Mark Sleeman

GRAB a Bargain Research Project

Mark Sleeman (February 2009)

My name is Mark Sleeman. I am 46 years old, and hold an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering from Auckland University.

In 1987 the wild markets ignite my interest in futures trading. I spend the next decade testing, trading and refining my methodology. In 1997 I become a professional futures trader.

I live in Auckland, New Zealand and am the sole principal of CTA firm M.S. Capital Management Limited. I am contactable at:

In 2008, while reading the informative FAQ section on Ed Seykota's Trading Tribe website, I decide to contribute to the research there; to help grow this quality resource for traders.

The next few pages detail a research project I undertake in conjunction with Ed. The project creates and tests a computerized trading system that buys retracements and sells rallies - the opposite of how common trend-following systems work.  While I know that the buy-low, sell-high approach feels good to many traders, I wish to find out if it is actually profitable when subject to rigorous testing.

When I start this research I feel a little hesitant, as I worry about the unknown workload and whether there is any payoff. The hesitancy gradually changes to curiosity as I begin to master the project and develop a hunger for answers. The arrival of the results brings a sense of enlightenment as I add to my knowledge of what works, and what doesn't, when trading the markets. The real payoff comes as this new knowledge seems to gradually permeate my subconscious - making it easier to follow my own system, even during the inevitable tough periods. This produces both better performance and a more relaxing trading experience. These, in turn, drive my desire for further research. I recall this as being a common pattern with other research projects I undertake. 

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DISCLAIMER: The GRAB a Bargain Research Project text shown here is a white paper written by Mr. Sleeman detailing the process he followed during the project as well as his findings upon completion. It is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an offer to sell or purchase any investment product or trading strategy. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of trading futures is substantial and is not suitable for everyone.