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July 15, 2021

Bumper-Sticker Goal Completion

Dear Support Team,

I have completion on my Bumper-Sticker goal of 185 pounds.

Thank you for your support.

The Bumper Sticker Goal

Down from 213 lbs.

Support Team Comments

- - - - -

Looking good.

I feel motivated by your success.  


- - - - -

Thank you for letting me know.  

Congratulations on persevering to achieve your goal.

Best wishes

- - - - -

Really proud of you.

...And doing this during the year and a half we all had since the TT workshop is extra darn special.

May this be a new lifestyle and permanent way of being for you.

- - - - -

Congratulations, thank you for sharing!

I hope you are well :)

- - - - -

Thank you for sending me the link. 

I now have a much better understanding of how you think and process.

- - - - -

Congratulations on attaining your target weight.

I’m sure you are aware that that the care and feeding of your body is a process, not a destination. 

In fact I believe it was you who once extolled to me the virtues of being process oriented versus goal oriented in any life endeavor.

I’m happy for you.


- - - - -

Thank you for sharing.  I feel delighted to hear and inspired to reflect on your new insights.

I wonder if there is an internal (non-rational) “switch” or Aha moment that leads you to commit and stick to the system of Whole Foods Plant Based Nutrition - in addition to the facts and stories presented in the films you refer to, for example.


- - - - -

I enjoy reading your process.  Also I am feeling proud of you.  You have inspired me to write a bit about my Benzo-withrawl process and I find a few parallels with the covering up of emotions.  As more emotions come up, I do my best to feel them fully and maintain my goal.  Although the goal is always in the present :)


- - - - -


I’m gaining weight recently. I want to watch my diet too.

- - - - -


- - - - -

Thank you for sharing your process.

I have been reluctant to share my own experiences without being asked as I figure you have plenty of people happy to give you health advice.

I have found similar success myself with a largely plant-based organic lower calorie diet. My total weight loss is now 40 pounds. It was 30 when we spoke at the Austin Trading Tribe conference.

I like your references to the Pill-based doctor and the Plant-based doctor. And even though my training and income have come from the medical world for most of my life, I see the business model of illness and the profit it brings those in charge of it.

I also appreciate your willingness to be introspectIve. I have been spending some time with Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations again and find the Stoic inclinations to do good in the world and for themselves often arises from this ability to spend time in our own thoughts.


- - - - -

Thanks for sharing.

Congrats on your efforts and discipline.

Physical changes are rewarding!

I am going through training that is increasing my awareness and then strength / function of my pelvis, hips, abdominals and lats in my back.

This awareness and strength is developed through elongating and balancing the muscle fascia – not the muscle.

You might research the functioning of muscle fascia – neurological signals, immune system, “muscle pains”, etc.

Very exciting.
July 12, 2021

Wants to Join

Hello Mr. Seykota

I read about Trading Tribe in Michael Covel's book "Trend Following". I've heard of you many times in several of the episodes that Michael Covel continually presents on his podcast, I'd like to know how I can join Trading Tribe, is this possible?
Thank you for asking about joining the Trading Tribe.

No forms to fill out.
No fees to pay.
No formal organization.
Anonymous and confidential.
To participate: read FAQ.
Write in once in a while.

July 11, 2021

The Length of a Trend

Hey Ed,

I am an Engineer and have been trading for several years. 

I am still working on dealing with my emotions during drawdowns and also have trouble not being emotionally tied to the outcomes of my trades. 

I had a couple questions for you.  I read that you don't watch quotes intra day. 

My question is what do you do during market hours and how much time do you spend per day/week working on your trading systems? 

Do you / Did you ever struggle with getting down on yourself during drawdowns when you keep losing trades? 

If so, how have you learned to deal with this over the years? 

Last question is how long do you hold your average winners (days/weeks vs months/years)? 

Has how long you hold your winners changed at all over the years?

Thank you for raising these issues.

FAQ does not discuss specific trading parameters or systems.  See Ground Rules, above.

For information on handling feelings, read through FAQ and also consult my book,
The Trading Tribe.

Trend Followers hold a position until the trend changes.  

You might consider taking your feelings about <predicting the length of trends> to Tribe as an entry point.

July 7, 2021

Old and Bold Traders

Dear Ed,

It is an observation of traders and investors who've made very outsized gains over the longer term that they know when to take larger-than-usual positions when conditions are very favourable - "going for the jugular."

I am finding this hard to reconcile with the more mechanistic position sizing approaches I detect in the dialogue around TT and in literature everywhere. Perhaps you have a thought on this.

Thank you for raising this issue.

Easy to find Old Traders.

Easy to find Bold Traders.

Harder to find Old Bold traders.
July 4, 2021

The Best Method


I have been searching for a few months now, the most effective method to feel the feelings.

Recently, I started imaging an active mind in two parts, one is where feelings are running through and the other acts as a dashboard of indicator that tells what feelings are running in the other part of mind.

So, when I am experiencing anger, the dashboard gets into action and tells me that hey, your mind is angry. Some of the benefits I am noticing are early detection of drama within myself or in my environment, bias towards actions and less procrastination.

I know that it is different for everyone.  What have you observed as the best method for feel the feelings, so you don’t run away from them and have the possibility to fully benefit from all the positive intentions they have?

Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking your feelings about <the best method> to Tribe as an entry point.
July 2, 2021

Right Livelihood / Whipsaw


I appreciate right livelihood.

One of the 8 fold path.  I'm a decades long practicing Buddhist but still plenty ignorant and still working on watching my emotions when strong emotions arise - including while trading.

I bought Trading Tribes about a year ago and am still reading it.. small book but it requires a lot of rereading.   I very much appreciate the deep thought it evokes - reminds me of the Pali Cannon - deep wisdom and non-linear

I just spent an hour on the phone with my on line brokerage trying to understand something I was hoping you might have a a few words for.  

I always trade with stops.  One of the brokerages I use (Fidelity) has a sell order type of a Trailing Stop Loss (%) which I have used frequently with generally good success in saving me from myself.

Over the last 2 days I had about $150K order on PBR (petrobras) a stock that I know well and have invested in many times over the last decade. 

With oil going up, it has been doing well and I set a 6% trailing stop loss.  This is normally a fairly heavily traded stock,  one of the reasons I trade it,  and I had no intention of punching out of it till the trend broke.  

Yesterday and today it dropped, but was still aways from my stop.

Then suddenly at around 10 AM  the stock plummeted about 3% and took out my stop, then immediately resumed where it had been.  I checked later and could see that the volume was light, but I believe the market maker just saw it sitting there and nothing else was happening, so they dropped the stock a couple percent in one swoop, took it out and went back.  

I talked with the brokerage and they pretty much agreed with my read of what happened.  My intention was to protect myself *if* the stock dropped about that low, not to create an easy meal for the market maker if things got slow. 

I realize this what they do, but I've been a bit ignorant on
(1) If they could see it (yes I guess so) and
(2) How low will they randomly drop the price to take out a stop loss or is there no limit - could they drop 50%?
(3) Is there any way to protect myself from this - or is there no safe refuge in a slow trade day and a market maker?

With Gratitude,
Thank you for raising this issue.

You might consider taking your feelings about <using stops> to Tribe as an entry point.
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