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Jan 28, 2020

London Rocks

Dear Ed,

Yesterday the London tribe holds its first meeting of the year, and the first since I attend your Workshop.

I begin with the 'tell me what you're thinking / tell me what you're feeling / show me what you are feeling' process.

We have done this before, but differently. A key difference in how you do it is that you emphasise that the receiver must not react, such as nodding ones head in agreement or smiling or laughing.

My take away from this is that it is practice for the receiver to really take in what the sender is communicating, or in other words to stay present with the sender. The idea is that communication flows better when the sender's feelings are truly being received. A couple of my Tribe members didn't really get it and perhaps my understand and explanation of the process was not sufficient.

I wonder if you could clarify why the process is conducted like this and what your intention is for the process participants?

Most of the Tribe members liked the new way of doing this process.

We moved on to the Rocks Process next. We check in and I pick the 'most hot' member who is willing to do the work.

The Hot Seat (HS) reports frustration that there is a lot of work that he would like to get done but he seems to struggle to get it done with the available time he has in the day, he seems to waste time or not use his time effectively.

These feelings have increased recently with the birth of his daughter, which reduces the time he has to work on his projects.

The Tribe works on his associated forms and provides the field of acknowledgement. I am process manager. I ask him to stop at what I feel is his peak emotional state. I ask him to recall a memory from his childhood.

He can recall his father and a dark cloud and pressure on his chest. We validate the pressure on his chest. We try to crank this up some more but unfortunately I do not stop the process soon enough and he tips over to the zero point.

Netherheless, he is now able to recall a memory. A memory of his father coming home from work and HS not feeling good about it. Play time is over and the joy is taken from the day.

He then recalls a memory of being in a car. Dad is in the front passenger seat, uncle in the drivers. Aunt sat next to hot seat in the back.

Uncle and father are having a conversation, father is moaning or complaining about something, or generally being pessimistic. Uncle looks over his shoulder at HS and tells him something like 'see what your dad is like, don't be like your dad' and aunt quietly nods or agrees with this.

We have medicinal rock 'don't be like your dad' - donor is the uncle. Stressor is the father.

We roleplay this situation until it feels familiar to the HS.

HS struggles to forgive the Medicinal Rock because he is confused and does not know what to do instead. Another Tribe members suggests  that he could instead replace it with a Heart Rock which allows him to focus on the good qualities of his father and take those from him.

HS is willing to now give up the MR and use the heart rock.

We replay the situation. This time with the heart rock. When the car stops HS gets out and gives father a hug. Father is confused because he's not used to receiving this type of affection but nontheless accepts it and is warmed by his sons hug.

HS enjoys being able to hug father and does not feel judged for doing so.

We check out.


Hot Seat describes his problem which is that he looks for ways to earn an income or has projects to do, but when it comes to executing, he quickly shuts down and or finds a way to avoid doing the work. We create the field of acknowledgement. Again, I attempt to pause the process at peak emotional intensity. No memories are recalled. We continue but once again I do not stop the process early enough and HS2 tips over towards zero point. Once again though, he is able to recall a childhood memory.

The memory invokes a feeling of confusion in HS2. He recalls his mother working very hard at her computer in order to make money, but she always seems to have little to show for it. He approaches her to talk, but she is too busy for him, an argument ensues, HS2 is very argumentative, eventually mother loses her temper and sends him off to his grandparents.  He likes it at his grandparents. He gets to do what he likes and they have money and an easier life.

We role play the situation. We come to an understanding that the mother is both the stressor and the rock donor. She creates the stress through arguing with him and not being able to spend time with him. She donates the Medicinal Rock, she gives it to him out of love for him so that he can have a good time at his grandparents, whilst she gets to get on with her work in peace so that she can provide for him.

HS2 has a real struggle forgiving the rock back to the mother.  He does not see her point of view and continues to argue back.  The mother refuses to take back the rock because HS2 does not feel genuine in his forgiveness of the rock. This goes on for 10 to 15 minutes, with HS2 unable to establish rapport with the mother and give the rock back.

The process manager suggests that a couple of the Tribe members step in for HS2 and demonstrate how to forgive the rock. The Tribe notes that this also feels like a simultaneous forgiveness of the medicinal rock and replacement with Heart Rock.

The two Tribe members take it in turns to be HS2. They demonstrate with ease the forgiveness of the medicinal rock. HS2 notes that 'the mother gave them an easier time than me'. After some more demonstration HS2 starts to get it and has another attempt at forgiving the rock. This time, he is able to establish rapport with the mother by offering to help her with her work and suggesting that he will do his homework while he waits for her to finish. He simultaneously forgives the medicinal rock and receives the Heart Rock.

On final check out everyone agrees that the experience has been enjoyable and we all are hopeful that the experience helps to effect lasting change for HS and HS2.

thank you,

Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting your Tribe Meeting.

I ask receivers to abstain from responding in anymanner  order to increase their awareness of the drama they mormally run when receiving others.

- - - - -

By providing resistance for hot seat to fore-give the rock, you enable him to engage the essential transformative struggle.  

If, on the other hand, you want to make it easy for hot seat, simply give Hot Seat the Heart Rock at the start of the process, announce completion and move on.

You might screen your Tribe for pleasers and other enabler-types and invite them to take their issues to the hot seat.

Ht seat, after returning the Midicinal Rock, he has space to receive the Heart Rock.

Babies encounter considerable resistance as they push their way out of the birth canal against substantial cranial pressure.

Completion of this process chemically imprints an important early success.  

Some longitudinal studies show c-section babies turn out less persistent than their natural-birth counterparts.

Jan 27, 2020

Trading Systems Project

Hi Ed,

Hope you're well - we spoke a few years ago when I couldn't find a copy of your book that I ordered to London. Not sure if people are still sending in solutions for the EMA exercise, but I've replicated your results in excel, so just attaching them for the hell of it.

All the best!
Thank you for sending me your spreadsheet and for confirming my results.
Jan 24, 2010

Magazine Cover

Dear Ed,

I send you my best wishes for a wonderful 2020.

I notice an interesting magazine cover:

Cover Date: Jan 27, 2020

Thank you for sending me the magazine cover.

You might check, leter in the season, the publication date (generally a week before the cover date, or Jan 20) against subsequent behavior.

Covers that mark tops generally have a high emotional content.  I see no faces, expresions or drama on this one.
Jan 24, 2010

Dealing with Risk - on a Surfboard


You may enjoy this: link
Thank you for sending me the link.
Jan 19, 2020

How Airplanes Fly


See: link_0 and link_1
Thank you for sending me the links.
Jan 17, 2020

Wants Tracking Resource

Hi, I have been reading through the FAQs and I am trying to find info on setting up my own daily market tracking software for trend following. I am sure this question has come up before but I am basically looking for ideas on all the things I should include, or some examples of systems other people have developed. Do you know any good resources for this?
Thank you,

Thank you for raising this issue.

FAQ does not make specific recommendations. See Ground Rules.
Jan 16, 2020

Effect of Positive Judgment

I felt this one gets it right about what happens when we create a positive judgment regarding something someone is saying.  :-)

Dilbert / Scott Adams

Thank you for illustrating the point.
Jan 15, 2020

Mumbai Tribe Meeting Report

Dear Sir,

Please find the Mumbai Tribes Meeting Report for our meeting of 7 January 2020 below:

With TM1, TM2, TM3 & TM4 present, we begin with drumming and proceed to Check In.

Check In (In Speaking Order)

TM3 -  He feels happy after attending a conference on trading options and is thinking of designing an options trading strategy. He is planning to create a system that only trades options. He feels that he will have to learn a programming language like Python to efficiently create an options trading system. He feels that he has transmitted some knots / rocks to his son. He shares that during the period when his son is around 4 or 5 Grade, he (TM3) would help his son with school work. When his son would not grasp concepts quickly, he (TM3) would get very angry and agitated. Eventually, his son stops asking for TM3’s help / advice for school work and rely instead on school teachers or private tutors. TM3 feels sadness and wishes to take these to the hotseat.

TM2 - I report that I am happy at the pace of a project I am working on. I buy a video game console after much internal debate around whether or not to. For another project, I decide not to work with someone I considered a partner earlier and instead choose to hire the team. I share that I feel lonely around weekends & wish to continue to work around my relationships and sex life on the hotseat.

TM1 - He too attends the options trading conference. He has a trading strategy in mind but is unsure of implementing the strategy as he sees many other traders trading similar strategies. He is happy to have some new software projects as well. He has conflicting feelings about a trading system that his firm deploys.

TM4 (Tribe Leader) - He shares that things are good on the work front and he is gearing up for his wedding. He mentions he has 2 feelings around his wedding, one, where he wants to get married and begin his married life with his fiance and other, where he is worried about getting married medicinally. He feels a little [] when his bosses ask him his professional plans after his wedding. He tells them that he is happy here & then wonders about why they are asking him that.


TM4 wishes to catch up on the previous meets discussion around where our Tribe is going. He expresses that he observes members are not being committed to meeting but no longer feels upset, as he realizes he can only facilitate, and not be responsible for people not attending. He also mentions that TM6 does not attend the meeting after committing to attend it the previous day. TM3 wonders since TTP is an amazing thing which can be spread for the benefit of people and we may consider taking in new members (We are 6 right now). TM4 acknowledges TM3’s feeling but feels that new members will get added at their own time and people should reach out to the Tribe rather than the reverse. TM1 mentions that sometimes he feels uncomfortable in sharing with TM3 around as they both are partners in the same firm. TM3 also agrees the same with him. TM4 mentions that he if TM1 is unable to bring up prickly issues in a safe space like the Tribe, then it might be difficult for him (TM1) to bring up issues in the office as well. I mention I feel irritated by a discussion about politics that we have in during a break 2 meetings ago. TM4 mentions that he has strong feelings about it and we should be able to bring these issues to the Tribe.

TM4 shares a lot of things about the current Government actions. Other Tribe Members feel that he is very hot. TM4 mentions that he also has discussions about the same topic with his would be Mother In Law who has the opposite view, but at least she’s clear on what her honest stand is on the issue. He indicates he feels very hot and we shift into a hotseat process.

Hotseat 1

With TM2(I) as the PM, TM4 begins his hotseat. He starts with sharing incidents he feels where the government is doing a pathetic job with the economy, and is putting ideals and religion before humanity and people’s lives. At one point he looks me in the eye and asks me “Do you have an answer for any of this?”  I feel like defending myself for maybe a split second, before I accept his feelings and ask him to show me where in his body he feels the need to demand answers. He points towards his skull. I cheer him to feel the feeling. He starts breathing quickly and deeply. Soon he starts developing another form where with his right hand outstretched he opens and closes his fist while his left hand pats/presses his right chest. We continue this form. I freeze him and probe for any images or thoughts. He replies he does not have anything to share. I probe him for willingness and he is willing to continue the process. He develops another form where he crosses his hands together with his thumbs pushing into the purlicue (the soft skin between the thumb and index finger). We continue the process. I freeze him again and probe for any memories or images. He recalls seeing a blackboard from school when he is in the first or second grade. I test for willingness and HS mentions he is willing to continue. We get into another form where HS bends down from the chair and pushes his left fist into the ground. I freeze him again and probe for any thoughts or images. I test for willingness and HS is willing to continue. He displays a form where he grabs the right side of his upper back with his left hand and squeezes his fist. We encourage him to feel his feelings. I freeze him and again probe for any thoughts or memories. He mentions that he sees an animated image of black bird entering with a white silhouette and suddenly the lights come on and the colors invert. I test for willingness. HS feels unwilling. I ask if he wishes to explore the feeling of unwillingness. TM4 mentions he is willing. We continue the process. He displays another form and starts crying. He mentions that he is missing a former tribe member who has moved to another country. He also recalls “Letters To Self” that he writes towards the end of 2018, where two major life changes he foresees are his fiance moving abroad for a while to complete her education and the Tribe member moving abroad. The Tribe continues to validate HS. HS enters a form where he he squeezing his shoulder blades and pulling down his shoulders to stretch his neck muscles, he starts breathing deeply, Tribe encourages him to breath deeper. His breathing intensifies and he hangs his head back for a moment and opens his eyes, he takes a few seconds to reorient himself and mentions it felt like a trance. He observed a thought which said “end of a high”. I probe for willingness, HS says he wants to end the process, I ask if he wishes to explore that feeling, HS mentions he’s willing to continue. At one point, he raises his legs and stays. I freeze him and again probe for willingness. He does not wish to continue as he feels very exhausted and tired. I ask him if he wishes to explore the feeling of not willing to continue, he is unwilling to explore either. With this, we end the HS.

HS1 Checkout

TM3 feels that this is TM4’s hottest process. He also sees many new forms. TM1 concurs with TM3. I too have similar thoughts. I share that I initially felt that talking politics may create chasms in the Tribe, but I am happy at a good process. HS feels happy at the hotseat as well.

TM3 reminds us of the forms reintegration process and TM4 does the same. We take a mental note to do it before the HS checkout from the next process.

TM4 mentions that politics, views and opinions are only attachments we form, what we do in the Tribe is real, and feelings are real. TM4 feels grateful to the Tribe and the PM in particular to not indulge in debate and defense and refocus onto feelings. He hopes while writing this that the world one day functions like this.

Hotseat 2

With TM3 in the hotseat, TM1 as the process manager, we begin the 2nd hotseat.

TM3 starts with some story telling. He recalls incidents where he would get angry at his son for not understanding some concepts when helping him with school work. Slowly his son starts withdrawing from him (HS). HS soon develops a form where he shakes his head. Tribe validates him. PM freezes him and probes for any incidents or memories. HS does not have any. We continue the process. He goes thru some more forms. PM freezes him again. HS recalls an incident from when he was around 3 or 4 grade. HS is playing with a brand new audio cassette player when it stops playing music. His (HS’s) mother finds out and slaps him a few times. The slaps are so hard that HS starts bleeding from the mouth/nose. HS’s grandmother hears his cries and takes him away to another floor of the house. Later, HS’s mother talks to the dealer of the audio cassette player and realizes that the player is working fine. HS’s mother only needs to press the pause button again to unpause the player. The Tribe feels there may be a rock  involved here. We role play the situation. I play the role of HS’s mother and TM1 the role of the Grandmother. TM4 plays the repairman. The role play is as follows:

I walk in on HS fiddling with the cassette player. I feel very angry at the cassette player not working. HS meekly tells me that the player is not working now. I angrily ask him what the issue is. He says he does not know. I feel charged up and ready to explode. (The subsequent conversation is in Hindi, the translation is roughly what I tell him) I ask him “What the bloody hell does not knowing mean?” I slap HS and again ask the same question over and over, my anger increasing with every question.

TM1 walks in, intervenes and takes HS away. I then call TM4 and understand the problem and solve it. HS remarks that he similarly shouts at his son. Tribe agrees that there is a medicinal rock here. We agree that the cassette player not working is the stressor and the Mother is the medicinal rock donor where she donates her own response pattern to the HS.

We role play the incident again and I hand the medicinal rock to the HS. He tries to return the medicinal rock to me, but I do not wish to take it from him. I feel his effort is insincere. We again role play. This time HS tries to return the Heart Rock by falling at my feet and holding his hands together. I still feel that HS is indulging in drama and not trying to create any rapport. TM4 then recalls reading the extensions and that we may be creating a co-dependent drama in this process; TM4 mentions that Ed mentions that if the HS is unwilling to fore-give the medicinal rock in any way, Tribe should end the process. We elect to end the process.
Thank you for sharing your process and for documenting your Tribe Meeting.

I gather you run your own version of the Rocks Process. Let's call it, मुंबई रॉक्स प्रक्रिया  or MRP for short.

In MRP you do not have to follow the methods I outline in TTP Extensions as they might  interfere with your processes.

For example, you have an inanimate object as the Stressor and the Mother (acting as the Stressor) as the Rock Donor (Page 6).

You also do not allow the Client to fully engage the Emotional Intensity Cycle (Page 2).

So this guy's girlfriend asks him to bring her to orgasm.  He agrees and starts to stimulate her.  Then, when she starts to show a small response, he freezes her and asks her to report her mental state.  This cools her down. He then probes her for willingness to continue. She sighs, rolls her eyes and, reluctantly,  consents to continue.

Then, again, when she starts to show a small response, he freezes her and asks her to report her mental state.  

After a few cycles of this, she loses her willingness and ends the process. She also decides to avoid further contact.

The payoffs: she gets to complain about his ineptitude and also invalidate him - similar to how her mother treats her father; he gets to avoid confronting his fear of engaging with a fully sexual woman in full heat - similar to how his father treats his mother.

You might consider taking your feelings about <celebrating other people while they go out of control> to Tribe as entry points.

OK, Babe, Enough Already

Freeze it and let's talk.

Image Credit

Jan 14, 2010

Optimal System Trading Design

Hi Ed,

After taking the Trading Tribe Workshop with you I have been doing much pondering and introspection about optimal trading system design.

I have studied many different trading strategies, curve fitting and over optimization, various risk/reward scenarios, different drawdowns vs return, Calmar ratios, bliss function, equity curves, walk forward tests, Monte Carlo simulations and still not sure what to select from all this data; wondering if I am getting the most optimal balance of return vs risk in a world of imperfection.

It is my understanding that “optimal” system design is highly personal, based upon personal desires, emotional thresholds, and what makes us happy. And so are the system parameters that we ultimately would select for said personalized trading system.

I’m wrestling with what is most important to focus on and how to make the process of personal optimal trading design as simple as possible. The simpler the better, right?

Would you be able to point out your process for analyzing ourselves to:

1) find our personal sticking points; uncovering rocks and negative patterns we may not be able to see?

2) what questions to ask ourselves for “optimal for our personality system trading design”

3) what the correct focus is for creating a highly compatible personalized trading system that is right for us individually?

Thank you,

- Your student, 
Thank you for raising this issue.

Each person has a unique personal relationship with the markets that guides his trading.

Some people manage to quantify their relationships, even to encode them as a rigorous algorithms.

Others proceed on and tinker with their algorithms and modify the rules and run back tests to optimize parameters.

You might consider asking yourself if you can follow the rules on the Essentials Card (also in the Whipsaw Song).  

If you have trouble in any of these areas, you might consider taking your associating feelings to Tribe.

Once you line up your personal psychology, you might consider formalizing your trading as rules.

If you start with optimizing a mechanical system, you may find out later that you do not really fancy following it.

You might consider taking your feelings about <wanting to build the optimal system> to Tribe as an entry point.
Jan 13, 2020

Good-Enough Support


A reply with a bit of delay. And oh, I have good excuses. I always do. (My wife just arrived back after almost a month's absence, a significant birthday to attend, other client demands) ... And I realize this lateness pattern has now extended into the very lateness of my life time. A good awareness. Now what to do with/about it?

Still building support group, and that is an insightful situation as well. I want relevant, high quality support and that makes sense. And as coordinating with such busy individuals can, and has proved to be, its own challenge, I have recently adopted the idea of "good enough" support.

Yes, I want high quality feedback on what I am doing. And first I need to produce enough work that itl garner feedback, any feedback. So someone willing to look at my work is initially more important than waiting for the high quality feedback person to find the time.

Still just mid-January now, I feel there is time to turn this around this month. And I like that feeling.


Thank you for sharing your process.
Jan 10, 2020

Workshop 3-Week Check In:
Checking In and Out with the Kids

Hello everyone!

I find myself making baby steps into formalizing a daily routine. I notice mixed emotions as I follow my top tasks of trading on a regular basis. I want to move faster. I want to be more productive. I want to get more done. 

I accept that the 'what is' is perfect (from Byron Katie) and that wanting to rushing through the tasks simply delays the intention. I welcome the feelings, accept them and release them. I feel liberated and empowered to progress through my trading plan.

The NOW is bright as I accept to enjoy the process. I feel sense of fulfillment and camaraderie as I write this email. I am grateful for Ed and the rest of the group for who you are and what you do. I learn from all of you.

p.s. I find myself using the check-in / check-out process with my children!
Thank you for checking in and for sharing your process.
Jan 10, 2020

Wants The Trading Tribe as an eBook


Do you intend to publish an ebook version of The Trading Tribe?

Thanks and regards

Thank you for raising this issue.

I  wonder if can educate me as to how eBook publishing works.
Jan 10, 2020

Wants it Smooth

I share at 61, I find myself wishing for a new career.  One that has fewer political camouflage or over-eager, adversarial lawyers.  I speculate I can find more happiness, accomplish more, with less wave amplitude or bump distractions.

So my radar is operating.  I cannot predict what it can find. 

It seems to be signaling to me things that I don’t need a computer to back test to figure out. 

I just begin to know - like on a big spike up do you lighten up or do you stay fully loaded and only get out after a retracement?

I realize this isn’t a math question, but you might let math fool you.  Rather, this is a choice for how to enjoy your trading more.

I appreciate our friendship, And hope we can get together and share a few thoughts and stories.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings.

You pose an intriguing question about exiting on up spikes. 

Mostly, on smaller up-spikes in a major bull market, you merely risk losing your position.

Near the end of a mania market, the last few days can provide a unique opportunity to save your bacon.

I do not know how to state rules for top picking.  Tops happen infrequently, now and again. 

For grins, giggles and gasps, you might consider looking up the day of the very tip-top of the Bitcoin market - and then look up that date on FAQ. 
Jan 10, 2020

Performance for 2019


I enclose my Performance Graph for 2019.

Thank you for sending me your Performance Graph - and for following your system, both during draw downs and draw ups as well.
Jan 8, 2002

Workshop 3-Week Check In:
Back Testing and Back Therapy


For last 3 weeks I have been traveling.

I spend some effort by practicing a technique, visceral massage to treat my back condition.

It’s a technique originated in France. I received such treatment from some local practitioners in my local area several years ago. I started to do it by myself and I find it helps.

The technique comprises applying very gentle hand movement on the skin of belly and adjust the internal organ position, specially colon. to restore the natural relative position of internal organs. Many back pain relate to such disorder of fluid dynamics.

The force is less than the weight of a quarter. For my case, or even no direct touch to the skin.

I find that my colon responds to the hand movement / guidance and start to adjust it’s position. It starts to relive the pressure on my back muscle and have very good result.

It takes patience. It requires very light position. I need to be delicate, focused, precise and patient.  I notice my urge of wanting instant result and wanting to over exert.

I feel good about starting to love myself and taking care of myself, be patient and stop over drafting my health.

I am changing my medical benefit of this year to PPO so I can see professionals to get more treatments.


THi, I have been reading through the FAQs and I am trying to find info on setting up my own daily market tracking software for trend following. I am sure this question has come up before but I am basically looking for ideas on all the things I should include, or some examples of systems other people have developed. Do you know any good resources for this?
Thank you,
Marlowe Quarthank you for checking in.
Jan 7, 2020

Developing the Perfect System

I have just finished reading "Reminisces of a Stock Operator" per Ed Seykota's mention at the TTP trading workshop and learned so much from it. It was about Jesse Livermore, a trader that found his own system from his own judgment without outside interference; and was one of the most successful traders ever to live.

I learn from him that in any trade "the last 2 eighths are the most expensive eights in the world" - meaning that we cannot and should not try to extract every last penny from the market. I am seeing less is more in trading.

I also learn from Baron Rothschild in his own words about the secret of being the wealthiest man ever and he said that he simply "never buys at the bottom and always sells too early".

I understand this to mean that you never know its the bottom until it proves itself as the bottom, and that he never tries to wait for a top and sells while there is a willing market to absorb his line there.

I learn about how market markers engineer and manipulate the market to create the market. These realizations rock my core and help focus me.

I am also letting Ed Seykota's wisdom sitting in that "the best system is the system that you are most compatible with."

I am learning I prefer a system that is a consistent winner in any market condition, even if it means not having as huge swings. Consistent money I can depend on is finding more importance to me than trying to strike huge winnings quickly. That will come anyways through simple exponential compounding.

My desire for maximum Risk Control has gained enormously. One of my trusted mentors once told me- It is more important to not lose money than it is to make money. I have seen this personally in the markets where taking big swings over time will eventually strike you hard, even if you are right the majority of the time. I will not allow such risk to my capital ever again.

These elements I will want to pay close attention to as I develop my own "perfect" system, one that is perfect for me.

I am feeling more and more confidence in my own conclusions on the market and anticipating price from pattern recognition. I have been calling big moves very accurately.

The next book I am about to read was a recommendation from a friends called "building winning algorithmic trading systems" and I can see it will answer and guide me to the answers for the majority if not all my back testing questions.

After reading this book I plan to spend some time back testing and simulating different trading systems I have built and tweak them to fit my emotional parameters.

I feel I am getting closer to my goals and I will have achieved them possibly even before March 30, 2020.

Thank you for listening.
Thank you for sharing your feelings and inHi, I have been reading through the FAQs and I am trying to find info on setting up my own daily market tracking software for trend following. I am sure this question has come up before but I am basically looking for ideas on all the things I should include, or some examples of systems other people have developed. Do you know any good resources for this?
Thank you,
Marlowe Quartsights.
Jan 7, 2020

Pondering Long Gold


Pondering long gold, you came to my mind.

All the best to you and yours.
Thank you for informing me of your pondering.
Jan 7, 2020

Workshop 3-Week Check In:
From Nodding to Knowing

Firstly, thank you all for the opportunity to share my developments.

Secondly, as I am cultivating my skill of being vulnerable, I am experiencing several new insights about who I choice to be.

For example, how exactly I experience vulnerability.

Vulnerability is the capacity to disable all defense mechanisms in exchange for the present knowing that nothing can truly harm me that I do not allow.

I am recognizing that I often have a tendency to talk instead of speak, and in recognizing that I am becoming more excepting of the fact that sometimes it is OK to sit in silence as long as we do it together (sender and receiver).

Thirdly, as I develop my proficiency in TTP, the very simple practice of recognizing and writing down my judgments helps me realize that many of them are not mine.

That is to say that they do not belong to me, the judgments are simply things I hear others say and I assume their ideas are correct instead of LISTENING for the FEELING!

My proficiency is increasing as I am decreasing my amount of head nodding and smiling.

Thank you for checking in and for allowing vulnerability.
Jan 7, 2020

Workshop 3-Week Check In:
Riding Winners and Cutting Losers


I am experiencing an incredible transformation.

My trading is evolving beyond recognition. 

I am letting my winners run and cutting losses short.

I am absorbing a continuous stream of information from the Market Wizards and implementing these ideas into live portfolios. 

I am aware that it may take time to become a SYSTEMATIC TREND FOLLOWER as per my bumper sticker, but the responsibility for managing other people’s money already rests on my shoulders, and

I am approaching each day with a brightened awareness. 

I am noticing improved, honest communications with friends, family and clients, and an enhanced sensitivity to the market. 

The significance of the Trading Tribe experience increases day by day. 

Thank you.

Thank you for checking in and for iHi, I have been reading through the FAQs and I am trying to find info on setting up my own daily market tracking software for trend following. I am sure this question has come up before but I am basically looking for ideas on all the things I should include, or some examples of systems other people have developed. Do you know any good resources for this?
Thank you,
Marlowe Quartmplementing your learnings.
Jan 7, 2020

Workshop 3-Week Check In:
Using TTP at the Office

Dear Ed,

Thank you again for the Workshop.  It was a life-changing experience for me.  I was able to see clearly that thinking is how I have operated my life to this point, and that feeling is how I now operate my life.  It has been a significant change.

In the individual Tribal groups I was able to be in the hot seat and we role-played a scenario with two of my employees. 

One who gave notice to leave, and the other the one who was contributing to the emotional tension in the situation. 

Shortly after I returned from the Workshop, I had an employee meeting where I provided a field of acknowledgment for my staff, as well as describing where drama comes from and where emotional safety comes from. 

It has changed the atmosphere in my business and will continue to do so as I further develop these principles.

Separately, but also in the same vein, I have had opportunity to repair a couple of family relationships that have been difficult for several years.

As well as severing a financial relationship that was destructive for me.  I believe that these things have all happened in my life as a result of the Workshop.

So, much has happened in the three weeks following my experience.

Thank you, Ed and my fellow workshop participants,

Thank you for checking and for sharing the joy wHi, I have been reading through the FAQs and I am trying to find info on setting up my own daily market tracking software for trend following. I am sure this question has come up before but I am basically looking for ideas on all the things I should include, or some examples of systems other people have developed. Do you know any good resources for this?
Thank you,
Marlowe Quartith your friends, family and employees.
Jan 7, 2020

Workshop 3-Week Check In:
Flowing in the Now

My appointment with my mold doctor is tomorrow so I plan to work with her to develop a strategy to meet my bumper sticker goal:  Mold toxins below .2 ng/g creatinine by 6-15-20

Regarding a three week post workshop follow up in general I find that so far my driving needs remain but my awareness of them is heightened and I am less susceptible to indulging them.

Looking forward this year to the Rocks Process as a method of changing in such a way that I am effective in meeting needs and desires that are reflective of what is most important to me in my life today rather than that of many many years ago.

If it’s any indication that this type of change might be occurring, that I might be leaving living in the past behind, I changed my Facebook cover photo and profile picture last night from those dating back to 1973 and 2009 to two pictures taken just before leaving for Texas last month.  It seems a coincidence, but maybe not.

So, a quote from a favorite book of mine:  “You want to know how to paint a perfect painting?  It’s easy.  Make yourself perfect and then just paint naturally.  That’s the way all the experts do it.”

I’m not requiring or expecting perfection but the idea of “painting naturally” with a positive outcome remains what I’m after.

Thank you for checking in.
Jan 7, 2020

Workshop Check In:
Selecting Important / Riding the Wave


I find that I follow my Trading Rules in 2020. 

I find that a number of activities / behaviours that I would normally place in the Not-important / Not-urgent Quadrant drop away from my life over the past weeks. 

This frees up more quality time for family, health, rest, relaxation and reading select works (which I discover a new sense of enjoyment in). 

In general, I feel like I’m riding the wave of life with less attachment to how things “should” be.

Thank you for checking in and for increasing your attention to health and family.
Jan 6, 2020

Workshop Bumper Sticker Check In:
State Representative 2022

I reach out to friends in the Workshop and outside who have experience running for office. I get introductions to and speak with a number of individuals who have served in state legislatures. One common thread in their reflections is the importance of building coalitions: setting aside disagreements and finding points of alignment.

I have a series of business meetings in a city famous for its politics. Citizens there are quick to cancel anyone who strays. I always dread alienating people there.

On this trip, I discover that I can connect easier with my counterparts. I seek out the (political) issues on which we agree. While their conclusions are often different from mine, I find that on many issues we share the underlying concerns. I can genuinely agree with anyone, for instance, on how painfully rent has gone up in the last decade -- without tooting my pet solutions.

It may be a stretch goal to get these people to vote for me, but the exercise of looking for alignment sure makes the business meetings flow smoother.

Thank you for checking in.

I wonder how you might address the topic of escalating rents in front of a group including both tenants and landlords.
Jan 6, 2010

Wants Mentoring

Hi Ed,

Please may I call you so I can explain further?

I appreciate my approach is rather speculative but my goal from you mentoring me is to learn from you as you have experienced great success so I want to seek your guidance/advice both personally and professionally.

I hope that answers your question but I am at a stage in my life where I think I would really benefit from having a mentor. I fully appreciate I would be the one mostly benefiting but I hope you would also gain from the experience by sharing your own advice.

As for a process for success that is something I would seek guidance from you but my first real goal is to establish a mentoring relationship.

My goal is purely personal as I want to be proactive and do all I can to succeed for my family.

Thanks again

Thank you for following up.

You may recall my asking you to clarify your intentions, per: "I wonder if you can tell me what kind of business you mean what kind of goals you have for yourself and what kind of process you plan to follow to succeed."

You  might consider our current relationship in which I attempt to mentor you and you continue to ignore /resist my suggestions.

If you would like to chat by phone, you may hire me to listen to you, per the terms at Ground Rules, above.

Alternatively, you can continue by email, for free.

Jan 6, 2020

TTP Workshop Report
Heart Stoned


The snow globe analogy is finished. Everything has settled and what little was gained has thawed away.

The new foundation of snow that I once was standing has melted and that familiar conditioning is supporting my present stance.

I do have a golden ray of hope, and that is my heart stone.

Funny, I viewed it as a keep sake keeping it safe and tucked away like a valued gem.

But only, NOW, realizing the value of the heart stone is to use it. I can only start now.


Thank you for checking in.
Jan 5, 2020

TTP Workshop Report


I make mistakes. I feel the embarrassment. I'm starting to like the feeling. The positive intent of embarrassment is feedback that I have a gap between the way that I want to be and the way that I am (I'm slick and can speak Spanish easily - I'm clumsy and fall over the few words that I know). I don't see a way to start speaking without feeling the embarrassment - I re-frame the feeling  to let me know that I'm making progress and trying.

I notice that I don't have the overly talky explanations and apologies for not speaking Spanish. I just feel the embarrassment and move on.

In other aspects of my life I start to notice the rub of embarrassment letting me know that I'm not quite fitting with the consensus. I work on liking or expanding it. It seems that parroting the consensus is a great way to be a sheep and never move forward in any meaningful way. Some embarrassment might be a good indicator that I'm taking some risks. I take action faster and move on.

Thank you,
Thank you for checking in.

In TTP, I hold embarrassment as a feeling associating with a delta between (1) my condition and (2) the condition that others around me expect me to have.

In the TTP Feelings Feedback Model, I can deal with embarrassment (and other feelings) in various ways:

1. Medicate the feeling or simply ignore it.  This may result in maintaining, even increasing the delta - and an elevation of the embarrassment.

2. Change my condition to conform with other's expectations.

3. Help others to reset their expectation of my condition.

4. Move to a different location where other's expectation more closely match my condition.

5.  Do nothing and continue to use the feeling of embarrassment to justify my inaction in other areas.
Jan 5, 2020

Workshop Bumper Sticker Report
From 213 to 185 Pounds in 8 Months


I now have my weight at 198 pounds, down from 213 at the Workshop, for a 15 pound loss in three weeks. 

I do not expect this rate to persist much longer as I attribute most of it to setting a daily calorie budget at 1650 and using a cellphone app to monitor my intake. At first I notice, with considerable amazement, I historically consume about twice the budget amount.

The target and budget both have the the support of various advisors and physicians.

At this point, I have about 28 weeks in which to lose the remaining 13 pounds, or about half a pound per week.  That seems workable.

I also take regular exercise, in the form of walks (50 minutes) and / or elliptical workouts in the gym (25 minutes) to get my heart into the cardio zone.

Sticking to the plan enables me to see how I previously use food to suppress feelings such as boredom, loneliness and insomnia.

As I engage and learn to celebrate my feelings, I ironically feel less boredom, loneliness - and I sleep better. I also now have an app to monitor my heart rate during sleep and exercise.

My previous attempts to force my weight down with trainers, heavy workouts and low-carb diets generally blow out when I can no longer stand excruciating leg cramps and gout.

With my new lower-calorie-balance diet, I seem ok, even below the critical 200-pound physical-pain point.  I like my current position and enjoy riding the gentle downtrend.

I wish to thank my Support team for encouraging me along this path and for holding me accountable for getting results.
Thank you for checking in.
Jan 5, 2020

Blood Glucose Tests

Dear Ed

Hope you are well and Happy New Year to you.

I have done some blood glucose tests and got a few surprises just as the man said in the video name "What is the best diet for humans"

One point which is of vital importance is that the calibration of the machines is very varied as my machine reads 2 points above that of my friend and if you buy the fluid to calibrate your tester it will only guarantee plus or minus 2.

When the normal range is about 4 to 8 this is pretty inaccurate although they do seem to be accurate relative to the previous tests.

My bad foods are potatoes and sweet potatoes and granola which give me a mild spike up to 10.90 mmols.

The interesting test was with my salad as I usually put a table spoon of humus and a teaspoon of Thai red curry sauce on it to give it some flavour which gave a shocking reading of 9.60 and when I washed off the above from the salad in a colander and retested later the reading dropped to 6.50.

If nothing else it taught me to be more careful what I add to my salads!

I noticed also the quantity eaten affects results as a large portion of white rice and pork chops game me a 10 reading but much less if a moderate portion.

Readers interested to test themselves would be advised to buy 2 or 3 testers and take the average reading to be more accurate.

My basic conclusion is that any meat, fish, salad, fruit will not raise my glucose to bad levels only carbs seem to do that.

See excel sheet for graph and results but note that probably 1.5 points can be knocked off all results.


Thank you for sending me your report.

I wonder how you determine when you have "good" and "bad" levels.

In dynamic systems, such as the markets and the human body, variables swing back and forth and occasionally have large excursions  as part of the normal homeostatic process.

Jan 5, 2020

TTP Workshop Report:
Embracing Uncertainty

Hi Ed,

3 week after TTP workshop, I start to reach out to my support team on emails for my Goals “I Follow My Trading System 31/3/2020” and send them my trade order done. 2 stock cut loss trade and 1 stock buy follow my trading system. I also sent an excel sheet with written rules I need to follow, checking them with a “Yes” to show my support team that I am following my system now and this will be updated weekly. I feel good selling the stocks even with a loss because I am focusing on my goal.

After the class I am more aware of the “should” or “should have” I have in my daily conversation, I notice I have lesser “should” and I also share this with my wife so now I get additional support to stop myself for saying “should”

It is the beginning of 2020, there is a lot of market outlook seminars from different "expert". This year my outlook for the market is much clearer, which is ... the market is going to be uncertain and all the news, judgement, other people's opinions is irrelevant to my trading.

Now I love the market to be uncertain.

Best regards

Thank you for sending me your report.
Jan 5, 2020

Workshop Report:
Clarifying Trading System

Dear Ed,

I am writing to you 3 weeks after the workshop.

Over the last 3 weeks I have:

Re defined my trading rules to make them clearer and easier to understand.

Created a way of measuring how well I stick to my rules.

I seem to create more dramas recently whereby I wind up feeling rejection, the very feeling I seek to avoid.

The London tribe admits two new members, and a previous regular commits to frequent attendance. We will work on the Rocks process at all forthcoming meetings.


Thank you for sending me your report.

TTP Principle: The feelings you resist elevate your delinquencies until you have to feel them.
Jan 3, 2020

Composing and Recording
Bumper Sticker Complete

I use just one instrument, a Korg PA4X which is an arranger keyboard to compose, record, mix, master, and export out to an mp3.

Austin Waltz

Thank you for sending me a link to your tune.
Jan 2, 2020

Drumming Works

Happy New Year, Ed,

best regards,

Thank you for sending me the link.
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