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Aug 10, 2014

San Francisco Tribe Update - Now Open For New Members

Hi Ed,

When you get a free moment, can you repost the attached word document for the SF Tribe Information Document. Thank you. It said we were not accepting new members. We are now accepting new members and just wanted it reposted.

Thank you.

Thank you for sending me the information.
Aug 10, 2014Fre



Thank you for freeing my mind.

Aug 10, 2014

Needs Exact Metrics


[My mathmetician friend] replies [to me] via the below email:

1-2) to judge the experiments a full description of them is needed, i.e. Exact dimensions and mass of all object, water flow and pressure, etc

3) planes fly upside down by having a negative incidence angle if seen from the pilot prospective (the pilot pushes the cloche forward not towards him to go higher in the sky). Lift is due to both the profile shape and the incidence angle. If a plane is designed to fly upside down the profile is chosen to allow this (most likely being almost symmetric). Jets do not fly upside down in a position that is symmetric to the one they use flying "normally".

Thank you for relaying the information.

You might consider re-asking your friend how he accounts for the Tube and Cone experiment - that he can replicate at home with household items.

He might also consider taking his feelings about <judging> and <demanding statistics> to Tribe.
Aug 10, 2014

Advice for Couples

My Dear Ed,

I have a feeling you will surely like this link:

With regards,

Thank you for sending me the link.

You might consider taking these principles to Tribe - to practice them through role playing.

Aug 10, 2014


Dear Sir,

I feel perplexed.

Is it curious sin, or serious sin.

Thank you for sharing your feeling.
Aug 9, 2014

Clear Communication


During our talk in the morning at the day of the meeting, I share my success story with you. I feel disappointed that you don't make any comments. I notice my feeling of wanting encouragement or approval from authority. Then I also notice my pattern of failing to ask you how you feel about my trading achievement.

Sometimes I talk to you and you keep silent, or tell me that you don't understand what I say. I feel frustrated, for I intentionally slow down and raise my voice to make sure you hear it. I also notice when I am excited to tell you my success on trading and managing client's money, I raise my talking speed. I think I find an entry point here.

When I talk to you, sometimes I feel frustration for people around us understand what I say and only you don't, I feel also a little umbrage. I am here in US for 15 years and communicate well with most people. I very rarely have such experience with people, and you are the one percent of people who sometimes don't understand what I say.

I realize that as a trend trader, I can't afford missing 1 percent of signals, for that 1 percent can be the only big winner I am waiting for and can make the year. And one percent of clients who don't understand my talking / English can also be the biggest account. I realize that when people experience my unclear speaking, they might feel I am trying to hide something, or not confident about myself, which may be detrimental for building rapport.

Now I recall in the high school, my parents and the principle always criticize me that I like to keep my head down when walking, look like a victim, and a wimpy. I feel resentful when then don't allow me to be who I am. My violin teacher also comments that my music is wimpy. I think I find another material to role play and re-live.

I want to take 100% seriousness on this 1% system flaw. I decide to take my feeling of unclear speaking when feeling excited / timid / nervous into my local tribe as entry point, also I decide to find a speech coach / therapist and join club like Toastmasters to brush up my English speaking.

In Austin tribe meeting, you point out I have two issues, one is with the authority, the other is the unclear speaking. I am able to tackle partial of the first one in previous two Austin / Puerto Rico meetings, I want to continue on the 2nd one in my local tribe.

Every time I see you I get some entry points and inspiration, I enjoy every moment with you. I feel some tears in my eyes.

I notice that after the walk on the beach, my tummy shrinks a little. |=) I use to be very active on workout, until the back problem hits me couple years ago. I feel sad about it. I am thinking of going back to the gym again, I may be able to do it slowly without hurting my back.

Have a great weekend!

Thank you for sharing your process.

I may represent 1% of people who don't understand your English and who you tell you so.

I wonder what percent of people don't understand you and don't tell you so.

Aug 9, 2014

Similar Ideas

Hi Ed,

I felt compelled to share this with you, as it happened, I was looking for help with self sabotaging behaviors in my trading, it turned out that at the same time I am reading your TTP book, I was also introduced to this guy, Raphael Cushnir, which have similar ideas that make real shift in people lives.

The hidden power of emotions by Raphael Cushnir teaches you how to surf emotions until they no longer shut you down.

Many Thanks

Thank you for sharing your process and for sending me the link.

Many people understand the principles of emotional expression.

Understanding, however, does little to change deep emotional response patterns (Rocks).

To create deep, effective and lasting change, we use a Tribe Process, combining theroy with group acknowledgment and role playing.

Aug 7, 2014


Hi Ed,

I wish you a Happy Birthday for today.

I realise my SVOp needs a significant amount of work.
Thank you for helping me notice my need for this.
I always feel slightly under scrutiny when I speak or write to you.
I know these are my own projected feelings.
In a way I like them as I feel they challenge me
to practise and improve my grammar.
I now notice I am non compliant with SVOp-b
I wonder if you can help me learn how to be SVOp-b compliant by correcting my faults in this email?

I rewrite my original email attempting to be SVOp compliant.


I enjoy hearing your voice again today. As I think of this, I feel my facial muscles pull into a broad smile. I feel light and bouncy.

You inspire me to find out I am indeed in the same time zone as Singapore and Hong Kong.

I like pondering on your Govopoly model, but something doesn't feel right in my gut with it. It's the civilisation ending part that bugs me.

My life experience of people, and their resilience / antifragile property, tells me that we can reinvent ourselves and will always find a way to win over overly controlling systems when they get too oppressive.

Somehow, I think your Govopoly model is deficient in this aspect.

Thank you again Ed, for everything.

Warmest regards,

Thank you for sharing your desire to master the SVOp-b model.

Thank you for sharing your feelings about Govopoly.

I wonder what forces you see rising up within the system to oppose assimilation - and how the resulting system might operate - and if you see any historical evidence to support your views.

You might consider taking your feelings about <freedom> and <death> to Tribe.
Aug 7, 2014

Getting Better

Hi Ed,

Hope things are good by you. Attached is a recent pic of me and my kids. Things are getting better. Regards,

Dad with Kids

Thank you for sharing your process and your photo with me.
Aug 7, 2014

Birthday Wishes

Dear Ed,

Thank you for the passion and commitment you always share on this forum. Even if miles away, I feel to be part of a special community.
Keep yourself in good shape, cultivate good relationships, have a good (island) life.

Happy birthday !

A hug

Thank you for sending your wishes.
Aug 7, 2014

Bernoulli Feedback


It rains outside this very American diner, here in London. Inside, my wife and I are having a burger with a couple we met some hours earlier on a birthday party.

[Name] is sitting in front of me and sharing with us his work as an astronautical engineer and how he develops tech for satellites.

His natural energy propels me in suggesting him to explore a friend's theory about lift.

Please find below his feedback, which I am forwarding to you with his consent.



Hi [Name],

I had a look at the website you sent me.

The ideas presented in the website mainly focus on two things. The first one is a criticism on the use of the Bernoulli equation and the second one is a presentation of the "radial momentum" idea.

Approaching the website as if it was a scientific publication (sorry if I seem a bit harsh…I spent too much time in academia…), my comments are:

1) Criticism to the Bernoulli theorem application to air foils

a. It is valid only for incompressible fluids and in closed circuits, i.e. it is not applicable to aerodynamic profiles lifts calculation

It is true that Bernoulli's theorem is strictly valid only in the case reported above. Nevertheless it must be noted Bernoulli is not used to derive quantitatively accurate results but it is used to derive qualitative results that are qualitatively close enough to reality. Real aerodynamic design is carried out using numerical simulations and/or experiments.

Regarding the theorem hypotheses, it must be noted that:

· Air for Mach<0.3 is, to a very good approximation, incompressible; accordingly, this hypothesis is verified in this case.

· The effect of compressibility changes the quantitative results (for example, the lift of a wing is 100N and not 110N) but not the qualitative ones (bigger incidence angles mean higher lift and that excessive values of incidence angle cause stall) as long as we do not get to transonic conditions.

· If in the study of an aerodynamic profile the control volume is taken to be large (at the limit infinite) and friction is neglected (this is an approximation but again this is theoretical representation, exact numbers are derived with numerical simulations or experiments) the flow, infinitely downstream of the profile, will be the same as infinitely upstream hence the entrance and exit of the control volume are the same. This means the flow is in a close circuit (since entrance and exit cannot be distinguished). For example, we may imagine a desert with a skyscraper in the middle of it and some wind. The effect of the skyscraper on the wind will be evident near the skyscraper and not very far downstream where the wind will be the same as upstream of the skyscraper.

Accordingly, the second hypothesis needed to verify the Bernoulli's theorem is verified.

2) Radial momentum

Radial Momentum is defined as the arithmetic sum of the individual momenta of all the particles of a system, taken from the center of mass

a. If I understand this idea correctly, radial momentum is only a particular case of momentum. Radial momentum is conserved only when the system momentum is zero and only when internal forces are in play. The real quantity that needs to be taken into account is momentum according the 2nd law of dynamic.

b. Momentum is a vector quantity that referred to an entity and DOES NOT depend on the center of mass but on the chosen system of reference.

c. The examples used to describe the "radial momentum" are all systems where the total momentum is zero (like an exploding bomb) and where the position of the center of mass has no effect. What has an effect is the choice of the reference system.

After having explained the radial momentum, there are a series of experiments which are used to try to validate the "radial momentum" theory.

These experiments do not deal with lifts but only with "pure" pressure forces. There are always flows turning their direction of motion by 90 degrees by impacting against a surface.

Unfortunately, I cannot find a section on the website where lift is explained clearly using the "radial momentum".

My point of view is that "radial momentum" does not exists as such. Radial momentum works only in particular cases where it is the equivalent to the classical momentum.

I do not think it can be applied generally (whereas momentum obeys Newton's law which is always valid) so momentum should be used instead.

Talking about radial momentum and lift, it is said that zones of radial momentum are created. It is not clear to me what is meant by "created". How do they create and where? According to which law or formula does radial momentum change is value?

I also think that somewhere it is said that lift is created by a change of density. This is wrong.

Lift is the "reaction" force that an aerodynamic profile generates according to the 3rd law of dynamic in response to the flow changing direction while flowing along it. If the flow changes direction its MOMENTUM changes (since the vector changes, at least, its direction ) hence a force is needed. The force acting on the flow is equal and opposite to those acting on the airfoil.

My feeling is that what is presented on the website is too focused to prove that Bernoulli's theorem is un-applicable to airfoils and to justify the "radial momentum".

A more correct "scientific" approach would be to describe formally what the radial momentum is, which laws it obeys and what it adds to the current knowledge (basically, is it different from momentum? Does it explain phenomena that cannot be explained using the classic momentum?).

After this, the radial momentum should be used to explain lift.

Later, a series of cases where Bernoulli's theorem is applicable should be presented and explained using Bernoulli.

Then, using reliable experiments (done presenting the test setup, the experimental and measurement technique, the measurements errors, etc), it should be shown that Bernoulli's theorem provides results which are significantly off both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Then, the results of such experiments should be analysed using radial momentum.

Until all this is done, I think it will be very difficult to convince the scientific community of the misapplication of the Bernoulli's theorem and/or of the validity of the radial momentum.

My conclusion is that radial momentum is only a particular case of momentum and I am still convinced that Bernoulli's theorem is perfectly applicable to explain lifts.

It should be noted that every macroscopic theorem or law of physics is strictly and absolutely valid only in a limited number of cases. Nevertheless these laws provide results that are valid (not true but valid meaning that are close enough to reality to be used) in a vast number of cases. Planes are not designed using Bernoulli theorem; the theorem is used to give an explanation of what happens and this explanation is both true and valid.

There are many explanations for lifts, all of which are true and all describe the same effect looking at it from different angles.

For example strictly speaking pressure and temperature do not "exist". Everything could be explained considering that every flow is made up of molecules each moving with its own velocity and taking into account the collision between them and the material walls. Pressure and temperature are just a global way of describing a flow. They are an engineering simplification (this is quite a bold statement so do not quote me on this, since might be misinterpreted out of context) as is Bernoulli.

The best way of analysing a flow in the most general way (either a conventional flow, a plasma, a stream of electrons or ions, etc) is the Maxwell-Boltzmann equation for which the Navier Stokes set can be derived. Nevertheless this is an overkill and can only be done in a very computational intensive manner, hence global "simplifications" (like the Bernoulli's theorem) were derived based on experimental measurements.


Thank you for sending me feedback on my Radial Momentum theory.

I wonder how your friend accounts for:
(1) my "Tube and Cone" experiment;
(2) my"Levitator Table" experiment;
(3) the fact that airplanes can fly upside-down.

Aug 7, 2014

Happy Birthday

Hi Ed,

Happy bday today and wish you all the best on your new home.


Thank you for remembering me on my 68th birthday.
Aug 6, 2014


Hi Ed,

Do you need an umbrella? How are you finding the tropical storm down there? Just wanted to check in and see if I should send [city] umbrella?

Hope all is well.
Thank you for watching over me.

Tropical storms, like major economic events that everyone expects and discounts, sometimes fizzle out.
Aug 6, 2014



In the July 28 posting ..concerning your move to Puerto Rico, you said "in life as in trading sometimes you consider the upside"

I was thinking you just didn't want to be branding cattle in the fall, but while I was in a book store thumbing through magazines; I saw a multi-page article in the Aug 14th issue of Active Trader, talking about the tax incentives offered in Puerto Rico. There are savings of up to 50% in Federal and State taxes on trading gains from the tax laws there.

I need to consider all the meanings of upside from -- sand between the toes, scantily clad women ... oh ... and perhaps a slight tax savings to make things more interesting.

Thank you for sharing your process.
Aug 6, 2014

Yorba Linda Tribe Greetings


ELV(Yorba Linda) tribe members wish you a happy birthday! We take a picture of our tribe to celebrate your birthday in our meeting last Friday and members agree if you might want to put it on FAQ.


Yorba Linda Tribe


Thank you for reaching out to me for my birthday - and for sharing a photo of your Tribe.
Aug 6, 2014



I see you moved again. I am looking to move again as well. Been receiving some resistance from my wife], as she thinks it not normal to move this much. Your timing on the move could not be better, your still helping me out Old Sport.


Thank you for sharing yor process.
Aug 6, 2014

Intimacy and Control

Dear Ed,

In the ongoing balancing act between intimacy and control, I wonder how to determine whether I seek to manage myself or the other person.

My decisions about what I do have an impact on the other (or on the system, as you might call it).

Perhaps what I experience as being mindful of the system can feel like control to other parts of the system.

Perhaps you can design an intimacy / control meter, except each person's would calibrate differently!

Trying too hard to get it right??

Thank you for sharing your process.
Aug 6, 2014



I sent you this email for 3 times but it seems to go to your spam box.

I want to share my insight about concentration and being in the now.

As much as I remember since my period at school, then at secondary school, then in senior high school, then at university, then today, I usually hear this sentence delivered by my teachers and by myself "be more concentrated".

I remember to be bodily present at those educational places rarely skiping school, but what happens (toughts, images, reveries, daydreams...) in my mind were usually somewhere else.

So I've tried to be more concentrated, more focused on what my teachers said, trying to guide my conscious mind to be more present on their words. When my mind is not in synchro with their words, I try to bring it back to what they say again and again. However I 'm not satisfied with the results, this remains a big struggle.

Today, I feel that to be present (body + mind) in the now is more effective than to be concentrated (only mind). When I am present (accepting all the forms, feelings, toughts and emotions) I become more concentrated.

So, I believe that one way to be more concentrated is first of all to be more present in the now.

Concentration of the mind is just one element of the overall structure system of being present. We cannot be concentrated as our teachers usually expect from us if we do not experience the others elements in our body as our feeling, emotions, moves in the now... I usually thought that my thoughts and images essentially occupied my present time.

The sentence "Be more concentrated" is less useful than "be more present in the now with all your senses".

Best regards,

PS. I would like you publish this on FAQ. I believe that we learn more on FAQ than in Harvard or Berkley or Wharton.

Thank you for sharing your process.
Aug 6, 2014

Pre-Workshop Bubble Up

Hi Ed,

I want to talk about the object of my obsession. [Name] and I talk about your Workshop. I tell her news of my acceptance and I begin the process of securing funds for me and also for her.

Last night I have a dream. Its not a very vivid dream. I sit in a classroom, and as usual I stick to myself. And [Name] sits in the classroom on the other side. She moves from one of the back seats to the middle of a group of people. She has a bubbly personality and people like her. I think about leaving the classroom but go to the bathroom instead then come back to class and I wake up.

This leaves me thinking about the root of my attraction to [Name]. Somehow I want to possess her and by paying for her I think I get a sense of ownership, in terms of I can tell her what to do. Also I have the sense of being lower on the social heirarchy than her and I worry about her using her social influence to tarnish my name. Which is kind of what I did to her while I was at my low point.

Recently I am on the receiving end of this treatment from someone else so I know how it feels. The person trying to possess me part.

I wonder what the intimacy centric model for this situation might go like. At this point I wonder about the social dynamics of husband and wife. Since usually the husband works and provides.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this topic if you would like to share.


PS. Or maybe thats just how the world works and in order to attract rabbits one must provide carrots? I remember you mention in the Trading Tribe book, to attract a rabbit act like a carrot. Or something along those lines. I do not have the book with me to reference.

Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking your feelings to the Workshop.
Aug 6, 2014

Everybody Gets What ...

Dear Ed,

Remembere you yesterday.

A friend of mine becomes very successful in investing.

Calls me yesterday.

Has plans to shift to USA. Applies for Visa.

Tells me he wants to quit investing!

We are friends since 2008. I see his success in stocks though we do not share same investment thinking.

I feel very surprised. I ask him why he wants to quit investing. He says as as matter of fact that he does not find it interesting.

He is more interested in spirituality and helping others.

I remember you and Jack's book.

Everybody gets what ...

With regards,

Thank you for sharing your process.
Aug 5, 2014

Nothing In It (see previous, directly below)

Dear Ed,

Your extension of my intimacy script helps so much! To me, it does a better job of illustrating the TTP principles than a verbal description could ever do.

Your dialogue sounds like the way I might talk to a real friend, whose feelings I really care about, instead of the insecure and calculating way I might talk to someone I am trying to manipulate into not rejecting me!

My only quibble regards the assumption that I try to "get him to hold my hand".

I actually move beyond that and ask him if I can initiate the touching (actually I prefer arm-linking to hand-holding since I agree the latter can prove distracting). I simply want his willingness, not his wanting the same thing I want or demonstrating affection on demand.

Perhaps the next page of this script might include us exploring whether I might link arms with him without needing him to "do" anything, so he could go on thinking about nothing and I could feel happy with the physical contact.

After all, I now know that one of the many boxes in a man's head includes his favorite one that has "nothing" in it!

I really do get that.

Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking your feelings about <wanting to manage your partner> to Tribe.

Aug 5, 2014

Using Intimacy to Get What You Want

Dear Ed,

I feel excitement as I read the discussion of intimacy, empathy and rapport. This feels like new territory for me and I want to venture into it.

Our culture teaches us to seek intimacy in the form of agreement, absence of conflict, and other "warm and fuzzy" feelings.

These feelings create pleasure, which we associate with closeness. Disagreement and conflicting needs create discomfort, which we associate with a disruption in the relationship.

I feel confused about how to have an intimate dialogue about conflicting needs. For example:

Me: I enjoy physical touch. I wonder if you would be okay with my touching you, taking your arm or holding your hand, while we are walking together.

He: Thank you for telling me how you feel and what you would like. I feel somewhat uncomfortable when you touch me while we are walking. I prefer to do our touching in the bedroom.

Me: Thank you for telling me how you feel and what you would like.

Any suggestions for where to go from there? I perceive this as my asking for something and his saying no.

I want to stay connected while receiving what feels like "bad news".


Thank you for sharing your process.

If you have an agenda about <getting him to hold your hand> you likely also harbor a relating judgment about <not holding hands>.

If you release your agenda and associating judgment, and focus on maintaining rapport wherever it leads, your scenario might play out more like this:

Me: I enjoy physical touch. I wonder if you would be okay with my touching you, taking your arm or holding your hand, while we are walking together.

He: Thank you for telling me how you feel and what you would like. I feel somewhat uncomfortable when you touch me while we are walking. I prefer to do our touching in the bedroom.

Me: Thank you for telling me how you feel. I wonder if you can tell me more about your uncomfortable feeling.

He: Okay, if you really want to know (testing for safety to open up).

Me: Yes, I really want to know how you feel about it (really means it).

He: Well, sometimes, when I walk, I just like to think about nothing and having to hold your hand and make sure I do it right distracts me from doing nothing and that irritates me.

Me: Wow. Thank you for telling me that. That's a new one on me.

He: Thank you for getting that. Most women don't. Actually, I wouldn't mind holding your hand right now.

Note: You might consider taking your feelings of <wanting reassurance of connection> to Tribe - or to the Workshop.
Aug 5, 2014

Doesn't Like Surrender


I do not like surrender.

Thank you for sharing your feeling with me.

You might consider taking your feeling of <not liking surrender> to Tribe.

Meanwhile, you might enjoy this rendition of "Never Surrender."

Aug 5, 2014

Empathy, Healing and Seduction


Thank you for expanding the question of empathy, intimacy and seduction on Aug 5, 2014, "Empathy and Intimacy : Seduction and Support". To me, it opens several issues.

I remember therapists showing "empathy" in a sense of "I feel with you" and "I have a lot of understanding for your situation, you poor thing", which in my eyes can lead to co-dependence where the client keeps on whining and the therapist comforts him. I consider the "hmm, hmm" of therapists which apply "active listening" a tool for manipulation.

I remember my experience with the TTP Communication Model at your home in Incline and remember you pointing at my head movements while I say "thank you", and indicating me to suppress it, since they were a way of signaling agreement (hence, judgement).

I remember [Name] entering what he called "the receiving zone", an experience of openness and complete empathy with the interlocutor, which allowed him to create an open space for his wife to communicate her feelings.

I remember me in a state of complete openness for the atrocious client´s feeling of "I had 5 miscarriages" and in this openness allowing her to experience the feeling fully for the first time, leading to its disappearance and complete resolution after many years of therapy.

I think that "empathy" is a vague concept like "taste" or "friend", which accept several definitions depending of the user (what is a real friend? // good taste// empathy?).

In your example, if a receiver seduces a sender, he/she is pursuing his/her own agenda of <seduce> and not showing empathy.

On the other hand, it is very easy to fall in love with a person who really accepts you. I remember, some years ago, receiving declarations of love from 5 different women in a week. One told me "by acting this way, you are irresistible for women", and I was only receiving them.

When on the receiving end of an interaction and during a Tribe meeting, my stance is "what this person is experiencing is great, that she is telling me about her feelings is great, that she is the way she is is great!". In the core of this stance is "love". And I can accept that people love me for acting that way and not confuse their wish for a relationship with my own love for them and my eventual wish to get laid. But maybe I have a judgement about people opening up to me.

As I write this e-mail I feel pleasure and joy about my re-gained ability to formulate a complex, word-rich text.

Best regards,

Thank you for extending this topic.

Focusing intently on your sender and telling her you find everything about her "great" carries judgment and approval - and may induce her to release oxytocins - thereby increasing your chances to "score."

Focusing intently on your sender and simply acknowledging her communication with a simple "OK" or "Thank you" builds rapport and facilitates personal growth for both parties without crossing the line into codependency.

You can likely think of numerous "healers" who do not excite their followers to pursue them sexually - and some others who do.

Aug 5, 2014

The Big Climb - Video Simulation of Mounting Everest


Thank you for sending me the link.
Aug 5, 2014

Empathy and Intimacy : Seduction and Support


I've been thinking about what you said about trust and respect in intimacy.

I would think you could share feelings on a superficial basis with someone without having intimacy with that person.

It would fit in the intimacy mode of communicating, though.

I would think to share deep feelings with someone that you would first trust that person. Trust that the person you are sharing deep feelings with would take care of and honor your feelings.

Reis and shaver (1988) stated that a key component of intimacy is empathy. When you share feelings with someone, intimacy is created when you feel that the person responds to your feelings with empathy.

Thank you for raising this issue.

Reis and Shaver claim that intimacy grows with factual self-revelation, even more with emotional self-revelation, They also claim that empathetic feedback facilitates intimacy.

In the TTP Model, I agree with their findings about self-revelation - and differ with their position on empathetic feedback.

In particular, in the TTP Workshop Intimacy Training Process we take turns practicing factual and emotional self-revelation with a receiver who stays present in the now without providing empathetic feedback.

In this process, we come to see empathetic feedback as a form of judgment, conveying agreement and disagreement - and ultimately inhibiting the sender from expressing fully.

Receivers practice staying present in the now with the sender, without agreeing or disagreeing - or otherwise responding - other than to say, "Thank you" at the conclusion of the send.

People experiencing the TTP Communication Model for the first time typically find it difficult and unnatural - cold and heartless. With practice, they come to see it as refreshing, freeing and transformative - as they also come to see the empathetic-feedback model as medicinal and manipulative.

Rapport With Feedback

The receiver signals agreement
with verbal and physical

A skillful receiver
may seduce the sender.

Rapport Without Feedback

The receiver does not judge
the sender in any way.

A skillful receiver
may support the sender
in achieving full expression
and in developing insights.

You might consider taking your feelings about <wanting others to prove they like you> to Tribe.
Aug 4, 2014

Workshop Application

Hi Ed,

I hope this e-mail finds you well. I attach the application for your October workshop in this em ail. I also plan to send a physical form to your residence in Puerto Rico when I get to the office tomorrow. I hope that your receipt of this e-mail and its contents count as an early-bird application.

I wonder if you can help me to dissect my essay or give me tips on how I can improve it. Thanks for your time and effort in putting this workshop together.

As I write my essay I see a beautiful, bright and vivid image in my mind and it feels refreshing and freeing.


Thank you for sending me your application.

Aug 4, 2014

Free Energy


Any theory on why this might work?

Thank you for sending me this puzzle.

I don't see any evidence that it works - except as a device to propel the researchers toward more grant money.

For example, I'd like to see the actual vehicle and the configuration of instruments they use to measure net thrust.

I'd also like to see them hook up the same instruments to a piece of metal foil with white paint on one side and black paint on the other side.

Aug 4, 2014

Wants to Enroll Wife

Dear Ed:

I would like to have my wife do the workshop (without me being present).

Would you be willing to charge her only the repeater fee?

I feel it is important for her to do the workshop and deal with her feelings and issues.

I mentioned the workshop to her a few months ago and she said that she was interested in doing it.

Thank you for raising this issue.

If your wife wishes to apply, she may do so for herself.

If she acts promptly, she may qualify for the "Early Bird" discount.

She may also take advantage of the repeater discount if and when she repeats the course.

You might consider taking your feelings about <fixing your wife> to Tribe.
Aug 4, 2014

A Little Kansas City Jam From Maui


This, from our jam yesterday.
Thank you for sending me the link.
Aug 4, 2014

Subtle Control Language


I wonder what makes saying, "You can do X" into giving instructions.

Also, leave it to men to tell us they would take us dancing more often if only we possess a feature that is anatomically impossible to achieve!

Although I suppose we could have surgery if we really have the intention of going dancing more often!


Thank you for expressing your views.

The difference between control-centric and intimacy-centric relating may show up in subtle differences in tone.

You might like to consider:

I demand you do X.
You have to do X.
You'd better do X.
Do X, or else.
They say you have to do X.
You may do X.
You can do X.
In your situation, I might do X.
I like to do X.
You might consider doing X.

If Women Intended
to have another breast in back

they'd find a way
to put one there.
Aug 4, 2014

Introspection on Steroids

Wow what an interesting process for me over the last twenty minutes!

Deep, burning shame; a memory from first grade; a struggle to accept something "bad" about myself.

All because I forget to push "send" on a contribution to FAQ two days ago!

Wow, thanks again for TTP!


Thank you for sharing your process and for expressing some cerious sin.
Aug 4, 2014

Judgement Joke


I found the perfect cartoon to add to my most recent FAQ contribution (directly below) about judgment! Please include it if you agree.

PS: You can even use it on your side if you can't find anything more perfect.

Perfect Cartoon

Thank you for sending me the cartoon.

Thank you for PS-ing me instructions for how to use it.

I generally print all contributions, whether or not I agree with them. I generally omit sections that contain extremely vulgar language, attacks on other people or advertisements.

Please send me the source of the cartoon, so I can make proper attribution. (Complete as of 8/4/1014)
Aug 4, 2014

Control and Intimacy

Dear Ed,

Thank you for continuing to help clarify the issue of control vs. intimacy. I wonder if it can manifest on a continuum or if it presents as "either/or".

For instance, if I say to one of your FAQ contributors, "I notice that as you speak of respect, spirituality and attention to the other person, you express a considerable amount of judgment towards those who may not see things as you do." I wonder if that in itself represents a judgment.

I can share my feelings and say, "I accept that you judge others and I feel peaceful about you."

I wonder if that is completely true if I feel a need to tell the person that I observe their judgmental-ness.

In your response to this contributor, you seem to make the same observation very gracefully, yet forcefully, in my opinion. You offer a positive alternative to judgment.

I expect that the same person will not like your photo of the three-breasted woman.

Thank you for sharing your process.

In Tribe, we aim for a balance between control-centric and intimacy-centric relating.

If you see a child in danger, you might consider invading his personal space and controlling his behavior as you pluck him out of harm's way.

You might also consider going with the flow and allowing him the freedom to express his life in the manner he chooses.

PS. If women had a third breast in back, men might take them dancing more often.

In Tribe
we aim for a balance

between intimacy-centric
and control-centric relating.

Aug 4, 2014

From Stones to Rocks


Thanks for the reply and the link to the video. I watch the video and it reminds me of smoking weed and letting my mind melt in front of the TV on Saturday night watching weird things that seem to only exist in another dimension. I remember liking the feeling it brings.

Thank you for pointing this out to me as spinning my mind. I keep in mind your responses as I make a list of my issue that I take to tribe/workshop.

Regarding workshop/everything, I guess I feel a bit apprehensive since I don't know what to expect.

Thanks for listening,

Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking your feelings about <not knowing what to expect> to the Workshop.

Aug 3, 2014

Workshop - Wants a Payment Alternative to Checks

Hi, Ed

I saw in your application that I have to send you a check. We do not have check in my country. Do you have some alternatives like PayPal, Wire etc?

Kind regards

Thank you for the catch.

I now have a new Pricing Page and Application Form.

Early Birds do not have to include payment with their applications.

I also have a way to receive wire transfers, upon request.
Aug 3, 2014

Lucky School


The linked article describes how "lucky" people fare better and how "luck" is learnable:

"Unlucky people often fail to follow their intuition when making a choice, whereas lucky people tend to respect hunches. Lucky people are interested in how they both think and feel about the various options, rather than simply looking at the rational side of the situation. I think this helps them because gut feelings act as an alarm bell - a reason to consider a decision carefully."

Thank you for sending me the link.

You might consider using the TTP Rocks Process to implement these methods on a deep, subconscious level.

Aug 3, 2014

Round and Round

Hi Ed,

I notice that recently I can tap into the now more often. When I do tap into the now I feel a powerful feeling like I can have anything I want. I also can clearly see people and what they want for or from me.

When in this mode, I think about the loss of [Name]i as I know her. In this mode my image of [Name] differs than when I stay in my head and avoid my feelings. In a way she gives me incentives to stay the way I am now. I feel powerful in the now, but I also feel a deep intense sadness. And I feel anger. I keep it inside since I feel that people around me want to manipulate me using my anger.

Thank you for sharing your process.

If you want off the roller coaster, you might consider taking your feelings to Tribe.

If you prefer continuing to spin your mind 'round and 'round, you might enjoy this:

Aug 3, 2014

Wants To Fix a Trading Pattern

Hi Ed,

Attached are 2-charts, an hourly cattle, and a daily coffee.

The issue on the hourly cattle chart is, after a fair enough entry, I was scared out on simple retracement by the hourly bar after the bar I sold into - this is my classical, historical trading pattern. Chart has notes on it.

Coffee issue: after a good entry, how do I hold a sell of like today, which I did not do and have never been able to do? Chart has notes on it.

The Cattle issue must be overcome and can be; but the Coffee issue, as it traded today, I have not idea how to overcome, or, if my "out" was the "right" approach.

Live Cattle


Thank you for sending me charts to illustrate your issue.

I see you developing awareness of the system containing the markets and your own personal trading pattern.

If you wish to realign your responses with your feelings so that you get a different result, I can suggest some options:

You can continue on this forum (FAQ) for free.

If you would like to apply the Rocks Process to this issue, you might consider taking your issue to Tribe - and/or attending the October 10-12 Workshop.

Otherwise, you can retain me for private consulting, via the Resources page, above and then on to Ground Rules.
Aug 2, 2014

Lift / Bernoulli

Dear Sir,

I understand and agree with your views on this subject, I too could not get my head around the explanation for lift in the high school physics books please find the following link to some more proof of you observation.

Engineers designing the world's fastest car believe they have found a solution to stop the car taking-off.

Keep well, and stay safe.

Thank you for sending me the link.
Aug 2, 2014

Hot and Crazy Women and Unicorns

Dear Ed,

Thanks for sharing the "hot/crazy" matrix to help men make better choices among all the women they have to contend with.

I laugh about the wit with which we view our wacky world.

I might add that, in the world of women, we too have a category called "unicorns".

It applies to those mythical men who actually recognize that "hotness" in a woman relates to her willingness and enthusiasm rather than to the package she's wrapped in.

As I say, mythical creatures!

Best regards,

Thank you for sharing your insights.
Aug 1, 2014



I feel free. And then I look up hotels in Puerto Rico. The atmosphere reminds me of two dreams I have that I can do without. And then i feel scared and my energy drops.
Thank you for sharing your process.
Aug 1, 2014

Connecting with Dad


I feel happy and proud. I open up to my father, I share feelings and cry and he just receives me. I tell him I love him for the first time. It feels good to connect with him. The connection grows stronger. Our conversations no longer feel awkward or forced, they seem to just flow.

I notice a change after this in other parts of my life. I feel a little bit more ambitious, my interactions with managers at work level out. I no longer feel like a subordinate but more like an equal. The new feeling feels scary and a bit shaky.

I feel more comfortable going with the flow and accepting life's unfolding journey realizing no specific destination exists. I continue peeling back the layers.

I remember a FAQ post where you liken using TTP in your life for personal growth to pulling crab grass from your lawn. At first when you start pulling crab grass you don't know where it begins or ends but slowly the lawn starts to look better and better as you continue pulling.

I look forward to seeing you again at some point ... Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your process.
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