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TT Workshop

December 13-15
Bastrop, Texas

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October 31, 2019

Pattern Recognition

I’m a Chinese and now I’m working in Italy.

I’m 26 years old and now I decide to learn essential knowledge about trading.

I think I can get lots of nutrition from you. 

I already have some basic understanding on cut losers and ride winners, also on risk management by reading your articles. 

Now I’m very curious about pattern recognition and I want to learn more on this. 

Could you please spend some precious time to teach me some basic knowledge on this topic? 

Thanks in advance.
Thank you for raising this issue.

I can tell you my method - although I cannot say how it might work for you.

1. Look through lots of price charts and select a bunch of your favorites.

2. Figure out what properties the bunch of favorites has in common.

3. Encode these properties and apply them to lots of charts and notice what charts the code selects.

Keep repeating these steps for about 50 years.
October 29, 2019

Workshop Photos

Greetings Ed!

I wish y’all the best of outcomes at the TTP Workshop in Bastrop this December 13-15.

I attach two group photos from the 2013 & 2014 Workshops that I attended. Looking at them brings back fond memories.

I also attach my goal photo which I’ve partially achieved—I’ve developed multiple systems that meet my criteria—I write “partially” because I realize 1-week system development time is too fast for my process.

I “open up”, I embrace change, & I get better at hosting all my feelings.

I thank you & the Austin Tribe for all your help.

Successful Trading Systems
In One Week

Thank you for sharing your process and your Goal Photo.
October 29, 2019

Free Charting Software

Dear Sir,

You may want to check out Libraries for the TT Chartbook. The library uses your price action data to create & display charts. You can check out their library.
The library is free to use.

I like their charting capabilities & ease of use.

Thank you for sharing your link with me.

October 23, 2019


Dear Ed

One of the buttons in the chart server seems to have a typo "Sweeden" instead of Sweden.

Thank you for thee catch.
October 20, 2019

Wants to Join a Tribe


I am reading the Trend Following book and am interested in the Trading Tribe.

I live in Kingwood, TX.

How do I join a tribe?

Thank you

Thank you for raising this issue.

You may start your own and you may also check for connections on the Tribe Reach-Out page at Resources/TT Services.
October 15, 2019

Tribe Meeting Report - Family Feud


With 3 members present, we begin with drumming and proceed to Check In.

TM1 - He is attending a meeting after a month & half. He is trying to create more trading strategies but is afraid of failing when testing & implementing these strategies.

TM2 (I) - I share my fears about not having enough money & also worry about the slow pace of progress of some of my projects.

TM3 - He goes wedding shopping with his fiance and towards the end of the shopping, they both get very tired and cranky. He also feels upset at being sandwiched between his parents & fiance’s issues. He shares an incident where his family recommends a photographer (who is close to his parents ) for his upcoming wedding & his mother-in-law goes ahead and hires him (the photographer), his fiance later changes her mind after seeing the quality of the pictures. He also shares that his mother-law and fiance had canceled a make-up artist after taking recommendation from his mother. TM3’s shares that his family feels that they are being taken for granted by the in-laws due to such actions. TM3 also feels sad about the same as he knows his mother-in-law’s and fiance’s intention is not to do that, and is purely objective, but the sentiment of his parents have gotten hurt. He elects to take this to the hotseat.

Note: This Meeting takes place in TM3’s bedroom.

Hotseat 1

With TM2 (I) as the Process Manager, TM3 takes the hotseat.

TM3 starts with story telling about how the mentioned incidents. He feeling irritation by the actions of his in laws and friction between the families. He starts to shake his head. We cheer him on and urge him to do the same. We go through a few more forms.

At one point TM3 recalls a memory where he is a small kid and he is creating a ruckus around the house (he doesn’t recall why) when his extended family is over & his uncle picks him up and puts him atop a water tank.

I probe the incident further but HS is unable to recall anything significant around it. I test for willingness & HS replies that he does not want to continue but is willing to continue.

I ask him to feel where he feels he does not want to continue the process. He points his hand at his forehead. We cheer him up in feeling. He mentions he feels tired.

I again probe for willingness & HS is willing to continue. He says he wishes to lie down. I mention he is free to lie down if he wishes. HS lies down on his bed. He feels relaxed.

We ask him where he feels relaxed & he mentions all over. I ask him to feel the relaxation. The tribe cheers him on. I again test for willingness. HS does not wish to continue. We end the process.

HS Check Out

TM1 mentions that during the process, he feels some feelings as well. I & HS feel that it is a sub par process. I feel I freeze him at incorrect times. HS feels my management is OK, and the process was more medicinal, but there seems to be an insight for him to take time out and relax. We all feel tired & elect to end the meeting after the process.


Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting your Tribe Meeting.

You might consider asking TM2 how he feels about sharing his feelings about sharing his discomfort with all the relatives.
October 11, 2019

Personalizing Diets

Hi Ed

I hope you are well.

A few weeks ago someone who looked very much like you drove past my farm in what looked like a white / cream coloured vintage Rolls Royce car with running boards on the sides and spoked wheels.

There were three or four in the car I think. Noting you are now doing Tribes in Cambridge UK I was wondering if it was you. Realising this is a yes or no type question it comes to mind that to ask if it was you or not you without it being a yes or no question is impossible. So I will instead ask you what you have to say about it.

Another point of great interest was this Ted Talk presentation on the subject of how a certain diet is not a generally applicable formula for good health as it seems to prove that some foods are good for some people and bad for others.

I have ordered a blood glucose level tester so I can find out what foods give me the bad "glucose spike" which causes hunger, fat storage and diabetes and which foods don't.

It seems to prove very well that existing diet knowledge is erroneous as the individuals response to each food is the key rather than a general food for all.

On a sad note my dog Fletcher passed away on September 6th aged 13 years 2 months. During his life he created several of his own laws including the one demonstrated by the attached photo "Sticks MUST be thrown"

J Krishnamurti in his wisdom stated that at the end of sorrow comes passion and whilst I have had some moments of this passion, it is replaced by sorrow shortly after like some kind of cycle.




Thank you for sharing your process.

I concur that different diet styles fit different persons - as do different investing styles.

Let me know what you learn with your glucose testing.

Please accept my prayers and wishes during this season of passages for you and Fletcher.
October 11, 2019

Tapering Off Drugs

Dear Ed,

Thank you for reminding me about the early-bird Workshop price. I think about the Workshop regularly and how I want to make use of the early bird price but the [psycho-active medication] tapering off project is finished now and based on the results I have to conclude that the issue is physiological rather than from unresolved past issues.

Also thank you for motivating me to get a therapist. I have employed a clinical psychologist for the role.

However I don't have an appointment with him until Oct 18th where I want to first discuss with him my experience with the tapering off project before I can make a decision about attending.

With Thankfulness
Thank you for sharing your process and for seeking professional help with your medication schedule.
October 11, 2019

2020 Workshop

Hi Ed,  

Gratitude to you for sharing your wisdom on the website.

What are your plans for Workshops in the new year? Unfortunately I can't make your December one.

Thank you for acknowledging me and for asking about Workshops for 2020.

So far, I have no plans for a Workshop in 2020.
October 11, 2019

Fake Site

Hello Sir Ed Seykota,

I am asking you very much for your support. I found your profile on this page

You are listed on the list of famous people on the above website :)

Dear Sir, I am asking you very warmly for your support.

Do you use the product on a daily basis?

Have you not noticed any difficulties with [using it and getting money out of it]?

Thank you for raising this issue.

I notice the site lists me and various other traders on their site, without my knowledge or permission - and likely to mislead visitors and who might infer an endorsement.

I hold this practice as deceptive and would advise you to investigate very carefully before proceeding with them.
October 8, 2019

Trading Competition

To whom this may concern,

I am trying to get in contact Ed Seykota to ask for his advice as a experienced stock trader. Me and a group of students have been entered into a competition where we have to buy,sell and trade shares in businesses to gain the most profit by the end. We have tried looking at the graphs and numbers they have given us and tried to do research but so far we haven’t had any luck .we have a small time in which to practice before the main competition so I wanted to know if Ed Seykota had any top tips to help.

Thank you for reaching out to me.

I wonder if you can tell me more about your situation.

For example, the name of your school, the "they" that gives you the graphs, how much (virtual) money you get at the start,  how heavily you can trade and the rules for scoring your results.

Also, I'd like to know something about you and how you happen to enter the competition.
October 1, 2019

TT ChartBook Decorations

Good day,

I would like to ask on Trading Tribe Chartbook.

Some of the futures such as gold and silver have lines that seems to be support / resistance and other futures do not have. Can you please explain to me about those lines.

Yours Sincerely

Thank you for raising this issue.

TT Chartbook has a facility for decorating the charts with trend lines, annotations and other charting features.  

You can decorate your charts and then share your decorations with other members in your group.

I have this in development and welcome your comments and suggestions.
October 1, 2019

Dear Ed,

Trading Tribe Book on Kindle


I was wondering if you would consider converting and selling “The Trading Tribe” book through Kindle? 

The link is here to do so 

This would allow more people to find your work and practice the Trading Tribe Process. Also, it is more convenient for some people having it in this format.

If you need help doing it, I don’t mind helping out.

Thank you for sending me your suggestion and link and offer to help.

I plan to test new materials during my Workshop in December.

Thereafter, I might update The Trading Tribe with many of my own learnings over the past ten years - and also update the means of distribution.
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