TTP Workshop
October 10-12, 2014
Intercontinental Hotel, Carolina, Puerto Rico

Bulletin #1

August 16, 2014

Dear Workshop Participant,

Thank you for signing up for the TTP Workshop, October 10-12, in Puerto Rico.

I now have an agreement with the Intercontinental Hotel. It includes a spacious conference room with a patio overlooking the beach and pool area as well as catering of all meals and snacks during the Workshop.

The agreement also gives you a substantial discount on guest rooms - for Friday and Saturday night - and also for other days if you wish to arrive early or stay after the Workshop to enjoy the beach and see the sights in Puerto Rico.

I plan to have a group plan ID number to you as soon as I get it from the hotel.

I also plan to publish a food plan for the Workshop, detailing each meal.

If you have special requirements, such as vegetarian, vegan, or if you have specific food allergies, the staff can accommodate you – if you send me your specific requirements.

Note: The value you receive from the Workshop closely follows your intention to receive value. You might consider revisiting your application essay – and rewriting it to include very specific details of what you wish to gain.


Eliminate drama: Tell what specific drama you wish to eliminate.
Stop procrastination: Tell what specific task you wish to complete.
Get a rewarding job: Tell what specific job you wish to do.
Manage a fund: Tell how much money you want to manage and for whom.
Develop a trading system: Tell how much reward and risk you want.
Stop freezing and move forward: Tell a specific task to accomplish.
Ask for what I want: Tell some specific things you want.
Take responsibility: Tell what specific situation you wish to own.
Lose weight: Tell how much weight you wish to lose.
Untie knots: Tell the specific situation you wish to materialize.
Raise money: Tell how much, from whom and for what.
Attract a specific mate: Tell specifically what each person does in the relationship.
Stop smoking: Tell the specific benefit you currently receive from smoking.
Trade profitably: Tell the specific method you use to measure profitability.
Connect conscious and subconscious: Tell what specific topic you want them to discuss.
Wake up everyday with a sense of purpose: Tell something specific that you like to do.
Financial freedom: Tell specifically from what you want freedom.
Get a job I enjoy: Tell specifically what you like to do.
Identify medicinal rocks: Tell what specific task you wish to accomplish.
Overcome shame: Tell what specific event feels shameful.

To help you get the hang of defining your goals, you can use the template below. Please take one specific issue, problem or goal and fill out the template, using specific and definite language. Then email it back to me for posting to the Workshop page. You may send as many issues as you please, one issue per template.

Making a public statement (anonymously) works wonders to help you define your issues and fortify your resolve to get results. You can also view the issues of your fellow participants. The Workshop follows the issues you bring with you. This exercise provides an opportunity for you to steer the Workshop toward your interests.

Note: During this exercise, you may find your issue resolving, even disappearing. If so, pick another issue, one even larger, more real and more meaningful.

Remember: the Workshop works in proportion to your willingness to participate, especially from your willingness to define and post your specific issues.

Template for defining issues, problems and goals:

My Current Situation:

The Specific Situation I Desire:

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