion project" and replacing it with Right Livelihood.

I mention that I make progress at work and that my mental performance has actually increased a little even though I'm now on half the dose of Buproprion from when I started.

Its now my turn to mention what I want to work on. I explain that I'm learning how to tune remote controlled nitro engines. And that I like being "In the process" (A form comes out where I bounce my head up and down as it moves from left to right). The Tribe encourages me to go more into the form by doing more of it. I provide the Tribe with a background of how the hobby I enjoy as a kid becomes dreadful because my planes crash and I hate the feeling of my planes crashing. I say I'm done with that and a form comes out (I wave my hands away from each other). I work the forms together and get an Aha understanding that when "I'm done with this" is the time when I need to go back "Into the process".

I mention that another thing I want to work on is feeling regret and mad at myself for fooling around with a girl that I didn't find so pretty and become overwhelmed with regret to the point I had to medicate the feeling with more Bupropion.

Its now my turn to work on the regret feeling. Its still a bit of a blur(Fuzzy, life is fuzzy is something I learn form another TM(Tribe member) during TT).

PM asks me to show regret. I say it tastes very bitter and start pulling my mouth I try this more but don't feel much feelings develop. I continue to answer questions coming from the tribe and the PM realizes I like to do reproachable things, and I start saying "I like to do reproachable things" repeatably to the point that tears start rolling down my face andHello Ed,

Thank you for creating and maintaining the FAQ I learn a lot from it.

I have a follow up to my previous "Plane Dealing" (I like the title you picked) FAQ entry. As I grow more into openness and willingness to go through the TTP, I find it interesting that my old childhood hobby that I thought I left in my childhood seems to be central to my experience of the TTP so far (I have no explanation for this but just enjoying observing this). Any way, I visit you some time ago and you mention you see me "in the struggle" as I try out SVO-P in conversation with you for the first time. I remember this moment of being "in the struggle" when my dad and I try to tune and get a RC plane engine to run that have been a source of frustration for a long time, as well as a reason why I leave the hobby 6 years ago. After buying all the planes as I explain in my previous FAQ entry I decide to give tuning this engine a try again. During an evening last weekend my dad and I try for a couple of hours to get the engine to run but we can only get it to run for a few minutes and then it dies. My dad suggests the engine is a "piece of junk".I realize that we are "in the struggle" and that this is a positive place to be in and not a time to start calling things "junk". I realize that we are getting the same results we always do when we try to run this engine because we are doing the same thing we always do: we turn nobs and screws with minimal understanding of why we are turning nobs and screws. The struggle has positive intention of telling us we know "jack squat" about tuning engines. We stop for the time being and I pull up instructions on the nitro RC engine tuning process from the internet, I don't understand it the first time I read it, I'm still in the struggle, the struggle has positive intention on telling me I didn't read slow enough, I read it multiple times and understand a little more. We go outside and start the engine this time following the tuning process, doing all the steps in the order mentioned until we get the fuel flow rate and fuel to air mixture in the carburetor just right. Now the "piece of junk" engine is running very smooth!  I make progress towards right livelihood.

Best I continue now with my voice sounding like I'm crying, I am crying. I like to do reproachable things.

The Tribe tries to teach me that when you do wonderful things you get praise worthy results. The PM asks me to do something and they will praise me. I tell every Tribe member that I think they are very very special group of people because they are willing to come to the Tribe and work on hard things and help others in doing so. The Tribe starts clapping their hands and praising me.

I make progress towards Right Livelihood.
Thank you for sharing your process.

Bupropion (Welbutrin, Forfivo, Aplezin, Zyban, MOAI's) all act as a norepinephrine and dopamine reuptake inhibitors.

Cutting your dose may invoke withdrawal symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, aggression, anziety, depression, sweating and suicidal thinking.

Be sure to consult with your psychiatrist before altering your medication schedule.

MOAI drugs (monoamine oxidase inhibitors) may also induce lside effects.  

Cutting the dose can result in temporary euphoria as the side effects lift. Shortly thereafter you may risk proceeding further and into mania. Mania may featuring acting out with out social inhibitions - a condition the drugs may aim to ameliorate in the first place.

Theoretically, if your condition stems mostly from childhood trauma, TTP may help resolve residual drama and may partially supplement MOAI drugs.

If your condition stems from psysiology, the application of TTP might have less effect.

In any event, you might consider sharing your experiences with TTP and this FAQ item (both sides) with your psychiatrist - before proceeding further with alteration of your medication schedule.

June 29, 2019

Risk Management / Diversification

Hi Ed, 

Hope you are keeping well. 

I have a question regarding portfolio diversification, risk management and am looking for ideas to test.

I have been looking into risk management in relation to equity risked e.g 0.5%, 1%, 2% of total equity per a trade. Also, I’ve been looking at risking 0.5% of my own core equity and 1%-3% of the markets money to see the impact on profits, drawdowns, and period in drawdown, risk/reward and imagining how my mind would feel when trading real money (As I’ve been trading though, I have realised nothing beats real-life trading, seeing 15 losses in a row or more and drawdowns reaching 30%  has taught me a lot about myself). 

This has now got me looking into cutting back on trading size when on a losing streak and reducing the number of times I pyramid into a position to increase the risk-reward. I know this more for my own psychology but do you have any wisdom you would share about this process? 

The next part I want to look at is scaling out of a position which is going my way and the stop or exit is far, this isn’t really to do with taking profits but more to do with managing my account volatility. Do you have any insight on this? 

My next question. 

Many people have different methods of diversifying their portfolio, some don’t really seem systematic, others seem fairly systematic, some fundamental and some statistical (correlation coefficient), and some blended. Would you share your method and how it blends with other parts of your trend following method? I’m looking for exact rules but also the idea behind those rules so I can try understanding how adjusting different parts of the system effect others and results.

As you been in this business for a very long time, I am sure you have looked at correlation coefficiency, an optimal number of markets to have in a portfolio.

If you could shed some light on this and how it would impact different methods of trend following, risk managing, and psychology. 

Many thanks.

Thank you for sharing your process.

FAQ does not provide specific trading recommendations or specific system parameters.  See Ground Rules, above.

You might consider taking your feelings about <backtesting your system before trading it> and <following your system> to Tribe as entry points.

June 28, 2019

One-Month Tribe Meeting Report


I have been working on my inability to follow my trading rules.   Another trading mentor brought some clarity to my rules. I feel that I have looked for something other myself to blame for the bad trading. I am now wanting to lay the blame of my lack of financial success on my parents and the poor discipling and guidance of my brother and me. Has my intention all this time been looking for a scapegoat of my lack of skill and lack of any real volition to follow any trading rules.

I feel that I need some real accountability. When I was held accountable at Tribe for not following through on my promises to the Tribe, I was kicked out.  This was the first time that I felt that this level of performance was expected of me without any reservations. Have I always had fallback?

I remember that in a trading coach’s book, he writes is it really a psychological issue or just bad trading?  I feel that I have looked or quite some time to find some reason that I cannot trade well other than that I am poor at trading. My other mentor has been holding me accountable. I must report every night how well I followed the rules. This has really helped. I can share my feelings with him about trading at the same time as well.

I am attempting to live without drama in all my relationships except those with myself. I will do things that create drama in my life so they provide excuses or valid “reasons” why I cannot succeed at xyz and so on.  I ate poorly for over 2 decades so that I could avoid feeling the feelings that drive my life. So, I had to have weight loss surgery in order to correct that issue. However, the feelings are still there so I never lost all the excess weight. I have continued to use food as way to medicate my feelings. This is the same addictive cycle that has continued throughout my life.

My mother has been one who never wanted my brother or I ever to feel any “negative” feelings, so she raised us so that we always had a way to never feel them. Even to this day I am financially dependent on her support.  This ensures that these feeling cycles continue.

I have had some aha moments over the last few days. This last week when attempting to feel my feelings without acting upon them while trading. I found myself seeing the prices and volume as just data points for expression of my feelings. I need drama so I break my trading rules and lose money.  I then must report this to my mentor who gives me some pain. The hurting of this relationship is so great that I stop breaking my trading rules. I feel terrible. I am horribly embarrassed that I broke the rules.  I  feel more pain than just the monetary loss.

I also wonder if I deserve the success that good trading brings. I feel that I can answer with a definitive yes. I deserve the success that good trading brings. I feel that I  may deserve success but my current trading strategy may not be the vehicle to get me there.

Thank you for sharing your process.
June 27, 2019

Struggle and Mastery of Nitro-Engine Tuning

Hello Ed,

Thank you for creating and maintaining the FAQ I learn a lot from it.

I have a follow up to my previous "Plane Dealing" (I like the title you picked) FAQ entry.

As I grow more into openness and willingness to go through the TTP, I find it interesting that my old childhood hobby that I thought I left in my childhood seems to be central to my experience of the TTP so far (I have no explanation for this but just enjoying observing this).

Any way, I visit you some time ago and you mention you see me "in the struggle" as I try out SVO-P in conversation with you for the first time.

I remember this moment of being "in the struggle" when my dad and I try to tune and get a RC plane engine to run that have been a source of frustration for a long time, as well as a reason why I leave the hobby 6 years ago.

After buying all the planes as I explain in my previous FAQ entry I decide to give tuning this engine a try again.

During an evening last weekend my dad and I try for a couple of hours to get the engine to run but we can only get it to run for a few minutes and then it dies. My dad suggests the engine is a "piece of junk".I realize that we are "in the struggle" and that this is a positive place to be in and not a time to start calling things "junk".

I realize that we are getting the same results we always do when we try to run this engine because we are doing the same thing we always do: we turn nobs and screws with minimal understanding of why we are turning nobs and screws.

The struggle has positive intention of telling us we know "jack squat" about tuning engines. We stop for the time being and I pull up instructions on the nitro RC engine tuning process from the internet, I don't understand it the first time I read it, I'm still in the struggle, the struggle has positive intention on telling me I didn't read slow enough, I read it multiple times and understand a little more.

We go outside and start the engine this time following the tuning process, doing all the steps in the order mentioned until we get the fuel flow rate and fuel to air mixture in the carburetor just right. Now the "piece of junk" engine is running very smooth!  I make progress towards right livelihood.

Thank you for sharing your process.
June 27, 2019

Wants a Teacher

Dear Ed
(and I hope this email makes it to you)

For a long time in my life I wanted to find a teacher (word mentor doesn’t sound right to me).

I thought I needed a spiritual teacher and recently found him within. Then I wanted a mentor in business (yes, mentor), but I understood it’s not my thing (I am a small business owner). My vision was foggy.

It’s clear now - I want you to be my teacher. It’s worth mentioning that I was never able to say that to anyone else, even in my own mind.

Before you can give me your response, I’d like you to know more:

1. The amount you charge for a 5 hours consultation is exceptionally fair. I don’t even know why you are doing this other than using money as means to filter out qualified candidates for sharing your wisdom.

2. Although a consultation from Ed Seykota is invaluable, I am looking for a teacher. A true teacher passes knowledge to a student without money involved.

3. Given the above, I ask that you accept the following deal. I would like a paid consultation from you. But my actual goal is that you find a student in me with whom you’d like to share your wisdom. Perhaps I am worth it. You mentored others and perhaps you have room in your life for one more student.

4. This is the 4rth time in my life I am trying to trade. I gave up the other three.

First time (I was 21) I lost $1000 about of $1600 stake I had. My first trade was a windfall, but all following ones were losing.

Second time I made some money in mutual funds but decided to use it to fund family endeavours.

The third time I put $10,000 and got out $12,000 US. But due to USD rapidly falling, I only made $300 CDN. I looked at all the effort and nerve racking that I spent and decided I’d make A LOT more if only I directed my energy into my business. And so I quit again.

Now I am 37 and doing my forth and final attempt. I’ve put $200,000 USD (plus all the margin I could use) a bit over than a year ago into a single stock trade because I thought my vision was absolute. In a matter of months I lost 2/3 of my money and decided to cut my losses. I almost quit again. I asked my wife for forgiveness that I was a fool and wanted to get rich quick. I promised I’d earn it all back by directing more energy into my business. But this time my wife stopped me. She said “you have to return everything you’ve lost the same way you’ve lost it (that is by trading)”. It downed on me that I was a quitter passionate about trading. So I decided to agree with my wife and change it.

And! I successfully lost another 2/5 of the remaining 1/3. The good news is, I think I am finally loosing money at a much slower pace. Even better news is that I think I am regaining faith in myself. I think I am finally getting to understand that my style is trend following with a longer horizon combined with technofundamental analysis.

5. I listen to a lot of audiobooks about trading (and other subjects) when I drive. I’ve heard about you and many other traders in these books. I didn’t even know if you are alive and well. So I decided to research on you. I didn’t have to spend too much time to find your website and happily learn that you are still alive and well. To my astonishment you even offered consultations! This still sounds surreal to me. So here I am, writing this lengthy email to you.

6. I think I am on the right path. I would not even bother you, so certain I am at this point in my future success. Two thoughts converged that made me write this email to you: a) I was always looking for a teacher b) the sooner I get help, the sooner I can help others. a+b = my decision to find a teacher in you. I am not afraid of getting a No from you, but I feel like I should give it a chance.

I am wishing you well, and am looking forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you for your time!
Thank you for sharing your process and for reaching out to me.

I don't consider myself much of a teacher, in the sense of transferring information to someone else.  Mostly, I prefer joining other  students along the paths of learning.

If you want to engage with me, you can do so for free, through this site.

If you want private sessions, you can retain me, per Ground Rules, above.

You might consider taking your feelings about <continuing to do what doesn't work> to Tribe as an entry point.
June 24, 2019



What do you think the following and how it is going unfold for children involved?

When husband is on path of being on Right Livelihood and everything associated with that process.

Wife is still is not on that road.

Husband trying really hard to put three amazing children on the same path he is on.

No point in explaining wife that everyday drama the she indulges in and trying to pull husband into the drama has not use ( best one can do is give her Trading Tribe and Govopoly book in her had and ask to read it).

Husband adopts approach of she needs to figure out on her own the futility of her dramas.


Thank you for raising this issue.

The husband might consider taking his feelings about <controlling his family> to Tribe as an entry point.

He might come to fully accept his wife - and all the drama they co-create.

He might also come to co-creating a path with his children - rather than demanding they follow his.
June 24, 2019



Thank you for FAQs. I enjoy reading it. I feel it's very generous of you to keep this up year-after-year.

Your remarks are often helpful to me for (1) opening up & realizing the positive intentions of all my emotions & (2) for improving my systematic trading.

Here's a very early "Happy" + %string(2^3 * 3^2 + 1) + "rd Birthday!" wish to you.
Thank you for sharing your process and for extending your mathematical wishes.
June 23, 2019

TTP as a Commercial Enterprise

Dear Ed,

Thank you for your reply. Perhaps I am wrong, but I sense from my correspondence with you that you are concerned my primary motivation for expanding TTP is money.

As such, turning TTP into an addictive process, whereby the 'client' simply blows of steam and keeps coming back for more, would be an excellent way to generate revenue.

I feel that possibly in my conversation with you I did not communicate effectively my real motivation, which is simply to help others.

I already have a life where I have financial freedom and am my own boss. I could earn more money than I do now by going to work at a bank, but I would hate that.

Of course, should TTP become popular, I would like to be compensated for my efforts. Managing my trading and TTP businesses would likely require a lot of sacrifice in terms of time spent with family and friends.

If I were to earn a decent living through my TTP efforts I would likely change my trading approach to a slower, less time intensive system.  Trading for me, while I enjoy it, does not help anyone other than myself and my family. Over the last couple of years I have been looking for something to fill the spiritual gap.

Rocks Process

I took the message from you in our phone call that you believe the Rocks Process is far superior than the Zero-Point process at helping the 'client' achieve right livelihood.

If I were to head a TTP organisation, then I will need to have a thorough understanding and considerable experience of the Rocks Process. My first step would be to learn from you at a Workshop.

There is currently no appetite from members of my Tribe to utilize Rocks. They seem to be achieving right livelihood without it. By marketing TTP, fresh faces would likely join the London Tribe and perhaps some of the new members would be willing to try rocks.

I would never consider marketing Rocks until I was confident I could get results from it, and train others to use it correctly.

Qualifying Clients

I have thought about this before. Currently, at the London tribe, when someone applies I:

1.       Ask them to demonstrate an understanding of the TTP process.

2.       Remind them that TTP is not a club to discuss trading strategies or give advice.

3.       Get them to explain their motivation for joining the tribe.

I have mixed feelings about whether or not a prospective client needs to qualify themselves. My goal is to help people. Would I be helping someone who chooses not to complete the application process because they have a k-not about rejection? I'm keen to get your thoughts on this.

Out of the 22 applicants for the London Tribe since its inception in 2016, 11 have failed to complete the application process. As an experiment, I may admit everyone that applies from now to see what happens, although I will remind them about point 2.

Tribe Leaders

I think it is very important to develop a rigorous process for vetting Tribe Chiefs.

Without knowledgeable, committed leaders the process may fail as well as the integrity of the TTP organisation. Likely, new Tribe Chiefs will need to demonstrate a combination of the following:

·         A strong desire to be Tribe Chief and the commitment that goes with it.

·         A thorough understand of the TTP process.

·         Considerable experience of the process.

·         Are motivated to help others and themselves achieve right livelihood.

Only fully qualified Tribe Chiefs would be able to upload their Tribe details to the new website.

I would be grateful for any advice you could give on developing a rigorous system for vetting tribe chiefs.

How TTP would Grow

I would utilize the current network of Tribes. I would reach out to the Chiefs of all Tribes and ask them if they would be willing to post their Tribe information on the new website. 

I imagine that for many Tribes, members travel from far and wide. This is good. I would get each Tribe chief to look for members who could fit the criteria for Tribe Chief.  These 'new Chiefs' would then be encouraged to set up their own Tribes in their local neighborhoods.

The new Tribes slowly grow, mature, and the process repeats, with new Tribes been formed in different areas.

I would facilitate the interest of TTP through the use of social media and improvement of the TTP website ranking on Google. 

I will also give presentations on TTP where I can. I realize that making myself a public figure will attract scrutiny and I wish to be prepared for this.

I re-read your Trading Tribe book with the hope of deepening my understanding of the theory of TTP and its practice. I wonder if you could provide me with a reading list of where you drew inspiration for the process?

No doubt, much scrutiny will come from professional psychologists, psychiatrists, and self-help gurus who either feel threatened by TTP or are concerned about its intentions. 

I want TTP to have credibility because I am interested in approaching medical professionals with the idea of running studies on people with mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. 

Getting the structure right.

It is important to me that you are satisfied with the business model of TTP. This is your creation, you have the experience and understanding that I could never have. I would like to work with you to find common ground on the correct approach. I worry about 'bastardizing' TTP in some way and letting you down.

best wishes, 
Thank you for thinking deeply about TTP and its commercial possibilities. - and for sharing your insights and desires with me.

I hold TTP (The Trading Tribe Process) as a set of exercises for learning how to implement intimacy-centric relating.

In the TTP process, people come to learn about, and to modify, their own subconscious response patterns -  the same ones they use to project drama and to avoid engaging right livelihood.

These subconscious response patterns (Rocks) generally include a strong visceral feeling and also a judgment about that feeling and also a memory of a critical incident in which a Rock Donor gives the Tribe Member, the Rock.

The Rocks process helps Tribe Members indentify their Rocks and to Fore-give them back to their Donors (with gratitude) and to replace these "Medicinal" Rocks with the "Pro-Active" Heart Rock.

The Heart Rock basically responds to all situations with invitation to establish rapport.

In Workshops and with new Tribe Members, I use actual rocks as physical tokens and follow specific procedural steps - so newcommers can follow the action.

Later,  as Tribe Members develop experience and rapport, we generally dispense with the props and procedures and, eventually, wind up with all processes proceeding simulatneously and with all the Members working on variations of the same issue.

The Trading part of Trading Tribe has to do with people trading turns helping each other.

The Chief (generally the guy who calls the meeting) also takes his turn on the Hot Seat, in which another Tribe Member serves as process manager.

The Chief, then, has to set an example of working on his own issues and making substantial progress toward achieving right livelihood.

If you set it up so the other Members have to pay the Chief, he can then no longer participate equally in the co-evolving growth of the group by inspiring other members with his own progress.

Over the years, I notice Tribes forming and disbanding.  I do not have a plan to control them or license them or measure them or impose a tax on them.

All methods that I can envision to set TTP up as a commercial venture seem to follow the Theatre Model: namely, to charge admission for an entertaining, show.

The Zero-Point Process provides lots of entertainment and also a temporary sense of well being.  Even better, the effects wear off quickly so you have to keep coming back for another fix.

Tribe Meetings, that follow the deeper Rocks Pocess, often leave the Members grieving about their new insights into their historic behavior patterns.  

It may take days, even weeks, for the sorrow to wear off and for the joy of attunement to surface.

After a few Rocks Process sessions, Tribe Members generally make substantial progress with their issues and do not "need" to continue.

I appreciate your caring about TTP and how to make it available as a commercial enterprise.

You might consider implementing the Rocks Process in your local Tribe - perhaps even visiting the Austin Tribe to experience the way I deliver it.  

I notice, on the Tribe Reach-Out Page, a demand for another TTP Workshop - so I may have one to offer before too long.  I might present one in Austin and another in London.

Meanwhile, you might consider taking your feelings about [wanting to turn TTP into a business] to Tribe as an entry point.

June 23, 2019

Tribe Meeting Report -
Connecting with His Wife

Dear Sir,

Please find the Tribe Meeting Report of the Mumbai Tribe for meeting our meeting on 13 June 2019.

TM1 - He shares that he is honoring his trading system.

TM2 - He shares that things have generally been good and apologizes for missing meetings since 2 months. He also shares that he’s been diagnosed with Diabetes and his medication for the same has started.

TM3 - His wife returns home after a sojourn at her parents home. She stays there to study for some exams. TM3 starts having minor headaches after she returns home. TM3 feels guilty about not connecting with her fully.

TM4 - I am anxious about not being able to make enough money. I am also angry about a child I mentor not doing some homework I give him. TM4 also shares meeting and discussing with the child’s parent, who according to the child is an angry person. TM6 points out that this can be an entry point as TM4 and the child are potentially subconsciously attracting each other’s drama.

TM5 - He is happy after his trading journey is featured in a leading financial portal in the country. He is also afraid that the praise he is receiving may make him complacent & overconfident. He is also worried about a new partner that is coming aboard his trading firm. His mother’s surgery goes well and she is recuperating well.

TM6 - He shares about some miscommunication between his fiance and his mother regarding his upcoming wedding. He talks to his fiance about it and he is happy about the conversation. He is also upset about a remark someone makes about him at a conference and he wonders why the person passed the remark and if his question is stupid.


TM3 takes the hotseat with his issues of not connecting with his wife and getting headaches with TM6 as the Process Manager.

TM3 starts with some story telling about the headaches. He describes the situation about his wife wanting to connect with him in the evening whereas he feels like shutting it out. He shares that with people who talk too much he usually shuts them out, but with his wife he tries to pay attention. As he mentions all this, he curls his toes and tightens his fists. TM3 shares that he also feels guilty that his wife has adjusted to suit his lifestyle, but he hasn’t made much adjustments for her.

TM3 accentuates forms of rubbing the forehead with both hands and leans back on the chair and feels like he's floating. PM probes for vision,shape or colour and TM3 can visualise an astronaut floating in zero gravity zone. PM also keeps probing HS for any other incidents in the past where HS feels like this.  HS does not recall any incidents. After going thru some more forms, HS elects to end the process.

Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting your meeting.

At the point HS elects to end the process, the Process Manager might proceed with "Thank you. Now show us the feeling of wanting to end the process."

That approach might also lead to the source drama of wanting to end communication with his wife.

You might consider checking willingness of all your Tribe Members to show up and to work the processes through to the end.
Jun 22, 2019

How to Teach Kids

Thank you for your response, however your response does raise one issue that I have been wanting to ask you for sometime now.

"Lately, I assign more importance to internal states, such as focusing on what you want - and on maintaining intimacy-centric connections with others. "

So with years of thinking and experience you have arrived to above view in last few years. People, who follow it and perhaps grasping it are picking that up probably at a little younger age.

Question I am struggling with is how to teach this to my kids ( 9,5,3). If you ask my nine and five years old that what is the most important thing in life ? They will say ( because of my routine reinforcement ) that to know what what you really want in life.

But I doubt if they are understanding what they are talking about.

I need to create an conditions/tools and teaching material that they start grasping this at deepest level so they can use it for their entire life.

Another topic on teaching material. I see your conversation with Professor Forrester about "persuage K-12 schools to teach System Dynamics".

It is a worthy goal. But I have decoupled myself , at least for now , from depending upon K-12 system for my kids. They are being home schooled. Primarily, because we don't want to depend upon steam that is designed to produced workers to cater someone else's ( formal job economy)  needs.

Having done that I have no material or teaching ideas and framework for them so they can latch on this concepts of looking inwards. Perhaps, the issue is that since I am still a student and trying to grasp totality of it, How can student be a teacher for another set of students ?

Please share your thoughts how to talk this all to kids version ( 11 to 16 years old )


Thank you for raising this issue.

You teach your children, most effectively, by the example you set.

If you love yourself and others and show enthusiasm for your career, they learn to love themselves and others and to create an enthusiastic career.

If you force a beliefs and behaviors on them, they learn to force beliefs and behaviors on others.

You might consider taking your feelings about [educating your children] to Tribe as an entry point.

For a good three minute course on raising children (and parents) see: Teach Your Children
Jun 22, 2019

More on Four - See June 13


I hear you. Focus on what I really want. Clarify intention.
Thank you for receiving the message.

I recall, back in the day, recommending Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (LeFevre), The Crowd (Le Bon), Popular Delusions (McKay) and books of historical charts. 

You can read them again today to see how little things change.

I also recall, back in the day, believing that more knowledge (and higher marks in school) lead to more success.  Lately, I assign more importance to internal states, such as focusing on what you want - and on maintaining intimacy-centric connections with others.
June 22, 2019

Austin Tribe Meeting Report - Rock and Role

Hi Ed,

We have a Tribe meeting on Friday afternoon.

I report to the Tribe that when I worry about something, I'm easy to be preoccupied and it compromises my ability to conduct normal functionalities.

For example, the day before I come to the meeting, I start to worry about that the airline may force me to check in my violin. It's a new and expensive violin to me and my teacher tells me that if I allow airline to do so, it may destroy me violin.

The morning before I go to airport, I am in panic and don't know what to do. Eventually I decide to bring my violin with me. After I arrive at Austin, I find that I forget my computer monitor cables and my tooth brush. It's not a big problem but I concern very much such pattern of letting worry or anxiety interfere my normal duty. Next time I might make greater mistake.

Tribe help me to get into my feelings and forms. I recall when I was little, I see my dad cries at dinner table and worries about his sinusitis. "I must have cancer and I will die!" he whines. My mom scold him and tell him to stop crying like a baby. I feel embarrassed. 
Another member also checks in his problem of anxiety. And he has to take medication constantly to calm him down. Tribe help him amplify his form of anxiety and he recalls that when he was a child, his father whop him after he gets a poor score, 3 out of 20, in his spelling test.

One member reports his feeling of anxiety. During form development, he recalls that he once help his dad to fix the car. His dad asks him to hold the light and he feel tired after couple hours. His dad gets mad at him and call him lazy and good for nothing, and hit him on top of ear.

One member report that he is not able to develop a deep, long term relationship with his companion. He had an argument when she criticizes him. Tribe help him to follow his feelings on the chest and he recall that his mom criticizes him as well.

We role play the kid gets whopped by his dad. I play the mother. A tribe member play the surrogate son who just had a bad score in his spelling test. When the surrogate  son tells me the score, he asks me how I feel. I tell him I am disappointed and worried. When the father is about to whip him with his belt, the son ask him if he feels angry. The dad says yes and tell him his own father beats him when he had bad score. And the father believes getting hit help him behave. "It only helps to turn you into an angry man", says the surrogate son. He continues by share his feelings with the father.

In the next process. I play the busy father who has his son help him in the garage. The situation remind me my own experience in the garage when having my son helping me to do repairs. I feel stressful, tired and unhappy that my son acts passively. In the play, start to tell my son that he is lazy, good for nothing. I hit him on his arm. Next, we play this in  the intimacy centric model.

The son asks me how I feel. I tell him I am tired and helpless. The son looks surprise, he never knows his father would feel tired. Because his father always do chores and is always busy. He thank me for telling him. And he offers to do the repair for me. I feel surprised that my son has grown up and can help me now. I tell him I feel relieved.

During the next role play, when my dad whining about his fear of death, my mom tells him that she feel annoyed and embarrassed. She also feel scared because she is a woman and she feel the husband is no longer reliable. PM mentions that this role play is different from others because I am not in the center of the stage of the drama. But during the role play, I share with my dad how I feel when he acts worried. I tell him that I also feel scared. My dad tells me that he never realize how he affects me and the family and tell me not to worry.

The last role play happens between the member and his girl friend. The member express his feeling of wanting to be able to share feelings. She tells him how she feels jealous. He eccourages her to say more and he conversation runs more peacefully.

This meeting has more role plays and I like it more than before. I like more role play. Sometimes insights and realizations is not as good as just diving into muscle train and acquire the moves.

Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting the meeting.
June 21, 2019

Tribe Meeting Report - Sock It To Me


I wonder why my ears don’t tingle; I go to Austin Tribe. It comes up during the second check-in – progress since last meeting. I say that I miss the warm glow and tingling in my ears when I am making money and moving forward in life. I explain that I don’t know if the feeling has moved in my body or if I just don’t feel it anymore. I complain about lack of progress and Tribe amplifies the feelings.

I ramp it up and feel it. I twist my hands and rock. How does it feel to not make progress? The form moves around as I narrow in on the feeling. I’m getting into it pretty good when Chief adds now smile while you are doing that. “You like it”. I like the feeling of not making progress. The smile makes the link.

I continue and the words “I’m lazy and good for nothing” come into my mind. The standard beratement from my childhood. “Lazy and good for nothing” I shout. PM guides the experience to a memory.  I’m in my Father’s workshop and I am around 8 years old. I’m shocked to recall that being clipped around the ears can certainly warm them up and make them tingle.

I have two jobs. Hold the workshop hand lamp and fetch tools. It is one of the few interactions I have with my Father. The lamp is hot and not well insulated. My father is always working in the workshop. Always.  Holding the lamp is boring and fraught with danger. It is a delicate balance to shine the light in just the right place at the right time and keep the shade angled to not get any light in my father’s eyes. The tools are fetched from the drawer chest. The memory hits me in the stomach. I forgot about the drawers. It towers over me as a child and I climb on lower drawers to reach the higher ones. Some drawers are organized – the ones that don’t see much use, many are overflowing and impossible for me to find anything in. This sets the role play.

He can hear me playing nearby and calls me in. I don’t want to do it. Holding the lamp is boring and always ends in a fight. I reluctantly obey. I am standing over the engine with my father holding the lamp. My father is played by a Tribe member and the engine is a pot plant. It seems real to me; all I can see is the engine. I fetch tools and hold the light. I make a mistake - my Father calls me lazy and good for nothing and jabs me. I am shocked at the accuracy. I go and hide outside. In Tribe I am hiding behind a sofa chair.

We go again and this time the interaction is different. I ask my father how he feels about working all the time. He does it to stay busy, and I realize that he is avoiding my Mother. He says that he feels tired. He always seems to have endless energy to work hour after hour, I never thought that he could be tired. I tell him that I will help and that I can do more than just hold the light and fetch tools. I tell him that I can help fix the car because I have been watching him do it for so long. He says that he would like that. We work on the car together. He tells me that he is proud of me. I feel emotional hearing the words.

I can’t fix my Father’s workaholism - I fix my drawers! I have drawers at home where I can’t find anything. I call my Wife and tell her about the drawers. She also has feelings about my sock drawer which irritates her because it is a permanent mess. I give her the go ahead to purge the worn-out socks.

Life is a little easier.

Thank you.

Before and After

Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting the meeting.
June 20, 2019

Tribe Meeting Report - TTP Salad


I separate the work of our four Tribe Members into four separate processes.  In the actual meeting, we seem to have all four processes open and proceeding at once, with people advancing their own explorations while participating as surrogates in each other’s dramas - kind of a TTP salad.

After drumming, we proceed to survey issues.

Tribe Member 1

M1 says he suffers from anxiety and “can’t do things quickly” and that a lot of things “pop up.”  He also discloses that he uses an anti-depressant. He feels it quiets his mind and helps him concentrate.

The Tribe advises him to not change his drug regimen without first consulting with his psychiatrist and that an anti-depressant might prevent his from accessing some of his feelings and participating fully in TTP. He elects to proceed.

The Tribe helps him access a form in which he squeezes his fist and says he does not want to learn.  He emerges with a recollection of his father beating him for getting 3 out of 20 spelling words correctly on his spelling test.

We arrange a role play in which he comes home from school, meets his mother and tells her about his test.  She tells his father who then beats him with a section of rubber hose.  In the actual role play, the father hits a nearby chair with a wooden spoon to create a spanking sound.  The sound of the beating, the position of M1 bending over to receive the beating and the sound of the angry father, drive M1 To tears, despite his MAO inhibitor.

M1 confirms the role play as an accurate simulation of his childhood situation.

We then re-run the simulation with a surrogate, standing for M1, who uses the Heart Rock.  When he comes home, he and his mother have a discussion about their feelings.  Later he has a talk with his father about their feelings.  His father recalls receiving beatings from his own father for poor test results in school.  Ultimately, the son and father agree to work together to help the son prepare for the next exam.

M1 can hardly believe what he sees.  With some coaching, he, too, gets a similar result using intimacy-centric relating.  He considers consulting with his psychiatrist to reduce his dosage of his SSRI Drug and to deal with his feelings by accepting them rather than suppressing them. The Tribe advises him to check with his psychiatrist and to recount his Tribe experience and also to change his regimen only with professional approval.

Tribe Member 2

M2 shares tingling in his ears and general dissatisfaction with his living situation.  He enters a form of wringing his hands and saying “I’m not good enough.”  Presently, with more Tribe encouragement, he winds up holding a mechanic’s lamp for his father, working in his body shop on a car. His father continuously berates his son (M2) for not holding the lamp properly, calling him “Lazy and good for nothing.”  Occasionally, his father sends him off to fetch a wrench or other tool.  The shop tool bay has drawers with little organization and a lot of clutter and M2 has difficulty finding the tool. This results in even more berating.

We run the Rocks Process and the son discovers the father uses work, anger and clutter as ways avoid avoid intimacy with his wife.  Using the Heart Rock, M2 receives authorization from the father to graduate from lamp holder to mechanic.  At the end of the role play, we see the father  supportively holding the lamp for M2 who fixes a problem with the transmission.

During the checkout, M2 reveals he has very messy clothes drawers, full, among other things, of old underwear with holes, more suitable as shop rags than as wearing apparel.  One of the other Tribe members challenges M2 to call his wife and authorize her to clean out the clutter before M2 returns home. He reluctantly agrees to consider the suggestion.

Tribe Member 3

M3 reports anxiety and inability to make decisions.  On a recent air flight he has trouble deciding whether or not to bring his fine violin, for fear of having to check it in and bear the risk of damage.  He does not consider calling ahead to find out airline policy, preferring to “sweat it out” until he gets to the gate.  (They wind up allowing the extra carry-on) He gets into forms and winds up with a recollection of his father having trouble making decisions while his wife derides him in front of the children, saying, “Don’t cry like a baby.” 

We run the role play and discover that, even using the Heart Rock, M3 does not have much effect on the interaction between his mother and father – as he does not, himself, appear as a major player in the drama.  He concludes that he does not have to intervene or even worry about the conflicts between other people.  He may find application of these insights in his current living situation, in which three generations occasionally live together under one roof and have judgments about each other and occasionally get into conflicts.

Tribe Member 4

M4 says he wants to have a deeper and more solid relationships.  He recalls trying to sustain intimacy-centric relating and then checking out when his significant other shares her feelings. She regards his checking out insulting and evidence of insincerity.

M4 gets into forms and reports feeling drowsy,  The Tribe encourages him and he briefly falls asleep.  He then recalls using the fall-asleep method throughout his life to avoid pain - including the pain of rejection and the fear of desertion, feelings he recalls having during his childhood. 

He exchanges his rejection-to-shutdown rock for the Heart Rock and manages to stay awake during the balance of the process.  Another Tribe member shares that in his own relationship, he might connect emotionally with his wife for around five minutes per day and that M4 might find his goal of having a “mostly intimate” relationship unsustainable.  M4 commits to trying his new stay-awake method and reporting back with the results.
Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting the meeting.
June 18, 2019

Tribe Meeting Report  - TTP and Bupropion

Hello Ed,

On June 14th we have a Trading Tribe meeting. We are 4 people present ,TM 1, TM2 , TM 3 and TM 4.

We begin by all hitting on some drums.

TM 1 checks in first. TM 1 begins by explaining that since childhood he gets hit a lot by his father for performing poorly in school and brings up a specific case for when he got 3/20 for an English spelling quiz in grade 4. He continues to explain that later in life he was told that he has a mental deficiency in some neurotransmitters and has to take a MAO drug. This medication helps his mental performance be where he needs it to be to complete a college degree and be a strong employee at his company. TM 1 says although he has good mental performance he feels numb from the medication and wants to learn how to cope without them and thinks TTP can help him achieve this. During his explanation a few forms come out. "Things keep popping up" is said with a hand movement that shows bouncing. The Tribe encourage more of this form and TM 1 to repeat "Things keep popping up."

TM 2 Begins his check in. TM2 says he used to get tingling in his ears when he was making money but now the tingling feeling has gone and he wants it back and wants to explore it more.   

TM 3 Begins his check in. TM 3 explains he experiences a lot of anxiety when faced with a scenario where he doesn't know if the airline will allow him to check both his laptop and new violin in as hand luggage. He hears of stories where checked in luggage gets treated very poorly and gets damage. He fears this will happen with his new violin.

TM 4 Begins his  check in. TM 4 says he wants to work on a certain result that he keeps getting when he tries to a have close intimacy centric relationships.

TM 1 sits in the Hot seat with TM. TM 1 Tries to get into the feeling of anxiety and stress and starts to squeeze his hands very tight. His whole body starts to go tight and the Tribe encourages him to go deeper. He mentions it feels a little numb since he still has a lot of the medication in his system.

TM 2 sits in the Hot seat. TM 2 beings with a feeling of not being enough. His arms go tight and straight with his hands squeezing tighter and tighter. He realizes that his father calls him "Lazy good for nothing" when he is a child helping his father by holding a light over the car engine but sometimes gets tired and doesn't hold it just right. Keeps calling him "Lazy good for nothing." His father asks him to find a certain tool in these big cabinets but he can't find it and gets called "Lazy good for nothing." TM 2 realizes he can't find his socks or underwear in his house. He has to open multiple different drawers to find his sock drawer and underwear drawer. He can't find it and it frustrates him. He keeps stuffing it with old socks and underwear until it over flows.

He struggles to throw it away. PM mentions he is really good at this game of not finding his socks. PM suggest to TM2 keep feeling the feeling of "I can't find anything" has he gets into it his face start pulling and his arms twitch and swing  bit. PM says you are really good at this game keep playing the game. You don't want to find your socks or underwear otherwise you can't play this game. PM suggests okay smile and feel frustrated that you can't find anything. TM 2 stands up and opens all the drawers, starts to swing his arms, jumping up and down. The other TM'rs encourage him "more swinging", "More I can't find anything" now TM2 arms shoots straight up in excitement and enjoyment of "I can't find it game." and starts to cool down a bit and sits down. 

TM 3 sits in the Hot seat. He tells us more about the situation he faces when trying to understand if he will be able to take both his new Violin and Laptop on flight as hand luggage. He says this makes him stress a lot because he knows airlines are notorious for damaging check in luggage. He tries to read on line what the policies of various airlines are but finds conflicting information and now gets more anxiety. PM mentions he is setting up this game to get maximum anxiety. PM asks him to show us anxiety, his lips starts going very tight and starts squeezing, the tribe encourages him to crank it up has the form dissipates TM3 goes back to when he is a child and his father had sinus infection and thinks he has cancer and will die. His mother scolds his father for being a "Baby." TM 3 remembers this very well and feels ashamed of his father for acting like a baby.

TM 4 sits in the Hot seat TM 2 is now PM. He recalls, from the past, a situations where he tries to be emotionally intimate with his girlfriend.  She does not know much about sharing feelings. Rather than share her insecurities, she accuses him of things she fears. The situation escalates into a fight. He notices he generally attracts this type of relationship.

The Tribe encourages his to show his forms. He starts to get into rejection, his hands and arm go really tight together. He feels rejection like an ice cold ball in his throat. The Tribe encourages him to make it colder. And is able to do some. He then goes into a ball seated with his hands pressing his head down saying he feels tiredness and depression. As TM 4 cranks up the pain he actually falls asleep for about a minute or two. PM says something and he wakes up. He realizes when he feels a lot of pain he goes to sleep, that is his rock for responding to pain is sleep instead of dealing with the pain.

Next we move in to role play process. TM 1 role plays getting hit for bad grades as a kid. The PM also takes a turn acting as his surrogate showing TM1 how to respond to the feelings his parents feel and in doing so gets a different result, one that is positive and not getting hit.

TM 2 Role plays the scenario where his father calls him into the garage to work on a car. After running the role play like it usually works out the PM guides him through a second time focusing on intimacy centric responses when  his father calls him lazy good for nothing. Getting a positive outcome where he is able to show his father that he is actually capable of fixing the car and his father is gratefully surprised.

TM 3 role plays the scenario where his father complains about anxiety about dying and his mother calls his father a big baby. With the PM guiding him he is able to get a positive result where he shares his feelings with his father that he feels his father should be strong and a good example of not worrying and being a good man.

TM 4 role plays the scenario where he tries to be intimate with his girlfriend but gets in the argument and falls asleep instead of dealing with the situation. First the role play is run in a similar manner as the actual event. Second round he gets a positive outcome by staying awake and responding to the conflict with a focus on how the other person feels and creates a field of acknowledgment by saying thank you when ever the other person shares their feelings.

In the end the Tribe members check out recapping their thoughts on what happened.       

Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting the meeting.
June 18, 2019

Ten Years and Still Sharing

Thank you for a gift that keeps on giving, 10 years on.

Mug Shot

Thank you for remembering ten years.
June 18, 2019

Wants a Community

Hello Ed,

can you give me some information where I can find community in Europe.

I live in Poland and wanna meet people who work in group.

It would be great if you give the info or any contacts.

Many thx ) and Best regards,
Thank you for raising this issue.

You can click on Resources, above - then on TT-Services and then on Reach Out.
June 17, 2019

On Line Mentorship

Dear Sir,

I am from India, currently staying in Dubai.

I am a forex trader and also a trainer in capital markets. Markets are my passion and my expertise is on charts- price action trading.

My trading is going well and would like to refine and connect the dots. I have read your story from Market Wizards book.  I am really looking forward to get an opportunity to learn from you. May I know whether you could provide any on line mentorship to me.

If so that would be great.

I have seen the workshops in Houston. Do you conduct else where in Asia? Not sure how easily I could get an USA Visa. Could you pls provide the details of the course.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Thank you for raising these issues.

I generally host Workshops in Austin, Texas or in Cambridge, UK.

I provide on-line mentoring for free through this column.  For details on private consulting, follow the link to Ground Rules, above.

I do not know of a TTP Workshop in Houston. If you know of one, please send me the link.
June 16, 2019

Wants to Attend a Workshop

Dear Ed Seykota,

I would love to join your workshop

Need helps on details and procedures

I am Full Time Trader, from Malaysia.
Thank you for showing an interest in attending a Workshop.

You might consider registering your interest at this link:

June 14, 2019

Marketing TTP

Dear Ed,

I thought I'd check in to update you on my progress and thinking about TTP.

After our initial conversation I found that my mind was racing and quite often fantasizing about the potential success of expanding TTP. I found myself waking up at 4am each day with TTP the first thing I thought about.

Ironically, little got done and I found myself exhausted after a couple of weeks of sleepless nights.

I am finding using the creative side of my brain very difficult as it is something I have not had to do most of my adult life.

TTP: The Tribe Process.

I could not think of anything better. Everyone I speak to about it thinks TTP is a very catchy acronym and it would be a shame to lose it. Tribe also needs to stay as it is somewhat unique and memorable.

Domain name:
I have purchased thetribeprocess and and was going to cost >$100k.

It's important to me that TTP ranks highly on google, and that someone searching for mental health or self improvement can easily come across TTP in a google search:

After doing some research into SEO I found that:
1.) Lots of backlinks (links from other websites) to your site is likely the most important factor in ranking highly on google. I will attempt generate backlinks through social media, speaking to blogging websites on self development / self improvement and asking them if they would be willing to write an article about TTP with a link.
2.) Content is second most important (so having key words on the website that match what someone might search for) - Google is very smart about this and you cannot cheat the algorithm so it is best not to worry about this. The content will naturally relate to searches on self improvement / mental health.
3.) Domain name : Needs to be .com. Needs to be as short as possible and memorable. tribeprocess was the only one I could find that was cheap and closely matched the brand name. Unfortunately is already taken.

My main concern at the moment is creating a website that achieves the following aims:

    Reduces the judgement's that people naturally might have about something as 'unusual' as TTP.
    Simplifies TTP to the extent that it is easy to understand.

I have leaned heavily on your book as it explains TTP in a wonderful way. Everyone I have spoken to so far seems to quickly grasp what TTP is about. I am trying to find the right balance between explaining it enough to be interesting without it being too long for people to read about and thus lose interest.

To actually explain TTP in a video would require more than 3 minutes of playing time.
A 3 minute video would be expensive to create and I believe perhaps an unnecessary expense at this point in time.

A different approach I have decided on is to make a 60-90 second video which primarily focusses on:

    the traditional forms of self help and therapy.
    the fact that often, these methods are ineffective and the person winds up exactly where they started.
    what's overlooked is the judgement/avoidance of feelings.
    TTP is the method that can help someone make the breakthrough.
    there is no detailed explanation of how TTP works, but hopefully enough interest is generated such that the viewer is willing to explore the website further.

My intention is to write the script for this video along with my vision for what it might look like. I will then seek out quotes which from my research will likely be in the £250-£750 range for a 90sec video.

Hopefully, one day, should the demand prove to be there, more detailed, high quality, educational videos can be created that describe TTP in more detail.

I will attempt to create the website myself, using wordpress. This looks fairly straightforwards. I think a professional looking website is achievable at a low cost.
Should TTP generate an income one day I can always pay for a branding expert to rebrand the entire website.

It's possible to get up to 30 different logo designs made for free, and you only pay (£300) if you decide to go ahead and choose one. I don't mind the current TT logo, it looks good on your govopoly book, but I think it's worth exploring to see if there is anything more eye catching and memorable.

After doing some research I have concluded that social media is the most potent way to spread the word about TTP.

Instagram in particular is an app that can provide a lot of value. I have acquired thetribeprocess username for instagram and tribeprocess for twitter. I have also set up a facebook page with thetribeprocess as the handle.

The uniqueness of TTP should help it to stand out quite easily in the social media space.

I notice that you have a TTP twitter account which currently has approximately 32k followers. With your permission, at some point I would like to utilise this large following to spread the word about TTP.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings about extending TTP as a commercial venture.

You might consider taking you feelings about [making TTP profitable] and [bringing in lots of customers] to Tribe as entry points.

If you wish to realize these goals, you might focus your marketing around the Zero-Point process.  It gives quick relief, feels good and works well as entertainment for other participants.

In addition, it wears off quickly so you get a lot of repeat business.  You could even give out prizes for the most dramatic forms.

If your goals include facilitating  meaningful growth, right livelihood and personal sovereignty, you might wind up with a very different marketing strategy - one that involves qualifying clients and Tribe leaders.

June 13, 2019

Four in One


The following appeared on June 6, 2019.

I would appreciate if you could list those four books ?

"A long time ago… back in 1992/93-ish, I talked to you on the phone about a Trading Tribe you had just started. You told me to read 4 books. I enjoyed the books and they were very helpful."


Thank you for raising the issue of the four best books.

If you want those exact four, you have to meet me back in 1992.

In your current case, I might recommend one: namely, a book of blank pages upon which you might write as many wishes as you can.

Then go back over all the pages and mark the ones you really intend to realize.
June 12, 2019

Whatcha Ghana Do

Hello Mr. Ed Seykota,

Please I am in Ghana. I have been involved with FX trading with limited success.

Please I only wish there is way I can get some education from you Sir.

Can you help out whilst I am in Ghana.

Thank you for asking if I can give you some education.

You might consider starting by selecting something to do that serves others.  

If nothing comes to mind, ask the next person that happens along how you can best serve her (or him).

Let me know what you learn.
June 8, 2019

Plane Dealing

Hello Mr Seykota,

I would like to share something with you and the Trading Tribe community so please feel free to upload to FAQ.

Today I go to see a listing for cheap radio controlled airplanes. Someone lists 5 planes and many parts for $500. I enjoy this hobby since the age of 13 and want to see if I can get a plane for cheap. I arrive at the address that was provided in the listing. My intention was only to go look at what the person has to offer.

I greet the person outside, who tells me I can't view them inside he has water damage so he will bring them outside. I start feeling sorry for this person because he has water damage and goes through effort to bring out the planes one by one. Now I feel I can't say no anymore. I think I shall buy only one plane for $75 then I quickly feel bad to only buy one plane, now I feel obligated to buy all of them for $500. I also feel maybe it will help this person to have some cash for water damage repair.

So now even though I don't really want to, I go to the an atm to withdraw the cash. I think I shall only withdraw $350 and negotiate the price but think, no I can't negotiate with this person I feel too sorry for them so I withdraw the full amount. Now I pay him and load everything up. As I pull up to my house I find that all the doors are locked and I don't have a house key so I call my brother who is now brining a key. While I wait I decide to go get Whataburger. As I park the car I start to feel a rush of regret. I didn't really want the burden of all these planes, that can have good value if I put time in to restore them. I feel mad at my self for making this decision I don't want to waste time on restoring these planes, I keep thinking this is time I will need to spend that I instead can spend coding on my back testing system.

I sit down with my burger and fries and keep feeling the feeling of regret. I remember Ed says that "feelings have positive intentions." I think what positive intention can this feeling of regret have. I realize I make other people's problem my problem, I realize I can't be a hero, its okay for me not to pick up other peoples problems. I feel a little relive but not enough. I remember Ed says, I paraphrase "I don't believe the past exits ..." I sip more coke and think, I have lost $500, I have 5 used RC planes this is the NOW, what can I do in the now about the situation, I want my $500 back, I realize now I have to fix a few planes up, accept the loss in time and sell what ever parts I can. I feel a lot of relieve now. I get home and start to unload everything. I find a box full of nitro gas motors. I pull my laptop closer and put a spread sheet together to inventory what I have and research possible prices. Just in the box alone I see I have a possible sell value of $420 almost all the money back and that is not even taking value of possible restored planes. I make small progress towards right livelihood.

Thank you
Thank you for sharing your process.
June 8, 2019

Bug Fix

Yes, I see that the list of strong and weak stocks have a high variety of first letters now. The charts look very trendy as well.

Thank you for your prompt fix.

Although I feel confident in my strong stock identification skills, I get comfort from seeing that my list often contain several stocks that are also on your list.

If our lists have no intersection I check my intentions.

You are of great help to me, both with stocks and with life.

Yours thankfully,
Thank you for letting me know the stock ranker works again.
June 8, 2019

Wants a Tribe in Israel


A couple of questions if I may:

First, you have several books, what would you suggest be the right order?

Second, I manage investor’s capital in my fund, based on ideas that at their core, stem from trend following. I do that from Israel and am going through my journey quite alone, which as you surely know better than I do, is tough. I’d love to benefit from a process such as the one you’ve developed and are running, in order to improve and grow.

How would you suggest I go about it and do you know, by chance, of such a group/Tribe, in Israel? If not, perhaps to get some training so a local group can be initiated?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

I Appreciate your time for replying.

Thank you for raising these issues.

I have two books.  The Trading Tribe shows how to set up and operate a Tribe.  Govopoly in the 39-th Day shows how the Govopoly System inexorably assimilates the Free Competition Sector.

You may read them in any sequence.

You can find links to Tribes and Tribe Members at Resources, above, then to TT-Services and Tribe Reach Out.

If you don't find anyone in your neighborhood, you may still register and serve as a focus for others.
June 8, 2019


Dear Ed,

This page:

Contains this quote:

Thing1: "Ultimately, you cannot guarantee an outcome, so you cannot guarantee performance or take total responsibility [for results]."

I am curious about how the above quote (which I assume is a direct quote from the "Ed Says" column* on FAQ) is in alignment (or not)  with these axioms:

    Thing 2: Intention equals results
    Thing 3: Everyone gets what they want

Thing1 appears to contradict Thing2 and Thing3.

I am hoping for a detailed answer on how Things 1, 2 and 3 are aligned, or not. I am also interested in any thoughts you may offer on the subject of [responsibility] within the context of this inquiry on the alignment of Things 1, 2 and 3.

I wonder if it is possible to widen the period of inspection from, say, 12 months to 48 months, for example, to make it possible to increase the predictability of returns. I understand I  have no control, while at the same time I currently hold that everyone gets what they want and intentions equals results. This introduces my inquiry in to the 3 Things.

Perhaps it is a simple question of the the number of samples of the measuring periods. I  am guessing.

Thank you for raising this issue.

I agree with you that Things 1, 2 and 3 contradict.

I do not agree with your assumption about the source of Thing 1.

The apocryphal "quote" comes from "Aggregation of TTP Wisdom" by George Coyle - that you can find at  Resources, above.

Per your request for details, I hold that:
1. You can guarantee any event.
2. Your guarantee does not bind nature to produce the event - it binds you (as guarantor) to indemnify the guarantee holder against damages from the event not happening.
3. You might notice that you (and all others in the associating structure) intend the result and may take responsibility for it.

4. You can predict events.
5. Your prediction does not bind nature to deliver your events.
6. You may find out, after the fact, your intention about predicting events accurately.

Applying the above to the situation at hand:
1. I do not guarantee the accuracy of the "Aggregation" that appears on my site.
2. I have an intention to have at least one inaccurate quote in "Aggregation."
3. I have an intention for you to discover and report this inaccuracy.
4. I learn about my intentions upon reading your contribution.
June 7, 2019

Bug Alert

Ahoy, Ed!

I thank you for your all your wits and wisdom, it's changing the way I approach both life and trading.
The changes make me feel better and more confident.

A curiosity accompanied by a question:
When I click the link to see notable stocks, I see some bank stocks.  Is this a feature or a bug?
Thank you for sending me the heads up.

I wonder if you can tell me the URL of the faulty-link page that contains "the link to see notable stocks."

Also, if  you can, the URL for the page that references to the faulty-link page above.

June 6, 2019

Rock On

Dear Ed,

A long time ago… back in 1992/93ish, I talked to you on the phone about a Trading Tribe you had just started. You told me to read 4 books. I enjoyed the books and they were very helpful.

Stan Grof's  book was especially insightful…So thank you!

I bought your Trading Tribe book & visit your site on occasion…. there is a mind set to all this -- that has really been helpful in my trading & life.

You use a Rock Process for correcting mental issues and increasing clarity. By coincidence, I have gathered quite a searock collection over the past 30 years -- just for the beauty & fun of it.

But at times and I'm not sure why…. they have given me great comfort & better mental clarity.!

I notice that your website could use some better looking rock photos, so I've sent you a photo you might like. Feel free to use it if you like.

Rock on..& Thanks again for your excellent insights.!

Rock On

Thank you for sharing your process and the photo of your collection.
June 3, 2019

Wants to attend a Tribe in NYC

Hey Ed ...

I recently sold an E-com company I built and I'm looking to get back into trading (I had to stop trading to build the company).

Could you direct me to a tribe in NYC or to any other serious trading / learning resources?

Thank you for raising this issue.

To connect with other Tribe Members,, click (above) Resources / TT_Services / Tribe Reach Out
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