The Trading Tribe
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Ed Seykota's FAQ

Principles for Tribal Relationships
Last Update: 2016-July-07

Maintain Rapport
Bring yourself into heart-to-heart, intimacy-centric communion with your partner.
Repeat back what you hear. Thank your partner for sharing his/her feelings. Acknowledge the connection (the relationship). Receive the content (what your partner says) without reacting.

Use SVOp-b Grammar (Subject; Verb; Object; present tense; avoid all forms of the verb, “to be.”) This keeps your communication simple and in the now, favoring intimacy-centric relating.

Tell the truth about yourself and about what you want. Make clear agreements and then keep them - including showing up on time.

All feelings have positive intentions. Share feelings and Wonder rather than demands.
Try saying “I feel hungry (a feeling) and I wonder (a feeling) if you can help me get some food,” rather than the more demanding, “What's for dinner?”

People attract their healing partners. When your feel upset with your partner, consider the opportunity to grow. Turn toward your partner when he/she makes a bid for attention.  Avoid Blame, Judgment, Complaints and Proclamations. These break rapport and establish control-centric relating.

Radiate optimism and see the best in others.

Ask for What You Want. Do whatever your partner asks you to do. This may bring up important issues that you and your partner can utilize for personal growth.

Core Compatibility
Similar core Values - family; spirituality; ethics
Emotional Maturity -  impulse control;  stress management
Partner Appreciation - ongoing demonstration of affection
Conflict Management - sharing feelings and turn-toward listening
Trustworthy - loyalty and keeping agreements