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Breathwork Weekend
at The Circle-TT Ranch, Bastrop, Texas

Cedar Creek meets the Colorado River at Banjo Point.


TT Workshop Graduate.
Read Adventure of Self Discovery by Stan Grof.
Study pages 167-219: Principles of Holotropic Therapy.


Note: The Workshop depends on enough people signing up. Watch this space for more information on enrollment. Current enrollment: 2.

Write an essay containing five paragraphs demonstrating your mastery of the following: SVO-p; Control-Centric and Intimacy-Centric Relating; TTP and Questions; The Rocks Process; How Breathwork Works.

Write an essay: What I intend to accomplish.

Write a declaration in which you commit to: participate fully in the Breathwork and report your experiences to FAQ one week later, one month later and 6 months later.

Read, understand and sign the hold-harmless disclaimer.

Examples of successful applications: 1 2


Price: Free, Includes: Food and Lodging.
When: 5:00 PM, Friday - 11:00 AM Sunday
Place: 211 Hubbard Street, Bastrop, TX, about 30 miles / 45 minutes from Austin Bergstrom Airport.


Ed does not allow use of recreational drugs, alcohol, coffee or tobacco during Breathwork.
You may bring your own food; the Bastrop HEB has a wide range of grocery items.
Early birds get beds, others bring a sleeping bag.

Getting down to basics.

Some Scenes from April 14, 2011 Breathwork

Saturday Morning, Early: Rise and Shine

The Old Barn

Opening Her Up

A Push-Over

Captains of Destruction

Black Widow Relocation Program

Walk to Banjo Point


Afternoon: Check-In and Ground Rules
Evening: Development of Issues

Morning: Physical Project
Early Afternoon: Agreements
Mid Afternoon: Breathing Team 1
Late Afternoon: Breathing Team 2
Evening: Rest

Morning: Check-Out