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Jan 30, 2023

Wants a Wealth Manager

Hello Mr. Seykota,

I know you are very busy person so I am sorry if I go straight to the point.

Do you know any Wealth Manager that accepts Retail Investor in US?

Or is it possible to know where do you invest the money you do not use for trading?

Goal: to invest part of my savings and use a separate account for trading. 

Best regards,
Thank you for asking about Wealth Managers.

I do not hold myself out on these pages in that capacity; nor do I recommend or endorse others for this kind of work; nor do I accept advertisements on FAQ nor charge for subscriptions to FAQ.

Jan 25, 2023

Coming to Terms with Terms

Hey Ed,

I'm a freshman at Purdue University.

I wanted to start reading books related to trend following, especially yours, but I think there are many terms regarding trading that I don't understand yet.

Please guide me as to how should I learn more about trading knowledge and concepts.

I would love to know how you got familiarized with trading-related terms.


Yours Sincerely

Thank you for letting me know about your wanting guidance about how to understand terms.

I might guess the faculty at Purdue might know a thing or two about it..

You might also consider taking your feelings about wanting to understand terms to Tribe as an entry point.

If none of these path lead you on to mastery, you may send me a couple of the most perplexing terms and I can assemble a special task force to assist you come to terms with these terms.
Jan 12, 2023

Wants to Join


I am curious if there is a Trading Tribe in the vicinity of Boston, MA and if so what I can do to get involved.


Thank you for showing interest in joining The Trading Tribe.  

To connect, visit the Reach-Out Page.
Jan 12, 2023

A Possible Novel Featuring The Trading Tribe

Hi Ed

I hope all is well. I was just wondering if you managed to open the attachment or link?

Also, I just looked at the email I sent. Not sure what happened with that first sentence. I'm pregnant, so maybe baby brain?


Thank you for sending me the draft of your book.

A novel that includes an accurate depiction of The Trading Tribe might have considerable value in introducing people to The Trading Tribe - and in assisting them to attain Right Livelihood.

To develop such accuracy, you might consider taking your feeling about writing your book to Tribe as an entry point. - and going through the process yourself.

Attending a few meetings might give you a much deeper and clearer picture.

Increasing sensitivity to your own internal feelings landscape might also help you flesh out the emotional dynamics between your characters and their situations.

Until you develop a more accurate portrayal of The Trading Tribe and receive my approval in writing, I'd prefer you do not use the phrase "Trading Tribe" in your book,

I have "TRADING TRIBE" in registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, # 4,059,609.  First use: 11-15-1992. 
Jan 9, 2023

Playing Chess

Dear Ed,

I have not traded for years now but have continued to follow the markets from afar. It appears to me that trend trading has stopped being profitable due to the extreme manipulation of markets. Yes?

We met briefly at a conference in Chicago where you were a speaker. After the session you were standing alone so I walked up and we started to have a pretty decent conversation and then you got swamped by the other animals and I was pushed away. To this day I wish I had pushed back, lol.

Hoping all is still well with you and your endeavors.


p.s. I am retired now, living in Thailand, and play chess everyday as my hobby.

Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend.~Lao Tzu
Thank you for reaching out to me.

Jan 9, 2021

Wants To Join

Hi Mr. Ed Seykota,

I'd like to get more information on the Trading Tribe, specifically if there is a trading tribe in Salt Lake City or surrounding areas or if I could start one and the process around that.

Are there any upcoming TTP Workshops?

With my best regards,
Thank you for showing interest in joining The Trading Tribe.  

To connect, visit the Reach-Out Page.
Jan 2, 2023

Another TSP Study

Dear Ed,

Thanks for your suggestion on the grammar check. I address a total of 31 issues and correct them.

I commit to being more careful with the details.

Please see attached revised version.

Thank you for acknowledging my study!
Thank you for contributing your Study of Core Position Sizing to TSP.  You can now find it on-line.
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