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December 13-15
Bastrop, Texas

Contributors Say Ed Says
September 30, 2019

London Workshop

Dear Ed,

I am Trading Tribe book with great pleasure.  Thank you for writing it.

I would like to encourage you to do a Trading Tribe Workshop in London.  I live in Saudi Arabia and coming to London is more feasible.  That would be terrific.

Please add me, if possible, to a mail list for London.

Best wishes,

Thank you for expressing interest in attending a TTP Workshop in London.

Perhaps late next year.
September 29, 2019

Writing a Book

Hi Ed,

I arrive with the intention of discovering Right Livelihood at the TTP Workshop in Austin in September, 2013.  At the time, I work as a management consultant in the pharmaceutical and medical device sector – and dream of starting up a hedge fund. 

Just a few months after the workshop, I find myself leaving the world of management consulting and starting up a new company with the purpose of preventing (and reversing) lifestyle-related chronic disease. 

Almost six years on, we are a team of eight people working on “scaling solutions for a healthier world” – solutions that are focused on positive health and prevention of disease, instead of on the traditional approaches within health care that tend to suppress symptoms of lifestyle-related disease through various forms of medication. 

A large part of our portfolio comprises solutions addressing the health and well-being of children.

Last year, I am asked to consider writing a book about my journey from the corporate world to social entrepreneurship – and realize that TTP, and more broadly, embracing and being guided by my emotions in everyday life, plays an important role in this transition.  

One of the chapters in the book is centered around my experience and personal development through TTP over a seven and half year period.  Five of those as chief of the Amsterdam (and later, Utrecht) Tribe in the Netherlands.  

I wonder if you might be willing to review the draft manuscript, especially the TTP related part.  

In particular, I’d like to request your permission to use any copyright material that may be in the chapter related to TTP.  I have done my best to describe as much of the experiences, learnings, and philosophy in my own words.

Thank you.


Thank you for reaching out to me about your book.

I support you in expressing your own experiences involving TTP.

I generally also support your use of my copyright material, as long as you use it accurately and use it as a secondary reference to illuminate your own original thinking.

You may send me a draft copy of your book for review - I can then sign off (or not) on the actual copyright material you plan to include.

September 28, 2019

Clean-Carb Even

Funny, and my degrees in nutrition agree they (Carbohydrates) are all saccharides (and as you argued years ago, all 4 calories per gram.)

As a fellow technician we know all MAs are not equal. I was just curious, since being almost 80, clean carbs help keep my mind and equity curve even.

Best wishes,
Thank you for sharing your authority about carbohydrates.

You might consider equity curve that rises as an alternative to one that stays clean-carb even.
September 28, 2019

Working on a Book

Hi Ed,

I hope this email finds you well. I am working on a book consolidating the consistencies of 100+ years of the greatest traders (via their quotes or the quotes of people near them).

Per the permission you granted me a year or two ago, I included several of your quotes from FAQ. I'm reaching out with a few related questions.

First, I'd like to include the TTP aggregation as an appendix in the book. Are you OK with me including the aggregation?

Second, are you interested in reviewing the book and offering feedback?

Thank you for telling me about your book.

Please feel free to use "several" quotes for your book, meaning more than three and less than the number of chapters in your book.

If you wish to include the TTP aggregation, I can put you in touch with my attorney.  I have concerns that your readers might mistake the piece for an interview and also misinterpret some of the comments. Also, the piece might have some license value.

I would like to review the book, especially if you credit me with some of the material.
September 27, 2019

Intentions = Results

Thanks for taking the time to write these messages. I understand you’re a busy guy. The idea that I’m getting the results I believe I deserve is profound.

I’m going to just go ahead and attend a Tribe in Austin and fly out for it consistently.

Thank you for sharing your process.
September 27, 2019

One-Square-Kilometer Republic

Hi Ed,

Now this is my kind of constitutional republic:  Uzupis.

Any place that has a parliament that meets in a local bar and a statue of Frank Zappa to commemorate its independence is my kind of country.

Thank you for sharing the link with me.
September 26, 2019

All Carbs Matter


14 years ago we differed about all carbs being equal. Still believe sugar is as nutritious as broccoli?
Thank you for raising this issue.

I don't recall thinking sugar and broccoli as equally nutritious.

I believe the three forms of carbs <mono- saccharides, di-saccharides, and poly-saccharides> have different functions.

You might consider covering all your bases by sprinkling a generous helping of sugar on your broccoli.
September 22, 2019

Wants to Understand TTP

Hello Mr. Seykota,

I want to thank you for years of work and openly sharing many of your insights with those that are interested.

Your story has certainly served as an inspiration to me in personal growth and development as a trader.

Some of your insights that I've read, about human trader psychology and the mechanical trading systems, reminds me of this heuristic from another colleague of mine, in which three systems (the target system, the 'actor' system, and the learning system) are linked together through these feedback cycles.

As a newcomer, the TTP process intrigues me.  I resonate with the content I have discovered. As an example, when I read the description of 'Getting to the Zero Point' and the section starting with 'dancing joyously' it reminds me of times when I have been particularly hungover from a night of binge drinking, and have felt the need to write about the understanding of this release of tension in a similar way. 

I do not understand the mechanism completely, but I think I have felt a strong connection to my emotions in a state of total acceptance during these times. Perhaps I do not understand enough to fulfill the analogy, but nonetheless I am interested in the TTP for discovering that emotional channel.

I also write tonight to share an experience in the form of a story. My goal of starting as a CTA is on my mind. I realize that I have strong desire to quit my engineering day job and focus on this pursuit full time. I experience a particularly capturing nightmare and wonder if this is a manifestation of fear of my desired state.

I experience worries and anxiety about my abilities and wonder if this can be resolved by 'pulling the trigger' and 'going for it'.

I am curious if the manifestation of Fred through dreams is a common theme among TTP practitioners (perhaps I can find out in the archives). I am curious if my acknowledgement (CM?) between the dream and the fear (Fred?) is the TTP Zero Point.

I am curious if Fred has created the drama in the form of this nightmare because the CM wants to 'pull the trigger'.

I will continue to learn more about TTP and seek out a local group in Phoenix with whom I can connect. Again, thank you for all of the content.

Sincerest & kindest & best,

Thank you for raising these issues.

You can learn more about the Zero-Point processes and the Rocks Process from the booklet, TTP Extensions.  See the TT store for more details on how to purchase or download for free.

Dreams may help identify underlying tensions and forms that you can take to Tribe as entry points.

You might also consider taking your feelings about <wanting to figure it out> to Tribe as an entry point.

September 22, 2019

Workshop Application


. . . Essays:

What I want to change in my life.

I currently have two lives, an inner life and an outer life. My outer life is comfortable middle class, but my inner life desires a much higher life style. The dilemma lies in having to leave this comfort zone to pursue a richer and fulfilling life style. The saying, “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” tends to apply, but somewhere between the former and latter lies the mind…which plays a key role.
Feelings I most and least enjoy.  

The feeling I most enjoy is the feeling when I’m making love to my women and telling her I love her and she in return. The feeling I least enjoy is the feeling of anger. At times I could see it coming and stop it before it comes upon me, but most of the time is take a few seconds before I can recognize that I’m in that anger state. On occasion, while in the state of anger, I’m able to recognize, control and stop it, but it requires a lot of attention.

How I want my life to turn out in 10 years.

I can only generalize what I would like to “feel” in 10 years and that is to be able to dictate terms of my life style rather than having society’s norms and trends dictate to me how I should live my life style.

Thank you for sending me your application.
September 21, 2019

Tribe Meeting Report

Dear Sir,

Please find the Mumbai Tribe Meeting Report for  our meeting of 19 September 2019.

With 3 members present, we start with drumming and proceed to check in.

Check In

TM1 -  I bring problems I am having with a former friend. I feel hurt that she restricts my own access to my work all in early March, then has the audacity to demand that I hand over the domain I have purchased for the project. I share some instances where I feel she acts pettily and decide to take them to the hotseat.

TM2 - He is rejuvenated after taking a 2 week holiday with his friend and then taking a smaller 3 day trip with his wife. He feels irritated when his wife shares something which he considers trivial. He shares his feelings with her. He is also feeling a little disconnected from his parents and other people in general. He is worried about his career and also optimistic as he has a few interviews lined up.

TM3  - He too is rejuvenated after a trip with his childhood friends and then a visit to his brother’s place. He faces some racism for the first time in a bar during the trip and he is a little amused and angry by it.


I take the hotseat with TM3 as the process manager.

I start with a bit of storytelling about the incidents where I feel this way. I quickly get into a form. I am shaking my legs and feel a tight spot around my back. The Tribe continues to cheer me on. PM encourages me to do what I feel like. I share the angst and also share that it is for the first time in my life I genuinely feel so petty and that this pettiness is not how I react.

PM encourages me to keep sharing. I sense a twitch in my shoulders and hand. I also feel like a crazy evil person. PM probes what it feels within the body to be a crazy evil person. I start tapping my feet and keep pushing something away with my left hand. PM encourages me to keep doing the action. I feel like I want to get away from her and that “I’ll show her who I am by finding a better person than her”. I snap my fingers. I feel silly doing this. PM asks me to feel silly and I start laughing. I continue with that form for a while.  I share a feeling that I am tired of playing a “poor me” role, where I need to be sick or appear weak in order to get something I want. PM asks me to explore where in my body I feel “poor me”. I sense an intense tightness on the right side of my neck. It feels like a stone stuck there. I continue to feel it and recall an incident from when I am around 4 or 5.  The incident is as follows:

I am sitting on the couch in our living room as my mother walks in. She is distraught and angry. I ask her what happened. She is blaming my uncles for some monetary problems we are having. She is also angry at my uncles for not giving us a document we need to get a passport. I feel she feels betrayal &  injustice. I feel frozen and don’t say anything. She instructs me to always be better than them and show them I am better them and destroy them. PM pauses the process and checks with TM2. They both concur that during this incident, my mother donates to me a Rock where I feel distraught & angry at other people when they create stress for the people I love, and I act in a manner that I want to show them I am better than them.

TM2 roleplays my mother and we play the incident. The roleplay comes very close to what happened. I feel a tightness in the stomach. We reenact the scene and I fore-give the medicinal rock to my mother. Once the role play ends I feel much lighter. The burning in my stomach also ceases. PM hands me a heart rock. The Heart Rock contains a response where I receive others' feelings, but where their feelings are theirs and I’m not responsible for other people’s feelings.

We end the Rocks process & hotseat.

Hotseat & Meeting Checkout

We are all happy and grateful that we meet after nearly a month. TM2 shares that he sees a common pattern with me where  I get into a “I’ll show you” mode,  like with examination bodies. It clicks with me as well, as I realize I repeat this pattern in different forms and scenarios. TM3 shares this process helped him understand that not everytime does one need to be at peak intensity in order for realizations for Rocks process, and just being able to feel is important. He also shares that despite being low in number for the meeting, the commitment produces powerful results, he thanks the Tribe and ends the meeting.
Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting the meeting.

I gather you pretty much have the hang of it. I can follow along until the end of your process.

I wonder if your Mother gives you some strong resistance about fore-getting the Medicinal Rock. This gives you a chance to develop resolve and methodology in returning it - in a loving manner.

Also, I wonder if you re-run the role play with the Heart Rock to notice any differences in your natural response patterns - and in the natural results you get.

September 20, 2019

Workshop Application


. . .  Essays:

What I want to change in my life. I want to embrace change and more forward.

Feelings I most and least enjoy. Most enjoy: feelings of happiness;

Least enjoy: feelings of force/control--"I have to do X..."

How I want my life to turn out in 10 years. More intimacy in all aspects of my life, especially with my wife and children. I want financial freedom.
Thank you for sending me your application.

Early-Bird tuition rates apply until October 15, 2019.
September 20, 2019


Hi Ed,

Attached is my Workshop paperwork. 

I do have a caveat of sorts, I’m recovering from exposure to black mold, a consequence of water damage in the home I was living in. 

It has been an ordeal.  My fear is that I may not have regained enough of my well being by December to make the trip, and that either somebody misses a seat at the table because of me, or there is a lack of enough people to make the Workshop worthwhile because I cancel late, I can’t guess if either is likely. 

I’ve also been susceptible to crashes in the middle of the day and at the Workshop I want to be fully present throughout. 

All that being said I’d still like to plan to attend and I think I’ll be able to. 

It’s even incentive to do the things I know that I need to do to heal.  I would love to be there.  Your insight and advice regarding my concern would be welcome, and should it work out even take these fears to the Tribe.

I’ve also added a couple of attachments to make sense of some of what I wrote in my 10 year vision.

Thanks Ed,

Thank you for sharing your process and for sending me the banjo jokes.

You might consider mold as a metaphor for trying to hold on to the past.  

September 18, 2019

Wants Essentials Outside US

Hi Ed,

One more thing ... How could I get the TT Essential Card if I am not in the US?

I think it is really cool and worth to treasure it, really want to have two (one as spare).

Is it just sending you overseas returning mail plus one dollar inside?

Thank you very much!

Best regards,
For each card, send me a dollar plus a return envelope bearing your address and a stamp.

If you do not have access to US stamps, send another dollar for postage each envelope.
September 17, 2019

System Selection and Optimization

Hi Ed,

Sorry for my words in the last email coz I just want to express my thinking and looking for your further advice.

I was really frustrated and need more your wise advice, but I feel much better and calm now.

I have reread the content of "Aggregation of TTP Wisdom" by George Coyle, and found out that I have forgotten so many rules or advice from there.

If targeting incredible result is not a good mind, I am ready to change it to the right one.

I don't want to give it up anyway, I have found my passion on designing and improving the trading system and achieve profits in the market, and it is really hard to find and touch a real great trader in Hong Kong.

On the other hand, so many "professional" traders open courses to the public, promoting their trading system and said you can earn passive income from the systems, which I don't believe them.

I want to get succeed in this field and help the others who find difficulties and do not know how to trade, and help them to get rid of those cheating courses or investment plans.

There are so many losing plans in the market, with higher and higher marketing effort from the financial institutions.

I also researched the TSP, and seems that I have got improved the two systems with greater net profits.

(please see the attached codes, I'm using Multicharts with easylanguage coding)

After optimizing the parameters, the net profits are better than the original ones.

I was using trailing entries and averaging entries, each of them up to five times, with limitation of five times in mazimum, and each entries = 1/5 of the position size allowed.

Also, trailing stop and stop loss were added to the system. so, is this way one of the solution to improve the system?

Thank you for sharing your process.
September 14, 2019

Pretty Girl and Back Testing

Dear Ed,

I recently meet a pretty girl, we get along very well she is very open to sharing feelings.

To my mind she is what I want, my emotions feel very strange though. I feel "uncertainty", "I feel unable to take action (Saying yes or no)".

I suspect there are a lot of knots from previous relationship pain. I want to deal with them Now. I don't know how(I suspect I should share these feelings with her, that is scary). I would like to bring feelings of "Jealousy about someone's past"  to her as an entry point the next time I see her.

Also I recently realize manual back testing takes very long especially when trying to optimize parameters.

One of my goals for manual backtesting is simply knowing that to do something fast you must first be able to do something slowly.

I feel I have done enough slow back tests. I want to go back to a programmatic(Coding) way of back testing. I learn that my broker has a backtesting language called ThinkScripts.

It's a new language to learn. Having to learn something new gives me feelings of "Inadequacy", "I don't want to put in effort" (I want to and am willing to put in effort from my mind but my feelings are different than my mind).

I also know some python which give me the freedom to create the backtesting system myself, I suspect I have feelings of "overconfidence" and "egotistical tendencies" thinking that I am able to build a back testing environment myself instead of just learning a frame work someone else already built. I want to bring these feelings to the next Austin Tribe meeting.

With Thankfulness
Thank you for sharing your process.

Thank you for motivating me to host another Tribe Series in Austin.
September 13, 2019

Tribu Esencial

Querido Ed!

Tengo muchas ganas de ir al taller para darte mi apoyo, a vos y a todos los miembros de la Tribu. Por eso me pone triste no ir, pues prefiero dedicarme a cuidar a mis bebés y a ayudar a mi esposa. Es una sensación de frustración por no poder hacer todo lo que quiero, simultáneamente, y de tensión por la lucha entre la responsabilidad con mi familia y lo que me gustaría hacer.

Cuando acepto esos sentimientos me doy cuenta de que mi misión primordial es ocuparme de mis hijos, que dedicarme solamente a ellos no es egoísta, sino lo que debo hacer, y siento una enorme alegría por el regalo de tenerlos a ellos y a mi maravillosa esposa.

Un gran abrazo!
Gracias por compartir tu processo.
September 11, 2019

Bupropion Reduction Process

Dear Ed,

Thank you for the formula.

Lately I have been alternating my dosage with 0mg every other day or every two half lives.

The last day that I take a dose of 150mg is on Aug 6 2019 which leads me to have approximately 168.233844637871mg of Bupropion in my system. Today I have a level of 0.0000000048962mg or 4.90E-09 in my system. It has also been approximately 36 half lives since my last does.

I continue to chose to feel my feelings and emotions. For example when panic or anxiety comes I say thank you to my body for the feelings and explore the positive intentions of the feelings.

Anxiety is now a good friend that helps me complete tasks that are a priority. Panic is another good friends that helps me surrender the future for the moment of now.

If you are interested you can zoom in on the excel file attached and see the raw data for my calculations.

Kind regards
Thank you for sharing your process.

I wonder if you notice a reduction in Wellbutrin side effects.

I wonder if you notice any withdrawal symptoms, aside from reconnecting with your natural feelings.

As you proceed on the path toward freedom, you might consider working closely with your physician, so he can monitor your progress.

September 10, 2019

Wants to Connect

Dear Sir,

I am resident in Queensland, Australia.  I am interested in joining a local Tribe.  I see on your website that you list three Tribes in Queensland that are all within a fairly easy commute from my home.  If these Tribes are active, could you steer me as to how to make contact with them please?

Thank you for raising this issue.

You might consider reading the instructions on the Tribe Reach Out page for making contact.
September 10, 2019



I am glad we were able to connect. Thank you for clarifying things up for me. 

As promised, I'd like to share the notes on my process:

"I feel my neck tightening. I have a lump in my throat. I experience a flashback to an incident in my childhood when I get berated and humiliated. The lump turns into a hot lava and makes its way down my spine and into my stomach. My body burns sending waves of shivers through my arms and legs. My fingertips and toes feel frozen and I feel stuck with a burning log lodged in my core. Tears burn my face. I experience feelings of guilt, shame, sadness, disappointment. I notice the burning log getting hotter. It incinerates my insides. After some back and forth, I finally for-give my log (Rock) to my Rock Donors. I feel relief. I feel grounded and light at the same time.

Shortly after, I receive a phone call from one of the Rock Donors. We have a brief and pleasant conversation. I feel openness and hear acceptance in my Rock Donor's voice. I'm in awe of the synchronicity. I also make a mental note to conduct more interactions with the Rock Donor in order to test the permanence of the feelings of openness and acceptance. TBD."

Thank you for taking the time to read about my experience, Ed. I have some additional questions regarding the process. I will table them for another time.

Take care,
Thank you for sharing your process.
September 9, 2019

Wants to Pick the Top

Hi Ed,

Hope you are well.

I know you base your trades off of closing price data but will you stop out a position if price crosses your stop intraday?  Or is intraday stop loss trigger more of a discretionary judgement call and only if the price is moving substantially against the stop loss price?

Lastly, I find that I can let my winners run but ultimately when my trailing stop is hit then I've given up so much profit (30-40% of total possible profit) and I was wondering if you come across the same issue and have a way of optimizing it. 

I find that I can stay on for a good portion of the move, for example if my entry is $20 I will ride it until it tops out at $100 and then get stopped out at $70 -- so I'll realize $50 of profit but say goodbye to the other $30.  Have you found your profit taking to be similar?

Thank you for raising this issue.

Second guessing your system can likely  provide lots of drama and distraction - also likely not much improvement in results.

You might consider taking your feelings about <wanting to get out at the top> to Tribe as an entry point.
September 8, 2019

Bliss and Bet Size

Dear Ed,

I'm trying to do some study on position sizing to see if I can increase Bliss through adapting different position sizing method.

Any suggestions from your side to do such a study?

Thanks for your help in advance.
Thank you for raising this issue.

Your results largely depend on how you define Bliss.

In general, as you increase heat from zero, Bliss increases due to internal compounding.  

For high heat, Bliss may fall quickly due to the law of large bet sizing: a 50% drawdown requires a subsequent 100% gain just to break even.
September 8, 2019

Wants Tribe Meeting Specs


For the trading Tribe's, how do I find out the information on Meeting Times, chapter presidents, etc? The closest meeting to me is in Oklahoma, but not in a large city. Are the tribes in Austin pretty consistent and what is the process to sign up? I would be flying in for it and so I wouldn't want to show up a week it wasn't occurring.


Thank you for asking about Tribe meetings.

Each Tribe has its own independent methods.
September 8, 2019

Wants Help

Hi Ed,

Thank you for your wise, insightful and funny reply. I think I might get your message, but not feeling enough (Never!) lol

In fact, I see u as my mentor in my deeply heart, when reading your messages from your reply or from the past FAQs, I learnt something each time when I read them.

And yes, I like the feeling of making profits and having superior performance and result (although not good enough as the market wizards, at least it was better than the normal ones) and the recent sudden sharp fall made me feel like a loser, not superior anymore.

I changed to full time trading recently, and the situation started to go worse and worse. It was no problem before that.

I changed to manual trading like before, after I got losing trade with my wrongly operated on my trading system, but then I found out I can’t get back my market sense after two months with algo trading.

Then, I met that sharp fall in live cattle, but it might be caused by my overtrading or over-positioning, I do not know what to do at this moment and how to get rid of this situation, I want to be a winning trader again and even become a better trader, please help me~~

Best regards,
Thank you for reaching out for help.

You might consider the proposition that people actually get what they want.

In particular then, on some level, you intend to get the results you get.

When you can see the irony and humor in this, and come to know the Rocks that control your trading - and fore-give them, you might have a chance to realign your intentions.

For more on this, see my book, The Trading Tribe, attend the upcoming Workshop or join a Tribe in your area.  See resources, above.
September 7, 2019



Ive listened to your whipsaw song countless times to get it ingrained in my subconscious.. "One Good trend pays for em all!!"

I have looked over every page of your website. I saw the EMA methods of 150/15 but tried to look for anything pertaining to risk management. I do see some about position sizing, which I am trying to digest further, and also the statement in your FAQs of "Risk enough for a win to be significant but not too much you cant sleep at night.  ("Make a lot of money and sleep at night!!")

Im still searching for info about stop losses but havent seemed to come across that yet. I hoped I havent glossed it over anywhere.

I have seen to a great deal that Fibbonaci Sequences seem to kick off trends depending how price action responds to them (at least in Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies When drawn from the All time high to the Current low..) And then when the Price action starts to struggle in a fibbonaci area (usually a .618 or .786) that the trend will reverse to the short side. Havent tested this in futures or other assets but for Cryptocurrency it is spot on.

Ive also enjoyed using the Hull MA. I find it to be even more responsive than the EMAs.

Look forward to learning more as I have a love for this stuff.

Thank you

Thank you for telling me about your Fibonacci theory.

If you rely on visual inspection of anecdotal charts, you might risk projecting your conclusions onto the data.

You might consider back testing your ideas.

The Fibonacci Series

does not really fit very well
with actual sea shells
or actual markets.


September 6, 2019

Which Markets to Trade

Hey Ed, 

Came across your profile on LinkedIn tonight, what markets do you trade? 

Looking forward to connecting,

Thank you for raising this issue.

I prefer trending markets.
September 5, 2019

Wants to Attend Workshop

Hello Ed,

Thank you very much it is very refreshing to see your e-mail God Bless You Sir.

Boss I want to go to the TTP Workshop what's the next step ?

Thank You again for your time and generosity.

Thank you for asking about the Workshop.

For more information, see the link, above.
September 4, 2019

Long Intimacy - Limit Up

Dear Ed,

I'd like to check in!

Thank you for developing TTP and for teaching me. The tools you share in Workshops, in Tribe and FAQ continue to help me along the path of right livelihood.

I would like to report that my Essential Tribe continues to grow and thrive. We are now a family of seven, expecting our eighth member. 

We use Heart Rock a lot in our family and it works really well for us. The youngest are especially receptive to implementing Heart Rock and seem to adopt it as their default mode of communication which reinforces my desire to use it too. It's a great feedback loop when it happens ... Long intimacy and it's limit up! 

Even the little guy who is 16 months old seems receptive to being asked if he would like to share his feelings despite not being able to say many words yet. It's really neat to see and feel the shift when rapport and intimacy centric relating are in play.

I observe that I feel a thrill that is reflected by others too - it's a palpable, shared feeling of connection and it's a blast.  It's the dance and pendulum that swings between discovering the new and unfamiliar within and with someone and the revisiting, acknowledging and loving the familiar. What's this? Smile. Here we are, I see you too!
Like swinging on a swing set... It's heavy and weightless. Effort and ease.

Thank you for providing a forum to share these thoughts and feelings.

In closing, I have just read FAQ.  I like seeing the essays from the Workshop applicants and enjoy the process of considering the topics they write about:
I consider that I might like to build upon the TTP tool kit I use in my daily life and with my family by sharing and using it with other practitioners in a local Tribe or at a Workshop with the Chief!

I hope my note finds you healthy, happy and with a-bound-dance of Pickin' and Grinnin'


With love and gratitude,

Thank you for checking in and for sharing your process - and for implementing the technology and getting results.Funny, and my degrees in nutrition agree they are all saccharides (and as you argued years ago, all 4 calories per gram.) As a fellow technician we know all MAs are not equal. I was just curious, since being almost 80, clean carbs help keep my mind and equity curve even.

Best wishes,

September 2, 2019

Workshop Application


What I want to change in my life. I want to be financially independent

Feelings I most and least enjoy.

I enjoy to sitting on the shore of the ocean in the afternoon I feel like I’m sitting in front of God the ocean is so huge enormous so mysterious but when touch you and you feel the water of millions and millions of year of eternal existent and millions and millions more of sunlight I feel that my entire body regenerate and

what I least enjoy is to see people suffer even animals

How I want my life to turn out in 10 years. I want to be able to help my family, change people’s life for the better and help my church  

I agree to write about my experience (anonymously) three days, three weeks and three months after the Workshop. Yes I agree
Thank you for sending me your application.
September 2, 2019

Workshop Application


What I want to change in my life. 
    • I want to change the areas in my life that isn’t in congruence with right livelihood.
    • I want to change the level of enjoyment I get from my work. To a higher level of enjoyment.
    • I want to change how far I can run without stopping.
    • I want to change how lonely I feel.

Feelings I most and least enjoy.
Feelings I most enjoy:
    • When people come up to me and talk to me.
    • When I read a book about trading.
    • I also enjoy many other types of book and the act of reading in of it self.
    • When I manually backtest or do market research.
    • When I learn something new that I feel is useful to me, for example when I learn more about programming, math or accounting.
    • Also last year when I’m in a data science role at my work at an accounting project and get to solve accounting problems using programming, I feel like I’m on a cloud and every day is so much fun because I get to progress as a coder and build cool algorithms, my team members are also geeks and we get to geek out.
    • The feeling of progress.      

Feelings I least enjoy:
    • Getting the feeling of “I don’t want to.”
    • The feeling “I don’t feel like doing that.”
    • The feeling I get when I say something I think is funny but the other person responds different than I expected.

How I want my life to turn out in 10 years.
    • I want to be a trader.
    • I want a wife.
    • I want to have a little house in the South African coast and a little house in America. I want the house little so that it is cosy and people can feel together. Little but just big enough to allow friends to stay over and get those special together-ness feelings I remember getting as a young boy when my family goes on holiday with my friends’ families and we stay together.
    • I want to have close friends and good community.
    • I want to still be on the path to right livelihood.
    • I want to be involved with TTP work and get to share with people the great. news that feelings have positive intentions!
    • I want to play guitar.
    • I want to be better at mental math.

I agree to write about my experience (anonymously) three days, three weeks and three months after the Workshop.
Yes I enjoy this and agree to share my experience in the time frames requested above.
Thank you for sending me your application.
September 2, 2019

Wants to Post a Link


I wanted to let you know I really liked your post about “The Trading Tribe”.

However, when I was looking at your page for 2010_July/01, I noticed a broken link.

When you are fixing the page, I also think you should consider adding this link (to my business).

I hope this email reaches you safely and helps you out a bit.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Best Regards,
Thank you for raising this issue.

FAQ does not carry advertising.  It does carry links that serve to credit the source of images.
September 1, 2019


Dear Ed, 

Concerning setting of sell stops, all other matters aside, WHICH method would be more consistently efflective: 

The lowest low value over a set number of days (which incorporates BOTH time and price point elements   For example 21 days


Chandelier type stop at a number of Average True Range units.  For example 3 ATR’s 

Thanks in advance!
Thank you for raising this issue.

I wonder if you can define precisely what you mean by "consistently effective."

Once you define your "Bliss Function" you can run back tests to optimize your system.
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